Buckingham Palace: Meghan’s American staffers use of ‘dictated’ is ‘unfortunate’

Royal Ascot, Portrait of HRH Queen Elizabeth the Second behind TRH Harry the Duke of Sussex and TRH Meghan the Duchess of Sussex

As of this writing, I’m counting three different exclusives from Buckingham Palace regarding Archie’s birth certificate. So much for never complain, never explain, huh? Cough. The story started over the weekend, when the Sun pointed out that Archie’s birth certificate had been changed about a month after his birth, and that “Rachel Meghan” had been removed, with only Meghan’s title left on the legal document. The Sun spoke to a “carnival” of royal commentators who spun theories about why that happened and why it was a snub of the Duchess of Cambridge. Meghan responded, saying that the name change was “dictated by The Palace,” and that she had not requested the change, nor was it her call to remove her own name (in such a dehumanizing fashion) from her son’s birth certificate.

The first version/reaction from Buckingham Palace was that this was all just some big clerical error and that Meghan was making a mountain out of a molehill (from the Daily Beast). Then Page Six – the Murdoch press – said that the name mix-up was merely an issue with Kensington Palace staffers, although Buckingham Palace was apparently kept in the loop. Now the Telegraph claims that Meghan’s use of “dictated” was “unfortunate” especially because her own American team were to blame for the mix-up. Hm.

Buckingham Palace has denied the Duchess of Sussex’s claim that her son’s birth certificate was altered to follow royal protocol, describing her use of the word “dictated” as “unfortunate.” A royal source said that no such convention existed, diplomatically suggesting that there had been a misunderstanding by her new US-based staff, with the detail “lost in translation”.

But their assertion that the Duchess’s strongly-worded statement “posed more questions than it answered” indicated frustration about the manner in which the issue was addressed by her team.

On Sunday, it emerged that the Duchess’s given names, Rachel Meghan, were removed from her son Archie’s birth certificate in June 2019, so it read not “Rachel Meghan Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex” but “Her Royal Highness Duchess of Sussex”.

The change occurred 19 days after Archie’s birth certificate was registered on May 17 2019. The Duke’s name was also changed to insert the word “Prince”, which had been left out of the original. Following speculation about the reasons for the changes, the Duchess issued an attack on tabloid newspapers “and their carnival of so-called experts”. She said the alterations were forced on the couple by Palace officials.

However, a royal aide revealed that the change had been made by the Duchess’s palace staff in order to bring it in line with other private documents, such as her passport, which were changed following her marriage.

“These are civil documents, there is no protocol,” the source said.

The lack of any formal rules is illustrated by the fact that the Duchess of Cambridge gave her name as “Catherine Elizabeth her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge” on her children’s birth certificates. In contrast, Diana, Princess of Wales, simply gave her name as “Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales” on Prince William’s birth certificate.

[From The Telegraph via MSN]

I was going to try to translate the Palace’s third crack at explaining what happened but I’m at a loss? Are they saying that at the time – May/June 2019 – Meghan’s American staffers screwed up and deleted her name on the BC? Or is the Palace saying that Meghan’s current dumb, gauche American staffers don’t know anything about protocol and they’ve f–ked up with Meghan’s statement? All the while, royal commentators are gleeful at the thought of Buckingham Palace “putting Meghan in her place” for having the audacity to suggest that her child’s birth certificate was altered without her consent. When every version of BP’s story never really denies the fact that Meghan did NOT consent to having the birth certificate altered in that way, that the alteration was done by other people? Anyway, I think Buckingham Palace is lying and that’s why they’re nitpicking and acting fussy and trying to push all of these various excuses.

The Duke of Sussex and Duchess of Sussex attend a traditional Fijian ceremony

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  1. Levans says:

    Of course they are lying! The Sun article was about how Meghan broke protocol to make Kate the Lazy feel bad and now we have an admission that there is no protocol! Just admit a petty, racist courtier had Meghan’s name removed to try to erase and dehumanize her.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Can you imagine what it was like for Meghan to work with these people? Knowing they were set against anything she did just because she threatened the sanctity of their all-white little fiefdom? What a nightmare. Constantly being nitpicked by courtiers while Andrew is gushed over and protected? It’s like a hostile work environment.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Allegedly two senior members of the Queen’s staff really dislikes Meghan: the Queen’s Private Secretary and her dresser and personal assistant (Angela Kelly). The monarch’s Private Secretary has a LOT of power and influence in the household since he is basically her Chief of Staff.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      I love how the palace courtiers and the supporting rags are twisting themselves into pretzels over this. Every sabotage attempt keeps blowing up in their faces. And all of it just to make the Duchess of Exhaustionbridge look good. The dragging and backlash has been glorious. The RF and carnival of so called experts have ben put on notice.

      • GRUEY says:

        Here’s the thing: all this sputtering and “well actually” will get zero traction. The Sussex’s landed a killing blow with that statement and the bigger problem is that everyone saw this nonsense about the BC was to distract from the exhaustion. I saw Twitter comments with10-20k likes annoyed about the embiggening. So the hit dogs can holler all they want. What they are saying in these dumb articles makes zero sense and the world moved on from this story yesterday. A few right wingers will read these articles (and us on Celebitchy lol) and that’s it. The RF lost this round big time.

    • My Two Cents says:

      so now suddenly there’s no protocol? they have protocol over pantyhose, how you sit with your legs crossed and over nail polish but they don’t have protocol over how a royal birth certificate is written? give me a break! These people and their changing their stories every few minutes are totally ridiculous. I really hope Meghan’s team corrects them and name the senior palace officials who were involved.

    • CC2 says:

      They also don’t realise that Meghan could have stuck to a safer lie if she was being dishonest. She could have said that they told her so she will always have the benefit of the doubt. But no, she clearly stated that there are documents that will support her claims. Meanwhile, those tabloids are sticking to their vague royal sources. Royal sources can literally be a gardener, RR, or the Queen herself. It’s clear as day that Meghan is telling the truth

    • Abena Asantewaa says:

      My goodness, these courtiers ‘ explanations keep getting dumber and dumnber! They are claiming, Meghan is making a mountain out of a molehill, but BP kept quiet when the carnival of so- called royal experts were gleefully smearing The Duchess with this info. What happened to don’t complain, don’t explain and all that crap, BP is falling over themselves with lame excuses; infact several. The Queen has lost her grip, she is running A Dad’s Army, Who leaked the birth cert to Lady C Campbell? She should abdicate and hand over the throne to Charles.

    • Bibi says:

      Palace is not lying – they are actually proving that Meghan’s story is true. Theyre is no denial here – they’re only saying that’s it’s unfortunate that her team used the word DICTATING to describe what happened.

  2. Sim Kin says:

    Is anyone going to point out that there is no way legal documents in America would be changed to just have a royal title and no name? So how in the world could this have been done to bring it in line with her passport when the only passport she held at the time and has ever held was an American one?

    Like the lie doesn’t even make sense if you have any passing knowledge of American law.

    Additionally, once Archie was born hadn’t they moved under the banner of BP?

    • BABSORIG says:

      I’m really confused about this. So once Meghan got married to Prince Harry her American passport was charged to erase Rachel Meghan Markle from it to instead just say passport belongs to HRH The Duchess of Sussex? This doesn’t make sense at all!!

      • Xantha says:


        There’s no way that could’ve happened. Being an American citizen she wouldn’t be able to get her name changed to the Duchess of Sussex because US laws don’t recognize noblility titles in US citizens. Think about it: Would a country that famously fought a bloody war to win Independence from a British Monarch be cool with Americans having noble titles?

        So there’s no way that her American passport was changed to just The Duchess of Sussex. If you want a name change then at most it would be the surname changed, so she would either be Rachel Meghan Mountbatten-Windsor or Rachel Meghan Sussex on her American passport. And she would have to supply a copy of her marriage certificate to show her name is now legally different.

        In other words unless her passport been renewed with her new legal name, there’s a very good chance that her name on it is still Rachel Meghan Markle.

        Does this help?

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @Xantha and BABSORIG – I am with you guys! I do not understand how a “legal” document can be arbitrarily changed at a third party’s whim.

      • BABSORIG says:

        @Xantha thank you. All this madness about Archie BC matching her passport is just more rope for BP to hang themselves, LOL. Whoever that someone in those courts that’s chugging out these lame excuses/explanations has evidently no idea what they’re talking about. Its like, keep talking and keep implicating yrself.

