Us Weekly: Jennifer Aniston might become a director & Instagram influencer

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I’ve lost count of how many “fresh starts” Jennifer Aniston has had over the years, but my guess is that the number would be in the hundreds. At this point, it’s not even Jennifer pushing that particular narrative, although she absolutely has pushed it in the past. What I find really, really interesting these days regarding Aniston is that her post-Justin Theroux “fresh start” didn’t involve another serious boyfriend. Sure, Aniston and Brad Pitt are playing their stupid f–king tabloid games, but beyond that… there’s nothing. At the age of 51, Jennifer isn’t dating anyone to get attention. She’s got her mansion and her dogs and her goddess circle and she’s happy. The Real Fresh Start!

A new leaf! Jennifer Aniston worried fans when she admitted in a recent interview that she once considered quitting acting. These days, however, she has no plans to leave Hollywood — but she may rejigger her focus.

“This year has been the most groundbreaking of Jen’s life in so many ways,” a source exclusively says in the new issue of Us Weekly. “She worked her butt off to make The Morning Show a success and seeing that happen has given her the confidence to move ahead with her ultimate dream of becoming a director. She enjoys being behind the camera and says it’s her destiny to make that switch.”

The 51-year-old actress — who is “happier than she has ever been,” according to a second insider — has other projects in the works too. In addition to the upcoming Friends reunion and the biopic Hail Mary, she has received “business offers that could see her capitalize on her huge following on social media,” the first source says. (Aniston has amassed 35 million Instagram followers since joining in October 2019.)

Aniston has also started to open up more about her past in recent months, which the source credits to therapy and spiritual philosophies: “Jen celebrates all aspects of her life — the good, the bad and the ugly — because it all defines who she is and where she’s at today.”

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So the cover story is basically a preview of coming attractions. Jennifer wants to direct! She wants to do Instagram spon-con! She wants to be a 50-something influencer! Honestly, that’s not a bad career track for her, especially with The Morning Show already a success. She’s got a successful project, it’s time to direct an Adam Sandler comedy and shill waist trainers and yoga books on Instagram.

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  1. Becks1 says:

    Her fresh start? from what? US weekly is so stupid, lol. She may be a director! (its clear she wants to direct more and is going in that direction. She’s certainly stepping into the producer role more and more) She may be an influencer! (I don’t think she needs to shill products on IG for cash, but whatever.)

  2. Katie says:

    why would she want to be an influencer is beyond me, but I like her instagram so why not

  3. Seraphina says:

    OK, I can see a that (I may soon fall into that group) but we don’t live her lifestyle or have her money to access what she can – which helps her look the way she does. Influencing teen girls is way more different and difficult than influencing a grown mature women.

    • Becks1 says:

      That’s true, I was just looking at her IG, and comparing it with Reese W’s (I only really enjoy three celebs on IG – Jen A, Reese, and Jennifer Garner, lol). Oh and Gabrielle Union. Anyway. I digress.

      The only thing Reese seems to promote (outside of her projects) is Draper James and her book club, which makes sense. I think Jen is going to use IG in the same way – to promote her projects and maybe projects of some of her friends. But the things she wears or has that I would want (like there’s a picture of her getting ready for the emmys in a very comfy looking PG/lounge set) I am SURE are way out of my price range, and I think if she started promoting lower cost items it would ring false, since her target audience has followed her for years and knows the kinds of things she likes to wear.

  4. Tiffany says:

    Director, yep, Jen is going to go for it and more power to her.

    Influencer. Oh, God No.

    For some reason that requires constant presence on social media and she has other projects going on so I just don’t see it.

  5. lucy2 says:

    US Weekly recycles these types of stories when they don’t have anything else.

    I just looked at instagram – she adopted a puppy!!! So cute. She doesn’t seem to post that often, and I’m sure has been flooded with offers to promote stuff, so I think if she wanted to be an “influencer” she already would have done so.

  6. Sorella says:

    Ugh just what the world needs – ANOTHER influencer – NOT. I am so tired of those people peddling us their lifestyle while meanwhile getting freebies and cashing in on it. When I read all the comments of like “where did you get your white sweater” I want to scream “It’s only a white sweater, just get yourself a knock-off”. I have unfollowed people for too much selling.

  7. Truth hurts says:

    ROTFL that’s all she got. Selling you faux reunions with her A list ex husband as if they are new best friends after he dumped her for the hotter girl.
    Pretend she is everyone’s best friend and oh golly wow Molly. It’s been shoved down your throat for years’
    Jesus go for it.
    Directing and producing what? Lol

  8. Kezia says:

    Her Instagram is great she has really been pushing people to go out and vote in the presidential election and is virulently anti-trump and really seems informed politically pushing smaller candidates in the local elections and much more ‘woke’ than I would have expected from a Rich white lady. ‘Good for her’ Jessica Walter gif

  9. Venus says:

    Jen’s harmless and probably does more good than a lot of HW stars. She promotes women getting along with each other rather than competing, rescue dogs, animals, and voting, etc. She’ll always continue to reinvent her image somehow and people will always be interested in what she’s up to as a person and in her acting / future directing work.

    • Granger says:

      I agree. I’ve never been a fan of her acting, but it seems like she’s an amazing friend and loves the women in her life more than anything. So she definitely appeals to women her age because they can picture hanging out and drinking wine with her. But I don’t see that turning her an Instagram Influencer. I’m not sure how much 51-year-old Jen appeals to teenagers. They love the early-30s Jen they see on Friends but when they realize how old she is now, they’re all, oh god, she’s ANCIENT! Like my MOTHER! 😀

  10. damjana says:

    She posted a xenophobic statement In her stories. I don’t see anything great about her IG.