Princess Eugenie & Meghan have been in contact throughout their pregnancies


From everything we’ve seen, Princess Eugenie is one of the few people in the Windsor clan who seems to be especially close to Prince Harry. She’s still in contact with Harry and Meghan, and likely does a lot to support her cousin and his family privately. However, too many Sussex-stans seem to think that Princess Eugenie is, like, a Sussex enemy. The “Whogenie” comments are pretty mean, and it’s strange to hold a grudge against Eugenie for being annoyed that Meghan told people she was pregnant at Eugenie’s wedding. It’s also possible that the Sussexes did step on Eugenie and Jack’s newscycle when it came to August Philip Hawke’s baby photos and name reveal. It’s okay to love Meghan and Harry and it’s also okay to acknowledge that they sometimes step on other royals’ newscycles. I think that’s why *someone* went to People Magazine to clarify that Eugenie and Meghan have likely been in contact this whole time and there were no hard feelings:

It’s a baby boom for the royal family. Just days after Princess Eugenie welcomed a baby boy on Feb. 9, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced they are expecting their second child. Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter Zara Tindall is also expecting a baby — her third — in the coming months. As for chatter that Eugenie would have felt upstaged by Meghan and Harry’s reveal, insiders say the couples are close and have been in contact throughout their respective pregnancies.

“They would have known about each other’s due dates,” a family friend tells PEOPLE, noting that Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank, who wed in 2018, are now living in Meghan and Harry’s U.K. home, Frogmore Cottage.

“These times tend to bring families together,” a royal insider adds. “What is lovely is Eugenie having her baby as Harry and Meghan are having theirs. They are very close. And they are all deciding to go their own route.”

Multiple sources also caution against reading anything into the absence of individual public well wishes from Prince William and Kate Middleton or other royal family members—instead, a Feb. 14 statement from Buckingham Palace reflects that “the firm decided to have an overarching message,” says the royal insider. Hours after Meghan and Harry released their news to the public, the couple received warm congratulations on behalf of the entire royal family. “Her Majesty, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince of Wales and the entire family are ‘delighted’ and wish them well,” a palace spokesman said in a statement.

[From People]

This actually reads to me like Eugenie’s people wanted to ensure that there were no hard feelings about the Sussexes’ baby announcement competing with August’s baby photos. Eugenie might have even been relieved that she wasn’t the only royal story going on last week – she got to spend August’s first days at Frogmore Cottage, cozy and recovering from her C-section, with no demands on her to present her baby immediately. She probably sent the Sussexes an Edible Arrangement for taking the headlines. I also think Eugenie is the York sister with “brains” – Eugenie understands (more than Beatrice) that her life resembles more of a royal-adjacency than a full royalty. Eugenie might end up moving to America with her husband and baby too for all we know.

Also: do you think Harry still talks to Zara? Zara and Meghan must be due around the same time. Z and H used to be very close friends (honestly, I always thought he was closer to Zara than Eugenie) but it feels like it’s been a while since we’ve heard about Zara and Harry keeping in touch.

Princess of Eugenie of York and Mr Jack Brooksbank Wedding

Princess Eugenie wedding

Photos courtesy of Instagram, Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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  1. L84Tea says:

    I really hope this is true because it seems really nice that Harry has at least one loyal cousin in the bunch. But it must be pretty true since she is living in Frogmore cottage. I can’t imagine why they would grant her that favor if they were not on good terms. What I would really love to see is Eugenie visit them in CA (when it’s safe of course). How lovely it would be to see someone in that family openly support them.

    • Lauren says:

      Eugenie has always struck me as more down to earth and aware of the world than many in their family, kind of like how Harry is. I can see them bonding over that.

      • Chicka says:

        That’s bc Eugenie is an Aquarius. We’re mad chill and really down to earth. The petty machinations of interpersonal relationships are so not out thing. We can see the good in almost anyone and recognize ppl and their shortcomings is the plight of being human

      • Mila says:

        Agree and she has american friends and used to live in New York so I don’t think she is xenophobic or up her arse or anything.

      • Becks1 says:

        That was Beatrice who used to live in NYC, not Eugenie (at least I think?)

        And no she’s not an Aquarius. LOL. (I’m laughing both because she is def not an Aquarius, and because I am and I’m not really chill and I dont really see the good in everyone lol)

      • cassandra says:

        Yeah I’m an Aquarius and I generally assume the worst of most people haha

        Zodiac stuff is fun, but applying it to real life is a bit much

      • notasugarhere says:

        She’s Aries with Aquarius moon. I’ve never had great luck with the Aries around me. Their first instinct is to be mad about everything, which is tiring!

