Queen Elizabeth will give a speech on March 7th, same day as the Sussexes’ interview

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II visits the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) at Porton Down science park near Salisbury, southern England, on October 15, 2020. - The Queen and the Duke of Cambridge visited the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) where they were to view displays of weaponry and tactics used in counter intelligence, a demonstration of a Forensic Explosives Investigation and meet staff who were involved in the Salisbury Novichok incident. Her Majesty and His Royal Highness also formally opened the new Energetics Analysis Centre.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s interview with Oprah will air on March 7th, two Sundays from now. It will be primetime, and 90 minutes long. I don’t know if it will start at 8 pm or 9 pm, but either way, with the time difference, there will literally be people losing sleep on Salty White Folk Island. Liz of House Petty decided to show us that she’s concerned too – out of all the days to make a speech about the Commonwealth, Liz chose March 7th.

Queen Elizabeth II is to deliver an important speech on March 7 – on the same day Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s interview with Oprah Winfrey is scheduled to be broadcasted.

The Queen will deliver a special message to mark Commonwealth Day in lieu of the annual service at Westminster Abbey, which had to be cancelled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The monarch’s speech will be broadcasted on March 7 – the same day Meghan and Prince Harry are to appear on US broadcaster CBS for a 90-minute-long interview with Oprah.

The Queen’s speech is part of a broader TV programme dedicated to the Commonwealth Day by BBC One, called A Celebration for Commonwealth Day. A spokesperson for Westminster Abbey announced the news on Twitter, writing: “We’re really pleased to tell you that BBC One will broadcast A Celebration for Commonwealth Day on 7 March. The special programme replaces this year’s Commonwealth Day service which is unable to go ahead due to the pandemic, and will include a special message from HM The Queen.”

[From The Daily Express]

My first thought was that maybe this is just the way it goes, no one can control the date of Commonwealth Day. But… Commonwealth Day is the day after. It’s March 8th. Commonwealth Day is always the second Monday in March. So instead of getting “the final word” and releasing a speech on the actual Commonwealth Day, as counterprogramming for what will probably be wall-to-wall coverage of the Oprah interview on Monday morning, the Queen is ensuring that her speech will be utterly forgotten by Monday morning.

Speaking of Salty White Folk Island, did you know that they actually did POLLING on whether salty British folks want to watch the Oprah interview?

Maybe it’s a good thing there’s an entire continent between Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and the British people. More than half of all Brits polled by The Sun say they’d change the channel rather than watch Oprah’s upcoming interview with the pair, the outlet reported.

The big television interview is set to hit the U.S. airwaves early next month between the once-royal couple and America’s royalty — Oprah. But a significant number of Brits say the hotly anticipated sitdown is actually a huge turn off. And Megxit only made matters worse, with a third of those asked saying their feelings on the pair have gone downhill since they left the United Kingdom, and 43 percent wanting the two to make their split with the royal family permanent.

Just 27 percent of those surveyed said they want to watch Oprah’s sitdown with Harry and Meghan.

[From Page Six]

Again, if the Oprah interview does air concurrently in the UK, it will be the middle of the night, and even then, I bet ITV or another network will air the interview (multiple times) throughout the following week in the UK. Regardless, by Monday morning (on Commonwealth Day), every British paper will have wall-to-wall coverage of what was said in the interview (plus reactions from the Palace). And besides that, British peeps are acting like the interview is FOR them. It’s not. That’s why H&M went to Oprah and CBS. It’s for Americans. We want to hear from our American princess.

Oh, apparently the March 7th thing will feature many royals. Huh.


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  1. Brit says:

    The desperation. I cannot believe they’re that scared of an interview and the media is still flipping out about it. They do speeches and commonwealth day all the time and the people still won’t care that much 😂 They’re going to still be overshadowed. They’re clearly trying to get CBS, the Sussexes and Oprah to either cancel or change it. I wouldn’t be surprised if CBS got threatening phone calls from England. This is sad and so transparent. Also, why are they polling the UK residents as if they can watch it. It’s airing on American television 😂

    • BearcatLawyer says:

      IMO Oprah is not even the best interviewer if you want to hear all the dirt. Gayle King or Tamron Hall would do a much better job of asking tough questions and eliciting specifics.

      This will be a nice softball, sympathy-generating chat with some surprises but no nuclear weapon grade bombshells. Harry and Megan have proven themselves to be extremely media savvy. They are not going to do or say anything that will jeopardize their reputations or their current and potential partnerships. They simply will are not give the BRF and the RRs too much fuel because they know whatever they say and how they say it will be endlessly analyzed, scorned, and repeated ad Infinitum.

      • Spanky says:


      • Jenni says:

        You are right. But for some reason the royal family seems to be desperate to control the narrative. Maybe they got some sneak peak of the interview and maybe it is not only “nice softball chat”.

      • Sofia says:


      • Mac says:

        This makes me think what went on behind the scenes was so much worse than what leaked to the media. They are terrified about this interview.

      • Jaded says:

        They wouldn’t be so paranoid if they actually didn’t do anything wrong. They are sh*t-their-pants scared of what may come out in the Oprah interview but keep feeding the beast by lobbing bombs at Meghan and Harry through the BM and Royal Rota. It’s so childish and so obvious.

      • Sarah says:

        Tamron Hall is on my shit list for giving an admitted a sexual predator (Sherry Pie) a chance to “tell their side of the story” on her show last week, despite pleas from the community to focus on the victims instead.

        Gail would be a great choice, but Oprah is, well, OPRAH.

      • MerryGirl says:

        I don’t think Harry & Meghan’s aim is to air “dirt”. They simply want to take back their narrative and speak for themselves because for 4 years, a British media smear campaign was waged on them aided and abetted by the Royal family. This is also for an American audience because this is their home now and Oprah is going to humanize them and allow them to tell the truth.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      They are incredibly scared of this interview because they fear that it will be the 2.0 version of Diana’s Panorama interview – just for a even bigger audience. They are afraid because they KNOW that they treated Meghan horribly and they are afraid that she’ll pull a Diana and spill the dirt. If they had behaved impeccably they would have nothing to fear. Diana’s interview did incredible damage to the Windsors – and I suspect that they know that if Harry and Meghan really tell the unvarnished truth of what went on behind the scenes, then that would do even worse damage to the Windsors’ public image.

