Terrorist Kyle Rittenhouse released on $2 million bail, paid by Ricky Schroder

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In August, Kyle Rittenhouse was driven into Wisconsin from out of state by his mom. He was fully armed, and actively looking to terrorize people. He got his wish. He “allegedly” murdered Anthony M. Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum and wounded Gaige Grosskreutz, and then he waltzed in front of the police, still carrying the weapon he used. He left the state and was only arrested days later by begrudging cops who were so clearly on his side, I still believe that there should be mass firings in police departments across Wisconsin. Rittenhouse has been sitting in jail ever since because he’s considered a massive flight risk, and because we shouldn’t ever let terrorists out of jail. The judge likely offered him a $2 million bail bond thinking that this trashy little terrorist would never get his hands on a fraction of that kind of money. But guess what? A white terrorist like Kyle Rittenhouse is a “folk hero” to dumbass MAGAs. So here we are.

Kyle Rittenhouse, the Illinois teenager charged with killing two men during the Jacob Blake protests in Wisconsin this summer, made bail on Friday and walked out of jail, officials said. MyPillow Inc. founder Mike Lindell and former “Silver Spoons” child actor Ricky Schroder played key roles in “putting us over the top” in coming up with $2 million for bail, according to Rittenhouse’s defense attorney Lin Wood.

Wood tweeted a picture of fellow defense team lawyer John Pierce and Schroder embracing and smiling with Rittenhouse.

“Just off phone with Kyle. With tears in my eyes, I listened as he expressed thanks to The People for your prayers, donations & support,” Wood said in tweeted statement. “He prayed every day & night & said God lifted him up every time he fell. Kyle is a hero. So are his supporters. Keep him in your prayers.”

Schroder is a noted Hollywood conservative, while Lindell is vocal supporter of President Donald Trump. Lindell on Friday morning repeated baseless conspiracy theories that Trump was cheated out of landslide victory, in a posting that Twitter flagged.

Rittenhouse’s bond was posted about 2 p.m. CST Friday, and he “is no longer in custody at the Kenosha County Jail,” according to a statement by Kenosha County Sheriff’s Sgt. David Wright.

Rittenhouse, a 17-year-old from Antioch, Illinois, has been charged with first-degree intentional homicide, first-degree reckless homicide, attempted first-degree intentional homicide and other charges in connection with the deaths of Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, and Anthony Huber, 26, on Aug. 25.

[From NBC News]

This will end in tragedy. Again. And the “conservative embrace” of a terrorist and murderer like Rittenhouse is truly disturbing – yes, we’ve known that the Republican Party is a death cult, but before the Trump era, they would have tried a lot harder to avoid cozying up to a terrorist, even a white terrorist. And wrapping all of this up in “patriotism” – yeah, that’s the end of that. Patriotism is not murdering two people in the streets of Wisconsin. How much does Ricky F–king Schroder suck? And the MyPillow douche. F–k both of them.

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  1. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I was livid when I read this. I was supposed to be going to bed, but no. We’re surrounded by criminals and complicit criminals.

    • tback says:

      I was more livid when I saw the tshirt Kyle is wearing. Is that supposed to be funny? Two people are dead.

  2. Darla says:

    I never saw Silver Spoons, but I loved NYPD Blue and I liked him when he was on that. I had no idea about his right wing lunacy, but I was talking to someone on Twitter and she told me she found out even back when he was on NYPD. So…I guess he has just grown worse and worse, as they tend to do. Kim Delaney who played Diane on that show, is on General Hospital right now. So, maybe a comedown…but I’ll tell you this she looks SOOO much better than this guy. And she had a drinking problem for a long time. It goes to show hate ages you.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      I was a huge Silver Spoons fan, fully crushing on Rick when I was a kid.

      I had no idea he was fully MAGAt until this. so disappointing. he’s a Mormon, too, so he’s hiding his bigotry behind his “worship”. and I don’t want to EVER hear a murderer talk about how God “lifts him up”.

      God’s only going to “lift you up” in order to drop kick your azz down to hades, brother.

