Are the Duke & Duchess of Sussex staying at Tyler Perry’s Beverly Hills mansion?

Britain's Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex (C) and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex (L) stand with Canada's High Commissioner for Canada in the United Kingdom, Janice Charette, as they leave after their visit to Canada House in thanks for the warm Canadian hospitalit

For months, there’s been speculation about where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are staying/living in LA. The British tabloids – and TMZ, honestly – have been crawling all over the property records, waiting to see if Harry and Meghan have purchased a home. They have not so far. Which means that the Sussexes are renting a place, or they’re staying at a friend’s home. There was some convoluted theory that they were renting a Malibu beach home owned by a friend of a friend of a friend, but I have no idea what happened to that story. The new story is that the Sussexes are staying (rent-free?) in Tyler Perry’s Beverly Hills mansion. Hallelujer!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are living in a sprawling, ultra-luxe $18 million Beverly Hills mansion owned by Hollywood mogul Tyler Perry. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their one-year-old son Archie have set up home in Perry’s hilltop eight-bedroom, 12-bathroom Tuscan-style villa in the swanky gated Beverly Ridge Estates, Page Six has confirmed. Perry is currently out of town in Atlanta setting up to re-start production in his studio, a source exclusively tells us.

The couple is believed to have been introduced the “Madea” star by their close friend Oprah Winfrey, who has taken them under her wing after working with Harry on a docu-series about mental health. Page Six revealed that Winfrey has been a guiding force to the Sussexes as they made their controversial decision to leave the royal family. The media queen is also very close to Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland.

Perry’s 12-bathroom Tuscan-style villa sits on 22 acres on the top of a hill, offering sweeping views of the city. It is not confirmed if the Sussexes are renting the house from Perry, but sources said they are likely staying as guests while he is out of town. We revealed this week that they are on the hunt to buy their own property in the region of $10-20 million — as broker to the stars Josh Altman said they could “low ball” their way into an amazing home.

The “Million Dollar Listing” guru told us: “You’ll get a great deal over the next six months. If you’re looking to spend $10 to $20 million, there are five or six gated communities that are perfect.” Altman cited Beverly Ridge as a great gated development.

[From Page Six]

Yeah, it’s legitimately a good time to buy a home currently, and if they have patience and play their cards right, they could easily get a really nice place for millions of dollars cheaper than they would have gotten it six months ago. As for Tyler Perry letting them stay in his home while he’s out of town… there are tons of celebrities who have huge mansions they rarely use. I still don’t 100% believe this though – I think the story originated in the Daily Mail (Becky English ran it as an exclusive) and I think it’s just a continuation on the whole “Meghan is friends with every black person in Hollywood” theme. Plus, from what little we’ve seen of the interiors from the Sussexes’ Zoom calls and videos, the design doesn’t seem very Tyler Perry-ish. I remain unconvinced!

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Tyler Perry at the induction ceremony fo...

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  1. Becks1 says:

    Looks like a great house, love the pool, so good for them if that’s where they’re staying, worse places to spend the quarantine.

    I dont think its been confirmed though (and I dont expect it to be, if true) but I also wonder if they wanted to try out the neighborhood. Yes Meghan grew up in LA but its been a while since she lived there full time and she has very different means now (And different needs in terms of security) so they may have wanted to get a feel for this neighborhood before buying .

    • LahdidahBaby says:

      Yep, that makes sense to me, Becks1.

    • Rhos says:

      The only reason their whereabouts are being reported is to show that while they claim they want to become financially independent, they mooching off of others. It’s hard to explain to people who can’t even afford rent right now, that this is the way all rich and famous people live. I’m not surprised DM is all over this – H&M in a mansion at a time like this. The fact that Meghan’s relationship with the publication is so broken will only spur DM to continue with these pieces. They will never stop trying to make these two look bad, regardless if they are being fair or not.

      • Becks1 says:

        oh exactly. so many of the responses were “freeloaders!!!!” and things like that. I just had to laugh because like you said, this is the way rich and famous people live, and is it freeloading when Will and Kate travel on vacation and stay in homes of friends or acquaintances?

