Mila Kunis: Dry January was a terrible idea, especially after the insurrection

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Mila Kunis is still promoting Breaking New in Yuba County, which starts streaming tomorrow. She’s also still giving interviews from the cavernous stone space in her house that looks great, but the acoustics, oi! I’m delighted to get to see a glimpse in these folks beautiful homes but not when I need to listen to what they’re saying. Mila called Ellen DeGeneres and talked about the movie, which she did as an excuse to work with Allison Janney. (I mean, who wouldn’t?) She also confessed she’s still feeling guilty about using the Cheeto commercial she filmed as an excuse to get away from her kids during the pandemic. Plus, she admitted she and husband Ashton Kutcher picked the wrong year to observe Dry January.

On getting the offer for the commercial
I was literally like, ‘I don’t care. I need to get out of this house!’ I looked at it as a two-day vacation. I was like, ‘We’re getting out, we’re going to shoot this thing and we’re going to get away from our children.’ I’m a horrible mom.

How weird it was to shoot the commercial
We showed up, it’s really uncomfortable. You’re not wearing a mask, you feel really vulnerable. You feel like a lemming – no is allowed to talk to you, you don’t talk to anybody. You don’t know what anyone looks like. It’s a bizarre circumstance. Then I was pretty convinced I had COVID. Knock on wood it didn’t happen and I got two days off from my kids. I’m a horrible mom.

I love my kids very much, but they’re like dogs. They can sniff you out. They know your smell, they know what room you’re hiding in. You can’t get away from them. You just can’t. They’re just there!

On Dry January
That quickly turned to wet February. Dry January was a terrible idea. When the insurrection happened we’re like ‘this is a mistake. We made a mistake’

[From two videos on Ellen on YouTube]

As a parent I would use any excuse to get out of the house right now. If my kids were safe and I was relatively assured I would be safe while gone, you wouldn’t believe what I’d agree to. I wonder if Mila actually feels this guilty or feels like she just should keep saying it. It sounds like all precautions were taken and everyone is fine – I don’t think Mila needs to beat herself up anymore. Also, I saw the commercial they filmed. I’d feel guilty about the final product over anything that led up to it. I posted it below. Shaggy’s awesome, he always is. And I know I will get my feminist card revoked, but I love that song. Ironically, my husband and I used to joke about rewriting the lyrics so we could continue to sing it when the kids were young. So I should have loved the ad. But the execution was only okay. And OMGawd, whoever decided to let Ashton sing should be sent back to the mail room right now.

As for Dry January, I can kind of relate. I do usually observe Dry January, but we didn’t even consider it this year. Not because of 2020, although that would have been a factor otherwise, but my migraines have cut our drinking in half already. A month with no alcohol isn’t really a rarity anymore, so we don’t need to schedule it. On January 6th, all I wanted was a drink. I even thought about a martini after not having hard alcohol in almost a year. But I could tell the stress of the day would mean a certain migraine if I had anything at all, so I rode it out sober as well. Like Mila, I can’t say I was happy about it. But remembering back on my Dry Januarys, yes, they did make the first weekend in February very wet. Almost like, what was the point?



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18 Responses to “Mila Kunis: Dry January was a terrible idea, especially after the insurrection”

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  1. Nicole r says:

    Like a lemming? Does she mean a leper?

  2. Lunasf17 says:

    I would totally take a two day trip to get away from my husband and toddler at this point so I’m maybe a bad mom too. I’ve heard film sets are very Covid careful. I applied to be a background actor for a pilot filming near me. They are doing Covid testing a few days before filming so I was ok with the risk. My husband was on board too since the pay was good but I haven’t heard back so probably didn’t get the part. Mainly I wanted to get out of the house too and get some film experience.

    • Juju says:

      Wanting to get away and having some time for yourself doesn’t make you a bad mom. It makes you a human being. This nonsense that moms have to want to be with their kids all of the time is just dangerous. Every mom would benefit from some alone time or time with their friends away from their partner and kids.

