Queen Elizabeth was the one to refuse Harry’s Remembrance wreath-laying request

Royal Ascot, Portrait of HRH Queen Elizabeth the Second behind TRH Harry the Duke of Sussex and TRH Meghan the Duchess of Sussex

Over the weekend, Rebecca “Becky” English at the Daily Mail had an epic, disgusting piece in the Daily Mail. I was a little bit surprised that this piece didn’t come out just before Christmas, as a screw-you gift from the Windsors to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, but maybe Becky held it for more than a week so it would really land and get a lot of attention in the brand new year. I think it likely started out as a piece about the one-year anniversary of the Sussexit announcement, but of course it took a turn, because bitchy courtiers are still extremely salty about Harry and Meghan. Let’s face it, those courtiers are taking their cues from the Queen, Prince Charles and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. English’s piece is so chock-a-block full of shady, contemptible sh-t, I’m actually going to break my coverage of it into two stories.

Story #1: The Queen is a petty, nasty, maskless, reprehensible old lady who hates soldiers and veterans. Back in November, Harry made a small request from Buckingham Palace: that they arrange to have a premade wreath laid on the Cenotaph in his name for Remembrance Sunday. In the original story in November, the Queen’s courtiers refused Harry’s request and the courtiers took pains to say that the Queen had not personally made the decision. I said, at the time and on the podcast, that I didn’t believe that the courtiers would snub Harry on such a big occasion all on their own. I said that I believed the Queen snubbed Harry’s request. And guess what? I was right.

Refusing Harry’s Remembrance Day request: The story around at the time — and it was not publicly corrected because the royals felt strongly it was disrespectful to turn the nation’s act of remembrance into a family row — was that Palace officials had made the decision without discussing it with his grandmother. But, today, I can reveal it was the Queen alone who was behind the refusal — and that it took her ‘all of two seconds’ to make up her mind. ‘Remembrance Sunday is sacrosanct when it comes to Her Majesty’s diary,’ explains my source. ‘It’s one of the most important dates in her calendar and nothing is done without her knowledge. People were suggesting the Palace’s reaction to what Harry asked was petty. But it was the Queen’s decision. And what’s more, she actually had very strong views on the subject.’

The Queen takes a dim view of non-working royals all of a sudden: Another source tells me: ‘While she has enormous admiration for Harry’s achievements both in and out of the military, this was seen as an example of his lack of understanding at what it means for him to be a non-working royal. The Queen is very firmly of the opinion that you can’t pick and choose what you do when it comes to the institution. Either you are in — or you are out.’

The Queen told Harry he had to choose: ‘Harry was told very clearly in January by his grandmother that ‘you work for the monarchy, the monarchy doesn’t work for you’,’ one source told me. ‘And if you can’t accept that, then you need to walk away. Her Majesty was remarkably clear and decisive on that point and has never deviated from it, not once. I think what has evolved this year across the Atlantic has only served to prove her point.’

The Sussexes are incompatible with the Windsors: While suggestions that the Palace has been ‘furious’ at the Sussexes’ decision to snap up multi-million offers from Netflix and Spotify are wide of the mark, these deals have served to emphasise why Her Majesty acted the way she did. ‘The deals they have done since moving to California clearly show the truth of it: they simply had ambitions that were completely incompatible with being members of the Royal Family,’ an insider told me. ‘It was their choice to leave and seek their fortunes elsewhere. No one exiled them. Indeed, the Queen made clear she didn’t want Harry and Meghan to go and that they are still very much-loved members of her family and have her support. Harry and Meghan are clearly where they want to be, and good luck to them. But their subsequent career choices have scuppered any chance of retaining even a quasi-official royal role.’

The Queen’s judgment: ‘It just goes to underline the Queen’s judgment,’ emphasised another source. ‘You simply can’t do both roles without conflict. And contrary to speculation, it was actually a pretty straightforward decision on Her Majesty’s behalf. The Queen knows you can’t have a working member of the Royal Family also being paid millions of pounds by Spotify to tell people to ‘swipe and follow’ their podcast, or encouraging consumers to buy a certain brand of coffee. The two are simply incompatible.’

[From The Daily Mail]

The Sussexes dumped the Windsors a year ago and now, after 12 months, the Windsors are still bitterly complaining to anyone who will listen that THEY broke up with the Sussexes, that they’re totally over the Sussexes, they barely think about the Sussexes, and the Sussexes are never, ever welcome back. Meanwhile, Harry and Meghan waved sayonara to those petty bitches and began building their new life in California without a second look. It occurred to me as I read this that one of the most fundamental issues within the royal rota-and-courtier circle is that those people simply cannot comprehend why a royal prince would choose his wife over his royal privilege. That’s why the courtiers – and the Queen, honestly – sound increasingly hysterical. Their playbook, their frame of reference, their small, petty world all demands that Harry get on his knees and beg to come back. The fact that he hasn’t begged… well, that’s what’s f–ked up the program.

As for the Queen personally and quickly denying Harry’s wreath request… she’s a f–king a–hole. She’s revealing just how petty, powerless and punitive she is and why she thinks any of this is a good look, I’ll never know.

National Service Of Remembrance At The Cenotaph

Mcc0092366The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attend the 91st Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey, meeting veterans

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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  1. Chartreuse says:

    And the emphasis in the story about her not being ‘petty’ was genuine lol moment. Becky reads celebitchy I think.

    Betty is as petty (and vindictive) as they come. The courtiers might be vipers what’s she, a rattle snake?

    • Persephone says:

      Nope. Boa Constrictor.

      • Joan Rivers says:

        I’d love to be a mouse in the corner when Will and Wife are talking. Or Charles and Wife.

        This has shown how outdated the royals are by showing how current Harry and Wife reflect our culture.

        Will and Wife try, but they try in the old way.
        Harry and Wife just ARE.

    • Amy Bee says:

      The courtiers can only behave they way they do because the Queen sanctions it.

      • Becks1 says:

        This is a crucial point @AmyBee. We (and the papers/RRs) can debate all day whether something came from the courtiers or from the queen. but if it came from the courtiers, in my opinion, its pretty much the same as coming from the Queen because she is in charge and I think she approves of way more of these leaks than people think. She certainly has no issue with Angela Kelly.

      • PrincessK says:

        Don’t underestimate the power of courtiers they hold the real power, they know all the secrets, it has always been like that.

    • PEARL GREY says:

      The Windsor’s are bringing gaslighting everyone about why Harry and Meghan left into the New Year, I see.

    • AnnaKist says:

      Aach. She’s an auld betch, that one, and nae mistake.

    • Kalana says:

      But this entire article which is authorized straight from the Queen is trashy af. It’s gleefully spiteful and petty and meant to hit Harry where it hurts. This is Jerry Springer level behavior. The Queen seems a whole mess and she has replicated that in the people she has around her.

      Pretending the courtiers didn’t pass on the message was also a trashy way of handling it because it was spitefully presented as Harry’s message not being important enough to be passed on to his grandmother and father.

      The Queen is not more important than Remembrance Day. Harry is the royal who has supported military causes more so than the others. Treating him like this because the Queen’s ego was bruised and roping in an event to honor veterans as the method to lash out at Harry is trashy. The Windsors keep trying to use the military to hurt Harry which is so trashy.

      I wonder how much pressure there was behind the scenes to get Harry and Meghan to not make deals and to not buy a home. Basically don’t do anything, treat the year as a cooling off period and decisions will start being made in a year. Harry and Meghan instead opted to rip the bandaid off and move forward.

      • Nic919 says:

        Harry is the only royal since Phillip to have served in a war zone. And no I am not including the bs Falklands as a real war because Andrew doesn’t deserve the credit and it was all about thatcher pretending to be American and clinging to the delusion that the UK remained a superpower.

        So the Queen dishonoured a real veteran. What a great look there Betty. Even Peter Hunt, ex BBC royal correspondent noted that it did not seem smart to make it look like the queen was snubbing an actual veteran. Of course jobbo and Dickie came in to bootlick but the facts remain the same. Harry is the only one of his and his father’s generation to truly have earned the military medals.

