Courtney Love is all kinds of pissed about Kurt Cobain avatar in Guitar Hero

Courtney Love, the insane too-skinny pill addict who once posed for a photo in which she cradled a dead look-alike of her deceased husband, Kurt Cobain, has compared users playing with the new Guitar Hero avatar of Kurt to committing “necrophilai” [sic] and to “raping me and my family mother in law child” whatever that means exactly. You can read some of her tweets on the matter if you have a high enough tolerance for crazy. Love is apparently in a dispute with her dead husband’s ex Nirvana bandmates over their decision to license Kurt’s image for use in the popular home video game. Idolator breaks down the controversy and explains Love’s confused outrage:


Were you kind of cheesed off when you found out that the Kurt Cobain avatar in the forthcoming installment of Guitar Hero would be able to sing songs by the likes of Bon Jovi and Bush? Well, it turns out that Kurt’s widow Courtney Love is none too pleased about the development either, as evidenced by a string of Tweets she sent earlier today that complained about this appropriation of her husband’s license.

It all started when rock journo Everett True got cranky about the Kurt-Guitar Hero synergy on his blog a few hours ago, calling Love and Dave Grohl—who he blamed for this fully—”F*cking corporate c*ck-sucking memory-destroying fret-wanking MTV-supporting fame-chasing money-grabbing grave-turning publicity-loving vacuous spoiled jaded cunting rock wh*res.”. He mentioned Love by tweet-ID while linking to this blog post on Twitter, and she fired back over a series of 140-character missives:

“when did @everetttrue get bitter, i own my rage but im not yet bitter, and if you think for one second from the lunchbox and now this..NO”

“the goddammed Lunchbox was it for me i get crucified over Converse shoes i didnt approve and stood it, then spy a lunchbox and nowGHERO?NO!!”

“btw @everetttrue Jack f’ing White your personal god is doing Ghero, do you think they told me that this mf*cking avatar’s(badenuff)”featur”

“yeah Jack WHite,Dylan,Petty,Kings of Leon, i dragged my ass and never signed of on the avatar, let alone this f*cking”feature”i have NO say”

“correction i do have say, theres been 4 breaches of a very strict contract, eg i was forced by lying bankerlawyers to sell some publishing,”

“wich forces me to lose some power, the loser bully who put money in the bank commissioned illegally a child and then stole every pennydid it”

“and @everetttrue he did it in breach of contract if you had listened to my ranting raving “bizarre”etc youd see that i speak only the truth”

There were also a few gratuitous Dave Grohl insults, just ’cause. I guess what she’s trying to say is that she didn’t sign off on this, and her being crucified in the blogosphere is off the mark? Let’s see what the folks at CLTranslated think:
“i may have been forced by some lying lawyers to sell some publishing, but i never signed off on this guitar hero thing. breach of contract!”

[From Idolator]

Oooh I’m so glad that Idolator included that link to CLTranslated! I’ve never heard of it before, but it’s a Twitter account with the tagline “Basically, I translate Courtney Love’s tweets into plain English for the rest of the world.” Even with a human filter, Love’s tweets still don’t follow any kind of order or make much sense.

Courtney also got all up in arms a couple of years ago about some Doc Martens ads that featured Kurt and other rock stars of late as angels. At that time Courtney actually had a publicist who was able to issue a very coherent statement about how his client wasn’t informed about the use of her late husband’s image. Celebrity Tweet tells us that Love is the most second most prolific celebrity tweeter of the day and has penned a whopping 91 tweets and counting so far today. She’s behind Tila Tequila in her lame attempt to make #Chargers Suck a trending topic, though. Tequila has posted 141 tweets so far. So who’s crazier? As JayBird has said many times before, someone should unplug Courtney Love’s Internet. I would include Tila Tequila in that statement, but I kind of like how she’s incriminating herself in whatever case she would have had against Shawne Merriman.

Courtney Love is shown out in NY on 8/31/09. Credit: ANDERSON/VILA/ Screenshot from Guitar Hero thanks to Idolator.

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  1. Sassy says:

    She should be all kinds of pissed with her plastic surgeon. This girl looks a hot mess.

  2. Susan says:

    Ok, yes, Courtney Love is insane but man, the Kurt Cobain avatar honestly pains me. It wouldn’t be so bad if the avatar could only sing certain songs but Bon Jovi. It seems like real-life Cobain would have rather been shot dead then be made to sing that sh*t. It bothers me thinking that after we die people can literally manipulate our images to do things that are in complete opposition to the things we now believe. I get that for satirical purposes that’s necessary but that’s not the case in guitar hero.

  3. crab says:

    God I miss that man!!

  4. QB says:

    I hope her daughter is getting a cut of whatever earning his bandmate are making by using his image.

