Ice Cube still thinks he deserves credit for being a Trump prop or something

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In mid-October, Ice Cube had a brilliant idea: he was going to suddenly declare that the Democratic Party had done nothing for the Black community, and that Donald Trump and the Republicans would take a meeting with him, therefore he was down with the Republicans. Or something. It was all very convoluted, as was Ice Cube’s entire premise and rationale. He was used as a prop by Trump and the GOP. Cube went along with it willingly or he was too stupid to understand that he was being used as a prop by unhinged racists. Still, Cube got his “promise” from Trump that Trump would do something something for Black people.

Interestingly enough, once people got a look at Cube’s “plan,” many noted that the plan is basically only about the advancement of black men, and that he doesn’t seem to be interested whatsoever in advancing the political, social or economic interests of black women. He also completely ignored the fact that Kamala Harris was in line to be the next vice president, the first Black woman and first Indian woman to serve in national office. Sen. Harris even invited Cube to take a call with her so he could discuss his “plan.” He blew her off. Listen to his version of events fall apart:

So, yeah. Kamala Harris was interested in listening to him and he blew her off because he thought he was so important, he wasn’t going to just speak to, you know, a sitting senator (of his home state!!) and VP nominee. She wasn’t important enough.

Now that the election is over, Ice Cube can’t even admit that he was used in Trump’s little racist stage-play. He still thinks he did something.

Ice Cube is still saying things. The 51-year-old rapper clearly still feels a way about the pushback he’s been receiving about not only meeting with Purgatory President Donald Trump but lending any credence to whatever the fuck Trump says he’ll do for this “Contract With Black America.”

“Let me get this straight, I get the president of the United States to agree to put over half a trillion dollars of capital in the Black Community (without an endorsement) and N–gas are mad at me? [cry-laughing emojis]…have a nice life,” Cube tweeted early Thursday morning.

[From The Root]

So… Cube thinks he’s completely justified in meeting with a Nazi, eliciting a “promise” from said Nazi, and then the Nazi loses and yet there’s still going to be half a trillion dollars for Ice Cube’s Platinum Plan? WTF? I don’t speak Ignorant. That story from The Root goes on, and it’s worth a read.

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  1. Cee says:

    He has Stockholm Syndrome, only explanation possible.

  2. RedSoleSista says:

    He needs to go sit his behind down, wherever he was “sitting” before he got his idea at the last possible moment. He has not done the work, others – mostly black women – have already completed. Not one black person I know male/female was in anyway, checking or asking about Ice Cube in the last four years. No one.

  3. sa says:

    He’s a pretty proud antisemite, so he fits right in with Trump supporters.

    I actually question why Kamala Harris was willing to meet with him. There are actual activists who have been doing the work for years, that’s not him.

    • BnLurkN4eva says:

      Because unlike many of the activist who are not famous with a huge platform, her speaking to this person and possibly setting him straight enough to walk back his previous comments would help those he influence. Unlikely as it is, people like this have some little influence and therefore they are dangerous. People voted for Kanye, actual sentient humans went to the polls and voted for Kanye West to be president. Sure, he didn’t get many votes, but he got more than a thousand, how many people did Ice Cube influence? I don’t blame her for trying to speak to him, she tried to put out a little fire.

  4. Veronica S. says:

    Sexism needs to start being front and center alongside discussions of racism in dealing with the aftermath of Trump’s appeal is what I got out of those exit polls numbers. White women’s support going up is unsettling, but nearly 20% of black men?? Nearly 40% Latino support for Trump in Texas, especially among men? The young people have better numbers, but it paints a sobering image of how Trump managed to increase his support across those lines appealing to a wide range of supremacist hierarchy.

    • Mia says:

      What does this even mean ‘Sexism needs to start being front and center alongside discussions of racism in dealing with the aftermath of Trump’s appeal’ ?

      Maybe for white people (both men and women) and men of color, but I can assure you black women like myself and other women of color like Natives, Latinos, etc. are well aware of the nuanced double oppression we face because of white supremacy/racism and sexism. Where do you think the term ‘double oppression’ comes from or the concept of ‘double consciousness’? Maybe do some reading and you will see that women from marginalized groups have a history of fighting for our rights in a post-colonial world and within the patriarchy of our own communities. Only to be met with ‘wait your turn’ from our men consistently.

      There is nothing new under the sun and I am very tired of the naivety in thinking Trump is the start of all these ‘realizations’. It is actually sad that it took a man like him to ‘highlight’ things as old as dirt.

      Men across the board believe patriarchy is a ‘natural form’ of oppression and consistently maintain some sense of worth in racist systems by at least having power over the women in their own communities. Some communities/MOC historically want proximity to whiteness over anything so again, their vote is no surprise.

      And I am also not shocked by white women voting numbers. Too often the blame for white supremacy is placed solely at the feet of white men, like white women, do not help support and uphold it. Very few people want to talk about how white women can and do weaponize their status as a minority (through gender) to deflect any culpability in this system. White women benefit more than any minority in things like Affirmative action in hiring practices and so forth. They make more than any minority woman in terms of ‘the for every dollar a white man makes, white women make…’ and can also beat some men of color in wages.

      • Christina says:

        Amen, Mia.

        It blows my mind that people outside of our Black, brown community needed Trump to understand that double oppression is a thing. Our deaths don’t mean shit.

      • bosandi says:

        Double Amen, Mia.

