A jade roller set, a pet odor eliminator and a cute backpack

From CB: I got the cute 3d rose earrings in the larger size in black with silver piping. They’re very cute and lightweight however they come with metal backs that weren’t snug enough for me. I replaced those with plastic backs which are perfect. I also got the set of cosmetic brushes we featured in January. They had a slight chemical smell to them which went away after I washed them. They’re so soft and high quality and I was surprised at how great they are. They don’t come with a holder, but I have something similar to this. (I also own this makeup organizer.) I was easier to do my eye makeup with the new brushes and I swear it’s blended better. The Green Gobbler drain clog dissolver really worked in my clogged bathroom sink. I used it, let it sit overnight, and all the hair that was visibly caught in my bathroom drain was completely gone. The water runs free in that sink now. Here are some more things that Hecate and I are looking at.

A pet odor eliminator that really works
From CB: Angry Orange citrus pet odor eliminator is made from actual oranges and is safe to use around pets and people. You just spray it directly on the area you want to treat. People say it quickly gets rid of unpleasant pet odors and is more effective than harsh chemicals. It has over 30,000 ratings, 4.4 stars and a B on Fakespot. It’s said to smell great and work well. “So many other odor neutralizers can be harsh and chemically but Angry Orange did not disappoint. The citrus scent is so pleasant that I will probably use it for all our pet mistakes from here on out.” “I was skeptical about trying another product to attempt to remove urine odor caused by my aging Pug. After reading the reviews for Angry Orange I decided to try one last product. And this is the one! The one last product I need….because IT WORKS! I love the smell and how it eliminates unwanted odors.

Facial oil that brightens and smooths
This facial oil by trusted brand Palmers is just $9. It’s formulated with vitamins E and C, retinol and rosehip oil. It has over 16,000 ratings, 4.6 stars and a B on Fakespot. Women say it works as well as more expensive brands at reducing discoloration, wrinkles and acne. Many rave about how great their skin looks after only a short time. “Not only is it providing amazing moisture for my skin, it’s working wonders on redness and the couple of age spots I’ve been fighting with for years are already looking better.” “This product is amazing! Makes your skin super soft, no sticky residue and smells great. I’ve noticed a difference in my skin in only 2 weeks using it only at night.”

A useful little cleaning set for your computer, phone and laptop
From CB: I’m a slob who eats at my desk so my keyboard is full of crumbs. Sometimes I shake it out and am astonished at how much junk is in there, and there are always crumbs you can’t reach. This cleaning set by trusted brand Oxo has different tools to get into the nooks and crannies on your devices. It also comes with a microfiber cloth. There’s an all-in-one version in this listing specially designed for laptops too. Both are under $10 and are in such high demand they’re out of stock! You can get them in a few days if you order now though. They have over 5,500 ratings, 4.4 stars and a B on Fakespot. Users say they help clean their keyboard and laptops like nothing else they’ve tried. “This was better than I hoped for. It is a nice, portable little cleaner. I have been using the small brush on the bottom, which slides out, to wipe food bits or dust off my iPad keyboard and the keyboard at work.” “I purchased these for my kids’ laptops and they are finding them to be very useful…the gadget they didn’t know they needed but are happy they now have it!”

A cute backpack for getting back out there
From Hecate: Since we are so close to being able to walk among people again, we can start accessorizing accordingly. This cute little backpack carries as much as a medium purse and can hold mid-sized electronics like iPads. It comes in 13 pretty spring colors for $21. It’s pretty popular with 4.6 stars from over 9,600 reviews and Fakespot gave it an A. Customers say the photos do it justice and that it holds a lot. “Zippers work well, the bow and everything is just as pictured, it has a front pocket, a slim pocket on each side, and the straps are adjustable.” and “Looks exactly like the picture, fits a lot, holds its shape, stays decently clean despite the light color, adjustable straps are very useful, and it has plenty of pockets.” “I bought this bag for an upcoming trip to see family, and it can fit my kindle, bullet journal, small water bottle, wallet, and still have enough room! I love the side pockets and the front pocket.” And “the inside of the purse will hold my full-size wallet, iPhone, charger, eyeglass case, sunglasses, mio, bottle of water, Chapstick and lipstick‘s!” More than one mentioned the zippers holding up which, as we all know, can be a problem for bags. Most of the customers talked about buying this for their daughters or teens but for that price, I could see keeping one of these on hand for the right outfit when I can finally hit the town again.

