Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez ‘are working through some things,’ hmmm

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are all smiles as they arrive to the 2019 CFDA Awards in NYC

So the news broke on Friday evening, as so many celebrity split announcements do. Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have broken up and called off their engagement, sources confirmed to Page Six, E! News and People Magazine. J-Rod had been together for four years, and their extended two year engagement was mostly because they kept having to cancel their wedding plans because of the pandemic. Jennifer seemed rather ambivalent about the wedding cancellations, which should have been our first sign that something was amiss. People’s source said the breakup “has been a long time coming. They are tied in their business worlds so it’s not a cut and dry breakup. It’s taken a while for them to even think about untangling it all.” A long time coming hmmmm. And then by Saturday morning, after all that, they were back together.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have announced they are staying together.

“We are working through some things,” they said in a joint statement obtained by PEOPLE.

“They never officially broke up and talked about it but are still together. They hit a rough patch. But were not broken up,” a source close to the pair tells PEOPLE. The source added that the speculation that arose last month that Rodriguez had had an affair after Southern Charm’s Madison LeCroy “had no bearing on the rough patch at all. ”

“She’s working in the Dominican Republic and he’s in Miami so it’s tough seeing each other especially with quarantining and COVID,” the source adds of Lopez and Rodriguez, “but they want to try to stay together.”

The announcement came hours after multiple sources confirmed to PEOPLE that Lopez, 51, and Rodriguez, 45, had split.

[From People]

Wow, it feels like it’s been years since Jennifer has been in this particular kind of relationship drama, right? I’m sure her breakup with Marc Anthony was pretty messy, but they never telegraphed that sh-t to People Mag. Same with Casper, her boyfriend before A-Rod. One day they were just over, no looking back. It sounds like Jennifer had enough of Alex’s rumored philandering, despite what People’s sources say, and she decided “bitch, I’m J.Lo, I don’t have to take this.” And then she woke up the next morning and she was like “oh sh-t but I hate being alone, nevermind.”

Something else we shouldn’t forget: Ben Affleck is single now too. He’s looming over this conversation like a giant phoenix back tattoo. Personally, I think several things can be true at once: Jennifer can hate to be alone and she’ll stay in some sh-tty relationships to avoid that AND she’s also afraid that the dating pool sucks, as evidenced by newly single Ben Affleck.

As for A-Rod’s philandering… I mean… he was allegedly sliding into the DMs of random reality show people like Madison LeCroy of Southern Charm. That rumor was everywhere and Alex allegedly got her to sign an NDA. But what about all the side chicks without NDAs?

If there are two things you can always count on Jose Canseco to do, it’s tell the truth and shoot his shot.

Jennifer Lopez 50th Birthday Celebration!

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez go out for dinner in Tribeca

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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  1. Bibi says:

    Jennifer can be a twit when she’s in love. The truth can be so hurtful even when you’re a super rich star and you could have anybody. She is totally in denial, she knows very he’s is not marriage material. So she’s backtracking because he’s convinced her he did nothing wrong and her denial self is believing him. Open you eyes Jennifer.

  2. MCV says:

    They’ll be broken up for good by the summer, she’s just saving face because of the cheating rumours

  3. Palmasan says:

    Somebody told Deuxmoi that they ARE separating 100%, only they have too many businesses together they need to figure out and this Southern Charm situation was too embarrassing for JLo so she just wants to wait a bit and then pull an amicable split when the story dies down.

    • Emm says:

      Yeah I believe it. They announced on Friday afternoon and like Kaiser said this is typical so I thought, sounds about right. I also felt nothing, no surprise, no shock, nothing. They may be a big celebrity couple but I don’t think anyone feels one way or the other about them. All the insider tea about how this was a long time coming and stuff seemed legit too, it was all a typical celeb breakup rollout. It just got weird on Saturday when everyone was trying to backtrack. That’s what actually piqued my interest and I clicked on a couple of stories.

    • FYI says:

      Well, it’s some kind of media strategy, who knows what. Someone with her PR team wouldn’t release break-up news and then immediately reverse that news unless there were some motive. There is no way in hell that these two actually made up romantically over the last 48 hours. They’re just playing it all for some kind of PR.

    • lascivious chicken says:

      Bingo! They clearly didn’t talk this breakup through with their business partners.

