VF: A ‘Lord of the Flies’ atmosphere has enveloped the Trump White House

Trump Welcomes President Iohannis of Romania

There are 20 million stories about how Donald Trump and his die-hard death cultists are still clinging to some hope that they can do… something. Like, I think even the worst of the death cultists know that the party’s over. But they still want to burn everything down on their way out the door. Just some of the stories: Trump is threatening to fire any staffer actively looking for another job right now; even Trump’s lawyers in Pennsylvania are like “this bitch is crazy”; Trump administration officials have been told to rebuff Biden’s people until the GSA administrator, a Trump appointee named Emily Murphy, administratively authorizes the transfer of transition funds. So here we are. VF now reports that the people around Trump are trying to figure out a way to gently break it to the unhinged fascist baby that he needs to concede and that all of this is over.

Trump got more and more upset when people said nice stuff about Biden: “Initially, Trump was thinking through options,” said a Republican who spoke with the president about the vote count. But Trump blew up any notion that he was a loser when the networks called Pennsylvania for Biden, and declared him president-elect. Apart from two golf outings, Trump bunkered in the White House glued to television, fuming at the positive media coverage Biden was receiving, and vowing to fight on. “As the weekend went on, Trump became more and more emboldened as he listened to people on TV saying fawning things about Biden,” the Republican said.

Republicans know that Trump is done: In recent days I spoke with a half dozen Republicans close to the White House, and they uniformly agreed that Trump is done. “It’s over,” said a campaign adviser. According to sources, even members of Trump’s legal team have privately said there’s virtually no chance the results can be overturned. “You have to be realistic,” said a prominent Republican close to the White House.

But what about his fascist baby feefees: The challenge for the West Wing, then, is finding a way to steer Trump to a place where he will accept reality. It won’t be easy: Sources said West Wing aides and members of the Trump family are scared to confront him directly. “People are explaining options to the president in a way that opens the door to a conclusion,” a former West Wing official said. “They’re telling him that it’s unlikely, but not impossible, to change the result.”

A Lord of the Flies atmosphere: Sources said a Lord of the Flies atmosphere has enveloped the West Wing, with Trump advisers accusing each other of looking out for themselves. Two sources speculated that a report saying Jared Kushner had advised Trump to concede was a way for Kushner to position himself to his New York friends as a rational voice. “Jared is taking care of Jared,” one Trump adviser said… Another Republican suggested that Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon are pushing the most extreme election-fraud conspiracies because they want to curry favor with Trump for pardons.

Trump has to continue to threaten lawsuits because he still needs to raise money: Trump, who has been pushing unfounded fraud claims, has a financial incentive to continue the dubious legal challenges. The campaign is trying to raise millions from donors and plans to use some of the money to pay off its debts. There’s also a political imperative. “Trump is trying to keep the MAGA movement going. That gives him a lot of leverage,” one adviser said. “But what Trump is going to find out is that the minute he leaves the White House, he’ll be like a used car coming off the lot. His value will drop.”

Trump staffers are losing patience. “Why put up with it anymore?” a campaign adviser said, adding, “They are tired of his sh-t.”

[From Vanity Fair]

That last part is what I don’t understand about the broader GOP – the Nazi party is over, you guys. You don’t have to continue to suck up to Dear Leader. He will have zero power in 71 days. I mean, I understand the quid pro quo of Giuliani and Bannon, reprehensible as they are, but I get it. They want pardons. But beyond those guys, why is anyone pretending that Trump isn’t some unhinged loser fascist? And this idea that Trump has built some political coalition of racists, misogynists, bigots, rich sociopaths and dumbf–ks? Like, that coalition will swing easily to the next nutjob the GOP promotes.

White House Press Briefing

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red and Backgrid.

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  1. Ni says:

    America is Piggy. 🙁

  2. lassie says:

    Good. Eat each other. The world will be better off when you’re gone.

  3. Rapunzel says:

    Ivanka and Jared must be seething. This really harms Nagini’s chances for becoming first female President. Nobody is gonna vote for a Trump if they have to be dragged out, kicking and screaming.

