2021 Golden Globes TV nominations: who got nominated & who got snubbed?


Here is the post for today’s 2021 Golden Globe nominations for TELEVISION. Considering most people have spent the past year endlessly streaming TV shows on Netflix, Prime, Hulu and Disney+, I think the TV noms are probably of greater interest to many people, and as such, they feel more chaotic! Note: there are about one million TV categories and I’m not including them all, so you can see the full list here at Variety. One thing to note for the Bridgerton fans… Bridgerton wasn’t eligible for this year’s Globes nominations. That show will be eligible for next year’s Globes. Here are the big TV nominations:

Best Television Series, Drama
The Crown
Lovecraft Country
The Mandalorian

Best Television Series, Musical or Comedy
Emily in Paris
The Flight Attendant
The Great
Schitt’s Creek
Ted Lasso

Best Limited Series, Anthology Series or a Motion Picture made for Television
Normal People
The Queen’s Gambit
Small Axe
The Undoing

Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series — Musical or Comedy
Don Cheadle – “Black Monday”
Nicholas Hoult – “The Great”
Eugene Levy – “Schitt’s Creek”
Jason Sudekis – “Ted Lasso”
Ramy Youssef – “Ramy”

Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series — Musical or Comedy
Lily Collins – “Emily in Paris”
Kaley Cuoco – “The Flight Attendant”
Elle Fanning – “The Great”
Jane Levy – “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist”
Catherine O’Hara – “Schitt’s Creek”

Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Drama
Jason Bateman “Ozark”
Josh O’Connor “The Crown”
Bob Odenkirk “Better Call Saul”
Al Pacino “Hunters”
Matthew Rhys “Perry Mason”

Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series — Drama
Olivia Colman – “The Crown”
Jodie Comer – “Killing Eve”
Emma Corrin – “The Crown”
Laura Linney – “Ozark”
Sarah Paulsen – “Ratched”

Best Supporting Actor, Television
John Boyega “Small Axe”
Brendan Gleeson “The Comey Rule”
Dan Levy “Schitt’s Creek”
Jim Parsons “Hollywood”
Donald Sutherland “The Undoing”

Best Supporting Actress, Television
Gillian Anderson, The Crown
Helena Bonham Carter, The Crown
Julia Garner, Ozark
Annie Murphy, Schitt’s Creek
Cynthia Nixon, Ratched

I was expecting Emily in Paris, even though most people thought that show was so stupid. I loved Ted Lasso and I think Jason Sudeikis could very well end up sweeping the Best Actor awards this year, that’s how lovely and loveable he is in that role. The Crown’s nominations are no surprise, and I’m glad that Josh O’Connor was recognized for his stellar work, frankly, as Prince Charles. I also think Emma Corrin should win over Olivia Colman, but that probably won’t happen. What else? I haven’t seen The Great, but I’m happy to see those nominations, it looks like an interesting series. The Undoing got a bunch of noms but I’m not sure it deserved it. Except for Hugh Grant, who was terrific.

Duchess of Cambridge video message


Duchess of Cambridge video message

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  1. Darla says:

    If you haven’t watched the flight attendant I highly recommend it. It did remind me of comments absolutely slamming Cuoco as a no-talent loser who lucked out with TBBT. Well, you will get a surprise if you watch this series.

    But there are so many on this list that I just love and whose work helped get me through covid.

    • lucky says:

      I really liked it too, I watched it just before or after Emily in Paris…. WTF do people see in Emily in Paris? I just don’t get it.

      I had never watched Cuoco before in anything and her energy in the series made me so on edge, anxious, and pissed… which… was impressive!

    • justtiffany says:

      Darla, I absolutely loved the show !!! I binged it in two days. She was great in and so was Rosie Perez.

    • Lightpurple says:

      That series completely stunned me. I binged the whole thing on one Saturday. But I don’t see how it is categorized as a comedy. It’s a murder mystery. And Kaley Cuoco really impressed me in the role.

    • Case says:

      Agreed. Such a good show and Kaley was great!

      I hope award shows really lean in to the fact that this entertainment is what helped us through a long, hard year. I know people always say award ceremonies are just silly and self-congratulating, and maybe they are, but I think art that helps people through hard times is worth celebrating. *shrugs*

    • MF1 says:

      I loved it too. Kaley’s role was very complex, and she was incredible in it!!

    • lucy2 says:

      The Flight Attendant was really good.
      I was not a Kaley fan at all, but this particular show changed my opinion of her, and I’m impressed that she produced it as well.