    • Guest says:

      So many normal rich people are also staying in their fabulous multi million mansions, with pools and saunas and acres of land. Lots of them in the UK and many countries around the world. Showing off on their Instagrams. They will also be the first to get the vaccines in the same way they were the first to be tested. Covid is certainly not the leveller everyone was making it out to be.

  2. Bettyrose says:

    If they’re not using it, can I?

  3. Taylor says:

    I could believe it, only for the details about security being top-notch. But anything sourced from the DM is highly suspect. That so many publications just run with their content with no due diligence of their own is frustrating.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      The DM story on Harry-Meghan-Tyler Perry generate 13K comments in 12 hours. The DM will NEVER leave the Sussexes alone in peace.

    • AnnaKist says:

      Is that the problem you have there with the DM, Taylor? We have the opposite down here. They are forever being called out and slammed for lifting stories from other publications, and always with examples of the original reports. Talk about plagiarism. The DM is scum.

  4. Lisa says:

    Nice home and generous of him to let them use it if true. I remain skeptical because they have been attached to endless properties and I wish the DM would leave it alone. We really don’t need to know this information.

    • Becks1 says:

      I agree it makes me uncomfortable. We don’t need to know their address.

      And people wonder why they need security.

      • Britt says:

        I somewhat feel the media is doing this intentionally because they do want something to happen to them. I thought it was wacky at first but I truly believe that. They want Meghan to drop the suit and want them both back to be the money makers or they want Harry back with Archie and for him to marry a white woman. Either way, it’s sinister and creepy.

    • booboocita says:

      I think the DM is just hoping that someone, anyone, sooner or later, will pop up and say, “No they’re not! They’re staying at X!” But if that hasn’t happened yet, it’s never going to happen. The Sussexes must have fantastically loyal friends and staff. Thank goodness.

  5. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Yeah Im skeptical on this. Especially since the connection is fairly loose and the DM loves the “all black people know each other” narrative

  6. S808 says:

    I don’t know……it’s been reported by the DM (who they have 0 contact with) and TMZ (who falsely reported about Kim Jong-un not to long ago) and apparently Andrew is getting sued so BRF may need a story to distract from that. It looks like a beautiful home regardless. If it’s true I wonder how they got in contact with him or if he called them up.

    • ABritGuest says:

      Did you see that the royal family’s SM actually highlighted journalists as part of their Thankful Thursday (Hhmm where they get that idea) for working to keep us informed. Which is such a joke given most coverage of coronavirus in Britain has been blasted for sycophancy to the government, trying to distract from death tolls on garbage stories about scientist affairs or Harry and Meghan& there have been polls about low trust in the press.

      The press must have the royal family by the nuts. They’ve officially shown more support to journalists than their own relative& in-law.

      • Britt says:

        They do have them by the nuts and the family and media are upset that they refused to be scapegoats, which is why they’re still talking about them but it’s clear the media and family are in cahoots to protect Andrew and William. Harry and Meghan are so smart to get out because not being protected and hounded by an obsessive Media is a terrible way to live.

      • GuestWho says:

        I saw that thank you tweet – did you happen to read the responses? They were SOUNDLY dragged for sucking up to the tabloids. In fact, there were a lot of comments stating their single tweet about the press was more support than they gave the “favorite” grandson and his wife the entire time they’d been married. I wonder if anyone actually reads the responses. It did not go as they had hoped.

      • Bella says:

        + 1

      • Becks1 says:

        I was pleasantly surprised by the twitter responses to that tweet. And yes, @GuestWho, someone does read the responses because they will block people.

  7. Sofia says:

    The DM will continue to link the Sussexes to every empty mansion in LA just so they can say “Ha! We were right!” but they were quite literally just flinging shit onto a wall and seeing what sticks

  8. Ginger says:

    Isn’t this the 6th mansion the DM have claimed that they live in? Considering the DM is on the banned list, I will not believe this. It’s a cover up for the Prince Andrew being sued story.

  9. CommentingBunny says:

    Okay but the name Becky English is killing me. Is her middle name Karen?

  10. Bella says:

    Who knows? But I hope they buy somewhere soon. Meghan must be desperate to have a permanent base.

