Paris Hilton: ‘I believe that having a family and children is the meaning of life’

Paris Hilton and boyfriend Carter Reum are going strong over a year after we found out they were together. So strong, the couple is looking to take the next step in the relationship. But not the one we were expecting. According to Paris, the couple is currently undergoing in-vitro fertilization to have a baby. Paris, who has been taking advice from renewed gal-pal Kim Kardashian, froze her eggs and is ready to fulfill her dream of becoming a mom. Because to Paris, having kids is “the meaning of life.”

Taking a huge step! Paris Hilton confirmed that she is undergoing in vitro fertilization with boyfriend Carter Reum — and they have Kim Kardashian to thank.

“We talk about [planning a wedding] all the time and planning our baby’s names and all of that,” the businesswoman, 39, said on “The Trend Reporter with Mara” podcast on Tuesday, January 26. “So, I’m really excited to just move on for the next step of my life and finally just have, like, a real life. I really do believe that having a family and having children is the meaning of life. I haven’t got to experience that yet because I don’t feel that anyone really deserved that love from me and now I’ve finally found the person who does, so I cannot wait for that next step.”

The Simple Life alum added, “We have been doing the IVF, so I can pick twins if I like. Kim is actually the one who told me about that. I didn’t even know anything about it.”

In January 2020, Us Weekly confirmed that Hilton was dating the 39-year-old M13 Ventures founder. At the time, a source told Us that the duo were “extremely serious” and that an engagement “could happen very quickly.”

A source told Us exclusively in August 2020 that Hilton was “definitely trying” to get pregnant and is ready to “start a family,” and the heiress said in an interview that same month that Kardashian “inspired” her to freeze her eggs.

“I think every woman should do it because you can really control it and not have that ‘Oh, my God, I need to get married’ [mindset],” the “Stars Are Blind” singer told Britain’s Sunday Times. “I’m obsessed with dressing them up. I want … twins, because then you get [a girl and a boy] at once.”

During a “Lady Gang” podcast appearance the following month, Hilton teased what she wants to name her future children. “I have baby London, which is the girl, and I’m trying to figure out a name for the boy,” she explained at the time, noting that she doesn’t “want a theme of cities” for her babies’ monikers.

[From Us]

To be fair to Paris, she has been talking about wanting kids for a very long time. However, if her true reasoning for wanting a baby is because she believes, “that having a family and having children is the meaning of life,” that’s a bit concerning. Attaching that much importance to anything is red flag for anybody. Especially if, in her next breath, she gives the reasons of wanting kids to dress them up and because she’s picked out names. I remember when Paris appeared in the documentary The American Meme and talked about giving her phone number out to her fans whom she called her “Little Hiltons.” She spoke of them as if they were her children, watching them “grow up” and how they “just genuinely love me.” She claimed to speak to these fans every single day because of the validation they gave her.

Paris is 39. She’s wanted kids forever and Carter seems like a decent enough guy. The scenario makes sense. I hope things work out for her the way she has them planned. But that’s just it, babies rarely follow the plans we make for them.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Can’t the meaning of life just be happiness?

    (I’m forty, never married or had kids, by choice.)

    • K-Peace says:

      Exactly! And her reasons for wanting kids don’t seem to be good ones.

      Paris is 40 in a couple weeks. I kinda had figured she had just made the choice to be child-free.

      I think she’s a terrible person.—for her racism, homophobia, and abuse of animals—so i’m not going to say i wish her well. I hope if she becomes a mother that she treats her kids better than she has treated her dogs in the past.

      • Golly Gee says:

        Yes. Hopefully she doesn’t dye their hair pink and leave them in the car with the window cracked open.

      • lucy2 says:

        God yes. She is not a good person, and I worry she wants kids as yet another accessory. Hopefully if she does it, she’ll exceed our low expectations.

        I agree with Elizabeth, the meaning of life should be happiness. If hers is having kids, that’s it for her, not for everyone. Each person has to figure it out for themselves.

        Also hasn’t she been engaged like 5 times and always claims “he’s the one” and then a couple weeks later they’re broken up?