      • Ainsley7 says:

        I think she changed her legal name from Rachel Meghan to just Meghan. So, that would be what her staff was trying to match. Their staff had to run everything passed BP at the time. Moving from KP to BP was a literal case of out of the frying pan and into the fire. I also wonder if Meghan wasn’t being fast tracked to citizenship behind the scenes. I’ve always thought they were trying to force her to give up her American citizenship.

        KP runs independently of BP. So, they never got a say in what went on the Cambridges‘ birth certificates. I’m not saying they didn’t get some joy out of erasing Meghan. I’m just saying that this is how BP would have done the Cambridges birth certificates if they could have.

      • Babsorig says:

        @Ainsley, the Sussex staff would never alter Archie’s BC on their own, match or no match nothing. The Sussex statement is that the change was dictated by the palace, it was not something the Sussexes initiated or wanted done. Meghan said she would never willingly take her name off of her son’s BC. So there is no “that would be what her staff was trying to match”. Also, there took pains in telling people that Meghan would NOT jump the line in any way shape or form, so Meghan wasn’t fast tracked on anything. Meg moved permanently to the UK in Nov 2016, was married in May 2017, left that island 2 years later in Nov 2018, so that tells me that she the only passport she holds is her US passport which wouldn’t have been altered to have Duchess of Sussex on it, period.

      • Popsicle W says:

        I am fairly sure she would have been given a diplomatic passport as she was doing diplomatic work on the behalf of the UK. Diplomatic passports are issued to government employees – your citizenship “technically” does not matter. Think about it in this way, if there was an incident in the X foreign country while she was on tour, it would be the UK Government not the US Government involved with the incident.

      • JaneBee87 says:

        @Popsicle W – You’re definitely correct. Meghan would not have been carrying out official overseas duties on behalf of the Queen/UK while traveling on her American passport. For many reasons. She would have been issued with a British diplomatic passport (also overcoming the fact she was not otherwise entitled to a regular British passport).

      • Nic919 says:

        Where is this diplomatic passport story coming from? She’s American and can’t get one. The royal family aren’t actual diplomats registered with the UK government. It is just a courtesy to pretend that they are.

        No country where a royal tour would actually say “no Meghan can’t come without a UK passport” her travel documentation is basically irrelevant when these types of tours are organized by the respective governments. Especially for one of the main principals of the tour.

        Besides Meghan wouldn’t have changed the brith certificate to use a name for a passport that likely doesn’t even exist and if it did was only temporary.

      • Lemons says:

        @Nic919, I believe all the royals (at least the working ones) have diplomatic passports. It would be a nightmare otherwise. Best to have them covered.

        Someone else said that as Meghan isn’t a British citizen, she would not have a British diplomatic passport, but I don’t see why they wouldn’t put a UK diplomatic visa in her American passport at the very least. Again, it would be a security and consular nightmare for her to NOT have something along those lines to protect her, at least while she is travelling abroad on behalf of the royal family.

        I think some courtiers are trying to use that visa as some half-baked proof that she changed her passport, but either they don’t know how this works or they are being willfully ignorant that her passport hasn’t really changed.

        And all of that still has nothing to do with why she was removed without her accord, from her son’s birth certificate. If these are the battles you have to fight with courtiers, all the while pointing to the certificates of the Cambridge children and wondering why you can’t do the same, I also would have packed my bags and left.

      • Sam says:

        @Ainsley7 Her legal name is Rachel Meghan.Thats what on all of her documents but she just goes by Meghan only

      • Sunshine says:

        The story specifically says American passport. Meghan has also discontinued her process to obtain British citizenship, so she cannot have any form of British passport as she’s not a citizen.

  3. Giggles says:

    Little known fact. One of the buttons that the Queen wears says, “I can drive away charismatic, hard working women who marry into my family! Ask me how!”

    • AnnaKist says:


    • superashes says:

      This gave me a giggle!

    • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

      Truly, if Petty Betty just called in Charles, PWT, and Top Exhausted CEO/Kingmaker and said, “CUT THIS SH!T OUT! THIS IS HARRY’S WIFE. DEAL WITH IT”, then the BRF would be celebrated throughout their Commonwealth, bringing in more and more “fans” to the BRF and their patronages in support.

      But INSTEAD, we have the petty jealousies and racist xenophobes ruling the roost, acting like pre-schoolers, yelling, “MINE! MINE! GO AWAY!”.

      What a bunch of idiots. They don’t realize how much they lost, not just in family, but in world respect, esp. from a younger generation that was so energized by H&M.

      • You hit the nail on the head and I cannot WAIT for the consequences to come raining down on the Family. Starting with a complete absence of Sussex presence at all their “significant royal events” this summer. They don’t deserve M&H’s presence. Let that balcony be as boring as we all know it will be.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Oh, Giggles, that was good!!!

  4. Jillian says:

    They’re lying, it was more egregious racist shittiness and they’ve been caught out on it. What a pile of assholes, Harry and Meghan seem much too nice for that crowd

  5. DS9 says:

    The fact that they cannot publish a straight denial tells you all you need to know, doesn’t it?

    • Becks1 says:

      Exactly! They cant just say “well that’s not what happened, this is what happened,” because what actually happened is probably pretty close to how the Sussexes described it.

      I also think the Sussex statement was worded strongly enough for BP to realize they will drop receipts if they have to.

      • L84Tea says:

        THIS. The Firm needs to tread lightly, and call off their attack dogs, because this is proof that if you push H&M hard enough, they ARE willing to go there. This was just one small drop in the bucket.

      • JT says:

        In Meghan’s statement she says there are “documents from senior palace officials” that they dictated the change. So there is proof that it had nothing to do with H&M. The fact the Meghan mentioned that in her statement suggests she doesn’t mind alerting people that she has the receipts. BP better drop this because they aren’t looking good at all and they can’t even refute the story.

      • Lauren says:

        They touched Archie. Harry and Meghan will protect their child from them. All of it was done for Archie. They will not stand mistreatment or lies against him. Rightfully so.

      • Harper says:

        The palace thinks they are just messing around with Meghan. But Harry is not going to stand by idly as more lies are told about his wife and child. If this keeps up, I expect he’s calling the lawyers asking whether it’s better to sue or this time just drop the receipts to make everyone shut up.

      • Yvette says:

        Right. And they never said the order to change the birth certificate didn’t come from Buckingham Palace, just that Harry and Meghans’s Palace staff had carried out the order to make the change to the birth certificate.

        All this could have been avoided if the Palace had simply made a statement when The Sun printed this crap by saying “The Sun’s article is not accurate,” and left it at that. I think The Sun was simply trying to get Meghan’s people to directly respond to them by drudging up this old Lady Collin Campbell stuff. The fact that the Sussex PR Team got their statement out through other media outlets must have burned.

    • Sofia says:

      I pretty much gave them an example statement they could use to explain all of this but they won’t think of it because they don’t have a single working brain cell left over there.

      • Elizabeth Regina says:

        When have they ever been known to listen to wise heads? So many examples of their tone deafness and inability to read the room abound. From the handling of Diana’s death, to the paedo’s interview on the BBC and the two aeroplanes stunt, everything they touch or plot collapses. So much wasted potential all because they are so insular and obtuse.

  6. Faye says:

    When the doc was changed, Meghan was under the control of BP, so what American team was changing a doc in England?

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Excellent question!

    • February-Pisces says:

      I don’t know what that was about. Are they trying to confuse people? Cos you know Meghan haters will latch onto anything and just start moaning “it was Meghans American staff that did it”. They don’t need to actually understand it, I’ve seen haters actually quote DM headlines word for word, cos they need to be told why they should hate her.

      It’s like as soon as trump said “the vote was fixed” that line alone was all his followers needed to kick off.

    • Amy Too says:

      I think they’re trying to put blame on Meghan’s American team for the statement that says “dictated,” with the idea that this stupid American team has no idea how the palace works and what protocol is or when it’s meant to be used, so of course they assumed the palace was “dictating” when if they had been less American and more nicey-nicey British they would have… I don’t know? Asked BP what kind of spin would be nice for them?

