Megan Fox claims she’s schizophrenic

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So, a lot of dumb sh*t comes out of Megan Fox’s mouth. Actually, only dumb sh*t comes out of Megan Fox’s mouth. Megan has this tendency to just ramble on and on, totally unchecked by the boundaries of common sense, decency, or reality. And while you’re probably thinking I just phrased it that way to be cute, it turns out I’m totally right. You see, Megan says she has schizophrenia. Not “admits” she has it. “Says” she has it. She’s spent weeks reading every book ever written about Marilyn Monroe, but hasn’t bothered to spend a few hours with a shrink to get an official diagnosis. But she knows something is wrong.

The Transformers star admits she has struggled with mental health problems since her youth, and, although she hasn’t been officially diagnosed, she is convinced she shows symptoms of the serious psychiatric condition, which often torments suffers with auditory hallucinations, paranoid delusions and social dysfunction.

The 23 year old reveals she has spent years meticulously studying the life of movie legend Marilyn Monroe, who died of a drug overdose at the age of 36 – because she fears her own problems may lead her to a similar end.

She tells Wonderland magazine, “I basically read every book ever written about Marilyn Monroe. I could end up like that because I constantly struggle with the idea that I think I’m a borderline personality – or that I have bouts of mild schizophrenia.

“I definitely have some kind of mental problem and I haven’t pinpointed what it is.”

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Megan forgot the third and most likely cause of her mental issues: stupidity. Now I don’t think that’s an official classification until you get to Forrest Gump level, but Megan’s only about 7 points off. Remember, the average current adult’s IQ is 100. Forrest Gump was 90. That’s what 10 points difference means. Just want to be clear about how much I’m insulting Megan. (And before I get hollered at in the comments, I specified “current adult” because the average IQ of a child born in 2001 is 110 – it doesn’t normally go up by such dramatic leaps and bounds but apparently all the stimulation that current children are exposed to has led to rising IQs).

I’m sure no one’s going to argue with Megan in terms of her having something seriously, seriously wrong.. Here’s the thing: schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder are very different animals. And while there are a wide variety of shapes and sizes of both, they’re generally not easily confused. And I’d say for the most part, schizophrenia would be far more damaging to one’s life than borderline. She’s like that really stupid middle schooler who wants a lot of attention and claims to have whatever disease or disorder she’s just read about. At least Megan’s not claiming to have a diagnosis. But here’s a little pearl of wisdom for you: stupidity is not the disease, it’s the cause. Yeah, let that wiggle around the old noodle for a bit. Vaguely deep thoughts brought to you by JayBird.

Either way we know she’s stupid as hell. She’s just so stupid that she’s using a 14-year-old’s strategy of trying to find a reason she can’t be blamed for.

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Here’s Megan at the Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles on August 9th. Images thanks to .

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54 Responses to “Megan Fox claims she’s schizophrenic”

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  1. Meow Mix says:

    She has the intelligence of a piece of furniture.

    OK maybe that was a bit harsh but jeeezzz this girl says the dumbest things.

    The only diagnosis that she should come up with is that she is incapable of keeping her tongue in her mouth when a camera is around…

    Are the voices in her head telling her to say these stupid things??? Actually maybe she’s right. That would explain the crap that comes out of her mouth.

  2. jann says:

    shut up stupid Megan and go away, all that plastic surgery to make you look like that.

  3. Katyusha says:

    Yes Megan, because that’s how it works. You read biographies on Marilyn Monroe, thus you become qualified to diagnose yourself.


  4. Susette says:

    She’s a dime a dozen and one crow’s foot away from irrelevancy. She’s hot, but there are always hot, stupid, talentless girls in Hollywood. She would annoy me a lot more if I didn’t know her shelf life was pretty short.

  5. Annicka says:

    You don’t have schizophrenia, Megan, you have Stupid. Retarded as that comment is, everyone knows it’s true. She has a massive, incurable case of Fucking Stupid.

    It’s hard to decide who I dislike more, Megan Fox or Lady GaGa. At least Lady GaGa usually keeps her mouth shut, she just dresses like an idiot and tries too hard to be quirky. Megan Fox needs a staple gun to the mouth so she can’t speak.

    And oh my god the previews for her new movie are horrendous.

  6. Hieronymus Grexx says:

    Not unless schizophrenic is the new street slang for a stupid whore.

  7. Anna says:

    Megan Fox needs to stop talking. And she REALLY needs to shut the bloody hell up about illnesses she knows nothing of. If I were a true, diagnosed (as in not the Megan Fox type) schizophrenic, I’d be majorly offended that some Hollywood dipshit is playing coy with my illness. I grew up around people like that (my grandfather was a psychiatrist and neurosurgeon with his own clinic) and let me tell you, that’s nothing to be coy about. I have had it with Megan Fox.

