Richard Kay: Prince Charles barely had any contact with Camilla for years

Charles and Diana Visit Canada

For days now, royal commentators have been blanketing the British and American media to cry about The Crown’s Season 4. Now, suddenly, the show is complete trash and it’s full of lies. Don’t get me wrong, many of these people did point out the historical inaccuracies of the first three seasons, but they all enjoyed the renewed interest in the Windsors too, and there was a tacit agreement that The Crown was good for business. I would argue that The Crown is still good for the royal-commentator business, because Clarence House (Prince Charles’ court) is pushing all of these commentators and historians to run around and do damage control. Richard Kay at the Daily Mail is the latest.

Kay nipicks the inaccuracies while never admitting that Peter Morgan got many of the broad strokes correct, like Charles’ pre-Diana affair with Camilla was raising eyebrows within his family, and that Lord Mountbatten likely did say something to him about dropping Camilla and getting married. Did Dickie do that through a letter? Probably not, but it’s a good narrative device. Which brings Kay to the reason why he wrote this damn thing: to state that Charles and Camilla didn’t touch each other for five years during his marriage to Diana. We heard that before from another royal commentator. Almost as if it was a talking point issued by Clarence House.

It seems to matter to The Crown’s creator, Peter Morgan, who has said that the team does its ‘very, very best to get it right’, while also admitting that he has had to ‘conflate’ incidents. Tellingly, he added: ‘Sometimes you have to forsake accuracy, but you must never forsake truth.’

[In The Crown]. The Prince receives the letter in the days after Mountbatten was murdered by the IRA in August 1979. There is no record of any such letter being written. Too late: it is to set the scene for the episodes to come. Scarcely a moment goes by in which the Prince is not confiding in Camilla or longing to be in her arms. Their affair is portrayed as not just transcending the romance and engagement to Lady Diana, but as continuing throughout the marriage.

In fact, Prince Charles had virtually no contact with Camilla for the first five years of his marriage to Diana, apart from formal encounters, and allowing for the Prince’s role as godfather to her son Tom. According to biographers, physical contact between the two did not resume until 1986, by which time the royal marriage had, as the Prince himself famously put it in a TV documentary, ‘irretrievably broken down’.

But the idea that he was betraying his marriage vows from the word go is just too tempting for The Crown’s storyline. It helpfully allows for frankly gratuitous shots of Diana in the throes of bulimia, with her head almost permanently stuck down the lavatory. Some will say that this does reflect a version of the royal marriage — the one Diana herself set out in Andrew Morton’s biography. But even she did not suggest that the marriage was without happiness.

The birth of their sons — especially of Prince Harry — was a time of great joy, when she felt she and Charles were especially close. None of this is reflected in The Crown. Instead we get a one-sided version of the collapsing marriage, with Diana on the receiving end of her husband’s foam-flecked rage. They rowed, of course, but what is omitted is any sense of Diana’s behaviour, including tantrums and insecurities. It does, however, mention her affair with Army officer James Hewitt.

[From The Daily Mail]

I’ve said this in a few posts already and I’ll continue to say it: these people are gaslighting a dead woman, just like they tried to gaslight her when Diana was alive. The only evidence that we have that Charles and Camilla only renewed their physical affair five years into his marriage is that it’s Charles’ version of events. Even if you’re willing to believe Charles on that (I am not), he NEVER stopped conducting an emotional affair with Camilla. Charles and Camilla were still seeing each other and sleeping with each other throughout his courtship with Diana. They still confided in each other and wrote to each other. His heart still belonged to Camilla the entire time. Diana knew that. And it destroyed her.

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall attend the annual Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall on November 09, 2019 in London, England.


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121 Responses to “Richard Kay: Prince Charles barely had any contact with Camilla for years”

  1. Becks1 says:

    Wow they are really freaking out over this season, aren’t they.

    The way they talk about Diana is so damaging in that many women are going to recognize it – “tantrums and insecurities” – it IS gaslighting and they would really be better served to follow the whole “never complain never explain” thing. Reading some of these articles makes my blood boil as a woman.

    • Seraphina says:

      @Becks1, they are freaking out! Baw hahaha – full damage control. Ohhhhhhhh, karma at it’s finest.

      • ABritGuest says:

        They really are. And the thing is I bet the Crown will highlight Diana’s press manipulations more than Charles next season and the final will make it seem like lessons have been learnt & will go out on a high and that will be totally fine with the BRF

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      He is the godfather to her son for heaven’s sake. Barely any contact? They should pull the other one. Gaslighting at its most pathetic. Articles like these make people even more curious. What about the other mistresses? Kanga, Tiggy? The more the RF wheel out their sycophants in chief, the worse they look and the more eyes view The Crown.

      • Tessa says:

        Janet Jenkins wrote that she would pay visits to him at Highgrove when and they were intimate during the eighties and in the early nineties.

      • Shoesnotblues says:

        Tom PB was born in 1974 though. But, of course, they’re lying about the affair pausing for five years. Yes, and omitting all the other women. And there were a number of other women.

