Prince William ‘loosened up a lot’ & his marriage is stronger post-Sussexit


This is Part 2 of our coverage of this epic story from Rebecca English at the Daily Mail. As I said, I think the piece started out as a “how do people feel, one year post-Sussexit” story and the answers English found were… interesting. The Queen grows more contemptible by the day, but what of Prince Charles and Prince William, not to mention poor Keen Kate? Luckily, Becky English has sources deep within Buckingham Palace, Clarence House and Kensington Palace. Honestly, this DM piece had the feel of a coordinated hit by different camps working towards the same goal: bullying, shaming and maligning Prince Harry. Some highlights:

They’re still mad about a crown emoji: Meghan’s recent link up with her friend Oprah Winfrey to publicise her new range of vegan lattes — which led to the entertainment legend shamelessly plugging them on Instagram with a crown emoji — was seen in the opinion of many in the Royal Household as not just clumsy, but arguably a direct contravention of her and Harry’s promise not to bring the monarchy into disrepute.

The Sussexes cannot return (not that they want to): Last March, it was agreed with the Palace that Harry and Meghan should enter a 12-month probationary period before a review of what future part in the Royal Family they might play. Despite rumours that the couple are angling for another 12-month extension to their probation, the fact is any chance of future royal roles is now ‘dead in the water’, according to sources.

A nail in the coffin: ‘It’s solely down to the choices they have made. There is no anger or animosity [on behalf of the Royal Family]. But every commercial deal that has been done by the Sussexes has been a nail in the coffin of any kind of return to royal life.’ Another source explained: ‘To come back would mean they would have to undo all the commercial tie-ups they have already done, and clearly Harry and Meghan don’t want to do that. That is absolutely their choice and the Queen has agreed they can pursue these new carers. But to cap it all, they have bought a house 6,000 miles away, which is an unmistakable statement of intent on their behalf.’

Strip them of their royal titles? Sources also emphasise it is unlikely Harry will be able to get back any military roles that might have been left open for him. For a proud serviceman, it is likely to be one of his most bitter regrets. But there are categorically no plans to strip them of their titles, despite much public conjecture. After Edward VIII’s abdication, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor retained theirs until the day they died. To strip Harry and Meghan of their titles would just be punitive and, whatever else the Royal Family are, say insiders, they are not petty.

Meghan DGAF about her title though: Intriguingly, I understand that Meghan — possibly flippantly — told friends at one point that she would ‘happily’ hand back her title, which was a wedding gift from the Queen. There is no suggestion she wishes to do so, however. It seems that being a duchess (or a duke, for that matter) carries a useful cachet in the U.S., for the time being.

William feels Harry’s absence keenly (there’s no other way!): It is William, however, who has felt Harry’s decision to leave the family most keenly. He has forfeited not just a beloved brother, but someone he expected would stand shoulder to shoulder with him and share the burden of responsibility when he becomes king.

The lies!! William was also deeply hurt by suggestions from the Sussex camp that he, and particularly his wife, had cold-shouldered Meghan. In fact, I have been told that Kate — and the Countess of Wessex — both repeatedly ‘reached out’ to the Duchess, particularly after she voiced her unhappiness on a television documentary. But they were rebuffed.

William & Charles get along now: The flip side of William’s deep disenchantment, however, is that at 38 he has built bridges with his 72-year-old father, with whom he has not always had the easiest relationship. ‘William has realised that if he is going to make it work, he needs to be more aligned with his father and they need to work as a team,’ my source says.

William & Kate are stronger: He and Kate are also said to have become stronger as a couple than ever. They have become a lot less risk adverse — William taking part in a well-received Comic Relief sketch and allowing their children to be filmed on their doorstep during the weekly ‘clap for carers’. ‘He’s loosened up a lot,’ says a friend, ‘they both have, in fact. As a couple William and Kate are quite cautious. People expect them to be very confident, but they aren’t, not naturally anyway. Everything that’s happened this year has changed that. They have done a really sterling job.’

[From The Daily Mail]

“William was also deeply hurt by suggestions from the Sussex camp that he, and particularly his wife, had cold-shouldered Meghan.” OMFG. William and Kate waged this f–king asinine campaign openly in the press to exile Harry and Meghan and now William is playing it off, while basically suggesting that the Sussexes blamed Kate more than him?? LOLZ. Harry always knew who put the knife in his back. That’s all I’ll say about that. As for “As a couple William and Kate are quite cautious. People expect them to be very confident, but they aren’t, not naturally anyway.” Of course they’re not confident. Kate is lazy and button-obsessed and William is a lazy, cheating fool with anger issues. They don’t have much to be confident about.

Also: “It seems that being a duchess (or a duke, for that matter) carries a useful cachet in the U.S., for the time being.” Americans literally do not care at this point. Most of the time, the press uses her maiden name and Meghan introduces herself to everyone as “Meghan” anyway. They’re basically trying to, like, shame her into “giving up” her Sussex title of her own accord.

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  1. JT says:

    Why would Harry, the so called irrelevant one, share the burden of being king? Did I miss something? Can the kingship be shared like both Bobs over at Disney? Can the British peeps help me out here? Is this a thing that the public had expected? Two kings leading the country? This entire article is ridiculous. And we all know W&K aren’t confident, that much is clear. If they were secure in their roles they wouldn’t have to smear H&M for being successful.

    • SarahCS says:

      Clear that’s being used as shorthand for ‘scapegoat’ for anything William needs.

      • Becks1 says:

        Someone in the big thread yesterday mentioned how the whole “spare” dynamic is really just a form of abuse, and I couldn’t agree more. Harry was supposed to spend his life being the scapegoat for William – what is healthy about that??

        And besides, the whole “spare” mentality is stupid anyway considering how many royals there are. If something were to happen to William and harry was out of the line of succession (I know he’s not, but lets just say), even before W’s marriage/kids, then there was Andrew (I know I know but lets just go with it.) then after Andrew we have Beatrice, Eugenie, Edward, James, Louise, Anne, Peter, Zara.

        Not having a “spare” is not quite the crisis it used to be.

      • clomo says:

        As much as I love my homeland I don’t want Wills to be King. I want Charles to dismantle the monarchy after the queen dies. It makes me sad for the England of yesteryear. I loved seeing all of that growing up. However Wills should just let his kids grow up to be normal people so they don’t suffer. Or maybe Charles will live to 100 and Wills can get bone spurs and pass the crown to his son.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Did the queen let her only sister Margaret stand shoulder to shoulder with her to serve the nation? NO! Will Charles let Anne or any of his siblings help him no! History has shown us that every monarch by nature and environment has been trained to be selfish and self centred and everyone around them is lessened so they can look better in comparison.
      These are however different times. Embiggening campaigns no longer work, and glaringly so now that the Sussexes have escaped and taken control of their own destiny.

    • Maevo says:

      William is just mad that he he no longer has Harry to act as his “party prince” foil. As long as Harry was out there being “the irresponsible one” it made William look good by comparison without having to lift a finger. Now that Harry is actually working and accomplishing things it highlights how useless William is (and further underscores the ridiculous inequity of primogeniture). The role of the spare after all is to make the heir look good and worthy of their position.

      • Donna B. says:

        I believe Harry was always working. I think the media over in the UK wanted to make it look like he was irresponsible, but behind the scenes Harry was always leading some type of project, i.e. while in school, he might not have had so-called high grades, but he was captain of sports teams, etc.; when Harry was 19yrs, he started some program in S. Africa, which is still going strong; Harry started the mental illness campaign; etc., etc. From what i have gathered Harry has always been working behind the scenes, networking with various groups of people, etc. Leaders from various nations, when they have to meet with UK Royals, they seem to be more excited meeting Harry (pre-Meghan), than meeting the other royals (from the videos & photos i’ve seen).

      • Maevo says:

        Oh I agree! It was always PR spin, it just doesn’t fly anymore the way it did in their 20s.

