Prince Andrew won’t be allowed to attend this year’s Trooping the Colour

The Queen, accompanied by The Duke of Edinburgh, opens the Francis Crick Institute in London

There honestly hasn’t been that much news about Prince Andrew lately. Pardon me, I mean His Royal Highness Prince Andrew, the Duke of York. Of course Andrew is still an “HRH” and of course he still has his ducal title. He still has his home, Royal Lodge, and he still goes riding with his mummy every week. He’s still the Queen’s favorite child, even though he was good buddies with Jeffrey Epstein, a rapist, human trafficker and pedophile, and Ghislaine Maxwell, also a human trafficker. Even though Andrew participated in all of the Epstein and Maxwell’s crimes, he still technically has all of his military patronages too. But the Queen doesn’t want to *remind* people about that. So Andrew will not attend Trooping the Colour this year.

Prince Andrew is to be swapped out of the queen’s official birthday celebrations this year, with his role representing the Grenadier Guards to be taken by Major General Roland Walker, an Afghanistan veteran whose vehicle was hit in January 2010 by a Taliban roadside bomb. Walker, who has met the queen before, when he received the Distinguished Service Order medal from her at Buckingham Palace after the attack, has been approved to take Andrew’s place at this year’s Trooping the Color ceremony, The Sunday Times reports.

The exclusion of Andrew from the ceremony makes it clear that, despite his frequent lobbying to be allowed back into the fold, the palace regards Andrew’s expulsion from the royal family over his links to Jeffrey Epstein as permanent. Andrew faced the humiliation of not being included in his daughter Beatrice’s official wedding photo last year.

Prince Andrew still holds the honorary military title colonel of the Grenadier Guards. A senior royal source said: “It’s a very difficult one for the Grenadiers and for the queen. He was an assiduous colonel but it has all been overshadowed by the other stuff.”

Andrew stepped back from public life in November 2019 after a BBC interview in the course of which he said he did not regret his friendship with Epstein, and showed no empathy for the financier’s victims. In other Prince Andrew news, the Mail on Sunday reports that his spin doctor, Mark Gallagher, has stepped down a year after he approached an internet troll in an attempt to discredit the famous picture of Andrew with his arm around teenager Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

[From The Daily Beast]

I’m not trying to be morbid, but given everything happening recently with Prince Philip, I do wonder if Andrew’s long-term plan involves “stepping up” to a more public, ceremonial role once his father passes away. Prince Charles will fight that, obviously, but the Queen will still push for Andrew to be included, and we’ll get even more stories about how Liz “relies” on Andrew. I feel like that’s the plan, and that’s the long-term play. Because at the moment, the comparison between “how the Windsors treated Andrew” versus “how the Windsors treated the Sussexes” isn’t a good look, and Andrew is still hoping to glide by, unnoticed.

Also: Prince Andrew is trending on social media because of the smear campaign against the Sussexes. LMAO.

Trooping the Colour Ceremony, London, UK - 8 Jun 2019

Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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22 Responses to “Prince Andrew won’t be allowed to attend this year’s Trooping the Colour”

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  1. Elizabeth Regina says:

    Hahahahahahaaaaaa. If they were smart, they will keep him hidden forever. using the biracial Duchess as cover is one thing. Unearthing this toad unto the public (even a racist, xenophobic one) is another.NOBODY wants to be reminded of Andrew’s existence.

  2. Nev says:


  3. Lauren says:

    This guy still has his title, is still receiving public money and is still a pedophile, but sure Meghan is the problem.

    • Lizzie says:

      and he had a side job that he made millions from while he ran pitch@palace from inside bp.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      Yeah, but IF the royal family believe him to be innocent, then he SHOULD be treated as he normally would be. What is bothersome to me is that the royal family have tried to sideline Andrew and hide him from the public — which means, they think there could be truth to the accusations? So why aren’t they making Andrew speak to the authorities? Why continue to hide and protect him? The actions of half-heartedly taking away Andrew’s duties but not his privilege is even more bothersome to me than treating him as normal.

      • Vavavoom says:

        Exactly! And that’s the thing, they are able to skate by with being ambiguous about his actions because there haven’t been any charges or a trial or even a deposition. Andrew is innocent until proven guilty, so they’re riding on that all the way to their horse farm.

        I’m surprised they even took anything away from him. It was only done to save their own reputations because the public was calling for it.

        At least his reputation is mostly tarnished. A$$hole.

      • Lauren says:

        Even his family doesn’t believe him (and Charles’s insistence is the only reason he even got hidden away, if it were for mummy he would still be front and centre), only his mother and unfortunately for everyone she is all that matters. Even if it could be proven false that he raped a minor that had been trafficked to him, there are still all those issues pesky little issues of him receiving money from shady people for shady reasons. He is going to loose everything once Charles is king, that I’m pretty confident in, but I’ll doubt that he’ll be arrested or anything of the sort.

  4. Laughysaphy says:

    God this family is so GROSS.

  5. Sofia says:

    Take away his military honours next

  6. boyd says:

    Their done for. William thinks he can kill off Meghan and Harry. Wait till Harry starts writing his book on William. No one knows him better..

  7. SarahCS says:

    You know what’s humiliating? Being trafficked for sex with rich perverts who think money can buy them any thing and any one they want.

  8. Angel says:

    The fact that they are spending money on her birthday celebrations in the middle of a pandemic while some people have lost everything and can’t even feed their kids. I don’t know how British people accept this.

  9. Ni says:

    Well, at least he didnt tell palace staff to do their jobs. THAT would be dreadful.

  10. CC2 says:

    Who cares about attendance if public money is being spent on him/his staff.

  11. molly says:

    “but it has all been overshadowed by the other stuff.”

    “other stuff” is doing A LOT of work here, wow. They tried to make Andrew the new Philip by having him accompany the queen places, but it’s just not tenable. Andrew is so completely toxic with zero upside. I hope Charles buries him in Switzerland or something. I’d be fine to never see or hear from him again.

    • Becks1 says:

      YES I was going to comment along those lines. It reads as “its so sad that this ‘other stuff’ means Andrew cant participate.”

      Meanwhile the “other stuff” involves sex trafficking – like what is wrong with this picture?

      • Charfromdarock says:

        I was coming to comment the same thing.

        Minimizing human trafficking and sexual assault, including minors, to “other stuff “ is so disgusting. It makes want to scream.

  12. SKH says:

    Is this the first time in history that the press of one country is in a verbal war with the citizens of another.

  13. SKH says:

    Is this the first time in history that the press of one country is in a verbal war with the citizens of another.

  14. Amy Bee says:

    I have every confidence that Andrew will return as a working royal sometime in the future.

  15. Maevo says:

    Oh god you’re so right that he will try to worm his way back in when Philip dies. Lord this family is a piece of work.