      • Ines says:

        @Nic919, I share your feelings about peado Andy, but as an Argentinian, who knows a survivor from the Manuel Belgrano sinking, I ask you not to call the Malvinas war “bs”.

      • windyriver says:

        Interesting to contemplate that the soon to be First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden, veterans advocate, spent so much time hanging with Harry at one of the Invictus games some years back, that is was (playfully?) raising some questions.

        I wonder what that connection will lead to in the future…

      • Ann says:

        I would think that simply as his grandmother, she would allow it because snubbing him like that probably hurt him to the core. No one would have thought less of the RF if she let him lay the damned wreath. And it wouldn’t have brought the Monarchy crumbling down. In fact it would have helped, if anything. She is as short-sighted as she is mean.

      • Which should tell us something about the stories that came out in Jan 2020 that Harry tried to reach his grandmother on the phone but the couriers wouldn’t put him through. I said at the time, I thought that was BS. I think the wreath decision shows The high probability that the Queen chose not to take Harry’s calls.

    • Carmen says:

      Hateful old bat. I hope she trips over one of her yapping corgis and faceplants in the snow.

    • Elizabeth Phillips says:

      So it’s a conflict for Harry to earn money in an open and above board manner, but it’s just fine for Andy to have all kinds of conflicts with his unethical and even illegal doings.

    • RoyalBlue says:

      Chart, yes, I believe the royal reporters all read Celebitchy, which is why I am thrilled that Kaiser went off the rails and did not hold back in her description of Petty Betty. Betty is a jealous witch who leads her household and they follow her bitchy lead. Why the f**k should we kowtow to her.

    • 809Matriarch says:

      Oh yes! She and her courtiers pore over any and all press. Just like in the Crown when they had breakfast and had all the tabloids and broadsheets carried in on silver platters. They may call Meghan M#gain but I am sure HMTQ is not too happy to know she has a nickname too – PETTY BETTY! LOL

  2. Lemons says:

    I had hoped this story wasn’t true, but if we’ve learned anything about the Queen, it’s that she craves attention and flattery just as much as her maladjusted son and grandson heirs. We also know that she’s not particularly bright (people say she’s fluent in French, but she sounds fluent like Charles is fluent in Welsh, meaning she can read words off the page and even perhaps understand them).

    I think it grinds her gears to see Harry SO successful with Meghan at his side. They all know that Harry is better with Meghan. The problem is, Harry is better than them with Meghan. She will never be as intelligent or charismatic as Meghan who is obviously better suited to the role of Queen than her, Camilla, Kate and Sophie combined. So now they’ve taken to these immature gestures to show H&M who is boss. Pathetic.

    • Seraphina says:

      I believe that her insecurity, from lack of education and intellect to name a few, have caused her to become so petti. And it’s gotten worse in her old age because our idiosyncrasies become louder as we get older and because the media outlets have changed and she can’t control all them them. And yes, I mention lack of intellect. what has been her stance ALL these years: Keep quiet and this too shall pass – but let’s leak to the controls BRF friendly news sources.
      I hope this is a lesson to all those that want to leave the monarchy. DUMP the BRF.

      • Levans says:

        Yes Seraphina! Not only her insecurity from a lack of formal higher education but also knowing that she simply isn’t naturally charismatic. She doesn’t have good instincts either. Prince Harry made the right choice!

      • Seraphina says:

        @Levans, and lack of emotional intelligence. I would like to make excuses and say: well she was told she was ordained by God, but she wasn’t in line for this. It was by accident she was placed there. So ill prepared in many ways to be a Queen.

      • Ann says:

        I don’t know if it’s true, but the story as told on “The Crown” was that Margaret was the charismatic one and better suited to the role of Queen, and that becoming second to her sister after Elizabeth ascended to the throne was very damaging to her. And it didn’t help that her own sister, whose family friend had gone to bat for Betty and Philip, wouldn’t let her marry the man she loved. I thought that was unforgivable. Margaret has become bitchy since HBC started playing her, but S1 and S2 Margaret were haughty but sympathetic.

        So stupid that the role has to go to the eldest. I can see the reason for it centuries ago, when the Monarch was the one with power and you didn’t want a war every time the throne came up for grabs, but now it makes no sense.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Ann – the Crown played fast and loose with some of the details regarding the marriage (Margaret could have married him, but I think it would have meant her children would not have been in the line of succession or something similar) and she ultimately said no.

        but regardless – I do think its true that she was the more charismatic and popular one, and I think that led to her bitchiness that we see as HBC playing her on the crown – i.e. she was stifled in her role as the spare and always playing second fiddle to her sister and it made her bitter and depressed.

    • MF1 says:

      Yes, this also explains why she had such big problems with Diana. She’s petty and insecure and deeply ordinary, and we all know it.

    • In any job I have ever held, the one at the top sets the image and the behavior patterns allowed. The Queen in 2020, especially, has shown us all just who she is as CEO of The Firm. As to all the BS in English’s article about contracts and making money, why is she not commenting on the Queen’s favorite son, Andrew, and his grifting and constantly selling and trading on his royal connection. Does that not count as reprehensible? It certainly has been pointed out by Some in Parliament that it was downright unlawful at times. I think we have 2 things going here: (1) try to make the Sussexes success unimportant and reprehensible and (2) keep the focus off Andrew. After all, two countries — USA and France —- now want to question him.

  3. Eleonor says:

    No one forced them to exile??
    Are you f@!# ing kidding me? They bullied Meghan to the exhaustion, Willnot and Cannot were jelaous and started a smearing campaing, and no one forced them?
    Their “exile” proves again you can’t be a human being and be in the RF.
    They had the Diana treatement (there must be a freaking protocol for the courtiers by now): they had all the spotlight (like Diana), they show emotions (like Diana) and people love them, so they try to destroy them until they live (like Diana). I hope it doesn’t end in the same way.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      How anyone thinks rewriting history in these times of the internet is a good idea is beyond me. This article makes the queen look so bad! They think it makes her look tough and decisive. It makes her look petty and vindictive. She was reportedly crap to her only sister so she would not hesitate to be petty to a grandchild whose mother she was unsupportive of anyway.

      • Well, it’s working so far for Trump and his 40 million idiot sycophants. Maybe they’re trying to play by Trump’s playbook: lie, lie, lie, then lie some more.

    • Tessa says:

      There was some gaslighting going on, even during Meghan’s maternity leave.

      • Eleonor says:

        Well the courtiers after The Crown were talking about the bracelet Charles gifted Camilla: they were saying it was Diana fantasy, she misunderstood. FFS they were gaslighting Diana in her grave.

  4. JT says:

    She acts this way towards Harry because it’s all worked before. She told Charles to divorce Diana, he did. She told Andrew to divorce Fergie, he did. She told Edward and Sophie to give up their private endeavors, they did (although they f*cked up on that front). She controlled her sister’s life and the rest of her relatives. Harry is refusing to go along with the bullsh*t anymore, so she’s stuck using the same tired playbook wondering why it isn’t working. Nobody in that family could do what Harry has done, completely leave their toxic bullshit and be successful. Nobody but Harry could do it and the others don’t even attempt it because all they have is the crown. As if they aren’t thinking about H&M; the RF couldn’t even keep their names out of their mouths for more than a few days at a time. The royals respond within seconds every time H&M make a move, so they f*ck off with their nonsense. They must think their Harry and Meg or something, you know, the ones who actually don’t give a f*ck.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Very very good points. The intergenerational control is the only playbook they know, so it will have come as a shock to them that Harry refused to tow the line. I am so glad he escaped and is living the life his mother wanted to.

    • PrincessK says:

      This has been leaked by courtiers , they are after the Sussexes again. Trying to turn public opinion against them because the Sussexes have been in the news about their projects, the Palace wants to shut them down.

  5. Snuffles says:

    They are shocked and hysterical because

    1) No one has EVER called their bluff

    2) None have ever succeeded outside the palace walls. Even the King who abdicated lived off of a royal allowance until the day he died and lived a wayward, empty life.

    3) Someone leaving AND succeeding so spectacularly (SO quickly) was SO inconceivable that they never prepared for the possibility and don’t know how to respond.