    • Fran says:

      @ELIZABETH – cosign from the bottom of my heart.

      (agreeing as someone who is 42 years old, unmarried in a long-term relationship with two kids who I love to the moon and back)

    • kimberlu says:

      I’ve known since I was 13 i never wanted to be a mom. Paris is 40ish, if thst was the meaning of life in order to be happy.. she would have kids already….she’s full of crap.

    • Sarah says:

      Same, Elizabeth, but I find the fact that PH thinks my life is devoid of meaning vaguely comforting.

  2. OriginalLala says:

    Well to each their own I guess? for me the meaning of life is to be an empathetic person, do good, and try to leave the world in a better state with your actions.

  3. greenmonster says:

    I am 42, don’t have kids, don’t want kids and my life is real and has meaning.

    “I think every woman should do it because you can really control it and not have that ‘Oh, my God, I need to get married’ [mindset],” the “Stars Are Blind” singer told Britain’s Sunday Times. “I’m obsessed with dressing them up. I want … twins, because then you get [a girl and a boy] at once.”
    Not every woman can afford that.
    You don’t need to get married to have children.
    There are better reasons for wanting children than dressing them up.

  4. Lightpurple says:

    Dolls. She can dress up dolls. Dolls don’t spit up on their outfits. Nor do they insist on wearing the same Spider-Man t-shirt every day. Dolls. She needs dolls, not humans. Someone should tell her about dolls.

    • AnnaKist says:

      Aaaaaand Lightpurple does it again! 👏👏👏

    • Golly Gee says:

      Yes, but dolls won’t worship her like she deserves! She’s in for a shock.

    • The Hench says:

      This ^^^^

      and never mind the spit up. What about the other end??

      • LightPurple says:

        Dolls don’t do that either. Unless you buy the special dolls that do but they do that only when you choose to have them do that.

        Dolls will also never tell you that they hate you.
        Dolls won’t wake you up in the middle of the night.
        Dolls won’t interrupt your sex life; there are even dolls made for sex.
        Paris needs a doll.

  5. Levans says:

    Children may be the meaning of life for her life, not everyone’s else’s life as many people choose to be child free. Children have also human beings and not accessories. Sure, playing dress up with my niece was fun but she is her own person with ideas and personality. Paris doesn’t seem to be taking into account that raising a child is more than having a doll baby. Haven’t there been reports of Paris not providing for her many animals?

  6. Bebe says:

    I’m pregnant with my second and last baby. HATTTTTEEE that this narrative that being a mother is the most important adjective for women.

    • OriginalLala says:

      exactly! It’s such a damaging narrative, we are more than a walking uterus, we are more than childrearers.

      Also, congrats on the pregnancy!

      • HoofRat says:

        Congratulations, Bebe! I’ve actually been told I’m not a real woman because I haven’t given birth. You mean I could have skipped the periods, mood swings, mammograms, hot flashes, sexual harassment and mansplaining? Now you tell me, dammit!

      • Nicole says:

        HoofRat – As a woman that has given birth, I am appalled that someone would tell you that!!!!!

  7. Sinéad says:

    I find the whole article full of red flags… the part where she says ‘don’t feel that anyone really deserved that love from me’ is telling me there’s something wrong with her mindset even tho I don’t know exactly what it is. And the whole ‘picking’ kids is gross, to be so gleeful about picking twins so she’ll have a boy and a girl to dress up?!? Ugh

    • Golly Gee says:

      The part about no one deserving her love, struck me too. At first I I thought she meant potential children. So typically Paris.

    • AMA1977 says:

      She may be in for a big shock, because implanting two embryos is no guarantee of twins. I have a good friend who finally had her first through in-vitro after multiple failed cycles, some with two embryos and some with one. Her successful pregnancy started with two and resulted in a healthy singleton birth. There are also lots of cases of two or more embryos splitting and resulting in higher order multiples. You can’t control it to the extent Paris seems to want to.

      And yes, a thousand times yes, to the posters talking about babies and kids being more than dress-up toys. They are so much work! I love mine more than life itself, but there is a reason I was done after 2. My younger one is 8 now and it doesn’t get easier, you get better at handling it but it’s always a giant responsibility.