    • Esmom says:

      Okay, this thread has convinced me I need to re-subscribe to HBO! It seems to have the best shows. I really want to watch Lovecraft Country, too.

    • SarahCS says:

      Ooh this sounds good! I’m not a big tv watcher just due to time available (I’m about to start S3 of The Crown…) but this sounds worth it. Now to figure out if/how I can get it here in the UK. Thanks for the shout.

    • Kathryn says:

      I agree. Thoroughly enjoyed the Flight Attendant – binge worthy!

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Am half way through it and its great, she really shows her talent as an actress and that she is more then TBBT and Charmed (I remember her in it). Michelle Gomez (Missy for the Dr Who fans on the board) is fabulous as always.

    • Stephanie says:

      I also loved Kaley in this plus knowing she produced it makes me even happier for her!

    • Drea says:

      I HATED BBT, but The Flight Attendant sounds like a good premise. BBT was just sitcom-y and dumb. Can out-act bad scripts and bad character development.

      Although, everyone needs to watch The Great. It’s such a delight.

  2. Mia4s says:

    No big shocks. Although given that I’ve never met a human who has watched (let alone liked) Ratched, we will chalk that up to a Ryan Murphy buy…I mean effort!…I mean campaigning effort! (Good lord they nominated his version of the Prom as well. That’s horrifying!)

    • Godwina says:

      Ratchet is a Murphy thing? Ugh, there goes any interest. Thanks for the warning. The Prom was nails on chalkboard for me–had to stop watching!

    • lucy2 says:

      I only know one person who watched Ratched, and they didn’t like it at all.
      Sarah Paulson is such a great actress, I wish she weren’t always in Ryan Murphy projects because I don’t think his work is good at all, but I guess she enjoys working with him and the roles she gets from it.

    • Nic919 says:

      Ratched is awful. I had to force myself to finish it. At this point Ryan Murphy just parodies himself and it’s tiresome. That is takes up any space from other better dramas is not surprising, especially not from the HFPA.

    • Penguin says:

      A nom for Ratchet, but not for the lead actreses of Queens Gambit or Unorthodox? What a sham.

    • Cherry says:

      Here´s one! I ADORED Ratched. Truly one of the best shows I´ve seen all year. Dark, thrilling, funny. And cramped with wonderfully complex female characters.

  3. EviesMom says:

    The Great is brilliant! Glad to see it nominated along with Ted Lasso.

    Agreed the Flight Attendant was a riveting series. Much more so than The Undoing.

    Schitts Creek! Love it! It was the background to my families quarantine last year…. and I guesss this year 😭.

    • tempest prognosticator says:

      Schitt’s Creek was the MVP of my 2020 experience. I would give them all of the awards.

    • anon says:

      Ted Lasso is so nice to watch.With so much hate everywhere, Ted’s a gem. I almost stopped it after the first episode, but it’s so lovely. The Great is absolutely bonkers….

  4. Lori says:

    I didn’t think I’d like The Great and it is FANTASTIC! Super binge-worthy and Nicholas Hoult is really good.

    • joe dokes says:

      Why is it acceptable for non-Eastern Europeans to play Eastern Europeans, particularly in a mocking manner?

      • Macheath says:

        Not to be pedantic but from what I recall hearing a while back, neither Catherine nor Peter were actually Russian. Indeed Peter likely did not even speak the language. As far as mocking of the main chars, it’s probably more accurate to say mocking Germanic people (not that I’m saying that’s better at all!). I gave up after one episode because of the stilted over the top acting, so cannot comment on mocking of supporting characters who may have been Eastern European.

      • Sof says:

        I take it as Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, they picked the genereal idea of these people but the show has nothing to do with real events.

      • joe dokes says:

        Just with all the talk of privilege, Western Europeans and Americans are definitely privileged over Eastern Europeans and EE tend to be portrayed in a very negative light. Think about how many EE characters are criminals or prostitutes in Western media (I.e. the John Wick series). Seems kind of wrong.

      • sassafras says:

        They make it very clear that Catherine was not Russian. It’s kind of THE point of the show so … you know. Watch it maybe?

      • joe dokes says:

        Form imdb there doesn’t appear to be a single Russian among the producers, writers, directors, crew, or cast of the entire show. If this was true of a show about the “history” of any other group, people on this site would be losing their minds.

