Karamo Brown: dating is a mess, sending inappropriate pics is not OK

Queer Eye’s life and relationship expert, Karamo Brown, is another celebrity whose relationship came undone in quarantine. Karamo said he ended his decade long relationship with his fiance about three months ago. He said they tried counseling, but he realized he was just not happy or satisfied in the relationship.

Karamo spoke to US Magazine about his collaboration with Febreze for National Adopt a Pup Month. Karamo opened by saying he’d love to try dating by becoming The Bachelor. Karamo also said dating is a mess and that he dislikes when men DM him explicit pics. Below are a few excerpts:

Ready to hand out his final rose? Karamo Brown is a big fan of the Bachelor franchise — and he wouldn’t be opposed to becoming the Bachelor after his split from fiancé Ian Jordan.

“We can go for it. Let’s try it. I would … Why not?” the Queer Eye star, 39, told Us Weekly exclusively on Tuesday, October 13, while promoting his Febreze partnership. “Let me tell you something: what I’ve learned right now — and I tweeted this the other day — is that dating is a mess.”

Reflecting on the negative side of courtship, Brown shared that he hates being on the receiving end of obscene photos. “Not to be crude or anything, [but] sending inappropriate pics is not a way to ever engage with someone. That’s not universal for ‘hello,’” he explained. “I don’t know why guys think that’s an appropriate thing to do. So, it’s like, please keep it respectful. You know what I mean?”

The reality star continued, “The other day, I got someone who sent me Cardi B lyrics. … They literally sent me Cardi B lyrics for her new song and was like, ‘Hey, can we date?’ And I was like, ‘Why do you think this would be me? Like, me? You think I’m going to be like, ‘Oh, great. Cardi B lyrics. Yes, let’s date.’”

That being said, Brown sees the perks of being in the coveted Bachelor role. “So, if I could just get a whole bunch of great guys in one room and just to, like, go through, sign me up,” he added.

[From US]

Baby, I am not a fan of the Bachelor franchise but would so tune into Karamo Brown’s Bachelor. Listen, that beautiful man needs to be on my screen all the time. Did I mention he is from Houston? I would like to see Karamo go through the process of dating because I want to see how a life coach would handle multiple relationships at once.

I also hollered when Karamo said don’t send him obscene photos. Karamo, let’s talk about those unsolicited d*ck pics sir. I know all about them. In fact, Celebitchy encouraged me to block someone after she saw how upset I was after receiving their unsolicited pics. I was hella mad y’all and I still can’t figure out why guys think this sh*t is cute. Like, stop, please.

I was sad to read that Karamo and his partner had split. Rona seems to either strengthen relationships or amplify the cracks. I don’t think we have seen the bulk of the quarantine relationship fallouts yet. With that being said, Chris Harrison, the host of Bachelor, said several years ago that there will never be a gay Bachelor. I still wonder who we need to lobby at ABC to get Karamo as the first gay Bachelor.

Karamo and his ex-fiance:
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  1. Izzy says:

    Yeah. Welcome to every woman’s experience in online dating…

  2. Ohlala says:

    I guess dating is over for me in 2020. Not like it was any better before 🤣 But why oh why it has to be do difficult

  3. grabbyhands says:

    Would he be happier if someone DMd him about how they want to be besties with Sean Spicer too? They could bond about how 45’s former mouthpiece is really a good guy in real life.

  4. L84Tea says:

    If something were to ever happen to my husband and I suddenly found myself single, I think I would simply learn to live life entirely on my own. Dating today seems so creepy and screwed up. I know several people who have tried online dating and it always seems to end with unsolicited d**k pics and then getting told they’re a bitch when they don’t respond to it. No thanks. I’ll just stick with Netflix and books. That’s guaranteed happiness right there.

    • Edna says:

      I’m with you. If (God forbid) my marriage ended , I’d be content to stay single. Not interested at all in dating.

    • Shirley Gail says:

      Netflix, books and my dogs have been my partners in life since my son’s dad passed (before he turned 2…he just turned 37). I made a choice…he had one parent, and he wasn’t going to be meeting a bunch of “uncles”. By the time he was grown and I was ready and started to look around, the world had changed and so had I….so Netflix, books and my dogs are the best company I keep. Also, my son and I own a RIDICULOUS collection of movies & TV shows on DVD and music on CD’s. I have started my own “Swedish death clean” to reduce the stuff in my home, and to once and for all alphabetize the movies, or at least get all the Denzel Washington movies in one place! After the movies are tackled, I’ll start on the music. Also going through old work binders (lots to donate to the school nearby) and discovered my will is out of date, so need to handle that…so MUCH to do, who has time to date? But I miss having a human partner, and am lonely sometimes. Pros and Cons to every situation, eh?! ~

      • L84Tea says:

        You sound like a very strong person whose made a very happy and comfortable life for yourself. Not to mention you raised your son on your own. I raise my glass to you!

    • TaraBest says:

      @L84Tea I thought the same thing, and then my marriage ended! I did not have plans to date anyone seriously, but my sister introduced me to a friend of hers and we hit it off. I tried my hardest to keep it casual but here we are, almost three years later! I’m very happy I didn’t turn to dating apps and instead only dated people I actually met in person who had mutual friends/acquaintances. Just here to say, life certainly doesn’t always work out like we think it will, but I’m happy I was wrong about being single forever. :-)

    • Kitten says:

      I saved the first photo I ever got. I mean, that package is HUGE. We’re talking w-i-d-e and over ten solid. When guys send me unsolicited photos or videos, I send it to them with the caption “Mine’s bigger.” If I get any response after that, it’s usually in agreement, and they’re gone.

  5. isabel says:

    As an aside, I was talking with my (single, gay, 40 y/o man) coworker about unsolicited d pics. He told me where we live, there are a lot of bottoms, and he gets a lot of just…pics of buttholes! He’s like ummm ok, that’s nice, can I see your face?! I thought that was hilarious. Men

  6. Joanna says:

    Can I get a straight version of him for Christmas? Someone that looks just like him and with his sweet soul. I love Queer Eye, he is my favorite. SO FINE! those eyes, that body…

  7. Honora says:

    For anyone who thinks (straight) dating is bad these days, I agree. There are some nasty narcissist men out there that aren’t worth dealing with. Check out the subreddit female dating strategy if ever you don’t know what to do about a dating issue or bad relationship.
    There was a quote in that sub yesterday by a celeb (keke Palmer?) and I paraphrase “ladies Don’t forget we Pick and don’t Get picked.” The only guy who ever sent me d-pics was full on Love bombing me, and actually living with someone else and is probably still with her. I was lucky to find out in a couple weeks and not take it further but it was very painful. There are some sociopaths out there these days

  8. manda says:

    I would love to have a heart to heart with Karamo, I feel like he would help me to feel better about myself. And probably give me some good advice.

    Omg, I am so happy I tapped out of the dating world before dick pics! Some people are genuinely fine with receiving them, which blows my mind. I can’t believe that so many dudes are that confident in how theirs look

  9. Ariel says:

    When i was dating, i didn’t mind receiving those kind of pics from a guy i was already involved with. A piece of anatomy i had already seen in person, interacted with, and become a fan of. That was enjoyable.

    But in absence of a pre-existing relationship with said dick, no one wants to see that.
    Except maybe sex addicts/people going for anonymous sex. (my friend just broke up with a guy after being made aware he had a – meet for anonymous encounters- app on his phone….. lots of those pics there. But that is a fairly specific thing.)

    Also, i love Karamo. I’m sorry his relationship didn’t work out. I hope he enjoys a little single time (i don’t mean dating, just enjoying one’s own company), and then finds someone great.

    I always think about how he found out he had fathered a child from a long ago one night stand, and ended up taking custody of not only his son, but his son’s half brother as well.
    That is a damn fine man.

  10. candy says:

    It’s beautiful the way he described the end of his relationship. It sounds peaceful, as peaceful as those situations can be. I agree with him about pics! One of the reasons things worked out with my partner is because he never asked me for pics and certainly never imposed one on me. We’re in our thirties and forties so maybe that’s why.

  11. NixD says:

    I am a woman who has online dated off and on for years now. I haven’t received an inappropriate pic in more than 10 years. I thought that was a thing of the past…

  12. Cee says:

    I love Karamo, he seems like such a decent MAN. 100% good masculinity.

  13. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Karama is a hot mess himself. After listening to him defend Kanye West, explain why we should “want Trump to succeed” …yeah hot a$$ mess.