Cardi B hosted a Thanksgiving celebration for 37 people during the pandemic

Cardi B at the Vogue Forces of Fashion Summit

I had such a restful Thanksgiving holiday. I organized a Thanksgiving picnic for me and my mom, who lives in an assisted living facility, and the weather was beautiful and we were able to stay outdoors and socially distanced from other people. Many Americans took those kinds of pains over the holiday, refusing to travel, staying distanced from relatives, doing smaller celebrations with just their household, or doing outdoor picnics. Cardi B was not one of those people. She hosted a Thanksgiving celebration for 37 people.

This is gross. I’m an apologist for a lot of things with and around Cardi, but this is awful. And she was f–king bragging about it too, even though every public health official had blanketed the media ahead of the holiday to say that people needed to chill out with the big Turkey Day dinners, to keep it small, to keep it within one household. Granted, Cardi is always surrounded by family – she is very close to her sister, her parents and her extended family of uncles, aunts and cousins. But it’s just for one f–king year.

People were slamming Cardi in her comments too, so she responded with this:

No. I’m sure she’s talking about the rapid tests which, again, have a lot of false positives and false negatives, and experts say they’re only really good at catching the virus when someone is already very sick. And when you have 37 damn people there, there’s no amount of rapid testing which can make anyone feel safe. Damn, Cardi really f–ked up.

Cardi wasn’t the only one to brag on social media about ignoring CDC guidelines – Kris Jenner apparently hosted a Thanksgiving dinner for 14 (at least) in Palm Springs. She and her daughters were posting photos on social media throughout. These people are so ridiculous, my God.

Guests attend the Chanel Fashion Show

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  1. ME says:

    These rich celebs just don’t get it do they? They have to do their part just like the non-rich/famous have to do theirs. Why are there different rules for them and different rules for us? Those rapid tests are not accurate in the least. Don’t rely on them just so you can have a house full of people for Thanksgiving. Wasn’t she also in a club with hundreds of people for her husband’s birthday? Or was that her birthday? Either way the rich are just throwing sh*t in our faces, being irresponsible, and basically giving anti-maskers/Covid deniers more ammo. Oh and the KarJenners are the WORST offenders by far. F*ck them !

    • Emm says:

      It’s not just them though either. My many in-laws all traveled and spent thanksgiving with people outside of their nuclear family. This is after a few of them, in different families, had covid within the last month too. None of them are taking it seriously and they all think we are freaks for not seeing anyone for the last year.

      • ME says:

        Oh trust me I know many non-rich/famous people aren’t taking this pandemic seriously. I’ve seen relatives on-line having parties and not giving a f*ck. When those morons see celebs having parties, it just reinforces their bad behavior. Just like Trump got so many of his followers to believe Covid is nothing more than the common cold. Idiots, all of them ! What I really don’t understand is that these morons all know they are doing something they shouldn’t be doing and yet have the audacity to post about it on social media. WTH?

    • josephine says:

      The Kardashians and Cardi are being very clear about who they are and what their values are — when are we going to finally believe them? I’m not a huge fan of “cancel culture” but if there were ever people to cancel, it would be them. They are making clear that they don’t care about people around them, especially the staff that has to do everything for them, they don’t value human lives, they could care less about the doctors, nurses and other hospital personnel that have to deal with the fallout from their recklessness. They don’t care, and we desperately need to stop caring about them and supporting them through the garbage that they shill.

    • Lady2Lazy says:

      @ ME, is it me, or are the Kar/Jen group looking more plastic than Tupperware? Better keep them aware from the stove and/or ovens!! 🤮

  2. Mrs. Peel says:

    Don’t forget Rita Ora, who also went against UK lockdown rules and hosted a party in a restaurant. Different set of rules people, always has been, always will be.

  3. Lady Keller says:

    I certainly don’t wish anyone ill and I hate the thought of an already strained system having to handle even more covid cases, but is it wrong that i wish these people a nasty case of covid rife with long lasting complications?

