Ingrid Seward: Prince Philip is ‘very disappointed’ in the Duchess of Sussex

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Ingrid Seward, that old hack, has a new book out about Prince Philip. The book isn’t important. What’s important is that Seward has an excuse to run around, talking sh-t about the Sussexes, because clearly the royal commentators are still obsessed with Harry and Meghan. Previously, Seward suggested that Prince Philip feels like Harry’s withdrawal from royal life is a “dereliction of duty,” something which Philip cannot understand. In the real world, my guess is Philip doesn’t really give a f–k at this point, he just wants to be left alone at Wood Farm. But clearly, Ingrid Seward is using this ancient old man as a prop, as a vehicle to say nasty sh-t. You see, it’s not Ingrid Seward saying all of this nasty sh-t – she’s only explaining what’s going on in HIS mind. So what does Ingrid/Philip think about Meghan specifically??

Prince Philip is ‘very, very disappointed’ by Meghan Markle’s failure to ‘support the monarchy’ and her husband, a royal expert has claimed. The Duke of Edinburgh, 99, who gave up his naval career to support the Queen, 94, when she ascended the throne in 1952, was ‘irritated’ when the Duchess of Sussex, 39, failed to do the same, according to Ingrid Seward.

Speaking to Sky News, the royal biographer said the elderly prince couldn’t understand why the former actress didn’t follow his example when she married Prince Harry, 36, in May 2018.

‘I think he’s very, very disappointed because I think he feels he gave up his naval career in order to stand by the Queen and help the monarchy,’ she said. ‘And why can’t Meghan just give up her acting career, support her husband and support the monarchy? As he used to say to Diana, this is not a popularity contest, this is all of us working together. He just cannot understand why she couldn’t support Harry and help him rather than wanting to have her voice.’

Ms Steward said Prince Philip didn’t want to be a part of the talks about the Sussexes’ future outside of the monarchy, which were held at Sandringham in January.

[From The Daily Mail]

For what it’s worth, I think Meghan would have been okay with giving up her acting career, her country, her personal ambitions and her private life to be a princess and work for the Firm. In fact, she did just that. And everyone in the British establishment and all of the British tabloids smeared her and racially abused her and harassed her and lied about her. And guess what? She still wanted to work for the Firm in some capacity only the Queen refused. So Harry took his wife and child out of that toxic mess. Ingrid is barely even trying. “He just cannot understand why she couldn’t support Harry and help him rather than wanting to have her voice.” Meghan was supporting Harry. Harry was the one who wanted to leave.

Meghan Markle will celebrate her 39th birthday on August 4th **FILE PHOTOS**

Britain's Prince Philip (C), Duke of Edinburgh takes part in the transfer of the Colonel-in-Chief of The Rifles at Windsor castle in Windsor on July 22, 2020. - Britain's Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh will step down from his role as Colonel-in-Chief for

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  1. Chicago says:

    Was that a serious question? Why a person would rather have her freedom and independence to live her own life, instead of keeping her mouth shut and supporting a family that mooches off of others? He is bonkers.

    • Bryn says:

      That line blew my mind.

    • Lady D says:

      ‘He’ said nothing. It was all in the head of the racist author, Sewer.

      • Tigerlily says:

        So Pr Philip called old Ingrid up to share his opinion about Meghan? Hmmm. Doesn’t sound like something he’d do. I think she’s grasping at straws to try and stay relevant. Pretty low to put words in 99 year old mans mouth. I think Ingrid needs to sit down and STFU.

      • Love says:

        If Meg helped write FF, then Phillip said this. That’s my story and I’m sticking to itn😉😬

    • Couch potato says:

      This isn’t Philip speaking, it’s Ingrid Sewage. I’m pretty sure Lizzy would be the one to give up her royal life and follow Philip around, if she’d been a lesser royal. I’m pretty sure he fully understands how expencive it is to have a myriad of people on the payroll as royals. He has after all worked for many years to get the private properties profitable. Several of his other grandchildren are working, and we’ve never heard a word about Philip being against that. And he’s a known rasist. He’s probably happy she’s out of the UK, and don’t give a f.. about “the spare” going his own way.

  2. Noki says:

    If the rumours of how he felt about Diana and Fergie are true,that they were out of control and not falling in line then I can believe he probably would feel the same about Meghan(he apparently didnt like girlfriend Kate either).But at a 100 I doubt he cares or even speaks to anyone who would repeat anything he said. It is tasteles to mention him at this stage.

