Donald Trump calls himself the ‘Golden Goose’ as he rants about Fox News

President Trump speaks as he departs the White House

If you spend a few minutes on Donald Trump’s Twitter feed this week, that time is being spent in one of the most bizarre alternative realities ever. It’s a world where the most important issue facing the lame-duck loser president is… a picayune beef with Fox News. Sure, he’s also retweeted some stuff about the Georgia runoff election, but most of the tweets are about how he, the broke-ass fascist crybaby, is somehow the “Golden Goose.”

Clearly, Trump thinks that his post-presidency will involve the media somehow, perhaps even starting his own gold-plated clown network in direct competition with Fox News. Which is a scary thought, I’ll admit. But I just don’t believe that Trump will have the stamina, intelligence or the money to pull it off. Plus, he’s probably going to face tons of criminal charges and lawsuits once he’s dragged out of his office. According to the NY Times, Trump has really begun to ponder all of this and more:

At a meeting on Wednesday at the White House, President Trump had something he wanted to discuss with his advisers, many of whom have told him his chances of succeeding at changing the results of the 2020 election are thin as a reed. He then proceeded to press them on whether Republican legislatures could pick pro-Trump electors in a handful of key states and deliver him the electoral votes he needs to change the math and give him a second term, according to people briefed on the discussion. It was not a detailed conversation, or really a serious one, the people briefed on it said. Nor was it reflective of any obsessive desire of Mr. Trump’s to remain in the White House.

“He knows it’s over,” one adviser said. But instead of conceding, they said, he is floating one improbable scenario after another for staying in office while he contemplates his uncertain post-presidency future.

There is no grand strategy at play, according to interviews with a half-dozen advisers and people close to the president. Mr. Trump is simply trying to survive from one news cycle to the next, seeing how far he can push his case against his defeat and ensure the continued support of his Republican base. By dominating the story of his exit from the White House, he hopes to keep his millions of supporters energized and engaged for whatever comes next.

As a next step, Mr. Trump is talking seriously about announcing that he is planning to run again in 2024, aware that whether he actually does it or not, it will freeze an already-crowded field of possible Republican candidates. And, Republicans say, it will keep the wide support he showed even in defeat and could guarantee a lucrative book deal or speaking fees.

In the meantime, Mr. Trump has spent his days toggling between his White House residence and the Oval Office, watching television coverage about the final weeks of his presidency. His mood is often bleak, advisers say, though he is not raising his voice in anger, despite the impression left by his tweets, which are often in capital letters. But the work of government has been reduced to something of a sideshow for the president. He has not made any public appearances except for a visit to Arlington National Cemetery on Veterans Day since an angry statement a week ago. And he has not spoken about the coronavirus pandemic or mentioned it on Twitter despite the staggering growth in positive cases and the number of West Wing aides and outside advisers who have been diagnosed with the virus in the past week.

The president has nursed a burning anger at Fox News for calling Arizona for Mr. Biden on election night, and has entertained suggestions from allies to start some kind of competing conservative-leaning news network, whether by trying to join forces with an existing property like OANN or Newsmax, or forming a digital network of his own, as Axios reported. (The New York Times called Arizona for Mr. Biden late Thursday.) Several Republicans expressed doubt on Thursday that Mr. Trump would ever be able to put together anything that could overtake Fox. And allies acknowledge that he could not do both a presidential campaign and create a news network at the same time, and they questioned whether he would keep up his animus toward Fox if it were to offer him a lucrative contributor deal once he is out of office.

Some advisers had hoped that Mr. Trump would accept the state of the race by the end of this week, but a looming recount in Georgia may delay that. The president has told some advisers that if the race is certified for Mr. Biden, he will announce a 2024 campaign shortly afterward.

[From The NY Times]

Even with the Georgia recount – which is happening just as GA’s secretary of state tested positive for the coronavirus – the election could still be certified for Biden-Harris. They didn’t *need* Georgia to win the election, but it sure was nice, and the election can be certified regardless. Anyway, yeah, all of this talk about Trump creating his own bigly media empire… remember when people thought Sarah Palin would do that? And nothing came of it, because this type of person – the Palin/Trump type – doesn’t have the discipline, the money, or the intelligence to put it together. So, like everything else, it ends up being some big, dumb grift.