    Speaking of, if Trump is still in the WH on Jan 20, and hasn’t fled to FL or some other country, can we get a split screen of Trump being hauled out while Biden takes the oath? Please, networks? We’d like to see both simultaneously.

    • A Guest says:

      Joe Biden becomes President at 12:01pm on 1/20/2021. He can then ask either the Secret Service or the US Marshals to escort Trump from the White House.

      Pence has already “left the building”. He’s on vacation in FL and has pointedly not made any statement at all.

      • Rapunzel says:

        A guest- I thought Secret Service automatically made sure the WH was cleared for the new President?

        And Pence did too say something. He tweeted that “it ain’t over till it’s over … and it ain’t over!” He backed Trump.

      • H says:

        And an independent moving company comes in prior and packs up all the Trump’s things. I wish there would be video of that.

      • fluffy_bunny says:

        The BIden camp has already said that he becomes a trespasser once Biden is sworn in and he will be dealt with as all trespasser are. Hopefully they call the media so we get footage but I think they’re too classy for that.

      • Seraphina says:

        @H, the dems could make some serious money if they put that on pay per view. 🤣

      • Golly Gee says:

        @H someone needs to check through their luggage and boxes to make sure they haven’t stolen anything.

      • FYI says:

        Pence cancelled his vacation.

      • CL says:

        But will they have time to tent and fumigate the White House?

    • tammy says:

      I don’t think that Papa Trump would let her run for office. Even though they have the same last name it would be much more historical for her to become President then it was for him. He couldn’t live with being second best in the family.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      I think both Ivanka and Jared know they will be persona non grata with the NYC set they use to run with when they leave Washington. I think being persona non grata in NYC bothers them more than anything else.

      • Lanie says:

        They’ll still have Hugh Jackman :/

      • ravynrobyn says:

        @ LANIE-my great affection & fandom were stopped COLD when HJ defended that family. I never had my feelings flip so fast.

        I’ll never EVER forget, Hugh Jackman, even though you were a sublime (but not the best) Jean Valjean 🤬

      • Lizzythe2 says:

        What’s this about Hugh Jackman?!

      • holly hobby says:

        Hugh Jackman was a weak ass Valjean. They should have hired someone from Broadway for that part. Same with Ann-E.

      • Rise & Shine says:

        Hugh, Ivanka and Jared are connected through (wait for it, it’s true) Wendi Deng (!) and Murdoch (!) Yep. (Putin as well, as least Wendi and Ivanka, not sure about Hugh) If you are unfamiliar with Deng and Murdoch, check it out. UGH. That says it all. Rumors of a couple mutual sketchy deals together too. Hugh can be great to his fans, but he is not the man he pretends to be. And again, these people will get worse, hard to believe but true. And Ivanka and Jared will do, as always, what best behooves them to do for themselves.

      • CrazyCatLady says:

        Jackman is godfather to one or two of the Deng/Murdoch children and Nicole Kidman is godmother.

    • Lilah casting says:

      If Jared is going to look out only for himself I like to see Ivanka being forced to choose between her father and her husband, and I don’t think Jared will be chosen and her mariagge will be over, I like to see her face at least a bit of uncertainty in her life since she has always been the favorite and has had her father’s creepy attention to herself, his Son’s know they are not loved and Trump also doesn’t love Tiffany as much because he doesn’t find her as attractive as Ivanka.

    • Sarah says:

      I don’t think Nagini has the Cult Leader potential that her father has, so it was never going to happen anyway.

      • Korra says:

        Yup. Cheeto’s base prefers Don Jr. to Ivanka, but Jr. still does not create the fervor his father does (ugh, on giving Cheeto credit on anything). At best, Ivanka would viable for a cushy role like RNC chair, but I pray the entire family gets taken down from state investigations before 2024 options are even feasible for them.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Nagini is busy taking credit for Pfizer’s development of a potential vaccine. When someone pointed out that Pfizer didn’t participate in the program she was bragging about, she dropped her facade to scream WRONG and then spammed Twitter with links to Operation Warp Speed, claiming Pfizer is using it to manufacture and distribute. Except it hasn’t been manufactured or distributed and any government help Pfizer received came from Germany. Nagini isn’t giving up her princess post easily

      • Courtney B says:

        Pfizer came out and denied that the administration was involved. Lol They are participating though in funding for distribution. But that’s it. They retain total control over the vaccine by not taking federal funds for R&D.