    • AnnaKist says:

      And let’s call a shovel a shovel: he’s always been a racist git. That’s not going to change because he’s a centenarian. It just means he’s a racist old git.

      • Kalana says:

        Infamous racist disapproves of biracial duchess. Shocker.

      • Storminateacup says:

        Prince Philip is a crusty ol racist, don’t give him a pass just because he’s old. I’m tired of people doing that. He’s awful, he once asked an Asian volunteer at a community centre ‘And who are YOU sponging off of?’ When she offered him a bit of sponge cake. Oh the irony! I just had to laugh. I can’t imagine Meghan has anything to do with him or cares for his opinion on her and Harry for that matter.

    • Mac says:

      The person who is disappointed is petty Ingrid Seward.

      • PrincessK says:

        Exactly, Seward actually said she thinks he is disappointed, and her words are now making sensational headlines. Non story.

    • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

      First, this is Ingrd. A Charles kiss-ass. And before I’d believe ANYTHING coming from here, I want receipts. Let’s see a taped interview of PP saying these things, or let’s see a phone log of the call.

      It’s all bullshit, as usual, pushing their racist agenda. ESP. since it was released today (the start of Black History Month in the UK) that H&M gave an interview to the Standard (I think it was?) about the racism in the UK.

      • Tessa says:

        Seward trashed Diana unmercifully after she died. Before that Diana helped her sell Majesty Magazine. She is a true Charles person, since her late husband went to school with the Prince of Wales. Kate needs to watch her back. If William turns on Kate, Seward will start the Kate bashing. She can turn on a dime. In her book the Queen and DI, she praised the Queen’s “turning the blind eye” with Philip and trashed DIana for her “treatment of Charles.” Never mind that Charles had a mistress. She forgets that the Queen was not expendable like Diana was.

    • Amy Too says:

      The whole bit about how he supposedly told diana “this isn’t a popularity contest…” This family. Damn. Diana and Meghan can’t help being popular. They can’t make themselves less popular. Meghan DID stop talking and voicing her opinion. She stood behind the “more important ones” on the balconies, she got seated behind Andrew constantly at big family events. She went away quietly for months at a time around Christmas 2019 and when she was pregnant and on maternity leave. She was still the single most popular royal. She can’t make people stop talking about her or writing about her. I’m sure she would love to have the RRs write about her significantly less often, they’re even suing some of them over the constant and invasive coverage, and yet she can’t stop it. Nor could Diana. Can you imagine being held personally responsible by your brand new family and coworkers, and treated with contempt and disdain, for the fact that the media is obsessed with you (for reasons you can’t change like your race and your country of origin and your background and family of origin) and won’t stop writing about you no matter what you do, how quiet you are, how long you stay out of the spotlight, how hard you try to dim your light, how frumpy and boring and traditional you dress? This entire family, top down, is enormously dysfunctional and apparently incredibly stupid as well as they can’t figure things like popularity out.

      • Nyro says:

        There was noting Meghan could ever do to please these people other than disappear. She, like Diana, outshone them in every way. I mean, she even got dragged for being too pretty. Remember the armistice day event where Chris Jackson took that gorgeous photo of her and the mugxits wanted it taken down basically because everyone was commenting on how amazing she looked. 😂😂

  3. Scollins says:

    I think you got it exactly right. Thirsty desperate Ingrid.

  4. Jodi says:

    The RF is trash, the press is even worse and the courtiers should be issued a gag order at this point. the obsession they have with H&M is borderline psychotic. how many times do we have to scream from the mountaintops – THEY WERE RUN OUT OF THE COUNTRY AND ARE FREE OF YOU…get their names out of your mouths. they owe you nothing.

    it’s exhausting.

  5. Izzy says:

    Old racist says what now??

    • Elizabeth says:

      Oh but don’t forget Philip has written a dozen or so books and occasionally encouraged sports!


  6. equality says:

    Does she discuss any disappointments he has about other members of the family? Where did she get her information? Does she have a pipeline to his current companion or to Phil? Maybe this is why the Queen is keeping him where she is now so he won’t run his mouth?

  7. ABritGuest says:

    Projection. Ingrid is just saying what she or her other royal ‘experts’ think & also using Harry& meghans names to sell her product. Similar to how promo of Robert Jobson’s Charles bio seemed to focus on stories about William, Harry and Meghan especially pre wedding drama.

