Shonda Rhimes & Ava DuVernay call out the HFPA for rejecting their press conferences

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In the lead up to the mediocre Golden Globes we learned that not one of their 87 member voting block of journalists, The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, was Black. In fact they haven’t had a Black member in about 20 years. That goes a long way toward explaining why Black artists, like Michaela Coel and Spike Lee, were all but shut out of the nominations this year. Several Black creators have since spoken out about their experiences with the HFPA. Shonda Rhimes tweeted that the HFPA rejected her press conference for Bridgerton until it was a hit. Ava DuVernay also called out the HFPA, stating that only 20 of the 87 members came to the HFPA press conference for When They See Us, but none of them watched it. Ava added that the members were more excited about pushing their own scripts and taking pics for photo ops. Publicists are threatening to boycott the Globes by not sending their clients if the HFPA doesn’t make some changes. In response, the HFPA has promised to make 13% of its members Black by the next ceremony. I think they are wholly missing the point, which I will get to in a moment. Below are a few details on this story, from Yahoo!:

Rhimes, DuVernay and others like the Black List founder Franklin Leonard responded to a Tuesday report from TheWrap about how the organization rejected studio and network requests for press conferences on multiple Black-led projects, including “Girls Trip,” “Queen & Slim” and Rhimes’ hit Netflix series “Bridgerton” — all of which were later overlooked for Globes nominations.

“HFPA rejected our press conference,” Rhimes tweeted to her 1.9 million followers on Tuesday. “Until it was a ‘surprise hit’ (Grey’s, Scandal, Murder -SURPRISE!) And yet they STILL asked me to show up in person to present at the Globes. We’re not the only ones. This is why HFPA’s house is on fire.They lit the flame w/their own ignorance.”

DuVernay recalled her own experience promoting her acclaimed 2019 Netflix limited series “When They See Us” — which earned 16 Emmy nominations (and won two) but was completely snubbed by the Globes. “For the WHEN THEY SEE US/ HFPA press conference, less than 20 of them showed up,” DuVernay recalled in a tweet to her 2.7 million followers. “Based on the quality of their questions, I jokingly asked ‘Have any of you seen the series?’ Crickets.”

She also called out the 87 members of the group for being more interested in snapping selfies with stars and promoting their own careers. “More came in the room when the pix were to be taken, at which time two peddled their scripts,” she wrote.

As TheWrap reported earlier on Tuesday, an individual close to “Bridgerton” said the HFPA initially declined Netflix’s request for a press conference last December and suddenly asked for one a few weeks later — just days before the deadline for Golden Globes ballots. An HFPA insider said the group held a press conference with stars Regé-Jean Page and Phoebe Dynevor on Jan. 8, just before nomination ballots were due.

In the end, “Bridgerton” was completely snubbed for Globes nominations. The show received two nominations for next month’s Screen Actors Guild Awards, for best ensemble in a drama series and Regé-Jean Page as lead actor in a drama series.

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It is progress that the HFPA plans to add 13 Black members. My issue is that it has taken this long to diversify. I also feel that HFPA is missing the point. Shonda, Ava and others are not just calling for more Black members. The are asking the HFPA to look the way the world looks. Add 13 Black members but make sure you also add Asian members, including South Asian, Pacific Islander etc., and Latinx members. It is time that the press and Hollywood adjust to the times. The world is a diverse place that needs diverse storytelling. That diversity must begin with the gatekeepers. Hollywood loses out on $10 billion a year by undervaluing Black talent. Is Hollywood in the business of storytelling and making money or the business of upholding white supremacy? The industry has been slow to change. If more people boycott their movies, organizations, and awards show I believe Hollywood will begrudgingly change.

It trips me out that, despite Shonda Rhimes’s shows being the biggest hits on network television, the HFPA still rejected her press conference. Bridgerton became the #1 show on Netflix and the buzz before it premiered was huge. The system is definitely broken if this is how things are being handled. I celebrate and support BIPOC creators calling out Hollywood’s discriminatory practices. Perhaps if people like Shonda and Ava continue to hold these gatekeepers’ feet to the fire, more opportunities will be made available to BIPOC.

