Angela Bassett says her teens ‘spend an extraordinary amount of time in their rooms’

Angela Bassett is promoting her role on 911, which returns for season four this week. I watched the first season of 911: Lone Star but haven’t seen more than a couple episodes of the original series. That may have to change as I loved how they were talking it up on the Podjiba podcast last year. It sounds bonkers in a good way. Angela was on The Tonight Show, and she and Jimmy bonded over the fact that they once shared a ride home from the Oscars. It was really cute. She talked a little about her teenage twins, son Slater and daughter Bronwyn, whom she shares with her husband of 23 years, Courtney B. Vance. She said they mostly say in their rooms in lockdown. Angela didn’t mention this but her kids go to public school, which isn’t usually the case for the children of celebrities. Here’s some of what she said. She also told the story of how Chadwick Boseman was the student assigned to accompany her when she got her honorary doctorate from Howard University. This wasn’t the first time she’s mentioned that, but it’s a sweet story and I wanted to include it.

On how her kids are doing
They are going to be 15 in just a couple of weeks. They’re doing good. They spend an extraordinary amount of time in their rooms. They did before quarantine but now with that in-school zooming even more so. I kind of hardly see them except when we have dinner, maybe breakfast. I think they’re cool with that.

On realizing during Black Panther promotion that she had met Chadwick Boseman years ago
I was so honored to receive an honorary doctorate from Howard University. I go there it’s a great time. I get this movie Black Panther. I’m sitting next to Chadwick every morning. We share the same makeup trailer. The night of the glorious premiere. [I] said hello [to Chadwick]. He whispers in my ear ‘when you got your honorary degree, I was the student that escorted you throughout that day.’ I was just so blown away. I couldn’t believe that he held that back from me while we were shooting, the entire time.

[From The Tonight Show on YouTube]

Angela always impresses me when I see her. She’s goals and is aging like fine wine. I love that story about Chadwick waiting until the premiere to tell her that he was the student she was with at Howard! So many people say he was humble and low key like that. I bet he didn’t plan it out so much as he just forgot about it until that moment.

As for her kids staying in their rooms, that sounds typical. My son turned 16 in lockdown. At first we were spending a lot of time together but we got a bit sick of each other. It’s been hard to be stuck in the house so long. Plus he’s still learning how to drive. We get along great but we do retreat to our separate areas most of the time. Now we’re just waiting to get vaccinated, which seems so close yet so far away. He also Zooms and is on Discord a lot with his friends, which is nice to hear. I don’t worry about him being isolated as much since he seems very connected with everyone. If he was seeing them in person I would worry a lot more.

Here’s that interview!

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  1. Katie says:

    is your son learning on his own? Olivia Rodrigo’s driver’s license is going viral and here I am sitting in lockdown, dropped out of driving school because I don’t want to be in close contact with the instructors or go to the crowded public exam. why didn’t I do all of this earlier

    • liz says:

      We’re postponing driver’s ed for our 16 year old, too. I don’t want them in a car with an instructor right now. We live in NYC and the idea of teaching Kiddo myself is so horrifying. I don’t know when they will learn to drive. Living in NYC, with decent public transportation means it’s not an emergency – not like my nephew in Indiana who needs to drive to get to work.

      And my Kiddo is also spending most of the day in their room – on Zoom, on Discord . . . I don’t like it, but it’s going to be necessary until more people are vaccinated. I know they don’t want to hang out with me (I’ve been trying to get them to watch One Night In Miami with me all weekend). I just wish they weren’t all so isolated.

      • Katie says:

        smart move, and p.s. are you sure they feel isolated cause I don’t and people think I am and no matter how many times I tell them, they still think I’m suffering (because they themselves are) and I’m honestly just not)

  2. Becks1 says:

    I had no idea she was married to Courtney B Vance. Wow. Lol.

    I remember being a teen, during a non-pandemic time, with no smart phone etc, and spending a LOT of time in my room. My parents are great but my mom always wanted to TALK and while I’m a talker, there was a lot of time when I just wanted a break, or I just wanted to do my homework and listen to music and be alone. I had 3 older siblings though and we were all pretty close in age, so I think that played a big part. Growing up if I wanted to be alone I needed to be in my room.

    • Esmom says:

      I didn’t know she was married to him either, glad it wasn’t just me. Her kids are adorable and she is as gorgeous as always.

      Kids spending a ton of time in their rooms a lot tracks with my college age kids and the kids of my friends. I also was the same way back in the 80s as a teen. I guess I must have read and talked on the phone and listened to music because I didn’t even have TV in my room.

      We’re not even good about eating dinner together anymore, which I know I should try to change.

  3. Beenie says:

    Celebitchy, there seems to be some mistake. I was looking for pictures of current **62 year old** Angela Bassett but it seems like you’ve posted photos of a 25 year old lookalike.

    She is so freaking gorgeous. THIS DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!

    • coolspray says:

      I came to make the obligatory “THIS WOMAN DOES NOT AGE” comment! My goodness, what amazing bone structure too. I’m so jealous.

    • nb says:

      Right?? My husband loves 911 so I’ve been watching it with him (and honestly I didn’t like it at first but now I’m into it – it’s just an entertaining show that takes your mind off things), and I did not realize at all she’s 62! She still looks, moves, talks like she’s in her 30’s. She’s just timeless.