    Also doesn’t make sense considering Meghan DID give up her acting career & charitable links. I’ve always said they would probably still be working royals if the Firm had supported them & nor briefed against them.

    • Amy Too says:

      Right. She DID give up her acting career. She hasn’t acted since they’ve been engaged and has repeatedly said she has no plans to return to acting. She gave up her voice. Her private social media, her ability to endorse candidates or speak out against trump, her blog, the Tig is done and gone. She gave up any and all side work and side charities that weren’t specifically for the BRF like her work with the UN. She wasn’t even allowed to correct the media when they reported lies, or issue statements on her own or with her husband. How much more could she possibly give up her voice.

      This is some evil, Little Mermaid shit. “Give up your voice and you can marry the Prince.” Did they expect her to literally turn over her voice in a sea shell for them? Ursula was the BAD GUY in that movie and the BRF is like “ugh, Ursula, we identify. Our black Ariel is annoying AF too. Lend us the enchanted sea shell, will you?”

  8. Char says:

    An historically racist mummy is mad at a black woman for being independent and free? How shocking.

  9. Meg says:

    Remember though the sussexs are not that popular and no one cares as much as they do about the woman who will be queen! Ok then guys why keep talking about them?

  10. SJ Knows says:

    PP is almost 100 y/o, leave him out of it, he’s retired.

    These royal reporters, paps, etc. all they have left to do is gossip, otherwise they would need to get proper jobs like the rest of us.

    They can all F.O. as far as I care, Andrew should have been dragged into a court of law months ago.
    The BRF is a stinking hot mess.

    H&M have moved on. Bet William wishes he could too! Wouldn’t that be something if after Liz passes, Will announces he plans to reject his titles too? Ha! Now THAT I’d be interested in.
    Charles and Camilla (cheating liars both) can stand around Buckingham Palace having their photos taken with sweaty tourists all day long. Haha!

    • Couch potato says:

      LOL Will would never do that. He’s been whining and complaining for years about the attention he’s getting as a future king. Once Mehan came along and got the most attention (along with Harry) he became incandecent with rage. He still don’t seem to understand that if he hadn’t run to the press and started the smear campaign, H&M wouldn’t have gotten half of the attention they are getting now.

  11. GuestWho says:

    LOLOLOL. First I don’t really believe that PP even knows who Meghan is at this point…he’s really, really old. He’s older than my dad (not by much), and my dad can’t even remember who I married, let alone who his grandchildren are married to. And, frankly, he can’t muster up the energy to care (he’s really a very nice man…I’m making him sound like a monster. He’s just SUPER old).

    However, if this, in fact, came from PP (it totally didn’t) his advice would be to allow your voice to be taken, take tons of verbal abuse, be super bitter about having to give it all up for your royal spouse and, what, just cheat on them every opportunity that comes your way? Does Ingrid have any awareness of how twisted this is? PP was pretty famously unhappy with having to silence his voice and give up his career. I guess all the royal spouses should just lay back and think of England.

    • Merricat says:

      Yes on all of this. I doubt Philip is cognizant of much beyond his own creature comforts.

    • Tessa says:

      Philip is not cognizant I agree. No way would he trash Meghan. The Queen would not deny this rumor after the way she treated Meghan.

      • Merricat says:

        Oh, he’s a well-known racist. But these days, he doesn’t have the mental capacity or interest to trash anyone, except whoever is keeping him from his dinner.

  12. Seraphina says:

    First, he was married to the QUEEN. Meghan is married to, as they call the second born sons: THE SPARE.
    Second, they do not stick together. What a bunch of BS. No one but her husband stood by her and during her permanency when her health was of the utmost importance. The BRF did not stand by her or stick “together” – they threw her to the wolves. You sow what you reap Phillip.

    • swirlmamad says:

      Great point. It’s absolutely apples and oranges. You absolutely cannot compare what Philip, the husband of the actual monarch, did compared to Meghan, the wife of the second spare son of the future king. Seward the bitter hag needs to sit down, let it go and find another hobby.

      • Eating popcorn says:

        And – let’s not forget by the time Harry married he was number 5 in line for the throne behind Charles, William, George, Charlotte, & Louis.

  13. RoyalBlue says:

    Try as she might to support the monarch, she was met with an institution that never reciprocated the support. who would put up with a one sided relationship like that?