    That’s why their stories change weekly. What they SHOULD do is take a beat where they learn not only to accept this new reality but to accept it with grace. But also plan for a future without the Sussexes as part of the team. Like, hire some crisis experts and come up with a clear thought out plan

    Oh, and just shut the eff up about the Sussex’s because you lost.

    • S808 says:

      I just have a visual in my head of a courtier furiously flipping through their playbook to find a play. They’re stumped and you can tell. They didn’t expect ANY of this. Now in the 11th hour, they’re trying to make it seem like H&M were told they can’t come back like they didn’t tell everyone they were out in March and reluctantly agreed to a review.

    • Ann says:

      Harry has star power and his wife has it in spades. And the truth his, his emotional openness and intelligence compared to the rest of the family, his humanity, are what make him popular. No, if he weren’t a Prince he probably wouldn’t be a celebrity, but he is both and that’s how it is. They can’t accept it.

  6. Vera says:

    wasn’t Prince Michael of Kent allowed to lay a wreath and he is also NOT a working royal. So her reasoning is not ever true.

    • Ainsley7 says:

      He used to be a working Royal. He had stepped back more and more as each generation after him had more working Royals. Most people don’t know who he is and so he was no longer useful.

      • Sofia says:

        So if being a former working royal means you get to lay a wreath, why couldn’t Harry who is also a former working royal?

    • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

      “‘You work for the monarchy, the monarchy doesn’t work for you’,”

      Hmm… did she say that to her grandson, Peter Phillips when he got the SOLE commission for her Jubilee party (no other bids accepted), and then he CHARGED the public £25 to attend)? Or when he shilled milk in China saying in it that he grew up on the royal property, drinking the milk from royal cows?

      Or how about Princess Pushy, who USES here HRH on book jackets?

      Or the York sisters who use their HRH/”Blood Princess” to get “jobs” with an entry level of “VP for connections” basically.

      Yeah…pull the other one Petty.

    • CC2 says:

      Even if they couldn’t lay the wreath during the ceremony, a normal and loving family would say ‘You know what, we know how important this is for you, so we will lay a wreath after it and make it public that this was done on your behalf’.

      We all know Harry’s main priority was to show the military he cares. Someone here said that Charles and William could place the wreath and even post it to their Instagrams that this was Harry. Just like how the Sun photographer paid his respects. This was a very, very easy thing to do but the family wants to show him a lesson when they were privately dealing with the loss of their child.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        CC2, can you tell me if the Scum photographer has laid a wreath in the past? It seems that this got a fair bit of press along with the refusal to lay a wreath for Harry. It’s seems truly vindictive to not allow someone to lay one for Harry for the Invictis Games, which would be a no brainer (in my opinion.) But, the Scum ranks higher than Harry . . . now that is vindictive. Harry won that round when he did his own remembrance here.

      • CC2 says:

        @saucy,I’m not sure if he did it before or if it’s something anyone can do. It does seem odd though, almost like a pointed jab at Harry but it could just be my take on it. The point still stands though, that there was another way for the RF to help Harry out, and they didn’t care for it, even if it would actually help their image

    • A wreath was laid on Phillip’s behalf as well and he is 100% retired according to him.

  7. Persephone says:

    “ The Queen is a petty, nasty, maskless, reprehensible old lady who hates soldiers and veterans. ”
    No surprise there.

    • LaraK says:

      She could have easily laid a wreath on behalf of her grandson who was a serviceman. She could have kept the BRF aspect out of it completely.
      But no. She had to make it a punishment.

      Actually I’m beginning to think that they are indeed not petty. Pettiness requires a certain amount of intent – like you see this is a small thing but you do it anyway. They are WAY too dumb to understand that this is petty. I think they believe very deeply that they po*p gold and everything royal is sooooo important and momentous and Royal.

      It’s abject stupidity.

      • damejudi says:

        I think it’s worse than pettiness. The Queen’s decision which is described as reflexive, is steeped in vicious, vindictive behavior.

        Behavior that’s not new to the Queen, or has suddenly developed in her later life, but borne of years of habit.

        Shudder. Don’t ever, ever, go back Harry!

  8. Rapunzel says:

    The BRF and Royal Rota really thought Harry would cave. They thought he’d resent Meg for “making him” leave. That he’d realize she’s a “gold digger” and abandon her and Archie.

    They did not realize that Harry is/was the driving force behind the Sussexit. That Meg is only wanting a life not financially dependent on Grandma, which is the opposite of gold digging, and that Harry agrees with her.

    The whole thing is so stupid. They offered to stay under the BRF’s thumb as long as they could have some leeway. Petty Betty and the courtiers are the ones who said nope.

    Tin foil tiara theory: Petty Betty is still salty about her uncle’s abdication and when Harry requested independence, she blamed Meg as a new Wallis Simpson, and is holding the same grudge she held for the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. Because she still thinks it’s 1950.

    Btw- QEII just showed real veterans how little cares, and I hope they remember.

    • JT says:

      But Harry is not the future king. He has no throne to abdicate from. There isn’t a clear role for “the spare” anyway, which is one of the reasons he probably joined the army in the first place. Why is the RF and the BM comparing him to a king who left? They keep saying Harry isn’t important, so him leaving should have been nothing but a blip on their radar. All of this whining about Prince Harry leaving is having the opposite effect; it makes it seem like Harry was the glue holding the crown together. As soon as he left the entire firm went batshit and they haven’t regained their composure nearly a year after he’s gone.

      • Snuffles says:

        Because, unofficially, he DID have a role. It was to be the tabloid shield for the family and the one who did the real work behind the scenes while William took the credit. And same for Harry’s future wife.

    • SarahCS says:

      I agree with all of this and think it chimes with some of the other comments above, she’s not actually that bright and is used to one playbook which she has memorised. She just can’t comprehend anything beyond the life she knows and has instilled into her family. It’s a complete fantasy land.

      • JT says:

        @snuffles It has to be more than Harry was the whipping boy. Ive been think that it’s something else. Andrew was Charles’s foil and when he backed down, the BM and most of the family moved on. Harry has to be more than a shield to them with the way they are acting.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        The Queen has lived insulated by privilege her entire life – she has never ever even been in close proximity to real life (she was educated, poorly, behind palace walls – she didn’t even have a school experience to get some kind of realistic perspective on the world). She lives in an alternate reality where everything is filtered through her staff.

      • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

        Harry (and then with Meghan) is the driving force of this generation. Harry (and then H AND M) were the ones driving the car, which PwT and TopKeenCEO were hanging onto, standing on the step-in, reading to jump behind the wheel once things got rolling. W/out H&M there, there’s nothing of substance to take credit for.

        PwT doesn’t have a SINGLE charity/foundation that he’s started from scratch, neither does FFKQ. What little they DO limpet onto, they do the *barest* minimum, and are outta there after 45 min. of stupidly, tone-deaf comments. And when all else “fails”, they flash the kids.

        THIS is what they need H&M for. Not much else, esp. NOT “family ties”

      • windyriver says:

        @ArtHistorian – serious question, what was TQ’s experience during the war? If there was a time when she was likely have been exposed to real life/ordinary people, I’d think that would have been it.

      • twoz says:

        @windyriver – she worked with the ATS but didn’t live in barracks with them. Per Biography.com “But there were concessions to her rank. She ate many of her meals in an officer’s mess hall, not with other enlistees. And each night she was driven home to the safety of Windsor Castle.”
        A pity: it would have been good for her.

    • Jaded says:

      The Queen was actually not nearly as bitter towards Edward VIII and Wallis as the Queen Mum was. QE2 actually met with both of them prior to his death, but QE1 never gave up her grudge and wouldn’t even say Wallis’s name, only referred to her as “That Woman”.

      • Ann says:

        To be fair, they were Nazi sympathizers and actually met with the Germans to consider trying to get his brother overthrown so he could come back as King with Wallis at his side.

