Carmen Electra’s new single – decent or annoying?

Carmen Electra has released her first single from her second album. It’s a track called “Who Do You Think You Are?” off her album C-17, a name that means nothing to me. Is it an obscure reference to K-9, the classic Jim Belushi film that was on AMC yesterday? That’s my theory.

Anyway, I think Carmen’s current fiancé Rob Patterson (the one from Korn, not to be confused with Sparkles/Pattz) had something to do with it. It sounds a little like Korn at the beginning, and then Carmen’s singing/rapping/talking starts. And then Patterson comes in at one point. I’m just going to do some of my general thoughts about the single:

*Does this single start out with a guy singing “Ewww..oh…ew…oh…”?
*Did she just say “Jigga Man”?
*I love when people pronounce “back door” as “back doe”
*I miss Dave Navarro.
*It’s kind of catchy.
*It’s not as bad as it could be.

Carmen’s first album was released in 1993, back when she was Prince’s dancer/girlfriend/protégé. Remember that? I do. I was really into Prince back then. Remember when Prince was where it was at? When he was so f-cking awesome? I still know all the words to “Get Off”. Sigh.

You know who else I love? The Cure. And Jane’s Addiction. And Janet Jackson. Yes, I have eclectic musical tastes. But not eclectic enough to like this single.

Carmen Electra is shown on 7/9/09. Credit:

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  1. Firestarter says:

    It could be worse. I give it a better rating than a Heidi Montag song. She sounds like a bootleg Fergie and certainly not as good or catchy.

    I can say with certainty, it will not be making it onto my IPod!

  2. Ana says:

    She should’ve tried Electro-pop. It’s easier to cover up not having a great voice in that genre.
    Rapping? Come on. Ugh.
    I don’t like it.
    What’s up with the random picture of Jessica Simpson singing at the end? lol.
    Her boobs look so squished into that dress and so far apart the look fake. Except we know they’re not from the recent pictures.

  3. Azadeh says:

    the song sucks, fine before i over-generalize some actors can become singers. BUT FOR THE MOST PART THEY CANT TRANSTION IN TO SINGERS. she should quit while ahead/

  4. PrettyEmbalmer says:

    trying to be something/someone she’s not. trying too hard. love the beat. too bad it was wasted on her

  5. PrettyEmbalmer says:

    damn…there goes 2 minutes of my day that i can’t get back

  6. Darlene says:

    C-17 is a kind of aircraft…

    Are any of the songs about war or fighting?

  7. Vermithrax says:

    Done to death. Soulless. “Hot club mix tunes” make me want to vomit dugongs.
    I still think she’s kinda’ cool though.

  8. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Her talents are all in her bra- period. She should stick to what she knows. 🙄

  9. brian says:

    this song is GOOD.. you guys got to be kidding me..

    if you didnt know it was CE you’d be saying the same thing..

    The song is very catchy, well produced and the bitch can actually SING!!!

    Its good to see her BACK in music..


  10. Lily says:

    Maybe the C-17 is a reference to NC-17?