      • Emm says:

        The funny thing is I’m sure this kid has zero idea who Ricky is. He’s 17 so I’m pretty confident he hasn’t seen anything he’s been in. When his lawyer told him some celeb was helping bail him out I’m sure he was like “who?”.

    • Julie says:

      I did watch Silver Spoons and I had a massive crash on him when I was 8 year. That’s why when his name popped up in the news a couple of years ago, I actually clicked the article. His daughter had done an interview in which she disclosed the man is an under bearable narcissist. I’ll let her say it on her own words;

      ‘I grew up in a very abnormal situation,’ she said. ‘People might think it’s so beautiful and glamorous, but actors aren’t most of the time fully functioning humans.

      ‘From my experience, a lot of actors need a lot of attention and so I felt like my emotional needs growing up, were not fully understood or met. I felt isolated a lot of my life because other kids my age weren’t in the same situation.

    • Esmom says:

      Darla, Kim Delaney was on All My Children before anything else (loved her on it) so it sounds like she went back to her roots. 🙂

      I am sickened by the support for Rittenhouse, just sickened. I knew he’d make bail because his go fund me was going bonkers. Maybe one of these days the MAGAs will realize they are throwing their money down the drain. I won’t hold my breath, though.

      And Julie, wow, those are some carefully worded but unmistakably heartbreaking words by his daughter.

      • Renee says:

        Yes Esmom! Kim Delaney was Jenny on All My Children. She & Greg (the character name) were the teenage love story of the show. Oh and Jessie & Angie too. Ahhh…my younger days when I watched daily soap operas. I miss those days.

    • allybakes says:

      I am an avid General Hospital fan (I know, but I’ve been watching it since I was 10 and it’s great to put on in the background while cooking and cleaning, like listening to a radio program since the same people have been on it forever) and was wondering where I recognized her from. Thanks for getting that question out of my head. GH always take the “democratic/liberal” side so at least there’s that. They tend to always present things on the side of tolerance, most recently dedicating an episode to voting and previously supporting LGBTQ issues with their first transgender character.

    • holly hobby says:

      Something happened to Ricky because he was never hired after NYPD Blue. One thing about narcissists, they don’t have a sense of humor (see Rumps). I think Ricky doesn’t have one either. He and Jason Bateman were on Silver Spoons before Jason got shitcanned because he was becoming more popular than Ricky. Jason is obviously a funny guy and even he doesn’t hang out with RIcky.

    • Kristen820 says:

      I used to have a neutral to positive opinion of Rick “Don’t Call Me Ricky” Schroeder, based on what a friend who worked for him had to say.

      Now? Not so much.

  3. Midge says:

    I hope they all get COVID from their little bro hug photo op. Anyway, this little prick will end up in prison eventually, so that gives me some joy and quells the rage a teeny bit.

    • StormsMama says:

      Midge I agree with your sentiments.
      He will end up in jail right???!!!!!
      This lunacy is beyond anything I could’ve imagined but as far as reality soap operas go, I suppose it’s what “we” deserve – idiocracy and cult of personality reality programming 😩🤮

    • Anna says:

      @Midge He won’t necessarily end up in jail. Whiteness and white maleness is a hell of a drug, and we see how that plays out nationally. Also, note the use of the word “boy”, like they need to take care of him, he who murdered two people in cold blood, wounded another, and is defiant and unapologetic about it. But when a Black child, an actual Black boy is playing (or sleeping or walking or just generally *being alive*), they are murdered and referred to as if they were a dangerous adult. God, I hate this country sometimes and I especially hate global white supremacy, in particular the kind Amerikkka has exported and the kind Europe deals in but won’t ever admit to.

  4. LightPurple says:

    Covid19 is running rampant through our prisons. So, sure, pose for pictures unmasked with the terrorist you just sprung from a jail. Let us know how that works out for you.

    • H says:

      They probably don’t believe in Covid. I hope Ricky never works again unless its with Kirk Cameron.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        Maybe then Kirk will have someone at his birthday party.