  8. sarah says:

    I used to think she was very attractive, but recently she’s just not

  9. original kate says:

    next thing you know this dumb bitch will say she has cancer, AIDS or anything else that will get her some attention. of course i’m sure she does have many illnesses – all venereal. go away, pathetic famewhore.

  10. Marie says:

    She’s just dumb!

  11. Firestarter says:

    Every day this idiot opens her mouth and out comes the most ignorant stuff I have ever heard.

    I always say the same thing in every post about her: STFU, please!

  12. Rain says:

    It’s because of people like Megan Fox that a lot of people doubt the authenticity of mental illness. I know plenty of people with real, diagnosed schizophrenia and other psychiatric disorders (including myself and my dad).

    On the other hand, I know a lot of hypochondriacs who think they have (insert psychiatric disorder here) because they wash their hands twice after every meal and cry when they get a D- on a test. Though clinical depression affects every aspect of your life, and becomes debillitating when you have trouble getting out of bed, neglect personal hygiene, avoid family, friends and many other things.

    To Megan Fox: whatever. I’m tired of hearing every piece of horsedoo that comes out of her mouth. She says whatever she can to stay relevant.

  13. Kevin says:

    It would be amusing to me (yes, I’m easily amused sometimes) if the next time she is hired to be in a film, the insurance company that was hired to cover the work refused to insure her because her illness is not being treated. She would be pissed because she would really have to go and get evaluated because of the stupidity that flowed out of her mouth. Hate to say it but I’m beginning to pity her has been boyfriend.

  14. Tina says:

    well maybe she is, she acts stupid enough. i dont say that to offend actual people with schizophrenia. but wow megan will say things to get attention- and clearly its working because so many people comment on everything she says, including me.

  15. binc says:

    what a dingaling

    she is so desperate for attention

    comes off as pathetic

  16. jaundicemachine says:

    Both schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder are incredibly rare, extremely debilitating mental disorders.

    Less than one percent of the world’s population has been diagnosed with either illness, and those who remain undiagnosed are generally either homeless or dead (suicide).

    I suppose everyone needs to feel special – but spouting off to the paps about your “unique” mental condition takes a very special type of famewh*re.

    Do you hear that ticking noise, Megan? Don’t worry, it’s not an audio hallucination. It’s just the sound of your 15 minutes ticking away . . .

  17. Vee says:

    This girl needs a heaping cup of STFU. Can the “journalists” of the world stop interviewing this vapid bitch?

  18. DrM says:

    I think this has beaten Sharon’s Stone’s comments about disaster victims being the recipients of some kind of karmic payback…if not beaten MF has equalled them.

    If we all just ignore her do you think she’d F*** off?

  19. Heavenbound says:

    I really think that she wants to imitate Skankelina and she just wants to make her life sound “wild and diffrent”, but she just comes across like and idiot, like someone else pointed it out she is just stupid.

    In a few years, these stupid interviews are going to be around and I am sure she will regret them, because we are all going to remember her as an idiot and not for her acting abilities.

  20. LL says:

    This might go down in history along with this quote from Mariah Carey, another, dumber than mud, idiot:

    “Whenever I watch TV and I see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can’t help but cry. I mean I would love to be skinny like that, but not with all those flies and death and stuff”

  21. Jake says:

    Finally that explains her bizzare and stupid comments, I knew it all along, she’ll be selling beads at the airport in 20 years.

  22. Jake says:

    Actually Sharon Stone’s comments about bad Karma for China were correct they skin and torture dogs and cats when they have farm animals such as chickens readily available, and harvest people for organ translplant sales, and off course the poor people of Tibet, I completely agree with Sharon Stone’s comments, china does evil things without any accountability.

    On the other hand Megan Fox’s comments are beyond stupid. She needs to take some Ritalin and stop embarassing herself.

  23. yeng says:

    Heavenbound, I agree. I think she’s just trying to make it seem as though her life is/was colorful, just to perpetuate her bad girl image. Why doesn’t she actually do something fecked up instead of saying she is one??? She’s just all talk for attention.

    All that money she wasted on plastic surgery could have gone to getting herself a brain.

    Btw, Sharon Stone’s comments about China was stupid. No country deserves the kind of disaster China experienced at that time.

  24. joe says:

    God, every day she seems to say something more asinine. She seems like the kind of girl who should be seen and not heard. Or, to be absolutely cruel, one you would have sex with and then hit in the head with a brick

  25. icky says:

    stupid. stupid. frivolous bitch- she just has a bad case of famewhore “I only think about myself” syndrome…
    LOL! @ Joe – hilarious comment

  26. jm says:

    I’d normally be disgusted by a comment like Joe’s, but in this case . . . LMAO!!!!