    • Alarmjaguar says:

      “like both Bobs over at Disney” I guffawed!

    • Yvette says:

      @ JT … Not a Brit, but I see it as William having expected to keep Harry on a short leash, under his control, and under his thumb. As he got his ‘King training’ from the Queen rather than his father, I can see Liz giving this advice on how to ‘handle’ the spare because this is how she handled Margaret; someone who, like Harry, got all the charm, ease, amiability, and charisma.

      The Queen seemed to resent Margaret for who she was, just as William seems to resent Harry for who he is.

    • Mooshe1 says:

      They need Harry behind the scenes working. Meghan definitely wasn’t going to be behind the scenes because the press loves her or loves to hate her too much. Both Will and Kate are extremely lazy! There’s absolutely no reason he shouldn’t be doing as much as Charles and Anne. If they played the Fab 4 card with Harry and Meghan taking the younger people, military, and and all their other patronages Will and Kate were going to be shown up. Look at how much H&M have put into action in 9 months. There’s no way W&K can compare.

      • windyriver says:

        Yup. TQ and Charles actually work. Will doesn’t. What “standing shoulder to shoulder and sharing the burden of responsibility” with Will really means is, Harry will do most of the work, which Will will frequently take credit for. I really believe this is what Will had planned.

  2. Snuffles says:

    Sigh…they just can’t keep their stories straight.

    As far as the titles go, no they don’t need them and don’t really use them. BUT, I’m petty and want the Sussex’s to basically dare the Queen to take them off of them. They’ve done nothing wrong and blood royals who have committed actual CRIMES continue to keep theirs, live off of taxpayer money in luxury and under protection of The Crown.

    So come for them Queenie and open Pandora’s Box. See what happens!

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      It’s not just about the titles. They won’t be satisfied until they take the very air they breathe. The RF brand is damaged beyond repair internationally and it is their fault. They sicced their attack dogs on the Sussexes and it back fired spectacularly. Bulliam and his wife, who the public were mostly indifferent to, pitched his tent with right wing racists and lost the younger, more dynamic and more supportive crowd. If Andrew can keep his titles, so can the Sussexes.

    • Amy Bee says:

      I’m with you. I want the Queen to strip Harry and Meghan of their titles and I think she’s just stupid enough to do it.

      • Lorelei says:

        Obviously this is just anecdotal (and admittedly I’m the most ardent royal-watcher in my family & group of friends), but if I asked every single person I know who the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are, I think *maybe* one person would know. If I asked them who Harry and Meghan are, they would ALL know.

        I’m in America, but I do think this is representative of how they’re seen worldwide; no one but a small group of fusty old royalists in the UK cares about the “HRH” or even the Dukedom. Either the BRF doesn’t realize this, or they have realized it and that’s part of why they’re so angry and lashing out. Either way, they’re fast becoming irrelevant while the Sussexes will continue to be global superstars.

        They’ve put so much weight on the titles and the 12-month “review” because they’re so desperate, that’s all they have, and at the end of the day, none of it means anything. They’re clinging to these outdated ideas of status that just are not relevant in 2021.

        Harry and Meghan are gone for good and it was their own decision. It’s kind of funny watching the family trying to act all, “You didn’t dump us, we dumped YOU!” as the Sussexes just go on with their lives.

    • Becks1 says:

      I honestly think the only reason they use the titles at this point is because its easier? Like, Harry is still Prince Harry, and even if he leans in fully to the “just Harry” aspect, people will still call him Prince Harry. the world has known him as that for 35 years. So then you have Prince Harry and his wife Meghan – which has been working so far, but saying the Duke and Duchess of Sussex also works.

      To be clear I’m not talking about brand name – I think they’ve established themselves as Harry and Meghan very strongly – but more just for a practical matter. the New York Times isn’t going to publish an op-ed from “Meghan of Harry and Meghan.” They want a proper name for things like that, and right now its Duchess of Sussex. I do wonder if shortly we’ll start seeing them just use Sussex – Meghan Sussex. Or back to Mountbatten-Windsor, which is unwieldy and OMG can you imagine the reaction from the RRs if they were using anything involving “Windsor”!?!?!?

      • Amy Bee says:

        It’s basically Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. When he had the zoom call for Rising Phoenix, he introduced himself as Prince Harry. It’s what everybody knows him by and so he uses that. And Meghan is more famous as Meghan Markle than the Duchess of Sussex. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex is just used for formality.

      • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

        Same thing with Diana. She was NEVER titled/styled just “Princess Diana”, but the press called her that and it stuck. Then, it was Diana, Princess of Wales, and we STILL ALL called her Princess Di(ana). It’ll be the same thing with Harry.

      • Tessa says:

        I would not like her called just Meghan Markle because on social media she is derided as Markle I think she needs to be called by her married name now. Because some on social media don’t want to know they are a couple and talk about HER leaving. ANd not THEIR leaving.

    • Deneph says:

      I can’t imagine their titles will ever be taken from them, no way would Charles ever allow his son to rank lower than Andrew.

      • Lindsay says:

        Yep, you can rely on Charles to be petty af, especially when it comes to Andrew (who deserves it). Also, I wouldn’t be shocked if Charles, after taking the throne, orders Andrew to be interviewed by the FBI, just to watch Mama’s Best Boy swing in the wind. And I am here for that.

      • Tessa says:

        I am not happy with the way Charles sat back and let William push Harry out. William is not in charge. HE should have dealt with the issues with William and Harry and assigned William much of the blame.

      • PureJane says:

        And no way QE lets to set precedent which helps to cut off Andrew’s title. If Harry and Meg can be cut off their titles, Anrew can be too.

    • anotherlily says:

      The Queen did not bestow any titles on Meghan. Meghan’s titles derive from being the wife of HRH Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex.

      The Queen did not bestow HRH status on Harry. He was born with this status. It cannot be removed except by Act of Parliament on the grounds of treason. The Queen did bestow an hereditary peerage on Prince Harry on his marriage, as she did for Andrew, Edward and William and also her sister’s husband. As with HRH Harry cannot be deprived of his peerage except by Act of Parliament on the grounds of treason.

      Archie will inherit his father’s peerage and, when Charles is King, under the current law Archie will have HRH status in the same way that Prince Edward’s children have this status i.e. they can choose to use it when they reach 18. Charles could issue Letters Patent restricting future HRH status to the children of his immediate heir, which he may do.

      Harry has agreed not to use his HRH status since he has stood down from official duties and is pursuing private commercial activities. BUT, other royals in the same position do use HRH status. These are Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. The Kents also use royal insignia to promote their money-making ventures as can be seen on Princess Michael’s website.

      Prince Andrew continues to use HRH and his ex-wife, who lost HRH status on divorce uses her Duchess of York title in her many and varied commercial activities which have included endorsing Weight Watchers and Avon products, making TV documentaries, appearing on TV, radio and online platforms, including a series with Oprah Winfrey.

      • Kalana says:

        Prior to the Epstein story resurfacing, royal stans were cooing about Andrew and Fergie remarrying after Philip passed away. Not a single thing Fergie did mattered and there were no calls to take away her title. White royals really can get away with anything.

        Calling for the Sussexes to lose their titles is about white supremacists being furious about Meghan not being 100% white.

    • ➕💯 Snuffles. Let the Queen open that can of Parlimentary worms, by making her come for the titles. I’ll pop popcorn for that one, because I think if she does, some might think it’s a good time to strip Andrew’s titles as well. Every gift she’s given the Sussexes has been a mess: derelict Frogmore —- such a gift; titles that she’d probably love to strip (especially from Meghan) but can’t as she’s smart enough to know her dear Andrew’s Duke of York title might just get pulled as well. Meghan is a successful, self-made woman in her own right. To paraphrase Earl Spencer on Diana: She no longer needs a title to work her special brand of magic. The Firm just doesn’t get it and what’s sad is they just never learn! Look at Diana, her legacy is still so powerful that Camilla doesn’t dare call herself the Princess of Wales and Charles has a major meltdown over a Netflix portrayal of her.