Adorable baby socks with messages on them
From Hecate: You know those cute socks with phrases like “if you can read these, bring me a book” or some variation? These are baby sized versions. And it makes so much sense because when they are that small, all you see is the bottom of their feet. You get four pairs for $16 with phrases like “if you can read this, bring me some milk” and “Don’t make me cry, you wuldn’t like me when I cry”. When I get new parents a practical gift off their registry, I like to add a fun gift too, just because baby gifts are fun. Plus, they’re called Twinkletoes! Over 3,500 customers rated these and ReviewMeta gave them 4.2 stars. Apparently they come ready to wrap, “I also love the fact that it came in it’s very own cute box ready for wrapping.” A few customers said everything was great, it’s just the shape of the toes were a little off, “They are cute, well made, I love the material, shape is a little weird.” But babies don’t care if the shape’s perfect, they just want warm toes!

A jade roller gift set for you or your bestie
From Hecate: We can all use a little pampering these days. This jade roller set is on sale for $21, plus Amazon is offering an extra 5% off coupon. The set comes with a roller, a gua sha, a silicone brush plus a pouch and guide. I’m recommending the set because I think it’s so pretty and would make a great gift, especially for Mother’s Day. I need some serious help with my eye bags so I’m going to get a set for myself as well. The set earned 4.6 stars from over 5,600 reviews and Fakespot gave it a B. The quality is very good for the price, “You can see at the first sight that is great quality. It doesn’t make noise, color of jade is not dim and by the weight you know it’s not plastic.” But the best part is that is actually works, “I’ve seen an improvement in my skin and a healthier looking face, it helps with sinus stuff too.” So it’s pretty, well-priced and works as well as it says it does – sounds like a perfect combo.

A ceramic Belgian waffle maker to make breakfast special
From Hecate: Waffles are a pretty big deal at Hecate Temple so I am always on the lookout for a good waffle maker. I own three, a small Dash, a larger thin waffle maker and a Belgian flip maker. This Presto ceramic flip Belgian waffle maker is on sale for $40. I really like the design on this one because it stores straight up, which takes up less space. Mine flips side to side but this one flips top to bottom, I’ve not seen that before. People love this thing, it has over 17,500 reviews and 4.5 stars according to ReviewMeta. Customers say it’s easy to use and does what it’s supposed to, “This simplistic waffle iron produces evenly cooked waffles that readily release from the iron, stores in a minimum of space, and is light-weight.” And what’s even better, easy clean up! “Perhaps one of the most practical features of this Presto is the durability of the ceramic grids and the ease of clean-up with a damp cloth once it cools. And best of all – no more messy over-flows as the well-designed reservoir around the outer edge captures any excess batter from an over-zealous pour!” Because the waffle maker is ceramic and not teflon, you don’t need oil to keep the waffles from sticking. The only downside is it takes a while for a perfect waffle so if you have a bunch of waffles to make, leave some time.

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  1. Wiglet Watcher says:

    I’ve used palmers skin therapy and it did give me acne and mild redness until my skin adjusted. Don’t be discouraged by that because it does eventually work.

  2. Marisaura says:

    I bought Angry Orange since it had so many good ratings and my cat hated her new litter and peed on a fabric ottoman. I diluted per instructions and sprayed the spot. Immediately I started sneezing and could not stop, I had to air out the room and leave it for awhile. I have asthma and I was really worried about having an attack but I felt better after a about an hour. I emailed the company, but I haven’t seen any other warnings about possible reactions similar to mine. I am not allergic to oranges, or any citrus and couldn’t find an ingredient list anywhere. Oh, and it also stained the plastic measuring cup I used to measure it with, so I’d use glass. Overall, not for me.

    • Christine says:

      I use the Angry Orange “fresh clean scent”, because I have the same sneezing problem with concentrated orange smell! It just smells clean. I can’t say if it works as well as the orange version, because I learned that lesson the hard way when I hired a non-toxic pest control company that squeezes some version of orange oil into the walls, to combat termites. Worst decision EVER.

  3. DeltaJuliet says:

    I tried the Angry Orange too. I like the smell; my husband HATES it. It is rather strong. Having said that I’ll add that the sprayer was broken on my bottle so I had to scrounge thru my junk to find an empty bottle to empty it into AND I can still smell pee on my couch so……YMMV

  4. SpankyB says:

    The waffle maker looks perfect for making “pawaffletoast”.

  5. Jessica says:

    Guys sometimes I don’t read the celebrity news stories. Sometimes, I come just for the Amazon recommendation posts.