  27. MymaJane says:

    So, she’s convinced she has a “mental illness” and might possibly end up like Marilyn Monroe, yet she’s never seen a health professional? She’s full of shit and needs to stfu.

  28. KT says:

    All those ‘books’ about Marilyn Monroe must have had a lot of pikshurs, because I don’t thinks doin’ much reading of acutal ‘words’. I’m pretty sure.

  29. Ana says:

    Lmao at Kt— “pikshurs.” LOVE IT.

    I do have to admit. The inner chola in me loves her eyebrows. Does she dye them? I’ve seen pictures that look like she does SOMETHING to them.

  30. Mandy says:

    WTF is up with these young actresses (i.e. Megan Fox, Lindsay Lohan) worshipping Marilyn Monroe? Not the best role model, kids! Seriously girls, if you want to idolize old movie stars, pick up The Audrey Hepburn Collection on DVD. Talented, beautiful, and an all-around class act. Watch and learn.

  31. Michelle says:

    Actually, as a future clinical psychologist, I would say that YES borderline and schizo are two very very different beasts, but both can be equally and totally damaging to a person’s life. Borderline is pervasive and in every part of a person’s life, so is schizophrenia (because it is for the most part an organic disorder). Schizophrenia is more easily medicated than borderline, but also has many miserable side effects. Often schizophrenics are more likely to isolate themselves from family and friends, whereas borderlines seek to bring their issues TO family and friends and make them miserable. I wouldn’t say one is less damaging than the other because the damage caused by both is SO extensive.

    I wonder if she meant “bipolar” because sometimes they come with schizophrenic symptoms — delusions etc.

  32. liz :) says:

    Here she goes again!
    She has no schizophrenia
    no nothing

    Just two words & Megan’s bffs:
    Drugs & Stupidity

    thats all im saying.

  33. fizXgirl314 says:

    if this stupid bitch talks, and nobody is there to listen… does she still exist? I think she believes she doesn’t which is why she just keeps spewing out bullshit so that she will remain relevant… too bad people will get really sick of it soon and she will disappear into oblivion… which will be the greatest use of that adage in history…

  34. Lenore says:

    “She’s like that really stupid middle schooler who wants a lot of attention and claims to have whatever disease or disorder she’s just read about.”

    Definitely this. I know so many people – adults, even, not middle-schoolers – who read a little about some mental illness and then convince themselves they have it. “OMG I sometimes cry for no reason and then sometimes I don’t! I’m bipolar!” It’s attention-seeking garbage and insulting to those who actually have to struggle with these disorders. I’ve known people who did those stupid quizzes on Facebook – “What mental disorder are you?” – and actually came away worried they were ill.

    The best thing is though that Megan actually ADMITS, basically, that she’s making it up. “Well, I read a bunch of hagiographies about a dead actress whose films I’ve probably never seen (although I totally do have a poster of that thing where her skirt flies up, or actually it’s my boyfriend’s, but I look at it whenever I stay over), and because I’m vain and delusional and have no sense whatsover I convinced myself I must be JUST LIKE HER in EVERY WAY, and, well, that includes any mental illnesses she’s thought to have had.” (Was Marilyn herself ever diagnosed, actually? Or is it just biographers guessing?)

    If she turns up outside the White House at 3am, stoned out of her gourd and yelling HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISTER PRESIDENT on the wrong date, and has to be escorted away screaming, “It’s my destiny, you guys” then I won’t be surprised.

  35. Mandy says:

    Lenore, you’re so right! I remember my psychology professor telling us that by the end of the semester, most of us would probably be convinced we were mentally ill in one way or another, just from reading about it. The same thing happens with TV. My sister-in-law is an immunologist, and she says that every week, at least one person will come to the clinic and insist that they have whatever medical condition was featured on “House” that week.

  36. GatsbyGal says:

    “I like kissing girls and I’m probably totally bi and I just KNOW I’ve got some kinda mental problem cuz sometimes I feel all weird and—”

    Megan Fox is that drunk, stupid, slutty girl at every party you’ve been to who thinks she’s the most interesting person there, except for the fact that she’s just like every other drunk, stupid slut who’s ever managed to speak a full sentence.

    Having mental disorders does not make you a super special snowflake, Megan. What are you, 13? Are you going to show all your friends your cut marks now because that makes you such a deep, emotional person? Fuck you.