      • Drea says:

        FFS, everyone, they are mocking royalty. Something most of us non-royals can get behind. It’s called punching up, guys.

      • Drea says:

        And it’s not a show about history.

        As Sassafras says, maybe watch it. Or don’t. But stop complaining about what you don’t know.

      • MB says:

        Imagine scouring IMDB just so you can get on your woke soapbox about something so stupid.

    • Bibi says:

      Absolutely loved The Great. I was disappointed it didnt get more coverage. I really enjoyed that show

    • sassafras says:

      I’m so pleased it’s getting recognition. The performances and writing were so sharp and quick.

    • k8koko says:

      Agreed, Nicholas Hoult is brilliant in The Great. Definitely worth watching – for the costumes and set design alone.

  5. Becks1 says:

    Oh these are going to be the interesting categories (TV as compared to movie.) I think Gillian Anderson will win Best Supporting Actress for the Crown, and I also think Olivia Colman will win as well.

    It sort of annoys me that they break the lead acting categories into comedy or drama but dont do that for the supporting actresses. Annie Murphy was excellent in Schitt’s Creek but I do think she will lose to Anderson.

  6. lobstah says:

    I hated The Flight Attendant so much that I stopped watching 6 eps in. It’s basically 8 hours of Kaley Cuoco pursing her lips and trying to act. I wanted to like it, I really did. But she’s just not that great.

    • Anne Call says:

      We really enjoyed the first 5 or 6 episodes and then started to think it went a bit off the rails. Also found the Rosie Perez side story distracting and confusing. Loved Miranda character-could watch a series about just her!

      • Valerie says:

        Yeah, when it was over, my mom was like, so what’s the deal with her? lol. She thought she’d missed something, and she’d watched it more closely than I had.

  7. HeyAcat says:

    Emily in Paris was really bad it was fun but nowhere in the same league as queen’s gambit, Schnitt’s creek or unorthodox.
    So weird we all watch streaming services nowadays…the only show on free tv I watch now is house hunters international

    • Dee says:

      Yes, I don’t get the love for Emily in Paris. Nothing but a “Sex and the City Goes to Paris” vibe, but not a lot of great acting.

      • Ann says:

        I watched half of one episode and couldn’t take it. Lily Collins was actually quite good in “Les Miserables” but she just annoyed me here, and the show is so….fluffy.

      • Grant says:

        Lily Collins was in Les MIserables? Are you thinking of Amanda Seyfried?

      • Sweet says:

        There’s mini series, quite good by the way, where Lily Collins plays Fantine… Dominic West is in the lead role

    • Esmom says:

      I agree that it’s not in the same league as the other nominees. I could’t get through it.

      I feel the same way about Ozark, tbh. Maybe I need to try again but in the first season I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was trying to be Breaking Bad 2.0.

  8. Stef says:

    Surprised to see Ratchet nominated, it was such a bad show! Happy for Cynthia Nixon but overall, I thought Ratchet sucked. Same with Emily in Paris, not sure why that one is on this list.

    Super happy for Emma Corrin, Gillian Anderson, and HBC, loved all their performances in the Crown! The Schitt’s Creek and Ozark crews must be pretty happy with so many nods. Flight Attendant was also well deserved, although I’m still on the fence about being a Kaley Cuoco fan.

    Now I need to go look into the shows I haven’t seen yet, such as The Great and Ted Lazzo…

  9. Godwina says:

    If anyone wins for The Crown it will be Corrin because the Diana Delusion just never ends. Hoping good hopes for Queen’s Gambit! And Better Call Saul (the best spin-off to ever spin off, even more so than Fasier) could win in any category and I’d be pleased.

  10. Charfromdarock says:

    I’m really enjoying The Great.

    I absolutely love Schitt’s Creek. Catherine O’Hara in particular is brilliant.

  11. Lily P says:

    I May Destroy You was sublime. GG your racism is showing.

    • Kate says:

      Yeah, I’m shocked that didn’t have any nominations.

    • Sunday says:

      It is an absolute travesty that I May Destroy You was snubbed. Just an incredible show.

      • Athyrmose says:

        Hard agree

      • lucy2 says:

        It really is. I would expect something like the GGs to recognize that too, they’re usually a little less stodgy than the Emmys.

        The show and Michaela Cole both were riveting, and deserve awards. She is an extraordinary storyteller.

    • YAS says:

      I am SHOOK that I MAY DESTROY YOU wasn’t nominated. It was so visceral and powerful. A standout in 2020.