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        I’m an Aries sun with an Aries moon and yeah, some Aries are argumentative and contrarians. They will always need to argue the point. But we’re not all like that! I’m pretty laid back. And I’m married to a cancer so that’s not the best match on paper, but works flawlessly in practice 😊

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Hmm. I think it’s obvious they have been in touch as she did move into Frogmore. However, tiaragate and prgenancyannouncementgate was centred around her so being I’m a cynical petty betty hmmmmmmm.

      • Becks1 says:

        I always felt like pregnancyannouncementgate was more about Andrew and Fergie than Eugenie. If Meghan stood up at the wedding and said “I’M PREGNANT BITCHES!!!” then I think Eugenie would have been mad, lol, and even if just family congratulated her that day (which is what I think happened) then I think Eugenie may have been annoyed but she still looked so happy on that day that I dont think it overshadowed her wedding for her.

        I think the official announcement a few days later ticked off Andrew and Fergie because they were hoping for weeks of coverage of the wedding (which was never going to happen anyway.)

      • L84Tea says:

        Seeing as how they apparently have a pretty good relationship, I am willing to give Eugenie the benefit of the doubt and blame that one on KP (or Fergie and Andrew), who was also responsible for Tightsgate.

      • Louise177 says:

        I never understood the big deal about Meghan’s pregnancy announcement. She was obviously pregnant at the wedding. As others have said they are probably friends since Eugenie is staying at their house.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Tiaragate was far more likely from W&K and AK47.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        Pregnancygate was driven by her parents and tiaragate by the awful Kelly woman (with some help from the Keens).

        Eugenie is one of the more likable RF members and am glad that she is on good terms with them. Esp given that the family seems to have taken sides with most ‘rallying’ around W&K. Read: sucking up to the Keens.

      • windyriver says:

        Remember also, Eugenie didn’t just have a ceremony, she had an entire weekend (and post ceremony carriage ride). Friday, wedding luncheon, evening reception; Saturday full day carnival; and I think, Sunday brunch. A Harper’s article notes Meghan was only at the ceremony and lunch, while Harry was briefly at the evening reception. They’d already said they would miss celebrations because of the coming tour.

        It’s hard to imagine Harry and Meghan wouldn’t have given a head’s up to Eugenie about the pregnancy out of common courtesy (not to mention what Yoyo says below, about the protocol to inform TQ). Even if Eugenie was a bit miffed that congratulations to H&M took away her focus immediately around the ceremony, once lunch was over, Meghan was gone, and Eugenie and Jack had that evening and the rest of the weekend to shine.

        After the weekend, behind the scenes pictures came out, flower arrangements, etc., which I assumed at the time was about Andrew and Fergie trying to milk the weekend for more press. So yeah, wouldn’t be surprised if the “she announced her pregnancy at Eugenie’s wedding” originated with them.

      • GraceB says:

        I feel like she probably was upset at their pregnancy announcement right after her wedding BUT that was a while ago now and how many of us have had brief disagreements or falling outs with various family members and then moved past them? It happens and luckily for most people, they forgive and move on. It seems like that’s probably what’s happened but the press and some Sussex stans/die hard royal haters will twist everything into a situation.

    • Spanky says:

      What the rota chooses to ignore is that when Meghan made her announcement that she was pregnant with Archie, she and Harry were just days away from embarking on their first world tour. She was already showing a little bit and had been hiding it under well chosen outfits. The “is she pregnant?” rumors were already swirling.

      Eugenie’s wedding was pretty much the only time they could announce the pregnancy because they were entering into a PR whirlwind just days later. If they hadn’t announced the pregnancy, the photogs would have noticed it in Asia, and they would have been the ones breaking the story, not H&M.

      Critics may say that they should have announced pregnancy #1, then, several weeks before Eugenie’s wedding, but how many women who are just pregnant want to go down that path? After all, miscarriages happen, as we unfortunately discovered with Meghan’s second pregnancy.

      • Yoyo says:

        They didn’t announce at the wedding, you just don’t go up to petty Betty and announced you’re pregnant, you’ve have make an appointment to see her and then tell her.
        Mike Tindel said they the younger Royals were in a WhatsApp group and that is where they heard the news, soon after Meghan and Harry quit the group.
        Pedo Andy wanted the BBC to carry the wedding live and he was rejected and some other network aired parts of it.

      • notasugarhere says:

        They had to change the schedule on their tour, to keep Meghan away from Zika areas. They had no choice but to announce at the start of that tour; she was clearly showing.

