Bruce Willis was kicked out of an LA Rite Aid for refusing to wear a mask

Bruce Willis cuts a casual figure in black leather jacket for outing in New York City

Hello, I haven’t eaten inside a restaurant since last March. I’m not doing outdoor seating either – strictly takeout for me. The only time I go indoors (other than my house) is when I stop by the grocery store or CVS. And I put my mask on before I walk in. After ten months of this pandemic lifestyle, I feel like all of this should come naturally to us. Wouldn’t it actually feel weird to just go into indoor spaces without a mask now? Well, Bruce Willis is apparently still not used to it. He was trying to shop at a Rite Aid in LA, and he refused to wear a mask. So the Rite Aid people kicked him out.

He’d rather live free. Bruce Willis was asked to leave a Los Angeles Rite Aid on Monday after he refused to wear a mask, a spy tells Page Six. The spy says people inside the store became upset that Willis, 65, wasn’t wearing a mask — despite having a bandanna tied around his neck, which he could have easily pulled up.

We’re told the “Die Hard” star, who was photographed at the store without a mask on, walked away without making his purchase. A rep for Willis didn’t return Page Six’s request for comment.

Los Angeles County, the epicenter of the coronavirus crisis in California, has surpassed 10,000 COVID-19 deaths.

Willis has spent much of the pandemic quarantining with ex-wife Demi Moore and their grown children, Scout, Rumer and Tallulah, at the family’s home in Idaho.

[From Page Six]

I went through the Backgrid photo archives, most of which are exclusives, to see if Bruce was photographed maskless throughout 2020. He… wasn’t. Most of the time, whenever he was pap’d last year, he had a bandana-mask or some kind of gator mask, and he always pulled it down when he was outdoors. My point, I guess, is that Bruce doesn’t seem like he’s one of those full-throttle dumbass anti-mask conspiracists. But I bet he downplays mask-wearing and he thought he could slip into Rite Aid quickly without a mask and that’s not how any of this works. I’m glad he was kicked out of Rite Aid. More public shaming! Businesses really need to empower their employees to tell maskless idiots to GTFO.

Hours after this story came out yesterday, Bruce confirmed it to People Magazine and told the magazine,“It was an error in judgment. Be safe out there everyone and let’s continue to mask up.” Uh…

Apparently, Bruce was wearing a bandana in Rite Aid, he just didn’t pull it over his mouth and nose. WTF? It would have been so easy for him to comply. Why???

Bruce Willis goes for a Care Free Walk in the neighborhood

Bruce Willis goes for a Care Free Walk in the neighborhood

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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  1. Bettyrose says:

    Was he worried he wouldn’t be recognized and be denied his celeb status for 2 damn minutes?

    • Bibi says:

      This was probably an ego thing. He walked in forgetting to put on his mask, got called out – didnt accept being called out because how dare they – it’s bruce willis – and he took his business elsewhere but nobody cares it’s brusse willice, lol, put your mask on – selfish!!!!!

    • This. A family member in NYC has a BW story about serving him, and him being a butthead, but also leaving a good tip. He’s got a huge ego, and just can’t back down.

      That said, my three year old daughter and I have been quarantining since March. Only been out of the house a handful of times. Once, to vote. Once, to pick out a pumpkin, and some Halloween party favors (that would stand in for candy), in early October. Once, to pick out a small, fake Yule tree, in late December. Two or three times, when we had to go to the grocery store in person, for some reason. We, including my toddler, always wore masks.

      If my toddler can deal with the restrictions, Bruce can, too.

      • bettyrose says:

        It’s mind boggling how many things toddlers can learn that we’ve seen adults completely incapable of recently. Maybe we can get some studies going to isolate the developmental stage where narcissists snap and stop being able to demonstrate compassion and humility.

      • Joan Rivers says:

        I thought he had a WIFE and FAMILY — what is he doing w/Demi and his grown kids? Separated?

        The story he’s giving out is weird.