    Because obviously the only thing that will wake people like this up is someone nearly dying. Maybe if the Kardashians have to eat crow and admit that one of them is in the hospital people will finally take things seriously.

  4. minx says:

    All the testing in the world isn’t a substitute for masks and social distancing. People like this drive me crazy. They think they’re the only ones who miss family members or feel isolated, so they get a pass for being careless. She’s an idiot.

    • Chris says:

      All of this. I miss my family and friends too, y’all aren’t special. Rapid tests are not a foolproof safety method, like previously stated false negatives and you may just be too early to test positive, but are still contagious. Also when were they tested? So many reasons to not do this. Celebs aren’t special in this stupid regard, I know people who traveled to visit family over the holiday. I just… how can you not know better by now. The news is full of stories of ICUs overrun and hospital staff having breakdowns, and cities running out of morgue workers and space. I’m at the point where I think if you’re going to flout covid guidelines you should sign a waiver that you won’t have the right to be treated at the hospital for Covid.

    • Arpeggi says:

      Yup! They do a lot of rapid testing at the White House and they have outbreaks after outbreaks…

      It’s not because you tested negative to all STIs that you shouldn’t use a condom if you’re seeing a bunch of people; same goes with covid testing..

  5. smegmoria says:

    My parents and in laws both had big thanksgivings. They seem to be really confused about why my family wasn’t coming. So frustrating.

  6. Heylee says:

    Celebs, they’re just like (some/most of) us… selfish aholes!

  7. Evenstar says:

    She’s an a**hole. She’s shown over and over again that she doesn’t care about harming other people physically or emotionally. Why is this surprising?

  8. Smiles says:

    And Jessie James Decker just went to Colombia just before Thanksgiving! Why are these idiots having gatherings and traveling? Being a healthcare provider in an ER I find their recklessness infuriating.

    • Lady2Lazy says:

      @ Smile, thank you so much for what you have done, what you are doing and what you are going to do!! All of us wear our masks all day, everyday!! My husband is a retina physician and he never closed clinic, though my pain doc did for a month, but THANK YOU!!! All of you are exceptional people and I appreciate your hard work and dedication!! My family is not stupid, well I can’t speak for my idiot son/DIL but they were not invited to Thanksgiving nor Christmas, but we ALL wear masks, had our flu shot and never travel to anywhere except work or groceries.

  9. Jessica says:

    I normally love Cardi but this is garbage, no excuse. Really shitty, irresponsible stuff.

    The Kardashians are selfish assholes and this is par for the course with them.

  10. lascivious chicken says:

    She needs to be fined. If it happens again, power should be cut to her home like the party houses in LA.

  11. shanaynay says:

    I think all of these idiotic celebrities and famef***ers (Kardashian’s) should be held accountable for ‘reckless endangerment’ as far has holding large gatherings during COVID. For some reason, which I’ve never understood, especially when it comes to the Kardashian’s, why some people look up to these stars? Most if not all of these celebrities and FF’s are utter morons. They should be ashamed of themselves. People, we need much better (smarter) role models!!!

  12. Leah says:

    That’s what interesting about covid-19, it doesn’t care if you are CardiB or average folk….if it wants you, it will have you.

    I know someone who’s niece works in OB and is now infected because outside of the hospital she didn’t believe in wearing a mask. She’s now isolated and can’t work for 14 days so was losing nearly half a months pay worth utter recklessness? The hospital is thinking of letting her go because she was working in the ward with the babies, she wasn’t working with the covid patients. She just graduated from nursing school two years ago so if it happens it won’t look so good on her employment record.

    • Chris says:

      Play stupid games…

    • Yup, Me says:

      I hope they do fire her ass.

