You’ll never guess which Nazi loser fascist jackhole is refusing to concede

United States President Donald Trump holds a briefing

If it’s okay with everyone, I’d like to go in chronological order on this series of stories. Ever since Donald Trump’s completely unhinged statement at 2 am Wednesday morning, it’s been perfectly clear that Trump does not understand the first thing about elections or voting or… math. Or democracy. His subsequent statements – in person and in tweets – have only underlined that point, that he’s a petty, disgusting fascist who thinks he can declare himself king.

Vanity Fair dropped a story yesterday evening with this headline: “It Sure Sounds Like Trump May Barricade Himself In the Oval Office and Refuse To Come Out If Biden Wins.” LMAO. It’s basically just a confirmation of all of the stuff we’ve already assumed – Trump has no one around him capable of telling him that he’s lost re-election. They’re all afraid of hurting his poor baby fascist fee-fees. Sources confirm that Trump AT NO POINT prepared a concession speech and “in conversations with allies in recent days has said he has no intention of conceding the election.” Some galaxy-brain on the Trump team has an idea of perhaps framing a dignified concession as “preserving his brand for life after being president—and explaining that dragging out an election he clearly lost would ruin his businesses and forestall whatever political future he’s hoping for.” It’s funny because that bunker bitch is going to prison. Still, the best part of the piece was Biden’s spokesperson Andrew Bates going on the record about the idea of Trump refusing to concede: “The U.S. government is perfectly capable of escorting trespassers out of the White House.” A burn of such elegance, it took my breath away.

So that’s where we were last night. Then Trump went full-tilt bonkers this morning before he went golfing, making such outlandish claims of election fraud that Twitter just tagged and censored ALL OF IT. There were only two tweets which anyone could see without a warning:

First of all, the Four Seasons was like “we would like to be excluded from this Nazi narrative.” And second of all, he tweeted the all-caps tweet shortly before Pennsylvania was called for Biden, which is just amazing. When fascist delusions come crashing down around him… well, I wish I could have been there to see his head explode when everyone called the election for Biden. So while Trump worked out his Nazi grumps on the ninth hole, his re-election campaign posted this statement, which I can only imagine was the product of Trump barking into a phone.

Completely and utterly unhinged. This transition is going to be a mess, but you know what? It’s also going to be really, really funny as reality comes crashing down on the orange monster.

Trump Addresses the Nation on the Election Results

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. Lexilla says:

    Flail, turtle, flail!

    • Sojaschnitzel says:

      Noooo turtles are cute and we would help them if they were stuck! They don’t deserve this!

      • AnnaKist says:

        Yes, turtles are lovely creatures. Cockroaches are not, and I find it difficult to believe that even their mothers like them. Trump is a cockroach.

        This has truly been a glorious weekend, and this story is not going to end today. At some point, []trump is going to have to show his face… ugh. I hope he makes things difficult for himself and has to be escorted out. Has anyone seen the clip of a lad in a New York Yankees cap, ranting at tRunp. I can’t link it, as it was sent to me in a text message. I received it several hours before Mr Duden was declared president-elect. It is rude, but hits the nail on the head, and do funny I almost peed my pants.

  2. Rapunzel says:

    Every worst prediction about Trump seems to be coming true.

    I wonder which prediction will be the next to come true. Will he actually try nuke something? Will he flee the country with the resolute desk? Will he hole up in Mar-a-lago with Hope Hicks?

    I’m scared, y’all. He really is as crazy as we’ve feared, possibly crazier.

    • ChillyWilly says:

      I’m scared too. I want to be happy, but I’m still so nervous.

    • Sojaschnitzel says:

      I had the nuke discussion with my father the other day and we share the opinion that even if he actually tried to do that, he would not be able to. My father says that he’s too stupid to even press the right button. I think that whoever is on the receiving end of an order might refuse to execute it. The guy has made too many enemies. I don’t think people will follow his orders if he tries something this unhinged. I’m not worried anymore.

      • booboocita says:

        The nuclear launch codes must be entered by two or three persons (I forget how many, precisely, but definitely more than one). The seconds are usually members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and/or cabinet members. I’m relying on their intelligence and restraint to keep Cheeto from unilaterally launching an attack as a distraction from his election woes.

