Kim Kardashian: The pandemic year was ‘a huge cleanse, a time to regenerate’

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Kim Kardashian agreed to an interview with the Good Morning Vogue series, and I’m including the video at the end of the post. I mean, love it or hate it but Vogue takes Kim Kardashian seriously. They interview her the same way they’d interview an actress or a socialite. I actually enjoy the interview more because Jonathan Van Meter (the Vogue journalist conducting the GMV interview) takes her seriously and asks her substantive questions about Keeping Up with the Kardashians. It’s better than someone trying to make fun of Kim or act cooler than her or whatever. Kim chatted about a number of things, including KUWTK’s last season (airing right now), Martha Stewart, attending the Met Gala for the first time and her attitude during the pandemic. Some highlights:

Life returning to “normal” post-pandemic: “I think this year has been challenging for so many people but I also think that this year was a huge cleanse and just a huge opportunity for people to really be grateful for the simple things and that is a huge — I think awakening that some people had…. I always try to look at things in a positive way. Even though it has been such a challenging year, it’s a time to regenerate, get creative, spend so much time with family and just this time I’ve been able to spend with my children has been priceless. That part has been so beautiful.”

Celebrities love SKIMS, her shapewear line: “I’ll never forget. I’m obsessed with Martha Stewart. So I was walking in New York and I hear, ‘Kim! Kim!’ And I turn around and she’s like, ‘I just need SKIMS. I love it!’ I was like, anything for you! It was just such a proud moment that Martha Stewart wanted SKIMS.”

Wearing the floral Givenchy gown while pregnant at her first Met Gala: “When I went to my first Met Ball the theme was punk and I was like what is this? What am I gonna wear? I would have done anything to go so I was just to be happy to be dressed up,” the star, who famously wore a floral printed Givenchy gown and gloves while pregnant with daughter North, remembers. Givenchy’s then-creative director Riccardo Tisci told Kardashian to just embrace the grungy, punk mindset. “He was just like, ‘F–k it, you’re punk.’ Like, it is what it is. And I get that. As I’m I think more confident in myself, I get that more. I think punk is just an attitude of not giving a f–k. [It's] not being not mindful of people and feelings — it doesn’t mean you’re a total a–hole. It just means that you live your life your way and beat to your own drum. Hopefully, that inspires people to want to do that for themselves.”

[From Page Six and People]

Yeah, the floral Givenchy was not punk. It’s fine because it was years ago and people don’t actually care anymore, but it wasn’t punk. Riccardo Tisci kind of screwed her over on that one. As for her humble-bragging about SKIMS… I’ve said it before, but she finally found a niche market in which she’s flourished. I mean, shapewear isn’t really “niche” but Kim has tried so many different things, it sometimes feels like she fell backwards into a massively successful business completely at random. I keep hearing that SKIMS is a good-quality line though, for whatever that’s worth.

Met Gala 2013

Photos courtesy of Kim’s IG, Avalon Red, Vogue.

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29 Responses to “Kim Kardashian: The pandemic year was ‘a huge cleanse, a time to regenerate’”

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  1. MaryContrary says:

    She has carried on going out to eat, traveling, on vacation with her family and friends in exotic locales-so f-her when she’s talking about covid being a “reset.” I haven’t left my county in a YEAR and haven’t seen my own parents in 15 months, so you’ll forgive me for being cranky when a celeb talks about their year of covid.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Yes and calling it a cleanse when half a million and more Americans died? Wtf. Privilege and ignorance.

      • olliesmom says:

        That’s the first thing that popped into my head too when I read that. Tell that to the 500,000+ Americans that died and their families and friends left behind. What a vapid idiot.

  2. Bean says:

    So much lip…

    • Midge says:

      It’s cartoonish and unnecessary. She was so naturally beautiful with natural, full lips.

    • lisa says:

      Her eyes look crazy too. She is approaching Michael Jackson territory.

    • LP says:

      Every time I see her face I think of those composites, where the eyes, nose/cheeks, and mouth/chin are spliced together form different people? You know? It brings me no pleasure to insult a woman’s looks but she didn’t even pay for good work- it doesn’t match! None of it goes together like a human person’s!