    • Chica says:

      As a citizen of a Commwealth country, Petty Betty once again misses the mark. We do not listen to her speeches unless the Commonwealth Heads of states meeting is in a member country. Most Commonwealth countries are independent and get very little, if any, support from Britain. Most no longer use the Privy Council or Court of Appeals, her talk is for white Britons who clearly do not understand that the empire is DONE!

      • Gail Hirst says:

        Tho’ it is interesting to note EVERY Commonwealth country sends money to ‘Her Majesty’ to support the monarchy….The word commonwealth itself has become anathema to me as 1. they stole wealth from us all and 2. nothing shared or evenly distributed, as implied by the name.
        No, it means ‘we take all the wealth from you commoners and you’d best be glad about it’. I want them to return the jewels to India, Burma, Russia, et al. or else financially compensate the countries for their value.
        I really want Canada to start considering dropping the monarchy as our Head of Government. If we start now, maybe we can get ‘er done within this century, at least. Developers say development must happen. Yet the monarchy is determined to stay stuck in centuries past, without developing any kind of future for any of them. H&M struck out and said we’ll do service our way, and I have more faith and positive feelings towards them than the others.

      • Jaded says:

        @Gail Hirst – fellow Canadian here and I dream of the day when we no longer have the Queen/King as head of government. Look what we get saddled with – a useless and toxic Governor General (Julie Payette) who had to resign because of her abusive workplace behaviour. Oh, and she’ll likely get to keep the generous lifetime stipend as a result of her brief time as GG. Adrienne Clarkson was also a tempermental piece of work and hated by her staffers. Time to cut ties.

      • Mika says:

        Also Canadian, and a pedantic one at that: Justin Trudeau is our Head of Government. Queen Elizabeth is our Head of State.

        But… she really fucking shouldn’t be.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      A very sad attempt to pit ‘true’ royalty against ‘media royalty’ and as always, it will fail spectacularly. Even Archie’s tooth overshadowed that whole family put together. I have never seen this much scrambling in my life.

      • Jay says:

        What’s the phrase the guardian columnist used, “outmaneuvered by kale”? This is so embarrassing to watch.

        Also, as if Sun readers would “change the channel” when they see Meghan and Harry, they’ll be hate tweeting the entire thing. It’s the royals who will pretend they never saw a word.

        Maybe that explains the scheduling, so William can say that he can’t possibly respond to Harry’s interview, what interview, was that this week? He was too busy watching Gran’s commonwealth speech, definitely NOT grinding his teeth to little stubs and frightening palace aides with his incandescence when he sees the life Harry has made for himself.

      • HeyJude says:

        If we’re really pitting or counting things against one another here all I’m seeing the palace say is-

        1 Queen, 1 Prince, 1 Duke, 2 Duchesses, & 1 Countess= Harry & Meghan.

        That’s the equation. That’s how the math works out.

        Their side needs 6 to even try to equal those 2.

    • My God, the ROYAL flop sweat is actually getting over the top crazy. They need to take a breath and stop hyperventilating. It’s one 90 minute interview by a classy professional interviewing two very classy, media savvy people. The Royal PR 🤡s are acting like the Sussexes are launching a World War. Why would you do a Commonwealth Service the day BEFORE Commonwealth Day. Like celebrating July 4 on July 3 or honoring 9/11 on 9/10. And a poll by the Sun? Were those actually Sun Worshipers being polled or their many click bots?

      • Where'sMyTiara says:

        Lilibet acting like the Sussexes are the new Edward & Wallis is not helping. She’s literally fighting a battle that was over in 1937. It’s been 84 years, Cabbage, pop in a Disney DVD and “Let It Go” already.

        Here’s a pro tip for Messy Bessy of House Petty: if you don’t want the people in your FAMILY -that for some twisted sociopathic reason you consider adversaries- to be in competition with you, stop competing with them… it’s really that simple!

    • Madelaine says:

      It takes a self-deluded old lady and her army of spiteful spin doctors to believe that her message to England’s conquered territories, stolen empire and subdued populations will actually outcover Meghan’s and Henry’s interview. How on earth are these people so blind to the fact their inability to welcome a woman who embodies the core of modernity, self-reliance, bi-racialism and articulateness, combined with their profligate overspending of the taxpayers’ money, combined with their parasitical idle lifestyle, combined with their pedophiliac acquaintaines (Charles + Savile), combined with the way Diana was sent crashing in Paris tunnel, compete to make them utterly irrelevant? I can gladly predict England’s next monarch will be the last monarch. Rexit is only just a matter of time.

  2. Southern Fried says:

    Good Lord. The royals have a death wish it seems, digging their own graves deeper and deeper.

    • Cecilia says:

      It’s funny because the windsors created their own rival court by pushing these 2 out. That family had the best press they’ve had in years around meghan and harrys wedding because the world thought they embraced meghan. If anybody with an actual brain worked within these royal household they would have advices the queen to say something when the press abuse got terrible. They didn’t, the world sees them for the frauds they are. Now look at them. Competing with the 6th in line.

      • BABSORIG says:

        @Cecilia, if there was anyone with few brain cells in that family they would advise their queen to not start with this silly competition with the Sussexes; Queennie will lose this round too, hahaha.😁😁😁. Just like they thought it was cute and smart to put out a passive aggressive statement regarding them yanking the patronages, only to be outsmarted and outshone by the Sussexes’ “public service
        is universal” statement. Now all people are talking about, every international newspaper, is the Sussex clap back, 😁😁😁, even though the BP statement came out first, LOL. I cant wait for the whinging about how Harry and Meghan overshadowed the queen and her bunch of sycophantic idiots.

      • And again, I ask —- where is Sara Latham in all this PR mess? The 👑🤡carnival tore the Sussexes apart when they hired her. Now that she works for the Queen as Director of Communications, you’d think — at least — BP PR would not be blowing itself up over any of this with such a world class pro in the mix. Is Sara phoning it in? Is she on sabbatical? Is she still working for the Queen?

        Or — tin foil hat —- is she secretly still working still for the Sussexes! Cause they’re the only ones looking good in this PR mess. 😹

      • Lady D says:

        She’s working with the Sussex’s was my theory too.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      That family is PATHETIC. Their PR and handlers have to be the most stupid on earth. Most people in commonwealth saw what they did to the half black member of the family. This stunt will have as much impact as Willcandescents racism in football speech.

  3. GuestWho says:

    I am actually laughing – was this planned for a while or do they truly believe that they are going to pull attention away from Meghan and Harry talking to Oprah? These people are nuts. And really, really bad at this.