    • This is the same Richard Kay that Diana used to call and meet secretly in cars with when she was alive to spill her side of everything. This is very well documented. There are even photos of Kay and Diana sitting in a car during one of these meetings. A rival reporter broke that story, Diana denied it, and the reporter printed a series of photos showing her with Kay in cars. Course now Kay has become a mouthpiece for William, Charles, et al. Also, I highly recommend reading the book written by the Highgrove housekeeper. The book was published in America because she could not publish in Britain. It has never been converted to an e-book, but you can still find it as a used book. It covers the period of time from the beginning of marriage up through and a bit beyond their formal separation. Neither Diana nor Charles look good in this one, but the housekeeper clearly states that Charles was seeing and phoning Camilla during this time. Sometimes at Highgrove itself. All this bullshit now is Charles once again trying to protect his reputation and rewrite history to favor himself. I ain’t buying any of his revisionist crap.

      The Housekeeper’s Diary: Charles and Diana Before the Breakup Hardcover – August 1, 1995 by Wendy Berry (Author)

      • Tourmaline says:

        Yes! The Housekeeper’s Diary is one of my favorite royal reads ever. In addition to used book sales, it is available to borrow and read on the internet archive site for free if you sign up for an account.

        The book is totally the inside scoop on what went down at Highgrove from about 1985 when Wendy Berry started working there to 1992 when C and D separated. Lots of details of the subterfuge that went on at the close of every weekend, as Diana and the kids hit the road back to Kensington Palace and Charles would wait for them to be out of sight and then jump into another car and head for Camilla’s nearby country home….

      • Becks1 says:

        Interesting because Robert Lacey includes a lot of those details in the Battle of Brothers book, so he clearly read the book, lol. I did just look on Amazon and its 50 dollars for the paperback. Ouch.

      • Tessa says:

        Stephen Barry who wrote two books about the royals, said that Charles would sneak in calls to Camilla early on.

      • Becks1 —— you can buy it on USA Amazon for as little as $5.50 used.

      • Elle says:

        It’s available as an e book on open library

    • Millenial says:

      It’s also like they think we don’t remember Y’all. Especially the Boomers and Gen-X’ers who watched the royals REMEMBER. They watched it in real time. And the Millennials who read all the books are also not fooled. We know what happened! Stop trying to re-write history, we know!!!

      He’d be much better off just owning it.

  2. GuestWho says:

    What about his other mistresses? Was he not sleeping with them either? What is the Kanga timeline like – I can’t actually remember when it was that Camilla believed she was loosing out to Lady T in the mistress sweepstakes.

    • Ainsley7 says:

      He started seeing Kanga in the mid 70’s. It’s said he broke up with her because she wasn’t discreet enough at some point Before 1983. What I do know is that Diana was friendly with her and wanted Charles to choose Kanga over Camilla. That was in 1985. So, he was probably steadily with Camilla, but on and off with Kanga the whole time.

      • Jaded says:

        It’s also well known that Camilla and Kanga loathed each other so I wonder if Camilla, as #1 mistress, had some say over Charles finally ending things with her?

      • GuestwithCat says:

        That is so beyond messed up, I can’t even imagine how Diana felt, having to champion one mistress over another.

        I can’t even begin to understand what these women saw in that Alfred E Newman lookalike to begin with. Diana was essentially trafficked to him, that is essentially what was. I mean if they did a virginity check on her then that is essentially treating her like merchandise and making sure it’s not damaged before bought. Horrible. No wonder Andrew thinks he can get away with his crimes.

        But getting back to my point, Diana being with him was one thing, but what did all these more mature and worldly women see in being his side pieces. What prestige is there in that? I’d be kind of embarrassed if my friends knew I was banging THAT when there are other men with better looks and character and personality around. 😆 I guess I just don’t understand the allure of royalty. In America, at least the fairytale prince is supposed to be handsome and nice. In real life, put a bag over that.

    • Tessa says:

      Charles said Kanga was the only woman who understood him.

    • BW says:

      Hum. I just googled Kanga. Charles definitely had a type.

  3. Darla says:

    I wonder what William and Harry believe? William would have seen a lot, but I wonder how much was rewritten during the subsequent years by Charles. I was always surprised they welcomed Camilla, or supposedly did.

    • Myra says:

      Seeing how the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, he may now be more sympathetic towards his father. All I have to say is that I will never expect the cheating husband to be truthful about the timeline of his cheating.

      • tcbc says:

        There are a lot of men who are outraged at their father’s treatment of their mother but then turn around and treat their own wives the exact same way. My bet is William is resentful of Charles’ behavior on Diana’s behalf (and his own behalf – it was embarrassingly public) but that doesn’t stop him from doing the exact same thing to Kate.

    • HeyJude says:

      I think the way Harry bolted on them spelled out pretty clearly what he believes and that he felt his mother got a raw deal, thus why else would he feel such a strong need to save his wife from the same abuse.

      And William’s outrage for his mum is a lot of play acting/outrage for himself nowadays and that now grown he doesn’t care, he thinks what his father did was acceptable because he relates to it. Cause you don’t go through and see someone treat your mom like that then do the exact same thing to your wife without effectively choosing to condone it.

      • Talia says:

        William and Harry took completely different lessons from their parents’ marriage.

        Harry: I will never allow my wife to be treated like that by the RF and will never treat her that way myself.

        William: I will never marry a woman who objects to being treated like that by the RF or who does anything other than put up with it in silence when I treat her like that.