      English’s mouthpiece article is The Firm once again trying to rewrite history and tell us what the story should be: Harry abandoned them, William bereft, Meghan cruel to WHITE Kate and WHITE Sophie, Cambridge’s strong marriage now that William’s been abandoned by his selfish, money-grubbing little brother. However, my favorite fairy tale that the Firm is trying to spin in this article up is that the Sussexes cannot come back no matter how much the Firm wants us to believe they want to. That BS story that came out last week, that the Sussexes wanted to renegotiate fell flat on its face when the Sussexes pressed the button on Archewell going live. However, we can now see how the Firm wants this story to spin: the Sussexes desperately want to be readmitted, but the Firm cannot allow it. What a joke!

      • I will also add, that ANOTHERLILY above is right. Harry would have to commit treason for his Sussex title to be stripped. What I find interesting is the FIRM, definitely knows this but still they have English bring it up and indicate how magnanimous the Queen is because she is going to let them keep their titles (at this time). 🤦🏻‍♀️

      • Bex says:

        Edward VII committed treason by going behind his brother’s back and cozying up to Hitler. Still kept his titles and HRH until the day he died. Liz (and her courtiers) can try it, but they don’t want the fallout.

      • Tessa says:

        Edward VIII was not tried for treason nor even accused by it by his brother. If he had been tried and sentenced for it he would have lost his titles and gone to prison. He and his wife were sent to Nassau for him to be Governor General and his brother got him out of Europe. He did not appear to like being King and he would not show up for some duties and was very sloppy with State papers, coffee stains were found on the documents on his desk. He also spent a lot of time on cruises with Wallis and partying. The reason Wallis was denied HRH was said to be that the Queen (later QUeen mother) did not want her to have it and she was entitled to it upon marriage to Edward. The royals assumed the marriage would not last and would not want Wallis to have it This bothered him the most and he was bitter about it until he died.

    • Yvette says:

      @Snuffles … The Queen, Charles, and William (mainly the Queen and William) may attempt to negotiate the titles away, thereby avoiding the ‘petty’ label for stripping them. They would make Harry an offer (probably something to do with his military titles/patronages) they believe he couldn’t refuse in exchange for Harry and Meghan giving up their titles.

      • Tessa says:

        Harry was born a PRince it is his birthright, I doubt he’d sell out his birthright to Wililam. WIlliam IMO is going to be a really bad King if he can’t even get along with his own sibling and seems to be rather heartless. In the Lacey book William was reported as going for “briefings” with the Queen. Which think did him a lot of damage but he always had this mean streak IMO even as a child.

  3. PEARL GREY says:

    The only things loose about Leaky Willy are his mouth and his morals. He’s still the same dull and uptight rage monster, incandescent at everything. Any attempt at appearing more “loosened up” post-Sussexit is simply because they are trying to fill the “rock stars of the royal family” void left by Harry and Meghan, and they are failing miserably.

    • Amy Bee says:

      “Loosened up” means they’re showing the children more which they’ve been forced to do because Harry and Meghan left.

      • Keen Kate says:

        They’ve got nothing else to sell and are not interesting by themselves, especially William!

      • Mindy_Dopple says:

        That’s what I thought too Amy Bee – “loosened up” means they’re playing the press game more and giving them what they want where before – they had room to say no. Now they don’t without their shields.

      • Tessa says:

        Those children are going to resent it when they are teens. It’s all going to backfire IMO.

  4. Merricat says:

    America was literally built on escaping the tyranny of those with titles. If anything, we respect him more for leaving.
    Is it terribly wrong that I laughed the entire time I was reading this piece? You can try to change the rhetoric, KP, but your actions always reveal you.

    • Snuffles says:

      Royalty never changes

      🎶🎶 You say
      The price of my love’s not a price that you’re willing to pay
      You cry
      In your tea which you hurl in the sea when you see me go by
      Why so sad?
      Remember we made an arrangement when you went away
      Now you’re making me mad
      Remember, despite our estrangement, I’m your man
      You’ll be back, soon you’ll see
      You’ll remember you belong to me
      You’ll be back, time will tell
      You’ll remember that I served you well
      Oceans rise, empires fall
      We have seen each other through it all
      And when push comes to shove
      I will send a fully armed battalion to remind you of my love!
      Da da da dat da, dat da da da da ya da
      Da da dat dat da ya da!
      Da da da dat da, dat da da da da ya da
      Da da dat dat da
      You say our love is draining and you can’t go on
      You’ll be the one complaining when I am gone
      And no, don’t change the subject
      ‘Cause you’re my favorite subject
      My sweet, submissive subject
      My loyal, royal subject
      Forever, and ever, and ever, and ever, and ever
      You’ll be back like before
      I will fight the fight and win the war
      For your love, for your praise
      And I’ll love you ’til my dying days
      When you’re gone, I’ll go mad
      So don’t throw away this thing we had
      ‘Cause when push comes to shove
      I will kill your friends and family to remind you of my love
      Da da da dat da, dat da da da da ya da
      Da da dat dat da ya da!
      Da da da dat da, dat da da da da ya da
      Da da dat-
      Da da da dat da, dat da da da da ya da
      Da da dat dat da ya da!
      Da da da dat da, dat da da da da ya da, da da da
      Dat dat da ya da!🎶🎶

      • Chill says:

        Thank you. Hamilton adjacent anything is always welcome. And apt.

      • gemcat says:

        haha I sang the whole just have to don’t you!!

      • Angelica Schuyler says:

        OMG my husband and I made this very same joke months ago. I actually suggested we should do a JibJab of Petty Betty, Chucky, and PWT singing this to the Sussexes!
        The BM & RF don’t seem to understand that in the US, finding one’s own success through one’s own work is admired, not frowned upon. We admire the Sussexes for following their own path, not because they have an HRH before their names. It kills them that the Sussexes will be popular and successful, and HAPPY, whether they are “royal” or not……

      • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

        OMG LOOOOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! I was singing along lol. How freakin’ appropriate is it???? Brava!!!

      • Love it Snuffles. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Anything Hamilton rocks. You’re on fire today. So apropo 🎶🎶🎶🎶 ….” So don’t throw away this thing we had ‘Cause when push comes to shove I will kill your friends and family to remind you of my love…… 🎶🎶🎶.

  5. Rapunzel says:

    The Oprah emoji thing is so ridiculous. I told my mom the British Press was upset about that and she thought I was making it up. I had to show her the articles.

    • tee says:

      Lol my aunt always comes to me for a royal update, not because she cares but because she knows that I like sharing, and she’s always astounded by the stupidity of the faux outrage at everything Meghan does. As a close follower I know it’s ridiculous, but her reactions always highlight just how batshit the UK coverage of them is to people not bought-in at all to the royals.

    • equality says:

      The emoji was likely Oprah’s own doing and probably reflects her thoughts and not H&M’s ideas. Do they think people are going to suddenly not think of Harry as being royalty? Diana was still called Princess Diana (wrongly) after her divorce and treated like royalty even though no longer a “working” royal. Have they learned nothing?

      • chai35 says:

        This is what makes me laugh. Do you honestly think that Oprah was told to use the crown emoji? I’m guessing Oprah isn’t told to do much of anything and certainly wouldn’t do something she didn’t want to do!

      • Agree, Equality. Robert Lacey was quoted in a London Times article recently saying Meghan was no longer royal. The very next question to him was, “of all the ROYALS who would you most like to have lunch with?” His answer, “Meghan.” Yet he had just been quoted in the sentence above stating she was no longer royal. Even they can’t keep it straight among themselves.

      • Tessa says:

        They are no longer senior royals, that was what was said about a year ago.

      • bettyrose says:

        Well, I’m confused. I thought the RF had copyrights to the crown emoji that Oprah had willfully violated. Is that . . . is that . . . not the case? Is it just a silly little cartoon image of a generic crown that could just as easily be selling fast food burgers?

