Prince William hasn’t spoken to Harry ‘for some time’ & had no idea about the interview

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Last November and December, royal reporters like Katie Nicholl were trying to convince people that Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship was getting better now that they had gotten some physical, emotional and psychological space from each other. There were reports of Zoom calls, an exchange of Christmas presents and plans to spend time together once the pandemic was over. I never really believed any of those stories. I think Harry is still – justifiably – very angry at William. While there might be some olive branches offered, I suspect that Harry would probably be willing to meet William halfway, and William just fundamentally refuses. So this is where they are. Even the “royal sources” agree:

Prince William has been kept in the dark over Harry and Meghan’s explosive Oprah Winfrey interview as he has not spoken to his brother for ‘some time’, it emerged last night. There is mounting concern at what the Duchess of Sussex has revealed to the US chat-show host – who was reportedly told ‘nothing was off-limits’ – as the couple have not informed the Royal Family of the interview’s contents.

Winfrey and her production team are keeping a tight lid on Meghan’s revelations, with Harry appearing as the support act, after they filmed the couple at their £11 million home in California ten days ago.

A Royal source said: ‘Harry and William have not spoken for some time, and Meghan speaking about their relationship or relationships with the Royal Family to Oprah will not help matters. Things are still bad between them, although both want to repair that brotherly bond. William does not know what she has told Oprah, none of the Royal Family do. They will find out at the same time as everyone else, although I doubt they’ll watch it.’

Harry and Meghan, 39, who is expecting their second child, have not been paid for the interview, although it is not known whether they will receive a fee for the international rights or supplemental pictures or footage used within the two-hour programme. Royal biographer Hugo Vickers said: ‘I imagine the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will just have one long whinge to Oprah Winfrey. It’s all about their self-promotion.’

[From The Daily Mail]

“I imagine the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will just have one long whinge to Oprah Winfrey…” As opposed to the massive, salty whinge the British media will have following the interview, I’m sure. As for William and Harry… their relationship has bigger problems than the Oprah interview, the James Corden video or anything else. As I said, Harry seems perfectly willing to at least TRY to form some kind of functional relationship with his brother. That’s the Sussex branding: to be the bigger person, to make peace, as long as there is some kind of honesty or accountability. But William… well, he’s just such a f–king tool. And of course all of them will watch the Oprah special. Come on. We’ll be hearing from palace sources about You Know Who being incandescent with rage for WEEKS.

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From left, Queen Elizabeth II, Meghan Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry Duke of Sussex, Prince William Duke of Cambridge and Katherine Duchess of Cambridge watch the RAF 100th anniversary flypast from the balcony of Buckingham Palace, London, Tuesday 10th J

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  1. Chic says:

    Those pics. Both he and Kate look like they are sucking on the unpleasant

    • Ocean Girl says:

      Every time I see that top picture, I think William looks like a Muppett.

      • Couch potato says:

        And Kate looks scary thin.

      • Elizabeth Regina says:

        As much as I don’t like Kate, someone needs to do an intervention. She is way too thin and seems to be wearing clothes to disguise the fact.

    • Kelly Sunshine says:

      I was also going to point out that Kate looks scary thin in the photo where she’s sitting in the wingback chair.

      Am I the only one who thinks she looked way better early on in their relationship when she had more ‘meat’ on her. She was never a heavy girl, but she looked way healthier back then.

      • Snuffles says:

        Yup, pre wedding Kate had a healthy athletic figure. Now she looks dangerously thin.

      • UptownGirl says:

        Yes, Kelly Sunshine, her current weight is awful and she looks sickly actually. As someone who has given birth 3 times and the constant dieting does not look good on her. Why does she insist on keeping this weight? An extra 10-15 pounds would make her look more healthy.

      • Lucy says:

        I hope Kate gets the help she needs to deal with whatever eating things she has going on. She might turn out to be like my sil, who had “ibs” that disappeared once she divorced her awful, abusive ex. Turns out years of constant, ongoing stress is a lot like ibs.

        They really are all just so miserable, and until Willy mans up and deals with his pile of sh** they’re all going to stay that way, trapped in endless looping psycho dramas.

        Charles has shown changing is past his ability, if Kate does it I’ll be the first clapping for her, but I think the only people capable of breaking out have already done so.