    • Myra says:

      Maybe they want to try and capture a few minutes of airtime before Meghan takes it from them completely by Monday. Good luck to them. I’m not sure why they bother with the Commonwealth Day. They clearly have no respect for people from different cultures or people of colour.

      • Sarah says:

        It’s weird. Also, I actually live in the Commonwealth and had never heard of Commonwealth Day until last year. It isn’t something we celebrate here.

      • Nic919 says:

        Haha Sarah same here. Canada doesn’t do anything for commonwealth day. It seems to be a day invented for the Queen to pretend she still has an empire of sorts.

      • Myra says:

        I am from a country in the Commonwealth organisation and we mostly celebrated the day at school with little essay competitions and quizzes. It was an opportunity to learn about other countries and their flags. Nothing on the BRF though. That’s all I remember. Did not celebrate it beyond the age of 9.

      • MerryGirl says:

        I am from a Caribbean Commonwealth country and I can tell you the average citizen doesn’t even know when is Commonwealth Day. We do not celebrate it, it’s non-existent and we have more pressing problems to deal with.

      • Ginger says:

        Richard Eden was slamming the Sussex’s for having their Oprah interview the same day that the Queen is having her speech. He said the Sussex’s don’t care for the Commonwealth. Even thought the Queen moved her speech a day earlier. Interesting that most in the Commonwealth don’t celebrate Commonwealth Day. He made it seem like it was the most important day on earth.

      • PrincessK says:

        Commonwealth Day formerly known as Empire Day , its importance has been waning for years. The reason why the Sussexes were given Commonwealth jobs to try and inject life into it. If the Wessexes take it over, it really will be sunk….what a mess.

    • My Two Cents says:

      It can’t have been planned for a while as they only found out about the Oprah interview a week ago. But they could have kept the March 8th date! I, for one, can’t wait to hear Kate’s words of wisdom about the Commonwealth…

    • LaraW” says:

      I don’t understand this from a PR perspective. There are times when speaking first and establishing the narrative to force the other side to respond is effective… this isn’t one of those occasions. Trying to pre-empt whatever it is they think H&M will say when 1) H&M have a history of not saying anything at all, and 2) BP actually has no idea what H&M will actually say, will just end up exposing BP further.

      Also, why would H&M drag themselves back into that fight when they’ve just been granted a clean cut? I know many on this site have said this before, but whoever is driving that PR bus is either completely incompetent, or (in my opinion) not getting paid enough. I can very clearly imagine someone giving solid advice to whoever makes the final decisions, only to have it completely ignored.

      It’s like the queen is stuck in WWII when the monarch addressing the people actually meant something.

      • Margaret says:

        The Queen IS still stuck in WWII. She is one of the increasingly small number of people who can remember those years and the pre-War years, which were her formative years, during her father’s reign. I am Australian and was at primary school in the early 1960s and we would have had some sort of ceremony on Commonwealth Day recognising the Commonwealth, but today I couldn’t even tell you when Commonwealth day is. Of far more importance was Empire Day, the 24th May, because we had a half day off school and could let off fireworks in our backyards that night. That was something of real significance in a child’s life! But Commonwealth Day was a big hazy even then. The Commonwealth long ago ceased to have any real significance here for any reason other than the Commonwealth Games. We like our sport so the Commonwealth Games and other sporting connections with Commonwealth countries will always be important, but that’s it. I don’t give a hoot what the Queen has to say about it.

    • VS says:

      I actually think it is so that royal gossiper rats can claim that H&M overshadowed petty betty AGAIN! they have no respect for protocol, yada, yada, yada…… people tuned in for the Sussexes anyway; so whatever they are planning will be forgotten by US evening time…perhaps they want to capture a bit of the news cycle; if so, why don’t they ask the british tabloid trash NOT TO COVER H&M? Wouldn’t that solve the problem?

      • Cecilia says:

        That would be too much to ask of the RR. They have bills to pay u know? And future kween keen simply wouldn’t cut it

      • Sunday says:

        Your comment made me think, VS – what if this is so the tabloids can hedge their bets? If the Sussexes go nuclear (which they won’t) and say something explosive that damages the royal family, they can run a cover of the Queen and her little speech instead and pretend the interview never happened. On the other hand, if they think there’s something in the Oprah interview that they can spin about the Sussexes to benefit the royal family, they will absolutely go with that option and try to cash in while disparaging them in any way possible.

    • L84Tea says:

      I’m laughing too. I am finding their sad desperation absolutely hilarious! :-D

  4. cassandra says:

    How subtle

  5. Bibi says:

    Twists!!!! Real life royal petty soap operas

  6. Prairiegirl says:

    I live in a Commonwealth country. “Commonwealth Day” isn’t a recognized holiday on the calendar because no one cares about, or benefits from, Commonwealth Day. So there’s that.

  7. Snazzy says:

    I couldn’t help but laugh. It just shows how lost they all really are

    • Brit says:

      Truly. If Harry and Meghan are irrelevant and don’t matter anymore, why are the media and family not leaving them alone?

    • lemonylips says:

      I laughed so hard. News started with Queens new “magnificent 7″. No fab 4 anymore it is “magnificent 7″. That was the first laugh I had and then this. They really need to ride on what is left behind Harry and Meghan in everything. I just don’t know how they can breathe with all the dust their noses are sniffing on. I thought this was the most pathetic decision after the Choo Choo Trainwreck.

      • lucylee says:

        4 adulterers +1 exhausted mom +1 play-play dress up soldier + 1 bland daughter in law = The Magnificent Seven
        Bless their hearts because the struggle is real.

      • MA says:

        It’s amazing how much Meghan has shaped the British royal family and is changing how they market and define themselves. I mean the so called Magnificent 7 were there the whole time before Meghan arrived. What makes them magnificent only now that she left? Gee what changed.

        Its also hysterical how the name contrasts with how bland they are …..you’re expecting Olympians or Marvel heroes but instead are left with a bunch of people I’m sorry to say most of the world and even the UK don’t know… I mean other than the Cambridges and Charles and Camilla who are known because of Diana and the Crown lmao

  8. SarahCS says:

    Reader, I laughed.

  9. Becks1 says:

    Hahahahahahaha. If anything, this is going to emphasize the royal family’s irrelevance since no one will be talking about them once the interview airs. The Oprah interview is going to get international attention. I cant imagine this commonwealth service will get anything close to the same amount of coverage.

    Also, lol at the Sun poll. Like the Sun wont be covering every aspect of this interview.