      On a lighter note, my daughter (the 8 year old) is VERY opinionated about her clothes (and lots of other things!) and has been since she was a tiny little baby. She was never the giant bow, sparkly headband, frilly dress, ruffles galore type, and I respect that. She wants leggings and t-shirts, fuzzy hoodies, and shoes she can run in. She’s her own person, though and through.

  8. Ariel says:

    Great. Racists having babies and teaching them to be racists.
    Of course that’s secondary to basking in their adoration before handing them back to the hired help.

  9. B says:

    Speak for yourself.

  10. emmy says:

    I honestly don’t mind the way she puts it. Clearly, that’s her belief for herself, I don’t see her running around telling other women to have kids or that you’re not truly a woman until you’re a mother. She thinks kids and family are what’s important and she doesn’t restrict that to women specifically. But if you think that the first 40 years of your life were without meaning … that’s sad.

    I think babies are wonderful but not 24/7 for years to come. I won’t even get a pet because I just don’t want that responsibility. I’m approaching my late 30s slowly and I was waiting for the clock to start ticking … nothing. If I imagine the opposite situation and a woman wants kids as much as I don’t want them, I can see why Paris at 39 just wants to finally get going.

    But it seems super depressing and dangerous to have ONE purpose in life. To see one meaning.

  11. Hell Nah! says:

    Yikes! Good luck kids.

  12. Josie Bean says:

    I have had 2 children and I will worry about their wellbeing until I die. If I had it to do over again, I would be childless. I envy people who, by choice, do not have children by. It is said that your children will take care of you when you are old. That is no guarantee. Anyway, I don’t want to put my children in that position.

    Good on all of you who are childless by choice!

    • emmy says:

      I always wonder what people envision when they think they’re going to be taken care of. Financially? Because … have you looked around? My father died last year and my mom did most of the heavy lifting because I work full time and I live 3hrs away. I tried but man, I was tired. I’m now worrying what will happen when she needs care. Do I quit my job? Do I put her in a home? This idea is nonsense and I’m so glad my parents never put any of that on us. They were always very clear. “We wanted kids. For us. You’re not our caretakers.”

      I’m childfree by choice but I also just never met a guy who I would have had kids with, even if I wanted them. 🙂 It’s never come up. I don’t know if I would have withstood the pressure in younger years.

      • lucy2 says:

        My friend’s mom had several children, who all lived fairly close by. When she was elderly and had Alzheimer’s only 1 of her children took care of her, and it was incredibly difficult. The others scattered, but of course fought over the estate later. And she was a really sweet, loving woman.
        My own grandmother was not, and of her 5 kids, 2 were estranged, 2 were strained relationships, and only 1 (the golden child) was on good terms with her.

      • Lady D says:

        A client in the home I volunteer at has eight children, most of whom live within an hour of the home. She sees all of them at Christmas, a few of them on her birthday, and only one that will collect her, and take her to her home for two weeks twice a year. I don’t know why and I’m certainly not going to ask, but it seems very sad to me.

  13. Kath says:

    I am 27 and my mom keeps criticizing me for not having a husband and children. I can’t handle this type of thinking. People should be allowed to live their lives however they want and one doesn’t have to have more meaning than the other. If I don’t want children, that doesn’t make my life “less blessed”

    • ME says:

      100% agree with you. Too bad most of society doesn’t think this way. You are a failure if you don’t get married and pop out kids. In my culture, you gotta have at least one son or you failed as a woman. Insane !!! I’m not married nor do I have kids and everyone can f*ck right off if they have a problem with it. I am way happier than most married people with kids lol. They won’t admit it though !

  14. AnnaKist says:

    Eh, good for her, I guess. She still sounds like a dimwit, though.

  15. Lemon says:

    This is a woman who, when investigated for animal neglect, said she had 17 dogs because they kept having babies and she felt bad giving them away.

    I second whoever suggested dolls.

  16. Stacy Dresden says:

    There is no one meaning of life. Each individual must determine their purpose.