      • CC2 says:

        Yoyo, the WhatsApp story was about the birth. What probably happened was that the Queen and a couple others knew, but the wedding was when people congratulated them (or they announced to them right before the ceremony). That’s probably why the Queen was friendly to Meghan, she was probably talking about the pregnancy so we can assume people knew then?

      • Nic919 says:

        Meghan and Anne were definitely chatting about the pregnancy. She was obviously pregnant so what do people expect her to do. And once the Queen was told, which was before the wedding, of course that spread to everyone. It was never some official declaration at the wedding itself. Just offering congratulations.

  2. OuiMelissa says:

    Very true, M&H are humans and they will make mistakes along the way.

    That being said, I’m glad that Eugenie seems to be supportive of her cousins, she was never the problem. As For Z, maybe her and Harry are still tight and we just don’t know about it. Not everything is going to be written about in a fluff article.

  3. Watson says:

    I like how she sent out clarification that she has no beef with anyone. Whether for stepping on a news cycle or for a lack of public congrats she is like “Nope. Don’t pull me into this drama”. Smart lady.

  4. MF1 says:

    It’s been a while since we’re heard about Zara’s relationship with Harry, but she also seems less interested in PR and public life than Eugenie. I’m sure they’re still close, but I can’t really see her running to the press to talk about how tight she is with Harry and Meghan. (No shade to Eugenie. I actually think it’s nice of her to be supportive in the press.)

    • Mila says:

      Anne’s kids seem to be in a world of their own tbh unlike the York’s, they seem neither close with Harry nor William, however I do you think Harry has a special bond with Mike because of sports and rugby, and he has always been publicly supportive and nice

    • Yoyo says:

      Someone posted last year that Zara told a riding friend that they all hated Meghan, a poster jumped all over her/him saying Zara would not say that in public,
      wonder what they will say now.
      I’m sure Zara was at last Ruby World Cup and they’re no pictures of her and Harry together.
      Men are silly in a way, most likely anything their family say about their girlfriend or wife they will tell them.

      • Beach Dreams says:

        Yeah I remember that post. Can’t remember if it was posted last year though…I feel like it might’ve been pre-Sussexit (2019 probably)? Anyway, I think she claimed that Zara said no one in the family liked Meghan because she wouldn’t share the credit for her work, or something along those lines. At the time I was highly skeptical, but I’ve thought about that post occasionally when seeing the progression of Sussexit and the family’s meltdowns.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Harry was the one who introduced them all those years ago in a pub. Who knows with Zara? Right now, she and her brother are busy making money off Anne’s property via the new/rebranded horse trials.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Eh…I’ve side eyed Zara ever since she did an interview with Piers Morgan (promotion for some random thing I think, can’t quite recall). I get that promo is promo, but with *him*? The one who’s unquestionably been the worst of the bunch when attacking the Sussexes (especially Meghan)? There are so many other options, and yet she chose Piers Morgan…it left a bad taste.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I had read that Zara made the choice to partner w/ William. If true, then a choice was made.

    I am glad Eugenie and Harry appear to remain close.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Not at all surprised about Zara. The way she behaved at the Sussexes wedding was disgusting. Having said that, the RF should not have put anyone in the position to take sides. Their strength was in their unity but now that’s in tatters due to their hatred for a black family member.

    • Gail Hirst says:

      They are both the youngest of two. Eugenie youngest of two girls (me, too) and Harry youngest of two boys. Birth order can affect & mould personalities and character development, so I bet those two youngsters got into all kinds of mischief together growing up. I see both of them as carrying out practical jokes on their elder siblings and ganging up together at family gatherings to wreck havoc. I hope their friendship and family ties stay strong, I really do.

    • Mila says:

      Ngl Zara seems to be a bit of a bitter B.I.T.C.H, not because she seems to think she’s a Royal and has an air about her, just because from all her rude faces at the wedding and stuff, she doesn’t seem to be a very nice person, Not necessarily personal to Meghan, but I feel like with everyone like Anne she’s a bit hard and judgy.

  6. Wiglet Watcher says:

    The BM makes sure Meghan steps in all the Royal news cycles. They can’t say a word about Kate, William, Queen, etc… without inserting her. Meghan doesn’t engage. She just exists.

    I think Eugenie is at that age where she made a choice to exit all the toxic BS and live her life.
    I think her sister might not understand that yet.

    • Mila says:

      Yeah I don’t think that Eugenie involves herself in the royal drama, she doesn’t particularly like Kate either so I’m sure they have bonded over that.