  3. Also Ali says:

    Zero surprise at this. What I don’t know is what happens when SCOTUS can’t side with him. (I said can’t. Alito made it very clear they want to.)

  4. Josie Bean says:

    Trump cannot concede, that would mean he lost. He would never admit to losing since he ridiculed so many other people for losing. So, he will continue with his unsubstantiated claims of fraud and get dodgy attorneys to file lawsuits and when January rolls around they throw him out of the White House.

    • Midnight@theOasis says:

      He’s also fundraising off of this. Trump is raising money for an “official election defense fund.” But the fine print on the solicitations says that 60% — or more — of any contribution will be used to retire debt from his re-election campaign. Still gritting his cult followers to the end.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        If they’re dumb enough to pay anymore, let them go broke.

      • Josie Bean says:

        Oh I hope that Lindsey Graham really does give $500K to this fund!!! Anyone with half a brain can see that putting money into this fund is the same as lighting a match to it.

      • lemonylips says:

        his supporters don’t read small prints. they are literally paying for his campaign losses and it’s so funny.

    • Emma33 says:

      Yep – narcissists either have to be the aggressor or the victim. There is no in-between. Trump is really trying on both at once at the moment (he won, and he is also the victim of voting fraud). I don’t expect him to ever make a concession speech. If he does, it will just be a repeat of the voter fraud speeches we’ve seen over the past few days.

  5. Solace says:

    Congrats, everyone. Trump is done.

    Btw I just saw your Twitter, Kaiser. It’s a place of joy. Loving it 😍

  6. Merricat says:

    He will be escorted from the premises like the lame duck that he is. If he wants to humiliate himself, we can deal with him.

    • ChillyWilly says:

      I hope it’s a scene like William H. Macy in Fargo being dragged out of his seedy motel room kicking and screaming for his mommy.

      • Quincytoo says:

        I can see him holding hard on the door knob with his little orange hands screaming I won’t go
        Mean while Melanie is running as fast as she can screeching Barrriooon run son run, we are free!!!
        Sadly I’m worried about the next few months until this takes place

  7. Midnight@theOasis says:

    Bunker bitch just got a reality check. He can rant and rave all he wants. He lost. End of. We all knew this was how he’d behave. The worst part of this is that it feeds his unhinged cult followers. That’s the real damage being done. But no matter what Orange Nazi says, come January 20, he will be removed ( forcibly if needed) and Joseph R. Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President. I just wish we didn’t have contend with Covid putting a damper on the Inauguration celebrations.

    • Chicken Tetrazzini! says:

      Trump Caravan driving through Madison, WI today around 1pm with some big-wheeled small D energy. They definitely don’t think it’s over and unless they’re trying to take the capitol, they’re in the wrong city. And, if they think only conservatives have guns, they’re in the very wrong part of the city for that as well!

      • Kkat says:

        I’m liberal in So California and I have guns.
        I know a lot that do… it’s so funny they think you have to be a redneck republican to have a gun.

      • Shoshone says:

        Yep, I live in the semi rural west and my family are liberal Democrats. Almost everybody around our home area that we know and love is a Trump lover. Even highly educated people and people that have worked hard and become very successful. Yikes! We really still cannot comprehend how this is happening.

        Anyway, what Democrats that there are around here are basically armed to the teeth just like our Republican neighbors. Why? Because we all grew up together in a western rural gun culture which promotes hunting, target shooting and inheriting the multiple guns that have been passed down from generations of elders.

        Some of the local Trump idiots have taken to marching around heavily armed and trying to intimidate the citizens in a Democrat town a few miles away. Everybody there just nods their heads and politely smiles at their gun carrying arrogance because the Fox watching idiots have bought into the stereotypes and have forgotten that all those Democrats grew up around here too and all they have to do is drop by their homes and pick up their own.

        Yep, it’s all pretty sad.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        I’m a responsible gun owner, as well. Just because I’m in favor of gun control doesn’t mean I’m against owning a gun.

  8. Angel says:

    It’s okay. It will make his defeat even more humiliating.

  9. fluffy_bunny says:

    He’s going to trash the White House on his way out. He claimed Obama did but never released pictures or proof.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      The place might already be somewhat trashed by his decorating.
      What is a real threat is what he will attempt to steal.