  2. Becks1 says:

    This story is weird to me because he ISNT an anti-mask wearing a-hole. So why not just wear one for a quick Rite Aid run? Maybe it was going to be so quick that he didnt think it was necessary? Which isnt really how this works, but after 10 months some people still dont get it……

    • Esmom says:

      But he had a bandana around his neck, so he didn’t even have the excuse that he left the mask in the car or whatever. The fact that he just left without making a scene seems to show he wasn’t trying to make an anti-mask statement of some sort. Definitely weird. Everything is weird these days.

      • Becks1 says:

        Exactly! Maybe the bandana was dirty? IDK. It’s weird. Why not just pull it up? Maybe he forgot he was wearing it? Again, just weird.

      • Christin says:

        We are almost one year into this health crisis. Wearing a mask and keeping physical distance should be as automatic as putting on shoes and staying two car lengths away from the next vehicle when driving.

    • bevbimsley says:

      I think he probably forgot to put it on, but then resented being told what to do and threw a hissy. Celebrities are so used to getting their way.

      • bettyrose says:

        It says something if he forgot to put it on, though. I don’t go into very many places these days, but I do leave the house twice a day to walk my dogs, and as soon as that cold air hits my face I realize I’ve forgotten the mask. I’m naked without it at this point.

      • Sophie says:

        This was my first instinct. He doesn’t strike me as a guy that likes being told what to do, and I suspect he forgot. When confronted he chose attack rather than back down because that’s just the kind of guy he is. Double down rather than admit you’re wrong.

    • Joan Rivers says:

      “This story is weird to me because he ISNT an anti-mask wearing a-hole.” —
      oh, but he IS. He just did. That’s what this story is about.

      You sound like you’re in denial. It is what it is, as djt would say.

  3. Elizabeth Regina says:

    MAGA is as MAGA does.

  4. Darla says:

    You know what I wondered? Precisely because he did used to wear a mask, and LA is so bad right now? Did Willis pay to jump the line? Is he vaccinated?

    • Amy Too says:

      Also I don’t like how the article says he’s been mostly quarantining in Idaho or wherever. Because traveling into LA for whatever reason means he is NOT quarantining in Idaho or anywhere. Quarantining doesn’t mean you go out and travel to different states and cities every now and then.

      • Rose says:

        Amy too – I came here to say that. My state has travel restrictions. Like we can’t go states with high numbers unless for emergencies. Then when we come back we have quarantine. I know people aren’t doing that but maybe if they did we could control the spread.

    • Rapunzel says:

      Darla- that would make sense. Or the bandana was dirty and he thought it’d be alright to just pop in the store anyway.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      oh, that’s a good guess. and he didn’t make a scene so he didn’t have to admit that he $$jumped$$ the line.

    • MissMarierose says:

      Well, he’s 65 so he’s in the age category that the CDC says can get the vaccine now.

    • Fabiola says:

      I think he got vaccinated but doesn’t want to say it since he will get called out on it.

  5. minx says:

    Can’t stand him. He’s a MAGA who isn’t fooling anyone.

    • mynameispearl says:

      Is he actually a MAGA person?? I havent really thought about Bruce Willis in years, but that’s still very disappointing, how gross.

    • Seán says:

      The world isn’t split into good people and MAGA loons. It was a bad call, complacent and dangerous but it doesn’t automatically make him an anti-mask conspiracist Trump supporter. SMH

      • Green Desert says:

        I’m not sure if he’s full MAGA, but he has expressed many conservative sentiments through the years and is I believe a Republican.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      I’m not a huge fan of his as I’ve heard he’s kind of a d*ckhead IRL, but I’ve never heard that he’s a MAGAt. do you have some other tea?

    • MM2 says:

      Bruce Willis was at the 2000 GOP convention & supported Bush. He has claimed not to be republican because he hates politics, hates the government & is “anti-establishment”, but is a self appointed conservative. He has been outspoken about gun rights & the narrative that the left want to come take his guns. He also closed on a condo in Trump Tower in 2017.