  7. TheOriginalMia says:

    I’m sure they have been in touch, seeing as they are living in Frogmore Cottage. I’ve never bought any of the stories about feuding between Eugenie & the Sussexes. Felt any hard feelings were coming from Andy & Sarah. Now, I bet they are begrudgingly grateful to have Eugenie & the baby closer to them at Windsor Park than at KP.

    As for Zara, I haven’t felt warm feelings for her since the wedding. Her disdain was clear.

    • L84Tea says:

      Zara lost me as a fan after the wedding. She was so openly rude that my jaw dropped open.

      • Sunshine says:

        If you haven’t, please read the @royal_suitor article on Meghan and the class structure in the U.K. which I think forms Zara’s attitude.
        People also need to consider that William will control the purse in the future. Those royals without an income will be fully dependent on him and it’s not in their best interest to get on his bad side.
        The York sisters are on a particular bind, because their parents do not have a nest egg.

      • Lady D says:

        I think mummy is more than aware of Andrew’s financial situation and her final will will reflect that fact. I expect him to get more than the lion’s share of her wealth. She’s probably known for decades that she can’t depend on Charles to take care of him, after her.

      • Sofia says:

        I mean if the “Kate hates the York girls” rumours are true, then said girls aren’t going to get much anyway, even if they kiss the Cambridges up.

    • S808 says:

      Pregnant or not, she was so rude. She gives me bitchy vibes.

  8. Snuffles says:

    I don’t think Sussex fans have any beef with Eugenie. They are definitely hella annoyed with the tabloids trying to pretend there is one and constantly try to blame Meghan for stealing Eugenie’s thunder. I think that is more about Andrew and Fergie’s feelings than Eugenies.

    I don’t believe it. I think they are close. I think Harry is still close with most of his cousins. It’s the senior royals he’s beefing with because everyone is jockeying for power and position. But, like you said, Eugenie isn’t one of them.

    • Yoyo says:

      You mean on the Spencer side.

    • Ginger says:

      I think there are a lot of Sussex fans that wonder why Eugenie didn’t defend Harry and Meghan during the pregnancy announcement drama and I think she wasn’t allowed to. If Harry wasn’t able to defend himself then Eugenie wouldn’t be able to as well. At least that’s my thinking

  9. Becks1 says:

    Honestly, I dont think Eugenie cares about her news cycle. I think she’s savvy enough to know that she doesnt really have a news cycle. No one was waiting with bated breath to hear the name of the baby – even people on here, as many of us are long-time royal followers, just kind of shrugged and said “well we’ll hear when we hear.”

    The wedding may be a slightly different story – she may have been annoyed – but again, I dont think she cared that the pregnancy announcement to the press three days after her wedding shifted focus off her wedding. the tour would have always pulled focus from the wedding coverage anyway.

    I think her parents may feel differently, and maybe Beatrice, but Eugenie strikes me as being more realistic about where she stands in the pecking order, in terms of royal gossip.

    So anyway, all that said – I do think she is still on good terms with Harry and Meghan. We know they are on good enough terms that Harry arranged for her to live in Frogmore without consulting the other royals. They may have spent time at Lake Cuomo with the Clooneys together (saying “maybe” because we dont know for sure), and so on. I feel sure Eugenie knew when the pregnancy announcement was coming – and I mean, it was 5 days after she had the baby. They could have announced the name before that if they wanted. Instead they had time to somewhat recover from the birth and then to announce the name in their own time.

    We dont ever hear about Harry and Zara but we dont hear about Zara that much in general. I just think she keeps a fairly low profile. We know that Harry was one of the godparents to Lena, so I imagine they’re still somewhat close, but that was 2 years ago.

    • Nic919 says:

      I don’t think Eugenie would have stayed at Frogmore if she was peeved with Harry and Meghan. I suspect the big push around the alleged announcement at the wedding was Andrew and fergie.

  10. Petra says:

    I feel the whole upstaging talk is just talk. The rotas are the one pushing for there to be malice between these couples. It’s sad when people who are fans of Meghan and Harry go after Eugenie and Beatrice, I don’t think Meghan and Harry wants it to be so. And going after these women because of Andrew is not right too.

    • Mila says:

      I feel like this whole ‘upstaging thing’ was more created by the Cambridges than anyone, Eugenie doesn’t like Kate due to similar reasons, so I can’t see her trying to add to the narrative against Meghan. I feel like both the wedding preganacy thing and this baby name thing we are both just vessels for KP to try and abuse Meghan.

