Trump Pentagon officials facilitated the January 6th Capitol terrorist attack

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Since the very day of the January 6th insurrection, we’ve known that there were people within the Trump administration orchestrating the coup from the inside. Donald Trump and his people actively organized and promoted the “Stop the Steal” rally on the 6th, then Trump went to the rally in person and told them to storm the Capitol. Once Trump was back in the White House, he refused to authorize National Guard units to retake the Capitol for hours, and it was said that he enjoyed seeing the armed mob of white supremacists lay siege to the Capitol and terrorize the people inside.

Even beyond what we could see and read from Trump himself, it was also clear that the Capitol Police and National Guardsmen had been willfully unprepared for the attempted coup. Then, as the National Guard finally expelled the terrorists from the Capitol building, the terrorists still stayed on the federal property, throwing flash-bangs, waving Confederate flags and posing with the gallows they had erected. There were only a handful of arrests ON THE DAY of the siege, a fact which still shocks me. The lack of preparedness by the Capitol Police is one of the reasons why Speaker Pelosi demanded the resignation of the chief of the CP (she got the resignation). That’s why the Capitol Police have still not given one f–king press conference about the events of January 6th, even when one of their officers was murdered by the terrorist mob, and even now that two of their officers have died by suicide post-insurrection.

All that being said – and I don’t want it to get lost that the Capitol Police have been infiltrated by white supremacists who were rooting for the terrorists – it’s also the case that Trump Pentagon officials placed deadly limits on how the National Guard could and should react to armed terrorists laying siege to the Capitol.

In testimony before the House this week, Capitol Police and D.C. National Guard officials acknowledged that by Jan. 4 they understood that “… the January 6th event would not be like any of the previous protests held in 2020. We knew that militia groups and white supremacist organizations would be attending. We also knew that some of these participants were intending to bring firearms and other weapons to the event. We knew that there was a strong potential for violence and that Congress was the target.”

On that same day, former acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller issued a memo to the secretary of the Army placing some extremely unusual limits on National Guard forces for that event. It’s not a to-do list. It’s a list of thou shalt nots. A long list. A list that says guard forces can’t arrest any of the pro-Trump protesters, or search them, or even touch them. And that’s just for starters.

The full memo shows that the D.C. Guard did receive a request from D.C. government for guard presence during the Jan. 6 event. Miller responds promptly to go ahead, so long as the soldiers are given no weapons, no body armor, and no helmets. They can bring agents like pepper spray or flashbangs. They can’t share any gear with Capitol Police or Metro D.C. Police. They can’t … really do much of anything.

When initial reports indicate that the handful of National Guard forces that were deployed to D.C. on that day were dedicated to directing traffic several blocks away from the area of the Trump rally, it may simply be because that’s the only thing they could find for them to do considering the restrictions that were given. It’s clear that these restrictions would have absolutely prevented any guard forces from trying to protect any location.

[From National Memo]

This goes along with the stories of how the Capitol Police officers were mostly left without the necessary gear on the day as well – Capitol Police superiors were working in concert with the Trump administration to aid and abet the terrorists. There were officials in the Pentagon facilitating an attempt to overthrow the American government and murder the vice president and members of Congress.

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42 Responses to “Trump Pentagon officials facilitated the January 6th Capitol terrorist attack”

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  1. Sayrah says:

    Jesus. Can we please make the Republicans who’d like to forget watch a replay of that day so they might grow a backbone and convict that a-hole?

  2. Rapunzel says:

    This is the stuff that needs to come out in the conviction trial. And get Trump charged with real criminal charges.

    • Snuffles says:

      Exactly. That is why Biden and the Democrats are pushing forward with the trial even if they don’t think they can secure a conviction. They want to lay all of the facts out to the American public and the world. And if the Republicans chose to ignore all of the facts and refuse to convict Trump, they will suffer the consequences in future elections.

      • Ann says:

        And right they are to do so. The people need to be reminded as much as possible, and told all the frightening stuff they didn’t already know/see.

  3. EllieK says:

    And so what is going on to ensure that Trump is held accountable for this during the senate trial and that the pentagon employees complicit during the siege lose their jobs? I’m assuming nothing, per usual.

  4. Lucy says:

    Hooray, Jason Miller left a paper trail! I hope they all face criminal charges.

    • Coji says:

      ☝️ yes! Or next time it will be worse.