    • Sara says:

      Aside from many different accounts over the years that Ivanka is dumb as rocks and she doesn’t have the cult of personality thing going for her that her father does (nor does Jared), I think the worst of the MAGAts still wouldn’t want to see a woman in charge or perceive a woman as more powerful than they ever could hope to be.

  4. MaryContrary says:

    The whole thing would be funny if covid wasn’t killing thousands of Americans each week by their ineptitude and democracy wasn’t being weakened by the Republicans enabling him.

    • Becks1 says:

      This is where I am. This particular story is hilarious, hearing about the Trump administration turning on each other and Jared trying desperately to save his reputation (way too late) and then the rats trying to jump ship…..but people are dying and hospitalizations are going up and the Republicans are doing what they can to hamper the transition and hurt Biden before he’s even in office.

      • Traveler says:

        And also, meanwhile, there is no stimulus bill to help people actually, you know, eat, pay rent, try to save their businesses, etc., etc.,etc. It’s more important to cater to the ego of this madman. Someone grow a f**king spine. These people are scum.

  5. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    For people donating to his ‘reclaim the vote,’ court and legal fees, way down at the end of the page, only 50% goes to legal fees. The rest helps shit stain pay election campaign costs etc. They’re now actively stealing from their crazy supporters.

    • Larelyn says:

      The crazy thing about his campaign finances? He started his 2020 campaign on January 20, 2017. He has had nearly four years of fundraising. And still the campaign limps over the finish line broke, in massive amounts of debt, unable to pay for basic amenities for their rallies, and begging for more money. I would LOVE to see campaign finance committees investigate the shenanigans from the last four years.

      And can I finally just say – I hate, HATE that an elected president is holding “rallies”. That is so wrong, has been so wrong, and will always be so wrong. History will not look kindly on this period of time.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        the campaign’s finances would be VERY interesting to a prosecutor, I’m sure. they paid people like Lara Trump (the Dumb One’s wife) and Guilfoyle (or whatever it is) a LOT of money as “advisors”, and spent like drunken (coked up) sailors. I’d bet a LOT of it went to offshore accounts and that a lot of those inflated salaries were actually $ being laundered. grifters gonna grift.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Is this not what Bannon is on his way to jail for?

      • FYI says:

        Yeah, except Bannon didn’t even put it in the fine print. He just took the millions! 💩

      • Hoot says:

        I really, really despise Bannon. He usually finds a way to come out of a boiling pot of water unscathed, however, and is angling for a pardon from old Orange*ss.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      they already stole from their supporters with that fundraising for the wall, which is why Bannon is in legal trouble. you’d think that they’d think twice, but they’re so far gone and truly believe 45 has a chance to reverse the results so they’ll give, even if it means they don’t eat lunch for a month.

      but no one ever claimed the deplorables were smart.

      • Hoot says:

        On top of that – scamming money from constituents under the guise of raising money for “election fraud” rallies – the Rep. supporters will be just fine with Trump running in 2024 when he is 78. Never mind that Trump will be older by a year(!) than Joe Biden currently is if he wins. When I read their rants I’d like to point out their hypocrisy, but it would be pointless. There’s no reasoning with them. They love their ‘lil Nazi.

    • Lizzie says:

      Got in in one Mabs. I was coming here to say the same thing. This all boils down to two words – fund raising.
      The campaign is broke and the orange one is broke. I hope supporters are stupid enough to give their life savings to him.

    • H says:

      Did anyone read the report about Junior’s girlfriend Kimberly offering lap dances and hot tub parties to big donors? I was like, wow. In the article, campaign people were throwing her under the bus.

      • booboocita says:

        I saw that article (Vanity Fair, wasn’t it?). I believe it, too. The article also mentioned that she was quietly let go from Fox News because she was sexually harassing her staffers, both male and female.

        That woman is every bit as unhinged as the Trumps. No wonder she gets along so well with them.

      • schmootc says:

        Between that and the Fox News harassment, I think I can say with no doubt that she is one gross woman. Who behaves that way in any kind of professional setting?

