Gayle King: Oprah’s interview with the Sussexes is ‘the best she’s ever done’

Oprah Winfrey at 'A Wrinkle In Time' UK film premiere in London

For the past two weeks, we keep hearing about the “ninety minute Oprah interview” with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and what questions Oprah will ask and what Meghan and Harry will say. It’s one of the biggest topics of gossip these days. Oprah went to the Sussexes’ home in Montecito last week, as everything was ramping up and getting crazy with the fakakta “one year review,” which Buckingham Palace was furiously throwing together at the last minute. Various British tabloids claimed that Oprah was mad that she interviewed H&M before the Queen’s formal announcement and the Sussexes’ clapback, “Service is universal.” But I think Oprah, Harry and Meghan all said what they wanted to say. And apparently, what they had to say was so good, the special has been expanded to a two-hour special? And Gayle King says that Oprah thinks it’s her best interview ever.

Maybe Gayle misspoke – but no one has corrected her “two hour” claim, so I think it’s real. Maybe when Meghan and Harry said 90 minutes, they meant 90 minutes of actual interview, plus 30 minutes of commercials. Anyway, I love it. A big ol’ two hour special on a Sunday evening in prime time. They’re going to be trending on Twitter for DAYS. The royal reporters are going to have the biggest f–king meltdowns, my God. Also: I cannot WAIT for the teaser.

The Duke & Duchess Of Sussex Visit Sussex

Gayle King

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  1. HeatherC says:

    I think you’re right. The timeslot has to include commercials. So it’s 90 minutes (maybe a bit more) of content, then the money maker. I wonder what the ad buy in for this time slot was? Below Superbowl but above A Very Special Episode of Friends?

    And every single one of those so called experts will pause their carnival long enough to watch it and take copious notes. Every. Single. One. will contribute to ratings success.

    • Becks1 says:

      I’m sure the ads were pretty pricey because people are going to want to watch this in real time if they can. It’s going to have huge ratings.

    • Christine says:

      I am wondering the exact same thing. I think these commercials may be above Super Bowl level. We have all been trapped at home for almost one year, in LA anyway. This is bigger than the Super Bowl, and I grew up in a college football town and LOVE football. We are guaranteed to get a Super Bowl every single year, this year proved that there is no way Americans will do without a Super Bowl. We may never get another no-holds barred interview from the Duke and Duchess!

  2. Becks1 says:

    I’m so excited for the reaction of the royal reporters, lol. If they could have epic meltdowns over a fun 17 minute interview between Harry and James Corden (that did have some insights in it, but was overall pretty much a fluff interview), they are going to just die over this Oprah interview.

    Someone is going to have to check on Piers Morgan. He’s not going to be able to handle it.

    And the part that is cracking me up is that the interview is going to air in the middle of the night in the UK – how many of them do you think are going to stay up to watch the interview? ALL OF THEM.

    • Noki says:

      Is Piers Morgan still on Good Morning Britain and DMs feature editor? He seems rather quiet or it could be just that i havent seen his name pop up lately.

      • Becks1 says:

        I think he is still on GMB but I’m not positive? I just see him on twitter and he is not handling this well, LOLOL.

      • Amy Bee says:

        He’s doesn’t do the Friday shows and I think his articles usually come out on Mondays. But maybe he said something on twitter, I don’t check for him.

      • Becks1 says:

        I only saw him on twitter bc someone in the other thread mentioned Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu (who is pretty pro-Sussex and calls out the racist treatment of Meghan regularly) and she had tweeted something at him, lol. I think she may be on GMB with him sometimes too but am not sure.

  3. Cecilia says:

    Hopefully this interview will leave the carnival in such a state that they will deactivate their twitter account. Twitter will become a better for it. I seriously cannot wait for this interview and in curious to know what countries outside of the US and UK might air it.

    • Lady D says:

      Probably all of them. The whole world watched, aghast at the racist welcome Meghan was given in that country by so-called royals and British press. Everyone wants to know how she felt.
      Also going to be one of the highest rated shows of the year, if not the decade.

    • Mila says:

      I hope Orprah shows some of their nasty tweets

  4. Aaliyah says:

    This news cheered me up and I can’t wait. I just got diagnosed with alopecia today but my wig is going to fly off on March 7th!

    • Bibi says:

      I’m sorry for your diagnosis. Sending love and positive vibes to you. Also, I’m sorry for the abuse your wig will take on March 7th.

  5. Tessa says:

    I like Gayle King and she’s likely quite accurate here.

    • Still_Sarah says:

      @ Tessa : but what did anyone expect Gayle to say? Of course, she would “talk it up” to promote it and get everyone excited about it. Gayle was not going to come out and say it was a POS even if it was true. LOL. She is backing up her BFF and that’s great but no way is she a neutral source of information.