      We have a family friend who had to have an isolated Thanksgiving for one (away from even her nuclear household – husband and 3 kids) because she was exposed by some jackhole who KNEW he was likely sick but kept quiet and kept coming into his physical therapy job – where most of their clients are SENIORS. Their entire facility was compromised by one selfish ass.

      • Chris says:

        He should be prosecuted and terminated from his job. He could have and still might kill people. If any of those patients die of covid, he should be charged with manslaughter.

      • lucy2 says:

        Seriously I would absolutely fire that person. They knowingly endangered the entire staff and all the patients. Goodbye.

  13. Gutterflower says:

    Oh man I clicked the Kardashian link and holy filter/photoshop!!! And, personally, I despise nails like that. These people are so fake and selfish. It never ends with them.

    • ME says:

      The photoshop and filters they use are truly insane…they are cartoons ! The nails are crazy. I don’t know how they are able to even be near their kids with knife sharp nails like that !

      • Louisa says:

        There’s no way they are taking care of their kids with those nails. God, absolutely everything they do is just a photo shoot.

  14. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    These entitled m-fkrs.

    My spouse is an MD and hasn’t been tested ONCE in the last nine months.

    Inpatients have to wait days before a test comes back before they can have a necessary cardiac procedure.

    Meanwhile, professional athletes & pos celebrities get them willy- nilly.

    This country is so fkd up.

    • Lady2Lazy says:

      @ NotSoSocialButterfly, I agree!! As my husband is a retina physician, we have maintained seeing patients during this entire pandemic due to the fact that IF my husband does not treat you, you could further lose your eyesight!!
      What angers my the most, is that I read an article in NYT last week, I think, about how frontline workers are NOT afforded the same treatment as sports athletes who have access to COVID tests and DON’T have to pay for it!!! Not only that, they are expected to take a day off, go to a site to get a test and pay for it, and they work in hospitals!?! Plus, we have governors telling front line workers that if they are contagious but feel fine, they can work! This is so backasswards it’s disgusting!! Wear a MASK people!! Staying home for Thanksgiving isn’t going to harm your precious freedoms or rights as a citizen!! You are the PROBLEM, not the solution!!! Everyone must do their part and those who refuse to do so, should be charged an enormous fine. The selfish airlines should have restricted travel too, but they are only concerned about their bottom line, not their workers!! I am so sick and tired of people being so incredibly stupid and declaring that the coronavirus isn’t real and that they have the freedom to do as they please. They ONLY care about themselves! My son, DIL and 2 grandsons, that live less than a mile away, we’re NOT invited to Thanksgiving because they do not follow mask mandates!! I am NOT going to inflict the rest of us due to their ignorance or stupidity. They are not welcome for Christmas either, but I will give them presents.

      • SomeChick says:

        I read that same article. The nurse who wrote it said that the hospital where she works (owned by SUTTER “HEALTH” GROUP) will not provide tests even after exposure – she would have to take time off, pay to be tested herself, and then quarantine without pay. Football players and rich people get them like eating candy, but nurses? No. It’s insane and I hope Sutter goes down the tubes.

  15. souperkay says:

    All the testing in the world will not save you from an asymptomatic person or a person who is shedding virus before they show active infection symptoms.

    Cardi B can love her family and want to share her success all without having them physically present.

    It is so difficult to actually practice good pandemic behavior and I hope she & her family stays safe but it was an extraordinarily large risk she took and people have every right to be upset about it.

    These super spreader events like the wedding in Maine often don’t touch the actual party goers very directly, but someone at the party carries it home & someone inside their bubble gets a bad dose of it.

  16. lucy2 says:

    Sorry, that’s just disgusting and selfish. There are hospital workers literally begging people to stay home because there’s no room, and it’s too dangerous.

    Those rapid tests should be used for essential personnel, schools, etc. Not so some selfish celebrity can have a big party.