      • Duch says:

        … or perhaps their kids

      • Laugh or Cry says:

        Bingo twice because of these are reasons why. I knew this thing was doomed when they had hyped up the engagement, like around the time of the proposal photos, and the PR was like JLo was so ambivalent but it was so romantic. She is the best he’s gonna get in life and I’m not a fan of hers but it is the truth. You know something is wrong if she hasn’t gotten married to him by now. The pandemic just gave her a good reason to drag her feet. I think has has too many women along with too many children. JMO

  4. Penguin says:

    I’ve always liked JLo, but man does she have a broken picker.

    • Chic says:

      She needs a mature confident male who is not in entertainment ,has his own money so she can be the star and keep her personal stuff on lockdown. She wants star power in her other half but can’t deal with fact that women chase the other half ( who also wants to chase too)

    • Esmom says:

      Agreed. I feel like A Rod of all people is a walking red flag, yet she dove right in.

    • Lola says:

      I hate this broken picker bullshit. Literally every woman I know has at some point or another dated a shitty man. The reason is THERE ARE SO MANY SHITTY MEN. Not that all these women are somehow “broken.” There are more shitty men than there are decent men, and they’re not all shitty right up front. They wear a good mask for a while.

      I HATE it when people put men’s shittiness on women like if a man is shitty in a relationship there’s something about the woman that’s BROKEN. That is such a twisted and fucked up thing to say.

      The truth is that the majority of men are shitty and it’s often not possible to tell up front. Decent men are in the minority and there are not enough to go around, so it’s great if you end up with a decent man, but most women will have to choose singledom rather than be with a shitty man because there aren’t enough decent ones to match the number of decent women.

      Literally EVERY friend I have is married to a horrible man. My friends are not all “broken.” FUCK THAT. The issue is that there are SO many bad men and society enables them.

      • Giggles says:

        I love this post and totally agree!

      • Emm says:

        I am married to one of the good ones but you are right, almost all of my friends and family are married to men that do and say things to their wives that I would never ever tolerate or put up with. I did meet my husband young and we didn’t get married for a long time so I knew who he was.

      • Nev says:

        WORD UP.

      • Jules says:

        Nope. Stop with the hate and ridiculous extreme thinking. Maybe time to look at the company you keep?

      • Sarah says:


      • GGRosebud says:

        100% agree!

      • Linda says:

        Nah there are many good men. Shitty men come with so many warning signs but we choose to ignore them.

      • MaryContrary says:

        Eh. I’ve been happily married for 25 years and my husband is a great guy. Are there jerks out there? Of course. But I think there are lots of good guys out there too.

      • Ania says:

        Women are conditioned to tolerate bad behavior. It starts early with „he pulled your hair because he likes you!”. My daughter is 3, but she will never hear this crap from me. When I was 24 and falling for a douche my mom continued with „maybe he’s shy and that’s why he doesn’t call”. Then my dad said: sorry honey, if a guy likes a woman he’ll let her know. And he’ll be proud to introduce you to his friends”. And that was a revelation for me, 24 yo, educated woman. So, stop telling girls that this crap is accepted, stop teaching them to making excuses for guys and they will choose better men.

      • Sarah says:

        Pretty disappointing to see folks claiming Lola’s thinking on this is “extreme” or that she needs help. She’s absolutely right that “broken picker” reflects the actions of these men back on to the women in their lives. We all experience the world as women differently and some of us have really been through it with the men around us. Examine your internalized mysoginy with these statements.

      • Emm says:

        I guess I’m just thinking about the people I know. My friends who are married to men and complain about them all the time (and rightfully so honestly), and do seriously awful things to their wives from not lifting a finger to help with the kids to just mean comments about their looks and blowing off their feelings, only one has actually taken the steps and divorced the guy. I have brothers in law though that were nice guys that I basically watched grow up because they are much younger then my husband and the older they have gotten the more and more they have become like my FIL, their father, who is a terrible misogynistic maga that has always used the whole “in a Christian household men are the head and whatever they say goes” line to be an asshole and to actively dislike me because that’s NOT how my household is. The things that my sister in law has told me about one of them shocked me, I never in a million years thought he would end up like that. He was not like that when they got married either and she has said so. One of my BIL though who is older, I think has definitely softened over time. He was a huge ass to his wife when they got married and he wasn’t afraid to show it but he has definitely gotten a lot better over the years, much more loving and caring. So I think it’s not always the case that there are red flags from the beginning, people change for good or for bad. I’ve seen that all around me in the last four years. I also think it’s a lot harder for women to leave their husbands when they are stay at home moms and have children and maybe no family around for support. That’s a whole different discussion though.