    • Kalana says:

      And she was called uppity for being upset about how she was being treated. (She’s married to the sixth in line. Who does she think she is? Harry clearly didn’t prepare her properly.)

      • T says:

        My thing is how could harry fully prepare her when even he didn’t realize how intense it would be. He said so in the engagement video. And he is a white man in this institution so even though he got the spare treatment doesn’t mean he would fully understand what his biracial American wife would experience and how to prepare her for it.

  14. AA says:

    I’m sure Meghan cares what this fossil thinks. (eye roll)

  15. Becks1 says:

    So, on the one hand, I can see Phillip thinking, “I gave up my career, my independence etc to support the Crown, why cant she” but that overlooks the fact that she DID give all that up, and Harry was the one who said “nah, we’re out,” and it also overlooks the fact that his role was VERY different from hers. He had to support the queen and play second fiddle to her. Meghan had to support and play second fiddle to the queen, Charles, and William and his family, while they were actively working against her and throwing her to the media wolves. The situations aren’t as analogous as Ingrid Seward tries to pretend.

    But anyway, in general, at close to 100, I don’t think Philip really cares what Harry does or doesn’t do.

  16. lanne says:

    Suck it, Ingrid. What a vile cow, to project her own feelings onto an old man with two feet and a hand in the grave. We get it, bitch. You wanted Harry to marry Cressida. You begged him to do so in your Magesty magazine. He gave you exactly the attention you deserved–none. This is the royal reporters cosplaying Alex from Fatal Attraction (I will NOT BE IGNORED). Better make sure any bunnies living in the vicinity of this old crone get evacuated STAT

  17. Sarah says:

    This may actually be what he thinks, who knows, possibly not even him right now. But that’s not the point. This is IS getting her ‘story’ but telling us he’s said these things.

    Racist nonsense, rinse and repeat.

  18. Teebee says:

    Not surprising. He’s of a very traditional mindset, a complete generation apart from his grandson. He probably scoffs at the idea of a person bring offended by racism, thinks it’s people just being too sensitive. He’s all for duty, loyalty, stiff upper lippedness, boot strap pullingupedness. I just think it’s sad he’s being used as a smokescreen by snooty royalists that want their opinions bucked up. So they’ll pester an old man, drag his name into the fray and surprise no one, yet cement in the minds of many open-minded communities that the royals as an institution are hopelessly old fashioned and out of touch.

    But. That wedding photo is BEAUTIFUL! It’s just too bad that lovely portrait couldn’t reflect internally what it so amazingly presents superficially…

  19. Sunday says:

    The only thing that Prince Philip is very disappointed in is that his nurse didn’t make the fun airplane noises when serving him his porridge this morning.

    The fact that they keep ascribing these in-the-know analyses to this absolute crypt keeper is hilarious.

  20. MsIam says:

    I guess Phillip is still under the impression that Meghan ran off to be an actress again. He probably thinks it’s 1962.

  21. SP says:

    LOL this is such bs story and here’s why. She said “I think” not this is exactly what he said. I highly doubt she spoke with him OR he might have mentioned being disappointed with everything that occurred but outlets have reported that Harry was the one who made the decision and family would know that, so why would he be mad at Meghan. Now I know that Phillip is old school and can be crass but yeah I think words are being filled in.

  22. emmy says:

    Oh please. He would absolutely have cared 20 years ago but the man is ancient and retired to the countryside. I don’t see him even thinking about this.

  23. Maevo says:

    Harry and Meghan get clicks, she’s using that to her advantage in promoting her book. Not surprising. No way Philip GAF.

  24. Edna says:

    How the heck does Ingrid Stewart know what PP “thinks”? She has no direct access to him. She’s just projecting and making shit up about H&M to push the racist narrative and sell books.

  25. incognito08 says:

    Ingrid needs to shudufuccup and stop projecting her feelings on to Meghan. My antennae went up when she noted that she THINKS that Prince Phillip is disappointed in Meghan and by some extension, Prince Harry. It is exhausting to read articles placing the reasons for their departure solely on Meghan. The thing is, Prince Harry has agency and is a grown ass man who made the decision to forge a path away from the Royal Family. As others have noted, there is a likelihood that Meghan supported him in this decision. Ingrid and her ilk need to do some introspection and accept that they too played a role in H + M leaving. If they treated them fairly, there is a likelihood that they would have had years of content from them and opportunities to profit off them.