      • jules says:

        I know that nothing about this situation is funny (it’s honestly HORRIFYING), but “unless it’s with Kirk Cameron” just fully SENT me. Thank you for the laugh, I really needed it today

      • Lorelei says:

        @Jules you’re obviously right that nothing about this is funny, but I saw a tweet that said “Ricky Schroeder is the Scott Baio of Kirk Camerons” and I have to admit I laughed. Another one said he could stick a silver spoon up his racist ass.

      • detritus says:

        Paranormal that is some excellent shade right there

  5. greenmonster says:

    What the… WHAT? I am not religious at all but even I am thinking – God is NOT OK with this!

    Everything about this is so disgusting. I wish I had more trust in Karma and/or Hell – at least then these people would get their fair share of sh!t.

    • Mac says:

      While I lack religious indoctrination, I’m pretty certain Jesus was not down with killing people protesting injustice.

      • Betsy says:

        Jesus was 100% not on their side. I’m kind of a shtty Lutheran; I don’t study the Bible and don’t have the kind of recall for stories and verses that some do, but Jesus was all about overturning the conservative power structure in that time and place. He was about flipping tables and protecting the little guy.

        Which is to say that people elevating murderers is as anti-Christ as a person can get.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        Jesus was out there protesting WITH people. he was the original activist. the way the right has twisted his teachings to suit their bigoted narrative is gross and horrible.

      • Arpeggi says:

        We all know this bunch of AH would shoot Jesus in the head if they saw him at a protest. A brown man preaching equality and tolerance while wearing robes? He’d be dead (again) before he could say one word

      • Anna says:

        @WhatWHAT? Exactly! Jesus was a badass who was for, with, about the people. Jesus would be wearing a mask and probably taking blows from people for asking if they could please mask up. He particularly went after bigots and rich people who harmed others with their wealth, took a whip to the temple to chase them out! Yeah, “Christianity” has very little to do with Jesus Christ. And agreed @Arpeggi re: a brown man teaching tolerance while wearing robes? “He’d be dead (again) before he could say one word” … lol at “again” but also weeping because it’s all so true.

  6. Noki says:

    I always get confused with the system. Bond and bail..same thing? They only have to pay 10% so 200k which they get back?

    • equality says:

      The 10% thing is only if you go through a bail service. The court gets the full amount which is refunded (minus a few costs) when you make your court appearance. If you flee, you forfeit the bail. I’m sure for this amount the bondsman would require a house lien or something to back up the bail. Then if you flee, you can lose the property. It sounds like in this case that they did a go-fund-me type thing and people just gave him the cash. I wonder who will be the one getting the money when the court refunds, assuming of course, that he doesn’t flee.

  7. mytwocents says:

    WTF Ricky!

  8. BlueSky says:

    Both men were previously accused/arrested for domestic violence, so birds of a feather.

    Just waiting for the inevitable when he has to go back to jail for attacking his mother or someone else.

  9. Sayrah says:

    Jesus how disgusting. I watched the video that morning it came out. I honestly don’t know how people (even maga people) can see anything different than a murderer. The truly disturbing part is if I saw someone shoot someone else in the street and I saw an opportunity to stop him before he killed anyone else, I would use a skateboard or whatever I had to disarm him. Isn’t that what these people say? A good guy with a weapon to take out a bad guy? I guess when you’re on the “other side” in a protest that doesn’t apply and it’s open season for 17 year old wanna be militia members to murder people in the middle of the street. Horrifying.

  10. lanne says:

    Someone needs to do a study of the pathology of white conservatism. They are openly embracing murderers. They have been co-opted by white extremists. White extremism now equals white conservatism, as far as I can see. If any white conservatives are horrified by this, they need to publically disavow it. Trumpism is a cancer

    • Also Ali says:

      And if reports out of the lawsuits against the Catholic Church and Boy Scouts are to be believed, rampant pedophiles as well.

