Bella Hadid is dating Jack Nicholson’s 21-year-old grandson Duke Nicholson

Bella Hadid steps out with friends to party for her birthday in Brooklyn

I actually had to do some strange research for this story. Let’s start with Jack Nicholson. He only had one brief marriage when he was very young, and then he spent decades having relationships, many of them serious, with various women, and some of those women had children with him. That brief marriage to Sandra Knight produced his first child, Jennifer Nicholson, who is currently 57 years old. Jennifer has two sons, Sean and Duke Norfleet, who are Jack’s first-born grandchildren (I think). Duke Norfleet decided to go into acting, and he now goes by Duke Nicholson. He’s 21 years old. And apparently he’s dating Bella Hadid! The nepotism of it all!

It’s a hookup of old and new Hollywood dynasties. Bella Hadid has been quietly dating a new man — Duke Nicholson, the actor grandson of Hollywood icon Jack Nicholson, sources exclusively told Page Six. An insider told us that the pair have been spending time together since at least late last month, when Nicholson saw Hadid on a trip to New York.

The source added that the duo also went away for Hadid’s recent birthday — before she headed for an all-girls island getaway. The model turned 24 last week and celebrated by taking a group of gal pals on vacation via private jet. She posted images on Instagram and wrote, “Oh gosh I feel just really lucky … I usually cancel any kind of big birthday celebration so this year I just wanted to take my beautiful friends on an adventure that was absolutely non-refundable.”

But our spy said that prior to the trip, Hadid was celebrating with her new beau, which did not make it onto social media.

In 2019, Nicholson had a role in Jordan Peele’s horror film “Us” and appeared alongside Lana Del Rey on the cover of her Grammy-nominated album “Norman F - - king Rockwell!” He’s also in director Nicholas Jarecki’s upcoming movie “Dreamland,” with Gary Oldman, Armie Hammer and Evangeline Lilly.

A Hollywood Reporter profile on Duke last year described the 20-year-old as “6-foot-1 with shaggy hair and striking, almost menacing looks.”

[From Page Six]

This sort of reminds me of Bella’s brother Anwar dating Dua Lipa out of nowhere. It just seems like a mis-matched couple. Maybe Duke is getting some heat on his career, and maybe he has his grandfather’s charismatic way with women. But even then… I wouldn’t? And are all of these nepotism kids just going to date each other endlessly?

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  1. Aurora says:

    He kinda looks like a White version of the Weekend.

  2. Jen says:

    Just the fact that he unnecessarily changed his name to Nicholson so everyone would know
    exactly what his connection is makes me not care for him..
    I mean come on 🙄

    • Mtec says:

      Yep. Definitely trying to capitalize on the name.

    • sa says:

      I think several actors with famous family members do that. Off hand, there’s Charlie Sheen using Sheen and Tracee Ellis Ross and her brother (I don’t know his name, Ashlee Simpson’s husband) both use Ross. I’m sure there are many others that I don’t know and/or remember right now. I’m not saying it’s completely fair to those who don’t have a famous name to fall back on, but I can’t completely fault them because I get wanting to use what you do have. There may also be an element of using the name to honor or respect the family member whose path they’re following.

  3. Astrid says:


  4. Eleonor says:

    When I saw Jack Nicholson I thought she was dating Jack himself LOL!

  5. Léna says:

    He looks like a British wannabe member of a rock boysband

  6. CariBean says:

    More importantly, what the hell is she wearing??? 😖

    • Bread and Circuses says:

      Heavy jeans with a long, sheer top over them.

      I mean, the idea of it is kind of cool, but it looks really weird in practice. It might have worked with skinny jeans?

  7. Mtec says:

    Striking? He looks more zoned out than anything. Unless pronounced eyebrows = striking now, I don’t see anything special about him.

  8. Beach Dreams says:

    “Striking, almost menacing looks” is just Hollywood Reporter’s roundabout way of calling him ugly.

  9. SilentStar says:

    She clearly doesn’t judge men by their looks. Which is good I guess?

  10. niki says:

    The profile pic looks like a 21 year old guy, but the full face looks like a 35 year old finance bro who’s coke-curious and got kicked out of the gym basketball league because of his anger management issues.

    • Ashley says:

      Omg that description is everything. Side note I finally stopped dating finance bros. But they were French so more subtlety douchey and generally more well read. The English ones are all obsessed with class, social status, and life in London. But nothing beats the American finance bros because they are by and large man children. I think it’s American culture that allows men to be repressed Peter Pan men.

      This guy is not cute, not even exceptional in an ugly way. He’s just meh. And it’s weird that Bella dates such homely dudes. Low self esteem? I’m curious to know how close he is to his grandad Jack cause Jack is basically the original Léo DiCaprio.

  11. HeyJude says:

    “New Hollywood dynasty?” Lol, no.

  12. Yonati says:

    Isn’t “Norfleet” the company that makes douches??? I would change my name too! (Of course, “Nicholson” is so he can get hired)

  13. Mimi J says:

    For some reason, all I see is Bill Hader:)

  14. Freddy says:

    That is one basic-looking dude.