      • Joanna says:

        I saw that, how crazy!

      • fishface says:

        Link pleeeeeeeeez …..

    • Sara says:

      Didn’t campaign donations from 2016 go to paying off Stormy Daniels for sex? The cult followers know he grifts them and they still gladly give to him. That’s how cults work.

  6. JT says:

    The republicans are stupid. Trumps mags bros are only loyal to trump, like the cult members they are. They are only loyal to the personality not the party, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens when trump leaves. I don’t think there are any republicans who can capture the sheer hysteria of the grump voters and many of their inactions have angered run of the mill republicans.

    • smlstrs says:

      At Trump rallies in Phoenix on Saturday, speakers were trashing the GOP pretty hard. Speakers were also calling for holy war and the rhetoric against minority politicians who won their (re)election campaigns was so bad local reporters were startled (and we’ve heard a lot!). The phrase I remember being repeated to the armed crowd who told us they get their news only from Trump family social media was: “Go home, look in the mirror and ask yourself what you’ll personally sacrifice to keep your kids from growing up in communism.”

      (No, I didn’t sleep well Saturday night)

    • Anne Call says:

      I agree. He’s kind of a once in a life time narcissistic demagogue that combines tv stardom with being a “billionaire” and willing to say outrageous hateful racist things. He’s going to keep “the election was stolen” rant going for years to come to grift his base and stay in the public eye. Hopefully he will be indicted in 2021. I don’t think any of these GOP wannabe presidential candidates are going to rile up the base like he did.

      • Hoot says:

        We’ll just see how/if he’ll stay out of jail when the SDNY gets through with him. His supporters will be unable to help him. Unless he has some mega-legal team lined up from FL, he’s going down. No one in NYC wants anything to do with him or his sidekick, Melanoma. I’ve got my popcorn ready for this show.

  7. Seraphina says:

    A few laughs before the tears:
    1: Jared is looking after Jared. No surprise there.
    2: Trump upset at how nice Biden is. I read that e memo leaked when he was VP about people not working when they had family functions and that family came first. I can imagine Trump looking confused at hearing that.
    1: The transition i snot happening due to this and Biden and Harris are not get daily security briefings and the money to help move forward with fighting COVID, that alone is putting the American public at risk and he and his team of minions should be charged accordingly.
    2: Quick thought that those backing him want pardons, make me wonder what dirty laundry they are all hiding. Lord help us all.

    • bluemoonhorse says:

      The security briefings started when the Democrats solidified Joe as their candidate. What new source did you see that Biden is not getting these briefings?

      • Sarah says:

        That’s what I thought too – that the nominees start getting the PDBs. So, Biden should still be getting them, right?

      • GrumpyDespot says:

        He doesn’t get them until he’s certified by the GSA. And that person is a Trump appointee.

      • Seraphina says:

        CNN stated that twice today – daily security briefs are not happening. I hope I am wrong due to the implications this would result in.

      • Rapunzel says:

        I could’ve sworn Trump and Hillary were getting briefings before the 2016 election. Maybe the Trump WH is changing the rules?

      • liz says:

        As the Democratic nominees, they got limited briefings – not the full PDB, even as limited as Trump’s briefing book is. They should be getting the full intelligence briefing as it was done during the Obama administration, but that’s not happening yet.

      • Anne Call says:

        Also funds to use to start transition and vetting of cabinet secretaries, is being help back by the king of Petty.

  8. Lexilla says:

    Seventy million people voted for this trash, and many of them will follow him right off the cliff of sanity, so any Republican who wants to be re-elected can’t turn their back on him. It’s the definition of putting self above country and it’s reprehensible.

  9. Esme says:

    With all the Covid going around in the Trump staff and admin, I thought the literaly reference would be E.A.Poe’s “the masque of the red death”, but anyway… they’re out, just one last edition of Melania’s dystopian XMAS, general twitter madness and scapegoating – all useless – and then the Bidens can give the whole edifice a new coat of paint and start over.

    • Lizzie says:

      OMG – these grifters won’t even decorate the wh for christmas. I didn’t think about that. She is probably auditioning next husband.

      • booboocita says:

        Auditioning? I’m fairly certain she’s got him picked out. I don’t expect that marriage to last even a year after they’re out of the White House.