        Harry seems to see the way Diana was treated as the problem (which I think most people would agree with), William sees the way Diana reacted (fighting back against the cheating, gaslighting and general emotional abuse) as if not the whole problem, at least a massive contributing factor.

      • Tilewa says:

        Talia: well put! Harry and William took completely different lessons.

      • Mignionette says:

        @Talia that is because William identifies with the bullies and Harry identifies with the bullied.

  4. Alexandria says:

    Season 5 had better be released asap because if it’s released nearer to when Charles becomes King, all the PR efforts to accept Camila and him as King would be derailed.

    • Mignionette says:

      2022 apparently due to COVID. I suspect there will be a lot of pressure going on in the background and buying off with Knighthoods, OBE’s and Damehoods.

      • Becks1 says:

        Right in time for the platinum jubilee. Here you go your majesty!!

      • Sofia says:

        Nah nothing to do with COVID. A production break after Season 4 was always planned. Just like how Season 2 came out in 2017 but Season 3 came out in 2019. The break was always going to be there. Probably so that they can have time to write the show, cast people and give production a legitimate break before starting up again

  5. Mamasan says:

    Bullshit. Those two have always been joined at the hip.

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      Exactly, anyone with an ounce of life experience will tell you that one thing you can count on with cheaters is that they lie. Combine that sense of entitlement that cheaters possess with the entitlement of being future King and you have someone that will feel they can do whatever they want without considering anyone else.

    • minx says:

      Of course they are.

    • Mignionette says:

      There’s actually footage (courtesy of Richard Kay) of Charles driving out of Camilla’s house at neck-speed one evening. It’s hilarious just google. They were shagging all over the shop aided by their society friends.

  6. MegJ says:

    He had virtually no contact with Camilla but she still asked him to be godfather to her son? Who asks an ex boyfriend they hardly see to be a godfather? Ridiculous that anybody would believe this story. We were all there, we saw what happened. This isn’t like a historian telling us how Henry the 8th dumped Anne Boleyn, we can read or hear Diana in her own words, and we can Google actual newspapers from 30 years ago probably written by the same journalists we are stuck with now!

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Hear! Hear!

      • Talia says:

        Camilla’s son was born in 1974 so I think they mean Charles had duties as godfather during the first years of his marriage not that he was asked to be godfather during that time.

        Having said that, I don’t believe for one second C & C weren’t having at least an emotional affair during the early years.

      • Tessa says:

        Charles also was named to be Godfather to Dale Tryon’s son Charles. And Tom Parker Bowles middle name was Charles. Very ‘civilized.’ LOL.

    • Pop says:

      And Andrew Parker Bowles is godfather to Zara. It is all a bit weird.

    • ennie says:

      It’s like a small tow.I heard a friend from a very small town brag about who she was “dating” back some 30 years ago “Noone knows who’s dating who anymore” , about her group of young adult friends.

  7. Eddie says:

    It’s kind of funny that he wants a cookie because he laid off the physical cheating for FIVE WHOLE YEARS (of the 13 year marriage). Wow Charles, husband of the year award for you!! Seriously what is wrong with these people, that they think that’s something to brag about!!!

  8. M Narang says:

    Richard Kay also told us that William was not sniffing roses and everything is Meghan’s fault and so in my opinion, he *checks notes* lacks credibility. Also wasn’t Charles’ precious Highgrove House just miles from where Camilla lived in the early 1980s? So sure Jan. Nothing suspicious was happening.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      It was a 10 minute drive at most. On the rare occasions Diana visited, soon as she leaves for London, in drove his mistress wife.

    • Mignionette says:

      Apparently Camilla found Highgrove for Charles. Highgrove was purchased exactly a year before he married Diana for about 730k. Camill was heavily involved in the planning of the Estate and even advised Charles about the gardens after his marriage. So I can understand why Diana hated Highgrove.

      That is how much power Camilla had / has,

      I have always had the theory that Camilla’s power is derivative of some shame or fetish that Charles had. That being the case, it would be hard to build trust elsewhere. Judging by the tampon phone call, I am going to guess that Camilla indulges some left-field desires of Chuck i.e. Mummy issues role-play in the bedroom. Something a young wife like Diana regardless of beauty would never have been able to assume.

      All chucks lovers have been in the same mold, women just slightly older than him willing to accommodate his every whim. Diana didn’t stand a chance.

      • SomeChick says:

        I think he’s a secret submissive. Many men with real-world power are. (Also, it’s really the sub who calls the shots, the dom serves the sub’s needs.)

        BTW that SNL sketch about Charles being Cam’s tampon which someone posted the other day is a total scream.

  9. Betsy says:

    I think what you say is key: whether or not they had a physical relationship is kind of beside the point when we know that he kept having an emotional affair with her. I actually believe they suspended the physical affair, though I don’t think it was for five years, but he still betrayed her.

    • Lemons says:

      The more I watch the show and learn about their relationship on here, the more I believe that, if anything was suspended, it was to prevent any concerns over the paternity of her children.
      So I doubt that they stopped having an emotional affair, but Camilla was being the sensible one in the relationship as she looks like the sensible one now.

      • Becks1 says:

        They may have stopped so there was no question of paternity, BUT its worth pointing out that Camilla’s kids are older than Will and Harry – I knew they were older but just confirmed – her son was born in 1974 and the daughter in 1978. So if we are going with “they stopped to ensure the paternity was known” then they would have stopped in the 70s, not the 80s.

