Zoey Deutch is Uber Eating sushi so much, they sent her eight sets of chopsticks


I live alone and, while I can cook, I prefer not to cook most nights. Especially during the pandemic, I just can’t concentrate very long on cooking and baking. It’s easier to just stock up on takeout once or twice a week and eat those “leftovers” throughout the week. Over the past year, I obviously haven’t been eating in restaurants, so I’ll just call in an order and pick it up, because there are at least a dozen good restaurants within a five-to-seven minute drive from my house. Call it the OG Uber Eats, or maybe I’m just an old school, analog person. Anyway, far be from me to suggest that Uber Eats is all a big scam! Zoey Deutch, a well-known child-actor-turned-grown-up-actress, has some kind of sponsorship deal with Uber Eats, American Express and a new “Rose Gold Meals” thing. She chatted about it with People Magazine and she cracked me up about her love of takeout, fried chicken and getting enough food for eight people. I’ll spare you the spon-con, here are the quotes about food:

Her V-Day plans: For Zoey Deutch, Valentine’s Day will consist of eating “like four or five” fried chicken sandwiches while at home in quarantine by herself. And the 26-year-old actress — whose fans and Instagram followers know her to be quite the foodie — would have it no other way. “I’m very vocal about my deep, deep love of food and very much so a huge fan of fried chicken. Anything that can make this specific Valentine’s Day a little bit more festive and sweeter, or maybe spicier, is great by me,” Deutch, who will be indulging in Amex and Uber Eats limited-edition Rose Gold Meals this Feb. 14, tells PEOPLE exclusively, joking, “Eating is all I’ve got on the docket this year.”

She became a regular on Uber Eats this year: “I mean, I should go to jail,” Deutch quipped, when asked about her most expensive Uber Eats bill. “I shouldn’t be allowed to have this app … I’ve definitely ordered way too much sushi. They sent like eight sets of chopsticks, and I was deeply offended by that.”

She didn’t grow up in a “takeout” kind of family: “I think there’s a part of me that it feels like the inner child in me is rebelling because growing up, my parents never ordered in food. I can only remember two times we ordered Chinese food, but otherwise my mom would always cook. So whenever I order in food, it feels extra. Like tapping into the rebellious child in me. It feels extra good.”

She’s also perfecting her banana bread recipe. “I started putting candy in mine. Rolos and Snickers are really delicious in it,” The Politician star says, adding that, during quarantine she also got “really into sweatsuits, like the rest of the world. There’s a lot of cooking, a lot of ordering in food from Uber Eats and a lot of re-watching TV shows that you thought you’d never re-watch or ever get to. I finally watched all six seasons of The Sopranos.”

[From People]

“They sent like eight sets of chopsticks, and I was deeply offended by that…” YES! Last weekend, I ordered from a Vietnamese place which just opened up and they put in two baggies of utensils AND two sets of chopsticks. And I only ordered food for one person! So, yeah, I feel her. Who amongst us has not dropped $50 on takeout just for one person? Yes, I know I ordered four meals, I HAVE A REFRIGERATOR, HELLO.


Photos courtesy of Zoey’s IG.

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  1. Lemons says:

    I feel like we missed the most important part…candy in banana bread…Has anyone else tried this? I’m about to make a batch tonight, but this intrigues me.

  2. sa says:

    I love to order too much take out, especially when I get it delivered. I guess similar to her of it feeling extra to get take out because she didn’t growing up, in my house we never got delivery, ever. So even though I do get delivery now, I sometimes overdo it almost to justify it.

    But also, I am convinced that leftovers of some foods taste better than when they are fresh – I know, that’s probably heresy to some people. Especially foods with sauces where the flavor is absorbed by the food a bit when it sits in the fridge.

    • LadyMTL says:

      I love to order delivery too, I usually treat myself about once per week. We rarely ordered in when I was a kid, it was usually saved for special occasions or for days when my mom really did not want to cook.

      These days I will sometimes make sure that I have enough for leftovers but not all the time…you are right, some things taste better fresh. (Like I would never keep leftover sushi, that just seems like asking for gastric issues later on). That said, I’ve never ordered so much that I get multiple sets of utensils, so maybe I’m doing it wrong lol.

    • sally says:

      Yep to all of this. We never ever got take-out either, so it is special to me as well. My fave Chinese place makes those ribs in vinegar sauce that just get better the next day. I indulged a lot during the first lockdown xD

  3. TQ says:

    Yeah, I’ve also lost all motivation to cook. And I love to cook! I was so good for the first couple lockdowns too, but now we’re in the UK’s third national lockdown. It’s driven me to the point of eating takeout most nights of the week (either ordering or eating leftover takeout). I miss going out to restaurants!

    • Lemons says:

      I love to cook as well. I still cook quite a bit, but I’m tired of not being able to take a break and eat well from a restaurant.

  4. Jen says:

    Most relatable thing I ever read. I, too, get multiple utensil baggies on my sushi orders.

  5. wheneight says:

    If Uber Eats was just a little bit less expensive I would use it so much more. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened the app, selected something, but balked at the price . . . $40 for one takeout meal?? Ugh.

  6. Katie says:

    Ah, thank god, it started to feel like I was the only one not used to the takeout culture…

  7. Tiffany :) says:

    These delivery services are REALLY hard on restaurants, and I recommend that people consider switching to ChowNow.

    Postmates charges restaurants a 30% commission fee, and Uber Eats charges 40%. That is HUGE! The profit margin for restaurants isn’t big to begin with, so this is really hurting them. Because of the pandemic and the limitations on in-restaurant dining, they are so dependent on delivery and take out that they have no choice but to take these orders, but it can be really harmful. I suggest going to their (non-yelp*) website, or calling the restaurant directly to see if they deliver.

    *Many times the websites and phone numbers that are listed on Yelp are generated by Yelp. The phone numbers are tracked before connecting to the restaurant, and Grubhub bills the restaurant for a marketing fee.

  8. L4frimaire says:

    Those takeout apps like Grubhub and DoorDash really tack on the fees so it’s expensive to order out. Unfortunately, it’s the only way to get delivery from certain restaurants because not all will deliver. So tired of constantly cooking, especially with work from home and home schooling. I’d say we order out about twice a week, and do a few coffee shop/ deli pickups for lunch as well. Sushi is crazy expensive so definitely a rare treat.

  9. Laurie says:

    I live in a very rural area and quality takeout is not available. I’ve gotten into ordering from Goldbelly. Most meals are for 4 but are frozen so you can space it out. It also supports local restaurants nationally. I’ve gotten some super yummy and diverse meals with minimal preparation required. I’ll probably continue even after the pandemic. Now don’t tell me they screw over the restaurants because I’ll be super bummed!!!