      • Tessa says:

        Edward was never charged with being a traitor he was allowed to come and go to the UK (without Wallis) to visit his mother. Wallis and Edward visited Germany before the war and even PM Chamberlain was going in for policy of appeasement with Hitler (Peace in Our time). Edward and Wallis were sent across the ocean by his brother so he could be Governor General of Nassau and to get them out of Europe–the time in Nassau did not work out well. Edward apparently thought he did the right thing, marrying Wallis since he never stopped being besotted with her He was bitter for the rest of his life at Wallis not getting the HRH. She enjoyed having dinner parties and being with “high society” at Palm Beach and in NYC’s suite of rooms at the Waldorf Astoria. Edward also did not seem to want to be King, he would not show up for events and the state papers sometimes had stains on them from coffee cups. He also spent a lot of time with Wallis on vacations and cruises during his short reign as King.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        David and Wallis had an unfortunate tendency to hang out with Nazis and fascists in Germany (pre-war) as well as France, Spain and Portugal (during the early period of the war). That’s why the British government packed them off to the Caribbean because they felt that those two couldn’t do any serious damage there. They were, however, under secret FBI surveillance at times during their Caribbean exile.

    • I think Harry laid it out as much as he was able in his speech at the Sentabel event in Jan 2020 right before he left the country. Google it and see. I found his most revealing line to be….”if you knew what I know.” Unfortunately, neither the Firm or the Royal 🐀 Rota really listened and absorbed what he said. Instead they focused on his (in their opinion) whining and the similarities to his mother’s stepping back speech. I think Harry deliberately registered to his mother’s speech and incorporated what she said in his exit speech as it was history repeating itself and he knew it. Harry may not be book smart due to his dyslexia, but he is combat hardened to face truths.

  9. S808 says:

    So why did they say she didn’t even know about Harry’s request??? Is this supposed to make her look good?? To who??? Harry was the only of them who gave a damn about the veterans. They want to look like they have the upper hand so badly they’re actually telling their RRs to rehash and flip old stories, wow. They’re down BAD. They’re trying to set the stage to make it seem like they shut the door on H&M coming back. They want some semblance of power in this situation so badly.

    • My Two Cents says:

      Exactly, it’s just bad any way you look at it. First they lied, and now they decide to tell the truth which makes her look even worse. That ‘duty’ and following rules is more important than what they were celebrating, which is the veterans and in the process hurting her grandson, who served 10 years for her. And whatever happened to Don’t complain, Don’t explain??

      • And that it’s ok to lie to her subjects — and about her own grandson, at that —- when it suits her, but tell the truth later when that suits her (and she thinks that will hurt him more). Nasty, nasty, nasty!

    • MF1 says:

      “They want some semblance of power in this situation so badly.” This! They desperately want to turn the tables so it looks like THEY dump H&M, not the other way around, so they’re trying to gaslight all of us through the press. And they’re actually stupid enough to think it will work.

    • My Two Cents says:

      Oh and the fact that this came a few months after Meghan’s miscarriage, which they supposedly knew about. So that’s how they support Harry ? by denying him the wreath? It makes it all worse

    • Kalana says:

      Yet another time when the palace lied through their teeth to hide their own petty behavior. I discussed this elsewhere with someone who was so gleefully spiteful that the courtiers didn’t even bother informing the royals. I pointed out it was impossible that it happened that way and the palace was clearly lying.

      So the Queen also knew about Andrew’s interview and then they pretended she didn’t. And she supported proguing Parliament but then she was tricked, What kind of leader is this? This is Trump behavior.

      • Why do you think Trump admires her so much!?

      • Kalana says:

        Trump wanted his very own Trooping the Color here in America. And even with the pandemic, the Queen couldn’t let it go for even one year though I just read that it was cancelled in 1955 because of a rail strike.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Trump has always been desperate to rub elbows with royalty. He tried to crash an event for the Queen of Denmark during the 1990s when she visited NY. He was in the same building that the reception(lunch was held and when he found out that a Queen was in the building he tried to get to meet her. Her staff stalled him so she could slip out the back door.

    • Myra says:

      That’s what I’m scratching my head with atm. When the story first came out, I was wondering why the Palace was cruel to run to the media to gleefully gloat that they had refused Harry’s request. It seems now they want to up the cruelty by letting us know the petty Queen took mere seconds to come to the decision. Are they reveling in the cruelty? Do they get off on it? Is it a power trip? I can’t believe people in this day and age look up to this family and their godawful institution.

      • Kalana says:

        It’s very strange how blatantly cruel they’re being while simultaneously playing the victim and claiming to be so hurt by Harry and Meghan. It’s abuse dynamics. The American and international media will eventually call them out on it even if the British media continues to cover it up.

  10. Amy Bee says:

    I think, despite the Netflix and Spotify deals, the Palace was holding out hope that Harry and Meghan would come home, hence the bogus story about Harry asking for an extension on the one year review. However, the launch of their website finally confirmed to the Palace and the media that they have no intention of coming back and the Becky English article is proof of that. Of course, the Queen was the one behind the decision to ban Harry from the Remembrance Day service. She’s Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, no doubt the arrangements for the service are run by her for final approval. The sycophants see this move as the Queen being decisive and steely but to normal people she just comes off as cold, petty and someone who doesn’t really care about the Armed Forces. The Royal Family uses the military as prop to gain support from the public. I realised that when Harry was doing the Invictus engagement with Jon Bon Jovi, the Royal Family twitter page didn’t mention the event and just tweeted the Palace Band playing a Bon Jovi song which to me said the Army was still supporting Harry and the Invictus Games but the Palace was not.

    • JT says:

      @amybee like you’ve mentioned before, Harry just needs to be done with it and drop what we know is coming: he isn’t coming back. He needs to get it out of the way now so he control the truth, he walked away one year ago and he’s happy to move forward. He can be gracious about it, but it needs to be said already. He owes them nothing and Harry doesn’t need to wait for a review, he’s been a private citizen all this time. Enough with letting them control his own narrative.

      • Amy Bee says:

        I honestly believe that the launch of the website last week was his way of publicly stating that he wasn’t coming back. I think he has already told the Royal Family that he’s not coming back but he may be forced to issue a statement as he did with the decision to leave the family, if the Palace continues to discuss the possible outcomes of one year review in public.

    • S808 says:

      It does look like the website is what caused the realization but idk why. The netflix deal should’ve done that. But hey, at least the “Harry will be back” articles are done.

      • MsIam says:

        Agree, this is a “save face” on the part of the palace. I bet the next announcement will be that the one year review has been cancelled because its “impossible “ for the Sussexes to ever come back and be working royals again. At least while Her Pettiness is alive.

    • Agree, AmyBee — Makes you wonder about all the BS around the Commonwealth Church service and who decided how it was to play out, I.e., who was allowed to walk in, etc. Me thinks the Queen had more to do with all that nastiness than we thought. Also, now that I think about it, Sophie doesn’t fart unless she thinks the Queen gave her permission. So that gives me a more enlightened slant on her behavior that day as well. And — as the proud daughter of a US Marine who served in WW2, Korea, and 2 tours in Vietnam —- when I see them, Charles especially, in all those uniforms with their shiny, worthless — I’ve done nothing to deserve it, but be born to it —- medals, it makes my mad as hell.

      And the Sussexes response to the blatant, BS story about their wanting to renegotiate was wordlessly and powerfully answered by pressing the live button on Archewell. Seems the Firm got the message loud and clear.

    • missskitttin says:

      The story of them asking for an extension
      was bogus? They are despicable!

  11. Harla says:

    While this probably plays well with all the royalists on that island, I’m not sure that POC and veterans in Commonwealth countries will feel the same.

    • twoz says:

      My late father did his nasho (national service) in ’53 and they had to drill through the summer in preparation for HM’s Commonwealth visit, when it got to 50 degrees Celsius (about 120 farenheit). He said “pommy bitch” was the *least* of what she was called.

  12. Lanie says:

    A fish rots from the head. No surprise that Elizabeth is fucking trash.

  13. Mina_Esq says:

    I am glad that they picked up on the fact that lots of people have come to view the queen as petty. And Harry’s request to have someone lay a wreath for him was clearly personal, not some royal fuc*ing function. He is a veteran, asking his family to help him respect the friends he has lost. The fact that it took the Queen less than 2 seconds to decide to disrespect a veteran like that shows that respecting veterans is not as sacrosanct to her as the article suggests. Petty woman.