  6. Brit says:

    CBS and co are trolling the hell out of that island. We love to see it and the shoe is on the other foot and they hate it. They literally stopped their own bags and backed the wrong horse. That’s gonna sting for a long time. I would argue until the Cambridge kids got older but even then they’ll be obsessed over the Sussex children.

    • Nyro says:

      The young Californian royals are going to be the ones who matter, just like their parents. The old British aristo ways of the Cambridges are going to render their kids irrelevant.

  7. Talie says:

    Oprah certainly will have plenty to say herself – ever since it’s been announced, the British press has been digging up stuff about her to create a negative narrative. She is seeing for herself how toxic the situation is with them. I know that hasn’t been lost on her.

    • Sunday says:

      That’s a great point. I hope Oprah includes an aside about how the press has treated her since the announcement, not to make her the victim but moreso as proper framing and real-time context of how british press intentionally spin the narrative, the misogynoir laced throughout their commentary, how if this is how two rich, famous Black women with huge platforms are treated then what message is sent to average Black people in the UK, and the larger implications of this treatment across the commonwealth.

      • sunny says:

        I have my fingers and toes crossed for this! It is a great point and absolutely should be discussed in the interview. I hope they do go there.

  8. sarah says:

    I mean…of course she is going to say that, lol.

  9. Lizzie says:

    The bm articles are already written , just waiting to fill in the blanks.
    The palace was blindsided by _____.
    Harry insulted the queen when he said ______.
    Meghan is still furious with the palace ______.
    William in rage over ______.
    Insult to Philip while in hospital _____.

    • L84Tea says:

      You forgot _______ made Kate cry.

    • Bibi says:

      and also “in their ________million dollar mansion”

    • fig says:

      y’all are petty as hell 👏👏👏i’m here for it. Well done celebitchys haha the blanks 😂

    • VS says:

      He is no longer incandescent with rage………..the new narrative perhaps because of all the mockery they got over incandescent with rage is
      William is aghast with ______________________

      Also do not forget

      H&M wanted Privacy but ____________________

    • Christine says:

      I am here for it too. I feel petty as hell, but I do live here. If they rage about Meghan and Harry being “Hollywood”, I am going to react like anyone who lives in LA. They live in Montecito, they have a drive, no matter where they want to go in LA, and not an insignificant drive, it takes work to to get from Santa Barbara to LA, if we were living under normal circumstances. I just Googled how long it would take me to get from my house, to Montecito. One hour, 29 minutes.

      • Christine says:

        I am at Olympic and La Brea-ish, 2 blocks east of Top Round, for anyone (cough, cough, cough, I am certain the now irrelevant rota is reading this site, because they still want to be relevant, thoughts and prayers, you drove them away, deal with it, they are not coming back), who thinks I am some slob working for them. I have not met them, but I love that they are here, because there is a chance I could bump into them!

  10. Amy Bee says:

    I’m looking forward to hearing what Meghan and Harry have to say but the meltdown by the British press afterwards is going to be glorious, I can’t wait!

  11. harla says:

    I’m so excited!!!

  12. Amelie says:

    The meltdowns will be fantastic. I can’t wait. Also excited for the teaser. That can’t come out fast enough.

  13. Nyro says:

    This is gonna be so good! I can’t wait. I’m going to make myself some white cheddar cheese popcorn and enjoy the show and the Twitter commentary.

  14. Amelie says:

    I guess it’s 90 minutes of interview in a two hour slot with countless commercials. We are all excited for this and the British media are going to be talking about this for days. If William and Kate have any events scheduled that week, they can forget releasing any Zoom calls because no one will pay attention to them.

  15. Adream says:

    So realistically what happens if Prince Philip passes before the show airs?

    • CC2 says:

      Given the James corden video it seems like Harry and Meg won’t be throwing shade at the grandparents or even family members. So cbs may just air it unless they have a whole different programming schedule for a dead royal?

    • Bibi says:

      He’ll be fine: The lazies have not been visiting yet. However, they’ll possibly make him appear sicker and sicker just to control the sussexes media frenzy over the interview.
      Philip will be watching the 2hour special from his hospital bed

    • Where'sMyTiara says:

      If Philip passes, it’s business as usual in the States; thank you, Founding Fathers.

      In the UK I suppose programming will be pre-empted as it has been in the past; which will cause the Rota rats to gnash teeth b/c they won’t immediately be aware perhaps, what mic drops are coming their way. Heehee.

    • Carmen-JamRock says:

      Thats hypothetical….not realistic.

  16. lili says:

    I’m excited about this and so happy those people will get their own medicine. I wonder if Meghan will talk about how she dealt with all of this because and found peace – it’s incomparable – I read people’s opinion of me for court documents and I was like “what?” and cried for days while my mum thought maybe she was a bad mother and I turned wrong. So I totally stan Meghan and I’m like Dracarys for all the criticism M. had to endure! Of course Harry was attacked as well but Meghan to the extreme and now I see it’s both racism, sexism and people being simple bad and evil.