    • Sara says:

      Oh, I hope that Melania or even Fake Melania still decorates for “f*cking Christmas stuff.” I want to see how crazy she goes.

  10. Cafecito says:

    I don’t know why, but every time I see Jared’s face I have the impression of seeing someone that wears lots of makeup and just took it all off.

    Something is out of place…

    There’s nothing wrong with guys wearing makeup or anyone wearing makeup! That is not my point 🙂

    I love my makeup

    • Heylee says:

      Well, he appears to have had some cosmetic surgery that has softened his facial features? Look at pictures from 5 years ago. That is not the same face.

      • heygingersnaps says:

        He looks so odd, like something is not quite right but then people really do get the face that they deserve.

      • Cafecito says:

        Heylee you are right, he looked human before!

        Damn, I don’t know what he asked the surgeon for, but it suits his actions…

      • Sarah says:

        Yes! I just did an embarrassingly long search about this. Eyelid lift, end of nose shaved off, and Botox IMO… he looked much better before.

      • booboocita says:

        He looks like that doll from the horror movie, “The Boy.” The likeness is astonishing. And with that side part, you could paint a bushy little mustache on him and he’d be Emaciated Hitler.

    • Anna says:

      I was just thinking that he looks like an early-model android. Too smooth and lacking in any facial expression, and those facial expressions he does have are weird and not consistent. And I’m curious about the comment re: plastic surgery, wondering if he wanted to try to look more like his white supremacist wife/family…

      • Cheryl says:

        This. Chills. But he also wants some creepy doll look too. An obscure choice for a professional/business/power guy. Off topic, has anyone thought about their kids? They will have two grandparents with criminality issues.

      • Golly Gee says:

        Yes! I just made a comment about him and Zuckerberg being robots from a Japanese robot factory on the Facebook post.

    • Jaded says:

      He looks like a Madame Tussaud’s wax version of himself.

    • Guest with Cat says:

      Something happened to him or was done to him. I think Nagini sucked his soul energy out and transfered it to her father, which would explain why at his age and level of obesity Trump has the energy of my 8 year old nephew.

      He really looks dead/malignant in the eyes. In addition to bad cosmetic procedures, I think he made a lot of decisions and did a lot of maneuvering that killed any good he had in him and now he’s just a shell of what he used to be, covering a squishy evil center.

  11. Sharra55 says:

    Can we kick out that asshat McConnell too while we are at it? That guy is an idiot beyond measure

    • BayTampaBay says:

      WE need to get 1 million Californians and/or New Yorkers to move to Kentucky and then his ass can get voted out of office.

      FYI: Former Kentuckian

    • paranormalgirl says:

      Every time McConnell speaks, I am reminded of a stopped up sink.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Kentucky just re-elected him.

      • Sara says:

        Right, but if the Dems win the GA senate seats in January, then he’s out as Senate Majority Leader. Everyone do what you can do help this race. Donate, volunteer for a phone/text bank, encourage your friends to do so too. If you have any friends/family/acquaintances in GA, encourage them to vote Blue. Enough of Turtle’s dangerous sh*t show.

      • Dee says:

        The urban areas of Kentucky (Louisville, Lexington and Frankfort) voted against him. Not all of us wanted the Turtle again.

    • Lizzie says:

      He is supporting drumpf so that drumpt supports the 2 upcoming runoff elections in GA – otherwise Moscow Mitch will be in the minority. Moscow Mitch is in for 6 more years. We just need to keep him out of power, iMHO he is more harmful than drumpf.

  12. Snuffles says:

    Let them implode.

    But what amazes me is how Trump hasn’t had a stroke or heart attack yet. Seriously, HOW is this MF still alive!?

    As to why no one is openly dumping him? Because they are probably ALL guilty of something illegal and Trump knows it and he will take them down with him in a heartbeat if they dare turn on him.

    • Christin says:

      People like him tend to destroy everyone else’s well-being, while they actually thrive on fury and chaos.

      He likes to knock over ant hills, just to watch the ants scramble and have to be rebuild.