    • LaraK says:

      They can wring their hands until their fingers fall off, and Meghan will still be the American princess. Like, who’s gonna stop Oprah from using the crown emoji? Will? Kate? Liz? They have zero power in the US and it makes them insane!

      • Princess Peach says:

        Also the crown emoji in the US to me is most strongly associated with Beyoncé. Is Petty Betty going to send her a cease and desist?

      • Becks1 says:

        That’s what I think is the crux of the Oprah IG post. They had zero power to do anything about it. They have zero influence of the Archewell podcast or website. They have zero say over anything at this point.

        But, I do kind of wish someone from BP had called up Oprah and asked her to take down the crown emoji, just to get her reaction, lol.

      • Nina Simone says:

        I imagine they wish they could call up Oprah and stop her from using it. The delusions lmaoo

      • Merricat says:


      • Nyro says:

        Princess Peach,
        TY! Nobody associates the crown emoji with Betty Windsor. It’s mostly used in standoms, mainly amongst the Beyhive. And honestly, Betty Windsor isn’t the first thing most young people think of when they hear the word “queen”. They think of Beyonce or Adele or whoever they stan.

  6. Persephone says:

    “ That is absolutely their choice and the Queen has agreed they can pursue these new carers. ”
    Are you kidding me???? “agreed”??? Did the queen think she had any input in their new careers?

  7. Sadiebelle says:

    I actually laughed out loud at the part when Meghan ‘rebuffed’ Kate and Sophie. They are acting like mean girls and I don’t think they know how bad it looks. The cluelessness would be funnier if it wasn’t y’know tinged with racism, classism…

    • equality says:

      If Meghan was the one rebuffing them, why was she smiling and friendly at the Commonwealth Service? Edward was the only other person looking relaxed. The rest looked like somebody gave them a lemon to suck on the way in. Of course, the Kate stans view is poor Kate had to be unfriendly because it is so tedious to have to “walk on eggshells” around Meghan all the time.

      • Myra says:

        Exactly. Til this day I keep thinking of that headline “Imagine being rude in that dumb little hat” or something like that. We saw her rudeness with our very own eyes. All the previous stories from her camp was about her not welcoming Meghan because they thought these stories would show her putting Meghan in her place. Now they want to spin it differently because people are rightly calling them rude and bullying.

      • Yeah, the 2 white girls were shown going out of their way to make Meghan feel part of the team at that Commonwealth Church service. 🤯. And, I agree with Myra, one of my favorite headlines of 2020 was the…..”Imagine Being That Rude in This Dumb Little Hat” headline. I saved that one it was so good. And the lighting in the photos of Kate (in her many buttoned red coat and stupid hat…see above) that day were so harsh she looked like the Wicked Witch of the West.

      • Ann says:

        Betty always looks sour to me. I remember when she showed up to the opening ceremony of the London Olympics. It was a great show and she just looked grumpy.

    • S808 says:

      The fact that they keep they’re insistent on the claim that NotDiana and Katie Keen reached out tells me that they didn’t. They’re trying but they’ll never be able to clean up what we all saw at the CW ceremony.

      • Amy Bee says:

        I agree. They didn’t reach out to Meghan and if they did why is Meghan expected to be the bigger person after what they did to her.

      • Harper says:

        Didn’t some source say Kate sent flowers to Meghan? If that’s their reaching out after destroying Meghan in the press, yeah, it’s time to be rebuffed.

      • Ginger says:

        Agreed. If the British press are selling that they reached out then the opposite is true. Kate is known to not be a nice person, especially to females. Meghan married her crush and it’s obvious how much she hates Meghan.

    • Nic919 says:

      Kate was seen by the world acting like a royal bitch because of a procession. This is her pettiness. No one believes that she would lift a finger to help Meghan. She’s literally never even said her name in public.

      • Merricat says:

        Yes, she was caught; we have the photos. Like many people, Kate looks very unattractive when her behavior is ugly.

      • windyriver says:

        For me, the behavior at the polo match was just as telling, and set the stage for what we saw later at the Commonwealth service. Casual event, no question of Kate’s delicate feelings being hurt by some snub like a procession. She and the kids were close by Meghan, should have been chatting a bit with her and noticing new baby Archie. Neither she, nor (sadly) George or Charlotte so much as looked their way. Louis was the only one who noticed them.

      • Tessa says:

        It is odd that media goes on that Archie won’t see his cousins. But even if he had stayed there, he would have been ignored by Kate, even when they were a few feet from each other. .And she would tell Charlotte and George not to go to see him. ARchie would be more hurt if he stayed there by Kate.

  8. Lanie says:

    Willie and Keen got married in 2011 and dated 10 years prior to that. Their relationship is just now getting stronger because his whipping boy left him for a life of freedom?

    As for the strength of their marriage, just how it it that superspreader Willie’s keen wife didn’t catch Coronavirus from him? Where was he?

    • CC2 says:

      Exactly. Their fans should feel a little embarrassed that apparently the Cambridges are in such trouble where the departure of their siblings/sibling in laws improved things. When another relationship is affecting your relationship and an affair isn’t the case, you probably have issues.

    • Myra says:

      Maybe his wife has finally started to pay attention to him now that the brother has left. Or maybe now that he has stopped paying a certain late night visit to his lady friend, he can finally focus on his own marriage.

      • bettyrose says:

        IDK. Her crush on Harry was understandable, but I think it was more about him being charming and flirtatious with her at a time when her husband was barely noticing her. Somehow I doubt Kate was ignoring Will for Harry.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Harry wasn’t ‘charming and flirtatious’ with her at any time. All he’s ever done is treat her as he treats everyone else around him. It is just that Harry’s politeness is such a contrast to William ignoring Kate or looking openly pained by her.

      • PrincessK says:

        Yes, William does openly ignore Kate, he probably doesn’t know that we see it. She is always looking at him for loving approval, and he usually looks straight through her or away. Remember when Meghan came on the scene and she and Harry were always holding hands, for a while William and Kate copied it, and William started to allow Kate to go in doors first. Notice how this has been dropped as soon as the Sussexes left.

  9. Elizabeth Regina says:

    We all saw them at the Commonwealth event in the church of God. NotHarry and NotMeghan and Sofiesta behaved appallingly. Too late to try and clean up the collateral damage.

    • Couch potato says:

      I can’t find the clip, but unless I dreamt it, the reason Harry was so furious was because Willnot said: hallo Harry” at the Commonwealth service. He didn’t say hallo to Meghan. It looked like Harry said” he only said Harry”, and he was visibly upset and wanted to go right away. Meghan stopped him, but the rage is clear as day in that photo where they’re leaving the church.

      • Elizabeth Regina says:

        Absolutely. Meghan, I believe even said hi and she was not acknowledged. If they can behave like that in a public place in front of the world’s cameras and in the house of God, imagine what happened behind closed doors. The House of Windsor is screwed up.

      • My Two Cents says:

        We all saw this rage and anyone with half a brain understood why he’s been angry this whole time, but the press made it out that he was unhappy with Meghan. That’s why i didn’t like the photo Will and Kate chose for Harry’s birthday of the 3 of them in that race and laughing. It was falling under the same narrative that before Meghan, Harry was a happy guy, carefree and laughing all the time, and she, the B word, has made his life hell.

  10. S808 says:

    W&K not confident? Oh wow, color me surprised! Ofc, they’re not confident, if they were they wouldn’t have to hide behind smoke screens and 973483748 articles of embiggening a year. They’re both doing “jobs” they’re not good at and don’t give a damn about.

    “He has forfeited not just a beloved brother, but someone he expected would stand shoulder to shoulder with him and share the burden of responsibility when he becomes king.”

    Idk how Harry didn’t deck this man on his way out. Fuck him, he’s sad he doesn’t have his built in shield and foil in his “spare” brother. I’m so happy Harry is free from this man and the rest of them. I hope the pressure that rests on him gets heavier and heavier everyday.