      • Anna says:

        Yes, this is absolutely true. Predators in every sense of the word. Vile, racist, pedophile, murderers: that’s the Christian church today. It’s an extremist terrorist cult but because white male Christians started this “country”, it’s somehow continuously explained away, like no one wants to believe that “Christians” can be so evil. I always want to say: when Jesus told those parables, when he brought a whip into the temple, when he stopped the stone throwers and embraced Mary, he was fighting back against people like these so-called Christians. It’s so upsetting and disgusting that they even use his name to engage in their hateful acts. Half my family are fundamentalists and I haven’t been able to speak to any of them in four years. It makes me nauseous.

    • Traveler says:

      This exactly, lanne.
      Their whole life seems to revolve around hate, violence, and ignorance.

    • Betsy says:

      People have. It’s a sympathy for authoritarianism that runs through “conservatives” (aka anarchists. Anyone who wishes to destroy the social order as these people do are anarchists, not conservatives). John Dean has a new book out about this, “Authoritarian Nightmare.” They are weak people who hide behind strong men and will become belligerent on behalf of their leaders and cause. They have strong racism and sexism. There is another book called “It’s Even Worse Than It Looks” by Thomas Mann and Norm Ornstein that I’ve been meaning to read about right wing extremism.

  11. JanetDR says:

    This is just terrible.

  12. Ariel says:

    Ricky Schroeder, who twice had the cops called to his house last year because he beats his girlfriend. The next day, i believe on both occasions, she said it was a “misunderstanding”.
    But yeah, he beats women.
    He likes white supremacy and murder in the name of white supremacy.
    Amazing how often those things go hand in hand.

  13. Athyrmose says:

    My hope is that when people read or think about this person, the intersections of Kalief Browder and Tamir Rice remain top of mind.


  14. Esme says:

    Ok, but he can still be found guilty and made to serve his sentence, right?
    Or is he planning to be a 17yo Patriot stationed in Russia?
    I can’t believe the haven’t charged his mother, anyhow.
    This is the US at its worst (I know it’s not representative of the majority). I know it happened, but I still find the whole situation tragically absurd.

    • Mac says:

      Sadly it’s reflective of 40% of the nation. So much of this has been fueled and stoked by social media. I hope the Biden administration regulates the hell out of Twitter and Facebook.

    • elle says:

      I was wondering the same thing – why wasn’t his mother charged?

      • Lorelei says:

        Why was she driving him there? She had to have known he was heavily armed. Did she know he planned to murder people? This entire story is horrifying, everything about it.

  15. Chica1971 says:

    Kalief Browdernin jail for three years over a backpack he didn’t steal and a terrorist get out on bail. Remember Tamil Rice, his bday was last week. Still think “All lives matter”?

    • Gingerbee says:

      @Chica, Amen. This is what we call privileged.

    • Betsy says:

      Thing is, none of these “all lives matter” losers are actually going to understand any of this. Their brains will make a high pitched noise over the egregiousness of this and go on believing the lies they believe about Tamir Rice’s murder and how Browder was treated.

      For some of them there will be cracks in the foundations of their white supremacy and it’s up to the non-white supremacist white people in their lives to help pour water in the cracks and let it freeze to make the cracks bigger and eventually bring down the house. Maybe the disgustingness of people fundraising to get this pig terrorist out of jail will be one of those cracks for some.

  16. Wendy Anderson says:

    Ricky Schroder looks awfully proud to be standing next to a murderer.

  17. Veronica S. says:

    It’s disgusting, but fear not, he ain’t going nowhere. No country is going to take an American right now, much less an American with a murder charge under his belt. I doubt he has a passport as it is, and good luck getting one – they aren’t doing expedited order right now unless it’s an absolute emergency. I’m still waiting for my renewal from late August.

    He’s going to jail. He just thinks he’s getting the better bargain because he’s in the spotlight in the meanwhile, being used by the very people who radicalized him in the first place. I’d almost feel sorry for him if there wasn’t a body count to his name.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Veronica: even if he ends up in prison, we still need to reckon with the fact that so many people idolized him and why. It’s the same with MAGATs; Trump might have lost the election but our country is still full of millions of these horrible people. It’s so scary.

  18. lola says:

    Are you fucking kidding me?! This is beyond disgusting. I have no words.

