Subway defends their ‘100% real wild caught tuna’ with 15% off


Two upset customers sued Subway in Calofirnia last week accusing them of not putting tuna or any other kind of fish in their tuna subs. The lawsuit went wide with many outlets covering and joking about this story. I didn’t think the suit had legs and that Subway would be able to shut it down pretty quickly. But I guess the press did some damage, because Subway is assuring everyone they are serving up “100% real wild caught tuna” that is “100% delicious” to boot. To make their point, they have a popup on their website offering a 15% discount on any footlong tuna salad sub ordered online.

Last week, a lawsuit accused Subway of using fake fish in its tuna subs. Now, the popular chain is offering a deal on the menu item so customers can try it for themselves and (hopefully) discover that the restaurant’s tuna is the real deal.

A new pop-up on Subway’s website highlights the restaurant’s “100% real wild caught tuna” and touts it as “100% delicious.” It also tempts customers with a 15% discount on any tuna footlong sub ordered through the Subway app or website, as first reported by Delish.

The promotion doesn’t mention the lawsuit outright, but it certainly appeared to be a creative response to a lawsuit that Subway has vowed to fight. The company even provided customers with a cheeky promo code for the sale: “ITSREAL.”

Curious to know if the deal was inspired by the pending lawsuit, TODAY Food reached out to Subway, and a spokesperson for the company offered the following statement: “We are running a promotion that offers 15% off one of our delicious, wild-caught tuna footlong subs on the Subway app and online using the code ITSREAL. This promotion reinforces that the tuna our Franchisees serve to their guests every day is 100% real, cooked tuna.”

[From Today]

Whether you believe the fake fish claim or not, you have to acknowledge this is pretty clever marketing. Without admitting, denying, smearing or even acknowledging anything – technically – they’ve launched a nice little tuna campaign. And clearly, I am the kind of sucker this was designed for because this does sway me into thinking that they are serving real tuna. There’s no way they could have switched out that much product that quickly. Well, not totally designed for me because I still don’t like their tuna salad. But I wonder if this will work for other stuff? Hey – Ben & Jerry’s, I don’t think there’s a single cherry in your Cherry Garcia. Make a liar out of me! *holds out bowl*

And while we still don’t know what the lawsuit claims is actually in the tuna salad, social media – including Subway’s account – is having some fun with it at least:

As always, however, when it comes to tuna, there is only one opinion that matters:




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  1. Muffintop says:

    In my head, I’ve been wondering if they use something like seafood extender (aka fake crab meat), but flaked? I mean… Surely those people wouldn’t have filed a suit with zero evidence…. right?

    Also, haha to Jessica Simpson’s tweet — she’s a good sport!

    • Noodle says:

      That’s what I thought too, but Krab is made of fish, just not crab. If the tuna they tested is neither tuna nor fish, that claim would seem to discredit Krab. I’ll be upset if it ends up being TVP or tofu, because it’s not stated anywhere and my mom has a severe soy allergy. Eating a sandwich with TVP could kill her, especially since it’s not on an ingredients list.

  2. Samanthalous says:

    Ok but what is it tofu? I’ve never had it Before but I feel like it was a faux meat they could market it and maybe appeal to another group.

    • oopygoopy says:

      fermented soybeans pressed into cube shape typically unless its a silken tofu. quite nutritious and awesome fried with teriyaki on top

  3. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    I’m just surprised that any human being needs a foot-length of food for lunch.

  4. SarahCS says:

    So weirdly I was just thinking about this last night (I know) and whether there had been any developments.

    Also, special mention and thanks to Jessica Simpson who came to mind as soon as I saw the first funny tweet about this. Nice work.

  5. Bubbled says:

    Props to Jessica Simpson for her tweet. That is funny.

  6. Ellie says:

    Tbh all this has done is made me want a Subway tuna sandwich, but as my husband says, I don’t react normally to anything. I don’t believe it’s not tuna, I’ve worked there and I’ve made it. I think its worst crimes are low quality bread and full fat mayo. Also Jessica Simpson is hilarious.

  7. Jules says:

    Ew this is so gross, my stomach is churning just thinking about eating mystery seafood.

  8. ab says:

    awesome, I know what I’m having for lunch! love a subway tuna, with full knowledge of its grossness lol.

  9. JRT says:

    Subway is trash and has been for years. I haven’t order, bought or consumed anything from Subway in almost 10 years because their bread sucks, lettuce is brown all the time, tomatoes are unripe/barely pink…..trash, trash, trash!!!

    I definitely wouldn’t get their tuna sandwich because the lawsuit is probably true. GROSS!!!

    • oopygoopy says:

      the book Tomatoland will have you avoiding all tomatoes except homegrown, in case you are a reader 🙂