LeAnn Rimes forgets how to spell “Dean” & goes love-nest-hunting

I couldn’t resist. Page Six had this funny little piece about LeAnn Rimes – apparently, in her official announcement that she has filed for divorce from Dean Sheremet, she misspelled Dean’s name. LeAnn made the announcement on her website, and although I noticed that his name was spelled “Deane” in the coverage, I thought it was just People Magazine’s mistake. I didn’t realize LeAnn was actually married to a man for seven years and she never realized he spelled his name with only one “e”. Out of sight, out of mind, I suppose.

In other LeAnn Rimes news, she went house hunting this weekend in Los Angeles. She already has a home there, but I guess she’s not happy with Eddie Cibrian moving into the home she shared with Dean(e). So onto a new love nest!

LeAnn Rimes is literally moving on. Now that she’s officially split from husband Dean Sheremet and openly dating boyfriend Eddie Cibrian, the singer/actress needs a new place to call home in Los Angeles. She is spending Saturday out looking at houses – no doubt to share with Eddie — RadarOnline.com can exclusively report.

“She seems to be in great spirits, smiling and very upbeat,” an eyewitness told us.

LeAnn’s first stop today was at a two story contemporary, perfect for a young couple in love. It’s in the hills of Beverly Hills, tucked away in a grove of mature trees. It is fairly open to the street but would be easy to gate.

Then it was on to something entirely different. LeAnn also looked at a sprawling ranch within a gated community in suburban Caabassas, and there are several other properties lined up for her to look over.

LeAnn and Eddie began their affair after costarring last fall in the Lifetime TV movie Northern Lights. For months they insisted they were “just friends” but finally went public as a couple this summer when they were spotted golfing and attending a concert. They’ve just returned from a romantic getaway to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico where they opened cuddled on the beach.

Eddie filed for divorce from his wife Brandi Glanville on August 24. A week later, LeAnn wrote on her official website that the decision to split from her husband of seven years was “amicable.”

Now comes the dirty work of dividing up their respective assets but at least LeAnn and Eddie can do it from the comfort of their new love nest.

[From Radar]

Interesting that LeAnn is doing the house hunting solo – and she’ll probably do the buying solo too. I guess Eddie didn’t want to come? Or Eddie figures that if LeAnn is going to pay for the lifestyle, she can pick out their house solo? Or, perhaps, Eddie was just “working” – with a new mistress, perchance? That’s what his estranged wife thinks – a source close to Brandi Glanville told Us Weekly that Eddie is “too busy juggling his women to be a proper parent.” Not one mistress, but several, methinks.

LeAnn is shown out with a drink and shopping for groceries at Whole Foods on 9/6/09. (yellow shorts outfit. Credit: WENN.com) She is also shown out shopping at Fred Segal on 9/5/09. (striped dress. Credit: Fame Pictures)

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  1. Firestarter says:

    I know quite a few couples who the wife or girlfriend has gone on the initial house hunting expedition alone. That isn’t so odd.

  2. Jazz says:

    Oh LeAnn you fool, if he couldn’t stay faithful to his wife what chance have you got?

  3. Firestarter says:

    @Jazz- She wasn’t exactly faithful to her husband either, so they are a perfect match.

  4. Jillian says:

    I read that is how his name is legally spelled. He just leaves off the extra “e” b/c it’s too girly perhaps?

  5. Jazz says:

    @Firestarter- exactly! They’re a match made in hell.

  6. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Maybe she needs to shop for some upper lip wax as well, judging by those pix.

  7. maddie says:

    The other women/man always think that the man/woman who cheated on the spouse will never cheat on them, and are surprised when it happens.

    I’m sure Leann will be telling Star magazine her sob story in the near future.

  8. Kailoloper says:

    I love the hipocricy on this site. So these two will never make it because Eddie was married when he met her. How about your precious Saint and Brad? Was he not married and cheating on his wife with Angie? (to all of the Loonies who will claim they were not cheating – please, you know better, stop lying to yourself) So please explain why Brad and Angie will be together forever like you freaks always claim but these two will burn out.

  9. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Compelling points Kailoloper, on the other hand- SHUT UP!! Save your strong opinions for topics that have weight in the real world. This is a gossip site, not a Church of All-Saints.

  10. fern says:

    Now that people are pointing out that EC isn’t house hunting with her, she will bribe the married man to go on these public outtings with her.What will LR buy him?

    If she “won” EC, why is she going through all of the trouble to make people think that he loves her? She must be really worried, as in if she doesn’t act fast he will move on to his next mistress or go running back to his wife.

    Does she really think that people are going to buy this nonsense that he loves her because he is living with her and searching for homes with her or allowing her to drive his car? He doesn’t even respect or care about his kids to keep their “romance” under wraps until the divorce is final, so why would anyone believe that he cares about her? What she has proven with these daily photo-ops is that Eddie really doesn’t have his kids best interest at heart. What man would stand by and allow his mistress to rub the affair in his kids faces?

    Why is she dressed up? Does she really think that looking nice will keep Eddie faithful? Or did she get dressed up to show everyone that she and EC are still together because she is driving his car?She just keeps making things harder for herself and Eddie. She comes off as a very insecure woman who is so desperate to sell this farce that she will do anything.

