Karlie Kloss pregnancy cravings include sleep and ‘salty & crunchy’ food

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I keep forgetting that Karlie Kloss is pregnant, anyone else? It’s because of the pandemic, and the lack of red carpets and premieres and events. Ordinarily, we would be seeing pregnant celebrities “debut” their “bumps” at public events. But this has been a good moment for pregnant celebrities who just want to gestate in peace and quiet. Perhaps Karlie is one of them. Karlie chatted with the Wall Street Journal (a massively conservative publication) about her pregnancy and her morning routines. It was just a WSJ series called “My Monday Mornings.”

Karlie Kloss is sharing how pregnancy has switched up her everyday routine. The 28-year-old supermodel, who’s currently expecting her first child with husband Joshua Kushner, opens up to WSJ. Magazine’s popular “My Monday Mornings” series about how her pregnancy has gone. One way she was forced to change is by being careful to slow down.

“I normally love running, but I have to say I’m out of breath these days just talking or going up a flight of stairs,” says Kloss, adding, “I normally am up at 6:30, 7, but I feel like these days, more into winter, I’m hitting the snooze button more and more. I like to get my workout in first thing in the morning, so I almost force myself to get out of bed and put on my leggings, my sneakers and my sports bra.”

“I brush my teeth and go straight to my workout, which, by the way, is like the shortest commute of all time now that it’s basically just my Zoom workouts,” she says, admitting she thinks she could easily “sleep in until 3 in the afternoon.”

Kloss, when asked whether her diet has fluctuated since becoming pregnant, notes that cravings are familiar territory for her, baby on the way or not. “I’ve always had bizarre cravings, so it’s kind of nothing new,” she tells the outlet, “but I’ve really been loving everything salty and crunchy.”

The Kode with Klossy founder also listed the prominent supermodel moms she looks up to in the industry, including Christy Turlington Burns, who “has been a role model and mentor of mine… She is somebody who I feel really lucky to have to look to for guidance and advice. Her work with Every Mother Counts is one of the reasons why early on in my career I realized the opportunity to make the most of having the platform. And as a mom, I think she’s just the coolest.”

“Cindy Crawford is an incredible supermom as well,” she continues. “Natalia Vodianova, I mean, she has five kids — I still to this day don’t understand how she does it. I’m really excited for all of my friends who are entering this next chapter of life at this time too, so excited for some new mom groups.”

[From People]

Yeah, I can totally see how Karlie is following Christy Turlington’s path. They have similar vibes as models, and Christy leaned more into charity and business when she became a mom. I’m also not surprised that Karlie has kept her pregnancy rather lowkey – she’s not branding herself as “look at me, I’m starting a whole new celebrity persona around my pregnancy!” Like, she’s not becoming a pregnancy-and-mommy influencer, although maybe she will do that at some point. God, even her cravings are pretty boring, right? I’ve craved salty and crunchy food for decades.

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  1. LORENA says:

    I craved mustard (any kind except honey mustard) pickles, cucumbers, jalapeños

    I would often get a wheat bagel with jalapeño cream cheese, add cucumbers and sprouts… so weird and so satisfying

  2. Julia says:

    “I’ve craved salty and crunchy food for decades” That made me lol, because goodness, me too… I’m trying to shift my pandemic weight gain and just reading this, I now fancy some Tyrrell’s Salt & Vinegar crisps. Sooo crunchy. Sight…

  3. SarahCS says:

    Same reaction to the headline, I forgot all about her.

    I’d also forgotten that Natalia Vodianova has FIVE kids. I know with her kind of money you can get a ton of support, but that just sounds like a lot of people to have around you all the time.

  4. Laura says:


    I too forgot she was pregnant, probably because she’s just so… forgettable.

  5. Croissant says:

    Jesus Christ, who cares.

  6. damejudi says:

    She can snack on Ivanka’s dried tears. Salty and crunchy.

  7. chumsley says:

    I have to say that I craved anything potato related, especially potato chips and scalloped potatoes. I would buy the family size bag of Utz chips almost every week at the grocery store and eat most of it myself. I would joke that the baby would come out with a potato head. LOL

    The one good thing about this pandemic is that I got to work from home during the last half of my pregnancy, so I was way more comfortable. I didn’t have to dress up or drive through traffic and my bathroom was closer for those frequent trips to the bathroom. And I’ve been back at work for a few months now, but since we’re still working from home, my baby is just in the next room so I don’t feel separation anxiety.