      • fluffy_bunny says:

        I’m think there will be holes in the walls and graffiti. They need to totally rip out all of the soft goods, shampoo the carpets, repaint the walls, new mattresses (because I wouldn’t put it past Trump to infest the place with bed bugs) and overall deep sanitize the place.

      • Jaded says:

        The White House is going to need an exorcism to get rid of the bad joo-joo.

    • Deering24 says:

      Jaded–yeah, they are going to need industrial-sized vats of holy water and sage to sanitize that mess.

      • fluffy_bunny says:

        Joe is catholic. I’m sure he can get a bulk deal on holy water. I bet the Pope would even sanction an exorcism of the whole place.

      • booboocita says:

        Holy water, my rosy pink fanny — they need Lysol. Looks like all of the current tenants have or have had COVID-19. I wouldn’t move in until at least two weeks after the Trump crowd leaves, just to give all the germs a chance to die off and the guys in hazmat suits to do a number on the place.

      • Shazze says:

        Yes, Booboocita – they can self-inject the Lysol as fearless leader himself suggested

  10. Rapunzel says:

    What’s good about this is the more he does this, the more he tarnishes his brand.

    He’s so bad at PR that he doesn’t realize if he just graciously conceded, it would score major points. Hell, the media would trip all over itself to call him Presidential. They’d be like, “see, y’all were tripping when you said he was a fascist.” It would be great PR. But much like his brush with Covid, he’s sqandered the opportunity to make himself look good. How is he so bad at this?

    • Emma33 says:

      Because he has narcissistic personality disorder (my mum had it, which is how I know how they roll). Even when they are shooting themselves in the foot and basically assuring their own downfall they can’t change their rigid responses to external threats. Trump wants to be the aggressor or the winner all the time. If he can’t be the winner, he will be the victim. He can never be the gracious loser, because to his psyche, this is absolutely unbearable.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        I’m one of the last to armchair diagnose, but Trump’s obvious personality disorders are so played out in public, that I’m OK with it.

      • Shazze says:

        And anyway, the armchair rule doesn’t apply to someone who’s been in office 4 years, the psychiatrists say they they have plenty o’ info to diagnose the loonie

  11. SpankyB says:

    I’m so tired of him and his face. Be gone you orange menace.

  12. Hollah says:

    Byyyyyyyyyyye. F**k your feelings, Dump.

  13. Rapunzel says:

    Lol… even the DailyFail is calling him.”squatter in the White House”

    How the turn tables.

  14. emmy says:

    He will claim to have won for the rest of his life. And he won’t go to prison, he’ll flee the country before that happens but people generally don’t go to prison for what he’s done, not at that level. I also don’t think it would be good for the country if he did. Tens of millions of people voted for him, they would burn it down.

    But he’ll be treated as the loser he is and THAT is something he will never be able to shake. The next 3 months will be nuts but Americans are prepared. The world is prepared. We’ve had 4 years of practice.

    • Merricat says:

      The people who voted for him are of no use to his Russian “creditors.”

    • Julia K says:

      I agree. Prison will accomplish nothing. He would assume the victim/martyr role. Do not let him get away with stoking public sympathy. Censor him, his family and boycott his business ventures. Loss of power, prestige and money is a prison of his own making.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      I don’t think the state of New York is going to quit their investigation of this Loser. And Trump knows that. I think he’ll slink out in the dead of night and hope that no one sees where he goes. But, I really think handcufffs are in his future.

    • GuestWho says:

      Letting rich white men off the hook for crimes they have committed is not a good look. He’s facing some pretty serious charges including rape, on the state level. He’s trashed our democracy and traditions and he broke a good number of laws as President which he probably won’t be prosecuted for. But he is in NY State’s sites, and they have every right and every reason to prosecute him. You think drumpf supporters are going to be angry if he’s rightfully prosecuted? How angry are the people who voted against him going to be if he walks away without facing the consequences of running a (lame) crime family for decades? Hopefully they have enough on the whole family to put them away. His supporters can kick rocks if they refuse to respect the rule of law (which they are totally into, right?).