  26. lanne says:

    She’s also whining because she was one of the people likely counting on years of Meghan and Harry stories for her fusty old magazine. She reaped what she has sown. I’ll bet her magazine goes under.

  27. MF1 says:

    “He just cannot understand why she couldn’t support Harry and help him rather than wanting to have her voice.”

    Translation: Why can’t this little woman just shut up and stand by her husband? How DARE she have a personality, desires, and ambitions of her own?!?!

  28. EliseM says:

    You know what’s disappointing Ingrid? That you STILL need Meghan in order to get your name in the by-line of a news article.

  29. Lightpurple says:

    Philip is 99 years old. His concerns right now are whether his hearing aid batteries are fresh, whether his personal plumbing is in working order today, when’s lunch, will there be dessert, what doctor appointments are this week, is it going to rain today, and what time is the sports match he wants to watch on TV. He likely hasn’t thought about his great daughter-in-law’s life and work choices in weeks, never mind weigh in on them. Why would he?

    • Lady D says:

      You literally described a day in the life of two clients ( 98 & 99) at my senior’s home. That is exactly what they do with their day, from the batteries and the bathroom to the game that’s on at noon. Before I started volunteering, I was unaware of just how important dessert is to the seniors in care. The whole room watches silently while the lunch and dinner menu for the day are printed in the dining room. It’s sort of cute how focused everyone is on dessert, not mention the discussion that follows the reveal.

      • Lightpurple says:

        There;s a 91 year old woman with mild dementia and some serious orthopedic problems living in my house. We spend a lot of time focusing on what she needs to stay safe and what she needs to keep her mind active. Proper meals at proper times are essential. We can tell when she misses a meal. She was never a homebody and we find socialization really helps keep her mind active and alert, which also lowers her risk of accidents due to falls if she’s paying attention. I do realize many families don’t bring advanced, frail elders out a lot, it is a lot of work, but for her it is essential. I give her a typed itinerary every day. Yes, dessert is huge – she would eat a hot fudge sundae at every meal if she could. We MUST take pictures of dessert and share them on Facebook, where she has avid following. The lockdown has been extremely difficult for us, especially as there were no sports to watch for several months. But she’s looking forward to the NBA Finals (BEAT LA) and the World Series and the Patriots are back, so it helps. She’s a huge fan of the British Royal Family but keeping track of the younger ones doesn’t interest her.

    • Tigerlily says:

      @Lightpurple. Phil’s also wondering if/when Penny will visit. Assuming she hasn’t already moved back in.

  30. Amy Bee says:

    But Meghan did give up everything and was supporting Harry. The problem was the palace didn’t want Meghan and Harry to do anything for fear that they overshadowed the others. They tried to work within the system and were blocked at every turn. Plus, they offered to continue to support the Queen on a part-time basis but were denied that, so Ingrid has no right criticise Meghan and she needs to accept that Harry was the one who pushed for them to leave.

  31. Lizzie says:

    This is along the lines of his comment about ‘I don’t know what they didn’t like, we gave them a home, blah, blah, blah’.
    I don’t believe he has said any of this. But regardless, name one time that Meghan did not support Harry.

  32. HK9 says:

    I think this is bullshit, for all the reasons that are outlined. This is just another Royal Reporter hack making money on blaming something on her yet again.

  33. nicegirl says:

    Welp, we’re all disappointed in Prince Phillip, so . . . sorry 100 year old racist, our Duchess Meg is rubber, and you’re glue.

  34. Maida says:

    The telling phrase here is the outrage at Meghan’s “wanting to have her voice.”

    THAT’S the sin. For a woman — especially a biracial woman — to insist on having her voice is what can’t be tolerated. At least Prince Philip / Ingrid Steward said the quiet part so loudly that more people may hear it and be horrified by it.

  35. Florence says:

    Ingrown Sewer has emerged from under her carthorse-esque fringe to write more rubbish, I see.

  36. Thaisajs says:

    Ingrid knows that Prince Phillip is so old no one really cares what he does and it doesn’t sell newspapers or prompt people to click on links. Like Prince Charles, Camilla, Edward etc etc. Meghan sells.

  37. Soupie says:

    Ingrid Seward: “Prince Philip is ‘very disappointed’ in the Duchess of Sussex.”

    I’m sure he is. Poor ol’ so-. <(Brit version not Yank.)