  17. El says:

    We did IVF about 10 years ago so things could have changed. But the way she sounds almost like she is ordering boy and girl twins struck me. Just because two embryos are inserted doesn’t mean that both or even one will take. Maybe she is farther along and already knows. She makes IVF sound so much easier than our experience.

    • Hope says:

      That’s what I was thinking. I’ve never had IVF but know those who have. Even if you have generic testing done and find choose to implant an embryo of each sex doesn’t guarantee both will implant and that you’ll carry to term. What will Paris do if o my one embryo implants?

      IVF gives you a chance, but it’s certainly no guarantee.

      • El says:

        Yes, and in our experience the doctor’s goal was for a single pregnancy because it is safer for both mother and baby. I’m not sure if a doctor would try for what she is stating, particularly when she is close to 40. I had two geriatric pregnancies (not my favorite term for pregnancy in late 30s or 40s) and my doctor wanted to reduce risk as much as possible.

    • dlc says:

      I don’t think she is very bright.

  18. Golly Gee says:

    So no city theme names for her kids. How about London and little Uzbekistan? Uzzy for short.

  19. Aphra says:

    She never fails to be gross, even after all these years.

    “I don’t feel that anyone really deserved that love from me”
    “We have been doing the IVF, so I can pick twins”.

    • HoofRat says:

      God forbid someone this selfish should have a child with a disability or some other condition that doesn’t enhance her image.

    • Jules says:

      I can pick twins, like I can pick a different hand bag for every day of the week! Barf.

  20. Zazu says:

    For someone going through IVF, it boggles my mind that you would choose this path over the natural route. It’s gruelling and difficult. And weird to just do it for the purpose of having twins and selecting the sex of each (twins is a higher risk pregnancy).
    Unless I misunderstood something?
    I read that the Kardashian’s other friends, the guy who founded Girls Gone Wild did IVF because they only wanted girls. Maybe it’s a weird Hollywood thing.
    But sticking yourself full of 3 needled a day, being a hormonal lab rat, and losing the embryos in failed transfers, is crazy to do for control of the gender or twins or whatever!!!

    • Amy Too says:

      Maybe she’s planning on a surrogate, like Kim did for her last two babies. I’m sure she does not care at all about the surrogate’s health and safety and comfort. When she says IVF, do we know she’s talking about her own body?

      • KhaoManee says:

        I’m betting on surrogate or she never gets pregnant at all and this was all for attention. I do not see her carrying a baby, especially twins! She would never “ruin” her bod with icky stretch marks!

    • This Here says:

      Yeah, I am currently going through IVF.She makes it sounds like this controlled, guaranteed thing when it is the opposite. I hate that she is spreading this misconception. I’ve had two miscarriages and no success yet even though I am young and we have no explained issues. Articles like this are why people say “Congratulations” when you say you are going through IVF, but fertility treatments have only brought me heartbreak so far.

      To top it off, apparently if I don’t have children, my life will be meaningless. Despite my desire for a child, I certainly don’t hold this belief!

      • Zazu says:

        I’m so sorry for the miscarriages you’ve experienced. I lost one too as I’m going through this IVF process. It’s not something I would wish on anyone else.

        I’ve had to lean in hard to think about having a meaningful life without kids, which seems more likely day by day. And I’ve found lots of sources unrelated to motherhood. There are lots of ways to nurture that don’t involve your own kids, from nature, community, younger relations, mentoring, etc.

        I would go crazy going through IVF still thinking that it not working out would mean leading a meaningless life!

  21. Jess says:

    I watched her documentary awhile back and all I can say is this is a very sick, sad, delusional woman. She has an insular, childlike mindset and seems to have suffered some very real trauma while institutionalized as a teenager. This isn’t a defense of Paris Hilton, but I do feel bad for her and people like her who are so spoilt to the core that they have no perception of reality. She is literally the last person who should be tasked with raising a child. And as a happily childfree woman, I would take offense at her “childrearing= life fulfillment” generalizations, but I think that would give her far too much credit for having actual thoughts about the meaning of life.

