Oksana Grigorieva photographed out looking definitely pregnant

There’s been much speculation that Mel Gibson’s mistress, singer Oksana Grigorieva, is not actually pregnant and that she either concocted the pregnancy story to ensnare Mel in her skinny clutches or that it’s an elaborate ruse by the couple to gain public sympathy. Some people are much more invested in Mel Gibson’s fate than I could imagine, and someone e-mailed me this conspiracy theory last month, using photos of Oksana’s non-pregnant looking appearance on Good Morning America and at that club where Mel was accused of ripping off a guy’s shirt. (All of that turned out to be a fabrication – probably.) I guess some of the intense interest in Mel can be attributed to the ultra-conservative Catholic sect he follows along with that movie he made in which some claim he rewrote religious history. But whatever – to me he’s the drunk-driving anti-semite who cheated on his wife. The religious stuff just makes him a hypocrite.

Anyway, Mel and Oksana were photographed out together late last month. She was wearing a lose shirt and although she looked a little pregnant she definitely didn’t look six months along as she supposedly is. She’s a thin woman, though, and I’ve seen plenty of definitely-pregnant starlets and supermodels looking just as thin that far along. Lucky bitches. On Friday, Oksana was seen getting groceries and her pregnancy was much more apparent. This could put some of those rumors to rest, or maybe people will say it was a staged photo op and claim she donned a prosthetic. You never know with some of those Mel-fanatics. I’m surprised the guy even has fanatics.

In related news, Oksana has settled a lawsuit with her former manager for copyright infringement of four of her songs. There’s no word if any money changed hands. She’s also suing the same guy in a separate lawsuit for distributing photos of her modeling lingerie. And I thought those pictures were released to get the maybe future Mrs. Mel Gibson just a little more publicity.

Oksana is shown alone shopping at Ralphs in LA on 9/4/09. Credit: Fame Pictures

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  1. abbizmal says:

    This isn’t a story about Octo-mom?

  2. Wow says:

    I hope she continues to have a healthy pregnancy. Were there really rumors and speculations out there that she wasn’t actually pregnant? Lol. Wow.

  3. irn says:

    she looks incredibly trashy, which is sad considering she has access to millions upon millions of dollars

  4. Uzi says:

    I think the fake pregnancy rumors stem from the fact that this couple’s been “vague” about her due date and Mel was not very forthcoming about announcing it (the media had the story right after the divorce filing but “Team Mel” played around for several weeks before he comfirmed it on The Tonight Show). Also Oksana is a known golddigger who overstepped her bounds as Mel’s mistress by “accidentally” getting knocked up so she could be taken care of for the rest of her life. She’s also been using her relationship with him to promote a non-existent music career, file frivolous lawsuits and get herself more than 15 minutes of fame. Mel has lied about his life for years. Neither of them has any credibility, so a lot of people don’t believe anything they say or do.

  5. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Her face has seen more knives than a butcher shop.

  6. Popcorny says:

    She looks kinda like that creepy-faced Octomom, like they could be sisters (even though Octo is downright fug).

  7. Green Is Good says:

    Octosana will be backing up the Brinks Truck when she pops out her little Dividend, er… baby.

  8. Beth says:

    The title of this story doesn’t make sense to me. I’ve never heard any rumors that Oksana was faking the pregnancy.

  9. IamLegend says:

    she shops with her Mel-Mart card in hand which will pay and pay and pay for anything & everything

  10. Uzi says:

    At what point in a pregnancy can the sex of the fetus be determined? Because in June a UK newspaper reported that Oksana had told friends the baby’s a girl (however in an interview during her recent media blitz she said she didn’t know the sex…yet another inconsistency!) And is that when DNA/paternity testing is also done?

    IamLegend…love the Mel-Mart comment!

  11. Gistine says:

    At least Mel Gibson’s wife got him through his more attractive days. I say three years and they’ll be toast when his his money can no longer overlook his batshit crazy ass.

  12. sweetpea says:

    Beth, the title is referring to comments/theories made by one particular fan. You may notice it within this set of comments.

  13. Blah Blah says:

    To above nut. Nope they said 2nd trimester at the end of May NOT May 4th or April as you have already been told, AND they often mess up dates, which you were ALSO told.

    She also wasn’t flat during her “interviews.”

    As usual you’ve got your facts wrong and are slipping in erroneous tabloid stories as FACT.

    She only settled the lawsuit with the songs and the manager’s name was put on as a co-writer, NOT as the person who wrote the ENTIRE song.

    The lingerie suit is still pending.