  17. Nic says:

    Has anyone noticed a mini smear campaign going on against Oprah?

    It’s not as heavy handed bc I’m sorry, you do not come for Oprah, but it’s there. They are digging up old interviews that are unflattering to her character.

  18. Genevieve says:

    I watched the Mariah Carey and Obama Oprah interviews on AppleTV last night and it reminded me how insulting it was that British media referred to Oprah as a “tabloid reporter.” There was nothing tabloid about those interviews, she also did not hold back from asking difficult questions or expressing opinion. I imagine there will be some PR fluff in M+H’s interview next week but I’ve been put in my place and was strongly reminded that Oprah’s talents as an interviewer are great and that there will be some real insights to be gleaned from her work on this interview. H+M may not be forthcoming (at least not in an obvious way) but Oprah WILL ASK.

  19. Abby says:

    This is an interview I do not want to miss. Must-watch.

  20. Monica says:

    Harry on James Corden’s show was a great move. I was going to watch the Oprah interview anyway but now I can’t wait!

  21. Louise177 says:

    I feel like the interview is going to be a disaster in the sense that it’s really being hyped. I definitely could be wrong but I feel like it’s going to be along the lines of Finding Freedom and Harry’s Corden interview. There’s going to be some insights but not the bombs people are expecting. Since it may not be scandalous Harry and Meghan will be attacked for not revealing more.

    • Izzy says:

      In which case the rota will look even more unhinged and the courtiers more reactionary.

    • MsIam says:

      So in other words, according to your thinking they can’t win? Damned if they say too much and damned if they don’t? Hmm, interesting take on things.

  22. RoyalBlue says:

    Looking forward to this interview. The next morning on Commonwealth Day the rest of the world will not be saying QE II, it will be QE Who?

  23. Izzy says:

    We all know there are at least a few royal reporters looking around online and seeing this website and all our comments. And to them, let me just say this: All hail Queen Oprah. Long live the Duke and Duchess of Montecito.

    Oh, and GTFO our lawn. That is all.

  24. Gab says:

    When can we watch the whole interview?

  25. Harper says:

    I have already informed my family that I will be placed in front of the tv on Sunday night fifteen minutes before this starts. I will not be helping procure Sunday dinner nor clean it up. I will not “wait” to start the show later on DVR because I am watching it in real-time. I do not want to hear anyone’s thoughts or ideas or problems from the fifteen minutes before the show starts until probably noon on Monday. My dog is the only one to who I will give a pass during this Very Special Event.

    • Hell Nah! says:

      @ Harper: HahahaHaha – I love it.
      They’ve been warned…

    • vonB says:

      Harper has my heart

    • booboocita says:

      Honestly, I have a game plan for that evening. One hour before, I will order my favorite meal from my favorite Thai restaurant and have it delivered via DoorDash. I will purchase a bottle of my favorite wine a few days before and have it chilled and ready. I will also have my iPad nearby with the browser open to Twitter, so I can watch reactions in real time. Then I’ll put on my comfiest pajamas, sit in my favorite recliner with my dinner and wine on a tray next to me, and enjoy the sweet, sweet revenge.

    • Nyro says:

      I know that’s right! LOL

    • harla says:

      Me too! And I’m taking Monday off so that I can spend the day blogging about how wonderful it was!

      • Harper says:

        Taking the day off afterward is thinking ahead. The amount of heads that will be exploding in Britain requires a national holiday to just let it all sink in, IMO

    • Mila says:

      Love this! I might implement this too! 😁😁

  26. Lizzie says:

    What else is Oprah gonna say? ‘Eh, it was alright.’ She knows how to sell her show. Although whoever said the palace better hide behind the sofa was genius. All this hysteria and the rf probably won’t even be mentioned.

    • Merricat says:

      She doesn’t need hyperbole to sell this; witness the cacophonous media outpouring following the announcement of this interview. The whole world wants to know why they left, and although I doubt they’ll name names, they won’t have to do anything but paint the broad strokes. Most people will be able to extrapolate what happened to the biracial American duchess. All they have to do is say what happened.

  27. L4frimaire says:

    I think it will be a nuanced conversation. I think she will come straight out and ask if they want to have their cake and eat it too, are too privileged or if M couldn’t handle the job. She has to ask some of that, because those opinions are out there. How they answer them will matter a lot and if they show anger or disappointment. Cue all the body language experts. We may want Meghan to call out this or that person, but she won’t show anger, because that’s a luxury she’ll never be given. Harry has to make sure he doesn’t across as disgruntled or overly sensitive. The Cordon interview was good in that it gave us a teaser. I just don’t think any of us fully realize just how damaging and difficult having the press weaponized against you like that. It really is unprecedented outside of places like Russia or autocratic states. Let’s face it, if this amount of relentless press attacks were directed against someone in a place like Iran or Russia, you would be very concerned with your personal safety. I think they will have prepped for this, and studied former royal interviews and reactions, including their own from the Africa trip.