        But regardless, I think we all know that the emotional affair never stopped and that was probably the bigger issue for Diana.

      • Tessa says:

        I don’t see her as sensible I found her opportunistic and ambitious. And she worked to get what Diana had.

      • Lemons says:

        True, Becks! I think there is some fudging of dates and they are just trying to create an acceptable narrative. The fact that they think this is acceptable is pretty wild.

        At this point, Charles is 70, and we don’t care! But please don’t rub all the lies in our faces. We’re bound to react (negatively).

      • Mignionette says:

        @Becks the rule among the Aristo’s is that it’s hands off until the heir has been produced. So Charles would have backed off around 1973 when she was conceiving Tom Parker Bowles and moved over to Kanaga whilst Camilla was ‘busy’.

        Aside Camilla and Kanga, Charles also had ‘other female friendships’ as Penny Junor described them.

  10. Noki says:

    Does anybody also feel bad for Charles too? He was FORCED, and that was truly wrong of the instituition. He looks absolutely pained in his interviews leading up to the wedding and the actual day. He was not too young then to still be manipulated and possibly ‘threatened’ to do what the older royals wanted him to do. When they got together Camilla was not married why didnt they just leave them alone. Not excusing any other sh*tty behaviour from him but that may have shaped the resentment he had towards his marriage.

    • Rebecca says:

      Camilla was in a long term relationship with Andrew Parker Bowles when she took up with Charles (and he took up with Anne).

    • GuestWho says:

      I do not feel badly for Charles. He wasn’t forced to do anything. He may have been pressured, but he was a man in his 30s. He could have made much better decisions – if he had a spine.

      Camilla wanted to marry the man she married. APB was the catch of their generation. Nobody separated C&C but Camilla. There is prestige and power in being the mistress to the POW – without all the crap that comes with being married to him.

      • Kyliegirl says:

        THIS! I do believe that Camilla is a lot of fun, but she is also shrewd. While Charles is the PoW, Andrew was the catch of the aristocracy set. Andrew was the one she wanted to marry. Charles is an insecure and needy man who needs his ego stroked. Camilla was his main mistress, but he had others. Their’s is not the love story the PR set it out to be. Charles just can’t afford to have another relationship PR fiasco. While I think they have a good relationship, they also lead separate lives a lot with Camilla staying at her own house most of the week. Charles must be exhausting to deal with. Though now she is married she wants the crown – not consort. Do they sound like anyone else?

      • Larisa says:

        Why was APB the catch of his generation? I just looked him up, he’s not particularly good looking. Is he richer than most aristos or what?

      • Tessa says:

        Sorry I don’t see a woman who treats another the way Camila treated Diana as “fun.” Camilla benefitted from the arrangement, and people in the Highgrove set kowtowed to her plus she got the bling.

      • Tourmaline says:

        Agree, my take based on things I’ve read is that Camilla really wasn’t as into Charles in the 1970s as he was into her. He was a great friend to have for social status and she loved that – but she was really into APB and wanted to marry him.

      • Tigerlily says:

        @Larisa I too am baffled that anyone thought APB was a catch. I’ve seen photos of him from when he married Camilla and I truly don’t get it. I do think that he’s the love of Camilla’s life, not Charles. I think Camilla and APB would have been perfectly content with her as POW’s mistress and APB doing his thing. I think turning Charles and Camilla into a ‘love story’ is simply PR stunt because the truth is too ugly.

      • ennie says:

        @ Larisa, I suspect the aristos were not going for look, at least back then. He might have been cool, a good lover,
        Many husbands are ok with their wives being lovers of important men, that means that maybe even their children will get benefits.

      • Shoesnotblues says:

        Ah, but APB is Rupert Campbell Black from Jilly Cooper. If you have read it there’s your answer.

      • K.T says:

        @shoesnotblues Andrew Parker Bowles is the inspo for Rupert Campbell Black?!! Really! I read that Enid Blyton for sex–mad toffs book called ˋriderś. It totally confused me, but I can now see it as a romanticisation of that rose–bush snobby horse set.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      No I do not feel bad for him at all. Yes he may have been forced but he gaslighted Diana for years. His friends called her crazy. He got lots of journos and members of staff to isolate and destroy her. If he had shown her any affection or tenderness or protected her the story would have been different. But no, all he did was take and expect her to fall in line.

    • Kalana says:

      He took his resentment out on a 20 year old not his parents. He could have cared about her interests and not worn cufflinks on his honeymoon that were about his devotion to Camilla.

      And no one forced him to be jealous of Diana. That was all Charles.

      Also Charles feels sorry enough for himself. He is a 24/7 pity party for one.

      I’ve read in comments here that Camilla used to call Diana names and seems to have been part of trying to paint Diana’s hurt as just mental illness. The same woman who works with victims of domestic abuse.

      Actually how is it that Diana was able to get along with Kanga and not Camilla? Camilla hated Kanga and Tiggy and Diana. She hated all other women close to Charles while Diana actually was able to be more of a typical aristo and befriend a mistress. The common denominator for hostility seems to be Camilla.

      Camilla seems to have been Charles’ Wallis. Inappropriate married woman who loves her status bump from sleeping with a Prince who is emotionally stunted and obsessed with her and ignores his duty to be with her.