    The UK paper is just a made-up story bc that’s baby gender is a typical tabloid type story.

    This author is right though, Mel is a drunk-driving bigot, with a history of infidelity and it makes complete sense he’s with a low-life like this chick. And in “Close” that he’s getting the nutjob fans he deserves.

  14. CB Rawks says:

    “You are not alowed to call users posting comments here, for nut”

    That is so going to be my email signature sign-off.

  15. annie says:

    Ocean, what will you’re explanation be when she gives birth and we see pictures of her and Mel strolling the baby around?

  16. Blah Blah says:

    Doesn’t matter who prints National Enquirer as a primary source, no one and that includes people who use them, thinks they’re the Bible except YOU. So if that’s your last resort (and you keep posting the same dates as if your life depended on it) you’re finished. That’s even if there was a May 5th and an April 30th reference somewhere. Although once again, you’ve failed to provide the link. The weight of REAL evidence is on the other side.

    “You are not alowed to call users posting comments here, for nut”

    “That is so going to be my email signature sign-off”

    Very funny.

    There’s no “maybe” it’s this or that, she filed a suit and her name is still on the song. That’s not evidence she did NOT CO-write it. It’s evidence he DID CO-wrote it. Which mean he stinks too.

  17. MGD says:

    Blah Blah, you are right, there is a nut here (peanut, walnut,hazzelnut???)

    IamLegend, love Mel-Mart card comment,
    must be low limit on it,
    Oktosana looks like crap, no class and
    no taste.

    Heronymus Grex, funny, real good (her face has seen more knifes than a butcher shop).

    Mel and Octosana (Green is Good, I love the name), have been fudging on pregnancy dates, last I,ve heard she will give birth in December (first it was October, than late fall).
    So who knows what to believe, lake Uzi says “neither one of them has any credibility”.

  18. Oksani says:

    I em Oksani. Here is an update about me.

    In recent news, I make my rounds doing interviews, as divorce is now final and Mel will for sure burn in hell, and at long last it’s safe to do publicity. They ask questions of me guaranteed to quiet public unrest, and the unrest of incessantly wailing dachshunds, who seem to take exceptions wit my work (I think they call such questions, soft-nuts … or is it easy-balls?)

    Anyway i explain that i em artist of long standing and it was stroke of luck that a stronger, utterly confused man like Mel Gibson was there to doink .. I mean… to promote my fine work. Because an artist is not truly fulfilled until she shares her artistry… you know like a good meal. Which i think is a metaphor of true brilliance, especially whilst i cock my head down to da side looking bashful… pfffffft (sorry here’s a tissue), and sensitive, like only true artist would.

    But still the comments persist. And worse, comparisons.

    Seriously SO WHAT if that kid Meghan Julius on jutube has many more fans than me? Or if she actually plays in front of live peoples, who do not know her and think her artistry is good anyway (and are not being paid to say that or to listen to her)?

    I mean REALLY she did videos in garage and dreary attic studio, which is probably home of her sinkle working mother! Loser! And she shows no evidence of specially sculpted face done at renown clinics in Romania.

    And i mean if you think about it, are fans more important than fame?


    Totally false!

    I am proof that fans are not even necessary for fame! Besides my videos are prettier, as Mel is a visionary, and

    As for my law suit wit shady manager, whilst being a world renown fashion model almost as much as a singer, and the comments that a truly renown fashion model wouldn’t be caught dead in a cheap shoot like dat. I can explain.

    It was merely an example of my marketing ingenuity where i combined my musical talents and modeling skills in one whirl of floral-piano imagery (i too em a visionary). As to why there is not more worldwide demonstrations of my modeling career… it is same as wit my sinking. I have extremely rare talent in both areas that defies categorizations. My market is more “niche” and therefore fewer fans exist for it. And since you’ll agree my arguments are unanswerable, you can plainly see how these pictures of me is worth big dosh.

    Anyway until next update when i will cover a new phase of my journey entitled… “Life Without Robyn da Thief”, OR “Photo-Ops”, where i pretend i em being hounded by photographers DAT I DID NOT CALL MYSELF, taking candid pictures of me. Note: I will be of fame even if it’s just for havink photos taken for no reason whatsoever, except dat Mel is a trainwreck. Which is the best, if you think about it because real celebrities usually must be famous for artistrys or somethink first. But i aspire to be more like girl who have parents that own famous hotels. Well that is if my world famous music and modeling don’t work out so good.

    So it’s прощание and an Oink! Oink! for now, Oksani

  19. Fat Elvis says:

    Damn, the crazy is really running wild in here, isn’t it?