    • SarahCS says:

      Oh I do love a paper trail. Were they honestly so deluded that they thought they could ‘win’ the insurrection and none of this would come back to bite them later?

      • Esmom says:

        I keep wondering the same thing. I mean did they honestly believe that this would lead to Trump staying as POTUS, as if the 2020 election never happened? And that the American people who aren’t brainwashed MAGAs, would just accept that? I can’t even fathom what would have happened, what would be happening right now, if they somehow seized power.

    • Phillyperson says:

      The acting secretary was Christopher Miller, not Jason, though there is certainly a strain of problematic Millers in the tr*mp orbit.

      • jwoolman says:

        PhillyPerson– we should go back to traditional descriptors in the style of Ivan the Terrible and Vlad the Impaler. Maybe Stephen Miller could be Miller the Nazi?

  5. Heylee says:

    I would like to know in what other specific occasions were these guidelines issued to DC National Guard? What are the existing guidelines that dictated the restrictions on approved gear and actions? There is no way this can be proven to be by the book.

    • jwoolman says:

      This would explain why Trump had such a flurry of firings and appointments with so little time left in his term. He may not have been just trying to give Biden problems but rather setting the stage for his loyalists to quietly make the conditions for his mob to take over the Capitol and get some vengeance on people who thwarted him (including Pelosi and the last-minute addition Pence, who seemed to be especially targeted for execution).

      Trump has always been vengeful. This has been repeatedly confirmed over the years. He was a physical bully as a child and adolescent, but as an adult valuing his freedom he has always been attracted to violence by proxy. He would have no problem at all with a slew of dead Members of Congress and a dead Vice President. He is really not normal.

  6. B n A fn says:

    Omg, I hope they all ends up in prison beginning with the criminal #45. I always knew he was involved because he went to the White House and did nothing to stop it.

    • olliesmom says:

      Yep. He went back to the WH and watched it on tv. Someone on another site said that the fact that Trump wasn’t rushed to another location is proof that he definitely was in on it.

  7. Jane Wilson says:

    Has anyone noted Christopher Miller’s signature on the memo? It looks like it was scrawled by a lunatic.

  8. Stacy Dresden says:

    This all makes sense. I can’t believe this is our reality. GOP are corrupt, violent, anti democracy.

  9. Mac says:

    Prior to 1/6, it was unfathomable that Capitol Police would be part of a coup. The officers take such pride in their work that they all have an encyclopedic knowledge of congress. Any officer can answer any question visitors may have. Trump did a lot to undermine democracy, but I never would have believed Capitol Police could be corrupted.

    • Edna says:

      Trust that there are members of the Capitol Hill police force that would willingly aid and abet the insurrectionists. My brother has been a Capitol Hill police officer for over 20 years. The force has plenty of Magats and racists within its ranks. Black officers are routinely discriminated against and several lawsuits have been filed and settled.

    • Sid says:

      White supemacists have purposely been infiltrating the military and law enforcement for years, in preparation for this kind of thing. Having Trump in office made them bold enough to take action. There needs to be a major house cleaning across the board.

      • LahdidahBaby says:

        You are so right about that, Sid. I honestly never imagined we would see something like this cooked up by a President of the United States. And it’s all the more tragic and horrifying that there were so many participants in this attempt to take down our government.

  10. Digital Unicorn says:

    And in other WTAF news – The Boy has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. I am NOT joking.

    • Petrichor says:

      Just remember that anyone can nominate anyone. It’s probably the same crazed sycophant who nominated him the previous two times.

    • Lightpurple says:

      By Alan Dershowitz

    • Ella says:

      I read that Dershowitz nominated him. The old creep also involved with Epstein’s rape-circle. He is a lawyer. The Kushners are just as responsible as the Trumps for everything. The Kushners were the “brain” in the grift operation called the Trump presidency. Joshua Kushner, individually, is deeeeeep into the grift as well. His health care “companies” are actors and beneficiaries in the Covid grift ( from withholding essential equipment from hospitals and blue states to buying stock in vaccine producing companies etc.)He is also involved in the general family grift, in regards to selling US passports to Chinese Billionaires, or any person with enough funds and power to grant trade rights, give licences etc, to the illegal land/property development on Istaels borders or the selling of US high grade weapons to Saudi-Arabia. They , the Kushner family, operate in the Middle East +worldwide primarily for the benefit of their own family. Which starts with the parents, Charles+wife, and all their kids. So Jared is grifting for all of them. And they were/are helping him do it. Secondly, for the benefit of their Israeli family friends, donors and supporters, Bibi and Co. And maybe also for their twisted version of the state Israel. I don’t want to know how many foreign policy decisions during the Kushner-Trump presidency were made accordingly to accomodate and push the Kushner priorities. And with Trump not giving a shit, as long as they gave him his cut, they surely got what they wanted. Remember the blockade of Qatar( I think it was Qatar, not sure), because they refused to give Jared cash for his dumb NY Ave property disaster. And then suddenly Jareds 666 Ave problems vanished. Jared was the direct shadow behind the throne. I believe there were ,and still are, many/more than one shadow behind Trumps toilete. But Jared was the one in the House, the one with a direct connection. The cleverest man Ivanka has ever met. The man that received promotions to top-dog positions on nearly every post/ ressort available. From peace in the ME to Prison Reform, from the US Corona response to Immigration. I now think he got attached publicly to create cover for his criminal activities done under/with that cover in those areas. He chose them. To grift. Private Prison, for example, is very profitable. And the Kushners love being Slumlords.

      • LahdidahBaby says:

        It’s horrifying how close these Kushner Grifters actually got to the beating heart and inner workings of our democracy.

  11. Jneene says:

    Why am I not surprised. Unfortunately, there is a rumor out there that Trump gave himself a pocket pardon. That wouldn’t surprise me either.

  12. MaryContrary says:

    Remember in November when Trump moved around a bunch of people into the DOD? That wasn’t for no reason. That was to try and enact his coup.

    • MM2 says:

      ^ THIS ^

    • LahdidahBaby says:

      Omg, that’s right! This blatant attempt to overthrow the US government had an extended planning phase. Jesus, Trump and the others need to be convicted of sedition and kept away from our government!

  13. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    But let’s hold hands and concentrate on unity.

  14. Traveler says:

    I can’t believe we live in an alternate universe where Drumpf’s conviction is not a slam dunk. I can’t believe that the complicit in the white house, congress and pentagon are able to avoid arrest let alone keep their jobs.
    The GOP has fully devolved into the party of the morally perverse. They know they are peddling bullsh!t to the ignorant and gullible but why change the strategy now with millions willing to play along. It’s all about the power grab at any and all costs.
    The fact that there is evidence of a significant number of active duty military involved on Jan. 6th should keep everyone up at night.

  15. Gemgirlaaa says:

    When are the arrests happening again. UGH. Let’s go FBI! Vamoose!!!!

  16. olliesmom says:

    That photo of the gallows that those nuts set up just kind of sums up that whole sad day. What a dark day in our country’s history. Those idiots thought that they would be written about in history books favorably like they were some great revolutionaries. And they actually thought that they would get away with it. I’m glad to see that the FBI is still tracking them down and hauling them in.

    What really bugs me is that there were members of the GOP that were running for their lives and hiding that day too. Do they not remember the total terror that they felt?

  17. Mee yo says:

    @ELLIEK This has been planned since the election. Dump fired the Secretary of Defense Esper, out of nowhere. And put in Christopher Miller. Once the DC mayor said she asked for NG during the riots for no response from DOD, Sund head of Capitol Hill Police kept calling DOD for NG got no response, Schumer is calling Maryland Governor who’s calling DOD asking for NG and being told no. Christopher Miller doesn’t get back to any of them for hours….easy to see it was an inside job.
    Luckily, the Biden administration has been firing people at the Pentagon left and right. And refused to give Miller an office during the transition. Austin is in now as Secretary of Defense
    Also massive firings at Secret Service too. Too many MAGAs. Biden brought his own team that had been with him since the Obama administration.

  18. shanaynay says:

    DT and all of those Pentagon officials should be thrown in jail ASAP.

  19. serena says:

    This is horrifying. Trump not only needs to be impeached but thrown to jail along with whoever helped organizing and not stopping that mess.

  20. Moo says:

    Sounds like the GOP members who will not convict Trump are more afraid of something else than of being murdered by insurrectionists. What could that be?

  21. JRenee says:

    2021 and we are here. When the election results were tallied in 2016, we were very apprehensive, but I can’t say I thought it could be so bad then. This is unfathomable.