      • Nic919 says:

        Eugenie isn’t a fan of Kate because Kate and Pippa were bullies toward the York girls when she was still dating and she’s definitely pulled rank since the marriage. There is a Christmas video out there pre Meghan where some dirty looks are exchanged by Kate and Eugenie because Kate is trying to take center stage for some reason.

      • Steph says:

        @nic919 how can she pull rank? I thought regardless of her marriage to William, blood royals always out rank her?

      • Nana says:

        My thoughts at the time were that M & H had to release the news when they did bc a cretin like the royal ‘reporter’ from the Sun, with KP links, had gotten wind of the news and was about to publish it as exclusive.
        Had zero to do with cramping Eugenie’s style. The hint was that stupid ‘Kate ready for a 4th baby’ fluff published just the week before.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Steph – when she is with William, she has his rank, so she outranks most of the royal family. When she is not with William, then she’s below the blood royals.

        So for example, she went to an event with Harry two years ago (when M was pregnant) and she entered the church ahead of Harry, etc – which is breaking protocol. As the blood royal, Harry should have walked in before her (but Harry is polite and lets Kate go first.) Kate also usually walks in before William. this is funny to me because that is a legitimate royal protocol – who enters first – and Kate breaks it all the time and no one seems to care, at least not with the same energy as they cared about Meghan’s nail polish.

        Anyway so if she is at an event with the York princesses, if she is not with William, then the York princesses enter first and have precedence (and yes, that includes Kate having to curtsey to them). I dont think we have ever seen Kate do that though and I dont think we ever will. And when she is with William, she makes damn sure that she is ALWAYS walking ahead of the York princesses, etc. (which may be technically right but see above about Kate always entering before others.) Kate seems to think that the order goes the Queen, Charles, William, her – and that’s not it (if she’s not with William.)

    • Emmitt says:

      Consider this: Harry & Meghan may have released their pregnancy announcement to support Eugenie, not take away her shine. The Keens released their “Maybe we’ll go for Baby 4″ little story right after Eugenie had her baby, taking the spotlight off of her. For all we know Harry & Meghan said “Oh, ok, you want to upstage? We’ll show you what upstaging is all about.”

      I realy don’t think the Baby 4 story was to upstage Harry & Meghan (pre-emptively), I think the Keens were trying to upstage Eugenie (which is sad).

  11. Amy Bee says:

    Harry and Meghan stepping on other royal’s news cycle is inevitable because BP no longer speaks for them so coordination with the Royal comms team is out of the question. Plus British press prefers to report on Harry and Meghan rather than Eugenie. Expecting Eugenie to be vocal in her support for Harry and Meghan, which is why some fans criticise her, is unrealistic . She would get attacked by the press and be punished by BP. I’m sure they all get on fine and support each other. As for Zara, her husband talks too much so I suspect Harry is wary of telling them anything personal because it will end up in the press.

  12. BayTampaBay says:

    Is it clear or has it been made clear that Jack & Eugenie are living and/or staying at Frogmore Cottage? Are we still speculating or do we know for sure.

    • Va Va Kaboom says:

      All reports say Eugenie brought her son back to Frogmore once they left the hospital. So she is definitely staying at Frogmore right now. Nothing has been reported on whether or not it’ll be their permanent residence though.

  13. Cerise says:

    So the British press is just going to ignore the 2 weeks campaign they launched bout Eugenie moving into Frogmore then moving out 2 weeks later back to her cottage at Kensington Palace… now to only be re-ensconsed in Frogmore with out a word.

  14. Emm says:

    I’m sorry Harry and Meghan don’t force papers to report on them especially British ones, so this hullabaloo about stepping in on royals news cycles is basura. The sussexes don’t have to call up the royal family anytime they want to do something to coordinate schedules, they’re a whole continent away.

    • Mila says:

      Exactly, I don’t mean this in a mean way, but no one cared about Eugenie’s announcement on the day past an hour or even the day after it happened barely any outlets reported on the story more than once, nor was her name on the tip of anyone’s tounge? I saw more mentions of Eugenie‘s name (most spelt wrong so you can see how little they care) when the Sussex is made their announcement, then the whole week before combined. How long is one supposed to wait?? Eugenie and Zara announced they were pregnant that the day or the second day after Meghan announced she had a miscarriage. Only toxic families (*cough* the Cambridges *cough* ) worry about how long each persons ‘news cycle’ is and ‘upstaging’ each other they are just happy for each other. The whole thing is so superficial, it’s so Kate Middleton 🥴🤐

    • Commonwealthy says:

      Agree with you Emm and Mila. I would only add, no one is entitled to a news cycle. It’s a silly thing that singles out the Sussexes for the attention they command just for breathing, other royals release news close together all the time and no one turns a hair. This whole “H&M should know how popular they are and dim their light” thing would make more sense if BRF didn’t actively stoke so much negativity against H&M.
      I think Eugenie, Jack and baby will be first to visit California, and down the line may move there. Jack works for Casamigos/George Clooney, he and Eugenie have visited Lake Como at the same time as Meghan and Harry. I think these two couples are tight, Eugenie knows she’s royal adjacent and moving lower on the ladder of interest (a good thing!), she and Jack seem to be happy being super-connected and royal-wealth-celebrity adjacent. Good for them!
      Also, I think Harry, and maybe Meghan, may be amongst August’s godparents.

  15. Jay says:

    Wait, so Eugenie is recovering at Frogmore? I thought she had to move out again due to someone’s incandescent hissy fit? Did I hallucination that?

    • notasugarhere says:

      William can be as incandescent as he wants, he doesn’t control the lease of Crown Estate properties. As long as Harry and Meghan own the lease on Frogmore Cottage long term, they can let anyone they want live there.

  16. Neners says:

    I’ve always thought Harry and Eugenie were quite close so this would not surprise me.

    On an unrelated note, Eugenie was an absolutely gorgeous bride. Every time I see pictures of her from her wedding day, it makes me smile. I think her look was my favorite of this generation of British royal brides (my favorite royal wedding look of all the royal brides being Stephanie de Lannoy’s Elie Saab dress when she married the Crown Prince of Luxembourg)

  17. S808 says:

    I personally don’t think they should have to take anyone in that family into consideration when announcing anything but it’s nice that there are no hard feelings between the 2 couples.

  18. Mila says:

    I don’t think Harry and Zara were ever really that close, they seem to have very differing personalities and lives, I think him and her husband are closer.

  19. A Guest says:

    FWIW, Mike Tindell stated that the family already knew Meghan was pregnant but that the wedding was the first time some of them had seen her since finding out.

    • JT says:

      I don’t know why people insist on saying Meghan told everyone at the wedding. For starters, Harry was there to. Why is that Meghan is always getting the backlash for “overshadowing?” Eugenie was never going to get weeks of coverage for her wedding regardless. Meghan’s pregnancy is what gave her any press at all. And finally, as you’ve said, Mike already confirmed that the family knew about the pregnancy BEFORE the wedding. It wasn’t a surprise to them.

    • Sofia says:

      I think most of the family were told about the pregnancy through word of mouth or directly but since the family is so big these days and everyone has their own lives, these weddings/funerals are really the only time everyone gets together. So I can see the extended family going up to Meghan and going “congrats on the pregnancy!” or something like that during the reception.

      If Eugenie felt a certain way about it, okay fair enough I guess but it’s clear that she doesn’t feel that way anymore. Or she never really felt anything and it’s her parents who are delusional about public interest in Eugenie

      • MsIam says:

        I’ve always felt it was Andrew and Fergie who were upset about that more than Eugenie, especially when it came out that Andrew was upset with the BBC for not covering it live. I remember watching when he and Sarah got married and the big deal they made if it. And of course when William and Harry had their weddings televised, the same thing. I think he and Sarah just had unrealistic expectations of the interest in Eugenie and took their frustration out on Meghan.

  20. Sydney says:

    The Sussex fans are mad that Eugenie much like the other Windsors who are supposedly close to Harry sat back and watched Meghan get trashed and allowed their social media comments be used as a crap on Meghan thread. Silent allies are useless.

    • Novice says:

      Stan culture is toxic.

      • Beach Dreams says:

        I could understand the ire though, because people have been leaving truly heinous comments about Meghan across the royal SM accounts for YEARS. It’s not hard to simply switch off comments on a post regarding H&M, yet none of them bothered to do that. And they CAN turn off comments, because Charles and Camilla had no trouble doing so in November after the growing backlash from The Crown.

      • Becks1 says:

        And they can also block people – the royal family was blocking people for a while who were referring to Andrew and Epstein, I think KP blocked a lot of people who used the rose icon, etc. They could definitely block some of the worst offenders and yet they dont. I mean I think those of us active on twitter could name the top defenders that I would block if I was a royal account and wanted to at least give the pretense of stopping racist attacks on Meghan.

        I would give Eugenie a small pass in that I dont know if she handles her SM herself, I would assume so? So maybe she just doesnt have time to go through all the comments etc. EXCEPT that, as someone else noted, she does delete comments about her father. So she is obviously monitoring to a certain extent.