    • Brit says:

      They’re so bothered about the interview and that Meghan and Harry won’t speak to them anymore. They’re mad CBS and the American media will benefit.

    • Nic919 says:

      The commonwealth service only was covered last year because it was Harry and Meghan’s last official appearance and of course Kate and her bitch face added to it.

  10. Snuffles says:

    I’m pretty sure the only people they survey are staunch royalists. The rest of the country is gonna be watching Oprah with a big tub of popcorn. This is the royal equivalent of Marvel’s Infinite War/End Game. A once in a generation moment.

    They can counter program all they want, but like you said, every paper and news program will have wall to wall coverage for MONTHS parsing every word, facial expression and body language. The Internet will spread it far and wide. They will not be able to control this from getting out one iota.

    • L84Tea says:

      Lol, I love your Endgame reference. But you are correct. I even have the interview written down on my calendar. As for the polls that say they won’t be watching, they’re liars. They are all going to be glued to their screens.

    • SnowQueenM says:

      The Sun does these weird straw polls, such as… 18,000 people (and bots and trolls) surveyed between 9:30 AM and 11 AM who clicked the link on the Sun’s website.

      It’s absurd, and an even worse method than if you just started walking around London asking random people instead.

      • Bloemheks says:

        I was thinking yesterday I wish someone would do this. While the press was busy hounding and smearing Diana the reaction to her death indicated she had a lot of public support. It would be interesting to find out if it’s the same for Harry and Meghan. They are polling pretty bad in the YouGov.uk polls, but I’m not sure what the demographics are on those who bother to answer the survey questions. They don’t poll well in YouGov polls in the US either. The thing is, even when you’re polling at 40% approval that’s still hundreds of millions of people.

  11. Izzy says:

    This reeks of desperation and fear, which leads me to say that we thought we knew how bad things were, but how much worse was it that they are this scared of an interview with Oprah?

  12. MellyMel says:

    They are so stressed and desperate over an interview that’s probably not going to even be that damning to the RF. Like calm down my god!

  13. Midnight@theOasis says:

    Wow. Can they be anymore transparent. The BRF has formally kicked H&M to the curb. Why keep up all this pettiness and back and forth. Let it go already. The Sussexes are international now….that’s their audience. The BM needs to do a sanity check cause they clearly have Sussex Derangement Syndrome cause they can’t focus or report on anyone else it seems.

    • “Sussex Derangement Syndrome”. …..👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 That’s good, Midnight@theOasis. That’s very good!

    • Where'sMyTiara says:

      SDS… spot on!

      The pettiness… at some point I wonder how much Petty Betty is actually participating in this, and how much of this is being fueled on the daily by BP courtiers, coordinating with KP & CH courtiers. Because the whole dragging of the ‘Prince Phillip in the hospital’ thing into this, was really heckin weird and completely unnecessary – and doesn’t seem like a thing Betty would sanction; but it does feel like a narrative Clarence House would put forward to make the Prince of Wales look empathetic and put upon, seeing as how Chaz has made the “sick visit that no other family member in the UK can make right now” to his father, the man he has openly loathed for most of his life. It’s as if this whole Palaces-driven press drama is a tableaux set up to make ClusterChuck and Workshy Wanderdick not look like the scheming rats they are.

      It feels like a combo of the staff acting like they rule/run the place, and Phillip not being there to steady the buffs, and Betty in her Windsor bubble being at the mercy of the courtiers and Prince ClusterChuck’s machinations. I think Betty has been a bit directionless since Phillip retired & absented himself; he was her rudder. Add in the complications of Chaz’s “silent regency” and the power games between the palaces, and it gives the general impression that Betty’s Stilton is sliding off its cracker. Is she really in charge anymore? How much of this pettiness in her name actually has its origins with her? Has she, at any point in the last year, had any real direct contact with Harry, or has it all been filtered through courtiers? I wonder at it, because so many of the leaks are clearly KP and CH in origin. A lot of this nonsense at BP really took off after Sir Christopher Geidt was thrown out by Prince ClusterChuck… which came out the same week VF did a cover story piece on Meghan Markle. Coincidence?

      I don’t think Betty is above being petty, and her jealousy of royals lower on the pecking order has been very well documented – that said, I wonder how much of this right now is directly her doing, how much of this is being done in her name, and how much is even sanctioned by her. Are Harry and Meghan just a proxy war in a larger conflict between The Three Palaces? I suspect they are, and that the next proxy war will kick off over Andrew. If Merrick Garland gets confirmed this week as the new Attorney General of the United States, things could hot up for Uncle Pedo later this year. It’s well known that neither ClusterChuck or Willileaks has any regard for Andrew, and that the only thing protecting the “Darling Diddums of York” is his Mummy. I think we’ll soon see, as that plays out, who is really ruling the UK.

  14. Naomi says:

    here’s the thing: England is no longer the Sussex’s audience or ‘market.’ they are aiming global, and have been for some time. the Oprah interview will launch that brand even farther into the stratosphere. the british press can make a stink all they want, but the sussexes do not have their eye on england, their ‘market’ as it were is so much bigger than that and thy know. at this point, now that they are free: who cares if the british press drags you if you’re getting accolades and appreciation literally everywhere else? as always, what a fucking missed opportunity by the BRF to harness that global popularity to advance the UK’s standing. that country looks smaller, pettier, more provincial by the day.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Why do the “British” not understand that this interview is not about them nor for them. This interview is for North America.

      It seems to me from what I have read that most “British” wanted Harry and Meghan gone or did not care one iota one way or another which is basically the same thing. Why cannot the anti-Sussex party be happy that Meghan & Harry have finally left the building?

      • lanne says:

        They don’t want Harry gone. They want him divorced and they want Meghan begging for alms on Fleet Street. They’re angry that the scripts they are writing for everyone elses lives get rejected. The script that says “The British are the Best, and the world will bow to our Empire” has been rejected by the EU. The script that says “Meghan is a low-class gold digging harpy who wants to be a royal so badly that she cast a spell on poor dim Harry but now he’s seen the light and come home and that “exotic blooded” witch will be PUNISHED” has been thoroughly rejected by the Sussexes. I think their anger comes in large part because Meghan isn’t the gutter born tramp they wanted her to be, and that she isn’t overawed by the brilliance of their exceptional breeding and isn’t cowering in their wake. The ONLY way the royals would have accepted her is if she had groveled like Kate, walked three steps behind Harry with her eyes downcast, and showed profound gratitude for every crumb of attention shown to her by her “betters.” How DARE she not be enamored of the Royals!