President Trump Participates in an Opening Up America Again Roundtable

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  1. Daisyfly says:

    Gonna be hard to run a television empire from jail…

    • Gina says:

      Hahah exactly!
      He can deny is legal problems all he wants but that is going to have to be his focus for the next several years because it’s not going away!

      • minx says:

        Yep. He has been asking since 2017 if a president can self-pardon. He knows perfectly well that he has a lot to worry about.

    • Swack says:

      As much as I want him in jail, I don’t see it happening. The security would be horrendous to keep him safe. If he died in jail his followers would have a sacrificial lamb and who knows what they would do at that point. I think he’ll head to a country that doesn’t have an extradition policy with the US.

      • Lady D says:

        Put him in Colorado Super-max. Or Guantanamo. Hold a national lottery to see where he ends up. It could help heal the country:)

      • Fname Lname says:

        He would go to the type of jail Martha Stewart went to, not a normal prison. It’s more like a country club where their idea of roughing it is not being able to play golf or have a daily massage with a happy ending.

    • Noodle says:

      I read a Vice article last night about the statute of limitations for financial crimes, which is five years apparently. Proving embezzlement or tax fraud is difficult and requires a lengthy investigation, and that’s after all the wrangling to actually get copies of financial documents. My hope is planted in the SDNY to press charges within the time frame needed, although it will be incredibly difficult.

      On a final note… I don’t understand the “golden goose” symbol. Geese are terrifying and awful animals, and how they represent wealth or prosperity is beyond me. I get that it’s literary and I can totally see Drumpf as a goose because he is also terrifying and awful, but that symbol needs to be adjusted.

      • Godwina says:

        Because in the fable, the goose lays a golden egg–a big blob of gold to sell. The goose itself isn’t made of gold.

        Trump will never see the inside of a jail. We can dream, though.

      • Becks1 says:

        The goose lays the golden egg once a week, and then the owner kills the goose to try to get all the golden eggs at once (I think that’s how it goes) – hence “killing the golden goose.”

  2. Arpeggi says:

    I mean, he is yellow and plump enough to feed a large family should we ever decide to eat the rich, so he’s not entirely wrong here. But I doubt that’s what he meant

  3. STRIPE says:

    As much as I like to think he won’t pull it off, he was elected President. Starting an online media company doesn’t take as much work as that did. And now he knows he has ~70m fans who will watch (and investors know that too) and a vendetta against Fox News. I hope you’re right and I’m wrong, but I see them (Trump, his kids, people who will work for him) being able to do it.

    • Darla says:

      I do too

    • Ariel says:

      Yeah 70 million people voted for him/ he has the numbers. People would watch.
      But the people he surrounds himself with – chosen for their “loyalty” (read: people who won’t flip for an fbi investigation) seem to be not very smart. Which makes me think he would try to raise money, use most of it to line his pockets, and the venture would fail.

      And his followers would come up with wonderful conspiracy theories about how the failure wasn’t his fault.

      • STRIPE says:

        Yeah very possible it all crashes and burns, if they even get that far. I’m just thinking that to dismiss the idea out of hand may be a mistake.

    • cassandra says:

      I’m kinda hoping he does it and manages to split the Republican Party in half.

      But also hoping for jail time

    • BearcatLawyer says:

      He would never get enough ad dollars though. Too many companies would not want to piss off 75 million + Americans.

    • MsIam says:

      Trump steaks, Trump University, Trump casinos…. see a pattern here? He’s good at launching ships from the dock but mid voyage they all tend to sink. I can’t believe this media venture wouldn’t also. His best bet is to retire and have someone ghost write a blog for him.

    • deering24 says:

      Where is he going to get the money to launch? Are there still banks dumb enough to loan him anything?