      • Amy Too says:

        I sometimes wonder if the fact that she seems to get filler in her face is disguising some of the more obvious signs of being so thin as to be unwell, especially since we’ve mostly been seeing her only in zoom calls, from the neck up. Usually one of the more obvious signs that make people go “you look really unwell—this isn’t okay anymore” is the very gaunt and bony face with the sunken cheeks. But if your face is constantly pumped up with filler and then you cover the rest of your body in huge, baggy, long sleeve, long skirted clothing, it can be less obvious. I worry about her.

      • HeyJude says:

        Yes! She was beautiful. Very girl next door. The girl every boy in class had a crush on who was so pretty but could also play a mean game of football. Ever since post-wedding physical changes and her deciding to begin dressing like a 1950s grandmother, things have changed so much.

        Sadly she’d probably still look much the same as then, just a little older now obviously, if she could just be herself again but she’s stuck where she is.

        I actually have a lot of sympathy for Kate overall. (I think her mean-girling comes from self-hatred.) I really hope she wakes up one day and decides to reclaim her life for herself. Not mommy or daddy’s ambitious, not her toxic husband, not some stupid consort title.

      • Q says:

        She looks very different from her school days. She’s had her nose done (as well as plenty of other things such as her teeth). Her nose used to be much wider, rounder and bulbous and she had frizzy hair and was borderline chubby. I believe her when she said she used to be bullied and no boys used to like her.
        That all being said, she obviously starves herself to get to this size as she’s naturally much thicker and athletic body-wise.
        I do find it interesting how people infantilize and victimise her as an adult, even going as far as creating a whole back story for her to explain her mean girl behavior and treatment of her SIL.
        There is no evidence for any of it but plenty of evidence of her mean girling and bullying of other women.

  2. Becks1 says:

    LOLOL that they wont watch the interview. OF COURSE they’re going to watch it. William is probably going to stay up to watch it.

    • L84Tea says:

      The RF is going to watch it, the BM is going to watch it, the Middletons will be watching, and without a doubt the anti-Sussex/anti-Meghan’s are going to watch it. They are going to hang on to every last sigh, movement, and syllable and break it all down into excruciating, hateful detail on social media. This is what they live for. It’s a hobby to hate on them at this point.

      The part I’m laughing about though, is the fact that they are all trying to make it sound as if they won’t be watching. Who are they trying to kid???

    • Sunday says:

      Not only are they going to watch it, I’d bet that they already have their little minions trying to twist whatever arms they can, find any leverage with CBS that they possibly can to get an advanced screener of the interview. Rota “reporters” and royals alike are scrambling trying to buy whoever can be bought to get their hands on it before it airs, so they can prepare to pounce accordingly. They won’t succeed (unless they get it through ITV somehow), but I guarantee they’re trying, desperately.

    • Bibi says:

      william and kate will take the interview as an opportunity/excuse to stay home without doing zooms and do nothing for the next 5 days just to be ready to watch it.

      • Amy Too says:

        If will and Kate come off poorly do we think Kate is going to do the thing she does where she just refuses to come out and do engagements for like a month or more, or do we think she’s going to be out there much more often, cosplaying Meghan, posing with little black and brown children? I’m leaning towards the former.

      • Becks1 says:

        I think it depends on how poorly she comes off (if she’s a part of the interview at all.) If she just comes off as sort of cold and unwelcoming, I think we’ll see her out and about very soon and doing the cosplay thing to prove how she isnt cold, she loves her SIL so much she’s SWFing her on the regular!

        If anything comes out about the Cambridges actively leaking to the press about them, or about the Middletons involvement – I think she’ll go quiet for a month or more and only come out if someone dangles some diamonds or another order or something in front of her.

      • Nic919 says:

        I really don’t think Meghan will reference Kate in this interview at all. She probably won’t even speak about william although it really makes me wonder what they did that either Cambridge would be concerned about what Meghan would say about either of them.

    • UptownGirl says:

      @ Becks1, yes, and PWT will sit there screaming with incandescent rage as they both spew about his lies and actions to emotionally hurt Meghan and how awful they both are!!

    • Keroppi says:

      not just watching – taking notes, dissecting, rewatching, parsing, comparing notes, and rewatching again.

      • Chrissy (The Original) says:

        They’ll all watch it on an endless loop, dissecting each bit until they think of some laughable response. They’re all so predictable.

  3. Snuffles says:

    Yup, I’m sure Harry is like “Can’t you meet me halfway?” and William is like “NEVER. I’m the future king, what I say goes and you must bow to my will no matter what!”

  4. aquarius64 says:

    What would William be upset about coming out? Sending her and Harry to Africa; giving the order to the media to weaponize her father against her; Fly-be gate or Rose gardening?

    • Chrissy (The Original) says:

      All of the above us, as well as that time he both leered suggestively at Meg and called her a racist name, all in front of Harry.

      • Feeshalori says:

        When did William call her a racist name? There’s been speculation about that but nothing I’ve seen in reports. Is that actually proven because that’s definitely something that would’ve caused the big rift between the two brothers.

      • Tessa says:

        William could have said something like you don’t have to marry her to Harry, which would have caused a major rift.

      • Feeshalori says:

        Of course, he could have said something wildly inappropriate about Meghan to Harry. But Chrissy’s comment led me to believe there was a particular time when he called her by a racial slur.

    • Yvette says:

      @aquarius64 … I came here to ask the same. What ‘are’ they worried about? And don’t you just love how they threw that “William hasn’t talked to his brother in quite a while” out there as well? That means Kensington Palace has been feeding the Royal Reporters a lie, or the ROTA have been carrying water for William and Kate (especially Katie Nicholl) by writing articles saying that Harry and William talk ALL the time and are closer than ever. And I’m willing to bet that Keningston Palace courtiers were spreading this news and not William, who is probably waiting for Harry to come crawling to him on his knees begging for forgiveness.

  5. Bibi says:

    he can fume his rage incandescence all he wants. H&M dont owe them a headsup on nothing: as someone petty famously said – you’re either in or you’re out. So they should really shut up, sit down, and continue sucking on the unpleasant like Chic just said.

    • Noodle says:

      I thought he moved from incandescent rage to utterly aghast. Lord I can’t keep up with this man and his singularly-directed emotions.

    • Mac says:

      What Harry and Meghan do is none of William’s business. They aren’t working royals and they can do as they please, including interviews with Oprah.

    • Cecilia says:

      Exactly! These people keep saying meg&haz can’t have it both ways, well neither can the royal family. You can’t strip them of everything bit their clothes because there not working royals anymore and then demand that they keep reporting back to the queen and follow “protocol”. Harry was told “you’re either in or out” and he choose out. Therefore they’re completely free and can do whatever they want without consulting with KP or BP

  6. HeatherC says:

    Hahahah. Who are they kidding? He will TOTALLY watch it. He’s going to stay up late and take copious notes to share with the RR to leak. But it was adorable to try and convince everyone.

  7. Amy Bee says:

    I never believed those stories about William and Harry patching up either. Too many things have been done and said for Harry to just forgive all. I think William will have to make the first move in repairing that relationship. He might do it in time for the unveiling of the Diana statue. I think it’s interesting that William is concerned about what Meghan is going to say. That can only mean that he did some terrible things to her. This also confirms to me that the briefing against Meghan and Harry came mainly from KP.

    • Jaded says:

      Amy Bee – do you think William did or said something *inappropriate* to Meghan, something sexually insulting or insinuating that she was using her feminine wiles to reel Harry in? Or maybe even tried coming on to her?

      • Amy Bee says:

        I think he didn’t approve of her because she was black, American, she threaten his and his wife’s popularity and I also think he didn’t like her self-confidence. I think he was racist towards her and probably said demeaning things about her. I think he put a lot of obstacles in her way to prevent her from doing her job. I believe the stories that he didn’t want her to wear the Queen’s jewellery and I think he was behind the smear campaign to get her to leave Harry.

      • Snuffles says:

        I think William (and the rest of the family) has always known that Harry has always had one foot out the door and was looking for an escape. That’s why they were so shit to Chelsy Davy because she was from Africa and they were scared he would run off to Africa with her. That’s why they were always pushing aristocratic blondes on him. The closest they got was Cressida but she refused to live that life and chose her career instead.

        So, when Meghan the American showed up, they immediately got triggered. Then they met her and realized she was whip smart, strong willed, confident and not remotely in awe of being in their presence. I’m sure his first instinct was the squash it immediately because they could see that Harry might escape with her. So they threw everything and the kitchen sink at her. But being in the entertainment industry for so long and growing up in it, it was easier for her to separate the BS from facts. And had a lifetime of dealing with toxic family so it was take much more to shake her.

        I think Meghan peeped this fairly quickly but Harry held out hope his family would accept her and she what an amazing asset she is, but has been shocked and disappointed with how they responded.

      • Nic919 says:

        I too am wondering at the way they are wording this. What would William have to worry about Meghan revealing? I always assumed he said his concerns about her to Harry and she wasn’t present, but they are really suggesting that she witnessed some bad behaviour.

      • iconoclast59 says:

        William shows all the signs of a classic abuser. Normal, loving, kind siblings aren’t “incandescent” and “aghast” 24/7 the way he seems to be. If he’s worried about anything Meghan will say, I think it’s that she’ll bring the receipts on what a POS he’s been to Harry his entire life. Harry grew up thinking William’s behavior was normal because he didn’t know anything else. I think Meghan opened Harry’s eyes by telling him, “No, this is jacked up and you don’t have to take it anymore. I have some ideas…” William can’t get over the fact that he doesn’t control Harry anymore, so he’s helping the BM project it onto Meghan, making it look like SHE’S controlling. We see right through you, PWT.

    • MsIam says:

      Good point, he’s not concerned about Harry and what he will say and you would think Harry would presumably know more secrets than Meghan. There were so many rumors about the Middletons being involved with the smear that I wonder if William is afraid of that coming out and him being complicit? He knows Kate is all they have, if she comes out or her family comes out of this looking like a bunch of c*nts then its over.

    • Couch potato says:

      Willnot might have a courtier contact H about the statue unveiling, but I dobt he’ll reach out himself.

    • S808 says:

      I hope it’s somehow confirmed that KP was the main driver in the palace. I’m sure other houses threw their hat in (looking at you CH) but KP were the most heavy handed and still are.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Certain UK journos’ basically said that things were said that cannot be unsaid and strongly hinted that it was William saying the things that cannot be unsaid.

      William went from initially being welcoming to full on ‘break them up’ – makes you wonder what went down to cause that change. Rumour is Top CEO had something to do with that – as she was cold towards Meghan from the get go.

      Stories like this just cement that, on top of the press harassment, the problems between the brothers are what ultimately drove the Sussex’s to step back. The Cambridges colluded with the BM and that cannot be denied.

      • Nic919 says:

        I am sure that Meghan saw Kate for the insecure shallow woman that she’s always been from the outset, but I truly do wonder what William said that can’t be unsaid. And how Meghan would know about it.

  8. Bettyrose says:

    What if the interview isn’t “explosive”? How will they all explain getting this riled up?

    • UptownGirl says:

      @ Bettyrose, isn’t that a fascinating insight? What if it isn’t this tell all talk talk that they have been working it into? What are they going to do then? Hopefully all fall on their iPad and computers with shock and awe!! As they all deserve any form of punishment!!

    • Amy Bee says:

      They won’t. They will just say that Harry and Meghan are hypocrites for wanting privacy and then doing an interview with Oprah. They will also attack Oprah’s skills as an interviewer and attack her for being unable to get Harry and Meghan to expose the Royal Family.

    • Scal says:

      They will find one sentence or one gesture and make it explosive. It’s already happening. Oprah says “were you silent or were you silenced?” and Fail had it on their twitter that she was comparing the queen to a mob boss and how dare she? And how dare meghan say the royals were like a mafia?

      They will find a molehill and make a mountain to rival everest.

    • cassandra says:

      That’s the thing. They’re all acting like this is going to be another Martin Bashir/Diana interview and I don’t think it will be.

    • Nic919 says:

      This is going to be Finding Freedom all over again.

  9. Jaded says:

    He really is an insufferable wanker isn’t he. Well William, you can lash out at your brother through the gutter press all you like, they’re laughing all the way to the bank — not just financially but by the goodwill and good works they are creating and accomplishing. I doubt very much that either Meghan or Harry will waste their breath ragging on William The Incandescent or Duchess Doormat in the Oprah interview. They have much better things to do and say with the air time.

  10. Sunday says:

    And once again it’s ‘what will Meghan say’ ‘what did Meghan reveal’ when in the promos Meghan was *literally silent* while Harry spoke. It’s infuriating that no matter how directly and succinctly Harry says, THIS WAS MY DECISION, I’VE ALWAYS HATED THE BRITISH PRESS, they still gasp in horror about how Meghan is a puppetmaster and poor Harry is just a hostage forced to go along with her.

    I really hope Oprah does some sort of insert around the interview that highlights the hypocrisy of the coverage surrounding just the 60 seconds they’ve released, as it so fully encapsulates the rabid abuse that Meghan has faced since the palace decided to throw her to the dogs.

    • Merricat says:


    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      I don’t doubt for one second that Oprah didn’t already have that in mind *before* the interview began. She is excellent at framing important issues in such a way that interviewees have no option but to engage directly and honestly/be held accountable. 😃

  11. Couch potato says:

    If they’re sooo innocent and have behaved impeccably, why is there “a mounting concern”? And why is it what Meghan has to say they’re worried about? They don’t mention being worried about what Harry says.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      The Cambridges will be popping ativan by the end of the work week.

      • HeatherC says:

        They can borrow some Valium from Tom Markle (who I still fully believe was on some sort of KP payroll to smear Meghan)

    • UptownGirl says:

      YES!!! Why are they ALL worried, including the RR’s and BM and CH, including the Grey suits. My god, the only people being decent was This Morning, the young lady that is co-host who clearly supports them. All of this will-she, and whatnot is for nothing!! They should all just STFU and listen! This was done to Meghan will full intent of knocking her out of the country and out of Harry’s arms, they didn’t realize that Harry would choose Meghan over their archaic views and actions.
      As for PWT, I don’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth! PWT is the cause of all of these rumors and smears. PWT should grovel at Harry’s feet and apologize to Meghan for the next 100 years if he hopes to recover his soul, if he had one.

      • Couch potato says:

        I think they also wanted to break her. They’re so set in their ways, to them hierachy is everything. They (both the RF and the courtiers) expectd her to bow down to their superiority and lick their feet. Instead they got a beautiful, confident, intelligent and hard working woman in their midst. A woman with ideas, who wanted to actually work and do good. They could’ve had a bright shining star, bringing lots of good publisity to the RF, but they blew it all! Now they’re shitting their pants, worried about her revealing how they behaved.

        I don’t think she’s going to say anything about the RF. So far she’s followed MB’s “when they go low, we go high”, but I do think she’s going to say something about the RR. And therein lies the problem for Willnot and the rest of the RF. If the RR gets a lot of shit for this, they know who’s behind it, and they might start singing like canarys. That’s what worries the RF and the courtiers.

  12. S808 says:

    Harry would be much better off without him. Blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb. I’d grieve the relationship and move on. There’s no way I’d making up with someone who helped make my wife’s life a living hell for whatever reason. I’d be civil but that’s it.

    • Myra says:

      I think that’s the way forward too. Grieve the relationship and move on. Even if you reach a point where you can greet that person once more, ask how they are doing or what the kids are up to, you still need to keep a safe distance. This person has shown the capability to cause hurt without being apologetic. They have put the life of another at great risk, without remorse. I honestly wouldn’t be able to invite a person like that back into my life or close to my family.

  13. (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

    I love how the BM had to take a dig at the fact “they weren’t paid for the interview, but probably *will* be for international rights/photo usage”. Yeah…can’t see that happening, UNLESS it’s in the form of a donation to Archewell. Period.

  14. Merricat says:

    Boo hoo. If you didn’t want the world to know you’re a racist jackhole, you should have treated your brother’s wife better.

  15. Amy Too says:

    I watched a Tarot/psychic video that someone posted awhile ago on here and she said that Will and Kate are now and have always been convinced that Harry and Meghan’s relationship is a bad idea and will blow up at some point, sooner or later, and they’re just waiting for it to happen. I think though, that they’re not just waiting for it to happen, they’re trying to hurry it along. They think it’s inevitable, that it will NEVER work out in the end and they’ve been trying to get Harry out before it gets too messy—like before they got married, and then before they had a baby, and then before they moved, and then before they signed deals and bought a house together, and then before they had another baby, and then before he did something irreparable like a tell all interview that would prevent him from returning. They just do not trust that he made the right decision and that Meghan actually is the right person for him and this is the right life for him.

    But by trying SO HARD to break them up and make their lives together miserable, they’ve ensured that even if anything happens with him and Meghan, he’s not going to come back. Or come back happily. They’ve ruined their relationship with him for life all because they can’t trust him to make his own decisions in life even if they’re a mistake. They’ve also made any potential break up a way bigger deal than it would’ve been if they hadn’t started this whole media circus around Harry and Meghan’s relationship, so now even if it does blow up like they always expected it to, it’s going to be 1000x more hurtful for Harry than if they had just left them alone.

    • February-Pisces says:

      I also do tarot and have done several readings. I remember asking why Willie and keen did this whole smear campaign and what’s interesting was in the outcome was something like (2 cups, 4wands) basically they wanted to break them up because harry and Meghan were actually happy and stable, which is so weird to me. Willie and keen also got some pleasure out of seeing them go through all this trauma with the media (6 of wands). I recently asked how kate feels about them as she’s determined to win at all costs (devil, 6 of wands), she obsessed with trying to ruin them. But she’s also defeated and she’s miserable by the fact that they are still happy and stable (4 of wands). In fact everyone in the family see the Sussex’s relationship as being a happy and solid one even the queen, but some are not happy about that.

      I see they pretended to care about harrys best interests, but they have been together nearly 5 years and are still trying to break them up.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        The Keens are projecting their own unhappiness and misery onto the Sussex’s. Always have done – they have what the Keens want, a loving happy relationship and they are not free of royal life.

        Harry has what William really wants (a life away from being royal) and Meghan has what Kates wants (a husband that loves her).

    • Snuffles says:

      That psychic just put up another reading. Did you watch it? She’s still saying that no one in the family ever thought the relationship would last and still question Meghan’s intentions to this day.

      Did you see the one that said Meghan is the reincarnation of Anne Boleyn and that Harry is the reincarnation of Henry Percy, 6th Earl of Northumberland her first love that she was forced to leave in favor of marrying the king.

      • Amy Too says:

        I didn’t watch that one yet. The reincarnation thing seems…. weird? I guess I’d have to watch it and see exactly what she says. I liked the one she did about Diana and how she feels about it all. I thought that was interesting.

        I believe that will and Kate are pissy and jealous that Harry is happy and I also believe that they never thought the relationship would “work.” But “won’t work” as in “won’t be good for us and the RF and could lead to Harry leaving or us looking bad/racist/sexist or lazy/stupid or not in love by comparison.” And the whole thing about questioning Meghan’s intentions… I think some of that might be the whole “she’s a gold digger using him for fame,” but maybe that’s just the excuse they use to cover up their real fear of her “bad intentions” to not be the perfect, silent, always in the shadows, subservient sister in law that they wanted.

        I also thought it was interesting when she said that the Queen thinks that Harry *really* left because he just wanted to make more money for himself than he could’ve as a royal. Does she think he’s Andrew? Is this just how the whole family operates: wanting to horde as much wealth as possible by any means possible, but it’s just easier for the monarch and direct heirs to do because the control the budget? Or perhaps this is the Queen thinking Harry wanted to make money so he could keep his “gold-digging celebrity wannabe Hollywood wife” living in enough luxury to stay with him? I can see Philip thinking that.

        But what I found most interesting was when she said Will and Harry talk sometimes and have a hot/cold relationship where they (and I would assume this is Harry feeling emotional or William being manipulative) start to feel like “we’re brothers and we always will be, we’ve been through so much, we can get through this too,” UNTIL Harry hears that William is the one who is actually pushing for the harsh punishments and William is the one talking sh*t about him and Meghan, and William is the one making things extra horrible. That rang true to me.

      • Elizabeth Phillips says:

        Psychic Bella Love? Or someone else?

    • Elizabeth Phillips says:

      I watched one the other night that is very much on Team Sussex.

  16. Beach Dreams says:

    Eh…I actually feel like Harry wouldn’t be very willing to reach out. Between his clear omission of William and Charles in the James Corden segment, and the shade towards Charles in one of the Oprah promos, he seems fairly done with them. The look on his face when James joked about playing William was a little too stern for his airy response. I think everything that’s been said and done in the past year—the CW snub, the attempts to undermine Meghan’s lawsuit, the wreath issue, the birth certificate issue—has probably left him feeling especially pissed at his family. He clearly keeps in touch with his grandparents, but it seems equally clear that he’s not speaking to his brother or his father and he doesn’t *want* to speak to them. It just seems like at this point, time is going to be the only thing that can mend the rift.

    Oh, and just to add: the recent CBS segments make me believe that any theoretical outreach from King Charles will be beyond too little, too late. I already doubted that they’d be interested in appearing at family engagements post-Elizabeth, but these moments definitely strengthen that doubt. I think there’s potential for Harry to completely stop dealing with the RF after both grandparents are gone.

    • SofiasSideEye says:

      You know, as long as Harry is still getting angry there’s a chance for reconciliation. When he stops being mad and doesn’t care anymore, that’s when they should all be very worried.

  17. Cecilia says:

    William saw his mother being subjected to toxic british media and is now having a front row seat to how they are treating his brother and instead of speaking up, he decided to befriend them. Im sorry but william is the devil personified. Harry owes him NOTHING

  18. Jill says:

    So glad they got out of there before William becomes king. They knew exactly how he would treat them.

  19. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    “ There is mounting concern at what the Duchess of Sussex has revealed to the US chat-show host…”
    Not ‘alleged’. Not ‘claimed’. *Revealed*. The language is quite illuminating: there are revelations to come, and none of them good. I wonder to what extent the Press are privy to actual instances of appalling behaviour by PwT and whether they’ve kept schtum in return for access and leaked information about other members of his family?

  20. Liz version 700 says:

    After watching the media destroy his mother, the Fact that William colluded with the same folks makes him seem almost like a sociopath. After a lifetime of being William’s kicking post I thinHarry is justified if he doesn’t feel an overwhelming urge to reach out to his Incandescent brother. And let’s face it, William learned how to throw people under the bus from the best, his father is a master at destroying his family. Harry is well rid of the lot of them. Let Will & Kate wallow together in the mess they created.

  21. atorontogal says:

    How many of his sibling’s does Charles speak to? Do any of them actually socialize (other than for PR)? This family is the poster child of disfunction so maybe Wills and Haz not speaking isn’t that big of a deal?

    • Snuffles says:

      I think Charles has always despised Andrew. Probably not close to Edward because of the age difference. I think the only one he ever had a decent relationship with is Anne, but I doubt they are particularly close either.

      • Tessa says:

        I don’t think Charles and Edward get along. When Edward left some cameras at St. Andrew’s he got “incandescent” over William’s “privacy.” Edward was not photographing William so it seemed that Charles was over reacting and spread the ‘rage’ over the media.

  22. Delphine says:

    The Royal source only speaks about what Meghan may have told Oprah. As if Harry didn’t do the interview, too.

  23. Bella says:

    How do they know it’s an “explosive” interview when they haven’t seen it yet?

  24. Digital Unicorn says:

    The press know what went down around the time of Sussexit – they’ve pretty much said so but can’t talk about it due to a court case. It’s been said that if the public knew the truth they would be sympathetic to the Sussex’s. Considering how nervous the Cambridges are and how much they are keen to hide – we all know who was the main driving force from the RF in the campaign against Meghan.

    • Nic919 says:

      Bradby and another guy on the piers Morgan show said this. There is a clip of the second guy online confirming that if the public knew what they did, the public would side with the Sussexes. I bet piers knows what was said too and is still being a jerk because he’s like a UK Fox News personality.

  25. Harper says:

    I’m not sure Meghan has any allegiance to Will nor any urge to protect him. I think discussing the fact that William’s own office worked with the Daily Mail against her in the privacy/copyright suit is fair game. I think discussing the fact that she had to fight for the cookbook royalties to reach the Grenfell victims would be fair game (if that is what went down.) I think an analysis of how KP would issue statements to refute bad press about Kate but refused the same to Meghan is fair game. I think if she has ANY proof that KP was the source for Dan Wooten’s scoops is fair game. The Flybe jet scam is fair game. There is a difference between saying something nasty and reporting objective events that occurred. An accurate reporting of these events does not mean Meghan has “gone low.”

  26. Julia K says:

    Responding to Kate looking very thin; she does whatever Wm wants her to do and that includes staying slender. There was a quote very early on from a school pal of his who stated that Wm likes them thin. Think that was back in his dating days.

    • Nic919 says:

      Uncle Gary said it but in a more vulgar way. That said she was never this extremely thin until she dieted excessively for the wedding. And she’s gone back to that as quickly as possible after each baby.

    • Tessa says:

      Kate was pregnant with Louis during the Rose stories. She lost a lot of weight after she delivered Louis.

    • Elizabeth Phillips says:

      I think he gets that from his uncle Charles Spencer.

  27. MangoAngelesque says:

    I honestly have always wondered if William secretly had a bit of a thing for Meghan, and that’s one reason Kate hates her so much. Like she intercepted a Rosebush look directed at Meg and decided to take it out on her, since heaven knows she doesn’t do anything to him for his scepter-wandering ways.

    • Julia K says:

      Husband had the same thought! He commented on a photo of all 4 of them after the engagement in a magazine at Dr office. “William seems to be eyeing up his brother’s girlfriend”.

  28. Lissdogmom02 says:

    William has Charles’s ego/attitude that he had in his youth, may still be there but he’s gotten better at hiding it? They were both raised to believe the world revolves around them and their personalities are much worse for it.

  29. Jay says:

    Ha, I’m guessing this is a panic move by Cambridge and co to preempt any revalations about how little the brothers are on speaking terms. This article says they are worried about “what the duchess might say” (lol, Meghan really terrifies them), but I think if there’s any criticism of the family, it will come from Harry.
    And I think the Cambridges in particular should be less concerned with defending their actions and more about the damage of their inaction.
    When Meghan talks about her father, she doesn’t call him a scheming charlatan (although I think he is), she calls out the media for misleading him, feeding him lies, and paying for his appearances. Harry could do the same – it’s not necessarily that his brother is evil, but he’s weak, and William’s complacency and blindness and coldness enable the (racist) attacks on Harry’s family.

    Ultimately, I think that is way more damning, too – few people would believe accusations that William is a villainous mastermind, but that he is lazy, spiteful, and very invested in keeping all the institutional power and privilege he wields? That makes for a much easier story to understand, especially for an audience that may not be familiar with the ins and outs of the royal rota etc etc.

    Guys, what if they haven’t reached out to the Sussexes at all? After they moved to California? Even after the news of Meghan’s miscarriage? After the news of their new baby?

    • Tessa says:

      If they were not dysfunctional about family relationships, Kate and William would have sent congratulations and said things like Charlotte, George and Louis look forward to seeing their new cousin. BUt William could not help himself and started interfering with Harry’s relationship with Meghan.

  30. Miasys says:

    It feels gross to body police Kate for being thin and extra gross speculating on a potential ED. She never looks authentically happy but I also think these publicity events must be hellish. She’s not my cup of tea, and in the wrong job… so I’ll leave it there.

  31. VIV says:

    But will W&K watch the interview taking place at the $11M house from their apartment in the £600M Kensington Palace, or one of the spaces they live in at the £160M Sandringham Estate? Inquiring minds must know!
    How many years do we think until their refurbishment costs pass by the cost of H&M’s house? They’ve got to be close.

  32. Busyann says:

    Ive said this a few times. I grew up in the 90s and remember the allure of Diana. I distinctly remember how the world wept when she died and remember watching Harry and William walk behind their mother’s casket. You always knew Harry’s fun, slightly naughty personality, and I guess William benefitted from having Harry nearby because I’m sure most people were like me and assumed he was a lot like Harry too. Ive seen a side of William since Meghan came along that’s vile and abhorrent. It’s shocking in a way. I didnt think a child of Diana’s would grow up to become what he has. I don’t think Catherine does anything to help the situation either.