  38. Grant says:

    F off, Ingrid.

  39. Kalana says:

    Ingrid is trying to ride Meghan’s coattails so she can sell her dumb book.

    Philip is disappointed that he was moved from Wood Farm. That’s it.

    Also, thinking about Philip’s infamous remark about the need for a virus, why does he think that he as a 99 year old man should be one of the people who survives? Going by his own way of thinking, that doesn’t make sense. Ingrid should write about that.

  40. tcbc says:

    The notion that “supporting the [British] monarchy” would be reason enough for any modern woman to endure abuse, much less a modern American woman, is laughable.

  41. BnLurkN4eva says:

    I think it would crust the racist little souls of all involved to actually admitted to themselves that it was Harry more so than Meghan who wanted out long before Meghan had enough. The more I watch this debacle unfold and the more I’m learning about Harry, the more I think he would have left even earlier and stayed because perhaps Meghan continued to hope they could use that platform to do the things they both wanted to do. The things they talked about in their engagement interview. I think Meghan saw her work for the firm as an opportunity and Harry initially saw them as a team who could do great things utilizing that platform. Then he witnessed what they were doing to them, Meghan especially and he wanted out and then Meghan came on board once she realized that nothing she did would ever satisfy the establishment, they would continue to smear her. They will never acknowledge that this is Harry’s decision with Meghan’s support.

  42. Jen says:

    I’m so sick of the “duty” argument about the Queen and Phillip. Yes, they have lived their lives tailored around what the Crown needed. But it has also suited them quite well. They live unimaginably privileged lives. They travel from home to home with the staff they need in exchange for shaking some hands. Lots of engagements, yes, but also tons of breaks – Balmoral for the summer, Sandringham for an extended Christmas holiday, etc. What do they possibly do that is so so challenging?

  43. Jean says:

    I agree that this is Ms. Seward’s opinion and not Philip’s. My 93 year old grandmother only cared about herself when she got to that age. She only cared about taking her medicine, eating, sleeping….you know….the basics.

  44. Jean says:

    I agree that this is Ms. Seward’s opinion and not Philip’s. My 93 year old grandmother only cared about herself when she got to that age. She only cared about taking her medicine, eating, sleeping….you know….the basics.

  45. Marigold says:

    That man is almost 100 years old. He does not give a fig about any of this.

  46. kerwood says:

    I don’t believe this for a minute. This creature (and the rest of the British media) is setting up for the ‘Meghan killed Prince Phillip, who died of a broken heart’ stories.

    From what I saw, it seemed like Prince Phillip liked Meghan. And if anybody would understand what it’s like to give up your identity to walk a step behind your spouse AND be abused by the press, it’s Phillip.

    Phillip is a racist but he’s worked his ass off to keep that fucking family on the rails. If he’s mad at anybody, he’s probably mad at his wife for throwing away an ASSET to the royal family to protect her sex-offender son. That’s probably why he doesn’t want to live in the same house with the Queen.

    • lanne says:

      he’s probably thinking, who’s Meghan? Is she that jolly wench from that party after the boys came back from the war? He probably doesn’t even know his great grandkids names anymore, much less who his grandkids married. He probably forgot that Archie even exists.

  47. candy says:

    Oooh, was this the latest episode of Tales from the Crypt?? (I’m dating myself)

  48. February-Pisces says:

    I don’t think this has come from Philip even though he probably mumbles all kinds of crap about Meghan, but then again he does that with all of them. I think he probably only likes Anne and that’s it. Anyway Big Phil isn’t one to judge given all the skeletons in his closet. Isn’t it weird that he and the queen openly don’t live with each other and no one actually says anything. They have basically separated, because you would think he would want to spend his final years with his wife, but he’d rather be with his mistress.

  49. Likeyoucare says:

    How did ingrid interview a corpse?

  50. blunt talker says:

    Meghan and Harry were not supported in the royal family. I don’t know if he said this but think about all the horrible press stories and nobody in the royal family attempted to stop it -not even when Meg was pregnant-calling little Archie a monkey 24 hours after his birth was the final straw-no support from media trolls and the vile press. The Sussex family are human being and have feelings like anyone else.

  51. Gorgonia says:

    Probably PP would have said something like that when younger, but now I doubt he is able to remember his own name. Still, when I Read this kind of things, I’m so happy Meghan and Harry are away, free and happy with their child.