Emma Stone is pregnant and pretty far along just months after her pandemic wedding

emma stone ring

Emma Stone began dating Dave McCary in 2017, and they got engaged in December 2019 – he gave her a pretty pearl-and-diamond engagement ring and they allegedly planned for a late spring wedding last year. Their wedding was cancelled because of the pandemic, but then we heard in September that they had basically had a lowkey pandemic wedding with only a handful of people, all wearing masks. Someone said, around that time, that there were rumors that Emma was expecting. No one was sure, and Emma is pretty private, so no one wanted to jump the gun. Then these photos came out:

Emma, comfortably far along in her first pregnancy. It appears as if Emma probably was a couple of months pregnant for her pandemic wedding in September! Us Weekly and People Magazine confirmed her pregnancy, with one source saying that Emma “seems very happy and very excited about becoming a mother — she’s constantly oohing and cooing. She looks great, she looks healthy, she’s glowing. She’s been keeping up with friends and work lately, she’s always staying active and gets her daily exercise in.”

I saw that some people were mad that Emma isn’t having a baby with Ryan Gosling or Andrew Garfield. To those people… I don’t know what to tell you! Emma and Ryan were never together. Emma and Andrew were off-and-on for a while and I think for Andrew, Emma was the one who got away. I’m happy for her and I think she’ll be a great mom. I have my fingers crossed for a girl!

Emma Stone and boyfriend Dave McCary have their hands full with shopping bags and laundry

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid, IG.

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  1. FHMom says:

    Congrats to them. She is she a versatile actress. I forget how many films Ive loved that she starred in.

    • line says:

      Good news for her but I didn’t consider her to be a versatile actress; she does not have a very varied range of games like Viola Davis or Glenn Close.

      • Case says:

        Agreed. I really love Emma and the films she chooses, but versatile isn’t a word I’d use for her acting. I think Hollywood desperately wants to make her a better actress than she actually is (hence the very weird Oscar win for La La Land, which she was good in but certainly not Oscar worthy).

      • FHMom says:

        Really? I always forget who she is in a film. In other words, I lose myself in the role she is playing, if that makes sense. Other actors, I feel are bigger than their roles. She is low key to me.

  2. manda says:

    I wish I could see the boots she’s wearing from the side. This outfit is so simple and chic

  3. Harper says:

    Love her. Happy for her and the hubby.

  4. Nikki* says:

    I like her a lot, and it’s great to have happy news! Wishing them the best!

  5. Jillian says:

    Emma and her husband look so stylish in that street picture, great outfits on both of them. Nice couple, good for them

  6. Jilly. says:

    Why do people think she’s pregnant? I grew the same stomach since March and I’m 50. It just keeps growing!!!!

  7. Cat says:

    They got engaged in November/December 2019 not 2017.
    It’s funny since when she was with Andrew he was desperate to have a family, but now she’s pregnant and married and Andrew has dated numerous woman Susie Abromeit, Rita Ora, Aisling Bea and Christine Gabel (Rita Ora and Aisling Bea are the most opposite ends of the spectrum) he’s also supposedly on Raya. Wonder if he still wants a family or not.

  8. Mumbles says:

    Andrew Garfield always came off as a pompous prig. Her current husband is in the same business as her but not in the same field, so no Reese-Ryan-like jealousy potential. Seems perfect.

    • Lillian says:

      A few of my friends have worked with him on a few different movie sets and say he’s very kind and always gets buddy buddy with the hair and make up people and rents cool food trucks for the crew on the last days, and is just very kind and doesn’t think he’s better than the crew which yeah shouldn’t be a big deal but my friends tell me it’s normally the opposite. Especially with the men that seem like they are a bit “deep”

  9. Case says:

    I’m so happy for her! I’ve always really liked her. She seems sweet and picks great roles. It must have been frustrating to be ready to be married/start a family when the pandemic hit. Glad they’re still moving on with their plans — it’s probably great timing for her, as she doesn’t have to worry about work commitments.

  10. Happy for them both. I don’t know much about him, other than Lillian’s lovely comment above. I’ve always enjoyed Emma’s acting and like that she tries to keep her private life private.

  11. L4frimaire says:

    Congratulations to Emma! No shade to Emma but it’s nice how the Mail describes her as lovingly cradling her belly, while certain other women are described as flaunting their bump and being belly cuppers for attention 🤨.

  12. Lex says:

    I could have sworn they got married back in March?! Who am I thinking of?