    • Amy Too says:

      That stood out to me, too. She just sounds like she’s still 17 years old. “A boy and a girl, twins! I can’t wait to dress them up! I’m naming the girl London!”

  22. AmunetMaat says:

    I can’t hate on Paris for discussing what she considers to be the meaning of life for herself. I get what she is saying. For some people that continuing a legacy is the meaning or purpose for living. For others, it can be something totally different. Each person’s journey is a personal one. I hope she can realize her dream in whatever form it appears.

  23. Jules says:

    This is an odd quote from someone who has no kids and is 39. So she is saying her life so far has been meaningless. I do believe Paris is a shallow, empty shell of a person, raised to believe that only her appearance is important. She still talks like and behaves like a teenager.

  24. Melissa says:

    “I can pick twins if I like”. My daughter lost her IVF twins at 21 weeks. She tried 6 times with IVF. Then her sister carried a pregnancy for her. Good luck thinking IVF, “oh I just pick what I want!”
    Silly woman.

  25. StrawberryBlonde says:

    I’d say she is idealizing it all a bit and that she will get a rude awakening when her not yet 2 year old decides to throw all his food everywhere and cries bc you asked him if he wants a banana (and he loves bananas) but in reality if she does end up with kid(s) I don’t think she will be the one hands on dealing with the food throwing and tantrums.

  26. Mle428 says:

    I remember her saying she wanted kids in the early ’00s when I was also in my early 20’s and was like, why would anyone want kids? Lol. She’s definitely voiced her desire for kids over the years. I hope she’s successful because I’ve had plenty of friends really suffer emotionally from infertility.

  27. Lunasf17 says:

    Ugh. I was hoping she would just do the childless by choice life. So many red flags in this article about kids, it doesn’t sound like she is ready to be a parent. Also I kind of hate the entitled IVF attitude she has that Everywoman should do it so they can be in control! Sorry we don’t have tens of thousands of dollars laying around so we can get pregnant when our circumstances are perfect. She is so entitled and clueless to how much us peasants struggle to provide for our families and parent without a trust fund we were born into. We don’t need more of her entitled, spoiled genes in this world.

  28. Jessica says:

    Paris is pretty dysfunctional, and admits as much in the recent doc she made. Her life is one big red flag. I have a lot of sympathy for her because I think she is traumatized. And she’s not a malicious person, not stealing black culture like the Kardashians…and I think her sister is a voice of reason in her life. Her parents are clueless and sent her to that godforsaken military school…just a freaking mess.

    I have a feeling she is kind of a lost cause and I feel bad saying that since I think she means well and is not out to hurt anyone. She’s just a broken individual who has never really been able to grow up. Hopefully the kid will have a decent nanny.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      “And she’s not a malicious person, not stealing black culture like the Kardashians…and I think her sister is a voice of reason in her life.”

      She’s a virulent racist (both she AND her sister were caught on tape proudly saying racial slurs back in their heyday) and she was a proud Trump supporter. She talked about how disgusted she was to learn that Vin Diesel was biracial after making out with him.

  29. Val says:

    She is only doing the IVF in order to have boy/girl twins because that is her dream. OK great they can transfer a boy and a girl embryo, but what if one doesn’t implant? Does that ruin her little plan? She is just as vapid as ever, and I am sure this is a plan for a reality show with her trying to wrangle twins. So stupid.

  30. NicDix says:

    Well, she did say, “I believe”, so in her mind that’s the meaning of life. We don’t have to agree with her.

  31. Nicole says:

    I have always wanted children and have thought that children are the meaning of life. Honestly, my boys are the best thing that ever happened to me and if I passed away tomorrow, I would have considered my life complete. BUT….I never expect other women to feel the same as I do. Pregnancy is hard, raising kids in this world is even worse. So much so that I had planned for 4 kids and stopped after 2.

    My younger sister has mentioned she may never have kids. She really prefers to travel. I completely respect that and have told her as much. Why have kids when she can just borrow mine for a couple of hours and return them with no need to really discipline them or worry about how they are raised? These are real sister goals!

