Jennifer Aniston, Instagram influencer, scores partnership with Vital Proteins

When Jennifer Aniston first joined Instagram, she broke all kinds of records for the followers she gained in the first days/weeks. She currently has more than 35 million followers – not Kardashian-Jenner numbers, but that’s still a massive social media following. Months ago, I realized that Aniston’s people must have told her that she could get into the spon-con business with those kinds of numbers, and there were some vague references to Aniston dipping her toe into the Instagram-influencing world. Now here we are: Aniston has been named the face and Chief Creative Officer of Vital Proteins, a popular supplemental company which already pays influencers to promote their vitamin supplements. But because Aniston is still fundamentally old-media, she also announced this stuff with a People Magazine exclusive.

Jennifer Aniston is taking her wellness routine to the next level! Today the Morning Show star announces her global partnership with collagen and wellness brand Vital Proteins. In her role, Aniston, 51, will be both Chief Creative Officer and the face of the brand’s upcoming campaign.

“Our strength starts from within, so I choose good nutrition and the right supplements to start off my day,” Aniston tells PEOPLE exclusively. The actress is teasing her December campaign launch with a few behind the scenes photos – and a video, too. In them, she can be seen revealing glimpses of her wellness routine.

In a press release, Aniston shared that she’s been a fan of the brand since 2016. Among her favorite products, the Collagen Peptides powder, the Vitality Immune Booster supplement powder sticks in Clementine and the Collagen Creamer in Vanilla.

“Collagen is the glue that holds everything together. I’ve always been an advocate for nourishing your wellness from within, which is why I started using Vital Proteins so many years ago,” she said. “Now to have the opportunity to be a part of the brand in a bigger way, as Chief Creative Officer, is very exciting to me.”

“We’re really excited to welcome Jen and her valued perspective to the Vital team,” said CEO Kurt Seidensticker, who founded the brand in 2013. “We’ve all watched Jen live a life that prioritizes wellness from the inside-out, which she attributes in part to her belief in Vital Proteins, making this partnership so unique and, more importantly, authentic. We are teaming up together to inspire the world to live healthy, and more vibrant lives.”

[From People]

I don’t hate that she’s doing this, and it’s pretty on-brand for her overall. I would have been disappointed if she was suddenly IG-influencing waist trainers or laxatives or hunger-suppression lollipops. This seems like the kind of partnership that Gwyneth Paltrow would be involved with, only Gwyneth would find some way to put her Goop-stink all over it. This is also on-brand for how Aniston has always operated – why start her own company when she could just become the face of an existing company, and take an official position too.

IGs courtesy of Jennifer Aniston, fan site.

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  1. Darla says:

    She has an amazing body. Any health brand she works with is going to see big sales.

    • Noki says:

      She has always been very ‘safe’ and clean living.Her body is amazing for any age,she will atttract certain demographics with lots of money to spend.

  2. Eleonor says:

    I have always found her meh, but I have always admired her figure: not painfully thin, not too fit, and if she advertises some wellness fitness product I think it’s fine.

    • lola says:

      Yes, she has a great body and I believe her that she takes those supplements. Doesn’t mean I’ll buy them, but this collab is way more believable than whatever the Kartrashians are doing right now on IG.

    • Case says:

      Absolutely agreed. I don’t care much for her as an actress honestly, but she’s beautiful and has always seemed very healthy. I don’t think she’d put her name behind a brand she didn’t personally use/trust.

  3. Scarlett says:

    Granted I am no influencer and never aspire to be one, but Vital Proteins Collagen Powder is the bomb, my trainer recommended it, and it’s so good, so helpful, I love it. Aniston to me has always been meh, and her recommending it makes no difference for men, but good for her I guess.

    • Noodle says:

      @scarlett, how does that product help you? What are its benefits? I’ve heard of collagen, but never as something you consume.

      • Scarlett says:

        @ Noodle, I have Osteoarthritis in multiple joints (including a knee replacement, waiting on the second knee to be done), collagen is said to help with cartilage health. After my trainer recommended it, I spoke to my orthopedic surgeon and he gave me the go ahead too. Scoop full, mixed in my morning coffee, it’s a tasteless powder and blends right in, you can’t tell it’s there. I’ve been taking it since February this year, and there is a big difference in my knee health. Have a bad shoulder and that does not creak as much as it used to either.

        Hope that helps.

    • manda says:

      I have been curious to try a collagen supplement–can you expand on your experiences? I’m with you, I don’t really care what she says 🙂

      edit to add–whoopsy, someone already asked.

      • Scarlett says:

        @manda, no problem. I left out one more thing. The collagen peptides are not vegan/vegetarian if that is a dietary concern. Also said to help hair, skin and nails, but honestly, I use it so I can retain/improve what little joint health I have left and to delay joint replacements as much as I can.