    • Kathryn says:

      For me, this was one of the best series of the year. Powerful, devastating, complex, at times very funny. I hate it was snubbed.

    • Chicken says:

      Speaking of the GGs showing their racism, HOW is there not one acting nom for Lovecraft Country? Jonathan Majors was incredible in that role.

      • Lily P says:

        Yes he was amazing! I would also add Uzo Aduba – she won a damn Emmy for her role in Mrs America and didn’t even get nominated at the GG?!

  12. Macheath says:

    I gave up on The Great, Queen’s Gambit and Ratched. Did not enjoy any of them or the performances, became a chore to watch them after a while. I though Queen’s Gambit was better during the orphanage years and the supporting actors were far more compelling than the lead actress – everything about her performance said “I’m acting!” And not in a good way either. I genuinely did not share the praise on her performance but all of that is just personal opinion anyway so no harm no foul that it is beloved and nominated.

  13. Aeren says:

    Why is Peaky Blinders never nominated? It is a fantastic show with wonderful acting.

    • Ann says:

      I’m not sure it would have been eligible this year as there was no new series? But I agree, fantastic show. Cillian Murphy is great but so are all the supporting actors.

    • Sunshine says:

      That’s what I came here to say too.

  14. Case says:

    I am absolutely giddy with these nominations coming out. I LOVE award season, so this is such a nice thing to look forward to! And I’m happy that I watched a lot of what’s nominated this year; it’s so much more fun to watch if you have people to root for.

    I will be very disappointed if Anya Taylor-Joy doesn’t win in either category she’s nominated for — I just love her and she did a wonderful job in both Queen’s Gambit and Emma.

    Hugh Grant absolutely deserved a nom for The Undoing, but Nicole Kidman, really? Nicole Kidman, who couldn’t seem to remember if she was playing an American or an Australian woman from scene to scene? Hmm. I don’t know about that.

    Schitt’s Creek forever has my heart. One of the most special shows I’ve ever watched. I hope they sweep.

    • Ann says:

      I agree, Hugh Grant was terrific. He is such a good actor, which didn’t always come through when he was the British Rom-Com heartthrob. Kidman was less impressive.

      • Becks1 says:

        kidman would have been better had she shown expression. Why an actress would do that to her face (completely freeze it like she did) is beyond me.

        But agree, Hugh Grant was excellent and I also really liked Donald Sutherland.

      • Case says:

        @Becks1 Nicole’s acting was so bizarre in that show that I half wondered if her complete lack of emotion and strange flip-flopping with her accent was on purpose to disorient us. But I think that’s being generous and it just wasn’t a very good performance, lol.

      • lucy2 says:

        I generally really like Kidman, but that was an odd series for her. I agree Hugh was more impressive.

        I’m surprised Schitt’s Creek is still in awards contention, I feel like it ended so long ago? But I love everyone and everything about that show, and will be fine with them winning everything.

        I enjoyed the Queen’s Gambit too.

  15. chimes@midnight says:

    The movie nominations were a lot more diverse. By a long country mile. Maybe it’s more noticeable looking at movies and tv noms separately, but, yeah…. ?

  16. Amelie says:

    Emily in Paris? What?? LOL. That whole show was an SNL movie skit that lasted 8 episodes long. I absolutely loved it in a hate watch kind of way and enjoyed it for its ridiculousness. Lily Collins somehow manages to be endearing and annoying in that role at the same time which I grant you is not easy to pull off. If it gets any awards, I’ll chalk it up to Part II of 2020 madness.

    So glad to see Ozark up there, especially Julia Garner as Ruth. One of my favorite TV characters. I’ve been wanting to check out Lovecraft Country and I guess I will finally break down and watch The Crown. I’ve seen random bits of episodes here and there with other people but never sat down to watch the entire thing.

    Also is The Flight Attendant only available on HBO Max? I have an HBO subscription through Hulu but I do not have an HBO Max subscription.

    • Case says:

      I couldn’t get through the first episode of Emily in Paris. Unbelievably bad! If I were virtually watching with friends I probably could’ve managed a hate-watch. But I find it SO weird it was nominated for awards. It was…bad.

      • Amelie says:

        It is the perfect show for a Netflix Party watch with wine and treats with girlfriends to make fun of! Absolutely.