      • Tessa says:

        Camilla noticed that Charles was getting too close to Elizabeth Buchanan, a courtier, so she had her fired according to articles I read.

    • minx says:

      Nope, not at all.

    • Sofia says:

      No-one told him to treat his 19 year old wife the way he did? Don’t want to marry her but are pressured by the institution? Okay first of all, you should have put your foot down but if you didn’t/couldn’t, the least you can do is treat your wife with respect even if you don’t particularly like her

    • Elizabeth Phillips says:

      Agreed. I feel for both of them in the the marriage. Neither was perfect.

    • S808 says:

      No I don’t, he’s the future king. He could’ve done what William seems to do when he doesn’t get his way and throw a tantrum. I don’t care if he was forced or not, he did NOT have to treat diana the way he did. He may not have chosen to marry her but he chose to treat her like crap.

    • Becks1 says:

      Do I feel sorry for him about the actual marriage? A bit. he was clearly unable to stand up to his family and married Diana due to pressure etc.

      But if anything, that should have made him want to help Diana, not hurt her. If HE was powerless against his family, he should have known how Diana felt. He should have known that she would need his support against his family. Instead, even now, he is using the media to criticize the mother of his children. So no, I don’t feel sorry for him overall.

    • Mignionette says:

      I don’t feel sorry for Charles.
      Understood that he felt backed into a corner where Diana was concerned, but that was primarily of his own doing. Chuck actively pursued the relationship (with Camilla’s encouragement) and set the wheels in motion for Diana to become his wife to get his family and the public off his back so he could continue his relationship with Camilla in peace.
      Whilst he may have felt trapped in that respect, thereafter the way he treated Di was INHUMANE. He essentially used her to provide himself with two photogenic heirs and then tossed her aside with no thought as to how a divorce would affect her. Once Diana was divorced and lost her HRH she was essentially put out to pasture by the BRF and the vultures moved in.
      It also really felt like he continually projected all his feelings of frustration generally onto Diana and everything became her fault. Chuck basically wanted Camilla and Diana paid the price for his lack of maturity in facing up to that reality. I also feel like Charles wanted to have his cake and eat it, he wanted Camilla without having to abdicate so he physically married Diana in the hope of being emotionally being married to Camilla which is deeply emotionally abusive and narcissistic. That is why my parents generation despise him, and my parents who are immigrants who arguably shouldn’t give a toss.
      Speaking for myself I felt like whilst I knew all this shit went down, really seeing it on screen in all its horror really hit home. It really made me admire Diana and rethink all the narratives and stories I had heard. And I mean all of them. I also think the writers watered it down A LOT and spared the BRF a lot of embarrassment.
      For all the screaming of fiction from the BRF and RR’s, I feel like S4 of the Crown really told the story perfectly. That is why it has had such a shock factor, bc it really landed with the generations who lived through these events and very beautifully introduced a new generation to the actual horror of what Diana experienced. Maybe it’s Chuck who now needs counselling to come to terms with what he has done. Ordinarily I do not agree with picking old wounds, but this story needed to be told so that people who know who their future King really is. Also I hope it has the effect clearly communicating the parallels of Meghan’s plight.

    • Kyliegirl says:

      I definitely don’t think what she did to Diana was fun at all. Camilla needs to own her role in how terrible she and Charles treated Diana. What I meant was Camilla is now being portrayed as being “fun” and people even on here say of all the royals they would like to drink with her. Diana never stood a chance. Wish she had the support of someone to help her walk away before the marriage. Though seeing what they are doing to Harry and Meghan now, I am not sure her life would have been much better. They would have hounded her.

    • Coco says:

      “Rich and Powerful 32 Year Old Man Forced to Marry Beautiful Young Virgin”

    • Tessa says:

      Charles wanted heirs. If he did not want to marry Diana HE could have stopped seeing her. He did stop seeing other women he was serious about. He dropped Davina Sheffield when her ex spoke to the press. I don’t buy that he was forced. Charles has a habit of blaming other people for his own choices.

    • Carrie says:

      He was 32!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was 19. So yeah. Nah.

  11. Amy Bee says:

    Diana said their relationship essentially ended after Harry was born. He was born in September 1984. Charles never cut ties with Camilla and that was a main source of anguish for Diana. There’s no denying that fact.

  12. Rebecca says:

    Friendly reminder that Richard Kay was Diana’s go to journalist and was photographed meeting Diana on numerous occasions. He made his career being a Diana hanger on for nearly 30 years.

    Just Google “Richard Kay Diana” and see for yourself, and then ask yourself why this particular hack is carrying water for Charles.

    Plus, Diana refuted this in her interview with Martin Bashir AND the Diana tapes which were the basis of Andrew Morton’s book.

  13. Mignionette says:

    The attempts at revision are just next level dumb.

    The Crown Season 4 said what they said and Chuck should just sit down and eat his food.


  14. HK9 says:

    Yes, Charles didn’t see Camilla for years. I also have a piece of a bridge to sell you…..

  15. equality says:

    I wonder how all of the publicity affected Camilla’s children. And all of the grandchildren will eventually get some version of the story. Even if the Crown had never aired any of it, the articles and books would have been around to access. Previous monarchs are still discussed for hundreds of years. How did they think that something being decades ago would have it be forgotten?