    • Shazze says:

      There’s an old southern saying, “Heaven doesn’t want him, and hell is afraid he’ll take over.” I was sure that he wouldn’t survive covid. He must have one hell of a genetic advantage to survive fast food and no exercise for decades.

    • Dee Kay says:

      I have a theory that ppl who have sold their soul and know for sure they are going to the fiery pit in the afterlife try to hang on to their mortal life as long as possible. Their desire to avoid death is the only thing keeping them going. See also: Kissinger and Cheney.

  13. Heylee says:

    From my pov Trump is really not giving us any other option than to full court press send him to jail. Please someone start a go fund me, or a PAC, or whatever legal entity needs to exist so that I can donate my money to investigating the no doubt many instances of illegal shenanigans that Trump has gotten into over the past 4 years.

    • smlstrs says:

      You’ve already paid for it – his crimes are against taxpayers, among others. Unfortunately a lot of people have lost sight of the fact that after they’re elected (or appointed by those who were elected) we literally pay their salary, and their job should be to work for the good of their country who is also their boss.

      If you’re participating in the US economy, you’re paying tax on things that goes toward running the government so we can all have roads, etc., and Trump and co stole FROM YOU. And should be recovered and returned to government so they can help stop and then rebuild from COVID, etc.

      And as much as people talk about reconciliation – and I do admire that – if there are no consequences for all of this criminal behavior, the country just becomes a banana republic to be looted by whoever seizes power. Out of practicality, I don’t see how democracy survives without some serious consequences for those who caused this to happen. (And yes, while I’m gonna try to go high, I am also petty enough to want footage when DT and co are removed for trespassing!)

  14. Erin says:

    Beyond appearing completely undemocratic, these ridiculous “investigations” are a huge waste of taxpayer money. If you live in a state doing this (ie Michigan) make sure you call the House Speaker/elected GOP members and let them know you don’t want to pay for this nonsense.

    • Becks1 says:

      Michigan already kicked back one of the lawsuits because they didn’t file properly LOL. Like they got a letter saying “your filing is incomplete because you’re missing these 5 things.” the incompetence!

  15. Nina Simone says:

    So Jared and ivanka are considering going back to New York? To “un-exfoliate” their friends? Lol what laughable delusions. NY high society better freeze them out. They should spend the rest of their lives in isolated shame and misery. It’s what they deserve. We need to keep an eye out and hold accountable any publication or celebs etc that tries to rehabilitate them.

    • Heylee says:

      If Jeffrey Epstein was never truly frozen out, can we really expect “high society” to freeze out these two?

    • Sarah says:

      They were never truly in high society – whether it be NYC or Palm Beach. They are too ‘new money’ for the old rich snobs. (That’s why Trump build Maralago – the old money clubs wouldn’t take him). Not to defend rich old snobs, but they are right about the Trump family!

      • SomeChick says:

        FWIW, T***p didn’t build Mar a Lago. He bought it. It’s a historic property that was built by a rich lady back in I believe the ’30s. That’s why it’s called Mar a Lago and not T***p Palace or some such. It’s old school garish, not noveau garish, haha.

      • Becks1 says:

        It was built by Marjorie Merriweather Post, an heiress and businesswoman (think Post cereal and lots more.) I’m sure it was a fun place back in the day, which is why its kind of sad its been so tainted by Trump and his corruption.

      • Andrea says:

        Correct. Old money people find new people garish and show-offy. Old money people don’t have to show it off, they just are. That’s the thing Don the con doesn’t realize. NY society will never accept him that’s why he is going to FL where more new money people are.

    • Lightpurple says:

      NY society wants nothing to do with either of them, never did, that’s why they had to marry each other in a merger. Kushner was tarnished by his father’s crimes. Nagini tried to shop herself in the entertainment and sports worlds but nobody wanted her.

      • Jaded says:

        Exactly. She had those babies via a turkey baster. Once her cheeto-dusted turd of a father is officially out office she’ll find herself some filthy rich Saudi prince to play with.

    • booboocita says:

      There will always be those willing to take reprobates back into their society. Whether it’s the society they want is another question entirely.