      • Veronica S. says:

        I’m not shocked by most of those numbers, either. Just frustrated by it. My meaning is more aimed at the political dialogue at the higher levels of the Democratic Party because they pussyfoot around it when talking about Trump’s appeal. It’s race and ethnicity, but it is also sex and gender and the image of aggressive, masculine white power that’s glamorized with him. They need to stop pretending we don’t very well know why it’s fine for Kamala Harris to be in a relatively toothless position as VP while being knocked out of the race for president earlier.

        *I* know very well about the interplay of these ethnic and gendered hierarchies because I’ve been politically active in social justice, union organization, and outreach for most my twenties and into my thirties. I got made aware very keenly of the relationship between economy and oppression, well before Trump took office, but lots of people don’t have that background. They don’t have it connected so obviously for them through education or political involvement. Changes within Democratic coalitions are going to need to start putting that dialogue front in center or we’re going to continue seeing that trend of stepping on each other on the climb up instead of aiming that anger at the oligarchy that weaponizes those differences to create division.

    • Mia says:

      Well if you have all that education/outreach you say you do, then keep at it with your fellow white people and educating them. But it is very telling to me that as a white woman your way of outrage was to go directly for Black and Latino men while trying to brush past white women with just the phrase ‘unsettling’ (not even bothering to give the percentage for them but you made sure to give it for Black and Latino men). It is just one of those things that makes a person go ‘hmmm’.

      But that is all I have to say on this topic.

  5. Deanne says:

    Cube, not T.

  6. Eleonora says:

    It’s people like this that are being used all over the internet to “prove” black people are voting for Trump in large numbers.

    He is a tool, and used as such. But I will never support anything with him in it.

    • BnLurkN4eva says:

      He killed the movie Friday for me. Yeah, I love that movie and will never be able to watch it again because of this tool.

  7. S808 says:

    I don’t know who told black male rappers that they’re the face of the black community and speak for us but they lied. several times. None of them are on the ground getting people registered to vote, protesting or organizing. He really thought he was too good for a group call with other black entertainers? lol. And the fact that he took trump’s word at face value after the last 4 years of promises he didn’t fulfill for his actual base…..I just have to laugh.

    • Midnight@theOasis says:

      Truth. Trump and the GOP wouldn’t even give stimulus checks in a pandemic to white people but sure, they’re going to cut a big check to black people because Ice Cube got it done. Please. What a joke he is. Y’all should look up his conversation with Angela Davis. Cube and the rest are on some misogynistic, toxic masculinity trip and won’t admit it. All these rappers need to go sit down and stay in their lane.

    • Brandy Alexander says:

      Ice T’s twitter pretty fun though! He LOATHES Trump, and has been very vocal about it.

  8. HK9 says:

    As I thought-this is about his ego so it could be said he did such and such, not about black people as a whole.

  9. Catherine says:

    I don’t know what is going on with Ice/this specific story because he is a hero to me and I can’t afford to lose another one.

    Ice Cube got me through high school in the 1990s, Rodney King, the KKK marching on my historic high school b/c Clinton was running for POTUS. All the way through the 2016 election. He said “AINT NOTHING CHANGED BUT THE DATE. WE FIGHT ON.” His 1992 album Predator got me through this summer/election, “When Will they Shoot” followed by “I’m scared” is absolutely brilliant and STILL On point – line after brilliant line.

    “Call me a n-word, bigot, and a spook. But you the one that voted for Duke, motherfkkkkker”

    “They say I can sing like a JayBird, but n-word, dont say the J word, I thought they was bugging Cuz to us Uncle Sam is Hitler without an Oven…..Bomb the neighborhood, then move the crack in”

    “Calling me African American, like everything is fair again. Shhht DEVIL. I’m BLACK. Blacker than a TRILLION MIDNIGHTS”

    He is a brilliant artist and commentator on black America through his music.

    • Christina says:

      Cube’s a master storyteller. There is this song he wrote , “doin’ dumb shit”, about growing up in our neighborhood in Compton that I love because it is a sweet description of growing up there. We went to different high schools, but grew up in the same area of Compton. He expressed the pain and racism in word pictures of Southern California. I loved his word pictures with Dre’s beats, but was always weary of his sexism. Where we grew up, there were a lot of broken marriages and domestic violence. And the Black and brown women in our community rarely called police after beating beaten, like Megan Thee Stallion did not immediately admit to being shot at, because they were afraid of police violence. You don’t want your man to be murdered for hitting you, especially when you see the racism and poverty he faces; you know your man is being worn down by it and may die early because of it. It’s a horrible situation to be in. The neighbors were mostly the ones who called about the violent arguments next door, and the women would not want to testify about the violence perpetrated against them because it would put their husband or boyfriend into the industrial prison complex. And that awful choice continues to perpetrate mysogyny agains Black and brown women, like Cube is demonstrating in his “plan”. I was abused for years before I finally went to police.

      I am deeply disappointed in him, but not surprised that his plan doesn’t include women, and that he thinks that his record and movie business cred is enough to “negotiate” for the community. He thinks he spoke “man to man” with a leader when he was instead targeted by a bigoted system to sway people because of his skin color, or used, the EXACT type of thing he rapped about as a young person, about how Black people are used by the system. He forgot where his ass came from.

  10. RoSco says:

    Cube destroyed his whole legacy to promote Trump. After years of not being an activist, Cube decides he’s entitled to go straight to the top of each ticket with his plan that excludes black women. Take a seat.

  11. Another Anna says:

    What confuses me so thoroughly is that Ice Cube actually released a track called “Arrest The President” and one of the first lines is “that _____ is Russian intelligence.” Where’s that energy, Cube?!

  12. shanaynay says:

    Ice Cube……. bye bye!!!!!!