  14. Abby says:

    YIKES ON A BIKE. My jaw is on the floor. What a petty woman. Just…. wow. I used to respect her, but this just proves yet again how awful all of them are. Good for Harry and Meghan for getting out of that toxic family.

    Again, the hypocrisy. They pushed the Sussexes as far as they would go, the couple left, promised to be independently wealthy so as not to be on the taxpayers dime… AND THEN WENT AND MADE INDEPENDENT MONEY. They did not court a spotify deal while they were working royals. They went to find projects that would make them income, so they can LIVE! It’s like the royal family wants them to be destitute, or only making modest money in a way that they personally approve of. This makes no sense at all to me. Especially since the royals have like, royal liquor? They make money off being royals, for sure. It might not be spotify, but it’s commercializing their titles.

    So mad!

  15. lanne says:

    I don’t think the old broad knows up from down. I think this is all the courtiers. She’s likely a befuddled old lady who wants her porridge at 9:30 or whatever and just says “yes” to whatever the courtiers say. This is their show— which is why the story keeps changing. The courtiers change it to suit their needs on any given day. I think they just tell her what she wants to hear, and frame their questions in a way that they can get the yes or no they want. Even this official story is contradictory. Are the Sussexes valuable family members or not? She has spent her life being told exactly what she wants to hear.

    • windyriver says:

      While you’re very likely correct that the courtiers have way more influence than is either good for the institution or healthy for the family, I think it’s a mistake to assume that, presumably because of her age, TQ isn’t participating in any of these decisions. Maybe she is, maybe not.

      But for one thing, it removes her agency. A decision that Harry couldn’t have a wreath laid because he’s now a non-working royal has echoes of the initial decisions she made post-Diana’s death. To me, it sounds just like her, focused on her own personal, narrow perspective of right/wrong, with no awareness or consideration of larger implications – like how Harry’s fellow veterans might feel, who are supposedly being honored (or even how the members of the Royal British Legion who made the wreath might feel). It’s as if, having removed Harry from his honorary positions, TQ thinks all emotional connections between Harry and his fellow servicemen have likewise been severed.

      Of course, after her reign of 60+ years, the courtiers she has would be just as likely to think along the same lines. So who knows.

      • MF1 says:

        “It’s as if, having removed Harry from his honorary positions, TQ thinks all emotional connections between Harry and his fellow servicemen have likewise been severed.” That’s because TQ has no honest-to-god emotional connections to any of the causes she supports. She simply can’t imagine that Harry *actually* care about veterans, so she treated his request like a PR stunt.

    • Seraphina says:

      Let’s not forget Charles is in the mix somewhere here. No way would he not start flexing muscle if Betty is losing it.

      • Tessa says:

        Charles is oddly very inactive in all of this. He made a big show of escorting Meghan down the aisle but it seems to me it probably was for his benefit not hers.

      • Kalana says:

        I think Charles is very active but is keeping his tracks covered. It’s not a coincidence that this article came out right after Harry declared himself his mother’s son. Charles also had to be in support of the rumors that he still funded the Sussexes, chose to highlight Arthur Edwards on the Clarence House instagram, and he had to support all the photo ops cutting the Sussexes out.

    • RoyalBlue says:

      I keep coming back to Diana’s words that it was the men in grey. She knew the courtiers were running the show!

      I also think about when Harry wanted an audience with the Queen last January and he was refused…the question is, by whom? which staff member has the power to make or break that appointment?

      He was also refused an audience with his very own father. Let’s not assume that charles’ hands are clean. They are not. His father refused unless Harry put his plans in writing.

  16. ABritGuest says:

    Hhmm not sure I know what to make of this about turn. The Times went out of its way to say the Queen wasn’t involved in wreathgate & now suddenly after Archewell website launches & they announce partnerships- suddenly someone wants to make clear that the Queen was behind wreathgate? Timing is coincidental I’m sure.

    As the wreath was already made if the family was getting along better as they had been reporting for weeks, I can’t see why it couldn’t have been laid by an assistant or something even after the ceremony. Wreathgate was a bigger story than it should have been because someone wanted to put out Harry being rejected.

    i think the extension speculation has come out so that in March the firm& their press buddies can play the ‘Queen was firm & exiled the Sussexes at the year review’ card. Plays well with the royalists to make the firm look like they have a win especially as they likely can’t take titles.

    As for commercial activities & repping the queen does anyone know if Prince Michael still runs his consultancy business? His website suggests so yet he& his wife took part in Remembrance Day activities with rest of the royal family. As for plugging products I remember Camilla on a BBC show with a Duchy Originals product with very few complaints if any even though it’s against BBC rules. Guess that was ok

    • equality says:

      Of course it’s okay to plug duchy originals or a certain brand of gin or watching a movie outside somebody’s palace. It’s the usual different rules for different people.

    • Vera says:

      also Prince Philip retired from public service but an equerry still laid a wreath on his behalf.

  17. Becks1 says:

    The wreath thing is so reprehensible because the wreath was ALREADY MADE. So if Remembrance Day was so “so sacrosanct,” then you would think that letting a wreath made to honor veterans/military go to waste would be a HUGE no-no. And if, as Cambridge stans insist, it could not be laid during the actual ceremony because “no personal wreaths are laid then” (I don’t know the truth of that or not, my knowledge of the traditions around the ceremony is very limited), then it CERTAINLY could have been laid AFTER the ceremony – you know, when people like Arthur Edwards laid a wreath.

    (and yes this is a day for lots of ALL CAPS.)

    I think the Queen really thought she was making a statement by refusing Harry’s request – it just wasn’t quite the statement she thought it was. I DO think its interesting that this story has gotten changed so strongly – maybe someone at BP realized how bad the courtiers looked over this so they decided to throw the queen under the bus here?

    I know some people (on twitter and comments sections) who supported the decision, but the majority of the comments thought it was a petty, a-hole move, especially in light of Harry’s service in Afghanistan (no cushy post for him) and his post-military work with Invictus. The decision made the royals look so petty and mean-spirited, and the decision coming from the queen makes it that much worse.

    As for the rest – oh for the love of pete. They know there is no quasi-royal role lying ahead. And they don’t want one at this point. If the royals had agreed to that a year ago, then I think we would have seen different moves from Harry and Meghan this year. But they didn’t, so H&M said “fine” and made their own money and did what they wanted to.

    But omg the coffee bit – so Meg cant invest in a latte start-up but the Queen can sell gin and Charles can push jams and Peter can sell MILK and Zara can sell whatever it is she sells – and there are no complaints about any of that.

    • Sofia says:

      Yeah The Times seem to insist that the Queen was not involved. Was she truly involved and her courtiers decided to protect her but now decided that it’s time to let the world know she was or was she not involved and someone is trying to put the blame on her to make her look bad? Although in the eyes of the royalists, I’m sure she looks great

    • windyriver says:

      “…you would think that letting a wreath made to honor veterans/military go to waste would be a HUGE no-no.”

      And how disrespectful, and disappointing, to the veterans in the British Royal Legion factory who made the wreath and were likely proud to think it would be part of the ceremony – whether it was TQ’s decision, or the courtiers’. Instead, it was left sitting in a box.

      My favorite part of these stories has to be, the implication that all powerful Meghan is responsible for arm twisting Oprah to use a crown emoji (instead of her name) when referring to her. This story says it violates H&M promise not to bring the monarchy into disrepute, but I like the reference in another article that it “violates the Queen’s values”, which they said they would uphold. Maybe Liz would’ve liked it better if Oprah used an emoji of Andrew instead.

    • Nic919 says:

      That’s what I find so offensive. The wreath was already made by veterans from the legion and there was no harm in laying it at the cenotaph. Such disrespect shown to actual veterans in the name of being petty. If the Queen wants to take ownership of being that heartless then she’s shown just how little the service of these men and women means to her. It’s apparently just a fucking show. Just like they pretend that her being a mechanic for five seconds in 1943 means the same as risking your life for your country. She has never sacrificed anything but expects to be served. The original monarchy existed because kings actually went out and defended their land. Over the years these slugs have just sent others on their behalf and played the patriotism card. If she can’t respect the service of those who have actually risked their lives because of a petty personal grudge then it’s time to step down. Mentally she’s lost it.

