Mother of Jon Gosselin’s nanny: he was sleeping with her and suicidal


Here’s a strange story for you, courtesy of the folks at Radar. They like to get a lot of video interviews, which is nice. The thing is that, with the exception of some Z-list stars (remember their Octomom series?) they generally only get hooked up with the friends-of-friends of a celebrity. Or, best case scenario, the parents of friends of a celebrity. They’re almost always a few degrees removed. It’s still interesting to hear what they have to say, but so much is repeated “telephone-game” style that you have to wonder how accurate it is.

In this case, we’ve got Marci Santoro. What, haven’t heard of her? Strange. Well remember that babysitter Jon Gosselin hooked up with this summer, Stephanie Santoro? Marci is Stephanie’s mom. And for some reason, she’s passing on her exclusive knowledge of Jon Gosselin’s mental health – or lack thereof. Why we’re hearing about it now and why Marci is sharing at all is beyond me, aside from the two obvious answers: money and attention. She’s not going to get much of either, but here goes.

Marci claims that Jon was suicidally depressed. Not from her own first-hand knowledge but because she overheard a conversation between Stephanie and Jon in which he threatened to kill himself. Stephanie then relayed the whole thing to her mom, who was kind enough to relay it all to Radar.

Jon Gosselin may look calm and collected in photographs, but behind closed doors, the father-of-8 is a pressure cooker waiting to boil over says the mother of his babysitter and former lover, Stephanie Santoro.

In a shocking exclusive interview with, Marci Santoro confirmed her daughter’s sexual relationship with Jon and said Gosselin threatened to kill himself in a conversation with Stephanie.

“He said that everybody would be better off without him and that his children would be better off if he wasn’t around anymore,” Marci told “He said to her, ‘I’m just going to kill myself, I’m just going to end it all.’”

Frightening words from Jon, who is weeks away from finalizing his divorce with wife Kate Gosselin. But the 32-year-old has been displaying erratic behavior at times, venting his rage at wife Kate on national TV and telling the world he “despises” her and dating a string of younger women and then denying most of the relationships.

Despite Jon’s public loyalty to current girlfriend Hailey Glassman, 22, other women (remember Kate Major?) have stepped out claiming they too dated Jon during his separation from his wife. And now Santoro confirms to that Stephanie also had a sexual relationship with Jon, which began right after he returned from France with Hailey.

“She told me that besides watching the children, they also started a relationship, and of course being a mother my first question was, ‘are you sleeping with him, did you have sex?’ and she said, ‘yeah.’” According to Santoro, Stephanie quit her jobs to babysit the Gosselin children in July.

[From Radar]

I’m not quite sure what to make of this. My initial impression from the phrasing of Jon’s statement about killing himself was that it seemed more an empty statement of self pity. There are the cries for help that should be taken very, very seriously. And there are the things that are just tossed out there. If there’s any truth to this story, that doesn’t mean that’s how Jon actually phrased it. Like I said, it’s being passed on through a long chain. And Marci is obviously putting her own inflection into it.

My gut instinct is it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have Jon’s mental health checked out. Not because of this supposed incident – it’s just too vague and the fact that anyone would pass this on if it were true makes me question the accuracy of the source more than if they made it up. But Radar actually made some really good points about Jon’s bizarre behavior. And more than anything, the dramatic change in his personality. Most people think it’s an early midlife crisis, but sometimes major mental illnesses can be shockingly overlooked. It couldn’t hurt to make sure he’s okay.

You can watch the video of the interview here. And stop dating girls with mustache moms Jon. It never leads to anything good.

Here’s Jon Gosselin shopping at Banana Republic in SoHo yesterday with a known paparazzi acting as his bodyguard. Oddly enough the burly snapper is wearing a ‘Police’ t-shirt. Images thanks to BauerGriffinOnline.

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22 Responses to “Mother of Jon Gosselin’s nanny: he was sleeping with her and suicidal”

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  1. boo says:

    Yeah right. It is documented on TLC that this dude is chill and not much gets him riled up. How many guys do you know would remain that chilled out with 8 kids and the biggest b&^% in the world as his wife????

    I doubt very much he said he was going to kill himself. Somebody needed money for a new set of dentures and called the tabloids.