      Javanka will find someone to throw parties at which they’re honored guests, and organizations that are starved for attention will invite them to galas just for the notoriety factor. But actual HIGH society? Why would they admit those grifting two? Neither Jared nor Ivanka ever had enough money to compete with true NYC billionaires, who are mostly in finance. They don’t have daddy’s influence to peddle anymore, so that group doesn’t want them around anyways. Hell, that crowd dumped the Sacklers once it was revealed that their money came from the wholesale abuse of opiates, and their name is being removed from foundations and museums. Javanka never endowed anything to begin with, so they have even less cachet. Their money isn’t sufficiently old for them to hang with the Biddles and their ilk. Ivanka used to be friendly with Chelsea Clinton; Chelsea has publicly said that they no longer speak to each other.

      Jared and Ivanka were never anything but hangers-on and wannabes. And now, they won’t even be that.

      • Golly Gee says:

        Insightful comment, Booboocita. It seems upper society doesn’t mind if you’re amoral/dirty, as long as it doesn’t become public and highlighted in the media. Image is everything.

  16. Jen says:

    Unfortunately the Nazi party is not over. Not by a long shot. Now that GOP knows what their
    Constituents want the next GOP presidential candidate will be also an out and proud racist and fascist only he will be smart and charismatic. The only way to combat this is taking down FOX, Facebook, and educating….Oh and winning the senate races…seriously Georgians get everyone you know to vote in January it’s as important as the Presidency because otherwise McConnell calls all the shots

  17. Snuffles says:

    When Trump goes off to Mar a Lago for Thanksgiving, can the Secret Service just swoop in and ban him from ever entering the premises again?

  18. Jennifer says:

    I think that the party is not over. I think a lot of people let something out and it can’t be put back in the tube. They know that their white supremacism crazy pants stuff was tolerated (by each other) and they don’t want to, or won’t put it back. I am in rural Western NY and people are crazy. They 100% believe this election was stolen. I believe 7 out of 10 repubs that have been polled believe it was fraudulent and stolen. I just don’t know how we actually move forward with this mentality.

  19. Deanne says:

    Do Americans know or care how they look to the rest of the world now?

    • Lizzie says:

      75 million know and care.

    • Anna says:

      Of course @Deanne As @Lizzie commented, 75 million plus know and care and have been knowing and caring for years, decades, lifetime for some. We (especially BIPOC people) are fighting for our lives here and for the planet and for the lives of others affected by U.S. policies around the world. But also, the rest of the world should focus on their own issues, too. There is a lot of evil that needs to be solved/resolved/eradicated worldwide.

      • Deanne says:

        The thing that gets me is that a lot of my fellow Canadians don’t seem to think that this could happen in our country, but it absolutely could. Trump and his ilk have emboldened right wing people everywhere and we certainly have our fair share of racists and religious fanatics with frightening agendas.

      • Andrea says:

        That’s because Canadians think they are above the American drama. They aren’t. Why Doug Ford and Rob Ford rose to power. I am an American living in Toronto, Canadians are just as susceptible to the con.

    • Shazze says:

      We always have. Please remember that Trump never won the popular vote. He only became president on the back of our racist electoral system that prevents ethnic people in cities from having equal voting power. And Deanne, it’s just bad form to kick people when they are down.

      • Deanne says:

        I’m not kicking anyone who is down. I am genuinely curious about this and worried that we could have the same thing happen in Canada. There is a lot of complacency here and people who are in total denial about our own problems with racism and extremism. They seem to think that just because it isn’t as bad as the US, it gives us a pass to pretend that we’re above it.

  20. Triscuit says:

    I was wondering, maybe someone can explain, how is Guiliani and Bannon going to get pardons from the moron if he isn’t in a position of power anymore?

    • Becks1 says:

      He’s going to pardon them before he leaves office.

    • AmelieB says:

      Trump is in power until noon on January 20, 2021. These Nazis have 71 days to get a pardon. This is probably going to be the scariest part of his term because he lost and has nothing left except completely destroy humanity.

    • Jaded says:

      He can pardon pretty well anyone he wants until he leaves office so get ready to see a whole host of criminals being let off the hook.

    • Triscuit says:

      Thanks! I guess they can be arrested, indicted or charged before their Orange leader leaves so he can pardon them before he leaves. I was assuming they would be charged during the next year after he leaves.