        The british royals and their ratchet rats have shown the world who they are and they don’t even realize it. These are the people who thought Andrew’s interview went well.

      • Ginger says:

        Exactly. This is Harry and Meghan’s reintroducing themselves to the world without the nasty tabloid narrative that the UK had. This isn’t for the UK.

    • sunny says:

      Absolutely this. They are building a global brand this is their audience, not solely Britain. Plus, they want to control and own their narratives because I think they are taking the long view of this, realizing how trash the family will look in the eyes of history.

      Lol, on the Queen and the Commonwealth though. I live in a Commonwealth country(Canada) and we don’t really care about the Commonwealth except for occasionally briefly and barely during the Commonwealth games.

      Also, the queen will look ridiculous talking about diversity as a strength of the Commonwealth when she ran the only non-white royals out. All the lols to this move. Her PR would have been better served avoiding the optics of trying to compete with the interview. SIgh

  15. Alexandrajane says:

    And lol at the incoming viewing numbers comparison. Do they genuinely think there is interest in Queen speeches?!

  16. Cecilia says:

    I just know that the windsors have done something so incredibly evil to that woman. Why are they running so scared? They let go of their 2 superstars and are now playing catch-up. This speech will be before the oprah interview too. The queen in competition with the 6th in line how pathetic

  17. Harper says:

    Top CEO is probably being forced out of her home this week to be filmed laughing and tossing her hair with Commonwealth reps as proof that the royals are not racists and really do public service all day long. The fakeness will be strong in this special Commonwealth Day presentation. At least this gives Oprah’s producers a heads up to include the Kate snubbing H&M at last year’s Commonwealth Day service film clip. Hopefully, the producers will run the clip in slo-mo, over and over, with a close-up of Harry’s “I want to kill someone” expression.

  18. Sam says:

    The poll is ridiculous.Why don’t YouGov do their polls on actual taxpayer funded royals.Why is it always on Harry and Meghan.Like do they think Harry and Meghan care if the British are going to tune in or not.

    • Cecilia says:

      Exactly! Why don’t they poll the population on the queen intervering with tax legislation? Like, you know, actual important stuff

  19. Elizabeth says:

    The Sun literally wrote “Meghan and Harry now a turn off for millions of royalists” and “more than half of Brits” etc. when the poll, according to Newsweek (which by the way says it commissioned the poll, so idk what the Sun is on), was of 1,500 people.

    The population of England was 55 million in 2019.

    1500 / 55,000,000 is 0.000027%.

    • Cecilia says:

      1500 people is a big enough sample size to have a representative sample. However another requirement is that the respondents must have been selected at random and i highly doubt that happened

    • Miss617 says:

      Statistically, 1500 would actually a decent amount of people to pull proportional generalizations from. The Sun still shouldn’t generalize though, because the sample is not truly random as older people (who are much more likely to be For Queen and Country types) are more likely to pick up a phone and respond to any old poll.

  20. JT says:

    Oh God. The queen is over here trying to pull a Trump. 😂 I mean….this is embarrassing. She’s straight up holding her own rally to compete with H&M. Lest we all forget, Biden won.

    • Likeyoucare says:

      The queen should make sure that she book the right venue.
      Remember rudy gulliani stupidly booked infront of landscaping store near the sex stores.
      She need to make sure all the commonwealth nations know or care about her speech, which i am sure my country will ignore it.

      • Lila says:

        Lol. Okay the idea of the queen trying to shout over the sound of a leaf blower at Buckingham Palace Landscaping company is kind of hilarious. And if there was a sex shop next door, we know which one of her dear children would be there, trying to figure out if there were teenagers for sale.

  21. Merricat says:

    I keep picturing the queen screaming “Off with their heads!” as she’s most certainly throwing a royal fit. Lol.
    It’s a pathetic response that only ups the ante for what is likely a losing contest for the house of Windsor. H&M command a global stage, as others have noted. Even the entire remaining royal family banding together to mouth platitudes is no match for the Sussexes.

  22. Eva says:

    What a salty woman! hahaha

  23. Nina says:

    I live in a “Commonwealth” country. No idea what that means IRL. Don’t think the queen has been here since she was a princess in 1947 lmao. Harry’s been though and does lovely things for our neighbour, Lesotho, through Sentebale. Meghan’s been, she seemed to enjoy it. No one here cares too much about the queen of England and her vaults and bank accounts full of looted treasure. Although they should ask for some stuff back, we could buy some vaccines with the money. Crickets from Britain on any assistance on that or any other front. They only take, they do not give. Harry’s learning that the hard way.

  24. Oatmeal says:

    Lordt, it’s all out war . I see the Queen decided to choose violence

    Welp, let the showdown commence

  25. Soupie says:

    It goes without saying that if the British royal family did not have all that money and jewels etc. their empire would have crumbled a long long time ago.

    They’re watching it crumble in spite of the wealth. What’s left is a bunch of rich inbred entitled people and their hangers-on. Pathetic.

  26. Deanne says:

    I’m Canadian and I’ve never heard of “Commonwealth Day”. Are the Commonwealth countries supposed to celebrate the Royal leeches in all of their glory on that day or something? The entire Royal family serve no purpose and add no value to the lives of anyone in Canada. They should be abolished.

  27. Ang says:

    So, a quarter of all Brits plan to watch the Oprah interview? And they are considering that a fail???

    • Yoyo says:

      Considering it will be 2 AM, a 1/4 of the population is still a good number, that will be more than the Magnificent 7 performances/speech.
      They do love Harry in some African and Caribbean Countries, and their is nothing the RF can do about it.

    • Nic919 says:

      They are lying the same as trump voters. They will of course be watching the interview, if not love then later on. The haters in particular will watch.

  28. Lanie says:

    Sorry QEII. You are no Diana in a little black dress.

  29. lemonylips says:

    Funniest thing is stating that Harry and Meghan will now have to be retaking their interview to match the success of Queenies TV apperance. What will Kate wear if she can’t see Meghan before their shooting?

    • Sunday says:

      Green, to (poorly, obviously, pathetically) compete with Meghan’s outfit from last commonwealth day.

    • RoyalBlue says:

      Ha HAAAAAAAAA. I really am enjoying these comments.

      These royal people mad! What is the service they provide to the commonwealth nations? Let’s hear it.