    • lanne says:

      truth be told, she likely doesn’t have any influence at all within her family, and considering what’s going on with her father, she probably doesn’t want to do or say anything that steps out of bounds, because she knows everyone will throw her terrible father back at her. She’s the one who has a valid excuse for remaining silent in public. Also, her future livelihood also depends on William to a degree, so she probably can’t risk making him angry. He will ultimately control major purse strings, and he seems like the type who would hold a grudge over even the tiniest perceived slight.

  21. ABritGuest says:

    Why repeat something that even dodgy KP comms said at the time wasn’t true re pregnancy announcement? They said the family had a chance to congratulate the Sussexes in person at the wedding with Mike Tindall saying in an interview the family knew before the wedding& cousins had been on a group whatsapp about it.

    And also knowing what we do now about the KP comms, doubt they had much control over the announcement of the pregnancy at the start of the Oceana tour save that Meghan was obviously starting to show & had some events she couldn’t do during the tour.

    As for Eugenie it would be nice if Harry has some family members he’s still cool with and think she posted being happy about the baby news. But have seen comments from annoyed fans because apparently trolls were posting awful Insta comments about Meghan after Eugenie’s wedding which apparently were left up whereas derogatory comments about Andrew were deleted.

    I don’t have much of an opinion of the York Princesses but from what I’ve seen the media have been horrible to them about their looks etc. So ironic they are also used as a stick to beat Meghan with by the press.

  22. bloemheks says:

    Eugenie followed the Harry and Meghan birth template. Even going so far as to announce on Instagram with a black and white baby-body-part photo. They demanded Meghan show baby Archie and she did 2 days after the birth. Eugenie waited 6 days I think? If not 6 then at least 4.

    Eugenie is 100% Team Sussex and throwing some very pointed shade.

  23. tee says:

    Eugenie’s IG post after Archie’s birth was more sincere and sentimental than any of the other royal reactions. I don’t see why there would be beef.

  24. Lizzie Bathory says:

    Am I the only one who thought the mention of “the absence of individual public well wishes from Prince William and Kate Middleton” was the biggest part of this story? LOTS of people were talking on Twitter about how it’s been crickets from KP about August’s birth as well as Harry & Meghan expecting. (They mention “other royal family members,” but c’mon, were we expecting a message from the Kents?)

    It’s looking increasingly like William & Kate are siloed from the rest of the Windsors. Hmm.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      I noticed that curious little slip-in too. If anything, I think they’ve been siloed by their own choice and Betty/Charles are trying to reel them back in. They don’t realize that their self-isolation has made it easier for people to see them for what they are and easier for them to make those embarrassing moves like the covid train tour. They’re far too self-important, even for FFK and FFQK, and it shows.

      • Becks1 says:

        If William could get in a comment at an event about Phillip’s health, he could certainly get in a comment about wishing Harry and Meghan well. Yet……nothing.

      • Beach Dreams says:

        I honestly didn’t expect them to put a kind word in for H&M. They couldn’t even congratulate them or say Meghan’s name when Archie was born, and Will’s snippy “I’m already an uncle” comment said it all. I expect another generic “we’re delighted” response from BP once Baby Sussex 2 arrives, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Harry and Meghan gave the family similarly short notice before announcing the birth (it’s more than they deserve quite frankly).

    • Bex says:

      That slip-in leads me to believe either this article is built from two palace sources or someone is taking a roundabout way of doing damage control for themselves (since they didn’t post public congratulations) AND remind the public of the lie about Meghan (no mention of Harry) allegedly announcing her pregnancy at Eugenie’s wedding.

      IMO, this has KP’s grubby fingers all over it.

    • Nic919 says:

      Honestly not making public statements about your brother and his wife having a baby just after a miscarriage is William and Kate being assholes. At the very least they could have asked to have their names specifically mentioned in the BP release. They didn’t though. This was all done intentionally. KP releases press statements about hair extensions and botox, making it obvious that no congratulations for your only brother’s future family is a message.

  25. Melissa says:

    I have a sneaking suspicion that Eugenie actually really hates being in the spotlight, but her parents try to make a big deal about everything she does to their own end. What if Eugenie and Meghan have a little deal that whenever something gets announced about Eug, Meg will give them a story to take the focus off Eug? Wouldn’t that be something.

    • Yoyo says:

      Honestly, Meghan is busy with her child(ren) work with Netflix, Spotify, Archewell and riding out a pregnancy in a Pandemic, now there is a new virulent strain in California.