    • February-Pisces says:

      He could resign before he’s Biden take over, which would mean Pence would be president. If pence becomes president even for a day he could ‘pardon’ trump for whatever crimes he’s committed.

  15. LORENA says:

    Does he have a chance at all? Please tell me no?!

    His supporters are so confident he will be declared winner

    • Liz version 700 says:

      I don’t think Trump can win in the courts. 2000 was based on an actual legal challenge. Even the Handmaiden is going to be loathe to overturn a Presidential Election with clearly valid votes, especially as Trump has been bragging that they were his judges. If they want to be legitimate, they will bounce this back to the lower courts. Also, the legal team is headed up by Jared and Rudy…. Jared will do as well in the legal challenges as he did with Covid.

      • Josie Bean says:

        Interesting. I did not know that Jared was an Attorney. If Jared and Rudy continue with unsubstantiated voting fraud claims, they should both be investigated for ethics breaches by their respective bar associations.

      • Badrockandroll says:

        Come on, he has the best lawyers – Pam Bondi for instance is in over her head on this.
        If #45 is actually listening to any advice, he should be resigning right about now, to allow Pence to pardon him (and his wretched family). This will only work against federal crimes, but other than NY, what states have standing and cojones to charge him? Then he (and his wretched family) can move to a country that doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the USA, Melania can divorce him, and we all live happily ever after.

      • Korra says:

        Even if the Handmaiden did vote in his favor, I feel we would still get a 5-4 ruling against his claims. Gorsuch and Roberts would choose to uphold the election.

      • FYI says:

        Kushner isn’t an attorney. He just plays one on teevee.

    • Snuffles says:

      Nope. His campaign is not only broke, it’s most likely in debt. He can’t afford to mount any serious challenge even if he had valid claims (which he doesn’t!). And he won’t be able to procure any type of competent legal representation because, again, he can’t afford it and no legit person will touch this case with a ten foot pole.

      And word is, every one who works for him have already started looking for new jobs. People are already slowly backing away from him. No one with any ounce of sanity is going to back this.

    • Veronica S. says:

      The SCOTUS could rule in his favor bereft of any evidence if they so desire, but they would then deal with the wrath of the majority voters. Frankly, if populous liberal states are wise going forward, they’ll start blatantly ignoring the SCOTUS if its rulings become increasingly obviously partisan and infringing on states rights. If we don’t have the ability to expand the court, than start openly defying it. What are they going to do? Send the national guard? Treat it with the lack of respect it deserves as a bench filled by people who were picked by an impeached president who lost the popular vote and were put in place intentionally to hold the country back.

      • Merricat says:

        Lol. The election isn’t close enough for the Supreme Court to get involved, let alone “rule in his favor bereft of any evidence.” That’s unconstitutional. And the Supreme Court isn’t composed of Trump people.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        I doubt the Supreme Court really wants to touch this election crap.

  16. shanaynay says:

    Hey DT…….

    Na Na Na Na Hey Hey-ey Goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Elle says:


    sorry, have forgotten him already

  18. Seraphina says:

    I watched the Colbert clip where they showed Trump in 2016 say he would not accept the results if he lost. Our mistake was letting him in the first place.

  19. Mina_Esq says:

    Surely he has to leave the country while he still enjoys the protections that the office of the president brings. I expect he will…disappear.

  20. Josie Bean says:

    Even Fox News seems to be enjoying a Biden win. Chris Wallace claims that Trump is filing lawsuits (with Rudy of course doing the dirty work) with no evidence of fraud whatsoever. Trump is done – he is a loser and considering he was such a pathetic character with no real friends, other than maybe a couple of his kids, he will be ostracized.

  21. Lizzie says:

    He is going to pardon all of his crooked cronies and as much destruction as he can think of before he leaves.

    • Harmony says:

      The only reason I may think he may not bother pardoning his cronies is that would require him to think of someone other than himself. Unless these cronies have something left to offer this LOSER I don’t see him even bothering to pardon them.