  5. texasmom says:

    If she were coherent I’d say she has a point. Avatars of defenseless dead people creep me out.

  6. ! says:

    What’s weird is, I heard she was cooperative with the project and even submitted clothes and video to Activision to help out. Maybe they didn’t let her know about some of the sillier elements like Kurt screaming “Flavor Flav!” and singing Bush.

  7. lway says:

    Courtney Love needs to befriend Peter Doherty and find a building….

    So she can pose like that with our idol and it has to be okay, yet we are not allowed to enjoy Kurt in GHERO?

    I’ve been looking forward to getting the new GHERO game which features Nirvana tracks. I live in South Africa so we wait a little longer than the rest of the world.

    Screw you Courtney – you destroyed Kurt in the first place – let us at least enjoy him in some sort of way.

    Go buy some spray-on-tan and do something constructive with your time!!

  8. Nova says:

    (quote)What’s weird is, I heard she was cooperative with the project and even submitted clothes and video to Activision to help out. Maybe they didn’t let her know about some of the sillier elements like Kurt screaming “Flavor Flav!” and singing Bush.(end quote)

    Yes…i read that somewhere too. That she had been in on the creating of the avatar. She approved of the image and the clothing choices…etc. So then WTF is this all about?…her crackie brain forgot?!?!? lol…dear…dear Courtney.

  9. jaundicemachine says:

    I’m not very savvy on intellectual property rights (because it’s boring as hell), but I’d like to think that Cort has a case. That is, if she wasn’t cooperating with GHero in the first place (and subsequently forgot after a “long weekend”).

    Along the same lines, something about Kurt’s avatar makes me ill. Same with the seeing the Beatles’ avatars prance around on stage.

    I guess everyone is “legally” entitled to enjoy manipulating Music Legends via remote control, but to me, it borders on sacrilege.

    Because at the end of the day, this product isn’t about the emotional connection/impact of the music. It’s manipulating familiar sounds and images to turn a profit for corporate heads. It absolutely disgusts me, and I for one will boycott GHero in the future.

  10. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Why wasn’t she the one to stick the shotgun in her mouth ?

  11. daniel says:

    ranting aside she has a point. anyway my philosophy on it is that the avatar should only sing songs they performed, not some one elses’, it’s a deep insult to his music, bottom line.

  12. princess pea says:

    She does not have a point, she’s just being a nutter as usual. Ever since he died, Courtney has behaved as if she is all that’s left of Nirvana. Nevermind that there were other people in the band…

    Kurt was just a man, you know, not a god or some untouchable perfect angel. He was a great musician, and suffered from a lot of emotional turmoil. If he were alive, I don’t think he’d be against this. It’s a VIDEO GAME, folks. The word game implies fun and maybe even silliness. Honestly, I think he would have loved GHERO games.

    So, are you all saying that Slash should only be able to play GnR songs, too?

  13. Fat Elvis says:

    This woman is almost as disgraceful as the idea of Kurt Cobain “singing” a f*cking Bush song. Almost.

  14. blr says:

    i just do not understand someone had to give them permision to use his image she must have done it i am sure they would not have done it unless she said so

    and as for frances she can’t stand her mom read her twitters

  15. GatsbyGal says:

    …Except Courtney Love worked closely with the game developers and even got to choose what kind of outfit and hair Cobain’s avatar would have. Her case doesn’t have legs to stand on. I don’t understand her outrage.

    Also, I don’t get why everyone is so mad about Cobain’s avatar being able to sing other people’s songs and play other instruments in the game, and yet no one is angry that Johnny Cash’s avatar gets the same treatment. He’s dead too, people. Oh, but I forget, Kurt Cobain was the second coming of Jesus or something. Ugh.

  16. Ironhead says:

    Kurt was a closet Poison fan.

  17. jaundicemachine says:

    It’s a bastardization of all I hold dear, and I’d be very disappointed in hearing Cort had a heavy hand in it.

    . . .

    As for the commentary regarding a shotgun – stuff it up your ass.

    If you’ve never had a loved one kill themself, you can’t possibly understand the survivor’s guilt. I give Cort a wide berth (even in this GHero butakke) because losing the person you love via suicide FUCKS YOU UP for the rest of your life.

    I’m so sick of 15-year-old fan boys blaming a suicide survivor for a grown man’s endeavors. Stuff it up your key hole, fuck-twit.

  18. Melissa says:

    How I wish there were a Guitar Heroine with female artists! From a business perspective if Guitar Hero did that they would tapping into a major demographic. I’d love to play Sleater-Kinney songs. And that way maybe a band like the Vaselines (which included Frances McKee;) which were one his Kurt’s favorite bands could be included. That’s a good idea.