The Queen is keen to punish the Sussexes before their Oprah interview airs

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It’s impossible to even keep track of the asinine storylines around the “one year review” of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. For the past year, the British papers have been clinging to the review and gleefully announcing all of the punishments which will be handed down to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The entire time, Harry and Meghan have behaved as if they said their final goodbyes to the Windsor clan last March, you know? For all of the gleeful pronouncements about kicking Harry and Meghan out of this or that, they’ve continued to do their work remotely. They’ve made it clear that if it was up to them, they would continue to work for their patronages, and that they have been treated unfairly.

The press is still obviously clinging to the one-year review – even though they admitted the review was cancelled just one month ago – and now the Palace is apparently quite desperate to make some big show of force against a veteran of war and his pregnant wife. Not only that, the Palace wants to make the announcement about which patronages Harry and Meghan are losing before the Sussexes’ interview with Oprah. The sh-tty PR coming out of the Palace continues.

The Queen is to imminently decide which members of her family will take over a host of royal patronages – as Harry and Meghan tell friends they are “resigned to losing them”. The monarch has ordered emergency meetings with royal aides, to draw up fresh plans over who will take over honorary royal roles she handed to her grandson and his wife, as a show of support to the couple.

Buckingham Palace is set to bring forward a series of announcements before March 31, the deadline set last year for a 12 month review of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s decision to quit The Firm. A royal source said: “There has been much consideration for some time on these matters and they will be settled before March 31.”

Harry and Meghan – who announced they are expecting their second child this week – have brokered a deal for a “tell-all” interviewed by US chat show queen Oprah Winfrey, where according to friends of the billionaire media mogul “ nothing is off limits ”.

It is understood the couple will discuss for the first time their decision to leave the royal family, with sources suggesting Harry and Meghan were keen to bring forward the broadcast date “to make it appear to have in fact stepped down, rather than being stripped of their royal associations.”

One well placed insider said: “The Oprah interview has been discussed for a long time. Oprah had it in her sights since before she was invited to Harry and Meghan’s wedding and has been in discussions with Meghan about it ever since. It ramped up over the past year and now everything is happening very quickly. They are keen to get their side of the story out there and do things on their terms.”

Harry has told friends he is “upset” after the Queen ruled he should lose his honorary military appointments, including captain general of the Royal Marines which Prince Philip previously held for 64 years. Sources have tipped Prince William or Princess Anne for the role, appointments that would be widely accepted by the armed forces family.

Harry will also be made to step down from patronages of the Rugby Football Union and Rugby Football League.

The Mirror also understands there are “huge differences of opinion” around Meghan being forced to give up her royal patronage of the National Theatre – which the Queen gifted in January 2019 after holding it for 45 years. Board members at the organisation are believed to be split over whether to ask Meghan to stay on or accept a new royal patron such as Prince Charles or the Duchess of Cornwall. A source said: “There was great excitement when Meghan took over from the Queen but now it’s tinged with a great deal of sadness over her lack of action for the theatre and the industry as a whole which has suffered so greatly throughout the coronavirus crisis.”

[From The Daily Mirror]

“…But now it’s tinged with a great deal of sadness over her lack of action for the theatre and the industry as a whole which has suffered so greatly throughout the coronavirus crisis…” Meghan is literally being blamed for the pandemic. How dare the National Theatre’s royal patron refuse to solve the pandemic! What the actual f–k.

And this also shows you that we’re not dealing with the sharpest tools in the shed: “Harry and Meghan were keen to bring forward the broadcast date ‘to make it appear to have in fact stepped down, rather than being stripped of their royal associations.’” The opposite is true. Harry and Meghan have taken pains throughout the past year to tell the public that if it was up to them, they would love to keep working for all of their patronages, but they’re being forced out of those patronages by the pettiest, stupidest, most sadistic people in the UK. The Sussex messaging is NOT “we’re leaving of our own volition, we’re thrilled about leaving our patronages.” The Sussex messaging is “this is something that’s been forced upon us by nefarious forces within the Windsor family.”