  20. LAUGHING says:

    Oksani, keep on posting girl!! That was hilarious!!

  21. Oksani says:

    So ju will be up to spit, here is previous, post about me for dos who missed it first time…….

    I em Oksani. Here is an abbreviated summary about me.

    I get married to non-famous men so i could eat and not work. Then i try to hustle famous men who do not wish to marry wit me, but my solution for this, is to get pregnant quickly (like ASфP!). At least then they will owe me something. Wit me so far? In addition I feel if THEY are famous then I am entitled to be famous too.

    But so far it didn’t work so good (basterd!).

    So for my new approach I tried to sell my trade to a rich married Swedish heir wit young children (Swedes LOVE music). To hasten my destiny, i even called the tabloids and they took picture of us. But that didn’t work out either (basterd!).

    i personally prefer socialising to work. but to each his own.

    Most recently I take clothes off for famous desperate, drunken, anti-Semitic guy, wit church on his land… that smarter, more independent womens with more pride than me (who care about stuff like that, pffft…) don’t sleep wit. Which it seems is almost everybody… but i try not to think on the negatives.

    I never did get these uppity girls wit scruples (I must look dat word up). My philosophy is don’t question details too much if the person is famous.

    Anyway… again I do pregnancy trick and make music video with him as he is not thinking too clearly- and I am certain no one will suspect i really do not excel at music enough for fame, or i’d have a job doing arrangements at music publisher, or booking small clubs, or have a gig somewhere like that Siberian girl wit same name as me…

    So what was my result? Well people who know me good tell me my artistry in videos is superb. But I don’t get the comments from those who know me less well about the incessant wailings of their dachshunds. Or about their 16 year old siblinks who sing and write music in such a way that their dachshunds remain silent… and that even peoples who are not close friends or parents also like to listen to them. Which they seem to think is better… but i try not to think on the negatives.

    Oh and what is wrong wit special surgeries I got in Romania?

    And who IS Octomom?

    Anyway if this don’t work out to make me truly loved, important person, and at long last… wife of famous man, i will try exceptionally hard to make desperate, drunken, anti-Semitic guy, wit church on his land, pay me exceptionally well for my time. What’s he going to do? Throw daggers at me? Set my piano on fire whilst I am playing it? Make me look like monkey’s ass in a video? Drive around drunk in car wit the kid, explaining loudly about Jewish history?

    Hет! It’s Win/Win!

    Oink! Oink!

  22. Uzi says:

    Close Friend…I’ve always enjoyed reading your comments on various posts, and you’ve brought up some interesting pieces of the puzzle, particularly Oksana’s relationship with photo agency owner Boris Nizon (I firmly believe she and her friends are “behind” all the “secret” and “candid” shots we’ve been seeing over the past year). And I’m not writing this to criticize you, as I respect everybody’s input on this and other posts. However, I do have a big problem with the fake pregnancy theory, and here’s why…

    Robyn had six pregnancies (one set of twins), so Mel is an expert on the subject. If Oksana had lied when she told him she was knocked up she would have only been able to get away with it for a few weeks before he found out. Which means he’s in on the charade, and why would he be? Contrary to what “Celebitchy” wrote, this baby has not garnered them any sympathy. Just the opposite…it’s made the Gibson divorce and Mel’s involvement with Oksana more scandalous. And the longer Mel goes without distancing himself from Oksana the more damage he does to his reputation, career and most importantly, the relationship with his seven children. A little humility goes a long way in the court of public opinion, so if he had been tricked and admitted it most people would have thought he was an idiot but many would feel sorry for him. Simply put…he has nothing to gain and everything to lose by faking a pregnancy.

    Oksana is a professional mistress, so she knew the “ropes,” that eventually she’d be kicked out of Mel’s bedroom and bank account and be replaced with another woman. I wouldn’t put anything past her, so wouldn’t be surprised if she claimed to be “with child” before she really was in order to goad Robyn into filing for divorce. But I do believe she’s currently pregnant. Every once in a while you hear about women who give birth and didn’t even know they were pregnant, because every woman carries a baby differently and some don’t “show” as early as others. We won’t know when Oksana conceived until she gives birth (hopefully not to an 8 pound “premature” baby!) and we can “do the math”!

  23. Blah Blah says:

    Uzi sorry but there is no close relationship with Boris Nizon. Google and you’ll only find the names together in her posts. She probably read some small snippet somewhere and wove a big fantasy out of it, she does stuff like that every where. Close friend isn’t a friend, it’s all in her head, kind of sad. The paps took pics because of the baby and the lawsuit story. No big mystery. She’ll never show any evidence, she just makes up stories.