  30. Harper says:

    There was a post here recently that said there would be a big announcement on the Archwell site after the Oprah show. Since H&M were kicked from their official Royal Commonwealth positions, perhaps part of the interview will be focused on their continued work in Commonwealth countries and the announcement afterward about a new partnership with the group. Could be why M&H want the interview out by Commonwealth Day.

  31. MJM says:

    The Queen has never had as formidable opponent as Meghan Markle. She is no Duchess of Windsor or even Diana. That response to the announcement released by the Palace re the removing of their patronages, duty etc. was a serious checkmate making the Queen (Sarah Vine’s unhinged rant about it points to how squarely it hit the mark) look extremely bad. Meghan is a very smart and powerful woman who they seriously underestimate. It will continue to bite them badly if they continue to do so. She will always outthink and outplay them because she is a far more intelligent and better person in every way.

  32. Yoyo says:

    They were not going to watch the Podcast either, but still it trended number 1 or 2 England.
    In the commonwealth countries it’s not a holiday, they will need to closed caption most of the Royals speech.

  33. ABritGuest says:

    The royals want to jump on the cycle of the Oprah interview being seen as ‘dutiful’ in contrast to Meghan& Harry being all ‘Hollywood’ in their £11m mansion & ‘complaining’. I understand CW day service is usually on 8th so this is def a switch up. Well played BP PR.

    Networks have tended to tag on the U.K. royals on Harry & Meghan news in recent times so also having this same day when people may be anticipating the Oprah interview may cause more attention/eyeballs on the CW day service

  34. Ann says:

    I only have limited TV time for interviews and speeches. What to watch?! Oh the dilemma. I mean, they can poll people in the UK all they want, but they do realize there is a much bigger viewership over here in the USA, right? And this is Oprah territory. Say what they will about Americans…there are a lot of us.

  35. Amy Bee says:

    The Queen actually believes that her Commonwealth Day programme will not be overshadowed by Harry and Meghan’s interview. BP is run by stupid people. The programme is going to be drowned out by Harry and Meghan and it would have been better if the BBC aired the Commonwealth Day programme on the actual day.

  36. aquarius64 says:

    Oprah’s interview is 8pm EST which would be 1 am in the UK. Another dumb move; the Windsors are scared. The Markles better worry too. An Australian morning show announced Oprah’s people asked for a January tape of Samantha screeching Meghan abandoned Bad Dad. If Scammy is rebutted on American TV and Oprah brings receipts and new information (also corroborated) the BM looks incompetent for not vetting the Markles and culpable in civil litigation for a years long smear campaign.

  37. Ainsley7 says:

    So, this was all decided by the BBC. It’s easier to air a special program on a Sunday evening than it is on a Monday. I mean, that’s why H&M’s interview is being shown on a Sunday as well. The Queen and other Royals are participating because it’s their job. I don’t understand why anyone would think it had to do with the Sussexes.

    It’s been made clear that ITV was going to leak news of the Sussexes interview before everything was settled. CBS hurried to get everything arranged and announced before they could. All things considered, it was more than likely going to be near the end of a March or early April. After everything was decided with the one year review. It would also explain why everything related to the one year review was decided so quickly. The Sussexes needed to know where everything stood in order to do the interview. Having to announce early is why the interview has ended up on the same day as they Commonwealth program and the Sussexes are likely as annoyed with that as the rest of the BRF. The whole Sussexes vs the BRF thing pulls focus from the future they are trying to build. Which is why the media has been playing up that narrative so much.

    • L4frimaire says:

      @Ainsley7, So the royals were informed in advance of the interview and it was going to be leaked, is that what actually happened? So the usual nonsense. I had some thoughts about the Commonwealth service broadcast but obviously airing whatever they are airing makes sense for a Sunday, so not going or fault that, especially since they want to project unity and carrying on. It seems like, the royals always need or escalate everything to their agenda when it comes to the Sussexes. The royals feel like they need or do what they need to do, but I think the Sussexes have always been more of a straight shooter in this whole thing,even though the media make it seem like the opposite. Just the Sussexes getting on with their lives is perceived as threat to them.

      • Ainsley7 says:

        ITV didn’t say how they found out. It seemed to me that they knew before the Royals. I could be wrong, but I doubt H&M would have told the BRF before the deal with CBS was solidified. So, I don’t think the Royals leaked anything in this particular case.

    • MerryGirl says:

      Anything coming out of Chris Ship’s mouth should be taken with a pound of salt. Just because he claims ITV knew about the Oprah interview doesn’t make it fact, these RRs are proven gossip mongers and liars.
      Ever since the Sussexes left England, all leaks have stopped that is why they are blindsided by everything. They didn’t know about their Montecito home purchase, they didn’t know about Netflix, they didn’t know about Spotify, they didn’t know about the pregnancy, they didn’t know about the Clevr latte investment until Oprah posted it so how the hell would they know what Oprah and the Sussexes had planned. Pure speculation.

    • Oona says:

      8th March is International Women’s Day. This is the reason for the date change.

  38. Belli says:

    What the hell did they do to Meghan to be this terrified of what the Sussexes might say??

    • lanne says:

      hopefully we’ll find out soon! I don’t think we’ll find out on March 7th though. Meghan’s smartest move would be to “go high” and say nothing about they royal family, and maybe speak about the media. Harry can make statements about the courtiers. I think they should save the whole truth for a book that they write at a later date.

  39. Courtney B says:

    I don’t know if there’s an ulterior motive to it being on the same day since it’s the bbc controlling it. Now getting the number of royals to participate, in addition to the queen, maybe. But that poll? That’s really laughable and ridiculous. I’d love to see the actual breakdown. Maybe people aren’t watching because it’s on in the middle of the night? We’re they asked about watching or watching live? What percentage of the population watched wedding coverage of any recent royal weddings? That could be a barometer. We’re they asked about live vs recorded vs streaming? About simply live vs delayed? What percentage watch similar interviews Polls can be so skewed.

    Ps looked it up. About 33% watched the wedding. So only 6% less. And that’s a lot more fun and glamorous.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      I have found that people who say they are not going to watch something are usually the ones who have their TV on and tuned to the correct channel 30 minutes prior to the commencement of the program.

    • Amy Bee says:

      The BBC does what the Royal Family wants.