  16. Kyliegirl says:

    The RR’s can huff and puff all they want. There is enough video evidence and accounts from their tours/meetings with others showing Charles being emotionally cruel to Diana. If he was doing this in public, I can only imagine what he was doing to her in private. Yes, Diana was not perfect, but she had no support from her husband, her in laws, the palace cretins, even her own family. I am sure her friends where sympathetic, but the aristocratic set seems to feel like secure the money and the power and then find your jollies elsewhere. The scene where they are talking about Diana’s trip to NYC with Diana and her two staff facing Charles with 3x more staff brought chills to me. I am sure this is what her beloved son faced 31 years later in at the Sandringham Summit. They can say all they want, these people are selfish and take no prisoners. It’s all about keeping the money and power. They will eat each other alive to keep it. I am so happy that Harry is living the life his mother was never allowed to live.

    • Tessa says:

      In 1983, Charles and DIana attended a banquet on their Canadian tour. Charles jealous of how popular his wife was during their tours, pronounced he needed Two Wives. DIana cringed. And this is what he did in public, I can only imagine what happened behind closed doors.

  17. February-Pisces says:

    “Charles barely had any contact with camilla for years.”

    Insert “oh really” cat meme here.

  18. NYStateofMind says:

    He spoke to her always. Lies lies lie.

  19. Tessa says:

    I know of people who saw them together at fox hunts and they would disappear together and later attend hunting parties. They were known to call each other. Stuart Higgins of the Sun wrote that Camilla would call him once a week to give her side (1982-1992) so she was in touch with the Prince of Wales.

    • NYStateofMind says:

      Exactly @Tessa. If he would, for once just be flat out honest I think he’d have a chance of getting a shred of respect. It’s the only way he could redeem himself on some level.

  20. My3cents says:

    As long as they don’t use the infamous “I want to be your tampon” quote he should consider himself lucky.

  21. B says:

    I think Charles and Camilla are both rotten people. They deserve each other. But it is too sad that Diana was put in that mess with no idea that she was a pawn. I think that Charles looked like a selfish unsympathetic pig

    • kelleybelle says:

      He is, and he used his boys to walk behind Diana’s casket because he didn’t have the sack to do it by himself. He knew how the public felt about him. Many still feel that way .

      • Tessa says:

        Charles excuse was that he was representing his sons. He divorced Diana the year before and technically had no business playing “widower.” He also was busy promoting Camilla and planned their first public appearance together right before Diana died.

  22. Abena Asantewaa says:

    They never complained all 3 seasons, but so much complaints from their sycophants. As usual throw in the sussexes and their Netflix deal. History can’t be half told, you have to know: the good, the bad and the ugly. I am watching it all the way, almost finished, I want more! I’m resenting Camilla all over again, and Charles.

  23. kelleybelle says:

    And so this would make him less of an emotionally-abusive shit, then? Is that the point? This is much like the Archbishop of Canterbury speaking out in defense of the pedo and saying, “No one’s a saint, you know.” No one gives a rip about his not seeing Camilla for years. Camilla was busy being married to a cheater … and then gave up and married another one.

  24. Dani says:

    Just because he may have no slept with her doesn’t mean he didn’t love her, didn’t confide in her, didn’t spend time with her which in my opinion is even worse than having sex with someone. His heart was elsewhere and that hurts even more.

  25. Maria says:

    I blame Camilla as much as Charles. Being quite a few years older than Diana, she should have known that even an emotional relationship would have an effect on an young, inexperienced girl.

  26. Farfromreality says:

    Oh shut up Charles. Not only is this a lie (he was caught with her at a hunt and was incandescent with rage so the photos didn’t publish) he was also carrying on with other women including Dale Tryon. Then, just before Diana died, he was fucking the nanny, and afterwards he was on a wild ride with many women while William and Harry turned Highgrove into a party house. Charles hasn’t been faithful to anyone.

  27. Untamed says:

    Don’t forget the blonde spotted boarding the royal train.
    Diana was quite hurt by that. She and many others knew it was Camilla but ignored it. The mainstream media wouldn’t dare report the truth.
    I don’t believe Charles stopped seeing Camilla. He was a total entitled sh*t about it. The fact he brought photos of Camilla on his honeymoon is beyond the pale.

  28. Coco says:

    Poor little rich boy.

  29. Sara says:

    I want to start out by saying I’m not a Meghan “stan.” But I do admire her and I think her in laws did her wrong. So I’ll say how messed up it was that she wasn’t allowed to defend herself and her child against horrid things the press put out there about them because of the bs “never complain never explain” policy with the Windsor’s but…that’s exactly what Charles is doing.

  30. Lexistential says:

    These people are utterly ridiculous. It’s as though they think pointing out the existence of one wrong turn invalidates the car driving off the cliff. They can hem and haw about the physical timeline details, but the truth remains: Charles was never emotionally present or available to Diana as truly monogamous spouse, and considered Camilla as his true wife and partner instead of Diana.

    Shame on all of them, and what a ridiculous industry of “reporters.” These aren’t journaliats, they’re all overhyped Gossip Girls.