  18. My3cents says:

    So Harry and Megan were allowed something like 3 sec of grace after Megan’s miscarriage announcement and now they are back to attacking them. Yeah I was wondering how long they would hold their breath.

  19. Merricat says:

    The British monarchy is self-destructing. Elizabeth is not someone to admire. Her efforts to preserve colonialist traditions is a failure to adapt to changing times, and we all know what happens when you fail to adapt. Meghan provided them with a golden opportunity to change and possibly thrive, but they clung to their racism and the idea that they are still a world power. Between petty Betty and Brexit, I think we’ll be watching the wheels come off the HMS Windsor.

  20. Isa says:

    Highgrove Organic Ground Coffee Blend

    The perfect everyday blend for any coffee connoisseur. A unique mix of seasonally selected beans from around the world, Highgrove’s medium roast coffee is a mellow combination of chocolate and dried fruit flavours. Bound to become a favourite, it’s great as a pick me up in the mornings, and fantastic, too, for drinking throughout the day.
    A thoughtful gift for coffee lovers, the coffee is presented in an elegant coffee caddy printed with our new Highgrove design. Featuring architectural and floral elements from HRH The Prince of Wales’s extraordinary gardens, it’s a stylish souvenir of a special place.

    Yep. That’s coffee for sale to the general public. And this is the Prince of Wales’s (very extensive) shop plastered with his three-feather insignia. (He also sells wines, liquors, champagne and basically everything else you might imagine.)

    Highgrove profits supposedly all go to the prince’s charitable foundation, but Archewell is also a prince’s charitable foundation being funded by Harry and Meghan’s enterprises. They’re clearly following his example.

    It’s PETTY and hypocritical to complain about the American Black woman (and her husband by extension) selling a product and say nothing about the old cranky overindulged white man doing basically exactly the same.

    And by the way, his coffee sounds BASIC.

    • Becks1 says:

      But..,…but…..it comes in an elegant caddy! It’s a stylish souvenir!!!!! how can it be basic?!?!?!?!?!? LMAO

    • cassandra says:

      “They’re clearly following his example.”

      Harry really is the best of both of his parents.

  21. Foxy1 says:

    You’re in or you’re out. In this case I agree with QE2.

    • Becks1 says:

      Except that the Kents aren’t all-in or all-out, and Sophie and Edward started out as part-time royals as well.

    • Sam says:

      They were out in January. If that reporter Arthur could do it then they could have done it for Harry after the ceremony. Would have been much better press than they are getting now.

      They go back and forth from treating him as the enemy to saying they are getting closer as a family. Pick a lane. All they do is dig the RF a bigger hole.

    • Chelsea says:

      Well apparently QE2 doesn’t agree with QE2 as Prince Michael of Kent who runs his own consulting firm was allowed to lay a wreath at Cenotaph this past Remembrance Day and he has made sporadic official appearances on behalf of the Queen for years even though he isn’t taxpayer funded and makes his own money. Funny that. But i guess when you marry a woman who calls her black sheep Venus and Serena you are in the Queen’s good graces; not so much when you marry a half Black woman.

      • Dreamdr says:

        H&M were senior royals who chose to permanently cut ties and live in another country. You’re comparing apples to oranges with Kents, Wessexes, etc

      • Becks1 says:

        H&M asked for the part-time treatment of the Kents and the Wessexes initially though. they didn’t initially want to permanently cut ties and live in another country. And considering that Edward is the son of the monarch and started out as a part-time working royal, I don’t think the matter is as simple as “you’re in or you’re out.”

        Hell Princess Michael sells novels with HRH emblazoned on the front!

      • Vera says:

        exactly this. also a wreath was laid for Prince Philip, who also retired as a former senior royal

      • Tessa says:

        As I recall Edward used his HRH in his business enterprise of producing documentaries.

      • Kalana says:

        The Windsors actually cut ties while trying to also hold on with a “review,” and holding off on reassigning Harry’s honorary military roles. Why do that while denying him the chance to honor the military at Remembrance Day? The Windsors created a messy blurred line.

    • Nic919 says:

      Except for the Kent’s, Edward and Sophie until the tape scandal, Andrew, etc. And Phillip is now out too so why does he get a wreath? Harry didn’t exactly do nothing until March 2020 so his service can’t be recognized either?

    • tee says:

      sure, but why leak it, repeatedly? it seems like the cruelty (and humiliation) are the point. not so-called protocol.

    • RoyalBlue says:

      Is QE2 daft? the message was received when she said that same thing a year ago and the Sussexes said fine, peace out. They chose out. why is this so hard for some to understand.
      I think to punish them they will have to give up their royal patronages and decorative military titles in March.

  22. Chelsea says:

    This is such BS. Do they think we’re blind? We all saw Prince Michael of Kent lay a wreath at Cenotaph despite EARNING HIS OWN MONEY COMMERCIALLY.

    They 100% thought Harry would fail and come crawling back and he didnt and when that failed they thought they could hold his military associations over his head. Now that their attempt to humiliate him on Remembrance Day failed they realize they have nothing left so now they’re trying to rewrite their own narrative with “oh it was the Queen’s choice all along and she was not being petty she’s just sticking to what she always said” and are trying to pretend like the original story didnt come from them. As a reminder
    : the original wreathgate story came from Roya at The Times a few weeks after she wrote a false story on the Invictus Games that Harry was so upset by that he had his lawyers send a legal letter that scared The Times so much that the article was subsequently taken down. The fact that the palace chose THAT same writer to tell about Harry being denied a wreath tells you everythong you need to know aboit their intention. Also worth noting again that the wreath was already made for Harry by the event’s organizers; he wasnt asking the palace to make something new for him or incur any extra cost for him. Literally he just asked that a wreath allow to be laid for him like Arthur freaking Edwards was allowed to lat one for The Sun readers but alas they couldn’t do that and chose to leak it. Im proud for not dragging that story out though; he just did his own tribute and kept it moving.

    • Yeah, and I still think the fact that that letter from the retired military officer was never forwarded to Harry, shady as F***. I think it was deliberately held back because they wanted the officer to get upset enough to scream at Harry through the press and HARRY knows it. He’s the only one loyal enough to the Queen to keep his mouth shut about their endless shenanigans. The rest of them keep singing like canaries down a mine shaft.

  23. Likeyoucare says:

    Look at willie.
    Now look at charles.
    Now look at petty betty.
    Those two heirs learn from petty on how to use other royals to uplift yourself.
    They learn from the best. Out of the same mold of basic, vindictive, arsehole.

    • megs283 says:

      Let’s just hope George breaks the cycle.

      • Likeyoucare says:

        I hope so. But i’m scared of charlote the most. I hope she can has a relationship with her uncle harry and aunt meghan. She really need them to broke the mold that RF and BM had prepared for her.

      • Tessa says:

        Charlotte is the only girl of the Cambridges. I was disappointed in Charles not having a one on one photo with his only granddaughter, to be released to the public. He has had one on one photos released of those with his two Cambridge grandsons.

      • Kalana says:

        Kate will actually be our hope to break the cycle. I think William would use anyone to boost his image as Kate knows, so it will be up to her and Carole to protect the non-heir kids. Diana would have done this for Harry. The Queen and Philip did work to protect their other three children thought I question now what happened with Sophie being set up with her scandal.

      • Bess says:

        I am worried for Charlotte as well. She seems like a lively and bright little girl. I hope she is allowed to flourish alongside her two brothers and not be an afterthought.

      • Nic919 says:

        @kalana if you are hoping that Kate will break the cycle of the dysfunctional way the Windsor kids are raised…. well I think you are being optimistic. So far she’s done nothing to suggest that she will challenge anything except how much she is expected to work.

    • Tessa says:

      I don’t think Kate will do a thing about it.. She went along with William on his bad behavior to Harry and Meghan and enabled in it participating in that Flybe stunt.

  24. JanetDR says:

    I am just so damn delighted at Harry and Meghan’s ability to show that they don’t need the support of the royals to have a productive life.

  25. Alexandria says:

    Goodbye you silly old fool. Even if this is not true we can see ALLLLLLL your inactions.