  24. Jane says:

    Oksani, you are awesome!!!!

  25. annie says:

    close friend, are you Oksani?

  26. MGD says:

    Oksani, you go girl! Very funny, I really ehjoyed reading it.

    “Conspiracy Theory” part Deux,
    all this pregnancy stuff here, should be made into a movie (maybe a musical, so Octosana can show off her many talents (wailing,um.. I mean singing, playing the piano in her pink undies and of course – Acting!!!
    Unfortunately,in order to keep it PG13, her GREATEST talent of all (playing Mel’s organ) could be seen only in the directors cut version sold exclusively on her website http://www.Iwannaberich&famousnomatterwhat.com

    Hollywood, are you listening?

  27. Oksani says:

    Yes Annie i em very close friend of Mel. I hab visionary videos and soon baby to proof it.

    Unlike certain peoples who shall go unnamed (MEGHAN JULIUS) who hab videos which are not visionary, and LIVES WIT MOTHER! and hab no babys of drunk anti-semite with special church at all. As if having many fans could compete wit DAT!

    I em excited for my new fans, (all three of you) and will give you updates when i can.

    Look for me in weeks to follow when i introduce my new clothink line.

    or maybe new reality tv series. (if it don’t work out wit da music).

    прощание and Oink! Oink!, Oksani

  28. Munkey says:

    Dear Oksani,

    You are the undisputed champion of this thread. Oink, oink, bitches!!!

    A gringo from another place and time

  29. Oksani says:

    Thank you Munkey. I hope i can count on ju to vote for video done by pregnant Russian, knocked up by rich guy (AGAIN), who live in REALLY nice house she don’t pay rent for- and collects whopping child support (UNLIKE MEGHAN’S MUDDER did for sure!), who in time, will gain da respect of all dachshunds, hamsters and other family pets, who will come to regard her work as genius, (and cease wailing and falling off exercise wheels). And not some kid wit many fans (pffft..) and “rich melodic voice” (whatever THAT means), who make video in garage and dingy attic studio, WIT NO SOUL.

    Oinkey Doinky?

    till next time,прощание
    (jippy! jaay! Oksani got 4 fans now!)

  30. annie says:

    oksani and close friend are one and the same

  31. CathyT says:

    The sockpuppets are tiresome.

  32. Kath says:

    To Annie
    How could these two possibly be one and the same? Oksani freely acknowledges “her” pregnancy, the one thing Close Friend does not want to face, and she has a satirical wit, which Close Friend doesn’t, although she gave Oksani an A+++++ for it.

  33. MGD says:

    Check out Oksana’s new pre-pregnancy video/cd
    “Evening With Daddy”(Mel)on YouTube,

    I L O V E the lyrics, starts with:

    “I wish I wasn’t spending the evening with daddy, but I don”t have a penny to call my own”

    and ends with

    “Hey, nobody judge me because it could be you now, (NO OKSA, UNLIKE YOU, WE HAVE MORALS)

    ” God will save my souL” (This must be Mel’s contribution)

    Oksa, You will burn in HELL!

  34. MGD says:

    Oh, and she pushes the piano to the top of this cliff and drops it on an old geazer/daddy, a preview of what she might do to her REAL (sugar)daddy’s life after she cashes in (total destruction),

    like Oksani says “I too am a visionary)

  35. Kath says:

    Any publicity is good publicity for thes asses, they’ll take any kind of attention at all. Don’t advertise for her.

  36. MGD says:

    I don’t.
    This woman is so desperate to create a
    music career out of thin air, I just got an e-mail, she is hustling her cd “Beautiful Heartache”,

    AUTOGRAPHED by her(see,collectors item, she IS a visionary)

    with 20 PAGE color booklet (maybe a list of her husbands/lovers so far?)

    EXPANDED ARTWORK (see, she IS AN ARTIST TOO – her world renowned modelingpinkundies pix and other ART),

    all this in a DELUXE package for 12.98
    (isn’t 98 clearance price?)
    Sorry ladies, the package DOES NOT include Mel!

    The whole thing is just toooo funny to
    pass, I would like everyone to have a good laugh like I did watching it!

  37. MGD says:

    Oh, and she is URGING people to buy the cd BEFORE IT SELLS OUT!!!

    (or her boyfriend will have to buy them all)

    I am still laughing!!

  38. maLiBu biTch says:

    Mel and Oksana are two very sick puppies.
    No Catholic gentleman would have made such a video. I pity his children. He never put this much thought into them.