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86 Responses to “The Queen is keen to punish the Sussexes before their Oprah interview airs”

  1. Snuffles says:

    At this point I will be shocked if the royal family ever see Harry and Meghan again outside of a funeral.

    • Sadiebelle says:

      At least publicly. There is probably (hopefully?) lots of nice things happening behind the scenes that the courtiers won’t leak to the press. I mean, I’m sure Harry has tried to make contact with his grandparents, whether or not he was successful. It’s all pretty gross and the Royal Family is not coming out of this looking good.

      • Becks1 says:

        I’m not even sure of that. This is such a public mess and its all on the palaces. They could really do a better job of this and they are just failing on a global stage.

      • Snuffles says:

        Right. Not in public. Although there are probably a lot of them who I’m sure Harry could care less if he ever sees again. And there are plenty that he’s close to, like Eugenie and Zara.

        ETA: If I was Harry, I would tell the family. Look, I’m happy to maintain a PRIVATE relationship with you as son, brother, cousin or in-law. But don’t expect me to join in on any public “family” events or partner with you on any project or mix business with you EVER again.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Snuffles – one of the “tells” for me will be who is the first to visit Harry in Montecito. I dont think it will be Zara considering she’s pregnant again, but it will be interesting to see – Eugenie and Jack take the baby next fall for a California trip? Charles goes to visit? It hasnt been an issue for the past year due to the pandemic, but I think it will be very telling to see who actually makes that trip first, and will reveal a lot about what is actually happening in the House of Windsor.

      • tcbc says:

        I don’t know why people are so set on the notion that Harry has a traditional grandson-grandmother relationship with the queen. Is it because she’s the queen? This is a woman who left her very young son for months and then coldly greeted him with a handshake when she first saw him again. Is that a woman who would have a loving relationship with any child?

    • L84Tea says:

      @Becks1, I have wondered the same thing. If Charles does not go visit Harry in California (with our without Camilla), I will be hugely disappointed in him.

    • Yoyo says:

      The same Zara that can’t stand Meghan, ever wonder why Harry and Meghan quit the family WhatsApp group, Mike Tindel announced it.
      Harry is still friends with Eugenie, she is living rent free in his house.
      At this point I don’t blame Harry not not trusting anyone in his family, he can’t even count on his spineless father.

      • Snuffles says:


        Cool story, bro. Do you have a link to the article that says it?

        I do think this whole situation has laid bare where the members of the family stand when it comes to Meghan and Harry. And it isn’t about choose us or them, because I think Harry understands that a lot of them just aren’t in the position to make the same move Harry has. But, it’s about which family respects and understands Harry’s choice and doesn’t hold it against him.

        At the moment, I think the only obvious ones are Eugenie and Jack. I’m sure there are more but it remains a mystery.

      • Becks1 says:

        Harry is godfather to Zara and Mike’s second child, so any rift would have been after that. I think honestly Zara would be one of the royals who could best understand Harry’s position, since she was raised how Harry wants to raise his kids – no titles, no royal duties, show up at some big events, but the press doesnt own you. No one cares if Zara attends the trooping or does the christmas walk at Sandringham. And I think that’s what Harry wants for his kids – for the press to really not care about them.

      • Lady D says:

        Do we know for a fact that the Brooksbanks are living rent free? It’s none of my business of course, just curious if that’s been established.

    • Keroppi says:

      I mentioned in the other thread, that I would not be shocked if H was not allowed to attend the funerals of senior royals. I don’t put anything past them at this point.

      • Gabby says:

        And along those same line, will he be invited to his father’s or his brother’s coronation?

      • Where'sMyTiara says:

        I think the Queen/BP is treating H&M like she and her mother treated the Duke & Duchess of Windsor. It was perhaps warranted in the Windsors’ case, but this is different. Harry isn’t playing footsie with fascists or trying to hand the monarchy to Hitler. He’s just asked for one thing: call off the racist press hounds. BRF refused, because it pleased them to scapegoat him & Meghan to lift themselves up, and who were these young whippersnappers to challenge the status quo?