  40. Phoenix says:

    Damn I laught so hard :D
    This is such a petty move lol

  41. Commonwealthy says:

    This is so odd… if they aired their online special on March 8th, it could be covered on March 9th. Airing on March 7th means it will be a footnotes to the Oprah-Sussex special… wow, the bad advice from these gold-star advisers.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Yes, it’s a strange choice and I don’t think it’s going to play out the way they wanted. They clearly want to juxtapose their self-proclaimed “life of public service” with “showy, selfish Hollywood Harry and Meghan”. But it’s clear that they don’t realize the bad optics they’re setting up for themselves: they’re going to wax poetic about the Commonwealth while the growing consensus is that they bullied and chased out the one nonwhite member of the family. If they think many in the Commonwealth don’t see it that way, they’re in for an unpleasant shock.

  42. Kitty says:

    No one will watch it lol. Sorry but I think the firm is past their golden years as being interesting.

  43. MsIam says:

    Lmao! These people are better than a comedy show! I’m surprised they didn’t want poor Eugenie to step away from her new baby to support “the firm” too.

  44. Nyro says:

    So we’re going to be able to see how many millions watched the Sussex interview versus how many thousands watched the queen. LOL, who’s doing the thinking over there at Buckingham Palace. Way to set ol’ Betty up for public failure and defeat. As Jay-Z said “men lie, women lie,number don’t lie.” We’re all you see just who the REAL queen is when those ratings come in Ha!

  45. Lemons says:

    We already know how the conservative deplorables lie in polls. Their eyes would be glued to w/e live stream of the interview they can find from their homes. It’s the closest they’ll ever get to hearing royalty speak about real things since their own royals are busy zooming about schools runs.

  46. Petra says:

    I really believe Harry and Meghan intention is not to hurt Harry’s grandmother. For this reason, BRF should get an outside PR firm to write her commonwealth speech because if the speech is written by the same group that wrote the last one, she’ll bury herself in doo-doo.

  47. Nyro says:

    Just the other day they were hollering about how disrespectful HM are for going ahead with the interview while poor Philip is on his death bed. Now the queen herself is planning a tv special with a primetime speech. Lol. It’s clear to me the Philip health scare was a scam to guilt Harry into backing down or coming home. It clearly didn’t work. Now it’s “oh, he’s fine.”

    • Sunday says:

      Exactly, excellent point! Harry is the most evil grandson in the world for not abandoning his pregnant wife to fly and be by Philip’s side, meanwhile Philip’s own wife hasn’t visited him and is instead announcing a curiously scheduled speech without once mentioning her husband. With each passing day I’m more and more convinced that palace PR is run by the mad hatter himself. Just completely nonsensical.

      • Nyro says:

        It’s all so fake. A complete set up. There’s nothing wrong with Philip other than being older than God. You can stick a 100 year old in the hospital for anything. A cough, a stubbed toe, hiccups, a runny nose, etc. They admitted him simply to shame the Sussexes in the eyes of the public and get them to cancel that interview. It was all an act and totally predictable. As soon as the interview was announced, people were saying that Philip was going to have a “health scare”, and lo and behold, he did. A set up!

    • Harper says:

      Absolutely. Will was out public-servicing today and he was asked how Philip was doing. “Okay,” said Will with a wink. The wink that means of course he’s not that sick, but having him in the hospital gives us an extra bludgeon in our portrayal of H&M as the devil.

  48. bamaborn says:

    This ole bitty needs to take 2 seats. As for changing the date of the CW address, not surprised. These people are always changing dates, like their birthdays. Sometimes they even celebrate 2 birthdays in one year. Inbreds!

  49. The audience of the Queen’s speech are the British citizens. Prince Harry’s and Meghan’s audience are global citizens. Who awaits the Queen’s speech? The courtiers and the carnival of so-called experts. Who awaits Meghan and Prince Harry’s interview ? The world.

  50. tee says:

    this is an interesting approach, given the strength of current members of the BRF is their ability look good and keep silent. I’d say Kate is the current star of the Firm, save the queen, yet most people have never heard her speak. And to say she’s not an engaging speaker is an understatement. Contrast will M&H, but especially Meghan, who become more compelling and endearing when they speak… they’re setting themselves up for unflattering comparisons.

    Anyway, very few outside of the UK will be covering this event.

  51. LindaS says:

    Does anyone think this commonwealth speech by the queen was planned long ago not just recently. They plan their schedules far ahead not last minute. Does anyone think maybe the Oprah interview was planned to be on the same day as the queens speech to subtly or not subtly get back at the queen for what she did.

    • CC2 says:

      I don’t think so. Harry and Meghan aren’t the ones picking the air date, the network is.

      I also can’t think of a logical reason about the change of date too. When the queen is involved, you don’t necessarily have to plan far ahead. A week is more than enough given that they have to be able to get a speech out there in times of need like her addressing covid or whatever. The filming schedule isn’t going to be messed up anyways and the BM is generally prepared to mess up their programming in case of a royal death or whatever.

    • Over it says:

      Well Harry and Meghan not being working royals had no idea about the windsors pony show . I think Betty is trying to get people not to pay attention to what her and her family did to Harry and his biracial wife. She is terrified that more commonwealth countries especially the Caribbean will see Meghan and Harry interview and see how poorly the woman of color was treated by them and decide to follow Barbados lead and want out too.

    • MsIam says:

      What do you mean, what the queen did? If you mean removing the patronages, that was done after the interview was announced. And CBS is the one who sets the air date on their network. I’m guessing this date was picked to coincide with the one year anniversary of H&M leaving royal life. Since their last engagement together with the family was Commonwealth Day, it was set to air on that date.

      • Over it says:

        She stood by silently and let her incandescent ass of a grandson and her palace lap dogs use the racist British media to abuse and torment a pregnant woman and a new mother. She did nothing. She punished them for choosing their mental well-being and that of their family of three over her corrupt institution that was built off the back of the people they abused and stole from and kept in slavery. And as a final punishment for him not leaving his wife and son, she stuck the knife in further and took back all her patronage’s. Not like she gives a shit about those she just had to live up to her name petty betty

    • Oona says:

      8th of March is International Women’s Day. This is the reason for the date change.

  52. mess says:

    I for one am excited to see this real-life example of bringing a knife to a gunfight. But then I suppose neither the BRF nor their conspirators in the media are ever interested in competing and ‘winning’ fairly. They’re probably looking forward to whining (again) about how H&M disrespects the Queen by stealing the spotlight from Her Pettiness. Bet the tabloids have got their next-day front page layouts all ready for it.

  53. Over it says:

    It’s actually hilarious, it’s like they are saying to people please don’t watch Oprah and H and M , we are supposed to say that but really you have to watch because no one especially colored people in the commonwealth would rather watch those white privileged colonial racist than ophrah. We all want to know what the white folks did to our colored sister, nice try petty Betty.

