Normani loves yoga, meditation: ‘I’m able to be more intentional’

Former Fifth Harmony sensation, Normani, covers Women’s Health’s December issue. She confirmed that she is working on her debut album, which so many of us are waiting for after she killed it with her first single, “Motivation.” Normani told Women’s Health that she has been prioritizing meditation and yoga during lockdown. She also said that being overlooked for opportunities while the only black member of Fifth Harmony was a real blow to her self-esteem. She now uses positive affirmations to combat her negative thinking. Below are a few excerpts:

She’s focused on meditation and yoga in lockdown
“I’ve been able to meditate more and take a time-out before allowing anybody else to affect my energy… Before I talk to anybody, before I look at a text, before I go on Instagram, I center myself in my room and pray and do breathing exercises and create my own space so that I have a foundation to walk on throughout the rest of the day.

“[Yoga] is spiritual for me… I’m working out, but I’m also becoming more in tune with my body. Having more awareness about what’s going on pushes me to be in the now and to breathe, which is something I desperately needed because I’m always thinking ahead or dwelling on something that could’ve been better. I did not know I needed this time as much as I did because I was going, going, going, But now, I’m able to be more intentional and give things the proper focus they deserve.”

She was overlooked as part of Fifth Harmony
“That alters the perception you have of yourself… Having certain things happen so blatantly while also feeling like the ‘other’ and being so young and hearing the public compare [us] took a toll on my confidence… For a long time, I didn’t believe in myself because I didn’t feel like I was given the opportunity to.”

She uses words of affirmation
“Words of affirmation are new for me… “I look at myself in the mirror and manifest and speak things that I want to happen as if they already did, as if I’m already that version of myself.” These… include phrases like, You are beautiful. You are a master of your craft. You are one of the greatest entertainers. You are a representation for an entire generation. You are important. You have purpose.

“I’ve tried to flip it and control that narrative for myself.”

On her success now
“I’m grateful to feel seen and heard and like I can be the voice for so many people. Being a Black woman, I feel we’re so multifaceted and have so much that we’re capable of. It’s really important to show Black girls and Black boys they can be anything they want to be.”

[From Women’s Health]

I am loving everything about Normani’s rise because she was the most talented member of Fifth Harmony. She was the better dancer and singer and I could not understand why she didn’t get more screen and vocal time while in the group. It would seem misogynoir played a part in her being often sidelined. I am glad Normani is rediscovering her voice and learning to not be so hard on herself or expect perfection. Normani stated in the article that she is learning to go with the flow and allowing what comes out when she records instead of trying to label or pigeonhole what she is creating.

As a yoga practitioner, I love the fact that Normani has begun practicing yoga and meditation. I want the face of yoga to change from being something that only rich skinny white women do to a practice that people across ethnic and spiritual identity can do. So seeing more black and brown people like Normani and Kerry Washington being enthusiastic about the spiritual practice is very encouraging.

Normani’s mini shower concerts and solo dance parties sound like my kind of lockdown day. Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance With Somebody is definitely on repeat.

Normani’s photo spread is fire! I think may need to take on her workout routine she mentions in the article.

On getting pierced for the Motivation video:

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  1. Watson says:

    I have always loved Normani ever since i saw her audition. She is a STAR. That being said, i do think Camilla was the better singer, but that woman is racist trash so to see her continue to get regular radio air play is Disgusting. Team Normani forever!!!!

    • Vanessa says:

      Camilla voice still is the weakness link among the other girls in fifth harmony Normani can hit whistling notes that’s Camilla never could . The only reason Camilla is popular is because she hitched her wagon to Taylor Swift and now Shawn mendes the girl cant sing nor dance but because she is white passing and she Is not threatening as a woman she very child like she gets more attention.

      • Sid says:

        Camilla really lucked out with having a powerful enough team behind her that could basically force her on the industry as a solo artist and get her opportunities that her abilities did not merit. Middling talent at best with no charisma. Normani is a star and I am cheering her on so hard.

  2. Case says:

    Wow, she’s gorgeous and so in shape. What a lovely cover.

    Yoga has really been a life-saver for me this year. When I regularly show up to the yoga mat, it has a trickle-down effect — I drink more water, I keep a better wake/sleep routine, I feel happier and more focused, etc.

  3. Yup, Me says:

    I’m so glad every time I hear Black women talking about self care techniques. I’ve been meditating and doing yoga since I was 15 (over 20 years now) and it’s helped me through so much in life. I hope more young women (women of color, Black women especially) get to experience the benefits because Normani spoke about it and they decided to try it out.

  4. GuestwithCat says:

    I am envious of any of you who can do Yoga. I’ve got nasty problems with my knees so for me, picking up something I dropped is about the extent of my bending and takes plenty of effort. Fortunately I can do other exercises. I sort of have to work around my legs.

  5. Jessica says:

    I really like her. That is all.

  6. dlc says:

    I’m glad she’s talking about meditation, I’ve been working on that as well. I think her voice is beautiful.