        The BRF didn’t bargain on H&M being unwilling to be doormats, to set boundaries and enforce them. It’s hard enough to do this in a commoner’s family; to do this in a family that’s at the same time a govt institution w/ global reach, that takes bravery. Harry was drowning in the old family dynamic – almost literally, with the drinking & partying & everything else. Being in the military straightened him out. He got therapy. He found a new, healthier way to form and have relationships. BRF didn’t like any of that. They didn’t like that he married a woman they couldn’t break, either.

        That said, even the Duke of Windsor was allowed back for his mum’s funeral, and the Duchess of Windsor was allowed back for the Duke’s funeral.

        So if they refuse to allow H&M back for family events, that will be a break with tradition. Although, one could almost say that they already telegraphed their intent on that score when they refused Harry’s Wreath at the Cenotaph. That was a gesture that firmly said “you may be a war vet but you’re not FAAAAMILY now”.

    • MF1 says:

      Yuppp. If the RF takes away their patronages, M&H will have no reason to appear in public with them again. No trooping, no queen’s birthday celebration, no Christmas Day walks to the church.

  2. L84Tea says:

    I continue to be astounded at the spiteful vindictiveness of these people. They announce an interview and the RF and BM have collectively LOST THEIR MINDS in the last 48-72 hours.

    • My Two Cents says:

      Yup, and they have been insisting and smearing for a year now that Meghan has ‘done nothing’ for the theater and how angry the theater is with her. The Director of the National Theater, Rufus Norris, has already said back in January 2020, ‘these reports were ‘a complete fiction – there was no fuming. We are very happy with the relationship’ calling it ‘business as usual’ for the Duchess of Sussex despite leaving the UK and that the theatre are planning to put her ‘star reach’ to good use.’ How dare they continue on that false narrative, her lack of action for the theater…. the truth is that they probably really do want to keep her, but are getting pressure from the Queen to drop her. Imagine Charles or Camila taking over, what a let down for them!

    • I love the announcement above that the Queen has had to call EMERGENCY MEETINGS to decide these issues. Hasn’t she had since Jan 2020 to have a plan in place? Bad, bad PR look on her part.

      • JT says:

        Apparently the palace just flies by the seat of there pants. Any plans are made last minute and the changes are happening. Why are the gold standard advisors getting laid again? To be caught flat footed on every damn thing?

      • Amy Too says:

        They always contradict themselves, though. In this one article we have, in paragraph 1: “emergency meetings” but then paragraph 2:“There has been much consideration for some time on these matters and they will be settled before March 31.”

  3. Anna222 says:

    At this point I think yeah… keep it up Buckingham Palace. With every story you put out there you are hastening your own obsolescence and making it crystal clear why Harry and Meghan leaving was the only choice they could make.

    • Green Desert says:

      Seriously @Anna222.

      I saw a funny headline quite a while ago now from The Beaverton about these two that was something like “American Actress Rescues Man From Hereditary Cult.” It’s like she went into the BRF with a degree of optimism, saw what was going on, talked to her husband and he fully opened his eyes and realized what a terrible institution he was part of. But I also think he had an inkling and just needed the right person to help him see he could live a different life. I hope they continue to stay far away.

    • Myra says:

      I was writing the same thing under the post above and then I saw your comment. I feel the same way. They are doing so much damage to their legacy and institution as people will rightly point out to the lengths the Queen has gone just to protect Andrew. Hopefully, an important outlet will point towards how Prince Harry has been treated in comparison to Prince Michael. The good grandmother narrative that she has been spinning will not hold for long.

  4. Amy Bee says:

    I’m starting to wonder if the Royal Family has told Eugenie not to announce the name of her son so that the press doesn’t get distracted from attacking Harry and Meghan.

    • Yoyo says:

      The British Media didn’t make a big deal about the birth, unless she names it Lucifer, the reaction will be the same.

      • HeatherC says:

        If she has Philip anywhere in the name, especially with him being in the hospital right now, it will be a thing. “Harry didn’t honor any of the relatives who love him so much in his son’s name because mean Meghan has isolated him from them”

    • Jane's Wasted Talent says:

      Wouldn’t it be great if she used Henry (Harry) as one of the baby’s names?

  5. Becks1 says:

    So is the idea here that they announce they’ve lost their patronages before the interview airs? because the interview isnt that far off. And even if they record it, and then they lose their patronages, Oprah et al are perfectly capable of supplementing the interview to reflect that.

    Anyway how do those people not realize how PETTY this makes them look? how mean? how unloving and unkind? This is a really really bad look on the world stage for the royal family and I cannot for the life of me figure out how NO ONE there has realized this.

    • L84Tea says:

      The RF and their advisers seem to lack any ability to look and think long term. Nobody stops and says, okay wait, if we announce we’re taking the patronages away right now, what will the after effects look like? They just REACT in a spitting, furious tantrum with no thoughts of the consequences.

    • windyriver says:

      “…how do those people not realize how PETTY this makes them look?”

      It’s remarkable, isn’t it? They’re so beside themselves at not being able to control the narrative the way they always have that they’ve collectively lost their minds, and all common sense (what little they had).

      I doubt Harry and Meghan will say much of anything damaging to the RF. That would continue to tie them to a situation they’ve already left behind. For them this interview will likely be about moving forward with their lives. Let living well be their revenge. Talking about the BM, on the other hand, is in line with their current causes, so I expect that will be a topic.

      Plus they don’t have to say much about the RF, the message has already been sent. This couple, who palaces and courtiers have worked tirelessly to diminish, have now received the attention of a globally respected personality who will talk to them in a prime slot on American tv. In other words, any time they do wish to lay it all out, they can command worldwide broadcast attention. So, beware.

    • MF1 says:

      If the queen takes away their patronages before the interview, they have even less reason to bite their tongues and not spill to Oprah. It would be monumentally stupid for the queen to take away the patronages now, of all times, but as we’ve seen, she and her courtiers are in fact that dumb.

    • Gabby says:

      I didn’t think they could look any worse than they did after the commemorative wreath fracas.

      • lizzieb says:

        So the view of people who have bought into the bad press is that the RF isn’t looking petty, it’s just doing what’s right: as my mother told me the other week, ‘they didn’t want to be part of it and do their duty to the country and that means they don’t get the nice things either.” Basically to a lot of people, they don’t look petty, they look fair. People are taking it very personally, like Harry and Meghan rejected them and the whole of Britain . It’s very odd.

  6. KinChicago says:

    Sure all patronage’s will be passed on to pedophile Prince Andrew. Great work. True punishment.

  7. minx says:

    Liquidate the monarchy, divvy up the resources, eliminate the need for “patronages” as fig leaves for these useless people.

  8. Tashiro says:

    I know the tabloids want to frame this as a tell all interview but I don’t think they’re going to unload on anyone. This is still Harry’s family. What would be the point?

    • Becks1 says:

      I dont think its going to be a tell all interview either but its like what we’ve been saying here for a few days now – there is obviously a total panic over what they could say, that it makes you wonder – “what is it that happened that the courtiers dont want Harry and Meghan telling Oprah?”

      • Amy Bee says:

        I don’t think they will be naming names but I do think they will talk about their experiences with the press and the Royal Household.

    • UptownGirl says:

      I don’t think that this interview with Oprah will be a tell-all, in any manner. As diplomatic and forward thinking that Harry and Meghan are, I believe that the interview will be focused on their philanthropy, Archwell, Invictus Games, mental health and how they were treated horribly by the RR and the press.
      They have nothing to gain and they are not the sort of couple, in my opinion, to give a tell-all about what TQ and the entire family did to hurt them personally and publicly.
      The RR and DF are spinning these lies/stories in an attempt to continue their narrative since Meghan, a strong, beautiful, intelligent and self made black woman, came into Harry’s life.
      Another day and another spew of lies regarding Harry and Meghan for the clicks and continued hate campaign!!

    • Gabby says:

      I think there will be some pregnant pauses in the interview that leave no doubt as to what the response would have been.

  9. HeatherC says:

    Talk about cutting your nose off to spite your face! The carnival of so called ‘experts,’ once the petty glee wears off, will be livid. There is now less and less reason for Harry (and let’s face it, it’s just Harry ) to come back to their little island ever. His own family is making him feel unwelcome. So as the Harry news dwindles and dwindles outside of formally released news from their charities or foundations, and the opportunities for unsanctioned pictures fades to dust…they’ll have to move their focus elsewhere for the bottom line. Everyone else is boring so they’ll be kicking the carpets for the dirt instead.

  10. smee says:

    Gotta fight petty with petty….The Q should never see either of those grand-kids before she kicks it.

    • Laughysaphy says:

      Do you mean Archie and the new baby? I think it’s pretty clear she has no interest in those two, considering what’s been said about Archie and how the palaces erased Megan off of his birth certificate.

  11. SnowQueenM says:

    This is such a terrible look. I don’t know how they think this makes them appear good, but they need new PR people. The constant barrage of “they were blindsided” and the torturous defensive lies that are leaked to the press after every move Meghan and Harry make is just so sad, desperate and amateur.

    I’m really baffled. What is their game plan??? Outside of bots and paid trolls, there’s no good press for these chuckle mucks. It’s astounding, really.

  12. Lauren says:

    As I said before this hurts the patronages, not Harry and Meghan. They are the only couple capable of commanding a great deal of media attention to their causes. I wouldn’t be surprised if some or all the patronages ask Harry and Meghan to take on another role.

  13. Amy Bee says:

    This just goes to show that the Royal Family and their staff are untrustworthy and unethical people. Even though Harry and Meghan didn’t want the one year review and they stuck their promise to become financially independent, the Royal Family is now breaking their agreement that a decision would be made after March 31 so that they can punish Harry and Meghan before the Oprah interview comes out. The onus was not on Harry and Meghan to stick to the agreement it was on the Royal Family who imposed it.

  14. Elizabeth says:

    The queen has total RBF. It’s amazing how angry she looks normally.

  15. NTheMiddle says:

    Answer to these questions:

    ‘Anyway how do those people not realize how PETTY this makes them look? how mean? how unloving and unkind? This is a really really bad look on the world stage for the royal family and I cannot for the life of me figure out how NO ONE there has realized this.’

    Because the world is full of emboldened (ex. Trump culture) white petty racist privilege. They whip Harry and Megan with threats and lies throughout the week via the press and then have the audacity to sit on a church pew every Sunday and pray for H&M’s souls. Ahh, sweet, Christian love. Jesus would be so proud.

  16. Harper says:

    Pretty sure Harry and Meghan had decided to stay quiet until after the copyright/privacy lawsuit was settled. But sure, make up a story that they are only motivated by the upcoming one-year review. If her case had gone to trial I do not think we would be anticipating an Oprah interview at this time. As for what Meghan will say, why do we think a woman who advocates for women using their voices won’t be vocal about her experience?

  17. Snuffles says:


    Yes! Who will visit Montecito first! And can they do it without publicly announcing it and inviting press to watch.

    I really do think Charles and Camilla will eventually visit. As will a number of cousins and long time friends.

    You know what I would LOVE? To see them come over to California for THANKSGIVING!! With Meghan and Doria cooking up a huge feast.

    Force everyone to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in the morning. And afterwards, watch a big football game.

  18. harla says:

    Doesn’t anyone on that isle realize that if they stripe their “royal” patronages Meghan and Harry could still be regular patrons of those exact same organizations? Many charities have celebrities as patrons as well as royal patrons. I believe that EACH turned to Ed Sheeran as patron when their royal patron Kate wouldn’t participate in their various fundraising galas. And how I would laugh if those organizations refused to have any other royal as patron but instead decided to stick with the Sussex’s.

    • I imagine the Firm will apply the screws privately to try and prevent that happening, Harla. Should be a cakewalk considering the kind of hidden pressures they put on government, military, and press to keep Monarchy functioning. Plus, they will insist the aristocracy get on board with their position as they’re all in bed together to prop up the monarchy and its role in deciding how the upper echelon functions. Sort of like the Amish “shunning” of a fellow Amish person who they feel has violated their code, I believe the Firm already has set this in motion in Britain towards the Sussexes. I’ll be surprised if any family members go out of their way to see or publicly support the Sussexes until after the Queen dies. Traveling to Calif ——- nope.