      • Kkat says:

        I think he will pardon Ivanka… maybe jared unless she wants to get rid of him.
        But i bet he doesn’t pardon people like Rudi or his sons 😀

  22. Leah says:

    Trump: blah blah blah

    The rest of the world (now): whatever

    He’s been taught a very valuable lesson this week. He was never taught that actions have consequences and his actions for the last four years have boomeranged back at him. You don’t call soldiers and veterans “losers and suckers”, you don’t disrespect war heroes (McCain) and civil rights heroes (Lewis). You don’t let a virus run rampant because you hope the blue states will suffer because they didn’t vote for you. Every state is suffering now, blue and red. He still doesn’t care. He doesn’t even seem to care that his own supporters are dying. They don’t seem to care that they are paying the ultimate price “to own the libs”.

    Actions have consequences. Unlike him, most of us are taught that when we are very young. Touch a hot stove = get burned.

  23. cheche says:

    This will be interesting if he or his kids try to leave the country. Deutsche Bank wants their money back. I wonder how many of trump’s “friends” will want to tick off the money men by protecting him.

  24. JanetDR says:

    The next couple of months will be long and full of treasonous activity, but I can see the light!

  25. Louise177 says:

    The funny thing about the voting fraud claims is that if it was true, the race wouldn’t have been so close and Democrats would have won more Congressional and Senate races.

  26. Sofia says:

    Doesn’t need to. Nothing in the constitution says he has to.

    If he refuses to leave, the Secret Service will simply escort him off the premises like any and all trespassers – something which the Biden campaign said themselves

  27. ME says:

    Did anyone see how Kim Kardashian is being dragged on twitter? She posted pics of Biden/Harris with heart emojis and people aren’t having it. They’re like “you’e married to one candidate, took selfies with another, and now endorsing the third one”? It’s like she wouldn’t mention who she voted for but all of a sudden now that Biden/Harris won she’s all on board. Fakety fake. She’s probably secretly pissed her bff Trump didn’t win. No more White House selfies for her.

  28. Nina says:

    He knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s been saying he’ll do this for months with the mail in votes etc. it’s just not working in the courts for him. Apparently, after he’s gone, he’s looking into buying a media outlet. He’s going to sit there, with all his cronies ,and feed his base. His alternative to fox.

    • fluffy_bunny says:

      With what money? He owes that German bank 400 million that comes due pretty soon.

      • Nina says:

        You’re right. He has a lot of wealthy friends though. I hope I’m wrong and he goes to jail. That would be so lovely.

      • Kkat says:

        I’m thinking he owns OAN or is involved heavily with them

      • Dee says:

        He will continue to ask for donations to fight the “stolen election” and then use that money to pay his campaign debts.

  29. Teebee says:

    Did we expect anything less?

    And we know he needs adoration and support in any and all forms. Biden and Harris’s tweets about their win are in the millions for likes. You know he knows this. You know he’s pissed.

    Writing’s on the wall chump. You were dumped Trump.

    Womp womp.

  30. jferber says:

    Screw Kim. Trump is ready to burn it down and his rants and “prosecutions” will only cause more division, hate and VIOLENCE. They should keep him golfing FOREVER! He should start courting his fourth wife (oh, he already has: Hope Hicks or his new blonde whatever-the-hell she is). Just keep him away from Twitter. His incitement, rage and entitlement are the stuff that tear a country apart. ENOUGH. Just enough. And shut up your two deranged sons, too. You’ve taken enough. Neither grace nor dignity are within you, so just get out! GET OUT and stop destroying this country, you monster.

  31. paddingtonjr says:

    No one cares, Trumpy. You don’t actually have to concede anything; Biden is still the President-elect. And you can’t do anything that hasn’t been done before. Start a war? Yeah, been there, still doing that. Burn down the White House? Brits did it back in the 1800s, we rebuilt. Order SCOTUS to rule on voter fraud? See Gore v. Bush 2000. Just go away and have your temper tantrum, the adults have work to do.

  32. Digital Unicorn says:

    He is NOT going to react well to not just losing but having the whole media (and twitter) turn on him. He lives for the media attention being President brings and when that goes, then the real nastiness will be let loose. He will react very badly to when the press start ignoring him to give Biden all the attention.

    He can still do a lot of damage between now and 20th Jan – he still have his armed cultists and you just know that he will incite them to do his dirty deeds for him. I hope the secret service pull out all the stops to protect Joe and Kamala.

    What is also interesting is Pence has said nothing, since Tuesday. He’s out of a job so why does he continue to kiss Dumps ass.