  4. Chris says:

    I’m perfectly fine with him leaving with the plan of “running again in 2024″ or “starting his own news network.” If he plans to run again it’s going to cause Republican infighting because many were hopeful of runs themselves. I don’t think he’ll have the political juice to successfully run and win again.

    Also, exactly what you said about the news network thing, he doesn’t have to money or brains to do it. It also wouldn’t have the basic cable reach that fox news has.

    • Godwina says:

      Plus the whole health issue. He’ll be even more frail and out of it in 4 years, if he’s still around.

  5. Dtab says:

    How apt…. I am eating a pack of cheetos as I read this :)

  6. Oatmeal says:

    Meh@this article

    I dont believe for one second Trump isn’t in constant communication with his lawyers regarding the tsunami of litigation he will face the minute his behind is tossed from the WH

  7. Esmom says:

    LMAO at “gold plated clown network.” I agree that he doesn’t have the stamina to launch it but I think he may be able to attract people who will. I don’t think its success would be a sure thing, though.

    I can’t even imagine the relief the other Republicans angling for 2024 would feel if he didn’t run. He’s been such a thorn in everyone’s sides for so long that it will be weird not to have to feel that constant pain anymore.

  8. Miranda says:

    He can’t sell steaks, he can’t sell a magazine, he can’t sell a superfluous commuter airline, he can’t sell a sub-standard diploma mill, and he somehow even managed to bankrupt a fucking casino. Even if he manages to set up his own channel, he’ll fuck that up within a year or so, too.

    As for running in 2024, if he’s still alive and lucid enough by then, I’m not convinced he’d be successful. We’re hearing plenty from his most devout worshipers, but there are plenty more Republicans who voted for him, but now will probably move on with their lives, just as the vast majority of us do after our candidate is defeated. They’re not ALL militants (if for no other reason than that they’re either too old or too lazy for that shit). By 2024, the Republican party could very well be running on a totally different platform, and his super-spreading, fear-mongering, racist rhetoric won’t play quite so well.

    • AnnaKist says:

      And he has to be nominated by the party as their candidate, doesn’t he? I wonder, if in 3 years time when the campaigning heats up, whether the Rs would even bother with him. Sorry, Aussie here, I could be totally wrong.

      I just wonder if his health will take a downward turn in the next couple of years.
      And will the missus stick around?
      I think he’s seething with rage most of the day. Every time he heats or sees words like Biden, Harris, Obama, loss, Fox, concede, Georgia, pack your shit, loser, leave, vacate, evict… It doesn’t matter what those closest to hm say. The rage is eating him up. He is still incredulous that he did’t win.

      Has anyone seen the vid of the Australian guy wrapping it all up in a song? I was sentit via text and there’s no link I can pass on. It’s very funny and clever.

      • Miranda says:

        Yeah, he would have to be nominated by the party, and I’m not so sure they’d choose him. Right now, he has a small handful of Republicans defending his tantrum, but as Uday and Qusay Trump have whined about on Twitter, the majority of the party is either remaining silent out of embarrassment, or flat-out telling Trump to sit his ass down because they recognize the harm that he’s inflicting on democracy itself and are horrified, Also, I think a lot of Republicans have been playing up their worst tendencies to impress Trump and his supporters, but now that they’ve won reelection even as Trump himself lost, Trump might not be missed.

    • Josie Bean says:

      Agree. I just cannot see too many people investing in a Trump business – for god’s sake he is showing himself to be mentally unstable – who would invest in that? And as for running in 2024 – the guy would be 78. He doesn’t look like he is in great shape now – god knows what he will be like in 4 years time, especially in having to deal with the stress of not being the center of attention. His inability to face up to the election results, like an adult, is working against him. He is clearly showing the world what a loser, in many respects, he really is.

  9. Flamingo says:

    Some old friends from law school and I are on a group chat and the question of secret service protection came up. By law, former presidents are entitled to secret service protection for the rest of their lives. This is where the wishful thinking part of the scenario comes in, if Trump were to be convicted of one of his many potential crimes, do we think that he would be stripped of his secret service protection? I think that he would still be entitled to secret service protection and that agents would have to protect him day and night at whatever low security prison that he would go to. Thoughts?