      • mynameispearl says:

        Ah this still isn’t proof that he’s a MAGA loon. Unless I see evidence to the contrary I’m going to put him down as a dick, but not a maga person.

      • Maria says:

        If you’re willingly doing financial business of any kind with anything Trump related in 2017 as opposed to say the 1990’s, that’s enough proof for me.
        Combine it with his past remarks….two plus to equals four.

  6. Lulu says:

    Maybe his nose was clogged up and he needed an oxygen break. It happens to all of us. (I have trouble breathing in a mask when my sinuses are inflamed and I’m sure most of us know the feeling). In that case he just shouldn’t have attempted to go inside.

    • Catwoman says:

      Retired hospital worker here. I’ve worked twelve plus hours in the OR masked, gowned and gloved with no food or pee break. People’s sinuses can live for five minutes masked in a drug store.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      in case you were unaware, you can breathe through your mouth, too.

      this excuse is BS.

      • JanetDR says:

        And whatever he has around his neck did not look like it would impede airflow at all. But it would have gotten him in the store.

      • Lulu says:

        Please re-read my comment. I did not excuse his lack of mask wearing in the store. I said that he should not have attempted to go inside without the mask if he was indeed taking an oxygen break. I simply offered a possible reason why he might have had the bandana around his neck but wasn’t covering his face. In general, he appears to always comply with the rules and doesn’t behave like an anti-masker. The world is not black or white and jumping down commenters throats is not conducive to civil discourse.

  7. Noodle says:

    There are no reports he was combative in any way, and I’m sure we would have heard had he thrown a tantrum. When I look at the photos, he looks kind-of out of it – like a blank stare without emotion. I wonder if he is in an altered state, or super tired after traveling?? Weird.

  8. Sarah says:

    A rich white guy who feels that rules don’t apply to him? I’m shocked!

  9. LORENA says:

    In his defense he could have forgetting. It’s happened to me, walked into my local liquor store without a mask and was getting stared at and I didn’t know why. Once I realized I left what I had and ran back to my car to get my mask. When I’m out grocery shopping or whatever I now just try to keep my mask on but just pull it down while driving (alone) so that I could easily pull it up when I got out the car

    • lucy says:

      happened to me too. I have the mask hanging on my ear when i am driving to a store so I won’t forget it. I ran into Target, saw a friend’s daughter I hadn’t seen in years who just recently got married-she was greeting customers, making sure masks were on. I spent 5 minutes talking to her ready to shop until she points to her face. I couldn’t believe my mask was still hanging from my ear!

      • LORENA says:

        Yeah he very well could be an anti masker but he could have also forgotten he had it right on his neck

      • Twin falls says:

        I walked into a grocery store without a mask a few weeks ago. I was inside, realized I wasn’t wearing one, turned around and walked out and felt like a crazy person. Masks have been required here for what feels like forever and I just…forgot.

        His response doesn’t sound like a MAGA jerk response.

    • NightOwl says:

      It has happened to me too, even though we have been masking since March. I *still* forget to put a mask on as I head out, even though it is visible and within reach. I don’t think it will ever be second nature to me to put on a mask.

  10. Lightpurple says:

    Can we also public shame reporters who describe those who won’t mask as preferring to “live free,” as that writer did? Wearing a mask isn’t akin to chains. He was preferring to live selfishly and harmful to others. Masks don’t protect the wearer, they protect people from germs the wearer carries. That article sends an underlying message that those who won’t mask are making a choice for themselves when, in reality, they are choosing to expose and endanger all around them.

    • Christin says:

      I know a self-described as a “freedom guy” with a high-level corporate job who kept traveling and not adhering to protocols like proper mask wearing. He is morbidly obese, and his spouse has autoimmune issues.

      Fast forward – Wife has been hospitalized for three weeks, and will have to go to rehab once released due to atrophy. He is now wearing a mask as he should and telling others things we’ve known for months – that you do not want the virus in your household.

      Freedom related to the pandemic is simply selfishness. Why Willis did not simply comply is inexcusable. I’m glad this was made public.