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  1. Becks1 says:

    The racism is so obvious, its almost breathtaking.

    If people with track records like Shonda Rhimes and Ava DuVernay cant get the HFPA to take them seriously, how can younger black (or Asian etc) talent ever be taken seriously by the HFPA?

    what I think we are seeing in real time is the diminishing of the influence of the Globes because of this. I know historically the Globes werent that important, but I feel like in the 90s and 2000s they kind of made themselves really important, you know? They were the definite precursor to Oscars in terms of awards show season but I think their lack of diversity is hurting them. The Bridgerton snub was so obvious because Bridgerton had come out so recently and was still SUCH a big deal. Who wouldnt want someone like Rege-jean Page at your awards show?!?!?!

    • paleokifaru says:

      Yes, to all of us. And aren’t these groups *supposed* to have their finger on the pulse of culture and entertainment? Who are they speaking to that they don’t recognize Shonda Rhimes as tv gold?! Racist AND terrible at their work!

  2. Levans says:

    So I found a list of HFPA members in 2015 and while there wasn’t much representation there were members that were latinx (Brazilian, Mexican), members from Japan and India. Not a single member who was black/represented an African nation.

    It just feels like every time there is a call to specifically support the black community, it has to be broadened to support other communities. Which hey is usually no problem because white supremacy is a hell of a drug, but in this instance HFPA needs to add black members. And limiting it to 13members/13 percent of the HFPA membership feels like tokenism.

    • Mia4s says:

      “ And limiting it to 13members/13 percent of the HFPA membership feels like tokenism”

      No feels like, it is. And no matter what Colour the HFPA is, without massive policy and procedure changes it will still be a crooked joke. I get that it’s a good publicity opportunity (which Ava in particular has subtly tried to explain on her Twitter), but the organization disbanding would be no loss.

      Also the biggest reason for them limiting their commitment to new members is that new members means a smaller piece of the pie for everyone when they provide “funding” to their individual members. They can only “set aside” so much of the funds. Could also mean fewer bribe…I mean invites, too.

      Seriously though everyone should read up on it. It’s a HELL of a rabbit hole to fall into. “Golden Globe Winner” is no honor.

    • Myra says:

      And you know that they are going to struggle with hitting that 13% mark.

  3. Soni says:

    Why can’t I find the membership list? Is it a secret?

    • Levans says:

      I couldn’t find a recent list only a list from 2015. Perhaps the HFPA doesn’t want anyone to peek behind the curtain?

      • Soni says:

        That’s really bizarre. So their members get to vote on what’s arguably an important award in the arts community but no one is allowed to know who these people are? Ridiculous!

  4. BC says:

    I wish PoC could come together and form their own and just ignore these racists.

  5. Mina_Esq says:

    To think that they rejected Shonda Freaking Rhines’ conference for Bridgerton tells you all you need to know. She is an established hit maker. The only reason they’d do that, honestly, is if they were rooting for her and the show to fail. They will use her success and popularity to boost their own profiles (like those a-holes showing scripts and taking selfies at Ava’s) later on, but God forbid they help her or recognize her in any meaningful way that she deserves. Such BS.

  6. Freddy says:

    In 1982, when I was 12 years old , I remember The Golden Globes awarded Pia Zadora the “Best Newcomer” Award for her role in the universally panned film “Butterfly”. She managed to best Elizabeth McGovern for “Ordinary People” and Kathleen Turner for “Body Heat”….HAHA! Needless to say, it was later reported that Zadora’s multi-millionaire husband had flown members of the HFPA to Vegas for an all-expanse paid weekend of gambling, dining and clubbing….it’s been stained ever since.

  7. Kittycat says:

    The Globes have always been a joke. It’s only in the last 15? years that it’s gained an unearned legitimacy.

  8. Honeybear says:

    Da 5 bloods was such a good movie, says alot (nothing good) that is was snubbed.