    • lisanne says:

      I don’t know about Bannon, but I’d bet that the New York Attorney General has something on Guiliani.

  21. Ann says:

    They are doing construction at the Whitehouse right now. People on Twitter were joking he’s building a mote or a bunker or an escape tunnel. I don’t doubt any option. Biden is going to need an industrial hazmat team to cleanse the Whitehouse in Jan. Marianne Williams can do the final sweep.

  22. Valerie says:

    I don’t feel sorry for any of them. They knew what they were signing up for, and if they didn’t—if it ended up being worse than they’d ever imagined—they still chose to stay. They continued to kowtow to him and defend him when called to.

  23. ChloeCat says:

    I mentioned it yesterday & I’m mentioning it again. That woman impeding the transition, Emily Murphy, her e-mail is emily.murphy@gsa.gov. I’m sending her e-mails every day to remind her to do her job.

    • Jaded says:

      Thank you ChloeCat – I will email her on behalf of all Canadians who are sh*t-scared by what’s happening south of our border and furious at her obvious stalling tactics for completely partisan reasons.

    • Pippi says:

      Hold up! So she has the same name as tarnished ‘Famous Five’ member Emily Murphy? Canadian suffragette, pioneering politician and vicious racist? Seriously, Emily Murphy (of ye olde Canada) used her powers for evil, including eugenics principles that became law until the 80’s, and invited the KKK to move into Alberta. Like, literally invited them to fancy government dinners and encouraged them to set up shop. It’s like this Emily Murphy is a reincarnation of our Emily Murphy, and just couldn’t let go of the name. Also, a reminder of how Canada can’t be smug right now: we are not better at any of this, just more passive aggressive.

  24. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    So I have a question totally off topic:
    How long do y’all think melania’s been packing?

  25. Courtney B says:

    I think a lot of supporters, to whatever extent numerically, are in for a rough surprise. They’re going to lose their healthcare during a pandemic, like Biden warned, and get swamped by medical bills if they get sick. Because there is NO backup healthcare plan as long as McConnell is senate majority leader because he’ll block everything. I’d be pounding this home in the Georgia elections. Because there are a LOT of variables with this vaccines. It’s apparently only good for two weeks right now and I think some people have gotten it again. Plus it needs to be stored at minus 100 degrees Celsius. It’s definitely promising and will likely end up like a yearly flu vaccine plus there will be new therapeutics. I wouldn’t care if it was t that innocent people will get harmed in the process just like they’re refusals to wear masks. But they make other people sick.

    • Chris says:

      No guarantee, but it’s looking like the supreme court will uphold the ACA, some of the conservative judges are clearly leaning that way. My main guess is that they don’t want it to be a rallying cry for dems in the January runoffs. That’s a pretty cynical assumption, but we’ve arrived at that kind of reality.

    • Andrea says:

      That’s the thing that I don’t get with the poor lower middle class Trump supporters. The rich keep getting richer regardless who is in power. No one but the democrats will truly help struggling families. Do they really think saving 2-3% in taxes will save them from all their hardships?

  26. tealily says:

    They want a job at his news network or whatever. They are sucking up for money.

  27. Leah says:

    In the end all evil regimes eventually eat themselves.

    They were anticipating an easy win via “Vladdy Daddy” Putin and it hasn’t materialized. They had the WH victory party and the Facebook memes ready to go. They actually expected us to forget what happened in 2016. As if.

  28. Liz version 700 says:

    The more they take each other out (of working not actually out) the less cleanup for the Biden Administration to do

  29. Silent Star says:

    Two things:
    1) I’m sure the people who are hard for supporting Trump in his refusal to concede are the ones most desperate for pardons.
    2) Imagine the SWEET REVENGE of some of these secret service staff who have been forced to serve this president including riding in a vehicle with him while was was COVID-positive — when on Jan. 20th they get to turn on him and kick his lard ass out of there!! I imagine some of them will gleefully sign up for that pleasure.

  30. Thirtynine says:

    I have a very good opinion of the Biden/Harris team. I would say they have had every possible contingency planned for for months, and have prepared work arounds for every scenario. So I believe they are quietly getting on with business in the background. They’ll find people to help them.