“Paul Rudd handed out cookies to voters waiting in line in Brooklyn” links

'Avengers: Endgame' film fan event, London, UK

Ageless, unproblematic angel Paul Rudd handed out cookies to voters waiting in line in Brooklyn. I wish he could do that at every polling station. [Buzzfeed]
Adele is single, so the Skepta rumor isn’t happening. [Dlisted]
Kim Kardashian is Carole Baskin for Halloween. [Just Jared]
I always love Jennifer Lopez-the-Businesswoman talking about the business of her life and career. She’s really smart and no one really gives her credit for it. [LaineyGossip]
No, this dress on Amy Adams is still bad! [Go Fug Yourself]
An update on the Trump administration’s attempt to do a huge covid ad campaign with tons of celebrities. LOL. [Pajiba]
Seconds after putting a giant homophobe on the Supreme Court, Donald Trump’s wife tries to claim that he’s pro-LGBTQ. [Towleroad]
Gen Z are first-time voters this year, how will it turn out? [Jezebel]
An interesting Basketball Wives casting rumor. [Starcasm]
Lark Voorhies is doing Saved By the Bell. [Seriously OMG]

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20 Responses to ““Paul Rudd handed out cookies to voters waiting in line in Brooklyn” links”

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  1. IncenseBurner says:

    A thoroughly unproblematic man. 🙏

  2. minx says:

    Paul Rudd is adorable and sweet.

  3. windyriver says:

    Sounds like a good guy.

    Also, World Central Kitchen has been providing free food at polling sites all over the country. They do it via partnership with local businesses so also support the food industry in those areas. The original plan was to do it on Election Day, but when they saw the very long lines in some places when early voting started, they started early.

    • Coco says:

      There’s also an organization called ‘Pizza to the Polls.”

      • windyriver says:

        Thanks for the info. Hadn’t heard of them. Neat that you can read where they’ve delivered on their website, and give them a head’s up where food is needed.

  4. holly hobby says:

    Aw Paul Rudd!

  5. LittlePenguin says:

    We need more Paul Rudd in this world.

  6. lucy2 says:

    I love Paul. That’s a genuinely nice thing to do. He also did a PSA to wear a mask.

  7. Chris says:

    Adorable! What a nice guy.

    I’m not gen Z but I did see an article about how voter turnout amongst young voters is up. I’m really proud of how politically engaged they seem to be! Fantastic!

  8. Sandy says:

    Pual rudd seems like a good time, all around. For whatever you want – hanging out, drinks, robbing banks, sexy times at night – he is your guy. I like him.

  9. Deathbybacon says:

    So the best we can hope for is unproblematic.
    But I do love Pual

  10. Leesa says:

    Legitimately thought that was Miley dressed as Joe Exotic to Kim’s Carole for a minute.

  11. Delphine says:

    I wish I knew his secret. I mean is he secretly bathing in the blood of virgins? Is there a hideous painting hidden in his attic? Is he actually an undead 500 year old vampire? A time-traveler? Because he hasn’t aged a day since Clueless and it seems almost supernatural.

  12. Faithmobile says:

    Y’all blueberries and cream cookies are bomb. Paul Rudd is an American treasure.

  13. Milkweed says:

    Paul Rudd is so cool!

  14. BL says:

    Any man that can make me belly laugh, makes me swoon! I love me some Paul Rudd! <3