      And what’s dumb here is that they’re trying to claim that Meghan’s American staff are the ones who responded to this story and they obviously can’t have any idea what happened because they weren’t there at the time…… but Meghan and Harry were! And their staff works for them. And their staff aren’t going around releasing random statements about stuff without asking them. If anything, I think this is sort of self-own on the palace. THEIR staffers DO randomly run to the press to give statements, and make stuff up, and get their own personal ideas and feelings out there all the time. More than half the time, the actual members of the RF probably don’t even know when their staff are talking to the press or what they’re saying. So they assume Harry and Meghan also have no control over their staff and their staff just randomly came up with a lie that would make the palace look bad just for funsies because the palace think PR is all just about attacking others to make your boss look good.

  7. Watson says:

    They’re so bad at their jobs. Lol!

  8. Aurora says:

    I think this is all a ploy to push Meghan to give up her titles. Their next gaslighting move will to question “Why doesn’t Meghan give up her titles so her name can appear on her son’s birth certificate?”

    • BABSORIG says:

      How’s Meg gonna give up her titles when her son’s BC only bears HRH The Duchess of Sussex? That’s her name now, at least according to these IIC. If Meg renounced those titles, then her son has no mother, like legally, because there’s no more DsoS. So then they can swoop in and take the child because the child belongs to the title and therefore to the monarchy? This is just do f$$ked up.

      • Becks1 says:

        That, and also, this change happened back in June 2019, so well before Sussexit and the cries for them to lose their titles. I mean I guess we could say BP was playing the long game, but I doubt that. So it really does seem that this was done to dehumanize Meghan, to hurt her, put her in place, however we want to word it – and it worked, and I think it was one more thing that made her want to leave.

        I mean I’m so sad for her as I think about this. The birth of your first child should be such a happy occasion, and instead Meghan was harassed throughout her pregnancy, hounded about her birth plans, accused of faking the pregnancy, her baby was compared to a monkey within days of his birth, and then she had to remove her name from the birth certificate.

        No wonder she and Harry got out.

      • February-Pisces says:

        That’s what I keep thinking. We need an expert here to clarify this. All I can say is I’m glad atleast harrys name is there.

        But back then they were pushing for a divorce so harry could marry a white girl. So maybe they thought that by having the fathers full name and not the mothers, would mean that harry would have more legal rights to archie, and Meghan would just have to accept whatever custody deal they offer. They never thought harry would put his family first and leave with them.

        They did this with Diana and fergie so maybe it’s their way of keeping the married- in mothers in check, that they don’t even have control of their own children.

      • Becks1 says:

        But they also did this with Prince Philip, and for sure at the time there was NO chance he was going to divorce then-princess elizabeth, very shortly thereafter the Queen.

      • Susan says:

        That was my thought and it chilled me to the bone. Further reiteration of why she should not, under any circumstances EVER return to the UK and especially not with Archie in tow!!! Could they cite some kind of hundreds year old rule about royal offspring and separations?? It’s terrifying to think about.

    • Victoria says:

      Not to mention once the documents are filled out by the parents, they have no involvement in the process of the BC. They have to wait to receive it in the post and if there are errors, they have to make a correction on another document. Why would Meghan not want her legal name or Harry’s on her only child’s BC?

      It’s just the lying for no reason, when we all know those salty bastards are lying that does it for me.

    • anotherlily says:

      Her titles were acquired through marriage. The are the equivalent of ‘Mrs’. They were not bestowed on her like some kind of honour. She has every right to use her married name.

      I think it was noticed that Harry’s details had missed out ‘Prince’. This was the ‘minor clerical error’. Whoever then contacted the staff at KP also told them to instruct the Registrar to remove ‘Rachel Meghan’. This was an act of spite and it has the same vibe as the refusal to allow Harry’s wreath to be placed at the Cenotaph.

      The ‘Palace’ is now in a frenzy because, on the face of it, the circumstances meet the criteria for a complaint of racial discrimination.

      • Maccs says:

        @anotherlily I think you are going too easy on them. Truth be told, bottom line, removing her birth name was just a lowdown dirty dog move. And the fact that nobody objected or corrected it, well, that is pretty damning evidence in and of itself.

        I hope you are also aware that the full tradition is actually that she is “Princess Harry, Duchess of Sussex” if you go down the “married name” route. That is a social convention I thought that died around 1974, Good GOD. No woman in the UK or the USA refers to themselves as Mrs [add husband's first and last name] and most men born between 1977-2001 don’t even want their wives to use that really old convention. It’s no better than the Handmaid’s Tale where one is Of[insert man's name here.].

        It is interesting: on top of the racism, the reinforced sexism is clear. The fact of the matter is that the House of Windsor treats marry-ins like dirt. It is like the Queen is trying to preserve a privilege so only she can have it: nobody would have dared tell her not to put her name on the birth certificates of her own babies, but as for daughters-in-law and granddaughters-in-law, they can go piss up a rope.

        Elizabeth is tone deaf to the fact that nobody wants their legal or personal identity subsumed by their husband. She is living in a time warp.

        Meghan is her son’s mother. She has every right to having her birth name there. It is bizarre, anotherlily: the US government does not recognize her title as Duchess of Sussex as having any force legally, and the same is true for her baby and also Harry. (He is a private citizen legally; he can be sued, for example, and no intervention of Congress can protect him unlike with the UK Parliament.) But it will let her have her own name on her little blue passport. And Archie, legally, is entitled to a US passport because he was born to an American mother abroad in wedlock. They would have the decency to list Meghan right next to his Daddy, “Rachel Meghan Markle-Mountbatten-Windsor” “Henry Charles Albert David Mountbatten Windsor.” . I think Archie already has one and that is what they used to jump the border about a year ago, since the little blue passport would have been preferred by the authorities. (That is normal in the case of infants and children for reasons of counterfeiting and child trafficking.)

        I am stupefied. These palace flunkies are the same people who likely threw a tantrum when neither of them stood on the front steps of St. Mary’s Hospital to show the baby. They are the same people who probably spit nails over. the fact that HARRY came out holding Archie and not Meghan….even when there is nothing wrong with that. Apparently it is a mortal sin if you are of a specific caste in the UK. “See you at age 18, son [dumps child in mother's arms.] !!”

      • Nic919 says:

        This is a family that still has a Princess Michael of Kent, so they probably don’t realize how horrific that tradition of removing a married woman’s identity.

        I have also seen things that call Zara Mrs. Michael Tindall. That country is so backwards, especially in the upper echelons of high society.

  9. Becks1 says:

    BP is totally lying – you can tell by the way they are hung up on the word “dictated.” In their world a senior courtier saying “you need to change it, this is how it should have been done” isnt “dictating,” its “being helpful” and “conveying the queen’s issues.” But Meghan and Harry can read between the lines and know when something is a suggestion vs an order.

    And they’re also confusing the concept of knowledge with consent. I dont think anything in the Sussex statement suggests that Meghan and Harry didnt KNOW this was happening, it wasnt done behind their backs or anything, it was just done regardless of whether they wanted it or not, hence the idea of it being forced on them.

    I am glad to see that the Cambridge birth certificates were brought up though.

    • Amy Bee says:

      Excellent point about the use of “dictated”. But I don’t know how BP expected Meghan and Harry to take being told that they had to take Meghan’s name off Archie’s birth certificate.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      The Sussexes definitely have proof and the Harry we know is not afraid to provide it. The palace needs to tread carefully. They can’t get their stories straight and their strategy of different courtiers and sources leaking different things makes them look so bad.

      • bloemheks says:

        Can he though? It would seem like leaking or disclosing official palace communications would be a huge no no. I just finished Baker’s book and he seemed to indicate all palace communications are automatically sealed for decades before they can be released for public consumption.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @bloemheks – Was the book any good?

      • Becks1 says:

        @Bay – I liked it. What surprised me though is that he came off as pretty anti-Sussex, when you would think that he would appreciate the one royal who said “nah” to the sovereign grant. And he got some things about the Sussexes completely wrong – like saying that their security was still being paid for by the british and canadian taxpayers, or that they moved to Frogmore solely to get away from William (implying that the apt at KP was ready for them, when it was not) and that they then “couch surfed” for a year – stuff like that. It was like his Sussex sources dried up and his Sussex stuff was all from headlines.

        But the parts about the financing of the royal family, the power the royals have over the press, their love of freebies, etc.