  19. Amy says:

    Question! While they may not be royal patrons of these organizations anymore, would they still be able to do work on their behalf if the organization chooses?

    • Cecilia says:

      I think so. You don’t have to be a royal to be a patron or an ambassador for an org. I don’t think that arrangement will be possible for the royal marines but the national theatre could actually do this.

  20. Cecilia says:

    They are going to make the RF look absolutely ridiculous if they keep this up. Ain’t no way meghan is going to say anything about members of the royal family (tho im possible she will let loose when it comes to the press). Anybody watching will be like: “this was it? This is what the queen is going to punish them for?” And it will make lizzie look even worse then she already does

  21. Edna says:

    “Harry and Meghan – who announced they are expecting their second child this week – have brokered a deal for a “tell-all” interviewed by US chat show queen Oprah Winfrey, where according to friends of the billionaire media mogul “ nothing is off limits ”.”

    So all Oprah is is a billionaire “chat show queen”? Don’t know of any other self made billionaires that made their fortune from hosting a chat show. I just can’t with these racist and sexist people. H&M are about to be “Oprah-Fied” as a result of this interview. Oprah will show the world who H&M are….unfiltered and not through the lens of the bias and hateful BM. After this interview, the BM/RRs can yell, scream and shout all they want. But it will fall on deaf ears cause Harry and Meghan will be covered in Oprah’s rainbow dust. They will be Oprah-fied.

  22. Agirlandherdog says:

    All this bullsh*t just reminds me of that saying, “the best revenge is to be happy.” Harry and Meghan seem really happy together, and I hope, away from that toxic environment, they can maintain what none of the other royals have been able to accomplish – a happy, healthy relationship.

  23. Sunday says:

    From a distance we can see how insane this palace ‘PR’ strategy is, but I really think it illustrates that the palace staff and royal family all believe their own hype, to the point where in their little bizarro world they’re convinced they are positively ZINGING Harry & Meghan with these petty moves.

    Sure, remove Meghan as royal patron of the National Theater, then cut to the inevitable SEETHING by the british press once she announces some immensely impactful children’s theater charity collaboration through Archewell.

    Take Harry’s honorary military roles away, then sit back and whine as soon as he announces another expansion of Invictus, or a collaboration with the wounded warrior project.

    We know how this will go in the long run and it will only make the royals look as small and petty and vindictive as they are; I’m just sorry (disgusted more like it, really) that they’re putting Harry and Meghan through this while she’s pregnant (again).

  24. lanne says:

    Brexit Britian has the royal family it deserves. Small, racist, petty, and diminishing more and more in stature every day. I think they are making the mistake of the Romanovs: believing that the country exists to serve them, instead of them existing to serve the country. They won’t see the same fate as the Romanovs, but there’s still a chance they will see the fate of the Hohenzollerns. (exile for the Kaiser, and then subsequent generations living in Germany as non reigning princes). I could see Charles and Camilla retiring to their place in Eastern Europe (Romania, I think?) for a time, and even the Cambridges going to live in Australia or New Zealand. Would they be required to leave the UK for a time if they are “retired” by the country?

    If they’re smart (which they aren’t) maybe they should refuse the sovereign grant completely, or give a detailed balance sheet showing they used the money only to pay staff salaries and provide structural upkeep for the palaces–they should use their own money for their own living expenses. If Brexit continues to be the shitshow it currently is, I don’t think there will be much public enthusiasm for spending tens of millions to keep the likes of Pedo Andy in luxury.

    But who am I kidding? These folks believe that the UK exists to serve them, and that it’s such a great privilege to breathe their rarefied air that anyone in their presence should bow in abject supplication. A lot of their Meghan hate after all, if “how dare this black American not worship the ground we walked on.” I’m thinking of a line from Robert Browning’s “My Last Duchess”:
    “It’s as if she ranked
    My gift of a nine-hundred-years-old name
    With anybody’s gift. Who’d stoop to blame
    This sort of trifling?