      • Mee says:

        @Manda @Scarlett. There are 3 types of collagen. Type 1 helps hair, skin, nails. Type 2 helps immune system and joints, Type 3 helps arterial walls

    • Noodle says:

      @scarlett, thank you for this information. I have lots of scar tissue in my knees, where it grinds when I walk. I may try the supplement to see if it helps with that. I appreciate your explanation and recommendation!

      • Scarlett says:

        @noodle, you’re welcome! I always joke that I am a 48 year old with the knees of a 84 year old. ( the bionic knee is only 4 years old, so there is that ). Good luck, hope it helps you, it’s draining to live with incessant pain & discomfort.

        ( I believe if mixing the collagen with cold drinks, you blend it in a smoothie, I have only mixed it with hot coffee and it mixes right in. )

    • Chanteloup says:

      Damn @Scarlett, I would never buy a product some Hollywood actress is shilling – but I just bought this on subscribe & save to try on your rec. You sound like a real person. I hope to hell you are. It’s a lot of money!! I really hope it helps

  4. Slowdown says:

    She has an amazing body and I have no idea what she puts herself through for it. Hopefully something healthy. It’s not the product she is shilling though. I have no idea why this is a marketing line: we all know why stars look the way they look and it’s more or less invasive treatments. Lots of money for chefs to cook healthy and appetizing meals. Being hungry (Sarah Paulson’s Twitter liner is « always hungry »).
    If this is about health then I need receipts: blood analysis, cholesterol numbers etc.
    I kid, I kid… or do I?

    • equality says:

      I agree. Scientific proof, not one person claiming to use the products.

      • Marietta58 says:

        Vital proteins is an amazing brand! I’ve been using the collagen for 2+ years and I look younger (I’m 39) than I have in years. I now have glowing skin. It really does wonders! I also used to have joint pain and now I do not. Every woman I know that uses VP loves it. I only wish I started taking it earlier.

        Has 18 (?) grams of protein per serving (2 scoops.) I put it in my coffee and sip throughout the day, I really does keep me full. They sell at Costco for $30 and you get way more serving than the one on Amazon. 34 servings to be exact. The one on Amazon only has 20 servings I believe.

      • carmen says:

        Marietta58 I started taking Vital Proteins Marine Collagen a few months ago for various reasons and feel it’s still too soon to tell if it’s working. Are you taking Marine or Bovine?

    • FHMom says:

      You are the voice of reason. I kind of hate that she is shilling products that are never going to make anyone look as good as she does. It’s all nonsense.

      • Esmom says:

        But that’s what all of advertising is! Do you think people who watch beer ads actually think their lives will suddenly become some amazing party or people who see any perfume or cosmetics ad will think they will actually look like the models featured? I don’t see this as any more egregious than literally any other ad or promotion.

    • Darla says:

      That’s interesting about Paulson. It reminds me of years ago, during the height of Desperate Housewives, Marcia Cross said in an interview that she was starving. She used that word. And she said “they” pay you to starve, and it’s “hell”. I never forgot that.

      • Slowdown says:

        Julianne Moore (whom I adore) said something along those lines too but not so direct).
        It boggles the mind.

      • Yep says:

        Yes, Julianne Moore said that and she mentioned something about a bite of a granola bar to alleviate the hunger as an example of how miserable it is. But I think Jen Aniston along with Kate Mara etc read a lot of diet books. They’re always drinking nutrient dense green/purple/whatever smoothies. If you’re getting lots of macro and micronutrients, you’re not necessarily feeling hungry all the time. Anyway, getting into a state of keto at least a few times a week is good for you – blood sugar and everything. Fasting!

    • josephine says:

      My thought was that shilling products like this is a sign that her career is over. I’m sure it’s not, she has enough pull to get roles, but man, this seems so B-list to me. Backing a national brand like Aveeno is one thing, but this seems more like a Karsdashian con. But anyone who buys what a celeb is selling gets what they paid for.

      • minx says:

        Yeah, I feel the same way. I guess she has to do something, but doesn’t she have enough money? Does she really need to do this?

    • Yep says:

      Julianne Moore is another who’s said actresses, in particular, are always hungry.

  5. Seraphina says:

    Jen makes enough money where she doesn’t have to peddle products and be labeled as an Influencer (which I think is bringing her name status a bit down). Would love to see her so charity work or get involved in something bigger than herself. And maybe she’s incognito about that and I haven’t read any stories about it.

    • Goldie says:

      She recently donated $1million to Color of Change, a racial justice organization.

      • Seraphina says:

        Thank you. I know many don’t feel the need to publicize the good they do, but I never see her out doing charities and things like that.

      • Darla says:

        She’s also involved with St Judes, I mean, doesn’t everybody know that? I believe ever since meeting Marlo Thomas who played her mother on Friends. that’s really well known. Come on now.