        @bloemheks – it may be a huge no no to leak but at this point what does Harry care? If William can leak the details about Sussexit why cant harry leak details about his child’s birth certificate?

        The Queen and charles have made a big mistake in what they let William get away with and its all going to come back to haunt them in the end IMO.

      • ABritGuest says:

        That’s interesting Bloemeks but then how can the Palace 4 ‘assist’ with Meghan v Fail court case?

    • February-Pisces says:

      KP got the daily mail to call Meghan a “dictator bride” for using air freshener in a church at her wedding.

    • Myra says:

      Dictated is the perfect term to use as it makes it clear that Harry and Meghan did not consent to the change. She is right to be indignant that people would think she would want to remove her own name from her child’s birth certificate. Dictated also perfectly defines how they managed Meghan during the fiancée stage, after marriage and during Sussexit. They’ve been behaving as if they own the royals, but now they find the language too strong?

  10. Savu says:

    I don’t get it either. They’re saying her American staff messed this up? When she was in England, under the control of BP, before moving to the US? Oooookay sure. I don’t get it either.

    Once again, the blame is put on the Black American woman and her office. It reminds me of the thing my parents used to always say, “don’t keep making that face, or it’ll get stuck like that.” They’re stuck in this loop forever!

  11. Amy Bee says:

    BP thought that they could leak this story and that Meghan would have remained silent. They forget she’s no longer held by the rules of the palace and she and Harry will speak out when they’re being lied about and undermined in the press. BP would have remained mum on this issue if Meghan hadn’t put out a statement. So good for Meghan for exposing the Palace and I hope it continues. The fact that BP has put out a third explanation for this story means that Meghan was telling the truth and BP is trying to clean up their mess and attack Meghan instead. It always has to be at the back of people’s mind that BP is behaving like this with the consent of the Royal Family. Another that’s being left out is Harry signed the birth certificate so it means he saw nothing wrong with Meghan’s name being on the birth certificate so why would Meghan and Harry want to then change it to just a title?

    • Brit says:

      Yep. You can tell those back in Britain we’re not expecting that clapback and her calling out the tabloids and Harry’s win got international coverage. Williams tweet and Kate exhausted nonsense was slammed online and they thought they could throw Meghan under the bus again. It didn’t work and now they’re upset because they’ve been called out and the RR’s/experts are embarrassed. If anything, this has backfired horribly on the family because with the crown, people calling out William etc, people aren’t as easily fooled and haven’t been for a while. And that family needs to stop letting the media and these “experts” speak for them because the only thing they’re doing is making the family look even worse. All of this because Kate and William are spoiled and can’t handle bad press and the media is desperate for clicks and money. This is desperation at its finest.

      • Becks1 says:

        Every time they try something like this the British press looks more and more ridiculous in the eyes of the world. The world is seeing their pettiness and racism and its starting to reflect really poorly on the royal family as well, since people are calling out the actions of the RRs AND the royals.

        And every time I feel like Meghan gets new supporters who realize “ohhh, thats why you left.”

      • JT says:

        Wrong place

      • BayTampaBay says:

        “Every time they try something like this the British press looks more and more ridiculous in the eyes of the world.”

        @Becks1 – Do you think maybe the British Tabloid Media is just very desperate for Sussex stories so the BTM decided to make a mountain out of a molehill with this story?

      • Becks1 says:

        @Bay – I said either on this post or the other post about this – that I DONT think they decided to make a mountain of a molehill. I think their game plan was for this story to gain some traction, give the RRs something to talk about for another week, another talking point of “Meghan is evil,” but I dont think they expected the response from the Sussexes, the different responses from BP and KP – basically I think this story was meant to distract from Kate being so exhausted, and its blown up in their faces.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @Becks1 – Exhausted from doing exactly what??? LOL! LOL!

    • February-Pisces says:

      I think because it was originally leaked by KP to cover Kate’s dumb af ‘exhausted’ backlash, BP are mad at KP for instigating this mess in the first place, cos now they have to pick up the giant sh*t that KP is responsible for. Of course trolls will eat up anything that either palace says, but regular plebs who don’t really pay attention have noticed how bad this looks on them. Ask any mother “would you consent to having your name removed on you child’s birth certificate?’ And see what the response is.

      If it was straight forward protocol why don’t they just say, and explain the significance of not having the mothers first name of the birth certificate, because that’s what’s so confusing. And why is kate the only one allowed?

      • Nic919 says:

        They can’t say it’s protocol when Princess William still has her own name on all three of her kids birth certificates. That’s why there is all this scrambling. It’s purely a racist move against Meghan and they just can’t defend it.

  12. Belli says:


    Not “inaccurate” or “unfounded” or anything like that.

    To translate, “it was dictated, but we were hoping that wouldn’t be made public”.

    • Amy Bee says:

      It’s interesting that BP has not come straight out and denied that they made Meghan take her name off Archie’s birth certificate.

      • Belli says:

        It is, isn’t it. You can’t tell me that they wouldn’t jump at the chance to prove Meghan wrong if they could.

      • JT says:

        BP says that removing Meghan’s name was a clerical error but they failed to point out that they added Prince to Harry’s name. It was not originally there, just Duke of Sussex and his various middle names. So that shows it was a deliberate change.

  13. Maliksmama says:

    Unless H&M decide to sue “The Sun” , they should release the official documents they received that “dictated” the change. I’m praying they do.

    • The Duchess says:

      Me too. BP are really pushing the limit with this and it’s disgusting to see just how far they will go to try and hurt her. They really thought they could throw Meghan under the bus again all to protect Duchess Mumbles from a bit of well-deserved criticism. Not today, Satan!

    • CC2 says:

      They can’t just publish official palace communications like that. You can’t even show screenshots of work emails in most places, let alone the BP. I think Meghan did the smart thing here by insinuating she has the proof if they try her. That’s why BP are using anonymous sources, because they can’t actually prove her wrong.

      • tcbc says:

        Yes you can. Whistleblowers frequently publish “secret” information. The word “can’t” is used because people really mean “you can’t without facing a lawsuit.” But will the royal family, who would be the plaintiff in this case, really sue Prince Harry for publishing documents that proved they were lying about him? The PR for the royal family would be a disaster. Maybe they could manipulate the British press into going soft on them, but not the Americans, who would certainly become interested in this story if it got more interesting.

  14. FC says:

    Ok, so Meghan’s then-staff AT BUCKINGHAM PALACE made the change without her consent. I hope she drops all the receipts on this one.

  15. Harper says:

    The Sussex’s statement didn’t blame it on protocol. All they said was that it was dictated by the palace. This “there is no protocol” response from the palace is another “look, it’s a squirrel!” deflection. The original article from The Sun said H&M SECRETLY removed her name in what might be seen as a SNUB to Kate. Bonkers story. Now, it’s Meghan’s US team at fault, not the lying, cheating Sun tabloid. Now it’s not a clerical error like it was yesterday, but a misunderstanding by her staff with the details “lost in translation.” Yes, that tricky English to English translation strikes again.

    All the while, Kate is sitting there asking, Do you think they’ve forgotten about my exhausting comment by now?

    • RedWeatherTiger says:

      “There is no protocol” is a hoot! They have protocol for children’s tights at weddings, nail polish, who must curtsy to whom when who’s husband is in the room versus when he is not, but hey–a royal birth certificate, a legal document? Just wing it, everyone!

      • Hell Nah! says:

        Agreed! This (3rd times a charm?) line of defense is 100% nonsense.


      • Ann says:

        I know, right? So there was protocol about which hospital and doctor she should use for the birth, about who should announce the sex of the baby (the Queen, of course), about what colors the baby can wear, but not about what it says on the birth certificate?! BS.

  16. lili says:

    I’m sorry If I’m ignorant but why is this such a big issue? I don’t see any issue at all.

    • sara says:

      In itself it wasn’t an issue at all until the dumbass royals knew they needed a story to distract from William the terrible and kate the doormat, so they nudged their tabloid friends to bring up this dumb story.

    • Watson says:

      @Lili it’s because erasing the name off your child’s birth certificate is dehumanizing. It reduces your role from a fully fledged human being with an actual name to a nameless faceless royal breeder.

      It’s petty at best, racist, misogynistic and cruel at worst. There was no reason to ever stoop this low.