    • Miranda says:

      If the other prisoners find out that he was BFFs with the likes of Epstein, he’d better hope he still has a secret service detail.

      (To be clear, I’m NOT wishing him harm here. Prison assaults of any kind are a serious problem, and no matter how vile a person is, they were sentenced to hard time, not torture or murder. But violence against certain categories of prisoners is an indisputable fact of prison life, and Trump does fit into at least a couple of those categories.)

    • cassandra says:

      Do they have to accept the lifelong Secret Service protection? Trump seems like the kinda guy to refuse and hire his own ‘better’ security.

      • HoofRat says:

        I genuinely think he’d go with the Secret Service protection, partly because it would make him feel like he’s still a Bigly President, but mostly because the American people would be footing th bill. When has he ever paid for anything?

    • HeatherC says:

      Here’s my question related. If he jumps off to a country without extradition, does he still get secret service protection? How does that work? Or by fleeing does he automatically decline it?

    • Lizzie says:

      House arrest might make the most sense, although very unsatisfying.

    • srn5977 says:

      Actually that was changed from lifetime to only 10 years after their term ends, but who knows if he’ll even last that long!

  10. Mignionette says:

    All the right wing nuts were trashing FOX yesterday and recommending ALT news networks. It was GLORIOUS to watch. Extremism will f*ck you up in the end.

  11. Rapunzel says:

    You’re not the golden goose, Don. But your goose is cooked.

  12. Becks1 says:

    This reminds me of the book Fire and Fury – about how Trump was ready to lose in 2016 with “fire and fury” and he was going to spend the next four years attacking Hillary and the Dems, maybe on Fox but preferably on his own network, and he was so shocked by the win.

    Anyway – do I think Trump could start his own network? Sure. This man would love the idea of “Trump TV.” Ivanka would be on it, Jared would be on it, and he may even be able to poach Hannity or Carlson. The problem is that he needs to pay everyone involved, and as we’ve seen, he doesn’t like to do that.

    • SamC says:

      And don’t forget Don Jr and Kimberly Guilfoyle. I think they would love it most of all, especially Kimberly. Unfortunately, could totally see them partnering with Steve Bannon on something like this and them getting a lot of play/funding.

    • LightPurple says:

      Members of the Trump family have shares in the parent company that owns OANN, which has been setting itself up as the Fox competition.

      If he were to go for this, I can see the GOP suddenly clamoring to bring back the Equal Time Rule and Fairness Doctrine standards that they were so eager to strike down before.

  13. Sierra says:

    I am so here for Trump taking down Fox & the Republicans down with him.

  14. Lemons says:

    They will definitely ask for millions of dollars in investment, then launch and post once every two weeks with a sidebar from the Orange One’s Twitter feed.

  15. Rapunzel says:

    Re: any Trump News Network- it will fail in a blaze of lawsuits for spreading lies.

    I’m actually thinking Hannity and Tucker Carlson will get fired from Fox for their irresponsible reporting. Carlson, for example got owned by a 94 year old widow who he reported as a dead person who voted. These conspiracy theories are a giant legal threat.

  16. SamC says:

    Didn’t they sort of try something like this or already have in the pipeline with that pretend “news” show or network Eric Trump’s wife was doing?

  17. Mignionette says:

    As the Scots would say “there’s a goose loose about this hoouse…..”

  18. Seraphina says:

    So while the nation is dealing with a pandemic and deaths and hospitalizations soar, THIS is what the POTUS decides is important priority wise to tweet about. WOW. It’s always about him. ALWAYS.

    • LightPurple says:

      Well, t his and Jack Nicklaus hitting a golf ball yesterday at the same time Biden was tweeting condolences to the families of the five American peacekeepers killed in a helicopter crash in Egypt.

      • Seraphina says:

        His niece mentioned that as well. On the funny side, I informed my husband of the golden goose comment and he said: well, BS coming out of his mouth is not exactly a “golden goose”.