  39. Uzi says:

    @MGD…Oksana = one huge 2009 tax writeoff for Icon Productions! She is the 21st century Yoko Ono, except Yoko didn’t have to get knocked up to snag John Lennon! What I don’t understand is why Team Mel keeps flogging this dead horse of a “music career,” why they don’t cut their losses and move on to something else…

  40. MGD says:

    Team Mel does what Mel wants or shall I say what Oksana wants. This guy (look at his pictures) looks so sad
    and lost, I almost feel sorry for him….uhm no,not really, like Daisy (one of the posters) said earlier
    “You reap what you sow
    when you knock up a ho”

    What is REALLy sad @ IRONIC, Oksana’s CD is Icon Records first release, their big calling card.
    Team Mel just blew this one.

    You are right about Yoko. Yoko was not a professional mistress like Oksana, who travels the world from man to man (maybe lyrics to Oksana’s new song?)

    The pregnancy is her INSURANCE POLICY that will keep on paying until the baby turns 18 and until her “music” career takes off/craches.
    You got to hand it to her, she really thought this one out.

    I am still laughing about the ABC interview where it was stated that Oksana’s CD was getting rave reviews!
    Who, what, where gave the raves???

    Please (somebody/anybody) enlighten me!

  41. Jane says:

    Oksani, any insight into the N.E. article saying Mel worries you are too skinny????? Your fan club awaits!

  42. MGD says:

    Yeah, Oksani give us an update,
    what about your dinner with Mel in Greenwich, N.Y. this weekend?
    Are you there to keep a close eye on him while he is filming “The Beaver”
    (don’t worry about Jody Foster, she likes girls…but of course there are other women to worry about – younger, better looking and NOT pregnant – DAMN!)

    And have you checked out Mel’s mansion, THE perfect setting for your Christmas wedding, snow and all, lots of rooms for your family (and Mel”s too, if any of them care to attend).

    Oh, Oksani, give us something/anything,
    a crumb… please!!!

    Like Jane says,
    your fan club awaits!

  43. Uzi says:

    @MGD…Oksana IS Icon Records! Before she was “signed” it didn’t exist. And since she’s such a renaissance woman we can look forward to other Icon subsidiaries: Icon Publications for her writing career (first book: “Golddigging For Dummies”); the Icon Gallery to exhibit her “art;” and Icon Television to produce her reality show, “Oksapussy.”

    @Oksani…I too am a huge fan, so that means you now have five fans!

    I can’t believe Oksana’s now shadowing Mel while he’s working on “The Beaver.” Last year it was a Boston film set, a few months later Costa Rica. How often does she see her son? Does Dalton have primary custody or did they ship him off to boarding school?

  44. sooooo says:

    According to the Greenwich Time newspaper (you can see the article on the web) Mel and Oksana were spotting dining at a trendy Greenwich Connecticut restaurant last Wednesday. Guess he must be up there prior to filming the Beaver and she came along…

    Ocean, I would love to hear your explanation for this. Mel seems addicted to this woman.

  45. CathyT says:

    Oksana and her son are very close and Dalton isn’t in the picture much. Oksana has primary custody and doesn’t send him to a boarding school. Remember that was the alleged excuse for Oksana and Mel not living together.

    Icon Records did exist before this, but they had only handled soundtracks related to Icon films. Oksana is certainly going to be a tax write-off for Icon, but Mel doesn’t seem like he cares about throwing away money here. Oksana’s latest music video has lots of expensive CGI, but it is only getting a Youtube premiere. Money down the drain.

  46. Uzi says:

    @Cathy T…You seem to know a lot…so if Mel and Oksana aren’t living together in CA why are they together in CT? And where is the son? Shouldn’t he be in school? Does he tag along while his mother services her sugar daddies?

  47. Oksani says:

    Jeah well der are only 8 copies left as Mel and my parents already got ders! It was truly limited edition.

    So der!

    As for my travels. Mel need to sell white pacaderm house in some stupid state where dey don’t take pictures of Oksani. House is too big and times are hard. i find dis recession where unimportant peoples don eat good, annoying. Losers! Selling pacaderm is essential to me in case law suit reflecting Oksani’s exceptional modeling career, don’t work out.

    Worse news is they are making me put disclaimers on future music product, due to law suits i gots from rodents wit broken collar bones. I will make case dat it was great enthusiasm for my work dat make dem fly off exercise wheel. Or dat wheel too big in some cases for tiny feet, or dat owners should equip furry rats wit exercise shoes, so dey don slip.

