Andra Day: When I was young ‘I used to pretend my little busted clothes were Chanel’

Andra Day was serving at the Golden Globes and her look was straight fire! Andra accepted her Golden Globe in a bespoke silver net Chanel halter dress and diamond jewelry that I am sure was worth millions of dollars. It happened to be a full circle moment for Andra, who won her Globe for her portrayal of Billie “Lady Day” Holiday in the Lee Daniels flick the U.S. vs Billie Holiday . In an interview after the Globes, Andra told Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans that she used to pretend that all of her clothes were Chanel when she was a kid. Andra was also surprised by Regina King who came to stan and celebrate. Apparently, when Regina discovered that Andra was in the same hotel, she and her dog went hunting for Andra’s room. Regina snuck up behind Andra during her interview which made for a full on screaming girlfriend moment. After that, Andra spoke to Scott about representation and wearing Chanel. Below are a few excerpts:

On representation
All of these stories that have been suppressed and all of these places that we haven’t been invited to, represented in. All of these amazing actresses, artists, people that came before. That’s blood. I hear the words in that song Blood at the Root. That’s Blood at the Root. God is so amazing. I just want to keep seeing this platform keep expanding until it’s not a conversation anymore. It’s not like ‘ok Black folks are involved.’ It’s just how it’s supposed to be. Everybody is supposed to be represented.

On getting to wear Chanel to the Globes
I’ve always loved Chanel. [My parents] were laughing at me because I used to pretend all my little busted clothes were Chanel clothes when I was young. I used to pretend. To be here tonight wearing this beautiful Chanel haute couture gown is amazing. All of this beautiful jewelry.

On getting into character
I think the hardest part of all of it was watching my family go through it with me. It was not comfortable for them to watch me smoke cigarettes or cuss or be a different person, lose all this weight, be unhealthy [and] go through dizzy spells. I give a lot of credit to my family to my team.

[From Access Hollywood on Youtube]

I love seeing Black women celebrating and supporting each other. I almost teared up seeing how excited Regina was for Andra despite losing the Golden Globe to her. I must admit that I didn’t fully like the U.S. vs Billie Holiday. Billie was portrayed as selfish and chaotic, but Andra killed the role despite the material. I would love to see Andra as Eartha Kitt in a biopic because Eartha also has a similar story of being blackballed for being an activist. I would like to see a Black woman develop and produce a story on Billie Holiday. Films about her often sensationalize her drug addiction and push a tragic storyline. She should be celebrated for her life as a strong activist who was extremely passionate and talented. I only made it through half of the film because I was getting irritated with all of the heroin scenes. They portrayed Billie as petulant in this movie. With that being said, Andra and the other actors killed it. They took not so great material and made magic and Andra definitely deserved that Globe.

Seeing how happy Regina was for Andra made me love Regina that much more. I also think Andra looked so beautiful in Chanel. It just made me smile when she said that when she was a child she would pretend that all of her terrible clothes were Chanel. It was like little girl Andra manifested in that moment. I hope Andra will continue to take on these amazing roles because my girl is READY! I also hope that more stories about Black women in history will be told but more accurately and with compassion. Black women have so much in us to share and so many of us changed the world but we are rarely celebrated. Congrats to Andra on her win and for serving us that knock out Chanel look.

Here’s that interview:

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  1. Astrid says:

    Love this post!

  2. Midnight@theOasis says:

    Loved watching this moment. Regina and Andra are so happy. And I agree about Billie Holiday. She’s one of my favorite singers and I’d loved to see a woman do a film about Billie from a woman’s perspective. A film that would showcase Billie’s influence and legend on the music industry.

  3. Princess Peach says:

    Love her. Also she kind of reminds me of Rihanna in some of these photos. I think because of the forehead and red lip in the top photo.

  4. Levans says:

    The sheer joy from Regina and Andra. Love it!!

  5. Cel2495 says:

    Beautiful girl and talented

  6. Yup, Me says:

    It’s so beautiful and satisfying to see Black women / Black folx supporting and hyping each other like this. Love my people. (And I’m so grateful that my mother constantly reinforced the importance of loving and supporting Black folks in our success and wholeness and wellness).

    I’m hella happy for Andra and look forward to seeing what else is to come for her.

  7. Angh says:

    Billie Holiday was an amazing singer. A truly rare talent. But her life was never gonna be rainbows and roses so a sanitized biopic is also a disservice to her.