  26. Lizzie says:

    There is nothing like an old fool.

  27. February-Pisces says:

    I dunno if I believe this story. If Willie blocked harry laying a wreath but wanted to deflect blame onto someone else, who better than the queen. She is never going to come out and actually deny it. She has let Willie run harry out of town without saying a damn thing. She just let’s everyone act and speak on her behalf without even questioning it.

  28. TheOriginalMia says:

    They can’t believe this makes the Queen look good. OMG, she looks like the most petty woman on the planet. Harry isn’t working for her anymore, so she can dismiss his service in her army and refuse to lay a wreath to honor his comrades and the dead. Yeah, that makes her look so queenly. Jesus. These people have their heads so far up their own asses. Who cares if he isn’t a working royal anymore?! He’s still her grandson and a veteran. The right thing to do would have been to lay the damn wreath. That would have sent the signal that honoring the veterans and those who died was more important that this family squabble. But no…being decent is a bridge too far for Queen Petty.

    • Nic919 says:

      Peter Hunt, a former BBC royal correspondent basically stated that on Twitter. There’s no way linking the queen to petty behaviour toward the only current veteran outside of Philip (we won’t talk about the other one) is a smart thing to do.

  29. Lizzie says:

    Harry has been a perfect gentleman, he never responds in kind to the gross things his family says. However I believe there is a line with him and when it’s crossed they had better watch out. Harry could probably ruin each of them if he quietly told all to a real journalist. The rf were shaking in their boots until Finding Freedom was released for a very good reason.
    Yes, Harry has not responded in kind. but that does not mean he never will.

    • Mina_Esq says:

      It’s like they learned nothing from Diana.

      • Tessa says:

        I am amazed that some on social media excuse the Queen for her treatment of Diana and said it was OK for the Queen to dispense with prayers for Diana at the service the morning Diana died (with the boys in attendance at the service). They say it was “too disturbing” for her sons. Ridiculous.

      • Kalana says:

        But not too disturbing to send those same children out to be photographed shaking hands and accepting flowers from strangers, or send them out to be filmed walking behind their mother’s casket.

      • Yes, Tessa. And wasn’t Harry supposedly to have turned to his father at that service and said, “are you sure mummy is really dead” because he didn’t understand why no prayers were offered for her? But ok for the Queen and Charles to trot them both out as human shields when the press helped turn the peasants against them.

      • Ladiabla says:

        @Tessa ITA… I always wondered if that story was true, cause if it is that’s the coldest sh** I’ve ever heard. No prayers for the boys’ own dear mother at the church after she died? Even if boys sobbed, they would still have been able to grieve in total privacy and their father and grandmother would be there to put their arms around them. What the hell’s wrong with these people?! It’s no wonder Harry struggled so long – he never got the chance to really grieve for his mother and have his nearest family understand; he just pushed down those emotions for years before finally seeking therapy. Idk I want to believe Charles and the Queen were both there for them but that was such an error on their part.

  30. Tilewa says:

    Petty, petty, petty. Military service is military service and and ALL veterans deserve our respect — whether they’re royal or not. It would not have killed the Queen to honor Prince Harry’s request. And don’t get me started in the hypocrisy about the commercial ventures.

  31. Tessa says:

    I keep wondering where Charles is in all of this. He made Camilla non-negotiable and moved forward with marrying her despite the Queen’s disapproval. He unfortunately could not do the same for Harry. Also, the Queen protects her second son who was friends with a trafficker of underaged girls. It is mind boggling to me.

  32. Rita says:

    To those saying QE has never done anything outside the palace walls: She did serve in the Women’s Auxiliary Territory Service during WWII. She is trained as a military auto mechanic and learned how to drive jerps, trucks and other vehicles that were vital in supporting the troops at the front.

    • Kalana says:

      How long did she serve? Or did she get some training and that’s it?

    • Isa says:

      That was in 1945-49! Over seventy years ago!

    • Kalana says:

      So I looked it up. She started her six weeks of training in February 1945 and the war ended on May 8, 1945. The King, Queen and Margaret showed up with reporters and cameras in April to publicize the whole thing. She learned how to drive and maintain vehicles but I don’t see anything about her actually doing anything more than learning to be a mechanic or how that contributed to those actually fighting. Seems rather overinflated to be coasting on this nearly 80 years later.

      • Becks1 says:

        It was honestly a really smart PR move though, because it has given her credibility even to this day, as we see here.

      • Nic919 says:

        Yeah this wasn’t service. It was PR. She didn’t risk her life like any of the people she now pretends to care for.

    • L4frimaire says:

      It’s pointless to dispute the Queens service and that’s not the issue here. She’s not going to change. She does her job as she sees fit and expects others to fall in line behind her. That is why the others are so hamstrung and obedient.The thing is monarchs, especially older monarchs, have always been mercurial,petty, and feel they are the sun, with courtiers and family as those that circle around and serve them. One thing that is is very short supply these days is grace and magnanimity. This isn’t Saudi or Bahrain where they can just lock away wayward royals, take their passports and control the press. In the royals eye, Harry, like his mother, breached the contract by shining too brightly, not sticking to their place, and not retreating. The thing is, I think the Sussexes thought by working harder and more creatively, they were demonstrating their commitment to the firm, while others just saw it as deliberately outshining others and taking the attention. Now that they are working outside the firm, to those still in, they are supposed to be invisible, and they’re very much not.The wreath was an olive branch from Harry that they clearly slapped down, because that would once again put the focus on Harry and Meghan. So the Firm thinks they need to keep punishing them. In their minds this is a good thing for the monarchy.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        The BRF needs to learn the fundamental fact that in today’s world and media landscape, popular interest doesn’t necessarily follow the royal hierarchy of rank and that they can’t dictate to the public who are to be more popular by decree. They need publicity to survive and legitimize their continued existence because they don’t govern anymore. However, the can’t really control popular interest and they need to learn how to deal with it in a non-destructive manner, which is impossible for them because they are so psychologically dysfunctional.

      • Nic919 says:

        My original point is that a real veteran would have understood the meaning of the wreath and the Queen did a PR exercice over 70 years ago. . Her insult to the legion should never be forgotten. She would rather pursue a petty grudge than honour those who truly risked their lives during WWII. Something she never actually did.

      • Very well said ArtHistorian.

  33. Carine says:

    Harry should drope the title and forget about all of them. But I can understand it must be difficult for him because that’s his family. The more I ear about the royal family the less I respect them. They live in a other century. Pretty sad.

  34. Winterberry says:

    It would be nice if she were as motivated and decisive when it comes to holding the British media accountable for their racist treatment of Meghan.

    • L4frimaire says:

      Why would she hold the tabloids accountable when she has no problem with it. They probably think the abuse and racism is what Meghan deserved for daring to “ take” Harry and get all the attention, In fact they encouraged it. There was nothing accidental or unintentional about the treatment and leaks Meghan experienced in royal life. When people whine that Meghan disrespected the monarchy, it’s not about “ protocol”, for them that means just being with Harry in the first place and then not shrinking and hiding.

  35. Gail says:

    Harry should tell his petty Betty to kiss his ex- hrh ass And stick her review where the sun don’t shine

  36. Jay says:

    I find the detail about the Sussexes commercial deals interesting – obviously someone is keeping score! 👀

    No need to waste my breath mentioning the hypocrisy of other royals making bank with their titles and privileges of their positions! You all know the drill. What seems to make Harry’s family most upset is that he might be successful at it!

    I love how the deals that Harry and Meghan made are offered as “proof” that the queen made the right decision in exiling them!

    It’s pretty clear she was hoping for an Edward and Wallace situation, where they would be financially dependent on the Queen’s good graces and (reportedly) desperate to come back and enjoy the privileges of monarchy. It’s unlikely that any of the royal family could imagine abandoning these privileges, so perhaps the miscalculation is not surprising, but I wonder if they truly get it even now: he’s not coming back.

    • ABritGuest says:

      Yes I saw a comment praising the queen for this move & saying they hope Prince Harry ends up like Edward coming cap in hand to the monarch for money because “he can’t just go off and do what he wants”. In 2021 someone has this mindset.