    Any way stay tuned for future update entitled “Me Too” where i describe who i follow as examples for fame. Like dat rich girl wit parents in hotel business, and dat couple of very great fame who use der 6 kids to promote demselves, and pretend not too. I use dis same models for my diet. (personally i tink first example is easier to follow, as ju don’t actually need many fans, if you are “niche” in the extreme.) Also coming soon will be ideas for name of clothink line, if da music don’t work out so good, (which might happen especially if der is a run on gerbils.)

    To da 5 interested parties, Oinky Doinky and Oink! Oink!


    ps pffft… believe me Mel is too busy getting soaked on Saturdays, and wit dat weird church on Sundays (which i try not to tink on too much) to notice my veight.

  48. Kath says:

    Where did you hear that? Because I’m under the opposite impression. That Dalton and his son are extremely close and together a lot. I’ve even seen sightings of them together on line, including the whole duration of the Savannagh film fesival.

  49. Trevor says:

    @ sooooo
    Ocean is extremely busy. She must make up a story.

  50. CathyT says:

    Uzi, I bet they’re together in CT for the same reason they’re together in CA. Just fill in the motivation. They can manage a relationship without living under the same roof. I bet Oksana is doing the same thing for this movie that she did last year on the Boston set, which is to visit Mel for a few days at a time and then go back to CA.

  51. CathyT says:

    Kath, I regret posting that because I don’t know their situation. It was mostly my gut feeling.

  52. Uzi says:

    Oksani…You rock! Thanks for bringing some humor to this post! Too bad the real situation isn’t so funny…

  53. linda k says:

    it is kind of strange if he doesn’t want to be around this woman that they are out together…mel cannot be without a woman, if he is not with her then he would be with someone else…

  54. linda k says:

    i thought the connecticut place had been sold, and according to megafans they ate at a meditteranean restaurant, in la on greenwich ave..with a comment being about remembering his house he sold….

  55. linda k says:

    oops….,i’m wrong…they are in ct, which still means they are seeing each other etc…

  56. MGD says:

    @Linda k,
    No, the house has not sold, Mel cut the price twice (by 10 Mil total) original asking price 25 mil, now he is trying to unload it for 15 mil.
    He bought it in 1994 for 9.25 mil.
    It is Tudor-style mansion on 77 acres,
    it has 27 rooms & a screening room, he spent $800.000 just on remodeling the kitchen.
    At one time he had goats on the land, and there were couple of law suites too, one about the goats, and second was about Mel not allowing his neighbours to access the road by going over his land (he lost that one).
    Who knows, maybe Oksana would like her Christmas wedding there!!!

  57. linda k says:

    i’ll tell you….i never thought i’d be so involved in this man’s life…yes, i loved his movies, did i think about his private life, no….but ya know, i think it’s so interesting and surprising to find out so many things about him now, i just want to see how things are going to work out…one surprise and dirty little secret after another…i think the one about paying his wife to keep quiet and not file for a divorce was a real corker…that got me hooked…not to mention other things…this thing abouut her being pregnant,who what when/where… i have to admit she sure is the best looking person in la that’s pregnant…you never see her looking bad, like some of the stars do…i have to admit ocean does keep it interesting, although he/she has slammed me a bit, don’t know why, but it has been interesting….can’t wait for the next installment….

  58. Kath says:

    I had a funny thought. Mel is, or at least Mel’s father is a holocaust denier, and Ocean is a fanatical pregnancy denier. Ocean and Oksana are both really into Mel.

    Ocean and Oksana, separated at birth?

  59. linda k says:

    who knows maybe that’s where she will be living next…..in the tudor home…of course only until it sells you know…

  60. Uzi says:

    @Linda K…I’m with you…I’ve been fascinated watching Mel’s real life soap opera unfold and will definitely “stay tuned for future episodes!” And yes, if the item about him paying Robyn not to divorce him is true it would make the plot thicken even more, as Team Mel keeps insisting they’ve been separated for three years and that justifies his affair with Oksana. I wonder why Robyn’s divorce papers stated “to be determined” in the “Date of Separation” line and why, according to sources, they both listed the same address on their separate divorce papers (it’s blacked out on the papers shown on TMZ). There’ an interesting web site, showbiz411.com, a blog by a senior correspondent of the “Hollywood Reporter,” Roger Friedman, with two interesting items. The first, “Someone Tell Oksana He Has No Record Company” was written soon after she was ID’d as his mistress, and it fact checks “Icon Records” and her “music career,” coming up empty on both. The second post talks about the crazy “church” 2008 tax return and how Robyn is still listed as VP and the operating expenses are a lot lower than the millions Mel’s stashed in its coffers. Friedman is one of the few journalists that isn’t taken in by Team Mel’s b.s. Too bad there aren’t more like him! That’s why we have to rely on the NE for a different slant on the story!