    • Becks1 says:

      Why is what such a big issue? There are a couple things going on here.

      1) the BC change itself. That seems pretty dehumanizing of Meghan to erase her name from her son’s birth certificate – it indicates the royal family still operates in a way that marginalizes the married-ins and treats them like broodmares, nothing more.

      2) The fact that the news of the change was leaked when it was, a clear ploy to distract from Kate being “so exhausted” and the bad press that was getting. I think it was a miscalculation though, I think the tabloids thought they would get a day or two of coverage out of it, just enough to deflect from Kate, but then…..

      3) the Sussex statement is VERY strong and leaves no doubt that it was not Meghan or Harry’s choice to change the birth certificate, but the palace “dictated” it, which brings us back to point #1 and the idea of dehumanizing Meghan, and finally

      4) the Cambridge birth certificates were not changed, so this clearly isnt something that had to be done, and we know it was not Meghan or Harry’s choice, so why WAS it done? Buckingham Palace does not have a clear answer and thats evident by their scrambling now.

      • lili says:

        Thank you! I can see it now. It’s more about being human.

      • February-Pisces says:

        Yes they are scrambling, you know when they are desperate when their excuses keep changing. Just like the ‘Meghan made kate cry’ story at the dress fitting, how many times did that change. The truth is pretty straight forward and if there had been a legit reason to change archies birth certificate why have they not said it. It was pretty much written in the same style as the Keens kids birth certificates so why wasn’t Kate’s name changed as well.

      • Excellent summation Becks1. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  17. Nicole says:

    I bet this dictated change was the straw that broke the camel’s back, as it relates to deciding to get out.

    I hope they do have receipts and that they drop them.

    • FC says:

      It also puts into perspective her taking Archie to Canada and leaving him there while she packed up Frogmore and finished her final engagements. Glad she got out with her baby.

  18. S808 says:

    They’re scrambling for an angle other than the truth that makes sense and they have yet to find it. Wouldn’t it be easier to just stfu about the Sussexes?

    • Watson says:

      That’s the hilarious thing about this story. The carnival of experts have given the public more info to scrutinize the royals. Had they just taken their own advice of “never complain, never explain” no one would analyze their excuses which lack consistency and logic. They are all so terrible at their jobs!!!

  19. Aurora says:

    Why would an American firm meddle with a British birth certificate? It makes more sense that Meghan would rely on palace official to handle British affairs.

  20. Snuffles says:

    I’m honestly just amazed at the utter ineptitude of The Firm’s PR. From top to bottom, their inability to read the room or even coordinate properly and keep their stories straight is ASTONISHING. They literally NEVER LEARN.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      You wonder if they can read at all. They are terrible at reading rooms, people, publicity… yes they are pretty awful at all of this.

  21. sara says:

    Do these dumb British people really think an American can just have “duchess of so and so” on their American passport? Brits, please tell me you’re not that dumb.

    • Angelica Schuyler says:

      I really think that some Brits (the RR in particular) just don’t understand the fact that titles mean nothing here in America. We love Meghan and Harry whether they have titles or not. They just can’t cope with the fact that Americans value what someone brings to the table in terms of personality and charisma more than being born into an aristocracy. It’s like Hello !- we fought a whole war to get away from that system. They just don’t get it. Harry and Meghan have that “It Factor” that Will and Kate will not ever be able to manufacture.

  22. Oh_Hey says:

    I’m becoming more and more convinced that this whole thing is a cover. A new story about Andrew befriending another massively wealthy all edged pedo, Peter Nygaard, came out with photos this weekend. Suddenly a Meghan story just pops up from the palace over a two year old document change that they initiated. No way this doesn’t have petty fingerprints all over it.

    • Snuffles says:

      So….you think the palace is happy that the world thinks they are racist, misogynistic or worse, were plotting to erase Meghan and steal Archie as long as they aren’t talking about Pedo Andy?

      You think this is their genius playbook?

      • Tanya says:

        If the last 5 years have taught me anything, it’s that there are plenty of people who are proud of being gleefully racist, misogynistic, or worse, and that you’re the problem for thinking there’s something wrong with it.

      • February-Pisces says:

        I think the palace are too far gone in their smear campaign. It’s not subtle anymore and they have shown their racists asses. But the thing with these Tory/ conservatives is that they want to be emboldened, they are sick of down playing their ‘privileges’ and putting up with equality. They want to normalise racism and bigotry. It’s funny that they know just from the comments on twitter how racist they come across and that we all know Willie and Kate are behind the smear campaign, and not once did they actually decide to change tactics. They never thought ‘oh no people are seeing through us’, they just carried on with it.

      • BABSORIG says:

        @Snuffle, @OH has a point. The palace thought this little tidbit would drop in the tabloids to distruct from both Pefo and exhausted CEO, the Sussexes would just ignore it, the tabloids would feast on that for a few days and then all will be water under the bridge in a few days. The royals once again underestimated the Sussexes,
        never anticipated the clap back and now its this messy stink that they can’t seem to figure out how to clean up.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Snuffles – I kind of do think this is their genius playbook, because this has been their playbook for the past several years – one of the royals messes up, throw Meghan to the RRs to distract. and it works, as far as the RRs go, but it doesnt work for the rest of the world and the royal family cant control the international press the way they can control the british press. I dont think they anticipated the Sussex response and thats what has caught them off guard here.

    • PrincessK says:

      I am wondering why this has been leaked now, is it the prelude to something else. These people just won’t leave Harry and Meghan alone.

      The tabloids are clearly stuck for royal stories, and because they have an agreement with the Cambridges and Middleton’s they are not allowed to write negative stories about them. Although the exhausted Kate story was trying to stir the pot. I am sure that they have loads of Cambridge gossip that they cannot spill for now, so the poor Sussexes, thousands of miles away are still being used as a dartboard.

  23. windyriver says:

    So, can the Sussexes apply to have the BC changed back? If it is publicly stated that the change was a clerical error, and BP didn’t dictate it, why not?

  24. MellyMel says:

    So not only are they bad at their job, they’re really bad at lying. The BP just needs to keep H&M + Archie out of their mouths. Also Meghan clearly has receipts…they really need to hush.

    • Oy_Hey says:

      I’m so thirsty for this. Meghan and Harry at this point have learned to speak through lawyers and law suits and so far its been working in their favor. They usually don’t make a direct comment unless they have the paperwork to back it up. I’m hoping this goes to court too, she drops said receipts, and they get yet another judgement on the rags and RR.

  25. Yoyo says:

    The Invictus Games are cancelled, so no rush for Harry to go to Europe.
    The Queen invited President Biden to visit in June, we will see how that goes, he will turn up wearing his mask, why rush for a visit so soon, Brexit.
    The gloves are off, the Sussexes reached their breaking point and leaks from the courtiers will be deal with, and if they don’t like the word ‘dictated’ they’re a lot more like that in the Arsenal.

    • Snuffles says:

      Honestly, with the Invictus Games cancelled for 2021, I don’t think Harry has any real motivation to return to the UK this year.

      With The Firm and RRs still on their BS, I’m doubting Harry would even bother with official family events at this point. The only draw I can see is the Diana statue unveiling, but I can easily see William pulling some BS and doing it without Harry and not telling him.

      • Ginger says:

        They should just move the statue unveiling till later in the year or next year. That’s the only thing that Harry would bother returning for.

      • Rita says:

        Harry’s grandfather is going to be 100 I don’t believe harry will miss this celebration one doesn’t know have long he has left on this earth makes no sense to miss this special occasion regardless of what’s happening Harry doesn’t hate his family he might not like what they have been doing aided by the establishment and press this is the only family he has known faults and all.

      • lanne says:

        they can zoom like everyone else

  26. Phoenix says:

    Ummm…ok, how is it possible for anybody to do such a clerical error, no matter if it’s BP, KP or Meghan’s American team!? Pardon me, I am not a Brit, but is it that easy to erase somebody’s names and change a birth certificate? And when doing so aren’t they supposed to be extra careful? Thats complete nonsense, honestly. H&M were pretty clear in their statement and it’s seems that the Palace are getting caught in their own lies.

  27. lucylee says:

    Archewell Introduction 20121:
    I am my mother’s son and I am our son’s mother.
    It is interesting that neither H nor A have their mother’s name on their birth certificate.
    Those words have new meaning knowing what happened with the birth certificate.