    • Rhos says:

      @Bella, I doubt she is – why would she? She doesn’t strike me as a homebody and the 12 month review in the future means things might change. They will continue renting/staying in friend’s places. It’s not like they have to move with a backpack. They move into fully furnished properties, use it and then move on. It’s pretty normal for people with money.

    • MsIam says:

      Meghan rented for years in Toronto plus even the house she and her husband lived in LA was a rental. So she’s probably used to it. Harry seems like a pretty low maintenance type of guy so I doubt he’s bothered about owning versus renting anyway.

    • L4frimaire says:

      I don’t have that impression. They’re still trying to settle and too many things up in the air. The closest thing to a permanent base was Frogmore, which they can’t travel to ( probably don’t want to anyway).

      • BayTampaBay says:

        Do the Sussexes still have access to Frogmore Cottage?

      • L4frimaire says:

        They said they’d pay back reno costs and maintain it as their U.K. home. Was part of that exit statement .

  11. February Pisces says:

    It looks like a beautiful home, if I was self isolating there I don’t think I’d ever leave. But I call BS on them actually being there.

  12. starryfish29 says:

    This is like the 15th celebrity compound they’ve ‘confirmed’ they are staying at.

  13. yinyang says:

    That’s very nice of him and man what a place, wow, but I hope they buy a house, I know it’s a big commitment and they probably need to take it slow but renting is money down the drain and really it’s the best thing for Archie to have a solid place he can come home to. I feel like H&M might be trying to preform a balancing act, nothing that breaks the bank and too gaudy and lavish opposite of their charity work but something they can be proud of and “royal” enough to keep up with the RF, but really only her detractors will actually care about that.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      I do not think the Sussexes will buy anything until after the 12 month review.

      • Chelle says:

        I agree BayTampaBay. I think they will want to put down roots but the fact remains that they have had several homes in the UK (Frogmore & KP), so for now they could be ok. Just taking their time and enjoying life.

        I also think that in general the urge for a physical abode might be more pressing for Harry than Meghan. Just given his background, I can imagine home was a moving target for him: his father’s home, his mother’s place in KP, boarding school, the army, perhaps summers at Balmoral, Christmas at Sandringham, etc. I don’t know. On the other hand, and because of his background, home (terra firma) could be more fluid and simply be wherever his loved ones are—now meaning Meghan and Archie.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @Chelle – Do the Sussexes still have a residence at KP?

    • Market Street Minifig says:

      “nothing that breaks the bank”

      Why are people so concerned about the Harry and Meghan’s finances? I’ve seen this crop up a few times so I have to wonder if their supporters are unwittingly being influenced by the concern trolling angle of the campaign against them—or if there’s something I’m missing.

    • Ash says:

      Also, from a purely financial perspective, renting is not “money down the drain”, although it’s a common misunderstanding. The New York Times has a great calculator on their site showing how much you’d be spending if you rent vs owning and it can be really eye-opening.

  14. KellyRyan says:

    The estate in and of itself is gated with security guards. Wherever they are, they’re secure. I’m uncertain on high end property sales, 50% of homes which were up for sale have been removed from the market. My realtor has told us more buyers than sellers due to Covid-19.

    • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

      My friend’s daughter is in Real Estate in Colorado. I asked how she was doing, business-wise, with the lockdown. She told me her daughter has already sold one place and has 3 more in escrow! It’s crazy…just the opposite that I thought would be happening. I mean, considering how many people are losing jobs, or not working full capacity/paycheck… goes to show what I know!

      Kind of makes me really mad that these tabs can fly drones over people’s property, “uninvited” (ie: not a RE company taking shots for selling purposes, w/owner’s permission). What an invasion of privacy!!!
      Can you imagine if they *are* staying there, and one of them happened to be on the grounds, or at the pool, with Archie? The paps would be camped hiding outside the gates, or sending up their own drones non-stop!

      • KellyRyan says:

        It’s been reported and confirmed by my realtor people want to leave LA and live in a rural area. We’re rural and were making plans to move to AZ, rural area. When he called and asked me if we were ready to list I said no not until we have vaccines. Interesting on the drones, we have rules in place, limited use because of our HOA. Photo of Tyler’s home may have been from a real estate photo, notice no one in the photo, only the home.