    • Amy Too says:

      This is what I want to know. Where do they get these tests? Who is prescribing them or administering them? There are kids who have to go to school and I bet they and their parents would love the peace of mind that a daily rapid test would bring but they just have to deal with it. I, my husband, both of my parents, my brother, his girlfriend, and my mother in law are all still working. We don’t get to be rapid tested. Ever. My parents each got 1 Covid test that they asked for on their own. My dad didn’t get his results for 4 weeks. My mom got hers in about 8 days. How is that even helpful at that point?

      Why is being a Kardashian or a Cardi B somehow more important than being a nanny, a school teacher, a gas station attendant, a receptionist in a doctor’s office, or someone who works in manufacturing? The kardashians and Cardi B have a shit ton of money already. They can not work for a year or 18 months, my family doesn’t have that luxury. And yet Cardi and all her people get tested 4 times a week just so she can make records and music videos? And the kardashians get tested so they can take selfies with each other maskless? And then they can get 14, or 37, or 50, or 100 people tested real quick just so they can throw a birthday party or thanksgiving dinner and not have to wear masks or socially distance during it? Why are they more important and where do they get these tests? Can just anyone call their doctor and ask for one?

      • Tiffany :) says:

        “Where do they get these tests? Who is prescribing them or administering them? ”

        America has had a 2 track health care system for a while now, where the rich get benefits others do not.

        Concierge doctors have access to tests, and hook up their wealthy clients.

  17. ME says:

    I want to like Cardi, I really do, but boy does she make it hard.

  18. Lauren says:

    I don’t get it. It’s a weird year for sure, but is it really that difficult for these people to give up social gatherings for a year so that we can actually all have a future? I live with my parents and it’s just going to be the three of us for Christmas (usually it would be 10 to 15 people under a roof, but hecks no). My aunt lives in our same town with her 3 kids so technically we could spend the holiday with them and be in perfect accordance with Italian regulations, but we have decided to spend it alone. It’s hard and it’s going to be a lonely holiday, but for gods sake I rather we all get to see Christmas 2021, god only knows that knowing 2020 this Christmas is going to suck on principle with people or no people.

  19. schmootc says:

    I thought she was smarter than this. She should be embarrassed, for sure. I’ve already told my family I’m not coming home for Christmas because I can’t drive and don’t want to fly and bring something home with me to my elderly parents. And if I went, that would have been a grand total of seven people – me, my parents’ household and my sister’s household. Which I think would have been pushing it.

  20. Ariel says:

    She is a selfish jerk.
    If a bunch of people covid from that party and that person gives it to someone who dies from it- will she take responsibility for that death? No.
    But it is not just her.
    I stayed home, but my friend still hosted the thanksgiving i usually go to- she said 8-10 people, but there were at least 2 people on the video she posted that i had never seen before, so, more like 12 people. A friend attended that.
    And my other friend attended a “small” 8 person with her cousin and those cousin’s friends.
    And no i am avoiding all of them for a week.
    I’m kind of appalled by my middle aged, otherwise not idiot friends.
    I think most people did this. And our whole country- but especially hospital workers about to pay a steep price for it.
    I think everyone who attended a more than 2 household thanksgiving, along with everyone who goes to a giant no mask church service, should have to sign a waiver, stating they want zero medical intervention.
    They can get better or die at home without putting more stress on hospitals and front line workers.
    Absurd. Selfish. Stupid.

    • Lady2Lazy says:

      @ Ariel, thank you!! Well spoken and I agree with you. 100%!! A Dr. at the Houston Medical Center, a picture of him hugging a COVID patient last week went viral, has worked for 256 days STRAIGHT!! No days off, and most of them have their phones going off most of the night because they are losing one of their patients during their off shift period. We are losing a LIFE every 13 minutes now, I think or sooner. With the selfishness that US residents have displayed in the last 7-8 days, they should be fined for having traveled. If they are admitted to the hospital and having been recently returned home, they go at the end of the line for treatment at the hospitals. I never realized how many selfish, ignorant and disgusting citizens lives in this country. And if any of them hosted a gathering, I hope that their survivors sue the hosts!!