    • Maria T. says:

      I think that’s a reference to Die Hard.

      • MM2 says:

        I guess in the Live Free or Die Hard question, Bruce is making his choice for himself & others with this one.

  11. Stacy Dresden says:

    At least his statement was validating the health recommendations.

  12. Katie says:

    I’m all for not giving celebs a pass but looks like he isn’t anti-mask so I’m not jumping to conclusions. Maybe this was some kind of misunderstanding. I can imagine a few scenarios. For example, I am so used to taking off my hat and gloves in stores and malls in the winter that I nearly took off my mask a few times – kind of an automatic move to remove some layers indoors. Another explanation could be that others are not wearing masks – for example, I don’t take my mask with me if I don’t plan to go into crowded areas and there were a few times when I changed my mind but did not have a mask and thought what if I just drop by into the store for a quick sec without a mask – would they let me in? Everybody is taking off their masks inside or pull them down anyway so I thought maybe I could get away with it. And I also kind of wanted to test it if they keep maskless people out at all. I did not do it, but if I’d walk in there to test it and they’d kick me out, I’m sure they’d think I’m a terrible anti-masker when I am very into masks, like super into. Like, I actually like them. And yet I can totally see myself getting annoyed they did not let me in without a mask when I see someone in the store with their masks pulled down or off.

    • GuestwithCat says:

      Katie, what did you just write? No, you and anybody else contemplating this can not and should not intentionally try to pop into a public enclosed space for a “quick sec” without a mask, and especially not to see “what would happen”.

      There is no “five second rule” with Covid-19. Especially now that there are new mutations that are even more transmissible in ways we, the general public, aren’t adequately informed as to exactly how they’re more easily spread than the regular variant.

      Please keep your mask with you and wear it at all times in public spaces. My daughter and I contracted what my doctor yesterday said was very likely Covid last year before lockdowns in our area. All we did was walk through a space in a stairwell that had just been passed through by a guy who was having a coughing fit. We were there literally a few seconds. That is all it took.

      My daughter and I are setting up all the appointments we will need to get evaluated for permanent damage to our cardiovascular systems. My daughter has other issues currently being attended to. While I am going today, as a matter of fact, for the beginning of evaluation for possible breast cancer. If I do indeed have cancer, I am counting on people like you to help do your part to keep people like me safe if I need to undergo treatments.

      Can I count on you? I don’t have to live near you, someone out there is in my shoes and is hoping and praying that every trip to the pharmacy or medical center won’t be the one where a careless person spreads Covid to them in an unguarded moment.

      I truly understand an honest mistake and an honest “oops I forgot” but what you’re describing is not wise. You should not care what standard everyone else is meeting or being held to. Set an example. Embody the standard we should all strive to maintain for our own safety and public safety.

      • Pusspants says:

        @ Guestwithcat. Very nicely put. I like the way you asked Katie if you could count on them and to set an example. It was said with compassion and I think that’s probably the most effective way to approach things when people aren’t wearing masks (though sometimes I want to scream!). I hope you & your daughter don’t have any lasting side effects Of this horrible illness.

  13. Nikki* says:

    He’s SO SELFISH to put store employees at risk. Can’t feel the same about him again.

  14. Courtney B says:

    I’ve forgotten too and had to run back to the car. Now I carry one in my purse and have a half dozen in the car for a home who may forget to grab one or if any get dirty etc. I also try to remember wrap one around my wrist when I get into the car so,I don’t hop out and have to go back.

  15. Maria T. says:

    This is a weird one. He seems super spaced out in that picture.

  16. TIFFANY says:

    I wonder if Emma finally kicked him out.

    This could be a distraction from that story coming.

    Come on. Who called the press on Bruce Willis not wearing a mask and complying when asked to leave only to get a perfect shot of him leaving?

  17. Savannah says:

    Entities prick!

  18. psl says:

    No excuse, if his bandanna was dirty. He could have BOUGHT a mask, right then and there.

  19. Charfromdarock says:

    Good on the store for kicking him out.