  61. CathyT says:

    To call Roger Friedman a journalist is an insult to journalists. His hysterical reporting about Mel’s foundation is based on public information. Just go to guidestar.org. The thing to keep in mind about the foundation’s “coffers” is that it consists mostly of real estate holdings.

    Friedman is also wrong about Icon records.

  62. Kath says:

    Word of advise. Depend on NE for nothing unless someone else verifies it, and don’t repeat anything Ocean says, because it’s almost always wrong, mainly garbage taken from NE, but mostly just from her imagination. lol That’s how wrong information keeps getting repeated.

    I remember a lot of sources figured out Mel’s girlfriend had/has no music career, it wasn’t difficult- and also that Mel was never in the music business. There is an Icon Records that signs artists but it’s not Mel’s. lol That’s how “Oksani” became a laughing stock. Definitely a tax write off.

  63. Uzi says:

    Cathy T…If Roger Friedman isn’t a real journalist why is he a senior correspondent at the “Hollywood Reporter,” the industry Bible? His blog posts were not derived from any intense investigative reporting, just plain online fact checking, something that most people writing/talking about the Mel/Robyn/Oksana scandal aren’t doing. Practically everyone just parrots the press releases issued by Team Mel, which is why ABC said Oksana’s vanity project CD was getting “rave reviews.” I’m always interested in your comments because you’re 100% supportive of Team Mel, and I respect that. But please realize that a lot of us resent having been lied to all these years and don’t like having our intelligence continuously insulted by his PR people!

  64. MGD says:

    Right on!
    I am doing some research into Icon Records label to see if?what they releazed before Oksana’s music.

    MyDailyNews.com reported sat. sept. 12
    that Oksana’s video “Evening with daddy” (released sept 3rd on YouTube)got only 700 views (sept 3-sept 12),
    compared to “Beautifull Headache” that had 60,000 views since it’s july release.
    So that just shows, there is no interest out there in this womans “music” career. Nobody cares!
    She is not or never/ever will be Mariah/Celine/Whitney or Charise (that girl CAN sing and David Foster is promoting her, I saw them both on Oprah, she is truly Amazing!)

    And Whitney is back! YAY!

    Mel is (like you said in one of your posts) “beating a dead horse”
    Her so-called “music” career is OVER, no matter how much money/time/PR
    Mel and his team put into it.
    DONE and DEAD!!!

  65. MGD says:

    Oh, and she is an OPERA singer, so why is she trying to become a POP singer at 39?
    Mel loves opera, if she was a really good opera singer it would be easier to promote her, that field is less crowded than other music fields.

    Like they say – love is blind (and dumb and deaf too).

  66. Oksani says:

    i em Oksani, dis is newer update about me.

    I have word dat MGD is hamster and partakes in lawsuits against me dat i mention above. Do not listen to him.

    As i explain in first message here, my music is of special categorization, and dat being da case it need special label for it. Mel is visionary who understand dis.

    MGD need to return to cage. As he is of species dat do not give raves to Oksani, he lies to make her appear like ass.

    One word to ju MGD- rubber shoes.

    Oink! Oink! and see ju in court


  67. Uzi says:

    @MGD…David Foster also worked on Whitney’s new CD, and I’m with you, it’s great to have her back! How interesting that Foster wouldn’t work on Oksana’s music career when she was servicing him. I guess he’s not the “visionary” that Mel is! I worked in the music industry years ago, love many types of music and have friends that are struggling singer/songwriter/musicians (one actually won a major songwriting competition a few years back, and still can’t get his career going). That’s one of the reasons why Oksana the dilettante and Mel the clueless, horny fool are really getting on my nerves promoting her caterwauling and amateur songwriting attempts. She can’t sing opera either. Oksani is right…her “music is of special categorization!” And Mel and Oksana must have been real busy the past few days watching “Evening with Daddy” on You Tube 700 times!

  68. MGD says:


    Are you jealous of Charise because David Foster is promoting her,a REAL singer with a GREAT voice and not you, a two bit bar singer with a voice like a cat being strangled and a (sugar)daddy fixation?

    Lucky for you that Jeffrey Dahmer is dead or he would sue YOU for the lyrics

    “I like how you wear your skin”.

    BITE ME!