  26. February-Pisces says:

    I think Eugenie if firmly Sussex squad, I mean harry is letting her live in his house. eugenie has had to deal with 20 years of Kate being a bitch and the last decade of sitting back and watching her be embiggened beyond belief. I remember pre-Meghan, Kate used to get her mouth pieces to praise her skinny boney ass and basic looks whilst basically saying the York sisters were like Cinderella’s fat stepsisters.

    Let’s not forget the queen purposely changed the rules so kate would have to curtsey to the blood princesses when William wasn’t present. Also didn’t the York sisters get into a fight with the middletons sister at some fancy dress party?

    I can’t imagine what it’s like for the people who actually know the Keens to sit back and watch from the sidelines as they are handed their sainthoods, when they know just how gawd awful they really are.

    • Nic919 says:

      Kate still ranks below the Yorks if William isn’t there. The Queen placed the born royals above the married ins when Camilla was going to be a part of the family.

  27. Bex says:

    How are we still at the “Meghan told people about her pregnancy at Eugenie’s wedding” when Mike Tindall said the family all learned of the pregnancy via their group chat several weeks prior?

    • Still_Sarah says:

      @ Bex : Perhaps the group chat was family only and the news never went beyond that. So people at the wedding outside of that small group chat wouldn’t have heard about it until the wedding. Meghan’s coat at the wedding was a “maternity” type coat that allowed for an expanding baby bump through a vent or pleat at the front and non-family guests probably noticed that and asked about it.

      • MsIam says:

        That bunch leaks everything so I’m pretty sure they had all heard the news before the wedding. Besides the pregnancy rumors were already around. I read in an article about the Hubb cookbook launch event that people were already suspecting Meghan was pregnant and were trying to see if they could tell for sure. She wore a coat and a skirt with pleats or something so the article was saying that nobody could really get a good look at her to tell if she was showing yet. Then it seems they announced it a couple of weeks or so later.

    • Nic919 says:

      Knowing that the Queen was told prior to the wedding, and likely during the planning of the tour, there is no way that information was kept quiet among the family. As we all have seen they don’t keep secrets like that.

  28. Catherine says:

    People magazine is usually doing PR for Cambridge’s in their stories. I think this was more about excusing their lack of comment about Meghan’s pregnancy. So many leaks about his feelings regarding the Sussexes statement but not a whisper about his brother having another child. Last year, after no comment about the miscarriage there were a bunch of leaks about how William talked to Harry privately and one outlet tried to claim that William had reached out to Meghan. The problem with KP is they issue these proclamations about William’s rage and disappointment thinking it will make him look good only to see him get dragged. Then they have to clean it up. I honestly don’t think that Eugenie leaks to the press. I think that’s why her and Harry are still close. Her parents might though. But remember she was the one family member who knew Harry was dating Meghan. Her and Jack had even spent time together with them. Some Sussex fans think they were the leak. But I disagree. I think for security reasons Harry had to tell officials where he was going to be especially since he was staying with Meghan in Toronto. I think the leak came once people in KP offices. As for Zara. He face and body language at the wedding was so negative and inappropriate. Then she gives an interview where she talked about the wedding and specifically the sermon in what I thought was a shady, coded way. Then throughout 2019 every time Mike gave an interview or was at some event he would talk about her Sussexes. He never talks about the Cambridge. Mike does a podcast with two cohost. On one one co host disparages Harry. The other cohost who said he had known Harry for years defended and complimented him. Mike said nothing. Harry stopped doing Rugby related events with Mike. When all three were in Japan for the World Cup. There was no interaction between them. I also remember the stories about Zara bad mouthing Meghan to some of her equestrian aristocrat social circle. So I think that relationship is severed.

  29. Natasha says:

    Eugenie’s mustard brown headband is ugly. If she wants to wear a tiara then just wear a tiara! Stop with the ugly hats and headbands!

  30. I like the way sisters Beatrice and Eugenie are so close and supportive of each other. Their warm and loving sisterly bond always jumps off their photos. One can tell they genuinely have each other’s back. The Yorks raised them to look after each other. I’m glad to know Eugenie is close to Meghan and Prince Harry.

  31. diamond rottweiler says:

    I know they’re wildly privileged, but I will never get over how royal women are dragged out like actual brood mares to show the baby STAT. Not enough jewels and palaces in the world would’ve gotten me to participate in the “please take pics of me for global consumption when I’m feeling the most lumpy & self conscious I ever have” ritual right after my son was born. Lol.

  32. Rosemary says:

    Regardless of everything else, I’m in love with how thrilled Jack (and Eugenie) seem to be to have a baby.