  19. GuestwithCat says:

    First off this is a seventeen year old, so whoever brainwashed a child to become the murderous monster we see before us has blood on their hands. Shockingly it’s not just his family but apparently an entire segment of society. And if the law doesn’t have a way to hold them to account I hope karma does.

    Secondly, what the hell is wrong with people holding this kind of terrorism up as heroism? This kid, sadly, is a terrorist. He’s a murderer. He broke laws. All these law and order hypocrites suddenly don’t want to uphold laws against a white kid. We see how it is.

    Finally, Ricky Schroeder was a cute kid but he grew into a model of what the toxicity of white male privilege will produce at its extreme. It’s no wonder he feels a kinship to Rittenhouse.

    This is sad and horrifying all around.

  20. Marigold says:

    Wtf is wrong with these people?

  21. MaryContrary says:

    This legit makes me sick to my stomach.

  22. Levans says:

    He shot two people. Why are they falling over themselves to raise him up? This is so disgusting.

  23. Liz version 700 says:

    Damn it so “Silver Spoons and NYPD Blue” two more shows deleted from my childhood Netflix list. Gross human trash of a man.

  24. BnLurkN4eva says:

    Yet, to these same people, a Black kid returning home from buying skittles deserved to be shot to death not far from his home. Got it.

  25. Leah says:

    All of them are trash and Rittenhouse belongs at the end of a drop and sudden stop.

    As for Schroder, he was a total shit when I met him decades ago so this comes as no surprise that he’s turned into a wife beating terrorist supporting magat. I read that his own daughter doesn’t even want much to do with him.

  26. Lorelei says:

    JFC. I remember girls fawning all over Ted Bundy back in the day, and some even went to his trials to see him, but this is next level. I didn’t know Ricky was a conservative, but still, my god, posing proudly with him for a photo?

    Is this kid going to start charging for autograph signings now?? (Actually, forget that — he definitely is, because I remember reading that George Zimmerman would do those autograph events for people and in some cases, people wanted a Skittles bag signed for them. I’ll never forget when I learned that horrifying detail; to this day I can’t really wrap my brain around it.)

    • BountyHunter says:

      My God, that chills my blood.

      • Lorelei says:

        Mine too. I absolutely could not believe it, but people actually posted photos, smiling as they held up their signed Skittles bags. It is so demented and terrifying.

      • Joanna says:

        I live in Florida and I’ve read that he brags at the bars about it. I hate him.

    • Anna says:

      @Lorelei I hadn’t heard that and have no words to describe the horror of the Skittles bags. This country really really really REALLY hates Black people. Like to a degree that is just rabid. God help me, I need to get the f- up out of here to save my life. Praying that a door or window or something will open so I can escape Amerikkka 2020.

  27. Nanea says:

    “Kyle is SAFE.”
    Unlike the people he killed and wounded and their relatives and friends.

    “FREE AT LAST!!!”
    Unlike the people who will never be free of their loss, reliving the pain of hurt, reliving the moment Kyle murdered and physically and mentally injured those who were there and witnessed what he did.

  28. Betsy says:

    This is so ghastly on so many levels. Springing a murderer and terrorist from jail. Their appropriation of language meant for people who have actually been in danger. Springing a murderer and terrorist from jail.

    Getting their jollies getting a terrorist sprung from jail.

    I just can’t get over that this fcker killed two people for S&G and he is being held up as an example of good. Lots of things these last few years has made me angry, but for some reason it’s this cold calculation to protect and elevate a murdering white supremacist is really, really just the cherry on top.

    He’ll kill his mother next.

  29. Züri says:

    Holy shit. I was infuriated when I read yesterday that Shittenhouse’s bail was posted (and that he has corporate sponsors!), but I had no clue Rick Shroeder was behind the payment. Thanks sooo much for covering this and pointing out who is behind the funds. I learned even more reading through the comments, didn’t know about Schroeder’s domestic abuse arrests.

  30. teehee says:

    You kill innocent people- and you stand there smiling !???!!!!!