      • Em says:

        Emily in Paris was brainless escapism. Just visual indulgence and something light. Even Bridgerton has somewhat more brainpower than Emily in Paris. I enjoyed both, but Emily in Paris is not deserving of awards.

    • Lightpurple says:

      If you have HBO, you should be able to watch HBO Max programming

    • lucy2 says:

      I have HBO through Hulu too, and was able to install the HBO Max app and watch it on my ipad. For some reason it won’t let me watch it through the app on my TV though.

      • Amelie says:

        Oh got it! Didn’t realize I had to stream it directly through the HBO Max service but I was able to enter my Hulu information and it works! I see I can now watch the Flight Attendant. I thought Wonder Woman 1984 was also on HBO Max but doesn’t look like I can stream it with my Hulu HBO subscription.

      • Anne Call says:

        Some other good shows on HBO max are I Hate Susie and Lethal White.

  17. Dutch says:

    Looks like the Rhea Seehorn snub is still an annual affair.

    • Esmom says:

      I know, right? She’s a much better actor than Bob Odenkirk. He’s surprisingly good but she is brilliant and just owns that role.

  18. Penguin says:

    I may destroy was totally overlooked, underrated and snubbed!!!! Michaela coen killed that show!

  19. Jc says:

    You can have access to HBO Max thru your account with Hulu. You just have to add the app to your TV.

  20. IMARA219 says:

    Lovecraft Country was snubbed in my opinion. Way more nominations should have given for Best Actress/Actor/Supporting for just a few. I am majorly disappointed.

    • Chicken says:

      Same, I’m just floored that there were no acting noms for that cast. Several of those performances were REALLY good, with tough material.

  21. MommaDawna says:

    The actors in Lovecraft Country should have been nominated.

  22. Sof says:

    I just started watching The Great, so far I like it. I was surprised that it’s not filmed in an actual palace but on a set and that everything was hand painted!

  23. Cee says:

    I love The Great. Such a fun show.

  24. mynameispearl says:

    I read somewhere that Daisy Edgar Jones was nominated for Normal People but I dont see her on this list anywhere, maybe theres another category for Angsty Irish Erotic Dramas, in which case Paul Mescal has been robbed lol

    • Daphne says:

      I 100% agree. I cannot think of a performance that topped Paul’s this past year. Daisy was excellent but I don’t think it was the performance of her career. I didn’t love her solo episode and I loved the book. She could have done more with it.

  25. Meime says:

    Look, I watched Emily in Paris because of the fun Paris set and hot guy, but that show was terrible and not deserving of any awards. Lol

    • Bloemfontein says:

      Emily was a pleasant show, acting was fine, I guess some moments were funny, it wasn’t dated but to me it lacked je ne sais quoi. It was watchable, like it’s slightly better than riverdale, much better than bridgington which seems so forced and cliché (can’t get into it). Same creater created gossip girl which had so much more soul and humour and I just checked and it was always snubbed by the globes. I don’t get that nomination. A better New show snubbed this year which had equally interesting sets and clothes was I may destroy you. I also love insecure. If Emily wasn’t « in Paris » I probably would not have bothered.
      Schitts creek… dan is not a side character, he’s the main character IMO. But it’s a great show and I hope it wins.

  26. Margot says:

    My random thoughts:
    1. I don’t see any actors nominated for Normal People. Paul Mescal was heartbreaking.
    2. Loved The Great – huzzah for Elle Fanning!
    3. Not sure why The Undoing is being nominated except to get some big names at the awards.
    4. Was Killing Eve this year?? Seems like it was out a long time ago.

    • mynameispearl says:

      I read somewhere else that Daisy did get a nomination for best actress, maybe theres a whole other category for actresses?

      Cant believe none for Paul Mescal, his portrayal of male depression broke me. That and his GAA shorts wearing general sexy bastardness 😂

  27. Bloemfontein says:

    Yay for Ramy! Highly recommend that one !

  28. K says:

    “Ted Lasso” was my favorite show of the year. Heartwarming, smart and cheeky. Wish there was a supporting actress nod for Juno Temple or Hannah Waddingham (they both play unique, compelling women on a surprisingly feminist show packed with guys). Nothing about “Emily in Paris” deserves awards, IMO.

  29. Chris says:

    Catherine O’hara is far and away ahead of the others in that category. She is a brilliant comedic actor. No hate to lily Collins, but if Catherine loses to her I am going to quit 2021.