    • Keen Kate says:

      Harry’s revenge is living well and being free from those ‘nutters’ as we say in England. And your ‘NotDiana’ comment slayed me S808 😅

    • Amy Too says:

      “Share the burden of responsibility” of being king. See, there’s a rather major thing about kings, though, and that’s that there can only ever be one at a time. It is, in fact, the literal purpose of having a king: ONE person gets to make all the decisions, lead all the people, take all the responsibility, and in return get all the praise and glory. That’s the trade off. If you want to be in charge, make all the decisions, and get all the praise and glory, you have to accept all the responsibility and burden as well. If Will is looking for a system of government in which he can share the responsibilities and burdens of leading with another person, then maybe monarchy isn’t for him.

  11. Rapunzel says:

    Btw, Incandescent rage monster Wills needs to be careful. The fact the media is even daring to print that the Cambridges had weaknesses in themselves and their marriage, which had to get stronger, is not a good sign for future reporting on the Cams. Sounds like a warning shot to me.

    As for the “we’re hurt you think we were rude to Meghan” stuff….lol. That’s totally from KP.

    There’s a reason why penis with teeth was named Willie. He truly is a double d–k.

  12. Lemons says:

    Meghan, keep being a Black Duchess and shoving it in their faces until they forcefully take it away. They’ll just find something else to be upset over.

  13. Belle says:

    I disagree, the titles do matter, their association to the royal family do matter to Americans who are interested in them. Hence the crown emoji by Oprah as an example. Maybe not to Meghan but to Americans who pay attention – if they did give it up would it cause an Earthquake is America?- no but I believe interest may decline in many ways.

    I also believe if Meghan has desires to return to being an actress for example, she should. I want to see her become known for her acting chops as well etc. It is her craft. Her whole life shouldn’t be built around just being a humanitarian because of her association to the RF. A talent she gave up willingly of course but only because the RF wouldn’t allow it.

    It’s only my hope the monarchy dies once and for all when the queen dies, who cares for Charles, William or George as king? It’s laughable in today’s day and age.

    • Sofia says:

      I don’t think Meghan has much passions in becoming an actress again and would rather stick to the philanthropist route. It seems that the way she was going before she even met Harry.

      It seemed she wanted to go into politics, couldn’t pass some test so then went into acting. I’m not saying she didn’t enjoy it but her main interests and passion lie elsewhere.

      • lanne says:

        Foreign service, not politics. The foreign service exam is very, very difficult— it’s the test you take for postings to foreign embassies, not elected office. In fact, Meghan might be a great choice down the line for ambassador to a foreign posting. The devil in me says the UK. Imagine if Meghan became the US ambassador to the UK? She won’t— that’s a plum post given to a top donor or businessperson, but hey, she would be uniquely qualified. and she would attend state events at BP. Snicker. I would PAY to see that!!!

      • Sofia says:

        @Lanne that’s what I meant. But I’m sure she could have parlayed that into a political career if she wanted to.

        Besides I don’t think Meghan is interested in any office – elected or unelected. She’ll work with politicians, encourage voting but that’s it. I feel like that whole narrative comes from certain haters and Meghan herself, after spending 1.5 years being a public figure paid by taxpayers, is probably turned off by it – at least for now.

        I truly don’t think she wants to open herself up to justify a level of scrutiny on her life like that again.

      • Lindsay says:

        OMG, this is total fanfic, but…How awesome would it be to see Meghan stroll into BP as American ambassador and wearing the Spencer tiara. Because you know Earl Spencer would be here for that.

    • Snuffles says:

      Oprah only used that emoji so people would know it was Meghan without saying it was her explicitly. It was a clever ploy.

    • Amy Bee says:

      It was believed that Meghan had already made the decision to leave acting/Suits before she met Harry. The Tig was successful and she wanted to branch out into cooking in fact she said in an interview that she wanted a cooking show. In addition, she wanted to do more humanitarian work. She had stopped taking acting jobs during her hiatus so that she could do more work with World Vision and UN Women during her time off. So her leaving acting wasn’t solely down to her marrying Harry.

      • Becks1 says:

        I think in Finding Freedom it was said that she was in London as part of a discussion for a traveling cooking show (I think this is when she met Piers Morgan very briefly, kind of as very preliminary ground work for PR) – I cant remember the exact timeline, so I’m not sure if that was when she first met Harry, but it was around that time. And honestly I think she would have been great at it and I would kind of love something similar on Netflix from them – something that honors the country and the cuisine, maybe like Street Food but with a host. (not like Somebody Feed Phil, lol, which I love, but is so not Meghan.)

      • GuestwithCat says:

        I caught Meghan in an uncredited appearance on Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen. She was seen walking into the dining area. I don’t remember what season it was because we were binge-watching a couple of years ago.

        By that season it was challenging to get into Hell’s Kitchen as a patron, so I think she likely was networking in the food-entertainment world for years to have gotten that gig.

    • Becks1 says:

      Also to add – if their titles are taken by the queen it will INCREASE interest in them 100-fold. The prince who wanted to make his own way and was punished for it, while Andrew is a sex offender.

      • lanne says:

        And they will always be referred to as the former duke and duchess of Sussex, which just cements the fact that their titles were taken from them. Cue the think pieces about titles and Andrew, much less the parliamentary procedure. Bad, bad look for the royals.

      • PrincessK says:

        No way will their titles be removed. The Palace would be totally stupid to do that. Their stupid treatment of the Sussexes has already done untold damage.

    • Myra says:

      Having no titles will not end the interest in Meghan. She will still be married to a blood prince. If anything, removing the titles will amp up the interest in them and this will be an ongoing saga played up in the media for years to come. As others have mentioned, Meghan was a humanitarian and activist before joining the royal family.

  14. Sofia says:

    I don’t know what the Cambridge marriage has to do with Sussexit. I feel like there’s been a few “the Cambridge marriage is soooooo good guys!” articles over the last few months. If you have to tell people your marriage is so good that many times, maybe it’s not so good.

    • SarahCS says:

      I think we know it isn’t good and never has been! There’s been exhaustive coverage and that guy’s book last year went back over her stalking him until she got the ring. Marriage of convenience but they both seem to be paying a high price for that they ‘want’.

      • Sofia says:

        I’m of the belief that they both knew what and who they were marrying. Kate knew she wasn’t marrying a 100% faithful man and William knew he was marrying someone who would never outshine him.

        Hence why they’ll never formally split. Separate lives, yes but no formal separation. The “country living, middle class acting college sweethearts who are now married and raising 3 kids” is basically their entire image and the only thing they’ve got going for them, really.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Kate married a title, position, and status. That’s what she wanted, and putting up with ManChild Billy was part of the bargain. William married a woman he never has to respect, because Kate’s desperation for status has enabled him to cheat without consequence for twenty years.

    • Becks1 says:

      It’s definitely not good – like you said, if you have to insist all the time that its good, then its not. Same with Kate working – if we have to have a dozen articles every year about how keen she is to work, then she’s not working. Just work. The work should speak for itself.

      I’m not of the belief that they will never formally split, but I definitely think they are living separate lives and the press knows it and is holding it over their head, because it would ruin their “perfect little family” image which is all they have like you said.

      • Sofia says:

        Of course, never say never. I mean how many of us thought that Sun story of the Sussexes leaving was nothing but typical tabloid garbage (I figured they might leave but not NOW)? It’s just something I’m not betting money on like some people here because again, it’s all they have. William will go from being Diana’s golden boy to his father’s son all the way down to the cheating and Kate will turn into an ex-royal. Which Fergie will say from experience how difficult that can be. Although I do think the royals have learnt some lessons from Fergie and will make sure any royal divorcees are given enough money. Possibly even a free home.