      • Jaded says:

        @Lola – A-Rod had a terrible reputation as a womanizer. It was public knowledge, especially amongst the celebrity set. Lots of people have receipts on him and that should have been a huge warning sign for her so I have no idea why she thought he was a good choice. Yes I’ve known some shitty men in my time and I got rid of them when I found out what shitty things they were doing behind my back. I’ve also known some shitty women who played around and ruined their marriages.

        BTW I have been with a wonderful man for years, so no, not all men are philandering d-bags.

      • Sarah says:

        It’s the #notallmen comments for me.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Agreed, Lola! We need to stop blaming women for men’s bad behavior.

      • DaffiestPlot says:

        @MaryContrary, that’s great that you’ve been married to a good guy for 25 years, but that also means you’re not qualified to comment on whether the dating pool is shitty or not. (Spoiler: it’s shitty, and it gets shittier the older you are.)

      • iconoclast59 says:

        @Lola and the older you get, the worse it seems to get. I finally gave up after my last 2 relationships turned out to be simply awful, with deliberate mental cruelty on the guys’ part. I figured I’d rather be lonely than miserable. The saying is true: The good ones really ARE all taken!

      • Nancito says:

        Well now, Lola has got it in one – ya #NotAllMen, yakety yak, but the ones that aren’t obnoxious pieces of shit are, basically, as common as unicorns.

      • Sadie says:

        Yes so true!! So many mediocre and even shitty men around. And more women who are successful and take care of themselves. I’m in the middle age range and it just gets worse!

      • Amando says:

        This is the truth! I’m not saying I’m perfect by any means, but I can’t seem to find a good man. They are probably out there, but not for me. So now I’m just going to enjoy my animals, close family and close friends and be content with being single. There are too many men out there who are immature or can’t take care of themselves or don’t know how to treat a woman. And to those women that are in a happy, long term relationships – GOOD FOR YOU! But you don’t really have a horse in this race, do you? You have no idea what it’s like for us single ladies so stop with the judgement.

      • Ange says:

        Yeah it’s not like A-Rod hasn’t had all his laundry out in public for literal decades. Oh wait, he has. Let’s not pretend JLo went into this blind.

      • Sumodo1 says:

        Lila, you are brilliant.

      • DiegoInSF says:

        Thank you, Lola! Stop the broken picker crap, it’s so mysogynystic!

      • Cacec04 says:

        Amen, Lola. I urge everyone to look up “female dating strategy” about high value and low value men. There’s a lot of low value men out there and women have been conditioned to enable their behavior.

      • Nicole says:

        I’m with Ange on this. This guy has proved more than once not to be a stand up guy. A leopard doesn’t change their spots. She’s addicted to the adrenaline of flashy relationship.

      • Penguin says:

        God, I never thought my broken picker comment would ger so much analysis, I probably should have expressed myself better. It is very true that it is not Jennifer’s fault that the men in her life have treated her badly, but she does have agency in so far to recognise her own pattern of behaviours and then attempt to resolve it if she wishes to do so. The pattern, in this case, would be to enter into serious relationships with people who have continuously demonstrated they are incapable of maintaining them. I don’t know about you, but I find that kind of agency in one’s life empowering.

      • local russian hill says:

        amen lola. agreed. it’s because of how society enables bad behavior. look at what’s happening in england. they’re finally talking about ‘women’s bargain’. it’s related. sorry to drop a link but it’s important to talk more on the larger issue of men’s toxic behavior and violence.

    • Ange says:

      Cacec – female dating strategy is MRA logic for women, it’s disgusting. I wouldn’t recommend anyone go anywhere near it.

  5. Lola says:

    Imagine if J-Lo and Affleck got back together!

  6. Lexilla says:

    I think there was some back and forth with Casper too. This is not that different for her.

    • Kebbie says:

      There was. And he was photographed going into sex shops or something. There was a lot of drama with him.

  7. Noki says:

    I personally dont think JLo is A Rods type,check out all his exes blonde muscular type,very gym obsessed eg Madonna,Cam Diaz. Jlo started to get more buff when she began dating him,i think its just he loves the clout of being with her.

    • Truthiness says:

      Exactly Noki. Jlo wants them to be classy power couple, and that brings perks, like knowing the Bidens, being at the exclusive inauguration, hollywood friends. A Rod enjoys that but he also enjoys strippers and cheating. Dios Mio, how to have it both ways?

  8. Joan Callamezzo says:

    She’s waiting for the story to die down, I bet they’re 100% done. She should do what I’m doing: date herself. Be the person she’s looking for. Spend more time with the kids, her family, her closest friends. Work projects. Damn girl stop settling.

    • Myra says:

      Yes. Thank you. She needs to love herself first. Also, relationships end all the time. Let this one go and move on. She is gorgeous, she doesn’t need to settle.

  9. Seraphina says:

    A Rod comes across, to me, as shallow and all about PR. There was a strange photo posted of JLo’s daughter crying and MA was in the pic. A strange pic.

    • BK says:

      felt like a teaser because she posted this right before the break up was announced. She’s trash for doing that to her daughter.

    • Jules says:

      I saw that too, disgusting and exploitative.

    • Lady D says:

      It was J. Lo that took and posted that picture? I thought/hoped someone else posted it. It was so emotionally violating to her daughter, I couldn’t believe she would do that. I thought she was trying to manipulate The-Rod.

    • Seraphina says:

      I agree with you all, it was gross and crossed boundaries on many levels. Those children are captured forever in a vulnerable position.

  10. Mtec says:

    I’m sad for their kids. They seem pretty close.

    But did anyone really doubt he would cheat on her? That’s basically his M.O., even professionally

    • Esmom says:

      “Even professionally.” Lol. I always thought she was way too good for him. It’s honestly a miracle to me they lasted this long. And I know I’m not the only one, as that viral inauguration spoof conversation indicated.

  11. Snuffles says:

    J Lo’s kryptonite is that she can never be alone. She’s so terrified of being alone she will put up with all kinds of shit until it’s SO bad she can’t take it anymore.

    She’ll leave Alex when she finds a replacement.

    • Arb says:

      Her big ex, Marc Anthony, has 4 exwives. The other three stayed married to him for 2-3 years. Jennifer stayed for 10. And remember how long she stayed with Casper, even though the cheating rumours were omnipresent? Her MO is to get with someone who charms and compliments her and then… Stay.

    • Ariel says:

      I totally concur. She is terrified of being “alone”.
      She’s probably calling back up and starting friendly conversations, so she has a jump off.
      Not in a conscious, calculating way, but desperate, scared, in need of comfort and companionship.

  12. Who ARE these people? says:

    They’re working through some things and those things are their shared assets and business investments.

    • BK says:

      This. lol

    • BK says:

      This. lol

    • Sarah says:

      I’ve seen a few blind items about a possible racketeering investigation for A-Rod so that should be…interesting.

      • Jaded says:

        It’s actually being fought right now and going to court in August. Apparently A-Rod’s ex-brother-in-law has accused him of racketeering and embezzlement from an allegedly fraudulent takeover of a real estate empire they built together.

    • MaryContrary says:

      Agreed. So she was smart enough not to marry him-but with all of their financial entanglements she might as well have.

  13. Frida_K says:

    They’re broken up for sure. She’s just saving face right now until the Southern Charm thing dies down.

    I have an ex-boyfriend who is a celebrity in his own profession and who had baseball connections. He knew A Rod and when there was a baseball game where I could have gone and where I would have had access to the teams, as my boyfriend would do, he refused to take me. He felt sure that A Rod would hit on me. I thought this was very sweet but entirely unrealistic and said so. I’m in no way A Rod’s type, for one thing, and I’m a reasonably beautiful woman but I’m not the sort that would stand out in a sea of baseball groupies, girlfriends, and wives. My boyfriend was convinced, though. One, he of course thought I was extremely beautiful and irresistible (very sweet of him) and two, he told me that A Rod is an utter dog who chases any woman who catches his eye.

    I wasn’t too put out, considering that I’m not that interested in baseball. It was very dear of my then-boyfriend to be so certain that I would attract attention this way. He wasn’t normally a jealous or possessive guy, so I did take this as a compliment.

    But yes, the TL/DR is that I learned, from someone who was around to see it, that A Rod is indeed a dog.

    I’m sure you are all stunned by this revelation, my sister Celebitches.

    • zinjazin says:


    • Jaded says:

      Colour me surprised Frida-K! I too was a very pretty young woman (I’m 68 so this is a LONG time ago) and once upon a time had a relationship with a professional athlete. The amount of girlfriend poaching was disgusting. His friends would come onto me (meanwhile he was out chasing women whenever I wasn’t around). It all came to a nasty head and we broke up. A year later he married his high school sweetheart and a year after that he died in a one-person car crash (he was driving drunk and lost control).

      Moral of the story – most professional athletes are dogs, and A-Rod leads the pack.

  14. BK says:

    This has been a business partnership from the beginning. People forget Arod was coming off the biggest suspension in baseball history for using steroids, and was seen as a pariah. He needed to get back in the good graces of the American public. I never understood what was in it for Jen though since he was rather washed up at this time, but they really rode the perfect latino blended family schtick to the ground. I don’t feel bad for either of these egomaniacs but I do feel bad that they dragged their kids into this mess because I’m sure they really did get close. Jen should be ashamed of herself for posting her daughter crying the other day in Marc’s arms and saying mommy and daddy are here for you. Your children are not props to make you look better, THEY ARE PEOPLE

    • Isabella says:

      He was tall and famous and had his own money. She hadn’t had that since Ben Affleck. Also a cheater. Goes with the territory.

  15. smee says:

    Renegotiating the contract

  16. Byzant says:

    Never heard of Jose before but now following on twitter as he’s very funny!

    • Jenn says:

      Oh man, Jose Canseco was one of THE most famous baseball players when I was a kid. I think of him as a million years old, but he’s actually not much older than JLo. His tweets sound like they’re coming from the moon, but he’s definitely hilarious, and JLo could do a lot worse!!

  17. zinjazin says:

    He’s nothing but a sleazy shady player imo. The kind of guy you can spot from a mile away and just steer clear. I would never bother witha type like that. I guess she is a bit naive she is so unlucky in love all she wants is love but she is looking for it in all the wrong places.

    • Jane Smith says:

      I couldn’t agree more! Something about him is very off-putting.
      Not to mention the steroids, cheating personally and professionally. He clearly has honesty issues. I can’t.

      • zinjazin says:

        @JANE SMITH
        Thankyou, yes it is to bad she is so beautiful and lovely. But as someone upthread said maybe there just aren’t that many good men to go round anymore lol!

  18. MsIam says:

    Jose Canseco, damn, lol! But he’s right A-Rod is a smarmy piece of work and I never thought him and JLo were right for each other. They seemed more like a PR stunt than a couple.

    • Normades says:

      Who is this Canseco person?? I mean I gathered he’s a baseball player but his Twitter is hilarious. Like he’s either very witty or kinda crazy or both.

  19. Izzy says:

    Well. And here is my shocked face.

  20. Commonwealthy says:

    « He’s looming over this conversation like a giant phoenix back tattoo »
    Perfection, Kaiser 😀
    Don’t follow JLo much but have been around long enough to wish her every joy and also not be surprised by breakup announcement on Friday nor reconciliation announcement yesterday.
    In addition to all her mogul stuff, her defiance of gender stereotypes for women over 35, she’s a triathlete and that is very cool.

  21. Cel2495 says:

    So this is known in the Spanish / Latin circles:
    Jlo and Marc Anthony marriage was crazy and toxic. They were known to break hotels rooms with their fights. Apparently sex was great but not enough. Jlo was very jealous according to the Latin mags and paparazzi.

    ARod has always been cheating , he is always flying women to NYC from MIA for rendezvous.

    Apparently he was caught with the Madison girl eating at a hot spot in Miami on February 13, spent the night with her and left Jlo alone for Valentine’s Day. So it seems that they had issues fir a while. This same paparazzo claimed that by the inauguration they were broken up.

    All according to a well known paparazzo in Miami who has pictures of ARod with Madison. So who knows what’s real. The truth seems to be that Jlo can’t be alone/ doesn’t know how to. She is a beautiful and accomplished woman with the most crazy love life.

  22. Coolitude says:

    The new rumor is that she is with Lenny Kravitz (they re working together right now?). She even post a video on his music

    • StormsMama says:

      JLo and Lennny 🤯
      Now that would be a good match for her!
      All she needs is a year on her own and then Lenny baby! I see it!!

    • Myriam says:

      Ehhhh. Lenny is a pretty private guy and is always secluded at his homes in Brazil or Paris. J-lo needs herself and her relationships to be all over social media and magazines. She needs the attention, and I don’t see Lenny doing tik toks with her.

    • Joanna says:

      Hush your mouth! Lenny is My man! I wish

  23. Jenn says:

    Aww. I liked the fact that A-Rod and JLo constantly go out to dinner together. Well, not during a pandemic, I guess, but at least they seemed like a fun couple. I didn’t like him before they started dating, though, and I’m back to not liking him.

  24. Vera says:

    those twitter pics on J-Lo with the Infinity Gauntlet made me chuckle

  25. A Fan says:

    Meh. A-Rod’s a dog. J-Lo picks shitty men, hates to be alone, etc etc.

    But, by the age of 50, with many broken relationships, divorces, engagements, one has to look in the mirror and see why they are not a good partner. There’s a common denominator in all her failed relationships.

    [*It’s J-Lo.*]

  26. Melissa says:

    Blaming her “picker” is stupid. He probably love-bombed her and was very charming in the beginning. Then every time he messed up I’m sure he turned the charm back on and increased the love-bombing to get her to stay. It’s classic textbook behavior for men like him.

  27. Jezebel's Lacefront says:

    I think JLo loves love, particularly the shallow part, and when the hard work comes, she fleets. However, she doesn’t have a good aim at picking a good dude.

    I think she needs some introspection. Give yourself a time out. It’s okay to be alone for a bit.

  28. Cate says:

    If you are cheating on J-Lo… I mean, seriously.

  29. Meg says:

    I never saw A-rod as a guy capable of the level of passion and heat jlo seems to look for in a mate

  30. Catwoman says:

    She’s one of those types that are addicted to being in love and can’t be alone ever. She also has the worst taste in men which is a shame because she could have anyone she wanted young or old.

  31. Mee yo says:

    How was this ever going to work? ARod started cheating immediately. It’s what he does. So did Tiger Woods to Lindsey Vonn, even after that stupid Walmart picture dating announcement was put out. ARod cheated so much on Cameron Diaz, she would walk past the mistresses in the apartment lobby. He was gonna change for Jlo…no! This is who he is, believe him.

  32. Veronica S. says:

    At this point it’s just like… dude, why the monogamy? Just date someone who wants an open relationship! This isn’t that hard! Goddamn. The amount of adults who can’t be honest about what they want and communicate it are unbelievable to me.

  33. Christy says:

    A-Rod is gross and has been forever. I can’t for the life of me see what women find attractive about him, beyond perhaps status. Years ago, he used to hit on my niece and my recollection is that she was at best, just out of high school.

  34. Chelsea says:

    Im pretty neutral on J Lo but even i wouldn’t want her to get stuck back in a mess with Ben. It always bugged me that for years he and Matt Damon publicly blamed JLo for his career downslide mentioning her all the damn time, and now in his last interview he’s insinuating that she was treated unfairly in the press and he thought it might have been race related. If he really thought that why tf did he keep publicly piling on her FOR YEARS?

    That said: she is a serial monogamist that doesn’t like being single so i can see her trying to push through with AROD despite his mess; iirc she did the same thing with Casper. Is Marc Anthony single? He seems to be the least terrible option.

  35. Kate says:

    Some comments criticizing the “she has a bad picker” angle, but no one questioning some of the comments that she is waiting until the Madison whatshertits thing dies down to save face. Why should it be embarrassing to freakin JLO that her fiance cheated on her, regardless of who with? It’s such basic middle school level emotional intelligence to think that a person cheats because they wanted someone better/prettier/more popular and that the person cheated on did not measure up in some way. Ohhh he picked D-list Madison over A-list JLo, how embarrassing for her. GTFO. How embarrassing for HIM that he continually sabotages his relationships and hurts the people he loves.

    Normalize not being embarrassed when you are cheated on.

  36. K says:

    Top 10 Worst Picker of Men. I just wish people could see how much happier they could be alone. Or…with a decent guy. There’s a thought.