    • Bloemfontein says:

      I didn’t know her before but yeah she’s amazing in schitts creek

      • Chicken says:

        She’s been turning in brilliant comedic performances in the Christopher Guest movies for years. And how can you not know the mom from Home Alone??

      • Chicken says:

        Woops, CHRISTOPHER Guest, not David Gest. Very different people, lol.

  30. Veronica S. says:

    Schitt’s Creek was bound to get a lot because it closed out, but I am surprised at how much Queen’s Gambit didn’t get nominated for. That was a great mini-series. I’m rooting for O’Hara, though. She’s one of those actresses who gets nominated a lot but doesn’t take home as much as she should. (Amazing how people don’t rally around female actors who get passed up a lot like they did Leo, eh?)

  31. Mina_Esq says:

    I feel almost offended that Lilly Collins is in the same category as Catherine O’Hara. I mean, come on 🙂

    • Bloemfontein says:

      You know who deserves to be nominated along side Catherine ? Michaela Coel. Lily is great in her role but it’s not on the same level

  32. KBeth says:

    I’m know I’m in the minority but I found Gillian Anderson cringeworthy in The Crown. Had to mute her scenes.
    Glad to see Ozark nominated.

  33. coolspray says:

    Emily in Paris? EMILY IN FRICKIN PARIS? With more than one nom?!?! Whhhhhhhhy?????? Did they just scroll through Netflix, randomly hit stop, landed on Emily and were like “shrug, sure, that’ll do.” The worst, most cliched, un-funny, poorly acted and sadly unoriginal show I’ve seen in a very, very long.

    I guess when the SATC reboot comes out, it’s a guaranteed sweep so may as well just start handing out those trophies now.

  34. Daphne says:

    Paul Mescal should have been nominated for Normal People. His vulnerability and measured performance to show a young man dealing with depression was phenomenal. His monologue gave me chills.

    What a miss GG

  35. EarlGreyHot says:

    1) Better Call Saul is one of the best shows on TV and was snubbed. What’s worse, Rhea Seehorn (female lead) was snubbed AGAIN.
    2) Gillian Anderson in The Crown is one of most annoying, overrated performances I’ve seen. Her voice! It borders on parody. Thatcher was in early 60s during that time and Anderson plays her like octogenarian.
    That’s all

    • Valerie says:

      Gillian’s voice has been weird for the last few years. I still love her, I just noticed that she tends to go with this raspy, subdued voice now no matter who she’s playing. It was even like in the XF reboot!

      I think Thatcher herself presented a fairly aged and antiquated image, though. In the 70s and 80s, the average lifespan for a woman in the UK was 70-75, and she did seem a lot older than her years, so I’d say the octogenarian approach was a good one.

      • TeamAwesome says:

        I am pretty sure Gillian has vocal damage. I tried to watch an interview with her the other day because her voice was like nails on a chalkboard. To my voice teacher ears she really sounds like she needs to have it checked out asap.

      • Valerie says:

        @TeamAwesome: I wonder what happened! It even sounds like that to my untrained ears.

  36. Valerie says:

    I’m not sure who I’d take off the existing list to make room for him, but I felt strongly from the beginning that Logan Lerman should’ve gotten a nom for Hunters. He was amazing. We don’t really need “the next Pacino,” but if anyone deserves that label, it would be him. That whole cast was just so good… I want everyone to be nominated, lol.

  37. The Recluse says:

    I am bummed that What We Do In The Shadows got no love.

  38. Ashley says:

    Nothing for Dix Pour Cent? That was one of the best series I’ve watched and I was hoping they’d finally get some America recognition. The last season wasn’t great but it should get a nomination as a whole. Or is it only the Emmys that do international? Seriously I cannot rave enough about the stellar writing on that show. It was heartwarming, funny and easily one of the best series around. Much better than most of the American stuff I’ve seen lately.

  39. Becks1 says:

    Okay just
    Popping back to say that I think Bridgerton WAS eligible and if so, what a major snub for the show. The eligibility period is apparently through 12/31, so Bridgerton made it. Not a single acting nom?

  40. Amanda says:

    Insecure should have been nominated!!

  41. KTate says:

    Jingle Jangle A Christmas Journey should be there. It was amazing and I can’t wait to see it on Broadway. We watch it every day (4 year old).

  42. rivkah says:

    Michaela Coel was snubbed

  43. Sigmund says:

    Can anyone confirm if Bridgerton was eligible or not? I know it says here they weren’t, but In seeing other sites claim they were.