  25. Rianic says:

    Also, will this be the first royal grandchild not to be christened in the gown? I can’t see them flying to England with a toddler and an infant kid pandemic just for that.

    • Alison says:

      It would be so pleasing to me if the baby was baptised in the Roman Catholic Church like Meghan was originally. Bye bye Church of England!

  26. Keroppi says:

    So they are more than willing to essentially “punish” the patronages for their own petty agenda. How charitable of them!

    I agree with others that I’m sure the patronages will likely still have H&M as patrons, just not royal patrons. Why give the royal family credit?

    To the royals: Keep showing us who you really are. It’s both entertaining and informative. We’ll keep notes.

  27. Lyds says:

    If they refused Harry’s request to lay a wreath on Remembrance Day, you bet your butt that any public action or promotion Meghan would’ve/could’ve done for the National Theatre would be rebuffed and eviscerated; how dare she! Palace flabbergasted and blindsided by Duchess of Sussexes’ desperate cling to soon-to-be-stripped patronage!

    • L4frimaire says:

      Agree. It’s also so obnoxious how they act like there is no pandemic. I don’t like how they are dragging the patronages into this and trying to forge them to take a position.

      • UptownGirl says:

        Absolutely!! The National Theatre is trying to survive during this horrendous pandemic and maintaining a presence, yet they are being dragged into this petty battle of the DF and RR for them to pick a side. The audacity that RR and the DF, all of whom should suffer being burned to the ground, will continue hounding the patronage’s of the Sussex’s. Yet, these programs, except for the military, can invite Harry and Meghan to continue as we have seen that though they are across the pond, Harry and Meghan continue to support all of them. Mayhew recently praised the fact that Meghan is still involved, even though she isn’t in the UK anymore!

    • TeamAwesome says:

      The National Theatre has done a lot of really neat virtual outreach during the pandemic, including quizzes where the questions are read by various actors. It would have been cool to have the Duchess host one of those.

  28. Liz version 700 says:

    If I were H&M the Royals were never see me again outside a Zoom meeting. I sound like a broken record, but don’t go back to your abuser and offer to let them hit you again. This family is evil…we can’t under it even though after they destroyed Diana they tried to make us under it. This time the fact that H&M are thriving outside the Royal bubble proves that the family is destructive to the people in it.

  29. L4frimaire says:

    I think after the wreath debacle and the birth certificate mess, Harry and Meghan knew the score. Ever since they first showed up in the US after their final appearances, the press has been calling for more and more “ punishments” for the couple. Strip them of their titles, pay for Frogmore, take away their patronages, remove them form the succession, and on and on. Once that is all done, then what? Will they be satisfied? It seems like every time the Sussexes do anything, the Royal family react in such a negative way. Seriously, being field producers and doing podcasts are a threat to the realm. I feel for those organizations but they’ll make a big show of it when they hand it over to the fossils.

  30. Lyds says:

    “There was great excitement when Meghan took over from the Queen but now it’s tinged with a great deal of sadness over her lack of action for the theatre and the industry as a whole which has suffered so greatly throughout the coronavirus crisis.”

    If this is true and H&M still had social media, they would’ve absolutely bought attention to the theatre. Can’t wait for their return, although poor Brits might see a spike in taxes going towards the Cainbridge’s bot-buying fund…

  31. Kfg says:

    Twitter changed the whole narrative to prince Andrew and how the Sussex are being treated vs a pedophile

  32. JanetDR says:

    I feel that a lot of this was already announced like the patronages and the military things. It’s not anything different. It’s just that they didn’t go crawling back and this is the spiteful result.
    I’m sure Harry and Meghan kissed that all goodbye when they left, knowing that they wouldn’t be returning in a formal capacity. I will suffer from not seeing Harry in all of his splendid ceremonial uniforms, but I will get over it, knowing that they are living a happy life!
    You certainly do get a sense that there would be some stories they could tell, but I imagine they will stay away from family issues.

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