The Vatican is investigating why Pope Francis’s Instagram account ‘liked’ a butt pic

Pope Francis celebrates a mass for  World Day of the Poor, Vatican City, Italy

I’m late coming to this story, but I promise that it’s worth it. So, you know how Pope Francis likes a juicy ass, right? Sorry, let me start at the beginning. Pope Francis is on Instagram. His handle is @franciscus and he mostly ‘grams about God. There are clips of his sermons and nice photos of him hanging out in the Vatican. The man is 83 years old and while I think Franny is “hip” for a man his age, I have no doubt that he has people managing his social media accounts. Or does he? Because it definitely feels like the Pope is sitting up there in the Vatican, looking at bubble-butt Instagrams.

The Vatican said it was seeking explanations from Instagram after Pope Francis’s official account liked a photo of a scantily dressed Brazilian model. It is unclear when the photo of Natalia Garibotto was given an endorsement by the pope’s verified account, but the “like” was still visible on 13 November before being unliked the next day, according to the Catholic News Agency (CNA).

COY Co, Garibotto’s management company, made the most of the publicity and reposted the image on its own Instagram account last Friday saying the company had “received the POPE’S OFFICIAL BLESSING”. Garibotto, who has 2.4 million Instagram followers, is also reported to have joked: “At least I’m going to heaven.”

Citing sources close to the Vatican’s press office, CNA said an investigation was under way to determine how the photo came to be liked. A team of people manage the pope’s various social media accounts.

A Vatican spokesperson told the Guardian: “We can exclude that the ‘like’ came from the Holy See, and it has turned to Instagram for explanations.”

[From The Guardian]

What’s funnier, the fact that the Holy See is an ass man, or that the Vatican is now scrambling and launching a g-ddamn investigation into the Pope’s ass fixation? Let the old guy look at ass photos, damn!! He’s not hurting anybody. And wow, suddenly it’s a big deal that a grown man likes looking at adult women, huh? Anyway, I hope people at Instagram are laughing about this. Their contribution to the investigation will be telling the Vatican, “well, this happened because the Pope hit the ‘like’ button, case closed.” I mean, obviously someone on the Vatican staff did it. But if you have any tips for the Vatican’s crack team of investigators, you can call the Vatican Tip Line at 1-800-BIG-BUTTZ.

On the occasion of the Christmas holidays, Pope Francis gives the Urbi et Orbi blessing, St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City, Italy

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. jules says:

    Haha! I needed this morning laugh. There’s nothing wrong with liking a little booty. She’s of age, she does have a great backside, and he’s still human. What a waste of an investigation.

    • Yikesx says:

      And the lady is in A CATHOLIC SCHOOLGIRL OUTFIT lmaoooo you just know some vatican intern running that account

    • Otaku fairy says:

      Amen! It’s great that he seems to be progressive, and there’s nothing wrong with him liking a grown woman in a sexy, immodest costume on instagram. There’s nothing wrong with progressive women being immodest either. Like the pope, many of them are supportive of the LGBT community, and some of them are in our community. Also like the pope, they are still entitled to the same basic respect as human beings that everyone else is.

      Also loving that she happened to be dressed as a sexy schoolgirl. Ariana Grande what? LOL!

  2. lemonylips says:

    LOL! Talk about Vatican version of the Petty Betty’s court pearl clutchers – rosmary clutchers. Whoever did it, this is the best laugh from news I’ve had in 2020. Also, great little (un)intentional PR.

  3. Mignionette says:

    I saw this story on Wednesday and chuckled – lol

    The Instagram model who’s pic was liked is now famous and her following has rocketed. The teenager on duty that day forgot which account they were using. The dangers of working from home and the reason I have my laptops in separate rooms.

    • megs283 says:

      Yeah… def not a teenager. Best case, someone from the Vatican Press Office was on the wrong account. Worst case, someone who is a religious (as in a priest) works in the Vatican Press Office and liked it.

  4. dizzy says:

    Hey, at least it was a woman of age and not a……NVM. 🤦

    • Mona says:

      As mentioned above at least it was a woman of legal consenting age….also a Latin American like his holiness 🤭…sigh, I’m going to hell for that aren’t I?

  5. lola says:

    He likes big butts and cannot lie

  6. kesley says:

    Well before he became a priest, Francis had girlfriends and worked as a bar bouncer.

    I can’t believe this is being investigated. The more conservative elements of the Church hate Francis and want him out but if they think people are going to get outraged about this they’re not too smart. There are thousands of lawsuits that have been filed regarding sexual abuse of young boys by Catholic priests. The Pope (or whomever runs his social media account) liking a picture of a grown woman posing in a sexy picture is actually making him more popular.

    • megs283 says:

      You are completely correct about the more conservative elements disliking Pope Francis. I work at a Catholic org. One day, shortly after Pope Francis’ election, I found a doc that someone had printed – “What to do if you don’t like Pope Francis”

  7. Myra says:

    This is such a 2020 thing to happen.

  8. mar says:

    There are a lot of things that they should investigate before this.

  9. My3cents says:

    Cheeky little devil.
    Yup some poor intern is probably updating his CV.

  10. Scarlett says:

    So the Catholic Church is ok with it only when it’s underage boys, but the rosary clutching happens when it’s a woman of legal age? Yep, I said it.

  11. AnnaKist says:

    I was only going today it was probably quite a nice bum. Then I looked. And, yes, it’s a very nice bum indeed. These twits should do some deeper digging into how George Pell protected child molesters for so long.

  12. Jennifer says:

    If only they’d put this kind of energy and scrutiny into investigating and properly dealing with the pedophiles within their organization.

  13. ce says:

    I love this Pope the most. The Millennial Pope. I’m here for it

  14. Vaper says:

    George Pell is evil.

  15. Jessie says:

    While I find this hilarious, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was part of a plan to unseat him since he’s so “progressive”

  16. Mina_Esq says:

    It doesn’t bother me at all if the pope likes booty.

  17. Ann says:

    I was a young teenager in 1978. I remember Pope John Paul I’s death in 1978. Young, revolutionary Pope is elected. He starts making changes and denounces the immense wealth of the church. 33 days later he’s found dead in the morning of natural causes (yeah right.) With power comes corruption and if that power is threatened, watch out (look at the Republican Party). The Vatican is no different.

    • Elizabeth says:

      The cardinals at that time gave the inside facts to a great investigative reporter. There is a really good book written from those details and yeah, not a natural death.

  18. Amelie says:

    This is hilarious and what a rookie mistake on part of the Vatican Staff, whoever it was. Good for the woman whose account it was, I’m guessing this’ll be great for her income. It reminds me of how Anthony Wiener kept getting caught in DMing cheating scandals because he was so bad at managing his fake accounts.

  19. The Recluse says:

    Hackers. They’re a collective nuisance.