  28. February-Pisces says:

    They evil courtiers don’t like the word ‘dictated”, but they didn’t mind telling the daily mail to call her a ‘dictator’ for spraying air freshener in her church for her own wedding.

    I think we should start naming and shaming these evil courtiers at KP. It’s ok for them to slander harry and meghans names, whilst they live blissfully anonymous. I think it’s time to expose who these assholes and ruin their own reputations.

  29. Jessica says:

    Naked xenophobia, racism and misogyny on display by “The Palace” (family, courtiers, probably both) here. These idiots and their absurd mouthpieces in the press should have left well enough alone on this one. This is a grade A fuckup and a nice little window into the bullying and microaggressions that must have informed Meghan’s entire experience during her time in the Royal Family.

  30. Snuffles says:

    @becks @babsorig

    OK, we can agree this move worked pre-Sussexit because they were able to keep Harry and Meghan silent. But it has been a YEAR and NUMEROUS clap backs over various stories. You would think these experienced courtiers would learn some new moves.

    • Becks1 says:

      LOL Snuffles of course you would think they would learn, but these are the gold standard advisors we’re talking about here!!! They never learn!

      (and honestly it just furthers my theory that this was a direct leak from KP to distract from Kate’s blunder, and it caught BP totally off guard, so they are scrambling.)

      • Snuffles says:


        THAT is more believable than this being a distraction for Andrew. This was KP throwing BP under the bus to distract from yet another colossal PR fail.

      • Ginger says:

        I swear, the Cambridge’s will be the downfall of the monarchy. They are such useless cowards. They make mistakes and throw Meghan or Harry under the bus. I bet BP and probably Charles are really pissed by this move from KP. It really shows their racism.

  31. Lizzie says:

    It’s almost as if BP is trying to take the spotlight off of the ffk and ffq dragging.

  32. Over it says:

    Forgive me because I am not British, but are they implying that because Meghan had Americans working for her while she was in the uk that they were incapable of understanding The palace English. Is English not English? Bp is full of bull. Bull I tell you. They f-up and now trying to pass the buck

    • Ang says:

      That’s what I noticed! “Lost in translation” !?! Hahaha it’s the same freaking language. They really are just so so inept

  33. Liz version 700 says:

    Never complain and never explain….unless it is Meghan. The Palace continues to show us who they are and it is ugly, racist, stupid and petty.

  34. Over it says:

    I am going to need one or a lot of you brilliant wonderful people to send tweets to bp and the tabloids to point out the very important facts about American passports and that bp has been caught in their web of lies

  35. Catherine says:

    Several things to keep in mind here. On January 21. Lady Colin Campbell went looking for Archie’s birth certificate. That was not a random act. The original story was very specific. Meghan broke protocol, changed her child’s birth certificate as a deliberate snub to Kate. This was Meghan made Kate cry 2.0. Again not a random choice. Since the Sussexes statement they have been scrambling to find a narrative that works. But the more they spin the more they tell on themselves. One thing that has emerged. BP is distancing itself from KP on this issue. They are emphasizing separate households when they usually emphasize the hierarchical nature of things. This is something that has also emerged in Meghan’s court case. By spinning so hard they are violating the “never complain, never explain” mantra which only emphasizes their utter silence while Meghan was being abused. The non stop spinning makes them look suspect which is why (I think) the Sussexes haven’t responded. Most media isn’t even reporting any of the spin by the palaces. Even page six which typically regurgitates negative tabloid narratives word for word had a very soft article which also emphasized the fact that the change was requested by the Sussexes. They (the royal family and the media) started the month by trying to humiliate Harry by rehashing the wreath story. Clearly, they decided to end the month by going back to the old tactic of victimizing the white Princess by demonizing the black princess. The whole thing tells me they are desperate because the Sussexes are succeeding in ways they never expected and they don’t know what to do. They are terrified so they’re only hope is to throw mud in hopes something sticks. But they’re failing.

  36. MeToforever says:

    I just want these awful people to leave M/H/A alone. Why can’t they just focus on the royals in Britain and leave the American woman and her family alone?

    • Liz version 700 says:

      I think the focus on the ones in Britain is showing that they are terrible people. So they are trying to start the “attack the black woman” strategy again hoping to deflect. They are abusive people who are amoral. The good news is that American press is not responding to it in the same way the British Press did. H&M are handling themselves very well. One statement and the palace machine is on its side spinning it’s wheels. Their success speaks for itself. Meghan and Harry bad a$$es and the British Royals are just bad people.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Because the crazy loons who read the Fail Online will not click-and-comment on stories about Countess Sophie Wessex or Princess Anne. Stories on the York Princesses get more traction and traffic at The Fail Online than stories about the hard working workhorses Countess Sophie Wessex or Princess Anne.

  37. Sof says:

    Can’t decide who is more monstrous: the person who decided to erase a mother’s name from her child’s birth certificate or the people celebrating that decision.

  38. L4frimaire says:

    Before this whole story came out, who was giving any thought to Archie’s birth certificate? Where was this on our 2021 bingo card? I have never once thought about this child’s birth certificate because it’s none of my business and don’t think about other peoples forms. All of a sudden this is huge news, making international papers. The fact is for whatever reason, someone wanted to use this to once again come after Meghan, while she’s just going about her business. When she said don’t come for me, this wasn’t my decision, stop using me for fake snubs and you’re all clowns, they got all up in their feelings because she directly refuted this useless story and embarrassed them in front of the whole world. They should have stuck with their clerical error statement and moved on, but they can’t because they keep trying to humiliate her, and the press is pissed she called them out the sanme time Harry won his suit against the Fail. Remember, this story was originally planted with a whole fake narrative by someone in the UK to use Meghan as cover for other royals screwups. They started it and keep escalating, making themselves look more and more unhinged.

  39. Filmie says:

    Who the hell cares what’s written on his BC? Like literally … why is this even news?

  40. Lizzie says:

    No wonder the Duchess of Sussex never let go of her American team. She got a load of the clown car that make up the royal courtiers.

  41. Jay says:

    Three dumb, fumbling, blamey explanations in one day, none of which adequately respond to a problem that the palace (probably) created themselves through malicious leaking and racism? Gee, I hope these gold standard advisors get a raise this year.

  42. Purpeller says:

    Two thoughts: how can anyone other than the parents legally change anything on someone else’s child’s birth cert?

    Secondly, the arcane etiquette of British aristocracy. When a woman whose title is derived from her husband is a widow, she is usually referred to as first name, title. So it’s theoretically possible that you could contrive Rachel Meghan, HRH Duchess of Sussex to mean Harry was dead, which might then imply he wasn’t the father.

    I’m in no way defending this, just think it’s a possible answer.

    • Carmen-JamRock says:

      Bullocks. Khate’s name on her kids BC says, “HRH Catherine Elizabeth, Duchess of Cambridge” in the space for “Mother” on all the kids’ BC. Does this mean Willieleaks is dead?

      M’s original entry, supplied by H who was the one to provide the info & sign Archie’s BC, said “HRH, Rachel Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex” in the place for “Mother.”
      THEN her two names were REMOVED (by “clerical error” according to BP) and in the space for “Mother,” is now, “Duchess of Sussex.”………..Meghan has been completely removed from her child’s BC.

      Justify THAT!!!

  43. Lissdogmom02 says:

    Good lord they are petty fools. She’s not going to take her name off they did and when she sticks up for herself they do this.
    I would not blame her if she or Archie ever came back at all. I would ghost them, sorry to busy being a gauche American, suck it bitches. I would never acknowledge their existence again. Harry’s family would be what I relegated them to when asked and then reply oh I don’t know them really ask them sorry would be my only response. Don’t give their petty asses anymore air.

  44. Summerlover says:

    I think some big positive Sussex news is about to drop and all this is to ensure public sentiment remains anti Sussex rather than turning pro.

  45. Christine says:

    I don’t understand why this is a thing. How is Kate snubbed in any way by what was listed on someone else’s child’s birth certificate? This feels like creating drama for the sake of creating drama. For someone who wants Harry to come crawling back so bad, they sure aren’t making it attractive for him to do so.

    • Nic919 says:

      Also… how is the erasure of Meghan’s identity a snub to Kate. It’s a fucking insult to Meghan to have removed her given names from her child’s birth certificate and yet again the racist tabloids focus on the feelings of the white lady who wasn’t dehumanized.