        Just another thought Jan. Southern California Edison has been flying over our area since last summer taking photos of equipment to replace or upgrade. They utilize helicopters and we can see a passenger leaning out with a camera. Could very well be a heli photo.

      • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

        Interesting, KellyRyan. But I don’t think this would be SCE, as the pics are focused on the living areas of the house, not just where equipment would be (side of the house, a utility building (not uncommon on a big property)).

        I know there *are* rules in place here, about personal drones flying over other people’s homes…but I wonder how/if they’re really enforced, esp. if the person who’s property is being hovered over, doesn’t file a complaint. Then there’s the whole tracking down the drone…

        Anyway…If they’re there, good on them. I hope they enjoy their time there, in safety and in good health. (I’d also put up a LOT of blocking umbreallas and or sun guards to block visual access lol).

      • Soupie says:

        In Long Beach (CA), specifically Belmont Heights and Shore, people are able to shoot drones down that hover over the home – backyard especially (the result of tons of high end bike theft 2-3 yrs ago).

        They CAN shoot them down and they do! 😁

  15. Edna says:

    “Perry’s 12-bathroom Tuscan-style villa sits on 22 acres on the top of a hill, offering sweeping views of the city.”

    So if the house sits on 22 acres, wouldn’t there be enough land/space to walk their dogs without being papped? The Daily Fail is desperate and throwing stuff to see what sticks. And all the black people in Hollywood don’t know each other so the BM should stop that racist shit.

    • yinyang says:

      “all the black people in Hollywood don’t know each other so the BM should stop that racist shit” Completely agree with this.

  16. Beach Dreams says:

    At this point they’ve been connected to half of Hollywood’s real estate. You’d think the tabloids would have more pressing matters to report on.

  17. Digital Unicorn says:

    Its a beautiful home but as others have said, DM is on the banned list and the Sussex’s have already told us what ever they print about them is lies – this is just click bait to cover for the story that Andrew is being sued and that he has repeatedly REFUSED to speak to the lawyers repping Virginia – after repeatedly saying he would.

  18. Amy says:

    I genuinely dislike that house- it lacks character IMO> I do like the pool and would love that much outdoor space. Man a yard must be an amazing thing.

    I don’t get why people care where people live. I mean if they can afford a huge house and want one (for me personally I think this feels to big but that is me others would disagree) then go for it.

    Also why do people care where they are living, if they are renting or staying with friends. It’s none of our business and they are following California’s COVID rules so there is no reason to complain.

    • Olenna says:

      Of course it’s none of our business, but there are a lot of stupid and psychotic tabloid readers (not including the bots) who wait with foul, bated breathe for any news of the Sussexes, real or imagined.

    • Guest says:

      OH my goodness. You don’t have a “yard” a garden I presume? Where are you living that you cannot afford a garden??

  19. MsIam says:

    I thought they were living next door to Elton John. *yawn* At any rate, if it is this place it sounds secure which is the main thing. Tyler is a generous, thoughtful dude, I don’t see him being pressed about collecting rent.

    • yinyang says:

      Hmm…I wonder if this is DM’s subliminal way of connecting them with every celebrity and lavish endless spending on hollywood mansions to their name.

    • S808 says:

      Next to Elton John, Malibu and now Beverley Hills!

  20. Aang says:

    I’d rather see them living rent free in the home of a Hollywood person than the home of a Russian oligarch or some banker. So I hope this story is true. And I could see Hollywood people wanting the cache of being friends with these two.

    • L4frimaire says:

      Well they certainly are living rent free in a lot of people’s heads. Where they live is no one’s business but their own. Not buying this Tyler Perry story at all. I sure they can figure this out on their own, with their own contacts. I don’t know why everyone thinks Oprah is their fairy godmother. Meghan is still getting paid every time we watch Suits or those cheesy Hallmark movies.