  31. BC says:

    I just watched Diana:In Her Own Words , a Netflix documentary that features those secret Andrew Morton recorded interviews with Diana. Its even more hurtful hearing Diana talk about Camilla and how that woman terrorized and destabilized a young marriage. Dianas talk of bulimia hurts as ive been there , but worse were her attempts on her life and that stupid manchild Charles ignoring her despite all these cries for help. Poor Diana. She had just begun to find herself too but it wasnt to be. Charles is an a-hole and its too sad theres no comeuppance for him. The things he said, the things he did. The queen is no better. Why do the British tolerate this stupid family? They belong in the stone age era. Honestly, they need to fall like the Medici.

  32. Cassandra says:

    I am so ignorant about Diana, she was really kind of before my time, but I can’t find a clear answer as to why people disliked her. Does anyone know what was so unlikable about her?

    • Bette says:

      Diana was not unlikeable, opposite is true she was LOVED by the UK and the world. It is only the propaganda from the palace and Charles’ friends that put out stories out there to smear her name. Saying she was mentally ill. To change the truth Charles’ emotionally and psychologically abused her with his affair with Camilla. The emotional and mental anguish Diana suffered was the result of Charles’ abuse not because she was mentally ill, he gas-lighted her, lied, cheated, flaunted his affair to her and the staff. They want to justify Charles’ affair by saying Diana drove him to cheat. But the truth is he never stopped seeing and contacting Camilla, and it like all cheating spouses drives the injured spouse to despair. Diana was very much in love with Charles. Charles bought their martial home Highgrove it was 15 minutes away from Camilla’s house. They hunted together had their own social circle, their friends let them use their homes to cheat and provided a cover for them. So he saying he was faithful for 5 years is not true. He always intended to continue the affair. It was not big secret in Gloucestershire what Charles and Camilla were up to. They both made Diana miserable and Charles destroyed her and their marriage. Yes Diana cheated, but Charles was cruel, dismissive, ignored her, mean, called Camilla had Camilla at her home in Highgrove while she was away. Charles drove her to cheat, she was unloved, lonely and young. Charles asked her to marry him and he should have been man enough to get rid of Camilla, he never gave his marriage to Diana a chance Karma is paying Charles and Camilla a long overdue visit. I hope he is never King because Camilla should not be queen. Poetic justice for Diana.

  33. Ravine says:

    Even if he DID stay away from Camilla for a few years, I mean… so what? Does he want a medal?

    • Millennial says:

      She reacted with the emotional immaturity one would expect from a 19 year old. And I think even when they got divorced, she was still dealing with a lot of trauma. But, for the most part, it’s been a smear job to make Charles not look like the total ass he is.

      I appreciate how The Crown really points out the intergenerational dysfunction.

  34. Likeyoucare says:

    Did charles into BDSM, is camilla a dominatrix?
    I know its gross to imagine it. There must be something that beholden charles to camilla and it is not love.
    Because if it love then he will not have so many mistress.

    • Bette says:

      Charles appears to be a weak, insecure , spoiled, stiff man that lacks foresight Camilla is matronly, deferential to him, strokes his ego, mothers to him and does not outshine him. She provides the motherly support he never had and is not competition for attention.
      Diana was vibrant, kind, loving, real, beautiful, statuesque she had charisma because she was beautiful inside as well as out. Charles was too insecure to see and value her gifts, he became jealous and resentful of her popularity no doubt Camilla exploited this and fed the resentment. She too was jealous of Diana. Diana was beloved by the UK populace and every continent she set her foot on. A confident, strong man would have seen those gifts, been proud of her ,learned from her, she would have learned from him too. That is what I think Diana expected but never got,a supportive partner. She said that when she married she thought she would have a husband to look after her. She was very much in love with Charles. Little did she know she had a husband that would stab her in the back. Charles could have shone and been as popular as Diana. He lacked the confidence and ease with people, this could have been learned from Diana but he was too busy hating on and cheating on her. They would have made a great team if Charles would have had the maturity, insight and good advice to see that they would have made a great team, like Harry and Meghan. This is why I enjoy seeing Harry and Meghan they are what Charles and Diana could have been

  35. Nina Simone says:

    Her death is all the more painful when you realize she was just beginning to live, find herself, a sense of purpose and live after all Charles and that family did to her. I’m a younger millennial but I still remember. Charles has been trying to revisionist history and it’s so disgusting. We all know he never stopped talking /being with Camilla

  36. Ashley says:

    The Brits don’t believe in emotions so of course “emotional cheating isn’t a thing”. When is someone going to point out to these numpties the other women he was cheating with? Maybe the crown should add them next season instead of this stupid “Charles and Camilla are the great love” crap.

    I am so tired of Charles. I hated him after this season but the anger I am feeling now after this week of gaslighting the public makes me want to scream. Abusive men will continue to gaslight instead of taking responsibility for their actions. I hope he burns. I hope he dies before he can ever become king and I hope he ends up in hell assuming one exists. Awful, awful man.

    • Bette says:

      Charles and Camilla did not have a great love story, they are no Romeo and Juliet. Camilla had a fling with Charles because her true love and long time boyfriend was having a fling with Charles’ sister Anne. Calculating Camilla used the fling with Charles to make her boyfriend Andrew Parker Bowles jealous, raise her social profile, and to make Andrew commit. She was madly in love with Andrew from the time they met at a dance ,she was 17 he was 25. Her little scheme worked Andrew married her. Only after Andrew kept cheating on her did she get back in with Charles. So Charles was a pawn, a feather in her cap, in the beginning and afterwards he was comfort for a lonely cheated spouse, someone to do while her husband was doing other people, an ego boost, he was a future king, who later spurned his beautiful young wife for her and of course for the gifts and perks. They just spin this great love story for public consumption. Camilla knows how to manage Charles, stroke his ego, mother him, she is a mother and loyal subject wrapped up in one. She having no charisma being a plain Jane does not outshine him or take the attention away from him like his first wife Diana. I don’t like the either of them Charles is insecure, weak, spoiled, vain and Camilla took advantage of that made a young woman’s life miserable, unhappy, destroyed her marriage and family. She is a homewrecker and so is Charles. People say they should have let them marry, the truth is Camilla was not in love with Charles, did not want him, when she was single. I hope they don’t ascend to the throne…they are both unfit, Charles as king with Camilla as queen is a death stroke to the British monarchy.

  37. BeanieBean says:

    Ah, yes, the tomato dress. I remember it well.

  38. anon says:

    Well let’s just look at the facts, shall we?

    They’re literally blaming the victim here. Look, she had no idea what she was signing up for and was caught in an unfortunate situation with a bunch of emotionally stunted dickheads who just pushed her to the point of madness. She’s lucky she at least got a couple of years of “freedom” before her passing.

    And by the way? Camilla wasn’t his only mistress. Oh, nooooo ladies and gentlemen. He was facking plenty of other women – even after he got back with Camilla.

    Listen, he reminds of the dudes I know on Indian reservations who seemingly have a woman in every port. I have no sympathy for his spineless, cheatin’ heart.

    And William is no better. His brutal takedown of his own brother is just completely fucked up.

    • Bette says:

      Glad someone noticed how the palace used the British media to take down first Meghan then Harry because they simply were too popular, they drew large crowds. They are what Charles and Diana could have been a great team! People love them! William and Kate had an engagement the day after Harry and Meghan left UK, they were filled with glee after they left. They joyful, chatty very animated and happy, smiling broadly and happy finally they had all the attention, Harry and Meghan hated and driven out of UK by the royal family horrid treatment of Meghan and her take down in the British press. So obvious what they did to her and then Harry, their own family member. Vipers and vultures in that royal family

  39. Bread and Circuses says:

    Diana herself said in an interview after her divorce, “My husband loved me, very much.”

    I think they tried? But they were never a good match, and Diana’s bulimia and Charles’s inability to empathize with her took its toll, plus he wasn’t in love with her the way he loved Camilla.

    So I can believe that he kept away from Camilla while trying to be a good husband and father, especially since Camilla had apparently moved on too. Like I said: I think they (both) tried. They just failed.

    • Bette says:

      Charles’ martial home Highgrove was 15 minutes away from Camilla’s home. Diana hated it because he would have Camilla over when she was not home. So she lived in Kennsington Palace and afterwards rarely went to Highgrove. Camilla even helped him decorate Highgrove before Diana moved in. He called Camilla all the time, gave her gifts, they had their own social circle, which of course Diana was not part of because she did not hunt or ride. Their friends covered for them, let them use their homes to meet and have their trysts.

      This is the reason Diana was so miserable and unhappy in the marriage, Charles never stopped seeing Camilla. It was an open secret in Gloucestershire the town where Highgrove is located. Camilla and Charles went hunting together, hung out, attended parties, in their own little social circle, they openly ridiculed Diana and it got back to her. People saw them together and knew what Charles and Camilla were up to, so this I did not see Camilla for 5 years was a lie to make Charles look good. You really think his mistress is 15 minutes away and he never had ANY contact with her?
      It would believable if he lived 300 miles away, in another country but he lived 15 minutes away from Camilla’s home. He called Camilla on his honey moon, took books to read on his honeymoon! pictures of Camilla fell out of the books and Diana saw this. Charles mostly ignored Diana. On their 15 day honeymoon on the ship Britiannica Diana was mostly alone, she chatted and cooked for the crew. Charles saw Camilla the night before his wedding, it was in the papers a blond was photographed leaving the royal train, everyone assumed in was Diana. Diana saw this in the paper, his affair was always in her face obvious. Diana developed Bulimina to cope, was angry, in mental anguish, desperate in despair from the gas-lighting, emotional and psychological abuse she suffered from her cheating husband. He was dismissive, emotionally unavailable mean and unkind to her. Many arranged marriages work the couple grow to love each other but they don’t have a mistress waiting in background, there to run to, normal newly married people work out their problems not create them by keeping a mistress from the day of engagement and through out the marriage. Karma has a been waiting for Charles and Camilla. I hope he is never King. He is not a good person.

  40. Deeanna says:

    I was always glad that even if only for a few months that before her death, Diana had the experience of having a man who seemed to be really crazy about her.

    • Mignionette says:

      I think she was looking for a man who could protect her and whom she could have another child with. That must have frightened the BRF as Dodi was (1) brown and (2) a muslim.

      I don’t think they had a hand in her death, but I can imagine the courtiers and even Betty/ Charles were able to breathe more easily when she died.

      That is another angle that really crucifies Charles in the whole affair, the fact that some conspiracy theorists still believe the BRF had a hand in her death, which just seemed too convenient.

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