    • Amy Too says:

      I was listening to NPR before thanksgiving. They had someone on to talk about thanksgiving food and what to make instead of a huge turkey, how to do thanksgiving smaller, etc. I was listening and happy that the host and this lady were talking about the one time sacrifice of a having to do a small, one-family-only thanksgiving during covid, until the host asked the guest what her plans were for this thanksgiving. She said she was “getting together with about six or so other friends who have all kind of been in a pod together.” Rage! Seven or 8,9,10+ (if the guest has a spouse or a family) people, from several different households, who have “kind of” been in a pod. The host seemed a bit taken aback but recovered quickly saying something about how doing thanksgiving with the small pod that you’ve been isolating with, only seeing each other since the beginning of the virus, was one of the CDC approved ways of celebrating this year.

      This was on NPR. Supposedly the most “liberally biased” of all the media. “Super high brow intellectual, overtly pro-science and anti-religion”, and only for straight laced, earnest, no-fun, rules-bound people. The type of people who drive around with their Elizabeth Warren bumper stickers, listening to NPR and wearing a face mask, even though they’re the only person in the car. The same type of middle class, middle age, Democrat-voting, usually not idiot people that you were talking about who somehow decided they needed to do a big thanksgiving anyways.

  21. Jules says:

    No surprise. Along with jetting around the world, going on vacations, posting inane selfies of how special they are. Celebs continue to show how unnecessary and selfish they are.

  22. JustMe2 says:

    Well Offset needs to spend with all his other kids 😂

  23. Lunasf17 says:

    Ugh! I used to be kind of indifferent toward her and thought she was sort of ok but she has shown over and over she is an idiot and selfish. She either is really this dumb or thinks so is above the rules and both suck. Honestly I think her music sounds like literally everything else on the radio and has zero creativity and is trying to be the “empowered sexual woman” that has been done a thousand times before. And of course the stupid Kardashians are being stupid. Ugh I’m so sick of entitled celebs being a holes.

  24. Delphine says:

    Clicked through to the Kar/Jenners and my god those long pointy fingernails! Whyyy? I would poke out my own eye within 5 minutes.

  25. Elizabeth says:

    I normally think Cardi is well intentioned, and I truly appreciated how she supported Bernie & the Democrats in the election, but this is so, so stupid. Arghhhhh.

  26. DT says:

    I had Thanksgiving dinner with my best friend and her mom and dad and felt worried/guilty about even that, even though everyone has been quarantining. I called all of my out of state family to let them know I won’t be making it home for Christmas bc of everything and they were all very understanding. I haven’t seen them in a year and I don’t know when I will again. It’s awful and sad but it’s the right thing to do. I cannot wrap my head around making the decision to be near 37 people right now and just completely ignore what is going on. Selfish.

  27. Mara says:

    It’s really sad that if/when these selfish a*&holes get the virus, they will be able to afford the very best medical care. They will take medical workers away from people that were careful and got the virus anyway. I wish that they had to sign some sort of waiver stating that they won’t be permitted to take up a hospital bed/ventilator/meds when their behavior is what causes them to get Covid-19.

  28. NYStateofMind says:

    Will Cardi be fined? As per Cuomo…… That’s really not cool of either family. Money talks I suppose.

  29. Barbiem says:

    My son was positive for covid. I tested negative. For the holiday I normally split cooking with my sister and we alternate homes. This year I cooked my dishes, packed enough for her house in a bag and she did the same. I met her at the door and we exchanged foods. If all of us tested negative, in both homes we would have celebrated together.

  30. Amando says:

    Having this gathering is bad enough, but to BRAG about it on social media is a slap in the face to those of us who are actually trying to abide by guidelines and laws during this pandemic. The rich only think of themselves and showing off their wealth and privilege. Cardi and anyone else who had large gatherings during this time (tested or not) are a$$holes.