  21. Britt says:

    The stalking is real, lol. You can’t tell me that the media are happy they’re gone because it’s like they’re slowly realizing that Harry and Meghan are not coming back 😂 That video with them and hearing Harry and Meghan’s joy and love with each other and their son was proof enough that it’s over. The bitterness and jealously and in some ways regret, is palpable especially when it’s obvious that the BM is slowly becoming irrelevant. I doubt this story is true, but they better not come for Oprah, Tyler or any of that group because it won’t be pretty. They said Harry and Meghan are irrelevant but it seems the British Media are and they can’t handle it.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      The commentariat of the DM is always “coming” for Oprah, Gail King, The Obamas, Hillary and now Tyler Perry. The comments are beyond insane-irrational and have just become bizarre.

    • panda says:

      They aren’t “gone” for tabloid purposes. It hardly matters where they live. DM has offices in the US, including LA. Harry and Meghan haven’t escaped them or other tabloids by moving there. Worse, there are no rules in place to protect them from being photographed in their “off” time as there are in the UK for working royals. Like other celebrities, they’ll have to figure out how to avoid the paparazzi and/or cut deals with them to control what gets published.

      • Natalee says:

        Do people actually believe these rules? Wasn’t kate papped in her “off time” conveniently after the sussexes farewell tour lovingly buying books for her precious heirs?

        Yeah, that’s total bs and some ting you people love to trot out.

      • MsIam says:

        So what if they are photographed shopping or walking their dogs? I don’t think that was the issue for the Sussexes at all. I think it’s more the ugly stories and lies that generate hate. Plus the general toxic atmosphere of the RF, that loves their despicable Andrew and throws Meghan and Harry to the wolves.

      • Emmitt says:

        The Sussexes will not be “cutting deals” with American tabloids to control what they publish because nobody in America cares about the tabloids like that. The American tabloids are seen as jokes. American tabloids won’t be chasing them or any other celebrities down the street…that’s just not how it operates over here. Los Angeles is probably the best place for them …celebrities in LA are a dime a dozen … no one cares…

      • Guest says:

        Oh yes that is true. Royals in the UK aren’t seen in their private off time unless they want to be seen and unless they authorise the pictures. There are no candid pictures of Meghan or Harry in the UK. None of Kate either. They know they will be photographed when they go the Polo outings. All the other pictures are arranged beforehand. No candid shots like they would want you to believe.

  22. Eyfalia says:

    Why is it important to know where they are staying? I don’t get it. It is nobodys business. Just leave them alone! Somebody should take care of these tabloids.

    • Britt says:

      Unfortunately, the tabloids will continue because Harry and Meghan are their bread and butter. They want access so badly and even when they did all that stuff to them, they still want and expect access one day. It’s been months since they left and they’re still bitter. Like I said above, their going though the stages of grief and when that year review comes closer and it becomes even more apparent that they’re not coming back, they’ll hopefully accept it for real but I doubt it.

  23. Uhhuh says:

    So they’re going to live off of people, going from house to house.

    • Olenna says:

      Not that it’s any of your business where they live, but are you going to believe everything these tabloids write about the Sussexes without giving it a smidgen of critical thought? Do you think the Sussexes lack their own funds to pay rent or buy a home? How many times have the tabloids that you apparently read for your ‘real’ news wrote articles about where this couple lives? Did you believe the articles stating they were living in Malibu, or the ones stating they were living in Canada when they’d already moved to California?

      • Gingerbee says:

        @ Olenna, so true.
        Only swamp creatures would believe the Dirty Fail’s lies.

      • Guest says:

        Didn’t they live in Canada for at least 5 or 6 months?? Since Last October? And the Canadian people already paid without knowing? So I don’t think it was a lie they were staying in Canada for a length of time. Now they are in California. I just hope they don’t come to my beloved cote d’azur It’s privately wealthy and paparazzi free – no one cares about royalty because everyone lives better lives than them.

    • Rhos says:

      Isn’t that what all wealthy people who have rich friends in high places do? They stay at each other houses as guests… These two are not making nearly enough to buy anything close to a mansion like that and I’m not sure if Harry would be comfortable using whatever millions he has. William is privately wealthy but he doesn’t spend it and relies on his father’s income (and taxpayers money for renovations and security).

    • MsIam says:

      Yeah, @Uhhuh, they will, so you stay pressed about it ok? Meanwhile Harry and Meghan will enjoy their Mimosas by Tyler Perry’s pool.