    • Esmom says:

      I believe she is involved in a number of charities. But can you imagine the backlash she would get if she was ever the high profile face of one? I think keeping that low profile makes sense.

    • curachel20 says:

      She’s involved in St Judes as well. She does commercials for them, and, I’m assuming, donates as well. She also talks about rescuing dogs, not buying.

    • lucy2 says:

      If you google “Jennifer Aniston charity” there are many articles about her charity work.

  6. Lila says:

    Her face in those promotional pics is quite puffy. She has pumped her face full of fillers, far from natural or attractive.

  7. lucy2 says:

    Huh, I didn’t think she’d go that route, but I guess when you have a platform that big, and a product you like, it’s a no brainer.

  8. FC says:

    Remember after Friends when she said she would only do movies and never go back to TV because she was a movie star now? Oh how far we’ve come.

    • Darla says:

      Back then no one knew what would happen with streaming, and peak tv had only just begun with The Sopranos, and wasn’t called peak tv yet. No one could have predicted this. Now you add covid into the mix…everyone’s doing tv. I would never go to a movie again, if i had to choose between my streaming services and that. All the best stuff is on streaming especially since marvel and the blockbuster mentality completely took over theaters. And I love Marvel. But i cannot dine on that alone. In the future, all of the best work will be done, and the best stories told on tv in one form or other, and in fact, the future is now.

      Aniston’s mistake was not in saying that – her mistake was holding out too long. Years too long.

    • Jules says:

      She went from that to an instagram influencer…

  9. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I go out of my way avoiding celebrity products and celebrity-endorsed products lol. I’m an underdog supporter. 😁

    • josephine says:

      This. I feel like a celebrity-endorsement symbolizes all flash, no substance. And I especially hate when celebs endorse “healthy” products when they are so obviously the product of artificial interventions.

  10. Sorella says:

    It’s hilarious to me how stars are doing less acting nowadays and are basically…salespeople now lol. Influencer is just a fancy name for trying to convince me to buy s**t they are selling so they can make money. No difference than a salesperson.

    • lucy2 says:

      Celebrities have always done this though, ad campaigns and such. A lot of the BIG names used to go do commercials in Japan that we’d never know much about, until social media and the internet all happened.

    • RoyalBlue says:

      are you kidding? this is the easiest money she will ever make, for doing the least work. a few photos for promo, and her social media team post some random stuff as per the contract.

  11. Yep says:

    “why start her own company when she could just become the face of an existing company, and take an official position too.”

    This is what I would do. 90% of businesses fail over the longer term; it’s Darwinism. I would not put in my own money and time just on a <10% chance of success. Psychological energy as well. If you have a high profile like she does and you're interested in the topic (she seems to read a lot of diet/health books), why not take on a role like this? She's also got equity in it, maybe? She has plenty of money and there are potentially lots of advisers who'd love to tell her how to best invest it. She probably gets hundreds of pitches a year from random companies as well.

    Also with this product, there's a senior's angle to the market. It's not just beauty but also bone and joint health, correct? That's in line with her own seniors status and smart with an ageing population.

  12. B says:

    I never understood why Hollywood kept casting her for movies. None of her movies have ever done that well. She isnt as great as she thinks she is. Nice figure. So-so talent

  13. Kay says:

    she got dropped by Smart Water and has been looking for products to advertise. She won’t be making money from movies anymore needs to find another income source. Was never box office material. I’m sure there will be more products she will endorse and make money from. Her healthy lifestyle is due to plastic surgery, fillers, and smoking cannabis.

    • Hedwig says:

      She gets one million per episode for The Morning Show, which is still running. Murder Mystery did very well so she’ll likely have other types of streaming offers even if she doesn’t do big BO stuff like superhero films or tentpole SF (the only genres that seem to be doing okay at the cinema). Also she could park all of her $400 m (which I’m sure is being managed by top $$ people) into a high interest account and still have plenty to live on.

      • Gotcha says:

        @Lol Hedwig … she is peddling things on her Instagram page because she isn’t a movie star and this is the way she can stay relevant sorry. It’s not about money. The three way scandal thing was blown up by Jolie when she basically said I’m done with Pitt. Can’t milk that anymore. Her movie career is non existent. And seeing the way the pandemic has hit the movie indu, her way on that is dead. Steaming services is a plus for her.But without hitching to someone like Sandler idk. TMS will play out quickly. Not that huge to get a following. I suggest she go back the TV route, maybe Hallmark specials. She won’t be able to command big pay days for lotion commercials many more years.
        SMI is her chance to be the next Goop and I’m willing to bet she will go this route since middle aged white women love her so. Lol

      • FireworksNo says:

        Hi Citney!