  31. one of the Marys says:

    The families of the murdered must be so angry my God I feel for them

    • Lorelei says:

      Can you IMAGINE? Seeing your loved one’s murderer become a hero to millions of people? It’s unfathomable. Those poor families.

  32. Digital Unicorn says:

    Someday soon that little murderer will turn 18 and will be going to the big boy prison – his ass will be much sought after there and his new friends won’t be able to protect him. Not sure how much protection he will get from the neo nazis already in there.

    • FF says:

      Sorry to burst bubbles but he’ll probably be well looked after by the aryan gangs in jail; that’s if Trump doesn’t pardon his ass. (For the record: could he do that? I don’t doubt Trump would but how likely is it that the murderer will actually be sentenced before Biden is sworn in?)

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        FF, This will be charged under state law. Trump only has authority to pardon people convicted under federal law. So, once he’s convicted under state law, this terrorist will be going to prison. And, may he live a VERY long life.

      • Sunnydaze says:

        Yes, he’ll most likely be brought into a gang in prison BUT, working ones way up the ranks in those types of organizations takes time. He might be embraced but he won’t be elevated – he’s soft, has access to money, he’s young….he’s not going to fare well at all, ripe for exploitation under the guise of protection. Life in an Aryan gang or any other, from the clients I’ve had, is a horrific and traumatic existence whether you subscribe to the ideologies or just join for protection – people who are high up got there for a reason and don’t take well to the assumption one can just waltz in without paying their dues in blood. If I had to put money on it, I’d bet he’ll be in special housing for quite some time which is no happy place either. Either way, “Kyle is safe” is the most laughably tragic statement ever. This kid thinks it’s a joke. His life is over and what little time he has on the outside will quickly be forgotten. Good riddance.

      • Anna says:

        Thanks @Sunnydaze I needed this info as a counterbalance to the level of rage I feel about this.

  33. pamspam says:

    Thanks Schroeder for saving me the trouble of boycotting your non-existent career, you vile piece of shit.

  34. Valerie says:

    ffs. No tears for his victims though, hm? Assholes.

  35. J ferber says:

    Ricky, you suck! Asshat dude is a double murderer. What the fuck, Ricky?

  36. emmy says:

    I know this is big news but it’s time that we stop making these terrorists famous. Don’t say his name, don’t use his picture. Please. I live on another continent and know his name. I don’t know the names of his victims off hand. Look how they’re using him for their own shitty purposes.

    • Anna says:

      Good point and I really agree with you @emmy I wonder that often with the posts about 45 and his toxic scary b.s. Giving air time and clicks to this horror…It’s hard to turn away and you want to comment to feel solidarity but at the same time, I wonder if it adds to the media frenzy…

  37. holly hobby says:

    Ugh et tu, Ricky? All those people in the 80s are coming out as assholes (Ricky, John Tesh, Mary Hart, Gopher from the Love Boat etc. Gopher’s wife used to be a reporter for Entertainment Tonight. Looks like ET likes to harbor racists).

    This little punk – I hope it doesn’t end well for him. Can’t hide behind that white shield forever.

    • Christin says:

      I truly think some of them are at least partially doing it for any type of career boost/relevance.

      How many times would someone think of Ricky, Gopher, Bo Duke, Fonzie’s cousin, or 1980s TV co-hosts, if they were not making their political thoughts known? They only have fans to gain, given how long ago their fame burned semi-brightly.

  38. StormsMama says:

    Holly Hobby
    You can add Baio and chuck woolery

  39. Delphine says:

    I can’t believe I had a crush on him when he was on Silver Spoons! This makes me want to rage scream.

  40. HK9 says:

    Fuck both of them.

  41. Joanna says:

    Disgusting, he’s a murderer jmo

  42. Thirtynine says:

    This is why its so important that Biden is seen to publicly and actively support the pursuit of justice. (I dont mean in a vengeful way, just upholding wha t exists instead of flouting it.) The US has lost its faith in the application of the laws. If it is going to get it back, justice must be seen to be don e.

  43. Pommom says:

    So a man of the feline persuasion contributes to the bail of a younger male of the same persuasion. Meow. 😾