      • Guest says:

        Tyler Perry’s pool? Awww bless I take it you don’t have a pool of your own in your own garden. I wonder why that is? Most people have pools so they can swim and enjoy everyday. Shame that you don’t know what that feels like so you have to reference someone else’s swimming pool instead of your own. Hehe

    • Sid says:

      Where are you getting this information from? All I have seen so far is a ton of speculation from trashy tabloids.

  24. molly says:

    I know this “staying in so-and-so’s mansion” thing is extremely common, but how does that work? Do they all just sleep in the same master bedroom and have the cleaning staff swap out the sheets when they leave? Do you use the mustard in the fridge, or does everyone have to buy their own pantry staples?

    I’d be more than happy to stay in Tyler Perry’s house on vacation, but I could never “live” there for any substantial period of time.

    • MsIam says:

      @Molly seriously? Yes Harry Meghan and Archie are staying in one bedroom together not eating Tyler Perry’s mustard. Have you never had guests stay with you? Is that how you would treat them, tell them don’t eat my food? I’m sure that Harry and Meghan would be welcome to anything there or they will grocery shop on their own. And Tyler has like five or six houses, since he can only live in one at a time like all of us I’m sure he has no problem with the Sussexes living there as long as they want. Whether they have any financial arrangement is between them. If this story is even true.

      • molly says:

        Yes, seriously. I was genuinely curious. And yes, I’ve had guests stay in my house, but they were people I know well and not friends-of-friends staying/renting for months at a time while I’m not here.
        You’re right, they probably don’t sleep in the master bed, but I’d still feel weird about snuggling up on the same couches and using the same community spaces and supplies.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @molly – I am sure Mr. Perry has a full staff that resides at that large house and that house is probably basically ran like a hotel when Mr. Perry has guest. No different than staying at a friends vacation home in Florida or Colorado.

      • windyriver says:

        A house that size probably has a self sufficient guest wing, likely with a separate entrance. Since the overall house is 25,000 sq ft, the guest area could be the size of a “normal” house. That would be a cozy place to hole up.

        Personally, I’d be uncomfortable living any length of time in the main part of such a huge place, and it wouldn’t be very private if the housekeeping staff are all around. I house sat for a few years (pool and gardens included) for a fairly important couple posted overseas on business, and that got me over any temptation to have a place of my own larger than I really needed.

        Wouldn’t turn down an invitation to visit Tyler’s place though…

    • Dee says:

      Aren’t all the royals really living in housing that belongs to the people? If all the palaces and boltholes they live in became public spaces, museums, etc., then there would be plenty of revenue from those places.

    • Guest says:

      Errr, well don’t you have cleaners in your home to do exactly the same thing? It’s normal to have housekeepers, cleaners and maids, and a cook for the meals. Level up in life and you can have staff too. Plenty of people in London do. It’s the done thing to employ these people.

  25. MJM says:

    Remember when it was reported they were looking to buy a home in an exclusive area of Vancouver?

    Fact: no one knows what they are doing or where they plan to buy a home. Especially not Becky English or the BM.

    • Guest says:

      I thought the Sussex couple were already multimillionaires? Every millionaire I know owns more than two personal homes. So it’s weird they haven’t bought their own luxury home yet. It’s been ages. Millionaires are everywhere. It’s laughable that people over a certain age are nowhere near close enough to be millionaires because it’s easy to become one.

  26. Yvette says:

    All I’ve got today is this: Harry looks SO goooood in jeans! :)

  27. Awkward symphony says:

    If we believe the fail then Harry and Meghan have rented 6 other properties as well! The Sussexs statement blocking them and 3 others is clearly working so their new tactic is to use other lower trashy tabloids as source and re edit/add their own twist🙄
    Another clue is how they are desperately trying to spread the fake mash cake story from their imaginary source (which isnt working as no one is reporting that).

  28. Mary says:

    True or not, it is weird that the Sussexes location is kept secret for quite awhile but this news comes out the day after Archie’s B’day, when they were reportedly going to video chat with a bunch of family and friends.

  29. Ooff2 says:

    I love gossip but who needs to know their exact address. Safety first.