  37. mila says:

    @Mandy- Marilyn had a drug problem (they were prescription, not illegal drugs though) but she was also described as a very smart, funny and inteligent person. Not everyone knows it, but she was one of the few starts (both male and female) of Golden Hollywood era that fought against star system, where the big movie companies practically owned their actors. She left Fox and founded her own production company and left Hollywood at the peak of her fame to study acting at Lee Strasberg’s Actor’s Studio. That was an act of great courage. Just imagine the mocking and jokes!And no, Marilyn was never officially diagnosed with mental illness, it’s pretty much some of her biographers idea. It’s obvious she was unstable but I doubt she was a schizo.It’s sad that eventually she gave in and came back to Hollywood to die there, alone. But her story is an interesting one and shows how cruel Hollywood can be to a woman who wants to play against its rules.
    As for Megan Fox- what can I say? She’s dull and immature and def. needs a pr person.

  38. barneslr says:

    @LL: Mariah Carey never actually said that. It was just something stupid that was wrongly attributed to her. Not that I think MC is particularly wonderful or above stupid comments.

    Why does Megan Fox always have her tongue hanging out of her head? Does she think it looks sexy? Maybe it’s because I’m not a guy, but I think it looks gross.

  39. debbie says:

    Annicka:”She has a massive, incurable case of Fucking Stupid”

    LMFAO!!!! I love it!

  40. lilred says:

    It’s not nice to insult Forest Gump that way…this chick obviously has a lower I.Q than he does.

  41. crash2GO2 says:

    It’s like this girl dropped out of the sky from nowhere. Where is the parenting? Where are her real life role models? She’s all over the place and has no boundaries whatsoever. Really, I think that is her problem. Sad.

  42. omondieu says:

    With the upcoming release of Jennifer’s Body, of which Megan is the STAR, I’m bracing myself for MANY more inspired musings from Ms. Fox.

  43. Rudy says:

    She is gorgeous but not the sharpest tool in the shed!

    Beauty and no brains- unfortunately beauty does not last forever!

  44. Kerri says:

    @ Joe – that was so hilarious I’m still laughing my ass off.

    But on a more serious note, I think Megan does have a disease – its called “Shit for Brains” syndrome – hence the reason diarrehea spews from her mouth whenever she speaks.

    And the tongue really – can someone just cut it off and let her hold it in her hand and parade it around since it is always out of her mouth.

    What a dummy.

  45. fizXgirl314 says:

    I wish one of the voices would tell her to stfu or convince her of how much she sucks…

  46. Jag says:

    The way that she comes across sometimes, I’d say bipolar and borderline, rather than schizophrenic. But I’m not a doctor, so she should see one to be evaluated. lol

  47. crash2GO2 says:

    @Jake, are you f*g kidding me? China is evil because they skin and torture dogs and cats when they have cows and chickens and other farm animals to eat?! ROTFLMFAO!!!!!

    When I read sentences like yours, I am reminded that the ability to think critically is attained by only 30% of all adults. I sincerely hope you are not yet an adult and will one day be able to reason your way out of this silly narcissistic world view.

  48. rose says:

    michelle- as a borderline you should know that i don’t seek to make my friends or family miserable. this is the depressing kind of ignorance that people with mental health problems have to face not just from the general public but the so called professionals.

  49. Thomsen says:

    Hahahaha. Have you noticed that basically everybody commenting on Megan Fox are girls. Stop being jealous. We know you want to look like Megan fox.

  50. Casey says:

    It is AMAZING that someone actually wants to be mentally ill! …Its Either that or to be a comparable and talented actress like Marilyn Monroe. 😀 I actually suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder and it is HELL! I would not wish it on any one, it is debilitating at times! She needs an education!

  51. Nicole says:

    I was highly offended by this attention seeking imbecile’s comments. I have been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and it ain’t no picnic. I’ve been hospitalized, had to drop out of school a number of times…the list goes on.
    Can’t say I’m surprised though. Her goal to completely model herself after Angelina is almost complete. She too moaned about her “dark side” in magazines. Ever get the feeling these starlets say these things to garner sympathy. “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful, I have problems too!!!”

  52. Nicole says:

    Yea, why does she always stick her tongue out???

  53. Milly says:

    Megan fox is gorgeous and anyone who says different is just JEALOUS! and i have only respect for the actress who isn’t afraid to to speak her mind and be herself, regardless to what everyone thinks and who are you all to judge? like you all don’t have issues and problems of your own, and maybe you are not putting it out there for the world to know about, but that is only because you are not in the position to. Bringing me back to my point your all JEALOUS! Imagine she had to read these comments?? it’s disgusting and should be ashamed of yourself!! F@#K OFF and keep it yourself!! lets act like humans!

  54. Milly says:

    and to quote a Maryiln Monroe: