The latest in the Tom and Katie saga

I wanted to write another story about how disgusted I am at the way the Scientologists treat little babies, but there’s a lot more going on, so here’s a recap of all the craziness that’s been happening with Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, and their cult religion.

  • Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes visited the Yahoo! Sunnydale, CA campus yesterday for no clear reason except publicity. Gambling site 911daily, which is taking bets on the fetus’ name, has an insider’s view of the proceedings. Tom actually did jump on a couch, arm wrestled Yahoo CEO Terry Semel, and said that Katie was having his “third child” in a “few weeks.” Tom flew himself to the event, and was 45 minutes late due to the weather. He jumped in a Ducati off the tarmac and ran through the Yahoo! campus to get to the event. Katie came in separately.

    Meanwhile blogs are buzzing that Yahoo! staffers see Cruise’s visit as a lame attempt by Yahoo! to go Hollywood.

  • Cruise is being lambasted for his role as the most visible spokesperson for the cult of Scientology. A new ad claims that a woman was stabbed to death by her schizophrenic son because he was treated with vitamins instead of psychiatric drugs in accordance with the church’s belief system.
  • An article in the latest issue of Star details Katie’s fear of giving birth according to strict Scientology edicts that forbid painkillers and make mothers stay silent during delivery. We detailed earlier the cruel way that Scientologists abandon newborns on their first day and try to separate mother and baby for three days after birth. Scientologists also believe that babies need to “cry it out” all the time, and should not be comforted at all. If a child is injured, parents are instructed to lay the child back on the object that hurt them so that “the pain can flow back into [the object].” That’s crazy!
  • People say that Scientologist Isaac Hayes loved his job as Chef on “South Park” and didn’t quit in response to the “Trapped in the Closet” episode – someone did it for him! [via]
  • And geniuses Matt Parker and Trey Stone are cashing in on the Scientology controversy by writing an episode spoofing it for the season premiere of “South Park.”

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