“AG Merrick Garland promises to investigate the 1/6 insurrection” links

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Our new Attorney General Merrick Garland promises to investigate all avenues around the January 6th insurrection. Sucks that his confirmation hearing included several of the men who literally incited the insurrection. [Buzzfeed]
Failed/former senator Kelly Loeffler is creating an anti-voting-rights group focused on suppressing voting rights in Georgia. [Jezebel]
Love Lourdes Leon, hate the hair color. [Tom & Lorenzo]
Um, Emily Blunt has shaved a few years off her official age, right? [Dlisted]
I love the Zimmerman patterns but not the sleeves. [GFY]
Dustin Rowles wholly imagined a completely different ending for You’ve Got Mail and he was so mad that it wasn’t real. [Pajiba]
Cancun Cruz is such a liar and a toad. [Towleroad]
Sam Asghari, Britney Spears’ boyfriend, signed on with a new modeling management team. I honestly didn’t know he modeled? [JustJared]
What’s Ben Affleck up to in 2021? [LaineyGossip]
90 Day Fiance star says that her fiance raped her. [Starcasm]

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26 Responses to ““AG Merrick Garland promises to investigate the 1/6 insurrection” links”

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  1. bettyrose says:

    Stomach problems and I’ve cut back to a half cup of coffee in the am. I just read that headline as he’s only going to investigate a fraction of the incidents. I’d better get started on the green tea.

    • Golly Gee says:

      LOL. I read “Cancun Cruz”, and thought, who the hell is that? Does Penelope Cruz have an adult son that I don’t know about? Then the penny dropped.

  2. Lightpurple says:

    The Republican Senators went out of their way to be ridiculous. Cruz, Hawley, Blackburn, and Graham should definitely be worried that their involvement will be prosecuted. And Senator Kennedy from Louisiana seemed really confused about racism.

  3. Tiffany says:

    Merrick Garland, one of the investigators and prosecutors in the Oklahoma City Bombing that lead to the conviction of Timothy McVeigh.

    That Merrick Garland.

    Yeah, they kept this man at arms length all these years for a reason and are going to do their damnest now.

  4. SpankyB says:

    The Zimmerman collection is very 70′s. I love most of it, but I agree the sleeves aren’t good.

  5. Zantasia says:

    I remember You’ve Got Mail ending that way too…weird.

  6. Tiffany says:

    My thoughts are with Tiger Woods children right now.


  7. Lua says:

    Tiger Woods 😳

  8. Agirlandherdog says:

    Loeffler is just aiding and abetting the GA legislature in their bid to keep as many black people from voting as possible. Take a look at some of the measures they’re trying to enact in GA to keep another democrat from being elected.

    You’re tired. I’m tired. It feels like we just won a freaking war. But, sadly, trump was just a f***ing battle. But until the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act is passed and enacted, state legislatures will continue to enact legislation to suppress the vote as much as they possibly can. And that can’t happen until the filibuster is DOA. If your senator does not support ending the filibuster (if you live in AZ or WV, I’m specifically looking at you), call them every day. Write letters. Make a nuisance of yourself.

  9. Jess says:

    Those Lourdes photos are so bad. Nepotism at its finest.

  10. sup says:

    Lourdes is gorgeous, but… damn. Girl can’t model.

    Tired of nepotism tbh :/

    The 90 Days Fiance thing is absolutely vile. Stealthing IS rape and he needs to be put in jail. TLC is a vile, vile, vile network. I’d say they out did themselves except I still remember the whole Duggars fiasco.

  11. TQ says:

    Yeah I think so re: Emily Blunt. I thought she was 1 year older than John Krasinski, who is 41 years old. If that’s the case, it is horrible that the pressure of Hollywood/entertainment industry basically force this kind of thing. Also see: Beyonce, Rebel Wilson, Jessica Chastain, etc.

    • LL says:

      Yes! I remember Emily being older than John too.

      Also Ashley Madekwe (Revenge). I remember being shocked that she she was a few years older than me because she looked so young, but now she has shaved 2 years off. Who knows, maybe the original age was wrong? But, probably not. They didn’t even do a very good job scrubbing the internet, because 1981 and 1983 both come up when you google her.

  12. Emm says:

    I believe he is more dangerous but no, I do not believe that man is handsome. He looks like a weasel and all the dudes that hated women who wouldn’t give them a second look in high school.

  13. Golly Gee says:

    He is definitely more dangerous. Rick Wilson one of the cohosts of the new abnormal podcast, and a disillusioned Republican insider, says he is amoral and fascist like Trump but much smarter and will use many of Trump’s techniques but much more intelligently in ways that will allow him to succeed without the fall out. He would be very happy to see democracy fail.

  14. Monika says: