Princess Diana’s friend says that Diana would have hated the Sussexit…?

Princess Diana is pictured in 1990s Archive Photos **FILE PHOTOS**

I read Finding Freedom last year, soon after it came out, and I decided to re-read Tina Brown’s The Diana Chronicles soon after. There were and are so many parallels, callbacks and lessons learned between Diana’s story and Prince Harry’s story. Diana wanted her sons to be her legacies, and by the end of her life, she was searching for her next moves, and I believe all options were on the table for her. She wasn’t going to just stick around Kensington Palace and wait until Charles married Camilla. I genuinely believe she would have eventually moved, perhaps to America, especially when both of her sons were at Eton for a few years. But yeah, we’ll never know. I don’t think this is the right reading though – one of Diana’s “friends” is criticizing Harry for… disrespecting the Queen and not doing what Diana would have wanted him to do.

Princess Diana would have been ‘furious’ with ‘confused’ Prince Harry over Megxit, a close friend of the late royal has claimed. The Duke, 36, and Duchess of Sussex, 39, who are currently living in their $14 million mansion in California, were stripped of their royal patronages by the Queen, 94, days ago, and shocked many by issuing a barbed statement in response to the palace.

Fashion designer Roberto Devorik, who remained a friend of Diana all her adult life, has now claimed the late royal would have been angered over the recent fall-out because she wanted him to help shape a ‘modern monarchy.’ He said Meghan and Diana wouldn’t have got along ‘in any way’, telling Hola! magazine: ‘I think Meghan is the boss… Harry is a boy who suffered a lot and believes that Meghan has the legacy of Diana. But he is very confused.’

Fashion impresario Roberto said Princess Diana had told him ‘many times’ that she ‘wanted her children to be princes of a ‘modern Crown’ and said the royal would have been ‘furious’ with Prince Harry over Megxit. Meanwhile he called the Queen’s decision to strip the couple of their patronages ‘logical’. Declaring Prince Harry ‘the Queen’s favourite grandson’, Roberto said Her Majesty had been forced to put ‘Crown first’, adding: ‘For the Crown, what Harry has done is unforgivable. You cannot exile yourself and collect money from Netflix or Disney and also want to continue collecting from the State for your performances for the Crown. You cannot live in a mansion in Montecito, California, and sign millionaire commercial contracts , and also want to receive money from the public coffers or continue to represent the Crown.’

Devorik branded the statement from the couple ‘shameful’, adding that nobody is ‘forbidding’ Harry from helping people, but he shouldn’t ‘receive the privileges from The Crown.’ He said the Duke will now have ‘a normal life’ which is ‘what he wanted.’

[From The Daily Mail]

In the past, whenever people would say sh-t like “Diana would have loved Kate” or “Diana would have hated Meghan,” I was always like “???” People really do forget what Diana was like, with all of her flaws and her extraordinary ability to see through the bullsh-t. Personally, I think Diana would have had issues with both Meghan and Kate simply because Diana would have wanted to be the most important woman in her sons’ lives. But Diana would have judged the Middletons pretty harshly, especially Carole. As for Meghan, she and Diana would have a lot in common, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they would have gotten along! Anyway, yeah, I don’t get this continued infantilization of Harry, like he’s a pawn caught in Meghan’s trap. I also think Diana would have completely understood why Harry moved away, given all of the bullsh-t the Windsors put him through. The parallels between how she was abused and gaslighted versus what happened to her younger son… she would have seen that. And she would be spitting mad at William and Harry’s estrangement.

Charles, Prince of Wales, and Diana, Pri..........

HRH PRINCESS OF WALES(HRH Princess Diana).With HRH PRINCE HARRY.Seen at the VJ Day Celebrations.COMPULSORY CREDIT: UPPA/PhotoshotPhoto URK 010143/G-29  19.08.1995

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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  1. lunchcoma says:

    William and Harry were so young when she died, and it’s clearly had a huge impact on both their lives. I think it’s almost impossible to predict how she would have reacted to these situations, because I think both of her sons might have made different choices and found different life partners. Harry probably would have had a more comfortable relationship with the monarchy, William may not have been so driven to find a second family, and both men would have moved at least a bit in her world as well as their father’s.

    • Maida says:

      Agreed — and Diana was so young when she died it’s hard to say what she would be like today. Decades of life experience can really change people.

      • Eleonora says:

        Yes, but I think this is easy to predict.

        Diana had to deal with palace nastiness herself and left. Does anyone really believe she would take the palace’s side over her son?

        Hahahah, what a load of BS.

      • GraceB says:

        @Eleonora maybe not the palace’s side but I’m not sure she would have taken the side of one son over the other. It makes you wonder whether any of this would have happened if she were still alive. Life might have taken very different turns for all of them.

        I don’t think Diana was actually that great at seeing though BS though. Just look at how many times she was led on or led into horrible situations. I’m not sure Diana would have been so great at handling any of this but people will make her into whatever they want because she’s not here anymore. They take take little parts of her and make it fit any narrative.

      • Madelaine says:

        Not only did Princess Diana offer a glaring example of disenfranchisement from the firm’s / royal plantation’s mental straight jacket but she paved the way for her sons to act likewise in case irretrievable circumstances would hinder their pursuit of happiness. I’m not sure what posthumous psychic reading that purported friend deems himself under the moral obligation to share with the world, but from what I know, Princess Diana is the prime inventor of Sussexit.

        Her physical beauty and boldness are unparalleled so far.

    • Nicole says:

      I agree with you but I can imagine a world with Diana in it where Harry still chooses Meghan. The difference is, I think the Monarchy and their press would have feared a smackdown from Diana and kept their racism in check.

    • harperc says:

      See, I think Harry would have been more uncomfortable with the monarchy if Diana had lived.

      Charles, Camilla, and Diana would have been tabloid fodder forever. It would have been Angelina, Brad, and Jennifer on steroids. Every time Cam would scratch her nose in public, they would have raced to Di for a reaction, and vice versa.

      And I doubt Charles and Di would have ever come to an amicable co-parenting arrangement behind the scenes, so the sons would have the rope in a decades-long tug of war, and may have chosen sides. William would have always chosen the monarchy (that whole heir thing) whereas Harry would have been torn between the two.

      Now he may have had a better relationship with the *press*, but even then, the tabs were never going to leave him or his parents alone.

      My mother died when I was around Harry’s age, and that spun my life in all sorts of unplanned directions, and we were a poor family in NJ. That happening to a child in one of the most famous families in the world? Soooo many variables that can’t be fully comprehended.

      • Carrie says:

        My mother died when I was 12. I always wonder who I would be now if she was still alive. I know that I would be a different person.

      • Arpeggi says:

        My dad died when I was 7, it changed a lot of things. I don’t spend much time trying to imagine how my life would be if that hadn’t happen because it’d be totally different and there’s no point to that. I’ve always felt uncomfortable when people would later say that my dad would have loved or reacted to this or that current event (fortunately, it doesn’t happen often) because no, we have absolutely no idea who that person would be 20+ years later. I really think it’s cruel to both H and W to have had to deal with those projections for more than 20 years

      • UptownGirl says:

        @ harperc, @ Carrie and @ Arpeggi, I am terribly sorry for all of you. A classmate of mine lost her mother in junior high, she would have been your age @Carrie, and she was traumatized for years. I am truly sorry to all of you.
        So I say we all raise our glasses and tell Roberto to STFU and sit down because he doesn’t know WTF he is talking about!!

      • Tessa says:

        Diana did try to control William by not allowing him to be waited on hand and foot by a valet and had him clean up his room and wash cars for allowance. Charles coddled William even apologizing for his bad behavior when he trespassed on a neighboring estate speeding through in his car. William probably still would have gotten more establishment with his visits to the Queen.

    • Heat says:

      I was coming to the comments to say the same thing. Diana’s death shaped the future for both William and Harry.
      There is no way to know who either of them would have wound up marrying, or what paths they would have taken, if Diana had lived.

      • Nana says:

        Came here to say the exact same thing. No-one can ever know and our guesses are as good as this “friend’s”, ie: pure conjecture/projection.
        But if I had to hazard a guess, it’d be the same as @lunchcoma and @heat.

  2. Faye says:

    Harry and Meghan didn’t want to continue getting money from the “Crown” when they proposed the half in half out. They were going to continue the work without taking money so they wouldn’t have to deal with the rota. It was all spelled out on their website.

    The Queen said no to that because people would wonder why the rest of the family couldn’t do the same.

    • Becks1 says:

      Yeah the fact that he harped on that told me he has no idea what he’s talking about. Refusing money from the sovereign grant was the big motivation in all of this.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      The financial independence aspect has been pushed to the background for many of the Sussexes detractors. This is just another paid attempt as bashing the Sussexes by some nonentity no one has heard of . I am expecting old nannies, milk men and painters and decorators to be wheeled out next. The BM needs to accept that they are not coming back.

      • Spanky says:

        The milk men and painters and decorators…too funny! I seem to remember that Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell, went on record as saying that right before her death, she was looking at real estate in Malibu. She had found a house owned by Blake Edwards (I think) and the plans were for her and the boys to live on the ground floor. There was a second level apartment where Paul was going to live. If this is true, then it doesn’t sound like Diana was interested in sticking around the UK and having her boys grow up in a “modern monarchy”. Hell no…she was getting out of Dodge, with her butler no less, and had found a house that she liked.

    • Teal Levee says:

      @ Faye – Absolutely spot on! Therein lies the problem. If Harry and Meghan can work without Tax Payers Funding then why not the rest of the Windsor’s ? For this they have been made outcasts by the entire royal family. Harry and Meghan highlight to me the need to defund the Royals – very much time to vote if we want a Monarchy or not. My vote goes to abolishing the lot of them.

  3. Kalana says:

    I haven’t heard of this guy in connection to Diana. Clout chasing on a dead woman’s coattails. I think Diana would have hated that.

    Diana’s sisters love Meghan.

    Diana made peace with Rain Legs so who knows, maybe she would have figured something out with the Middletons.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      I had never heard of this guy and I KNOW a designer she was VERY good friends with who actually dressed her several times. This person stated that Diana would have loved Meghan and hated Waity who they know is VERY jealous of Meghan. The reason Diana would have loved Meghan is precisely because of her activism. Diana was brave, and seen by the RF to be a rule breaker. For instance when Diana chose to work with HIV charities, she was asked why she couldn’t have chosen a less controversial charity to work with. Same with landmines.
      Waity, Diana would have deemed to be lazy and non productive.

      • UptownGirl says:

        @ Elizabeth Regina, those were my thoughts too!! I think that she and Meghan would have been like partners in crime!! And she certainly would have supported Harry if he wanted to leave as she experienced the same treatment, of sorts. Given that once Diana married Charles, she was expected to remain quiet and in the shadows, so to speak. But Diana had star power!! As does Harry and Meghan!!

    • Lorelei says:

      @Kalana/Elizabeth Regina, I was just about to say the same thing. I think I’ve probably read everything ever printed about Diana, lol, and have read most of the books about her more than once — and I have NEVER heard of this dude. There are other friends who are consistently mentioned over the years, but this guy seemed to just appear out of nowhere.

      I guess none of Diana’s real friends could be paid off to spout this crap about her son.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Diana would have seen the Middletons off at the gate – there is no way she would have let that family anywhere near her son.

      • Tessa says:

        She would have seen through Kate’s manipulations and her mother’s. Like Kate “guarding” William from other women while playing at being “just friends” with him.

  4. Sunshine says:

    I always find these articles to be quite random. It’s like they want us to think that Diana had deep conversations with literally anyone.

    • molly says:

      I don’t know that she had deep conversations with ANYONE. She certainly had a lot of famous acquaintances later in life, but she didn’t have a large circle of strong relationships.

  5. bettyrose says:

    Except we can’t ask Diana herself because the same press that bullied and smeared her daughter in law . . . does this need to be said? Mygawd.

    • Kalana says:

      And for everyone who will bring up the driver -Why was Diana in that car? Why were they being chased at all?

      The trash press is out of control again and absolutely shame on the Queen and the rest of the BRF for encouraging whipping them up into this hateful frenzy to protect their own dirt. They have learned nothing.

      • Teal Levee says:

        They have learned, hence why William married Kate, a woman he knew would follow all the rules and NEVER OUTSHINE HIM.

        Harry on the other hand welcomed a wife who knows her own mind, is very articulate and loves meeting the public. The Royals quickly saw the signs of how popular she was becoming and began leaking smear stories to the press. How refreshing to Harry and Meghan now living in America to know NOTHING IS LEAKED about them anymore unless they have told it to a Royal Family member first.

      • Elizabeth Phillips says:

        They were in the car because Dodi believed they were bring spied on at the hotel. Why he made them drive so fast I don’t know – they were never going to outrun the press on motorcycles. If they’d proceeded at the speed limit and let them take photos of the couple sitting still and looking serene (and wearing their seatbelts), they’d have made it to his house safely.

      • Tessa says:

        I’ve always been bothered about the seatbelt business. Diana always had buckled up as habit. she would have reached for the seatbelts routinely. I think there was a defect perhaps the belts not stretching to fit about her waist. And why Rhys Jones who was security that night (who is amnesiac now) let Henri Paul take the wheel and also did not check the seatbelts. Tiger Woods had a horrendous accident and it did not take them hours to get him to the hospital. Diana was bleeding internally and the ambulance she was placed in even bypassed a hospital ten minutes from the accident site.

    • bettyrose says:

      Teal Levee –
      I agree with you except for the “Harry welcomed. . . ” more like Harry craved something even if he wasn’t sure what it was until he found her.

    • Tessa says:

      Dodi wanted to give her the ring he left in his Paris Apartment. Why he just did not give someone keys to “fetch” the ring is not known.

    • Nana says:

      So true. The press were chasing Meghan through a metaphorical tunnel, Harry saw where it was going and refused to allow it to happen. Good on them both for stopping history repeating.

  6. Brandy Alexander says:

    I honestly think there is no real way to know HOW Diana would feel about any of this, because I think if she had lived everything would have been different in their lives. So much of both of their personalities were cemented by Diana’s death that I think there is a good chance both son’s would be different people if she hadn’t died and maybe neither would be married to their current wives.

    • Watson says:


    • BayTampaBay says:

      Wrong Place!

    • Becks1 says:

      I agree. Her death had such an impact and completely changed the course of their lives and their characters. Everything would have been so different had she lived.

      That said – even if we just accept that the “heir and the spare” narrative would have still played out, albeit maybe a little less dramatically or in a less damaging way – since its the way of the Windsors – then I do think she would have actively encouraged Harry to GTFO. She wouldnt have wanted him to live his life as William’s whipping boy.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Becks it’s constantly so confusing to me how your first sentence is 100% accurate, yet as we’ve seen over the past few years, they (especially the Queen) clearly learned NOTHING from the mistakes they made with Diana. They’re repeating them all over again with Meghan. What is wrong with these people??

        Luckily for Meghan, we’re living in a different world now and the media landscape is drastically different, but their behavior remains exactly the same.

      • Becks1 says:

        It’s so baffling. I guess its what happens when you’re surrounded by “yes people” all the time – or people who are as entrenched in the past as you are.

        I know we brought up this quote yesterday, but the line in the Crown from Margaret – “how many times can this family make the same mistake” just really rings so true this week. The royal family learned NOTHING – nothing from Margaret and her relationship with Elizabeth, nothing from Andrew, nothing from Diana and the fallout from both the divorce and her death.

        Maybe if they had learned lessons from those things and applied them going forward – we wouldnt even be here because Harry might have wanted to stay (if they had found a stronger role for the spare, if the heir wasnt always so threatened by the thought of being outshone, if there wasnt such a strong emphasis on hierarchy, if the BRF wasnt so in bed with the press, etc). But even if Harry still wanted to walk away, those lessons could have helped them navigate this situation differently.

        Instead its been a PR disaster thats just showing a new generation how dysfunctional that family really is.

    • Sofia says:

      Completely agree.

  7. Wilma says:

    I don’t get it. Diana did the same thing in a way. Gave up the perks, then focused on the work.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Exactly. And she chose to work with ‘controversial’ charities and made ‘controversial friends’ that the press and RF sneered at!

  8. ks says:

    No one knows what Diana would have thought or behaved. Circumstances change; people evolve.

  9. Emm says:

    Didnt Harry and Meghan say they didn’t want taxpayers funding? This is why I think they need to do that interview.

  10. STRIPE says:

    I’m sure she would have “hated” that it came to this for William and Harry, but if anyone could understand H&M, it would have been her. Also I wonder if this would have happened if she were still alive to support Harry and William as brothers in the ways they have been missing all these years with only THE FIRM to raise them

  11. Sunshine says:

    So many people speaking for Diana.

  12. Amy Bee says:

    All these royalists sound unhinged. It’s the only way I can describe these comments and they do nothing to convince me that the Monarch shouldn’t be abolished. I agree we will never know whether Diana and Meghan would have got along so it’s best that people stop talking about that. But I think Diana would have seen parallels in how the Palace and the Royal Family treated her and how they treated Harry and Meghan.

    • Lorelei says:

      @AmyBee your first sentence could apply to every single article published here today, and probably the same for every post since 2016. These “experts” clearly can’t see how out of touch and absurd they look to the rest of the world in 2021. They’re a laughingstock.

    • Miranda says:

      Maybe that’s Meghan’s secret devious plan, to overthrow the British monarchy. I mean, we Americans DO have a history…

  13. bitsycs says:

    This take also assumes she wouldn’t have been swayed at all by what H&M went through with the family and British media, which seems unlikely. Highly unlikely. Above anything, Diana was reactive and would never have done nothing in response to what happened for herself. I doubt she’d hold Harry to a different standard especially after her own experiences.

  14. Ashley says:

    I don’t know why they keep harping on the Netflix and Spotify deals. Y’all know that’s DEVELOPMENT money, not a paycheque, right? The Sussexes have to create a production company and pay for everything themselves, and it’s a several year deal.

    It’s like Shonda getting her Netflix deal and then paying for the Bridgerton budget from her production coffers, which is completely the way things work. They wrangled themselves a great deal, and yes, they can pay themselves through their company, but a huge chunk of those funds — way more than half — will go to pay other people’s salaries as well.

    And why wouldn’t they get paid for doing work? The arguments bandied about in the press are just weak.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      “I don’t know why they keep harping on the Netflix and Spotify deals” and let’s add the Montecito house.

      The people who are harping on the Netflix deal, the Spotify deal and the Montecito house are the people who are jealous because they do not have a Netflix Deal, a Spotify deal and/or a Montecito house. I am sure that 90% of the Royal Rota and the Rotten Royal Rat Reporters would sell their souls, if their souls are not currently in hock, for a Netflix Deal, a Spotify deal and/or a Montecito house.

      • Ashley says:

        So true. And while it’s a big house, few people know that that area is a rich-hippie enclave with a microculture that prizes do-goodery and kitchen gardens and kaftans. It’s not Malibu or the Valley. They’ve chosen extremely well for their forward plans. It’s all been very smart.

    • Shawna says:

      Thanks for this! I never thought about it this way, oops.

      • Soupie says:

        Ummmm that’s hilarious Ashley. It’s a PARTIAL hippie enclave at best and I question even that. The area is Mega Rich. Those people can dress and act and live however they want if they take a fancy. But hippie Enclave? No. Now you go a little further north to Santa Barbara proper and the University of California, yeah you’re going to see a lot of young people doing their young alternative thing but no, not Montecito.

      • booboocita says:

        Actually, there are still quite a few hippy-dippy types in Montecito. The area didn’t start to become Uber-rich until about the 1990s or so. Before that, it was just another semi-suburban area, although a very beautiful one. I teach at one of the University of California campuses, and I’ve been to UCSB for conferences and state committee meetings. Quite a few UCSB emeriti profs and retired administrators have homes in Montecito, purchased back when someone on a regular salary could afford to purchase there. It was also a popular place for successful but not huge star actors to live. The last time I was in SB (about 15 years ago), I remember seeing retired actors from some of my favorite shows like St Elsewhere and Hill Street Blues on State Street (the main drag through town). Regular cast members who made good money but didn’t become big stars. Of course, anyone now living in Montecito and making a regular salary probably inherited from their parents at this point, and the only actors who can afford to buy are the George Clooney types.

  15. Watson says:

    It amazes me how Diana has been dead for years but people are still making money off of her. The tabloid machine in Britain is so sick.

  16. ShazBot says:

    “You cannot exile yourself and collect money from Netflix or Disney and also want to continue collecting from the State for your performances for the Crown. You cannot live in a mansion in Montecito, California, and sign millionaire commercial contracts , and also want to receive money from the public coffers or continue to represent the Crown.’”

    This is so wrong, they didn’t want this – and THIS is what the BM is doing…letting stuff like this go, and most of their readers still think H&M are taking and/or want taxpayer money

  17. Mel says:

    Exactly Brandy Alexander!

  18. aquarius64 says:

    If Diana is being dragged into this conversation this way YOU KNOW the BRF is terrified of this interview.

  19. Aaliyah says:

    Why are people putting words in her mouth? She’s been DECEASED FOR OVER 24 YEARS. It’s disgusting and disrespectful. Respect her memory and let her rest in peace.

  20. BayTampaBay says:

    In the first picture, Harry on Diana’s lap, Harry looks like Archie in my opinion.

    Did not like Devorik’s statement regarding money and funding. The Sussexes are not receiving any funding from “the State”. WTF was he talking about with “continue collecting from the State”?

  21. Rachel says:

    Give me a break… geez. I wonder if Diana’s views of the monarchy would have… I don’t know… EVOLVED over the course of 20 more years?!? They are literally saying, “1997 Diana would’ve wanted her sons to build a ‘modern monarchy’.” NO ONE can even begin to speculate where she would’ve been by the time her sons met their future wives, and it’s hella unfair to all of them for any of these idiots to say anything.

  22. Lulu says:

    I have two very close friends who I’ve been close to literally since the age of 11. I would never, ever, ever, presume to speak for either of them like this, especially 24 years after their deaths. Especially not to criticize the personal lives or choices of their grown children. So I don’t know who this nobody thinks he is, but his statement is SO inappropriate.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I completely agree. I cannot believe Diana would have wanted her “friends” (lol this guy was probably more like a sort of acquaintance or professional contact) to attack her children.

  23. S808 says:

    It sickens me how people are still using Diana like this. She was a person and she’s been turned into a symbol and a stick to beat her sons with by the very people that made her life hell.

    • JT says:

      But they have the nerve to say that Harry is exploiting his mother’s memory. Give me a break.

      • Tessa says:

        William plays the Diana card when he gets bad publicity. And Cambridge stans praise him to the skies and trash Harry for even mentioning his own mother.

  24. Myra says:

    I find it fascinating when people give insight into someone else’ thought process. She wanted to do this, she wanted to be that, she thought she was going to, she had her eyes set on this …
    This one takes it to the next level though. To have insight into someone who died over twenty years ago. Let alone that what he describes does not align with historical facts. Diana’s words were recorded on how she felt about the family, the courtiers, Charles and the media. She herself continued to do philanthropy outside of the royal family and she was even more effective in her role, until her untimely passing. This guy has no idea how Diana would have felt, anymore than he knows the dynamics of the Sussexes’ relationship.

  25. Darla says:

    I’d love to see the alternate timeline where Diana lived. IMO there’s no way either son would be married to the same women they married in this TL, so this is all moot.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Darla, agree with you 100%. Both princes lives would have developed and evolved totally different than they did and I am willing to bet both princes would be very different people.

    • Susan says:

      Completely agree. Harry himself talks about his “rebellion” due to unmitigated trauma from the death of his mother. If he hadn’t rebelled, he might have married a Brit arisocrat in his 20s…and then divorced…and then, hmmm….met MM in his 30s?

      And if William hadn’t lost his mother, would he have needed the Middleton stability that has been talked about ad nauseum? Or would Diana have gone further off the rails and he needed MORE stability?

      Oh so Sliding Doors of it all. Le sigh.

  26. JenJenJen says:

    I AM SO TIRED OF READING “currently living in their $14 million mansion in California.” Can the British press simply not say they live in California?? Why do they have to mention the $14 million mansion EVERY. DAMN. TIME.

    • Elizabeth says:

      For apartment 1a, Kate and Will spent $7.2 million *just* to refurbish it. And that’s just one of their residences.

      • Tessa says:

        She wanted an extra (expensive) kitchen put in and in the “country” residence she insisted on having a second tennis court built.

  27. Bex says:

    These rent-a-quote nobodies claiming to be Diana’s “good friends” and having insight into her thoughts 25+ years after the fact are truly something.

    It’s also something how the very tabloids speaking for Diana were writing the same negative things about her prior to her death in 1997 as they’re currently writing about Harry & Meghan.

  28. Snuffles says:

    I swear everyone is frozen in time and can’t move on. EVERYTHING would be different if Diana was still alive. Including Harry and William. I’m sure when Diana was alive she fervently wished that both her sons and future wives would modernize the crown and work closely together and continue to be strongly influenced by her. But she tragically died and that never happened. I think once Diana died, the Queen swooped in and fully “Windsor-ized” William and did her level best to beat any Diana influence out of him. Harry just got shoved aside because he wasn’t the heir.

    I think the whole family is stuck in the past and the only one trying to learn and change is Harry. But I’m convinced the whole family thinks the Harry would be a screw up unless he was constantly guided by others. They give him ZERO credit and fervently believe that Meghan is some jezebel that has lead him astray. They are probably all still traumatized from Edward abdicating for the American Wallace Simpson. They see Meghan as Wallace, 100%. They never bothered to try and get to know her because they had their preconceived notions and are sticking with them.

    • Shawna says:

      They should be thankful for Wallis Simpson. If we start our own alternate-history fantasies, we could speculate that the BM would already be OVER because it cozied up too much to Hitler.

    • Tessa says:

      It is absurd since Edward VIII became KING and abdicated. Harry is not even near the throne. And even more absurd is that Meghan is bashed for being a “divorced woman.” But three of the four children of the Queen got divorces

  29. Osty says:

    I believe Diana would have been jealous of a new glamourous, charismatic royal but she would have loved her work ethics and how much she makes her baby happy.
    But with them leaving why will diana be mad when she did the same thing and even went ahead and did an interview of a scorned woman on a mission. The woman was on a mission to bring the royals down so surely would have loved Harry and Meghan for doing same .
    Also I really doubt diana will love it to see her friends calling her adult son a child who can’t make decisions on his own , I doubt she will love to see pple wishing him unhappiness.

    • Tessa says:

      I don’t think Diana would have been all jealous. She is not like Kate who has done little and has little work ethic and felt annoyed that Meghan plunged in and worked instead of “researching” possible patronages like Kate did. Diana would have been furious and complained that her little grandson Archie was likened to a chimp. She would have spoken up unlike the silent royals.

  30. Arpeggi says:

    This is another example that 90% of what is written about H&M, and most of the BRF really, is creative writing. Sure, courtiers and “friends” will say things to the press but it’s their personal opinion/projections. Diana has been dead for a quarter of a century, no one knows what she’d think/want because her opinion would have been forged by her current circumstances and the past 24years and it would have colored the kids’ relationships with all their relatives. They all would be different ppl living different lives. Let the dead rest FFS!

  31. helonearth says:

    Its infuriating to have people saying what Diana would have thought – no one has any idea where she would be at this point in her life, had she lived.

    She may have remarried and be living overseas herself and completely understood their decision or she would be giving/ given them advice on how to handle the media and hang in there.

    No point in this speculation.

  32. GG says:

    How different life might have been for Harry and William had their mother lived… had Diana lived I think both of her sons would have made different choices in many areas of their lives. I don’t see Diana putting up with the stalking from Kate so she wouldn’t be the DoC. I also don’t see Meghan in the picture because Diana, as stated by Kaiser really would have wanted to be the number one lady in her sons’ lives. That level of enmeshment would have turned Meghan off, as she was a fully formed successful adult woman when she met Harry. The reality is that everything would be different if these two motherless boys had their mother. But they don’t. So here we are. This is how the cookie crumbled.

  33. Cecilia says:

    Im sorry but diana would have gone to BATTLE with meghan and harry.

  34. emmy says:

    My god, let the woman rest. She was 36 when she died. I’m 36 right now and even I myself don’t know how my opinions will change until I’m 60! Jesus.

  35. Nic919 says:

    I think it’s pretty hard to know exactly how Diana would have reacted to Kate and the Middletons or Meghan, but we do know what she thought about the Windsors and how they controlled her until the divorce. And what we know is that Diana did not like being told what to do by the grey men courtiers and for Harry to escape them is something she would support.
    She was in the process of detaching herself from that family prior to her death, so it’s not a stretch to say she would be okay with Sussexit, especially if it meant that Harry would keep her in the loop. This “friend” is clearly ignoring her own actual words about the subject.

  36. Jessica says:

    This is a profoundly condescending take from this so-called “friend”. Harry is not a “boy”. He is a man nearing 40. He’s the same age Diana was when she died. Jesus Christ. I think he understands who his mother was more fundamentally than anyone else (apart from William, who, whatever people think of him now, was intimately aware of Diana’s struggles while she was alive). The way these people talk about Meghan is so laden with racist and misogynist dog whistles. Ugh.

    Also – they made it clear from the BEGINNING that they wanted FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE, but go ahead and misconstrue that in order to portray them as unfavorably as possible. They never wanted to keeping suckling from the taxpayer’s tit!

  37. ABritGuest says:

    Pretty gross to use Harry’s dead mother to beat up on him in the press. especially given the press’ role in her death. let’s not forget the £1m a pap got for the pictures of her on the al fayed yacht which fuelled crazy appetite & why the paps were chasing her that fateful night.

    And the fact is the Sussexes requested to still do duties but without sovereign grant because the press was using taxpayers money to justify things like publishing Meghan’s letter& also to punish about lack of access& fuel public resentment. After Andrew’s disastrous interview press ran their polls& said people didn’t want to fund Andrew or the Sussexes. They also asked not to give exclusive access to the same press that was bullying them. The firm said no even though Prince Michael has a similar arrangement re occasional duties without sovereign grant & Anne doesn’t have the rota at her engagements. So this friend is talking rubbish suggesting they were trying to have their cake and eat it.

    Apart from press harassment, Diana might have been able to relate to Harry’s current situation with the aggro in their circle for being in an interracial relationship. apparently she fell out with her mother because of her relationships with Arab men.

    • Tessa says:

      Andrew does not get nearly as much criticism as the Sussexes. He is even defended on some blogs!Harry and Meghan were not protected at all. Andrew is constantly coddled by his mother. He probably will be back working. Diana’s mother had a bad drinking problem as well as being in declining health and was acting out. She had Diana in tears after the phone calls, according to Burrell.

  38. Sunday says:

    “Would Harriet Tubman have been an Instagram influencer????”

    Just completely idiotic, disrespectful, baseless speculation. Let the poor woman rest in peace.

  39. Miranda says:

    Can we just STOP with this nonsense, telling people how their deceased parents would feel? I noticed this same thing happening a few months back, when people (white, of course) on Twitter were telling Martin Luther Kind Jr.’s children that their father would disapprove of the BLM movement (which, what? Huh? Why? By and large, the protesters were peaceful. That was kinda MLK’s whole thing, right?). It’s gross and presumptuous.

  40. Coji says:

    Any mother would be heartbroken to think of her children being estranged from one another.

  41. Murphy says:

    I could see her already living in Santa Barbara when they moved there.

  42. Petra says:

    Since anyone can write fiction about Diana views as per current situation, I hereby summit my fiction.

    Diana to William : Child, you should know better than this. I love you but right now I really can’t say I like you. Grow the f**up. I did not give birth to your brother Harry so he can be you whipping boy. Buckle up and act like a King you so want to be. I’m begging you, please please leave Harry and his wife alone. Leave my sweet baby boy the f**k alone.

    Diana to Harry: My sweet, sweet child I worried how being refer to as a spare would affect your life. Son, I’m so proud of you. You and Meghan have done well. My heart is filled with joy, you found your path.
    ps: Archie is going to be an amazing big brother to Evelyn.

  43. Julia K says:

    Tired of hearing about bossy Meghan and weak Harry. Harry is the captain of this ship. He knows what he wants and where he is going. He has said that he invited Meghan to join him on this journey. We just didn’t know this was the journey to which he was referring.

    • Tessa says:

      I think it’s because Meghan has a mind of her own, is not vapid and some critics find it “bad” because she’s “not like Kate.” An intelligent woman categorized as “bossy” in this day an age is sexist IMO.

  44. Shawna says:

    It’s such an absurd thought experiment. If Diana were alive, Harry’s life would have been a lot different. His personality would be different; hopefully, it would seem ludicrous for anyone to accuse him of being weakly led by another. Had he still met Meghan, surely Diana would have been an ally and helped them navigate the royal quagmire.

  45. Harper says:

    Harry and Meghan are the modern monarchy, but the crusty old farts won’t have it. Diana absolutely would have been proud of Harry and would have been reading Will the riot act. Harry will be fine: Will is the one who needs Diana”s direction right now because William is the real “confused” one.

  46. Jezebel's Lacefront says:

    The playbook never changes. These disgusting people hate and kill the person then they try to control the image.

    “MLK would’ve hated this”.

    “Princess Diana would’ve hated this.”

    We don’t know what they would’ve hated because you literally killed the opportunity for us to see their future contributions via your actions.

  47. Catherine says:

    Roberto Devorik spent most of 2020 giving interviews to the non English version of gossip mags. So I guess he’s finally got the interest of the British tabloids. I always cringe at the people who have the audacity to put words in Diana’s mouth. What person with any decency would use a woman’s memory against her son. I doubt the closeness of any relationship also. He was definitely in the royal/aristocrat social circles but the people in the fashion industry that Diana was close with are pretty well known at this point and his name has never come up.

  48. Jess says:

    Politics and rota make believe aside, I have a hard time believing that Diana, as a mother, would have been okay with watching by her son get pushed out and chased literally across the globe to get away from the BRF. Royalty or not, I would NEVER let my family treat either of my sons the way they have treated Harry his entire life and that’s before bringing in all the horrendous racism and disrespect for his wife.

  49. L4frimaire says:

    All this speculation is not helpful. If Diana were alive or had lived longer, her sons would be different people with different spouses. Do I think Diana would have approved of the royal family harassing and trying to break her daughter in law by the same royal institution that tried to break her? Don’t think so, regardless of whether they would have gotten along or not. As have been pointed out, all these random people can come out and speak about Harry and Meghan, but all hell breaks loose when they try to speak for themselves. All these people scurrying out of the woodwork.

  50. cisne says:

    Harry has fullfilled her wish by being a very modern Prince!!! For fuck sake he genuinely fell in love with and got wed to an African American self made very capable modern woman! How much more did you want him to modernize the monarchy?
    If she wanted an entire modern royal family she was expecting the impossible and knowing from experience she should have known that wish was pure foolishnes given that he would have had old-biddy-Liz and I-deserve-all-the-previlege-Charles to contend with. Even if those two giant obstacle and relics were not in the way ….Her other son for whom she would have to take more credit for raising givien she had more time with him (15 yrs as opposed to 12 with Harry) is a mind numbing narcissist …who gives fuck all about modernizing the monarchy….Harry would still not be able to do shit…bc the way the monarchy is suits lazy baldy to a “T”.

  51. Tashiro says:

    Love seeing pics of Diana with the boys. I think she would have loved and supported whomever her son’s had chosen. She definitely would not have stayed silent while her son and his family were attacked.

  52. Blerg says:

    Was it in the Squidgygate tape when Diana said “The things I do for this forking family”?
    So I tend to think she would have understood Sussexit, but I also tend to think being torn between the English and American grandchildren would have been tough for her. Maybe she would have wintered in SoCal.