  46. Kyliegirl says:

    The past year has really exposed the ineptitude of the palace courtiers. While other royals have been able to adapt to the constraints of COVID, the BRF has really shown how inflexible they are and want to keep with the status quo. They may be “zooming” themselves to exhaustion, but they have really been lacking in showing their value. Take away the pomp and pageantry and you are not left with much to inspire. Who knows what has gone on behind the scenes, but the wreath incident that came to light last Nov and again a few weeks ago signals the Palace really does feel threatened by the Sussexes. They poked the wrong bear. The Sussexes are done playing and the Palace look like bumbling fools. But, but, but. They will never learn and with the current climate, they may want to embrace the Sussexes instead of continuing to show their asses. Tiara events are not going to have the same impact as they used to have. As one advisor admitted, Meghan is smarter than all of the royals combined. She and Harry have the star power to outlast the ugly BM. They have a much larger audience.

  47. Steph says:

    My wild conspiracy theory: by the time of Archie’s birth, they knew M&H were fed up. They knew Meghan had one foot out the door. They took her name off so that when she inevitably jumped ship she couldn’t take the royal baby with her (or make it so difficult, she’d give up and leave him). They did not anticipate Harry going with her.

    EDIT: So I’m going through the comments now, apparently a few of us thought this same thing.

  48. Snuffles says:


    It really depends on how Harry feels about Philip at the moment. If a family is toxic, then one shouldn’t feel obligated to show up to family events that will be filled with backstabbing vipers. Harry can’t even make small talk without it being leaked or sold off to the highest bidder. He can’t move around freely or even feel comfortable where he lays his head because they will be stalking his every moment.

    So, Harry will have to weigh himself if it’s worth it.

  49. Nyro says:

    I feel like this could really blow up if they BRF don’t call off their dogs. This could be their biggest eff up yet because it’s so brazenly racist. For even bigger reason than the fact that this attack invokes their child. Black Americans do not play about birth certificates and “papers”. Meghan is a descendant of slaves in America. So is her mother and her mother before them. We know what it means to not have a claim on your child because white folks made it so. People are rightly calling this out as racist, deeply so. Not just squaddies, but regular folk and blue checks too. I can absolutely see them suing the family over this. The royals are playing with a form of birtherism here and they’re playing around with that disgusting conspiracy theory claiming Archie was not borne of Meghan. Someone on Twitter said there was a lot of talk specuficalky about Archie’s birth certificate in mugxit spaces a few weeks ago. This is coming from something very dark and I don’t think this is the end of this story by a long shot.

    • Guest with Cat says:

      I hope Black Americans don’t let this go. I hope this fans a blaze none of the palaces can extinguish and that they are forced to make a public apology.

      Their men in grey bragged on themselves as the best of the best of the best at handling everything a working royal could need done. They publicly dissed Harry and Meghan’s American staff repeatedly, saying they don’t have what it takes to serve the needs of royalty adequately.

      So they absolutely must answer for such a huge major slap in the face to not just Meghan, but all descendants of slaves and colonized and exploited people of color she was assigned to represent in her capacity of liason to the Commonwealth, (sorry I forget what her actual job title was) for daring to even think for a moment it would be okay to remove the name of a black woman from the birth certificate of her own son.

      I don’t care if this was done to Phil and everybody who married in, except of course special snowflake CEO Buttons, wife of William the Incandescent. If they are the experts they claim to be, they have no excuse for ignoring or overlooking the horrible insult this is, to do such a thing to a black descendent of slaves in what is supposed to be an egalitarian and enlightened modern age. It’s completely inexcusable and unacceptable.

      Whoever was compiling that list for how Meghan and Kate are treated differently for doing the same damn things need to add this one to the list.

      • Nyro says:

        It’s very insidious. People already see it for what it is. If they continue down this road, they’re about to meet Black America and they don’t want that because they really don’t know us.

      • Jane Doe says:

        This. I’m not American but also Black and a descendant of enslaved people. I am the holder of all official documents for my biracial children, and kept my married name after divorce to reduce the racism I constantly experience due to others trying to make a claim on my children or deny my “claim” (for lack of a better non-possessive word) to my children.
        Every Black woman or biracial woman aware of how the legacy of slavery still results in Black children being stolen from their mothers is taking this nonsense very seriously. This birth certificate incident has layers of historical meaning coming from the British royals. Their wealth comes from the slave trade.

    • lanne says:

      lainey over at her sight brought up the ugly specter of birtherism today

      • Nic919 says:

        She wasn’t wrong. And it of course is feeding the fools who are still going on about a moon bump.

    • Jane Doe says:

      This. I’m not American but also Black and a descendant of enslaved people. I am the holder of all official documents for my biracial children, and kept my married name after divorce to reduce the racism I constantly experience due to others trying to make a claim on my children or deny my “claim” (for lack of a better non-possessive word) to my children.
      Every Black woman or biracial woman aware of how the slavery still results in Black children being stolen from their mothers is taking this nonsense very seriously. This birth certificate incident has layers of historical meaning coming from the British royals. Their wealth comes from the slave trade.

  50. HK9 says:

    The RF and their advisors are a dumpster fire of ineptitude.

  51. Julia K says:

    @nyro. Read your post several times to let it all sink in. Could this be setting the stage for arguing Archies parentage? William and his band of goofballs? Scary.

    • Nyro says:

      I think they are. The mugxit crew and a lot of the royal reporters communicate. The RR and the BRF work together. I’m sure the palace knows all about the bullshit in those spaces about Archie’s parentage. I don’t think they’re doing it to take Archie away from them. They’re doing it because it’s another major way to humiliate and terrorize Meghan. It’s the one thing they haven’t touched and they’re desperate as hell. The BRF have no info to exchange and the rota rats are broke and starving for HM content. I absolutely think they’re trying to put the “surrogacy” and “moon bump” stuff out to the general public. Absolutely.

      • February-Pisces says:

        There were tons of rumours a few years ago that kate also used a surrogate. That she she was infertile due to an illness she had as a child, and her eating disorder. Also speculation about the colour of George’s eyes, he has brown, his parents both have blue, apparently so rare it’s even at 0% on the eye colour chart. Now those people think she’s the perfect broodmare.

        But I wouldn’t ever say kate ‘isn’t the mother’ if she did or didn’t use a surrogate herself, they will be her kids for life. There is no evidence to suggest Meghan used a surrogate, not one thing, no Beyoncé folding bump or anything. It’s just to take away that she actually a mother. Also Meghan fell pregnant after 3 months of marriage. I doubt she would have actively tried to get pregnant before the wedding because people would notice the dates. So do these people really think after only two attempts to get pregnant she would run straight to a surrogate. No IVF first?

        It’s like the Madonna whore complex, your either a wife/mother and are not desired by men, or your sexualised but deemed unsuitable to be a wife/mother material. Meghan is both very desirable and she a wife and mother. Kate is just seen as wife/mother.

    • Lizzie says:

      Archie is a US citizen as well as U.K. I don’t think anyone is taking him from his parents. I would like to see them try though, that could be a pr nightmare from which the rf never recover.

  52. Justjj says:

    “The use of the word ‘dictate’ by gauche, black, peasants, is highly unfortunate,” -says the f’ing stalwart bastion of white supremacy, white colonialism, and white imperialism since all of time… that’s all I got from all of this.

  53. Beech says:

    They would say that, wouldn’t they? Taking a leaf from the late great and cheeky Mandy Rice-Davies.

  54. Zen says:

    Didn’t someone, or maybe more than one, in this community predict that when the “Kate is exhausted” article dropped there would magically appear an attack article on Meghan? And here it is. From an incident in 2019 but why let that stop them? Must.deflect.from.Kate. Every single time.
    The tabloids are delighted. They can dine on this for a week.

  55. Bex says:

    A child born abroad to a U.S. citizen parent or parents may acquire U.S. citizenship at birth if certain statutory requirements are met. In such a case, the Department of State will issue a Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA), also called a Form FS-240, in the child’s name.

    All these machinations and explanations from the palace are wholly unnecessary, considering IF Meghan had concerns about what bake appeared on Archie’s British birth certificate (despite it being obvious that she did not), she could have applied for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad with whatever name she wanted listed under mother.

    The palace and the tabloids have really lost the plot. None of this was necessary, but seems to me to illustrate just what Harry and Meghan were facing when dealing with courtiers and family members.

  56. L4frimaire says:

    Every time one of these Rota reporters speak from now on, we’ll all hear Carnival of so-called royal “ experts”. It’s right up there with basket of deplorables. She just decimated their credibility and shown them for the ignorant clowns they are. Before Meghan issued her statement, there was some talk that Colin Campbell was going to use taking her name off the birth certificate to push the fake pregnancy/surrogate conspiracy. The snub angle was just stupid. This was a mess of the palaces own making because they couldn’t take their blinkered little stars being dragged for their tone-deafness and hypocrisy and racism. They chose to attack Meghan, and she chose to say no. They UK tabloids have been shown to be manipulative liars with the palaces help, and we can’t unsee it. Let’s see how many more denials and excuses they drop. They’re on what, their 4th or 5th version now?

  57. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    I know people will disagree with me on this, but I really think Harry and Meghan SHOULD give up their titles and completely cut ties with the royal family. At this point, having an HRH or other British title is similar to wearing a pointy white KKK hood. Why would any decent person want to be a part of that club? Harry and Meghan could be great ambassadors to the younger generations, pointing out how much more good can be accomplished through foundations like their own, without wasting billions of dollars on useless, racist, misogynistic, outdated institution that is filled with horrible, racist, unintelligent, spoiled people.

    • Carmen-JamRock says:

      And the pushback on this remains: LET. THEM. TRY. TO. TAKE. THEM.
      Why make tasks easy for your enemy? It would be a hell of an unprecedented undertaking for this bumbling, inept bunch of “gold standard” advisors to go thru the process of removing H&M’s titles. HOWEVER, H&M could make it very easy for them by just renouncing the titles. Just like you suggest. A suggestion, btw, being made by many royalists and H&M enemies alike. BUT, rest assured, H&M wont be assisting their enemies.
      ““Never interfere with your enemy when he is making [an ass of himself].”

      • Nyro says:

        Exactly. Let them take them. She calls herself a queen? Then boss up and take the titles and then take the heat. You a bad bitch! Then prove it.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        I know people want the royal family to HAVE to go through the effort, and bad public relations that will result, to strip H and M of their titles, rather than making it easier for the palace. But, to me it’s the same principle as being a member of a racist country club — sure, nobody should FORCE you to leave against your will, but why would any decent person WANT to remain a member?

        H and M have done, and will do, great things with their charities, and I think very highly of them for their work ethic, business sense, etc. But if there was a single thing about them that I found disappointing, it was their insistence on continuing to support the monarchy. That is an outdated, racist, sexist institution that has no place in the modern world. Nostalgia for imperialism is just another way to be racist. So is the notion that certain bloodlines are inherently superior to others. Again, I knew many people would disagree with me, but I would like to see H and M wash their hands of all that and walk away.

        Edited to add: In giving it more thought, I can see how H and M may, at one time, have thought they could help guide the monarchy into being a more enlightened institution. And, that it’s easier to do so from the *inside.* But I think it’s very clear now that will NEVER happen. It’s time to abandon a racist institution that has no intention of changing.

    • Lizzie says:

      Harrys title is his heritage. They can keep their titles and cut ties with the rf.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        I know they CAN keep their titles, and why people don’t want it to appear the royal family “won” by voluntarily giving it back. But who is really being spited in the end? The “HRH” title identifies the holder as a member of a racist institution that protects child rapists. Who would ever WANT to be associated with that?

      • CC2 says:

        While you may certainly think that way, and it’s fair for you to do so, people think H&M as separate from the RF. Just like how they call Diana a princess but crap on the RF. I think not using HRHs is enough, but Duke/Duchess isn’t a royal title and I don’t think Harry has to give up every single thing he has ever known for this…at least not yet. As long as they remain DoS, they’re redefining what it means to be a duke and duchess…and I’m here for that. By keeping the titles, imo, they expose the other Dukes that they are the lazy racist ones. Let people see the difference between the two Duchesses.

        The fact that Meghan is a princess pisses people off and I want them to continue. Let them take it away, because their racism will be out for show. Harry and Meghan can literally be seen making out with Biden and it wouldn’t change the fact that they are still able to be titled! So let them draft a very specific bill that targets the only WOC of the family.

        I also don’t think it’s as easy as legally giving up his titles. He could just be Catholic..saves him the trouble LOL.

        But no matter what happens, the RF will frame it as they won. Harry drops his HRH and the narrative is that the Queen stripped it off.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        @CC2, you made a good point of “comparisons” that will occur between Harry and other Dukes. Maybe it’s the American in me that simply views anyone with a title (whether it’s HRH or “Duke” or “Countess” or whatever) as pretentious and out of touch with the modern world. But I can see how the British would view it differently.

    • MeToforever says:

      They said if you don’t like the abuse, leave, they left. They said pay back Frogmore cottage, they paid it back. They said, no security. They are earning their own money and paying their own security. I want them to hold on to the title for the principle of it. They don’t need them, they don’t really use them. Never give them up. If the British royal family, or any entity in Britain wants the Sussex title, strip it from them in front of the world, you racist, devolving losers.

      • L4frimaire says:

        Agree. After this attempt at erasure of her own name in favor of HRH the Duchess of Sussex on that birth certificate, no way should they give up that title. Then some palace rando is going to change the birth certificate again? I wish a muthafucka would and get their ass sued. At this point, if someone in the rest of the royal family doesn’t want them using the title, which is their formal name, since names are the topic, then let them take it. They’ve given up a lot already and I have no issue with the title. Who on this earth actually believes that giving up the Duke/Duchess of Sussex will stop this hate campaign against Meghan Markle? No one actually believes that, because it’s never gonna happen. They will stay with the same attacks, keep shifting the goal posts, and keep hating on her. I actually hope they have another kid in California just so the birth certificate will list Meghan’s full name with no nonsense involved.

  58. GG says:

    “People are dying Kim!” – Meghan The Duchess of Sussex. I love when she does a clap back.

  59. Kalana says:

    This whole thing is so cut and dry. Kate and Will broke protocol on the birth certificates. Harry and Meghan followed their example but they were forced to change it by the Palace back in 2019.

    This was brought up now to create a weird fake scandal about a snub. The Sussexes corrected the record that they were forced. Anonymous “sources” from BP have gone to tabloids and the Telegraph with several different stories but refuse to speak on the record. They are still trying to create a story or scandal.

    I don’t understand why any of this confusing. It’s racist and grimey for the Palace to keep attacking the Sussexes but there isn’t any confusion about what happened. Are there really people who think the Palace didn’t force the change or make exceptions for the Cambridges to break with tradition?

  60. Chelsea says:

    Let’s say for argument’s sake that BP is telling the truth and KP handled Archie’s birth certificate( even though we know the Sussexes left KP fot BP before he was born): how does KP doing the paperwork contradict Meghan’s statement that this was dictated by the palace and not her? Kensington Palace IS one of the palace households and we know after all the crap that came out in this court case and various bitchy leaks from KP over the years thar they were not loyal to her and didn’t like being told what to do by her so are we really to believe that she ordered them to do this and they didnt bitch about it to the press about it at the time? Please.

    In all likelihood they told her it had to be done because protocol and she let them do it just like they told her that they all need copies of her letter because protocol only to then turn around and use it against her. It’s so crazy that the RRs have ginned up so much hate against her for “not following royal protocol” to just turnaround and drag her when it’s revealed shed been trying to all along.

  61. Justwastingtime says:

    The word unfortunate is not the same as untrue.

  62. blunt talker says:

    The royal family seniors are trying to keep a hold on Archie-without a title at the present time this was a ploy to hurt Meghan the most because she married in this family-They don’t give a damn about how much they hurt Harry and indirectly hurt Archie as well-The people who ever worked for the royal family will never do anything unless they are dictated to do so-But who gave the dictation?

  63. Lemons says:

    It’s amazing to me that the mother would ever be left off a birth certificate when SHE is the one that gave birth. We can only be sure that the child is from her! I don’t know what is wrong with royals and the Windsor clan, but they need professional help.

  64. Over it says:

    Can carnival of so-call royal experts be the meme of 2021 please!!. It’s hilarious.