      • ➕💯Sofia and Becks1. The Firm PR likes to hype “stable, traditional, happy family” image. Which is such a joke if you look at several hundred years of their actual history. The Cambridges are playing the game and the peasants continue to drink the royal kool-aid.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Their relationship has always depended on them spending much of their time apart, even during the dating years. She was there as convenient bedmate whenever he called, while he was free to bed anyone else he wanted. Whenever her pushy, controlling nature reared its head, he’d walk out and go find someone else. Dancing on a table screaming Free At Last doesn’t sound like a man who is ever going to be faithful or happily married. Carole has had to patch up and keep the peace for years, but she can only play that role for so long.

    • Ginger says:

      One look at Kate can tell you how NOT good the marriage is.

    • tolly says:

      I suspect that lockdowns and travel restrictions have put a lot of pressure on the Cambridge marriage. The press has been tiptoeing around their living arrangements since Kate’s first pregnancy, and the pandemic has made it difficult for even royals to travel discreetly.

    • Nic919 says:

      What marriage depends on where the husband’s brother decides to reside? Not one with any strength. It’s pretty obvious that they don’t live together and that covid has made it harder for them to pretend otherwise. How else can you explain that there was little discussion of Kate and the kids when it was revealed that Billy had covid? The UK media was super vague on that. And the vague timelines as to when he had it placed Kate as potentially infectious when visiting a children’s hospice in the spring but again nothing was said officially about that.

    • Betsy says:

      We know William is spoiled. With his competition gone (let’s be honest, that’s how he saw Harry and Meghan – competition and scapegoat), he’s probably relaxed. But he didn’t have to see them as competition, and his marriage and work life aren’t great if his brother had to go for him to feel “relieved.”

  15. Amy Bee says:

    William and Kate’s lack of confidence aka unwillingness to work, was why they wanted Harry around all the time when they did work. Harry leaving puts the spotlight on them and forces them to work. This is why William and Kate are so angry about Harry and Meghan leaving.

  16. Neners says:

    As an American, can I just say how completely annoying it is when British tabloid writers try to declare what does and does not matter to Americans? You don’t get to just decide we care about stuff because you want us to. Allow me to be pugnaciously blunt for a second: Your titles are stupid. Your RF is too. Our entire country was founded on this premise. Please stop talking.

    • equality says:

      As an American, I agree. I find bowing down to people because of being born in a certain order or being born period or marrying a certain person highly objectionable also. Have they considered that handing back the titles is not up to Meghan? Harry is the one in the line of succession who is likely keeping the titles.

      • Neners says:

        What kills is me that Harry has never used his HRH. It’s there but no one addresses him as “His Royal Highness” as they did/do his father, for example. This is all just vapid, the entire thing.

      • Becks1 says:

        I agree. I like following the royal family because its a soap opera with fancy gowns and tiaras and jewels and pretty mansions. But if I think about it too much, its so ludicrous that I cant take it seriously. This woman really thinks she is better than everyone else. If the british monarchy disappeared, we would still have the Oscars and the Met gala and we would be fine.

    • Linda says:

      I’m a Canadian and I also agree.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Neners, as an American, I find myself chuckling when there are demands that the titles are taken away. I always figure that whatever TQ decides will have no bearing on what we do. I think she tends to forget that we’re rather proud that we fought and won independence from the British Crown almost 250 years ago. I, personally, would delight in calling them by whatever title I choose just to spite her.

    • Ann says:

      I do know some Americans who are very into the Royals. Not that they want a Monarchy in the US or anything, but they do find the Royals fascinating, watch the weddings, etc. Most of us are not, of course. I think the whole thing is ridiculous. But it’s not my tradition or country so I don’t feel salty about it.

    • Betsy says:

      I mean, maybe, but we’re all here commenting on a Royals story and let’s not act like millions of Americans weren’t also obsessed with Princess Diana, a lovely women we never would have heard of were it not for the fact she became Royal.

      • Neners says:

        And when they stripped Diana of her HRH did we cease caring about her? Did the interest in her evaporate? It did not. The RF is a spectacle and many here enjoy it for just that reason. But a royal in the US without charisma or interesting work or really anything interesting is not a blip on the radar. Case in point: apparently Beatrice and Eugenie lived in NYC at some point in their 20s. No one cared.

      • notasugarhere says:

        ‘They’ didn’t strip Diana of her HRH. She gave it up willingly in exchange for more cash from Charles, her lawyer admitted it. Then she was angry Fergie kept her HRH in her divorce, so Diana started lying to the press and playing victim about the HRH status. As a result, the Queen stripped Fergie of her HRH.

  17. Becks1 says:

    What is interesting about this article is that it seems to go point for point re: any criticism towards the royals over the past year. It really does read like someone at KP or BP or CH sat down with Rebecca English* and refuted each story from 2020 they didn’t like.

    *lets not forget that last winter no one knew where H&M were, there was a press meeting at KP with English and suddenly she knew they were in Canada. She is a definitely go-to for KP.

    I do find the bit about “particularly his wife” in terms of welcoming (or not welcoming) Meghan to be very interesting. Why bring up that sources (like Finding Freedom) insisted it was Kate who was more of the issue than William?

    I know some of us have said this for the past year, but I would not be at all surprised if William uses Sussexit for his own advantage as a way to get rid of Kate – putting all the blame on her.

    • PrincessK says:

      The Palace are worried that there are still more stories in the press about the Sussexes, even though they have left the U.K. and they are trying to manufacture positive non stories about the dull Cambridge’s.

  18. Lizzie says:

    Has this hack confuses the word confident for competent?
    Bill and Cathy do not pass up an opportunity to be front and center. Latest example was elbowing first responders out of the was so they could walk the carpet five abreast. However they fail at the simplest tasks.

  19. sara says:

    “It seems that being a duchess (or a duke, for that matter) carries a useful cachet in the U.S., for the time being.”

    No it doesn’t? Literally no one in America cares about titles and breeding and aristocracy the way weird ass Brits do.

    • Leanne says:

      So true. Americans don’t care about titles – we literally fought a war to get rid of them. We care about DIANA. We loved Diana, and we love Harry because he is the most like her.

      • GuestwithCat says:

        Come to think of it, we Americans seem more fascinated by the royals who roll their eyes at the restrictions of the monarchy. We embraced Diana, Fergie before we knew she happily takes money from a pedophile. And now we embrace Harry and Meghan. We understand rejecting monarchy. We celebrate it when someone breaks free. Our interest in royals is watching them act human. It sadly doesn’t happen often enough.

  20. equality says:

    Why are they still so pressed about M&H buying a house in the US and living here. They literally told them their plan was to live only part time in the UK. I think it is the palace wondering why they didn’t go for the 1/2 in thing so they could retain some control. Now they are re-thinking the scheme when it is too late and contracts are signed.

  21. Keen Kate says:

    Important take aways:
    > “there are categorically no plans to strip them of their titles…”
    > William knows he needs Harry when he is king of shutter island

    Top lol (and sh#t use of commas):
    “To strip Harry and Meghan of their titles would just be punitive and, whatever else the Royal Family are, say insiders, they are not petty.”

    Top historical re-write moment:
    Kate and Sophie reached out to help Meghan when they knew she was upset 🤣

    Top you can’t be more wrong comment:
    William and Kate have “done a sterling job”

    William will be a cr#ppy King, I hope he is king so that every action and penny spent is scrutinised. Live in your stupid gilded cage.

  22. Izzy says:

    Keep crying, petty little palace gremlins. We got the best Duke and Duchess, and could not care less about the rest. I hope Commonwealth countries start yeeting this bunch of inbreds out of their business.

  23. Isa says:

    I assure you no one in America cares about being a “duchess” because it makes NO sense that it’s supposedly higher than a Princess title in the queen’s petty bitch weird world and makes NO sense a married in woman isn’t called a princess pure and simple (like in Sweden for example). We care about princesses for sure and we view Meghan as one on the basis of her being not just technically Princess Henry of Wales by marriage but by being personally fabulous, as Beyoncé said, “My princess.”