    If it was easy for EC to have “chemistry” with LR, then how easy is it for him to have chemistry with one of LR female friends/family members(perhaps this is why she has surrounded herself with male friends), his CSI co-stars, LR neighbors, the flight attendents from their flight to and from Mexico, or a woman he passes on the street? He is cheating on her, just look at his pattern. He took a trip with his wife, trip with LR. Smiling and laughing with wife, smiling and laughing with LR. Date night with his wife, dates with LR. Living with wife while cheating, living with LR. The question is will LR be so embarassed that she covers up his affairs or will she whine about it?

  11. Firestarter says:

    H.Grex- Umm, can we not express opinions of things or are we all supposed to agree on everything?

    Granted no one needs to be calling people freaks, but no one needs to be telling others to shut up and save their opinions for other things.

    It is a gossip site, but people can state their opinions last I heard.

  12. crash2GO2 says:

    She always looks as if her upper lip is screwed on too tight.

  13. bb says:

    She just cannot stay out of site and is obessed with pap coverage. She will spend money to keep him long enough to get pregant and marry. Just remember,he was sleeping with that Shenea groupie while his wife was pregnant. Actually he was sleeping with the 3 of them at the same time. LR needs to stop acting like this is high school and realize the pain she continues to cause is real. EC needs to zip up and act like an adult with some brain cells.

  14. Beth says:

    Just because she and Eddie are together doesn’t mean they are going to live together. He does have children which complicates things even further. Also a lot of people buy new houses when they get divorced. Perhaps Leann decided to give Dean their old house.

  15. fern says:

    Well the problem is LR, oops I mean LR “sources”, have already leaked stories to Star, In Touch, and NE about how she and EC are a) living together in her Brentwood home, b)looking for a home to live in together, and c) plan on marrying once their divorces are final and having his kids. Since she popped up house hunting immediately following the release of these house hunting stories, there is no doubt that she is feeding these tabs info. If she wasn’t planning on living with EC, then there wouldn’t be any stories and there most certainly wouldn’t be any photos of her house hunting. She loves the attention that she is receiving from this affair and she loves rubbing the affair in EC wife face, hence why she is always gloating.

    Eddie doesn’t care about those kids, not unless he can profit from the “devoted” father image. He has proven that his kids are the last thing on his mind by doing nothing as his mistress continues to play out the affair in the media/press on a DAILY basis. He had the nerve to pull the “keeping things private” card on his wife, and yet has said nothing to his mistress about keeping their affair underwraps until the divorce is final. He has chosen money over the welfare of his kids, and this is what complicates things.

    I thought Dean had an apartment in NY, so I don’t think that she is giving DS the house.

  16. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Sorry to Firestarter et al, I just get sick of the idiots who ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS drawing some weak line of comparison between the story de’jour and Angelina Jolie. Heaven forbid, the lives of two entirely different people be separate.

  17. Popcorny says:

    Of course Eddie’s not house-hunting with LeAnn, this is her delusion she’s trying to fulfill.
    He’d still be living with his family (and still cheating) if it weren’t for him getting busted at the game.
    So, he’s obviously somewhat reluctant (compared to the desperately driven Rimes) to begin with.
    I’ll bet you LeAnn’s more driven by competing with Cibrian’s (much prettier and vivacious) wife than she is “in love” with him.
    Only LeAnn can’t/won’t understand this until she finally “trumps” his wife and gets a clearer picture of the bad goods she shot up Dodge to get. -unless, of course, he cheats on her (if he isn’t already) before she “wins” over his wife.

  18. Emily says:

    Hey does anyone know what brand that yellow outfit is? i love it!!!!

  19. Jillian says:

    @Popcorny- Yes, EC’s wife is way hotter than LeAnn. I saw a pic of her in a bikini and LR will never look that good. I have an idea, EC and Jon Gosselin need to become friends. They can whine about how their kids are their number one priority and they can double date.

  20. Deb says:

    Where are the pics of brandi in a bikini

  21. Firestarter says:

    H.Grex- No need to apologize. I just hate it when people get nasty with each other, and I too am sometimes guilty of it.

    I think it is nice on this site that people, for the most part are very civilized to one another, and that is why I like posting here as opposed to other sites, because people can be so closed minded and nasty elsewhere.

    I am no angel myself, but I think we can all voice our opinions and still be nice. It makes reading posts much nicer. : )

  22. lway says:

    That is cold. You married to someone for 7 years and you misspel their name? ouch

  23. xxx says:

    Brandi is much prettier than leann but she just would not leave him,I AM SURE THEY ALREADY HAVE PLANNED THEIR WEDDING AND WILL HAVE KIDS AND THEN BOTH WILL CHEAT ON EACH OTHER

  24. redred2 says:

    I actually USED to give her credit for not turning into a wild , drunk, former teen sensation heading to rehab. I was really surprised when she turned out to be such a WHORE.N goood luck is coming out of this . They both were/are married. HE HAS KIDS. That makes a difference. I hope he HURTS HER & Makes an AZZ out of her. SHe deserves it for being Stupid. If a so called man treats hos WIFE & KIDS like crap he’s going to treat you worse. He’s going to have less respect for you too because you take his BS. Again , very stupid of her.

  25. Jillian says:

    There are pics of Brandi in a bikini in the newest Us Weekly.