  32. lobstah says:

    We’re going into our first round of IVF in February and based on what I’ve learned about the process, she sounds completely uneducated about it. You can’t just order up twins like you’re at Chipotle – in fact, most doctors don’t recommend implanting more than one embryo at a time because twins are really risky, esp for someone who’s older. But I guess in Paris’ world she just has to ring a little bell and she gets whatever she wants!

    • JeJoKo says:

      We’re in the middle of ivf right now and waiting anxiously for news if there’ll be a transfer on Monday. She sounds absolutely delusional. Ivf is hard as hell, you’re constantly worrying and fearing disappointment, it’s heartbreaking. Ordering twins my a**. She should be happy to be able to do ivf (it’s expensive) and even happier if a baby is conceived and born. God knows I don’t care about what gender my future baby has or how I can dress it up. I’ll be over the moon to have a baby at all!

      Good luck and heartfelt best wishes to all the other women here who are going through ivf!

      • Gippy says:

        @jejoko we did IVF too. It is expensive af and no guarantees. Our first round failed and we had to do another egg retrieval, mentally and physically grueling not to mention the worst bloat ever and crazy hormones and the awful not liquor related body shots lol!!! But our 2nd cycle worked and we have twin 1 year olds (it was a fresh transfer and we went abroad). We transfer two hoping 1 would take, the twin pregnancy wasn’t the easiest and I was high risk but it was worth it all. Sending you positive vibes and sticky baby dust ✨

  33. Jaded says:

    No Paris, the meaning of life is not to have children. It’s to do good deeds for the world, not glide along on your family’s billions while trying to be something really important like a DJ. What good deeds have you done lately?

    Maybe I’m just being a Bitter Betty this morning but she’s the last person on earth I’d think would make a great mom.

  34. KhaoManee says:

    Yeah , I highly doubt she is really doing IVF based on how flippant she is about the whole thing.

  35. Veronica S. says:

    Lol, I’m sorry, but she’s just so hilariously vapid to me. It always cracks me up when people try to posture her as some brilliant businesswoman. She’s a trust fund kid, guys. She pays people to manufacture careers for her. When you actually see her attempt to do anything that requires talent or charisma (i.e. singing, YouTube channel), you see it how fast it falls down.

    Yeah, yeah, she had a rough period in that school, but she has had plenty of time and money to get help. She chooses this life. Mark my words, she’ll use this kid to try and get a reality show. She’s so desperate to be relevant.

  36. Cheryl says:

    Oh please. Children aren’t actual human beings to these kinds of people. They’re either simply just extensions of themselves, or else accessories like her chihuahua in a bag.

  37. tcbc says:

    She devoted her whole life to shallow validation and is only now realizing that she has nothing real to show for it. For women like her, children are the obvious way to give them a sense of purpose. #notallmoms of course, but #somemoms, certainly

  38. dlc says:

    I think it is very, very clear her stupidity was not just an act for her reality tv show…

  39. Joh says:

    Kids are harder to dump than dogs.
    Too selfish, this won’t end well.

  40. Gippy says:

    I’m a little disappointed you did mention her immature, rich kid, vapid take on IVF – this interview has been blowing up in the infertile community. You don’t order boy girl twins like it’s a f*cking McDonalds, and there’s no guarantee it will work. IVF should not be used to make “designer” babies for the rich, in many cases it is a medical necessity for individuals who cannot physically have them. This attitude is part of the reason it isn’t covered by most insurances. At 39 I don’t doubt she might need some sort of intervention, and perhaps she left that part out – after all she knows how to give an interview to give sound bites. I have IVF twins, the twin part wasn’t intentionally, although we did put 2 embryos in with hopes at least one would take! It was not our first treatment cycle. It cleaned out our health savings and took all out extra money and we fortunate we had family to help us out financially and even then we still went outside the USA after expensive failed treatment in Indiana. And yes, I’m aware of fostering and adoption – there’s a lot of heartache, expensive and it often doesn’t workout. We tried adoption it didn’t work and i physically wanted to carry my babies if at all able – we were one of the fortunate ones it worked for.