  33. BearcatLawyer says:

    Can Jill Biden start redoing the Rose Garden now?

    Too soon?

    • fluffy_bunny says:

      She can start planning but it’s not ideal to plant anything in DC in January so they can rip everything out and replant in the spring.

    • Kosmos says:

      No, I don’t think Jared K. is an attorney, but he’s been given some title and assignment by Trump, and maybe now to assist Rudy in his endeavors. It’s a joke to appoint your family members to become political staff for you, especially when they have no background of any kind. I used to work for a college and there are strict rules about having other family members working at the same campus.

    • Dee says:

      I’m sure Mrs. Kennedy’s plans are still available for a redo. Shouldn’t be difficult to put that back in and the Obama vegetable garden.

  34. SamC says:

    His ego is forcing all the bluster because he lost but he never wanted the job to begin with, he ran because he liked the attention and adulation. By losing, his followers will be just as adoring, probably even more so, he’ll still get all the media attention he craves, can sit back and rant/criticize all day and night but no longer has to even pretend to do the work.

  35. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    For the first time ever, I can actually listen to him because it’s hiLARious. Nothing has ever given me so much pleasure than trying to count how many journalists are calling him a loser.😁

  36. Izzy says:

    Technically there is no legal requirement for him to concede.

    So yeah, they can just drag his fat orange ass out in handcuffs.

    • cheche says:

      Once again, he shows he has NO idea of how any of this works. He probably thinks if he doesn’t concede then the election doesn’t count. I’ve lived in Washington DC all my life and I can tell you he will completely lose anything left of his mind when he sees how little respect a lame duck president gets. And how fast his buddies will desert him. He still can and will do damage, but he’s about to enter narcissist hell. No sympathy for him.

  37. jferber says:

    He needs an intervention from any sane and brave people in his orbit. Time to stop the delusional megalomania and concede and help unite and heal this country. He’s started to fire the people who are in charge of our nuclear weapons. I hope the government has a plan in place to prevent him from using nuclear weapons in his protest against democracy.

  38. jferber says:

    Remember, he’s a comic horror, but he has tremendous power to wreak havoc. If his people have to kiss his ass and promise him the moon (their two job requirements), then let them do that. None of the big Republicans in Congress are conceding his defeat (except Romney) and they must do so for the American people to move on in an honest democratic election (except for all of Trump’s lies, voter suppression and incitement to violence). This is a very dangerous time for America and we need everyone in government to get on board with this new reality STAT. Trump is sowing anarchy and rebellion. Remember his militias and white supremacists. This is a very dangerous time. I think James Baker, President Bush and other Republican bigwigs need to step up to save our country.

  39. SJ Knows says:

    Big old stupid Orange Turd!

    I do agree jferber above, this is still a dangerous time, Trumps white power tools could attempt something very stupid and dangerous. The FBI and Secret Service team better have their A game ready from here on to protect Biden and Harris. I wish they could legally swear in Biden tonight.

  40. Lila says:

    Anyone read the Slate write-up on Four Seasons vs. Four Seasons Landscaping? It was hilarious.

  41. Ni says:

    This guy is even a loser about losing.

  42. Jennyrev says:

    Please add racist and misogynist to the headline.

  43. MellyMel says:

    If the Dems were committing voter fraud, do you think they would have let Lindsay and Mitch win? Boy bye.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      Yeah, funny how all the other races were OK, just fraud on that one little presidential oval.

  44. Amando says:

    I bet the secret service can’t wait to remove his ass from the white house on election day…and I hope they record it for us all to see! I bet the entire staff is rejoicing. Imagine the abuse that they have put up with from Trump and his family for 4 years!

    • Marjorie K. Margel says:

      Election Day already happened.
      What you are referring to is the Inauguration, January 20th, 2021.
      I would pay to see Trump handcuffed kicking and screaming out of the White House!

  45. jferber says:

    Trump will get Secret Service protection for the rest of his life. I wonder if he’ll still be allowed to charge the secret service rent for staying on his properties for the “honor” of protecting his ass from assassination. What a racket! It’s being said that Trump already has gotten over 8 million dollars from the U.S. government and public through his various scams as president. I’d say it’s a lot more than 8 million.