  54. Sarah says:

    Commonwealth Day should be changed to Colonization Day, if we’re truly calling the Royals on their bullshit. Then again, their must a willingness to confront wrongdoing and make a genuine effort to atone. Petty Betty would never.

  55. Lowrider says:

    This British institution continues to show how petty, childish and low rent they really are.

  56. Over it says:

    I have this fantasy, Queen Oprah sits across from lady Megs and ask her is there anything you would like to say to petty Betty? And Megs says yes, I would actually, Betty kiss my colored ass, you racist out of touch cold as ice bitch.

  57. Darby says:

    I call it right now H&M will be blamed for Phillip’s death (when it occurs).. they will say the stress and tension of H&M caused it. These people are awful. I used to be a HUGE monarchy supporter. Now I hope after The Queen dies they abolish it all together.

  58. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Poor Petty Betty still thinks she’s relevant enough to pull focus from Harry & Meghan. Meanwhile her speech will be utterly ignored. Lol!

  59. Southern Fried says:

    Qs I hope Oprah asks, How many times have you spoken to TQ? Charles? William and Kate?

  60. lemonylips says:

    Honestly all of this is like watching “Monster in Law”.

  61. L4frimaire says:

    I seriously doubt anyone at CBS knows when Commonwealth day is or what exactly it’s for. For the US broadcast, it was the Sussexes last official royal appearance. The Royal family is not obligated to react whenever Harry and Meghan do something, which is how this is being framed.Someone said Commonwealth Day used to be Empire Day. When my dad was a kid in his little speck of a former colony, in the 50s they had empire day and they had to sing Rule Britannia ( 3000 miles from the UK) and fly the Union Jack. It’s quite ironic that they sing “Britons never shall be slaves” while large sections of the Commonwealth were.

  62. Jezebel's Lacefront says:

    The interview’s aimed at American audiences. So, what’s the point of her speaking? We won’t carry it. Useless energy you have there, Petty Betty.

  63. newmenow says:

    Have you watched the Netflix show The Windors?
    It is pretty funny, and spot on in hitting each member of the BRF personal weak spots/oddness.
    The actor who plays William has such a good take on PW, bland, dull, none too clever, stands about generally waiting, waiting, waiting and then barks at Kate to do something.

    At this point, the BRF should be cancelled.
    Possibly keep them on at half pay because they are a tourist attraction but nothing more than that. They have not been “ruling” in decades they are figure heads stuck in the past.
    As for their charity work, it is a fine idea. But, IRL, the charities and the people they serve would be just fine if Chuck, Liz, Will, Anne reached into their own wealth and gave directly to the charity. All those wealthy people, dressed and dripping in jewelry = ego.

    Maybe we could ask the actor who plays The Duke from Bridgerton to join the actual BRF? He’s charming, looks good in those Regency clothes and seems to be a nice enough young Fellow, and he can sing.
    I bet he is smarter than at least 2 actual members of BRF. lol

  64. Kim says:

    Liz really overestimates her influence . Her courtiers truly live in a different era. How can this elderly woman compete ? At some point we will all have to hang it up. This is sad . The monarchy is embarrassing itself . If they didn’t constantly nag and disrespect Megan they could have all moved on . The Windsors need to go into their pockets and make real donations instead of pilfering the public purse .

  65. Margaret says:

    I want to take a stab in the dark, would old petty Betty actually name the replacements to the commonwealth positions as another slap in the face to the Sussexes?.
    Feedback please.

  66. Lizzie says:

    The maleficent seven each making a speech about commonwealth day? Will they all be on zoom? Ratings gold I tell ya! First the queen didn’t want to look petty, I guess she settled on pathetic.

  67. NYStateofMind says:

    Dang. She will stop at nothing. I’m so curious as to why though. I HIGHLY doubt those two would say anything bad. I just don’t think that is their MO.

  68. anotherlily says:

    In the UK the interview will be the 8th, in the early morning. Most people will watch it on ‘catch up’ at some point over the weekend. So it won’t be the same day as the Queen. The timing of the Queen’s broadcast may be to enable most Commonwealth countries to see it live. I have the feeling it isn’t going to make the impression they are hoping for. The Oprah interview will be a much bigger attraction and before then, on the 2nd March, Meghan’s case against the Mail is back in court for directions. So the Queen is caught in the middle of two major Sussex stories.

    • Likeyoucare says:

      My country didnt even care about betty the petty even when we are members of the commonwealth countries.
      We join it just for Commonwealth Games that happens every 4 years.
      Even when cambridges came here they were not on the cover of the newspapers.

  69. Maple 🍁 says:

    I miss seeing them. They were so enchanting.

  70. Over it says:

    Does anyone remember how Harry and Meghan were treated at the last commonwealth event by that family? Why then should they build their lives around horrible people who treat them like dirt on television anymore ? They commonwealth roles were taken away by petty, so as much as they might like the commonwealth countries, any decisions they make to not make them a priority anymore is on Betty and her toxic family refusal to include the biracial woman.

  71. Mel says:

    Apparently the Queen’s address has been weeks in the making and involves many ppl with a commonwealth centric message. H and M may or may not have known about her speech but they certainly would have known about the commonwealth activities that normally happen on that day. It feels a little bit more like H and M are trying to commando the Queen than the other way around. I won’t watch either program.

    • ABritGuest says:

      Hmm what influence would Meghan & Harry have over CBS & it’s scheduling compared to the Queen with establishment media BBC? So I very much doubt the Sussexes were trying to suck it to the royals to have an interview on 7 March particularly where precedent dictates that CW day would have been celebrated on second Monday of March- 8th March.

  72. Heat says:

    But, would the service held at Westminster Abbey have happened on the Sunday? I’m assuming that a church service would be, but I don’t know. If so, then the timing of the Queen’s speech would be appropriate, since it is replacing the service.

  73. Sarah says:

    If I were the Queen, I would do my speech on that day as well because if she had a speech on Monday, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo one would care.

    British TV News Coverage (morning, afternoon and evening)

    March 8th: reaction to Sussex interview (worldwide because trust me everyone who cares is watching this)
    March 9th: Sussex (British reporters grumbling)
    March 10th: Sussex (British reporters grumbling)
    March 11th: Sussex (British reporters grumbling)
    March 12th: Sussex (British reporters grumbling)

    shall I go on?