  3. Realistic says:

    Um did the pandemic change her life at all? She seemed to travel internationally often, do photoshoots, host birthday parties so what exactly was different for her?

  4. Jennifer says:

    So many people dead, so many people grieving, so many people struggling with loneliness and depression. This is super tone deaf. It wasn’t a retreat.

  5. AmyB says:

    It really gets on my last nerve hearing celebrities talking about the pandemic as “a time for rest” or “a time to regenerate”. YEAH, ok! Maybe for you, with your millions in the bank. For the rest of us, some losing their jobs, kids at home learning remotely, not being able to travel or even go outside of the house. And then for some – 500,000 + they LOST loved ones!!

    It is literally so F**KING tone deaf and pathetic to me! Fine, if that was your experience, good on you! But just STFU about it!

    • Justwastingtime says:

      Thank you AmyB. I lost my dad to Covid two weeks ago. He fought it for six weeks in the ICU and then died. Did he have a good life? Yes. Did Covid steal away a lot of time that we could have had with him.? Yes. Not a respite. And he was 2 weeks ago from getting a vax when he got Covid. People are still dying, please be vigilant.

      • Lightpurple says:

        So very sorry for your loss

      • AmyB says:

        @Justwastingtime I am very sorry for the loss of your Dad. My prayers to you and your family. Yes, you are correct, we all need to stay diligent. That’s the thing with this virus, you really don’t know who will be affected badly. Yes of course the elderly and those with compromised immune systems are more vulnerable. But I had a friend whose ex-husband was 40 and in good health who died. You just never know.

      • Justwastingtime says:

        Thank you Light Purple and AmyB.

      • MaryContrary says:

        I’m so sorry about your dad. May his memory be a blessing for you.

  6. Lunasf17 says:

    She is so out of touch with how this pandemic is affecting most people. This comes across as tone deaf. Also the Met Gala sounds like wealthy people cosplaying normal and poor people. The punk movement was a really interesting time for music and social issues and I find it irritating that a bunch of spoiled, wealthy celebrities and just co opting it as dress up. All of these people are out of touch and don’t deserve their wealth and fame.

  7. OriginalLala says:

    Ugh, no the pandemic hasn’t been a magical cleanse – it’s been a time when people have been devastated by this virus and its long reaching consequences. I’m so done with the rich and their ability to just not be affected by anything by virtue of their wealth and power.

  8. Becks1 says:

    I’m friends with Jonathan Van Meter’s niece! lol

    anyway – this sounds tone deaf AF to me, sometimes its okay to be sympathetic and not brag about your reset or whatever. But I do think that for many celebrities, being with their kids this much was probably a positive thing, especially the ones who travel a lot on a normal basis.

  9. Liz version 700 says:

    Omg. I haven’t seen my family including my 81 year old mother for 16 months and all around us lives are devastated. But sure, this chick who is still traveling and partying like it is 1999 has been in a spiritual cleanse

  10. ennie says:

    For her, maybe. Papparazi cleanse. In my case, I’ve been working like mad in home office, way more than in regular times.

  11. Aphra says:

    Kim Kardashian punk?! Ha ha ha hahahahaha!

  12. Truthiness says:

    Marie Antoinette’s “Let them eat cake” has become “the pandemic gave us a time to cleanse, regenerate and be creative.” People are dying in mass numbers every day, Kim. The people who review Skims by demonstrating the horrid size problems and how it makes their midsectection bulge out are hilarious.

  13. Skwinkee says:

    People are dying, Kim.

  14. Imara219 says:

    I have a similar mindset to Kim. I am grateful that for my family we haven’t been destroyed by the pandemic, just shifted and changed. I used it as an opportunity to reflect and I’m trying my hardest to rebuild on those reflections. Even in the darkest of moments, I have found something positive to cling to.

  15. Monette says:

    How can someone watch her speak? Her face does not move. The only human emotions she can convey is through her eyes, every muscle in her face is frozen.
    Do people get accoustomed to this? Because I “literally” couldn’t keep watching past minute 2.