  2. Jackie says:

    I’d want to kill myself too if I was married to that witch! Jon is only messing with these different women because he has been deprived of physical and emotional love by Kate for so many years. She made him feel worthless and unneeded, so is it a surprise he would find comfort with other women? Not that I agree with his actions, but I certainly understand them. I wish both of them would go away but especially KATE. She is horrid

  3. RobN says:

    Is being a douche a mental illness?

  4. nic says:

    jon was so lazy and waited to be told what to do and when by his wife….that kind of person would drive anyone with 8 kids to be a bitch.

  5. Popcorny says:

    My lands! What are people waiting for?!! Save a life or just for shitz n giggles knowing he’s on a forced Hold in a white jacket somewhere …. A WIN WIN!
    TLC could breathe easier for a while, Katie darling could use a tad more adjustment time (her new Do is awful) and the rest of us could all go back to a simpler and quainter time when we did not hear/read, nor felt compelled to use, the once taboo term “DOUCHE-BAG” so often.
    I say “take his ass seriously! Get him help!”.
    Opportunity knocks …. answer that door!

  6. MizzExpert says:

    Too late to feel sorry for this shit-bag of 8 CHILDREN who need BOTH parents! Get BOTH of these losers out of the news and back home where they belong. Whoever gratified the network and advertisers by watching this pablum should be ashamed of themselves!!! Boo Hoo~it’s real-life and she was mean to him…give me a break and grow some balls!

  7. Goddess711 says:

    Go for it, Jon. Do it. Less embarassment in the long run for the kids.
    Keep taking the High Road, Kate!

  8. Just a Poster says:

    Perhaps he is going for the ultimate victim card here.. what an easy excuse for all the bad behavior.

    But JayBird does have a good point, better safe than sorry. Because even though he is a big ole douche bag, that would be horrible for the kids.

  9. lunachick says:

    Those poor kids – can you imagine if one of you parents commited suicide, how horrible that would be?

    Suicide is the weakest, most selfish act in my opinion. If you have children it’s your responsibility to be there for them, and to be the best parent you can be.

    If he’s depressed or has another psychiatric problem, he should get professional help for that. Unfortunately narcissism is notoriously difficult to treat.

  10. Cowbell says:


  11. huh says:

    to lunachick: how lovely for you that you have never been depressed. That you have never felt that death may have been the only option. And what a truly wonderful person you are to judge all the people who have ever been in such absolutely horrific pain that they simply did not see how they could continue to live with the pain they carry with them every second of every day.

    I do not know Jon or if he is suicidal. I do know that you just judged every person who has ever felt that way. You need as much help as anyone of them. Part of being human is feeling empathy. If you cannot feel empathy you suffer from mental illness (or perhaps personality disorder?) just as much as any depressed person.

  12. Joe says:

    Man Boobies!!!!

  13. Nony says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if he did have mental health problems – plenty of people do, even if they’re not in the public eye, even if they’re not going through an extremely public divorce. And yeah, he’s behaving erratically enough that it wouldn’t surprise me if he had more going on that a midlife crisis.

  14. Shanny says:

    Wow that hailey Glassman is one lucky girl to have caught her such a fine piece of man, bwahahahaha.
    PSST. Hailey he is not gonna quit cheating on you you stupid little druggie.

  15. Nikki says:

    i’m really sick and tired of the Gosselin saga. please go away and leave us alone!! they’re pathetic and revolting!

  16. Lita says:

    “.. and of course being a mother my first question was, ‘are you sleeping with him, did you have sex?”

    Yes, naturally, that was your first question .. err, what?

  17. Firestarter says:

    Aww, poor Jon! Maybe if he wasn’t such a pathetic excuse of a human being, he might not be depressed!

    Maybe all that Ed Hardy gear, excess weight and realization he is a loser has finally gotten to him.

  18. telesma says:

    Maybe he’s depressed, maybe he’s mentally ill, but the vibe I get is decidedly more along the lines of “selfish twatnozzle feels sorry for himself and wants a pity f*ck”.

  19. mollination says:

    A woman who’s famous for having children’s husband’s fling’s mother? That’s what we’re reading a story about?

  20. kim says:

    What happened to the school teacher he was screwing?

  21. scandoll says:

    Is their show even still on?

  22. 4Real says:

    He always looks like he’s had one bong hit too many.