  19. Wilma says:

    Ofcourse he will start his own ‘network’. It will have horrid production values, but magats don’t care about those anyway. He’ll vlog whilst watching Fox.

  20. Liz version 700 says:

    Can you imagine a day, not too long from now, when we may go days without hearing from the president? I look forward to needing to Google the name of the Post Master General. I am enjoying the beautiful explosion of the gold plated goose all over Fox’s ratings 😆

    • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

      @LizVersion700 Won’t that be a wonderful day? When our airwaves are cleansed, when we don’t have to worry and wonder about what shit he is up to this time, when he isn’t picking fights with other Republicans or news networks or ‘owning the libs’ (a phrase that has always struck me as utterly pathetic and infantile). Just the sweet, still small voice of calm.
      Here’s to boredom in politics and Biden just getting on with the job. Long may it reign.

  21. Mrs. Smith says:

    It’s true, Trump couldn’t put together a Fox News-like platform. But Mark Burnett can.

    • STRIPE says:

      That’s my concern. He may not be able to but if enough competent (but morally compromised) people prop him up, it could get done.

  22. Lucy says:

    Thank you for always calling out the grifts.

  23. Lizzie says:

    Judging by his attack on Fox News he has the deal all set up with a competitor already. The timing here is too perfect.

  24. Valerie says:

    Can he just bugger off?

  25. A says:

    Tbh…he’s not wrong. But this stuff unravels one of the fundamental issues with the right wing, in any part of the world. They eat their own once the person they’re eating as stopped being useful for them. Everyone gets on liberals/the left wing for doing this, but the difference here is that the left fundamentally “cancels” (for lack of a better word) people as a means of holding them accountable. The right “cancels” people when they, again, stop being convenient to their aims–and that’s usually the point where a given person stops making them money or benefiting them materially in some way. For example, Jair Bolsanaro in Brazil was mighty friendly with Trump, but it took him all of one day after the election to basically say they’re not friends anymore. Benjamin Netanyahu congratulated Biden on Twitter, and Trump fucking unfriended him like the juvenile that he is. And these were people who, six months ago, couldn’t have been tighter. But that’s essentially what happens when you’re beholden to an ideology that’s predicated on selfishness. You get “friends” who only ever look out for themselves, who only become friends with you if there’s something you can do for them.

    Fox news has nothing to gain from associating themselves with a losing president. As long as Trump was president, or at least as long as he had a chance of winning, they could safely stay on his side, because they knew doing that would give them a crucial “in” into the govt and would enable their talking heads to set policy. Plus, covering him and supporting him made them tons of money on top of everything else. Now that Trump is no longer in charge, he is no longer useful to Fox news. There are other people in the govt who can be that “in” for them, so they’re done with Trump. They called it quickly, because they want to move on quickly.

    They gain very little from appealing to Trump’s support base, the QAnon conspiracy crowd, because Fox news is fundamentally about representing the establishment side of the Republican party/conservatism in America, because they are the ones who hold the reins of power at the moment. The QAnon crowd is still a little too far from that sort of establishment power (thankfully), so they have nothing to gain from appealing to them, except an audience that adheres to a mythos that changes too fast for Fox news to keep up with.

    But rest assured, if the winds ever shift that way, Fox news would be on that faster than white on rice, because they are nothing if not grifters in search of a profitable narrative. Trump used to be that narrative, and now he’s not, so they’re done with their orange goose. They’ll move onto something else. If Trump ever becomes profitable again, they’ll cozy right up to him, just like all those “principled Republicans” repudiated Trump at first, only to stand by him at his worst possible policy moments in the years since, because doing so benefited them more than opposing him did.

  26. Midnight@theOasis says:

    Well, looks like big business is gonna cut Donnie loose if he acts up too much longer:

    Top CEOs met to plan response to President Trump’s election denial

  27. Jaded says:

    CNN, LA Times and other news outlets have just called a win for Biden in Georgia – it’s blue for the first time in 28 years!