  24. Cecilia says:

    The daily mail lies so much that “stronger in their mariage” means its weak.

  25. ABritGuest says:

    Didn’t the Fail report after the Tatler article that Kate was too busy to befriend Meghan & that Meghan was needy expecting her support? And we all saw the CW service antics so yeah I don’t buy that there was this internal support for Meghan. And if they only reached out to her after the documentary (even though at the time royal reporters said nobody was supporting the Sussexes and had distanced themselves) well sounds like it was too late by then. It was shortly before they went to Canada & it’s clear that discussions about their future role incl going abroad were already underway then.

    Why is the spare supposed to help William be king? Haven’t they been briefing us for ages that William is ready for the role. I also thought Harry was irrelevant & shouldn’t the kingmaker, Catherine the Great be able to help?

    I just don’t understand this whole mess. Seems to have started because some didn’t like Meghan and wanted her out but lost Harry too as a result. But the firm has lived with royal spouses etc they couldn’t abide- why couldn’t they just hold their noses with Meghan?

    And instead of smearing couldn’t the firm just have said to their press buddies-don’t report on Meghan so she would have less spotlight. just like it’s clear rota have directions not to report on the Sussexes work eg don’t think any of them reported on the tie up with Chef Jose& the community relief centres. This has been completely self inflicted.

    • equality says:

      Maybe they didn’t report about Chef Jose because they couldn’t get a good angle without seeming to be petty to a well-established and respected charity?

    • Nic919 says:

      I don’t understand why Harry needs to help William be future king but we never hear this about Andrew helping Charles. And when Charles was 38, there were no stories about him needing help from his siblings to be king. Why is William so unable to do this on his own?

      If anyone is going to share the burden it should be his spouse, so it remains bizarre that Harry has to get dragged into this.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      “But the firm has lived with royal spouses etc they couldn’t abide- why couldn’t they just hold their noses with Meghan?” Because of racism.

      • Bloemheks says:

        Even if Meghan was 100 times more difficult than they allege, from a political and PR standpoint they should have held their noses BECAUSE she’s biracial. Any other “Firm” would have presented a happy, successful, and idyllic picture for the public regardless of any animosity behind closed doors. Any other firm would have made sure Meghan and Kate were photographed together smiling as often as possible. They’d milk the Kate as big sister trope like the media wanted in the beginning.

        100 years from now when historians are trying to piece together exactly what it was Meghan did that was so awful there will be only one conclusion and it won’t be that she was “difficult.”

      • Well said, ArtHistorian and Bloemheks.

      • lanne says:

        Preach. It won’t take 100 years, either. These are people who tried to destroy another persons life because they were too cowardly to tell Harry he couldn’t marry her. They have tried to destroy her life. That’s got to hurt Harry so much—that she has had to suffer just because he loves her. Please someone tell me I’m not crazy, but is the next step for these royals, “if we can’t have Harry, no one can?” I’m glad that Harry and Meghan have their own security. The sheik of Dubai sent people to kidnap his daughters when they tried to escape the UAE—his 4th wife fled to the Uk with her kids. I don’t believe anyone but a drink driver killed Diana, but man, it was surely convenient. Should Harry and Meghan be worried? Would the courtiers plus William go that far? I don’t think I can say no with confidence.

  26. Harper says:

    Less risk adverse? Kate and William will do anything to get the kind of rabid press coverage that Harry and Meghan do, and the Cambridges are grasping at straws, using their kids, and guffawing their way across the country in their thirst to be seen as modern and relevant as the Sussexes.

  27. damejudi says:

    Definitely need my coffee-I misread the header as Prince Harry has loosened up, and his marriage is stronger.

    Which did make me smile, I’ll admit.

  28. chimes@midnight says:

    For his next trick, I’ve heard that William is going to hold his breath until the people love him as much as Harry. And if that doesn’t work, he is going to go in to his room and just not come out until everyone agrees to respect him.

  29. TheOriginalMia says:

    Let me get this straight. William is less stressed and uptight, which is working wonders for his marriage, because he forced his brother out of the family and to another continent. Do I have that right? And this is supposed to 1) be a good thing and 2) show that William & Kate have a strong, healthy marriage. Alrighty, then. I’m convinced.

    It’s utterly repugnant to believe a brother could be so jealous, insecure and petty that the one joy he gets in life is destroying his younger’s brother’s happiness. The RRs are crazy if they think that flies outside of Britain. Most people see William & the BRF for what they truly are: glorified grifters.

    Harry & Meghan, especially Meghan, don’t care about the titles. The only people I see harping on them are the Middletons, royalists, the Grey Men, and the BRF. Take them, but be prepared to take all of the others too.

  30. Vanessa says:

    What does Meghan and Harry have to do with the Cambridge’s marriage to me it seem like William and Kate were both for the first time in decades union by a cause which was to successfully bully Meghan out of England. And have Harry once again be the third wheel to their Marriage which to me says a lot about the status of the Cambridge’s marriage that it was already on shake grounds The Cambridge’s marriage is not this fairytale that the stans and media make out to be .Mediapush how strong The Cambridge’s marriage is after Meghan and Harry left that says somethings . I think it’s laughable that William is so upset over the Sussex’s people calling out kate petty jealous behavior toward Meghan the nerve and arrogance of William to think that he something to be upset over the way he and Kate weaponize the media to harass and abuse Meghan everyday for years . And I can’t believe that Sophie and kate actually believed that they were a victim of mean girls behavior by Meghan the whole world saw the way those two stale boring mediocre white woman acted toward Meghan they behave like stuck up bitchy woman who both wanted out their way to be bitches to Meghan .

    • equality says:

      Looking at some of the pictures of Kate with Harry, maybe she had a crush on him? So now she has had to give up the daydreams of Harry and realize she is stuck with only William forever?

      • February-Pisces says:

        I saw someone on twitter describe harry as ‘the star of Kate’s sexual fantasies’ and it made me lol. I think she definitely crushed on him and I don’t blame her. I think it kills Kate and her stans that he isn’t attracted to her at all. Her ego is very fragile and seeing him so crazy hot for Meghan probably pushed her insecurities over the edge.

      • Dee says:

        She lit up around Harry and Ben Ainslie. When good looking men pay attention to her, she leans in. Shows me she may not get that kind of attention at home.

  31. Gail says:

    Kaiser you and these comments are on fire today 😂😂😂. I have one question, okay I have plenty but I will only ask one now . If Willy and waity are so strong as a couple, can someone please honestly tell me how she didn’t get Covid when he had it ?

    Also can I say, if I was Meghan would say F-u -c-k your titles back . Me, my husband and our child we out for ever ever . Poor buttons will be needing weekly Botox to keep the stress off her already aging face and Willy will need to do regular rose trimming. Also that other mean bitch sophie. Good luck with Eddie your Gaylord

  32. Kalana says:

    Sophie better be careful. The Cambridges are only reaching out to her to give an appearance of friendliness because of their part in Sussexit. They will throw her under the bus too. Kate doesn’t want her own meangirl antics looked at so now it’s: Sophie and Kate reached out to Meghan.

    Sophie was horrid to Meghan really quickly. Right after Emilia Wickstead’s delusional comments on Meghan’s wedding dress, Sophie showed up wearing Wickstead.

  33. Tessa says:

    To me it means William is pushing a PR campaign and he and Kate push out those children more.

  34. Veronica S. says:

    I mean, they can scream “It’s US rejecting YOU!!” all day long, but from a PR standpoint, the RBF probably needed the Sussexes more than Sussexes needed the RBF. They’ve got money that makes money at this point, so they can do whatever they want, really.

  35. Jay says:

    Well this makes perfect sense. After dating for a decade, marrying and having three children together, they finally have a strong bond now that Harry is in a different country! I wonder if the writer realizes how very odd that sounds.

