Tyler Perry donated 5,000 meals and gift cards to Atlanta families

Tyler Perry is known for his generosity. Last spring, Tyler loaned his Beverly Hills mansion to Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan while they were transitioning from royal life. During the pandemic, Tyler picked up the grocery tab for senior citizens at 70 different grocery stores in Atlanta. Tyler also donated a van to a women’s organization in Atlanta that provides hygiene products to women experiencing homelessness.

Tyler’s latest act of kindness is very much on brand. Tyler experienced food and housing insecurity while pursuing his dream as a writer (he once had to live in his car). He said seeing all the people lining up at foodbanks inspired TPS (Tyler Perry Studios) Giving. Tyler opened his Atlanta studio for a four hour food drive. He paid to feed 5,000 families through boxed meals and grocery store gift cards. Here is more on the story via People:

On Sunday, the star opened up his Atlanta movie studio, Tyler Perry Studios, for four hours to feed 5,000 families with a combination of food boxes and gift cards for local supermarket chain Kroger.

Perry, 51, personally funded the event, called TPS Giving, and studio employees donated their time to volunteer and hand out all of the goods.

“Tyler was heartbroken seeing people all over the country stand in line for food so he decided he wanted to give back to his community in Atlanta,” a source close to Perry tells PEOPLE. “Hopefully this encourages others who are able to, to give back during the holiday season in a year that has been difficult for many.”

[From People]

This is another feel good story in which high profile people who have experienced times of poverty are now giving back. I am here for this. I truly believe in giving back whenever I have it to spare. That five dollar gift card can mean the difference of someone going hungry or being fed. It has been a tough year for many. Last week, 25,000 people lined up in their cars at the North Texas Food Bank in Dallas, TX. We may not realize how that $10 we donated to a food bank a few weeks ago matters. Every little bit counts.

I am not necessarily a fan of Tyler’s movies but I like how he never gave up on himself and kept going. I also like reading about how he loves to give back and help in his community. I hope that many will take a page from Tyler’s book during this time and give whatever they can. If you have extra cash this holiday season, please donate to your local food back or to Feeding America or No Kid Hungry. If you have canned goods in your cabinet that you know you won’t use, donate them to your local food bank. You can even donate the remaining balance of one of your gift cards to this program. I hope this Thanksgiving, despite not being able to be with our friends and family like we are used to, will remind us of the many things that we can be thankful for.

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  1. ABritGuest says:

    Not a fan of his content but he’s good at paying it forward. Well done Tyler

  2. Becks1 says:

    This is such a nice story to read first thing in the morning. I really like how he gives back directly to the community.

    The stories about the food banks over the weekend are really sad (I was also reading about a similar situation in New Jersey, although not 25,000 – but the line reached for miles and took hours to get through.) We’ve been fortunate to come through the pandemic unscathed economically, so I need to do my part to pay it forward as well, so thanks for the reminder.

  3. Lucy2 says:

    It’s really awesome to see someone use their success to help so many others.
    A few months ago I set up a recurring monthly donation to two food banks, but seeing the huge lines recently, I’ve been trying to do a little more.
    Can I also suggest World Central Kitchen? They show up every time there is a natural disaster, and were also working with local restaurants to feed people waiting in line to vote.

  4. BnLurkN4eva says:

    I am very proud of this man and the way he gives back. I admit I don’t like most of his films, but I support them because I support him and how he employs overlook talents and how he gives back. I have movies of his that I’ve bought and never watched just because I support him even if the actual films he makes doesn’t interest me. Good job Tyler.

  5. StormsMama says:

    I love and respect and admire him so much.
    Just imagine if the Trumps actually gave back. Just imagine if the kardashians gave back
    And no I’m not talking about charity that is actually a shelter for money. I’m talking about actually giving back. Paying it forward. There are so many people who could make a huge difference. Yet it always seems to be the people who have experienced hardship who understand this isn’t a “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” issue.
    Stay safe you guys.

  6. Charfromdarock says:


  7. Marigold says:

    I love him. He is so kind. A true example.

  8. Yvette says:

    Tyler Perry is a true example of the milk of Human Kindness (the next ‘A Christmas Carol’ remake ‘must’ have Tyler as the Ghost of Christmas Present!). I love that fact that no matter how successful he is, he never forgets where he came from and the people still in that place. What a wonderful man.

  9. Veronica S. says:

    He’s a good dude. I know his work is controversial at times, but he puts his money where his mouth is on a lot of social issues, so his intentions seem overall kindly. A lot of people just want to put that kind of stuff behind them as they move up the ladder.

  10. WTF says:

    I don’t mean to be a buzzkill, but this story actually annoyed me a little. He gave out 5000 meals ($25 gift cards and canned goods). That’s about $175k. That’s half of what it costs to fuel his Gulf Stream jet for a year. It’s his money and he can spend it however he wants. But are we really giving accolades for someone giving away what is essentially gas money? People waited in line 5-6 hours. If we are meant to live with income inequality because, you know, capitalism, then the Uber wealthy need to do more