      The fact that Harry has achieved financial independence (clearly the royals wanted to control him through money) seems to be a major source of anger- even though the tabloids were polling people & claiming the public didn’t want to fund the Sussexes!

      I can’t tell the inner workings of this family to say whether the queen was behind this. I don’t even have issue with refusing the wreath request, even if I side eye the supposed reasons because of the firm’s inconsistent behaviour& think if the wreath was prepared it was a shame to let it go to waste. What I have an issue is the leak of the story to just be nasty.

      quite some irony that the queen was praised for her deep Christian beliefs over Christmas & for that speech last April about families being together again. The press claim the firm is this unifying force yet at the start of a new year the firm is straight into nasty mode. Sad

  37. SenseOfTheAbsurd says:

    The rationale given by the creeps flocking around Her Maj doesn’t even make sense. Laying a wreath on behalf of a genuine veteran would be turning the remembrance ceremony into a family squabble? Absolute nonsense, only makes sense from a position of enormous narcissism. No human can be deferred to and privileged and worshipped like QE2 and not be turned into an absolute monster.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      Refusing to do it was exactly what made this ceremony into a family squabble in the press.

  38. L4frimaire says:

    I don’t disagree with those that it is the Queens right to refuse or that they’re in or they’re out, no halfsies. I think the Sussexes understand that, even before they stepped down, and have themselves demonstrated they are out. Also, they really are in a different position from the Kent’s in that they are not some distant cousin but Harry is the son of the heir, and the palace were already uneasy and jealous of his role. I don’t think the royals care that Meghan was bullied and harassed, they don’t care and never will, but they did see her as a threat. They’re ok with the racism and vitriol to this day. This wreath story had run its course, the Sussexes are clearly moving on and never mention the royals. What is disturbing is that the royals seem to want to escalate this and make it some sort of bigger confrontation, that they can blame on the Sussexes, a “Queen had no choice” scenario. I don’t know what’s actually going on but it seems Archie’s little voice and Archewell’s website has upset some to the point that they want that spotlight squarely back on them. I bet before that article was published, there was a lot of “ what are you going to do about this?” and put them back in their place huffing and puffing. Some guy on tv over there was talking about clipping their wings ( again). The whole thing seems so manipulative. Anyone who doubted previously the Queen had any knowledge of this beforehand is just wearing blinders. What this shows more than anything, is that the focus and energy of the British monarchy is clearly and will continue to be 8 time zones away in Montecito, CA. You cannot love them unless you hate the Sussexes.

  39. Prof Trelawney says:


  40. Liz version 700 says:

    I was hoping that Celebitchy would cover this as it really disgusted me when I read about it on Sunday. Betty is just like Trump, the cruelty is the point. She is the head abuser in a rotten abusive family. Please Harry and Meghan stay away from these people.

  41. kerwood says:

    This is pure insanity. Isn’t there anyone in the whole fucking outfit with a lick of sense? Don’t they realize how bad they look? Sure, they have the tabloids on their side, but most of the people who are all in for the monarchy are going to be dead in 20 years. And then what? Have they taken a look at England in the last 10 years? Have they seen the diversity in the country they ‘rule’? The marriage of Meghan and Harry was their chance to show the world that they were ready to move into the 21st century. And they threw it all away.

    These people really think that hundreds of hateful comments on tabloid websites means that the monarchy is safe and sound. They have no idea. The people that COUNT have seen right through this bullshit. Oprah Winfrey sees them. Tyler Perry sees them. George Clooney sees them. The people of Barbados see them.

    It doesn’t matter if the readers of the Daily Mail and The Sun think William and Kate are fabulous. That’s not going to last. Kate wasn’t a favourite until Meghan showed up. And Meghan’s gone now. Eventually, people are going to start looking at William and Kate and remember just how lazy and entitled those two were/are.

    All the royal family had to do was give the APPEARANCE of decency. And they couldn’t even do that.

    I grew up with Queen Elizabeth II. I wasn’t a huge fan, but I admired her. She’s hurt me and I know I’m not alone in feeling hurt and betrayed. I NEVER thought I’d live to see the day, but SHAME ON HER.

  42. BnLurkN4eva says:

    I know the article of the Petty and that of Hump next to each other won’t remain but I can’t help thinking how perfectly situated. It’s been a long time since I shudder at the image of Hump walking ahead of Petty, I now feel – how fitting to such perfect imagery. These two humans are so, so similar and from all accounts, FFK is as well. These people are truly despicable, I almost resent that they were brought to my attention in 2016. How very little-minded they all are and these are the humans other humans have elevated to such lofty heights. Similarly, I can’t help but wonder how any human can with a straight face support Hump, I am truly mystify these days.

    I actually had no problem with them not honoring Harry’s request. The more they show him who they are, painful as that must be, the more it will cement his resolve to stay the course.

  43. MA says:

    It’s one thing to deny Harry’s request and the rationale could maybe be defensible even if we all think it’s BS, but they also intentionally and gleefully broadcasted it to try to publicly humiliate him. I don’t see how anyone can defend that.

    The royals continue to reveal how classless they really are

    • L4frimaire says:

      Also the way they put this out again, 2 months after it happened, makes it worse. The Queen sure showed them. Guess they’ll pack it all in and chain themselves up in the Tower. Why would they put this out there? No one was asking for a follow up and it just shows how bothered they are by the Sussexes setting up their life. I really would love to know what exactly they had envisioned for the Sussexes this year. They seemed really gleeful when they thought they were freeloading off “ rapper” Tyler Perry and were stymied on the dinner talk circuit. Of everything happening right now in the UK, instead of a hopeful start and message to the New Year, they circle back to this and double down on negativity. Compare that to the Archewell podcast and Archie’s sweet little voice. They sound like they live in an alternative universe

  44. diana says:

    Well, H and M came at the Royals and said ‘we need to change and upgrade and modernize this institution or we will grow obsolete.” and the Royals said, no thank you very much we will continue to defend the way of life we know, how dare you make such a suggestion and how dare you thrive outside of everything we are. Harry did well to leave this toxic family behind. The queen will soon die (at least within the next 10 years) and neither Charles nor William have what it takes to move this institution forward. Outside of England, the rest of us are just there for the gossip. The rest is just a whole lot of projecting on everyone who follows the story.

    • L4frimaire says:

      I don’t think the Sussexes said any such thing. They probably went about their work the way they thought best and would be most effective. They never saw it as their job to do anything to the monarchy since it wasn’t theirs to inherit. It was the press that said they wanted to change the monarchy. A fresh face, an outsider, with different experiences always was going to do things differently. If the royals don’t want or like that, then maybe they should have codified and better defined all their unwritten rules and protocols. Agree they really did go into deep attack mode with Meghan and Harry. Even if Meghan and Harry go from strength to strength, it’s not going to change the monarchy so don’t know why they’re so defensive and send out the press attack dogs, especially the unhinged factions. I don’t think anyone at this point expects any dynamism from Charles or William. Charles is too old, William too lazy and timid, and both too hung up on rank and hierarchy.

  45. Lizzie says:

    I’m not sure what Betty gains from putting this out there. It’s a huge insult to the military so she can have the smug satisfaction of getting back at Harry. I have assumed the courtiers gave second rate advice but I guess they cannot be any better than the person at the top. I commented the other day that now that Harry has left the rest of the rf are dull average people barely treading water.
    Just think what a year it would have been if the rf had said ‘we’ll miss you Harry but good luck to you and Meghan. Let’s see how it’s working out in a year before we finalize anything’. How hard would it have been to be gracious? Brothers would still be talking, cousins would be zooming.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      The remaining members of the BRF are all a lethal combination of dull, dim and arrogant.

  46. Gail says:

    😄😄I think Kaiser description of petty Betty should be the meme of 2021 and be trending worldwide. It’s brilliant and 💯 factual.

  47. Sunnyvale says:

    This story along with the one where palace is publicly pleading with Meghan to drop the case shows that the press is slowly changing and shifting their strategy into slightly slandering other members of RF. DM had a weird story about crown princess Mary and Marie “feuding”.
    This story doesn’t show the Queen in a good way.it makes her vindictive and immature and certainly not respectful of veterans