    And yes, as several people have noted above, it’s almost always the couples that post a lot about their relationship growing stronger or getting better every day that I look at with raised eyebrows. If you have to say it, maybe it’s just not true!

    I was struck by the line “whatever else the royals may be, they’re not petty” because
    1. @Kaiser, somebody at the palace must be onto your nickname for the queen! 😂

    2. They even include that this quote is from a royal source, so duh. What are they going to say, yeah, she’s a bitter old crone? By including that,it seems to me like the author is acknowledging it’s BS.

    3. There’s an implied criticism of the queen thoigh, too – like, say, she might be out of touch, show bad judgement and maybe she unnecessarily applies the strictest version of these rules, but at least she’s *not* petty. They didn’t have to phrase it like that.

  36. Sparky says:

    1. I agree with the comments that that taking away the Sussex titles as well as the HRH designation will be meaningless in the US. The American press will just call them the former Duke and Duchess. They (Petty Betty/Charles/William as well as the British press) can’t remove the “royal cachet” that Harry and Meghan have.

    2. I disagree that Meghan and Harry are massively popular in the US although definitely more so than in the UK. That said, William and Kate have no popularity nor do they even receive negative attention here. The vast majority of people do not care about them whatsoever.

    • Tessa says:

      Speaking for myself as a person from the US, they do have a following here. I would say that more don’t care about the Cambridges here in the US.

    • Lizzie says:

      It’s hard to judge since they have only lived in the US during the pandemic. Their inclusion in the Time 100 special and CNN Hero’s seemed to be big news.

      • Ginger says:

        Agreed. Whenever Harry and Meghan do anything it is covered but not at the creepy obsessive level that the UK does. The U.S understands we have other (and major) issues to talk about.

    • GuestWho says:

      Do they have popularity in the US or respect? Which do you think they really want? In the US, they are covered by and they collaborate with respected heavy hitters like Time, CNN, and The New York Times. The causes they support – and the people involved in those causes – are reported on fairly and, for the most part, accurately. It’s not about IG followers or who wore it better. It’s about their work now. This is what they wanted – not some fake popularity that only lasts until you want to live life by your own values.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        GuestWho, I always look for the source they go to when they have news to share. I’ve been impressed with their line up: Fortune, Forbes, Bloomberg as well as a Canadian newspaper, and many more. It seems they deliberately match the news to the correct source. Also, I’ve really appreciated the fact that when everyone else here picks up the stories, they repeat the facts, and might make a positive statement, and that’s that. They are making a name for themselves by the work that they’re doing. I think people, generally, are starting to notice.

  37. DS9 says:

    The royals and their little media gnats are out here talking about the Sussexes like they are opportunistic grifters.

    All they’d need to do is spend one weekend in an American hotel room watching cable television to know that’s a lie.

    America enables opportunists. If Meghan and Harry were trading on their titles, we’d see their asses on TLC, Dr Phil, QVC, Walmart endcaps, you name it.

    We rarely see these people and when we do, it’s in service of a charity or cause.

    But these turds talk about them like they’re Gene Simmons.

  38. Bex says:

    Also, it’s weird that the Cambridges marriage would be strengthened by H&M doing their own thing.

    • Tessa says:

      Wouldn’t it scare Kate a bit, because Harry to William was dispensable even though all the spin says they were “close” which I doubt. Kate as a married in might be more insecure seeing this even though she went along with William seeing Meghan and Harry off.

    • Ray Pierre says:

      Say it louder for the people in the back🗣🗣🗣

  39. L4frimaire says:

    This whole Daily Fail article is so tedious. Basically it boils down to 3 things. Netflix/Spotify deals, Archewell, and Harry buying a house. That’s it. Every article on the Sussexes from the UK talks about the house cost and the bathrooms, and Netflix . They don’t even talk that much about Archewell other then to sniff about copyright and trademark filings. Someone once wrote that the Royals are obsessed with money. They are the private owners of the world largest jewel and art collection, have the largesse of the taxpayers and public funding, are one of the biggest landowners in the U.K. and make money off that land, but they’re all up in the Sussexes deals, which in the larger scheme amount to a hill of beans. Seriously these people have no perspective and have given up on long term goals. This is how Elizabeth wants to spend the twilight of her reign, tearing down her grandson because he married a black woman. They should make her binge watch Bridgerton if she really wants to see the apocalypse.

    • CrazyHeCallsMe says:

      Maybe Bridgerton sent them over the rails. First, Netflix attacks the BRF with The Crown and now Netflix dares to portray a diverse England. The heresy. Somehow I think there’s going to be some convoluted conspiracy theory about how Netflix and the Sussexes are out to destroy the BRF via The Crown and Bridgerton.

  40. Shoo fly says:

    The difficulty and legalities of taking their titles aside, if they did not have titles then the “Firm’s” little control of them is entirely gone, and along with it the entire public interest argument to scrutinize them and treat them differently than other celebrities. It would open up all of the legal defenses that celebrities successfully use in Britain, up to and including prior restraint. So it will never be done – William knows that his future is with sugary, right wing oriented tabloid coverage of him, his sisterwife, and children, and there must be a counterbalance villain. I believe that in their teens and 20s Harry and William dreamed of the day they could mail the tabloids, sue the tabloids, etc. At some point between using Kate being photographed on a public tennis court as a “test case” to go after the paparazzi and issuing that deranged notice about photographing George, the press and palace brought William’s verve in that area to heel. And that is why Harry is so betrayed.

  41. February-Pisces says:

    Willie needs to give it up and just admit to having an affair. If he lives to the same age as his grandparents he’s got another 60 years ahead of him, Including 60 years of marital hell with Kate.

    They are holding the affair over his head and he has sacrificed his only brother in the process. I wonder what else they know about Willie that we don’t. Why is he so afraid of dumping Kate, the public so give AF about her, only Megxit trolls stan her.

    The DM really do have Willie on his knees. I really hope his deal with the devil is worth it.

    • Nic919 says:

      Affairs. When the Rose story showed up there were many online saying that they were aware of his cheating but not with Rose. In particular a lawyer based in London was referenced more than once.

      • Tessa says:

        William was not faithful during the courtship. And kept Kate waiting 10 years for the ring, not the stuff of great romance.

      • February-Pisces says:

        Charles cheated with other women too, I bet he’s still at it. But I do think there’s some hard evidence that the press are holding on to regarding rose, which they are pretty much blackmailing him over.

    • PrincessK says:

      The British media are so afraid of William for some reason. I posted a comment about the royal family’s use of injunctions in a prominent British newspaper and l didn’t even mention William or Rose and my comment was removed. The newspaper was clearly scared that a discussion thread about it would develop.

  42. Shannon says:

    I’d like to know which member of the royal family thinks the general public is dumb enough to believe that the Sussex’s have asked for a 12-month extension to the review period they didn’t want in the first place. It was William, wasn’t it?

    THEY. LEFT. Get a grip, Bill.

  43. HeatherC says:

    How much more “stronger” and “confident” can they become? It’s like Kate and her voice, she “Finds” it every few months.

  44. Emily says:

    Loosened up is code for “doesn’t have to try as hard because his brother isn’t constantly showing him up.”

  45. Sunnyvale says:

    Omg this is so pathetic🙈 the part about the keenbridges “They have become a lot less risk adverse… As a couple William and Kate are quite cautious. People expect them to be very confident, but they aren’t, not naturally anyway.”😂 even becky couldn’t help but expose their mediocrity. They’re not even that, they’re so bland & boring that they can’t even sell them without comparing them with H&M.

    The whole thing was a messy random piece which was attempting to per usual to trash the sussexs but praise the keenbridges but it only ended up falling flat & highlighting their insecurities. The UK tabloids really shot themselves in the foot by driving away their biggest money markers. Even RRs no longer get work/hype to appear on us networks (other than omid).

  46. notasugarhere says:

    W&K’s try hard PR is always so amazingly over-the-top try hard, no?