  69. linda k says:

    ok…ok…ok…i agree with you guys….i think there are a lot of options here…. its david’s baby or the mysterious boris… or some swedish business man….or mel’s son….or could it really be mel’s? unless she’s a fool and was pregnant with another person’s baby– i don’t think mel’s a fool…or like i said she could have the baby induced to fit any time frame….if he doesn’t get a dna,,,he is totally done…

  70. linda k says:

    wow….mgd…she turned on you..and you were her fan….sad,so sad

  71. CathyT says:

    The problem with Friedman is that he tends to make stuff up and then mix his lies with the truth. Sounds familiar.

    THR made a mistake imo by signing Friedman for a web-only gossip blog after he was fired by FoxNews, but THR is desperate these days as the #2 trade in town when even Variety is hurting from loss of ad revenue. Friedman also has a big booster in Harvey Weinstein.

    I have no issue with anyone who is mad at Mel and his people because this mess is mostly of his own making.

  72. CathyT says:

    I hadn’t heard that ABC said that Oksana’s music was getting rave reviews. Her CD is not getting any reviews, good or bad. Icon is dumping it. The only money they’re spending on promotion is on Oksana’s website. Besides Mel’s music videos from January. Those must have cost a pretty penny.

  73. MGD says:

    Cathy T…

    The ONLY time I heard about “rave reviews” is during that ABC interview Oksana gave to Chris Cuomo, go back and listen to it again,Chris Cuomo said that (go to YouTube).
    I have been all over the internet loking for those “rave reviews” and can not find any,
    It is obviously a PLANT from Team Mel/his PR people,
    ABC is connected to Disney and Mel made a couple of movies for them in the past. Hollywood is a place where relationships matter more than the truth and now that Mel is back acting/making movies, Disney wants to make sure that they are in Mel’s good graces for possible future projects with him.
    It’s ALL BULL and it’s all about (future) money.

    Oksana must be quite something in a sack and Mel is not thinking with his brain…Sad to see what this man has done to his life, his family and his career. Yeah, he has LOTS of money, but even money can not buy the RESPECT and a lot of people (including me) have LOST ALL RESPECT FOR MEL!
    And like you said (and I said it couple of times too) this mess is Mel’s doing. This man is hell bent on self destruction.

  74. MGD says:

    Cathy T,

    I think Mel’s failed TV series “Savages” was made for ABC.

  75. MGD says:

    Very odd, the site Gibbofan.com (All things Mel Gibson)
    vanished this afternoon, I used it to come to these posts and now I see on my screen

    What is going on?

  76. linda k says:

    i used to go to gibbo fan too…i hope this isn’t the end…she said she had to move for school, so m aybe that’s it.
    by the way….ocean is quiet…as is close friend…hmmmm

  77. MGD says:

    Well, too bad for gibbofan.net vanishing like that. I don’t see how changing schools has anything to do with shutting down the site?

    As for Ocean and Close friend, they are one person, probably need some time to make up a new crazy story.
    (Like the one about heroin!)

  78. Uzi says:

    Folks…go to Gibbofan.net and there’s a link to Blessed Beauty’s web site with an explanation for the closing. Please leave a comment thanking her for her efforts and expressing support.

    Regarding the ABC/Mel connection, when I heard that Oksana would be performing on GMA the first thing that popped into my head was that Team Mel cut a deal: she inflicts her horrible music on the public in exchange for Mel’s first post divorce interview. His movie is scheduled for January release and he’ll want to promote it. Look for Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer or someone who won’t ask questions he won’t like to have an exclusive sit-down with him and possibly the skank (hopefully not!) around that time…

  79. linda k says:

    i couldn’t find any explanation. what do you have to do?

  80. MGD says:

    I can not get to gibbofan at all.

    Mel just made himself look like an ass AGAIN, on The Jay Leno Show tonight, by making a comment about rubbing body parts on “Project Runaway” as his reason to choose to be on that show. (other choices were “Dancing with the stars”, “Man in the Wild” and couple of others).

    His PR people must cringe every time he opens his mouth. He should only speak in his movies!

  81. linda k says:

    oh he’s just trying to project that sexy image again…

  82. CathyT says:

    i think he just likes dirty jokes. it was awkward though.

  83. CathyT says:

    Uzi, he has a special relationship with Diane Sawyer. He likes her a lot, perhaps in part because her husband is Mike Nichols. Ever since TPOTC, he’s always gone to her for interviews. Now she’s taking over Charlie Gibson’s anchor spot on ABC World News. Mel will do an exclusive sit-down with her or someone else in Jan, but not with Bawa Walters, who openly criticized Sawyer for interviewing Mel after his DUI.