  3. Ellie says:

    Jan. 6 was rough like I wanted a whiskey. Jan. 20 was rough like I wanted champagne. I’ve done Dry January for the past two years and I honestly found this one easier for some reason. I was a bit pissed last year to look back at Dry January and realize those were some of our last days to go out to a bar for a long, long time. Maybe this year I’m so used to staying in that it just wasn’t so bad?

  4. tealily says:

    Omg yes on Ashton singing. They really should have had someone dub his one line. I can’t stand this commercial, completely because of the singing.

  5. Case says:

    Their house looks so cool from where she’s doing her calls.

    I’m excited that I get to leave the house today to pick up a prescription, and I don’t even have kids. I totally get it lol. ANY excuse is fine. I’ve literally just been home and not going anywhere since the new year. I’m starting to go a little bonkers, I think, and I’m a homebody.

    Re: Dry January — I’ve actually made a habit of NOT drinking, which has been great. My first drink of the year was having a beer while watching the Super Bowl, because it felt appropriate. I felt gross the next day from just one drink.

    • lemonylips says:

      yeah i’d love to see that house, looks modern but cosy on that video. do that one, AD.

    • Sadie says:

      I quit completely following a dry January 2020 and feel so much better. But have been wondering about having just one occasionally. It’s easer right now to just abstain so I haven’t had that “just one” drink. I also just turned 50 and have hit menopause so don’t really want alcohol after-effects right now.

  6. Mac says:

    My sisters and I did dry January. They both cracked on inauguration day but I managed to power through only because there was no booze in the house.

  7. GreenBunny says:

    January 6 was a super hard day for me. That morning we had to make the difficult choice to say goodbye to our 12 year old labrador. Then we came home to the sh*t show on the US capital. I was not sober that day. Also, I have 3 kids, 2 home schooled, 1 in preschool, and my husband goes into the office everyday. I would sell my soul to get even a couple hours away. I can’t even go to the bathroom alone anymore.

  8. Mrs. Peel says:

    As if a Cheeto has ever passed her or Ashton’s lips. Also, she lost her hotness the minute they got together. He’s a soul stealer.

    • Genessee says:

      Ok. So that wasn’t just my take?

      Was her face a bit fuller a few years ago or did she do something to her face? She looks very different — and this has nothing to do with aging. She just does not look “herself.”

      • Susan says:

        Funny you say that about her, people have always told me I look like her and we are roughly the same age. Recently people have been saying to me (on zoom meetings, mind you!), “Oh Susan, you’ve lost weight,” and I haven’t lost a pound. Not one ounce. Probably gained. But if you have rounder cheeks in your youth, you thin out as you age and the face shape changes. It changes your look, it has definitely changed mine. I’ve been told I look like a different person and I promise, no plastic surgery or even Botox/fillers. YET. Another good example of this is Julia Louis Dreyfus. Look at her face/cheekbones facial structure over the years.

      • Christina says:

        @Susan, I’m exactly the same! I used to have such a round face (Gigi Hadid round) well into my 20s. Now I’m 36 and I’ve got cheek hollows and even my nose has somehow become pointy. I personally like it a lot, I like how defined my face looks and that I don’t look like a plump kid anymore.

  9. Emm says:

    I would give anything to get away from my kids and I have no shame in saying that. Like I’ve said before I feel like I have no identity or anything outside of being mom and doing mom and wife things right now and it’s soul sucking. We have all been home since my last was born Sep. 2019 for the most part. We switched our kids to online school for this year. Also, we stopped drinking completely when the pandemic started and we were the kind to have at least one drink a day. I can honestly say I haven’t missed it and nothing has made me want to go back.

  10. a person says:

    People should be lucky they have family to get away from. try being single, sad, and alone. also i got through maybe 20 seconds of that god-awful commercial.